Hodie Mihi Cras Tibi. To the Never Dying MEMORY. Of his Ever honor'd FRIEND. Mr. MICHAELL SPARKE Iun. Wounded by his unnaturall Brother causelesly, Whereof he dyed Patiently, Changing his Mortall to Immortality, Monday Novemb. 17. Anno, 1645.

Mourne not for him, whose happy Soule by this,
Inthron'd with Angells, in a place of blisse.
Can change no more, death ending all the strife:
Hath him translated to a better life,
And to our griefe, let this be some restraint;
Earth lost a friend, but Heaven hath gain'd a Saint.
Let Mortalls learne, by this his sudden change
Life is uncertaine, why should death be strange?
Shall not that
wretch who most unnaturall.
Preventing sicknesse) caus'd his Brothers fall,
As cursed Cain, (persu'de with black despaire)
Run like a vagabond, he knowes not where,
Know God is Just, and bloud requireth bloud,
Earth may connive, but Heaven will see't made good.
So We convey Him to his peacefull Urne,
For Dust We are, and must to Dust returne.
Tho. Vere. 6.

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