[Page] THE VOYAGES Of The Ever Renowned Sr. FRANCIS DRAKE Into the WEST INDIES.


His great Adventures for Gold, and Silver, with the Gaining thereof, and an Account of his Surprising of Nombre de Dios.

A large Account of that Voyage wherein he Encompassed the World.

His Voyage made with Francis Knollis, and others; their taking the Towns of St. Jago, Sancto Domingo, Carthagena, and Saint Augustin.

His last Voyage (in which he Died) being Accompanied with several Valiant Com­manders, and the Manner of his Burial.

Collected out of the Notes of the most Aproved Authors.

To which is added, An Account of his Valo­rous Exploits in the Spanish Invasion.

LONDON, Printed for Thomas Malthus, at the Sign of the Sun, in the Poultry, 1683.

To the Reader.

IN the following Sheets are presented to thy view the Long and Dangerous Voyages, with the Heroick Exploits of the Famous Sir Francis Drake, more concise than they were formerly pub­lished. That I may not seem haerere in Limine, I shall forbear digressing etiher in giving a particular Account of the Passages herein mentioned; or in Apologizing for the Defects that may be found in this Treatise; hoping the Courteous Reader will rather look upon the design than critically inspect the imperfections, or escapes hereof.

That which moved me to the Under­taking hereof, was (next to the re­viving the Memory of this Renown'd Gentleman, the Eccho of whose praises sometimes resounded all the World [Page] over, and to whom we owe the Disco­very of a great Part of what we now possess of Foreign Plantations) to divert that Spirit of Contention that is now arisen in every one almost against his Brother, and to excite, in the Spi­rits of Young People especially, an Aemulation of this Worthy Patriot in Advancing the Glory of their Coun­try by Foreign Conquests.

Books lately printed for & sold by Tho. Malthus, at the Sun in the Poultry.

BEntivolio and Urania in six Books, by Nathaniel Ingelo D. D. the fourth Edi­tion, with large Amendments, wherein all the obscure Words throughout the Book are interpreted in the Margin, which makes this much more Delightful to read than the former Editions.

Mr. James Janewayes Legacy, to his Friends, containing twenty seven Famous Instances of Gods Providences, in and about Sea-dangers and Deliverances, with the Names of several that were Eye Witnesses to many of them.

An Historical Account of the Heroick Life and Magnanimous Actions of the most Illu­strious, Protestant Prince, James Duke of Monmouth, Containing an Account of his Birth, Education, Places and Titles, with his Great and Martial Achievements in Flanders and Scotland, his Disgrace and Departure, both from Court and Kingdom, with the most material Circumstances that have oc­curred since his Return.

The Compleat Statesman, demonstrated in the Life, Actions and Politicks of that Great Minister of State, Anthony Earl of Shaftsbury, containing an Historical Account of his De­scent, [Page] his Administration of Affairs in the time of Oliver Cromwel, his unwearied Endea­vours to restore his most Sacred Majesty, his Zeal in Prosecuting the Horrid Popish Plot, several of his Learned Speeches, his two Com­mitments to the Tower, the most Material Passages at his Tryal, with many more Con­siderable Instances, unto his Lordships going for Holland.

Catastrophe Mundi, or Merlin Revived, in a Discourse of Prophesies, and Predictions, and their Remarkable Accomplishments, with Mr. Lillies Hieroglyphicks Exactly Cut, and Notes, and Observations thereon, as also a Collection of all the antient reputed Prophe­cies that are extant, touching the Grand Re­volutions like to happen in these latter Ages.

Historical Memoirs of the Life and Death of that wise and valiant Prince, Rupert, Prince Palatine of the Rhine, Duke of Cumberland, &c. containing a brief but impartial Account of his Great and Martial Achievements, during the time of the Civil Wars, together with his several Engagements in the Wars be­tween his Majesty and the States General of the United Provinces.

Fifteen Real Comforts of Matrimony, in answer to the late fifteen Shain Comforts, together with Satyrical Reflections on the Whoring and Debauchery of this present Age. Written by a Person of Honour, of the Female Sex.

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