A FULL ACCOUNT Of the Great and Terrible EARTHQUAKE IN Germany, Hungary and Turky.

Which was one of the greatest and most dreadful Earth­quakes that ever was in the World. WITH A most exact and particular Account of the Terrible Eruptions of Fire, Conflagration of Mountains, Devastation of whole Towns and Villages.

AS ALSO A Learned Discourse of the Nature, Causes and Kinds of Earthquakes: With a View of all the several Opinions of the most Eminent Philosophers in the World, as well Ancient as Modern.

To which is annexed, Some Reflections and Probable Conjectures of the Consequents and Signifi­cations of this Calamious Accident.

Written in Dutch by the excellent Pen of Leopold Wettersteint de Hodenstein: And Translated into English by RICH. ALCOCK Gent.

Felix qui potuit rerum cognoscere causas.

London, Printed for R. C. in Little Britain. 1673.

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