THE SOVLES EXERCISE, In the daily Contem­plation of our Saviours Birth, Life, Passion, and Resurrection.


LONDON, Printed by Thomas and Rich. Cotes, for Humphrey Blunden, and are to be sold at his shoppe in Cornehill, at the signe of the Castle, 1641.


WHile Mammon blurr'd the Word within o [...]r West,
Which rose, like Lightning, from the radiant East,
God lent me Zeale, and clear'd my Inward sight
To draw the Type of our Incarnate Light.
Within this Map your Royall Grace shall find
Some Sparkes to raise a true Nathaniels mind
Above the Clouds, in spite of tempting vice,
By the review of the Soules Exercise.
Here Men may see in Christian Crystall glaesse,
That None from Earth shall up to Heaven passe,
Unlesse they be Refin'd, and from Above
Baptiz'd with Flaming zeale and streaming Love.
Here wrangling Wits and Make-bates may behold,
What shall become of them who plot for Gold
To crucifie the Sonne of God againe,
By wronging of his Members, Saints for Gaine.
Here Age may learne some harmelesse Rapsody
To rap the Soules of Youth with Melody,
Like that which Saul found for his Malady,
Except they stop their Eares, and raving dy.
Here Peace is taught, Old Simeons swan like song,
To wavering Minds, to Sick Folkes, & the strong,
With Notice cleare (to speake it without boast)
Why Some receive? Some lose the Holy Ghost;
What Milder means can be for Jarres Correction
Then Christ his Cratch, Life, Crosse, and Resurrection
In Numbers sung with an attracting voyce?
Since Babes and Bees are charm'd with tinkling Noise?
What more can please the Fancies curious Tast
Than Types before the Vnderstanding plac't
In tuned Forme? the Senses to rouze up
When surfeited with Copious prose they droup?
Nay Soules perhaps, which Sermons faile to win,
They may Convert, asswage, or scare from Sin,
If, as Raines many Drops hard Marble pierce,
The Agents play on them with fluent Verse.
So Moses, Miriam, Job, and Debora,
When Hebers wife had hammer'd Sisera,
So David did, and Jeremias call
Men to praise God by vowes Numericall.
The like rare Sound shapes the New Testament,
In Zacharies and Maries Ravishment,
In Simeons Ode, and in Our Saviours Deed,
Who sung a Psalme, ere He in Sweat did bleed.
The Soule, some write, consists of Harmony:
And that good Angels sing, none can deny,
Witnesse their Musick, which Saint John describes.
Who then dares breake on Sions Muse his Jibes?
Among the Actes which Canterburies Sire,
Grave Cutbert made, within the Churches Quire,
He will'd his Clergie every day to sing
In Saxon Tongue, the Praise of Heavens King.
Among the Gifts rankt of Scholasticke Scope,
Which grace Great Vrban, now the Romaine Pope,
His Booke of Poems wins him most renowne;
The Laureat Wreath excells his Triple Crowne.
But if my Layes seeme to some Worldlings light,
Excuse the Scribe, O Britaines sweete Delight,
Say that he aim'd at Love, not bubbling Fame,
Reward, nor Strife, nor Justice to defame.
My Straine is plaine, the Matter most sublime,
No Levite I. Then what doth grace my Rime?
With willing mind the New-mans praise I sing,
For moulding in shrewd times so milde a King.
Whom with his Royall Spouse and Hopefull Fruite,
Like Saints, I pray the New-mans Lord to suite.


So Prayes your Majesties most Humble Subject, William Vaughan.

The Preface. To the Queenes most Excellent Majesty.

ACcept, great Queen, from a poore Cambrian Knight
This sparkling Pile, wherewith the Soules delight,
You may discerne an Empresse most divine,
The Glory of the Gender Feminine,
The Lady Grace, I meane, Gods gracious Light,
Which saves Mankind from a despairing plight,
If they in Will their Outward Man resist,
And daily waigh the Birth and Death of Christ,
But since we are bath'd in her streaming Love,
I know you will my New-mans Flames approve;
Cull out the best, which with Gods Word agree;
And leave the rest, as Fire-drakes unto me.
If I sing well, as Seraphins require,
Then take my Sparklings like Nehemies Fire,
[Page]Which in the Pit lay hid, late found againe,
Not kindled by the New-mans Zeale in vaine,
But for a Pious end: by Numbers dint
Our Saviours Forme in weakelings to imprint.
This Forme through worldly fraud lay hidden long
None durst translate it to the Mother tongue,
Untill the Lord of his unbounded Grace,
In pitty of his Churches wretched Case,
Lookt downe of late on his two Prophets slaine,
And breath'd New life into their Corpse againe.
With Heavenly Oyle He sent the Holy Ghost
To scoure Faiths rust, when we were almost lost,
Lost through our sloth and Pride, neere in Despaire
To be snatcht up by Fiends into the Aire,
There, till Doomes-day to Goblin it at least,
Or, which is worse, with Tophets Dampe to feast.
But if my Tune, like gaggling Noise of Geese,
Displease, I then reserve it as a Peece,
Or Fragment fit for some Sidanens Eare
Of sleighted Wales, with hooboobs Bray to feare
Night-walkers from purloyning of her Flocke
Rather then I become a flouting-stocke
To English wits, I will at night retire,
(Couurez le feu) put out my Light and Fire,
And live immur'd, as in a Cynicks Cell,
Untill I can in sweeter Layes excell.
[Page]Howere this proves, I lay it at your Feete,
Not daring starres with glozing phraze to greete,
Nor stare too long upon the Sun-shine Light,
Least I be chang'd into a Bird of Night;
Or as Old Poets faign'd of Niobe,
Contesting with a Goddesse, least I be
Transmuted to a stone, or stupid wight,
For thrusting forth to Your Majesticke sight,
This Ghostly taske, my New-mans Exercise,
With Oaten Pipe, and in a poore disguise,
Before I know your Pleasure and your Will,
Whether you can affect a Mountaine Quill,
And brooke that a rude Bardh, or Corydon
Should screw his Songs with your Court-Helicon.
Sometime Great Dames the Blossomes of the Field
Have paralell'd with those which Gardens yeeld;
So though by Fits or Chance I may expose
Old Edens Good and Ill, the Thorne as Rose:
Shall a few Slips of thorny Doubts downewaigh
My New-mans Hopes more faire then Flowers in May
But least some say, that Sybill-like I rave,
Or that I doe the Higher Thrones outbrave;
I here submit, and humbly sue to sing
These Layes: A Cat may looke upon a King.
Both Towne and Countrey strive for Courtly Grace:
And shall not I then wish to see your Face?
[Page]To see of Kings the Daughter, Sister, Wife,
And Mother borne to calme great Nations strife?
Not fawning wise, but hoping that you stand
For Our New man, I long to kisse your Hand;
Like Philips Greekes, who Christ desir'd to see,
Like One, who to that end climb'd up a Tree.
And thus I bid Great Britaines Queene Adieu,
With Sacrifice, my vowes, and Service due.

To the Princes Highnesse.

MOst Noble Prince, Great Britaines Royall Heire,
The Hope of Wales, where first I breathed Aire,
And where I live from Troubles Home-retir'd,
But never for your Good with Prayers tir'd:
If harsh my Tune seemes to your tender Ear [...]
Let Your mild Grace with my plain meaning beare,
As well because the matter I rehearse,
Requires bare naked Truth in simple Verse;
As that I might the vulgar sort allure,
To our New-man from their Old wayes impure,
Since Gentle words may for their Babes afford
A winning Call to Jordans Bathing Ford;
And that I might hold on my Countries Guise,
Course Russet, yet sincere, without disguise
Of Art or Sense, lest that you might suspect,
That I on Truth no Exercise erect,
For if I cring'd with Charmes adulterate
Of Pick-thank Soothes, or borrowed Termes of state,
[Page]I should then cast before your Eyes a Mist,
Not spreading Truth, like an Evangelist,
For Christian Peace with pure Devotions Flame,
But Wilde conceites blowne up for worldly Fame;
And so, instead of noysing her Effects,
I wrong her worth, and shew my owne defects.
Truth is the Starre, which grac'd my New-Mans Flame;
O would I could to you so blaze her Fame,
As once fell out before the Persian King,
When her Renowne Salathiels Sonne did ring
With such a Peale, that all the Court confest
Truth onely Great, fit for a Monarches Breast!
Our Onely God Created but One Sunne
From Pole to Pole, Times yearely Race to runne:
No more lent He then this Gift Vniforme,
One Truth, to sway our Soules, and to informe
All Adams Seed of the Right way to Heaven,
One safe High way, not Labyrinth'd, but Even.
This Royall Way is Jesus Christ alone,
Who left us Truth our Discords to atone,
To guide our steps into his Churches Fold
Without hard Yokes, or selling soules for gold;
And to confound, as with a Lightning Sword,
The Obstinate by his Mysterious Word.
Upon this Words bright Substance we depend,
Fixing on Christ our Faith and Soveraigne End,
[Page]With Will prepar'd, enfranchised by Grace,
His holy Life and Gospels Light to trace,
And to take up with zeale (when so he please)
His Crosse and bitter Cup before soft Ease.
Besides this Way, to gaine the Top of Heaven,
All Paths like Quicke sands are, or puft up Leaven;
Of which false steps are Ladders for the Turkes
From Mecha rapt, and those stupendious Workes
Father'd on Saints by Men possest with Fiends,
In Legends fam'd for base Simonious ends,
Not for One Faith, one God, one Advocate,
But many Christs, and Idols to create.
To shun such Bogges, By-wayes, and Fallacies,
I have set forth the Soules sweet Exercise,
Kindled by Truth, Jehovahs bosome Daughter,
Who by his Son wrapt in the Scriptures brought her.
By her mild Rayes reflecting on my strains
Your Grace may reap some fruit. And for my pains
Sweet Prince, I crave no other recompence,
Then that you take them into your Defence,
With my true vowes; till in your riper Age
You them oppose against the Old Mans Rage.

The preface to the Reader.

OVr New-mans Lord be prays'd for evermore,
Who with New Layes augmented hath our store
And by his Rayes hath lately rais'd my wil
To Sacrifice above Acquired skill.
He stirr'd me up with Zeale, on Sions stage
To act a Part, though in my drouping Age,
Having outgone the step which Sages call
Lifes Fatall Yeare, the Climactericall.
My Morals He turn'd to Diviner wayes,
My Romane Dactyles into English Layes.
My rugged Prose He chang'd to Smoother Lines,
That with New-straines I might win Libertines,
Maugre his Spleene, who doth this Worke confine:
Will Poets preach, or sing of things Divine?
Shall Knights usurpe the place of Clergie men?
To praise Gods Church? or Christ his Life to pen?
He may as well Apollinarius taxe,
Or as enrag'd against Old Ephres waxe,
Both which by Tunes on Grecian Lyre did strive
To settle Faith in the Church Primitive.
[Page]He may aswell blame Nazianzens Quill,
Prudentius, Claudians, or S. Austines skill,
As strike at Poets for recalling Soules
From Darknesse unto Light by Sacred Scrowles.
Were Sions Muse to Clearks alone entail'd,
The Criticke might with Semeies sting have rail'd
On the sweet Post hume of our Royall James,
Which ravish English Eares with Davids Psalmes.
He might with Theons Tooth good Bartas bite,
Or for Doomes-Day our Noble Sterline smite.
Or if he feares to hit so high a Mark,
Why claimes he not Zoiles priviledge, to bark
At Him, whose worth deserves Vlisses style?
Whom Grotius taught Christs Passion to compile?
Our starres late grac't my Raptures of the Bride:
How then dare Momes the Bridegroomes praise de­ride?
But can a Prophet rise from Galilee?
Or Wa [...]es in Tune shape Truths Evangelee?
Or can her Geese compare with English Swans?
To sing good Newes to Contrite Publicans?
To paint such Flights no Mortall should presume,
Unlesse his Pen were of a Cherubs Plume,
Unlesse the Poet rapt above the Pole
Charme Men from Jarres, & Fiends from taking Toll.
So that the End be good, Truth ought to passe,
Though by a Scythian nois'd, or Balaams Asse,
[Page]And whilst we not Divine [...] Flames profane
With false Poetique Dreames, Devotions Bane.
There is no Sexe in Soules. Aswell the Least
As Greatest here shall shine at Christ his Feast.
At the Lambs Feast where Saints for ever sing,
The Simplest Swaine on Earth joyes as the King.
Now if our Wales such Novelties relates,
Disdaine them not, Yee Noble English States,
But pry into them, (like her Silver Mine,)
For which of late her Alpes yee undermine.
And since yee see her Wombe and Bowels yeeld
Lime, Coale, and Marle to raise the wearied Field:
Then why likewise may not her Streames affoord
Some Swans, aswell as Thames, or Humbers Foord?
If not to chaunt their Native Melody,
At least to tune a harmelesse Rhapsody,
Whereby from Fiends some Converts may bee drawne
To ransome Wares, which they had left in pawn
That with our Head the Members sympathize,
God breathes into mens Hearts New Faculcies,
For when his Sonne ascended up on High,
He captive led our Wils Captivity,
Renew'd of Grace our Charters Liberties,
And gave rare Gifts with Flaming Novelties,
Which if some hide, or Miser like engrosse
They frustrate make their Freedome by the Crosse,
Least therefore I encurre that Prejudice
[Page]I publish here my New-mans Exercise,
With this true Warning shot, or Tolling Bell,
That the Old Man, Yee Readers, first expell,
Before yee mend these Raptures, or proscribe
With Catoes Broach or Brand a Christian Scribe
By a non licet, least your Negatiue
Barre that which sorts with Saints Affirmative:
That this my Worke in substance comprehends
An Offering which to Christ his Glory tends;
Not Noised forth, like Chymiques Quintessence;
For sordid Gaine, but strife and Carnall Sence,
(The Gangrenes of this Age) to cauterize,
I freely vent my Soules W [...]kes Exercise.
And though my Tone, like Gileads shibbeleth,
Suits not nice Tongues, nor Davids Leekes your Breath,
Yet doth my Muse with Englands Faith agree,
And hopes by Trance our Saviour Christ to see
In Bethlems Cratch, and on Mount Calvary;
His Rising vp, and Triumph I descry,
And blunder forth by the like Mystery.
But with sharpe Hounds, my Muse, and Memory,
I'le first assay Ol [...] Reinards Brood to stoup.
View then the Game: Behold, the Hunt is up.


The Argument.
Before the Great and Fearefull Day of Doome,
Which by true Signes neere past will shortly come,
Great Brittain's warn'd the Old Mans tricks to scan,
And with more Love to lodge the Inward Man.
O That Men would think on the Latter day!
Whose Signes began with Horror and Dismay,
Since Sathan was let loose to rack and scorch
With Martyrs Flame our late Reformed Church!
No Preterperfect nor the Future Tense,
But then the Praesent suits the Creatures Sence,
When Time shall be no more, but ever Light
Or ever Darke. From this Perpetuall Night
[Page 2]Of Sadnesse, Lord, defend my Spotted Soule,
That canst at Will the Gates of Hell controule,
And by sweet Trance canst ope the Milk-white way,
To lead my steps to that Eternall Day.
How oft hast thou from Weaklings rays'd thee Prayse▪
Then grant me Grace to warble out these Layes;
Which I began with th'Hunt is up to day:
That I may chase Hels Instruments away,
The wily Foxe, the Wolfe, and ravenous Beare;
But not with Y [...]alpes poore silly Sheepe to feare,
No [...] to disturbe, like Taverns roaring Boyes,
Good Christians Nightly Rest with Hellish Noise,
Or with base Fidlers Tunes, who gape for Gaine
Their Lusts from Strangers Windows to maintaine▪
(Fly Buff [...]ons hence; no flouts, nor wanton glance,
Nor scuffling Tones, suit wth. our Newmans trance)
Not for wits Froth, nor Poets potting Pen,
Nor for Old Dreames shall any Godly men
Taxe me withall. My ayme is Libertines
And Sluggards to rouze up by Christian Lines;
And that th'Elect of Brittaines Ile may blush
To jarre for Trifles, Nifles, or a Rush;
At least, to let them know, that we should side
With him, whose Rights with Mammon they di­vide.
But let Divines without Scholastick Cavell
And Politicks without damn'd Machiavell,
Tell us how comes Mankind so prone to Evill?
[...] from O [...]d Adam? Custome? or the Divell?
[Page 3]Or rather from this mixt Triplicity
By Gods just Doome for mens Impiety?
Our States-men stand here gravel'd, nor define
Can Nature such deepe Points, but the Divine
On these Resolves assures our Pilgrimage:
That, to secure from the Old Creatures Rage
Our New-mans Sparke, we must contend & buckle
With Men & Fiends, ere Grace this Infant suckle;
We must Believe, and Pray, do Fruitfull Workes,
And crush the Snake, which in our bosome lurkes.
For these Attempts, the Serpent to unmaske
In Eden first Mans Crosse row is: my Taske.
The two, from whom our Heralds all agree
With one Consent to draw Mens Pedegree.
Be they Crown'd Kings, or Subjects, bond, or Free,
Adam and Eve, the Male & Female Tree,
Were form'd by Him, who both the Globs Created,
Whereof the One with Goodly Rights estated
God gave to them from Taxe or Tribute free;
And so their Race enjoyed it, till the Fee
By Giants wav'd and Nemhrods Tyranny.
The upper like a Spangled Canopy
With Christall propt, to lift their minds with wonder,
He left for Breath, for Heat, to seat them vnder;
And to observe the Influence, Motion, Height,
Not racking Starres with Negromanticke Sleight?
Because Man should with Angels linkt in One
[Page] Harmonious League on God depend alone,
To do his Will, who rais'd him from the dust,
To praise his Name, without the least distrust,
Not Creatures, Thrones, or Principalities,
Nor courting other Gods with Sacrifice,
(For who would sue to an Inferiour Lord,
The King in place that heareth every word)
God for this End, and for his Glories sake
Assigned Man his Comforts to partake.
He left all things to his Elections Sway,
Except One Tree in Eden to assay,
And try by One Command his Creatures mind,
Whether he would prove Constant, or Unkind:
Yea, God forbad to tast the Curious Tree
Of Good and Ill, because He did foresee
"That Longing Fits in Maladies would end,
"That worldly Craft did restlesse Cares portend,
"That Innocence once lost, Man would divide
"Christs Soveraignty, and with the Divell side;
"That he the Golden meane would soone neglect,
"And fall into Excesse, or the defect;
"That Will uncurb'd to damned Actions tends,
"That Pride much knowledge puffes, shame Pride attends,
"For when good knowl [...]dge with the Ill did match,
"Then they began a Mungrell Brood to hatch,
"Like those who heretofore with Pagan Rite
"And Schoolemens Glosse disguis'd Gods ho [...]y Light.
[Page 5]Although such Plagues ensued by the Breach
Of Gods Command, yet doth Experience teach
The Fruit it selfe so strange in Operation,
Perhaps might bring with it some Alteration,
And helpe the Humours to exasperate,
As the Breach did the Soule contaminate:
"So Meales without Thanksgiving cause disease,
"And Physicke with Gods blessing turnes to Ease.
Do not all things on which our Bodies feed,
Blood, Choler, Fleame, and Melancholy breed?
Do not we see, that things Inanimate;
As Roots and Gummes; nay Minerals, abate
Or raise the force of things more excellent?
Doth not dimm'd Eyes the Saphire blew content?
And Hemlocks Juice, like Vapors of strong Wine,
Disturbe the Braine, and Humour Christaline?
Doth not the Jet insult upon a Straw?
As Steele is by the Loadstone kept in awe?
What Franticke Lust comes by Cantharides?
What Flames by Circes charm'd Hippomanes?
How luckily Quicksilver mortifi'd
Hath for the Wormes, and the great Poxe bin tri'd?
Yet Sublimate doth like to Hell inflame,
To Poyson turnes, and kils the Vitall Flame.
How have the Lungs by Orpiment beene cur'd?
And the Faint Heart by Liquid Gold secur'd?
How forcible 'gainst Plagues and Feavers are,
[Page 6]Mirrhe, Saffron, Aloes, Stibium, Bezoar?
Garlicke allayes raw Ayre and watrish Food,
But Mads like Wine, the Dry Braine, and the Blood.
Wine-bibbers know, that Vines with Coleworts war;
As rampant Lust is cool'd by Nenuphar.
Sometimes I saw a Glutton crost in Will,
His Trencher daub'd with Colloquintids Pill.
How by the Sunne Glasse things remote may fire,
To yeeld the reason, would not Reason tire?
Or why Tobacco, or the Vomick Nut,
Opium, or Henbane, do the Sences glut?
Or why the Juice of Spurge, or Tithimall,
Held to the Gummes, cause all the Teeth to fall?
If such as these with us worke Mira [...]les,
And growing plants yet more, what Obstacles
Can Atheists plead to barre Our Fatall Tree?
Or that of Life? but that it grew so free?
Whereby on Man no ferall Deaths disease,
The Fruite once tane by him, could ever seize,
Untill God did th' impaled Garden fence,
Or drowne it by the Flood for Lusts Offence?
This Fruit we reap't by knowing Good and Ill,
When as the Precepts Breach defil'd the will.
But to returne where now I did digresse,
Man stayd not long before he did transgresse,
And violate the Law with Carnall sence,
Slighting his Makers Love and Providence.
[Page 7] Man had large Grace and Freedome of Election,
But he of Both did quickly make defection,
He knew th'Events, the Covenant, his Doome
For Life or Death, and what would sure become
Of him, and his, if he Gods will transgrest,
Yet would he be of Knowledge more possest
Than well became a Creature limited:
Yea, and perhaps the Woman coveted,
Assoone as Sathan told his form all Tale,
With Carnall taste that fruit of sugred Bale,
And longed too, because she was forbidden;
Or else because, like to a Gues [...] unbidden,
The Tempter, which is likely, watcht the houre,
When she was lesse Devout, ere he could powre
His Ban [...] on her in a Corporeall shape,
That in the Fi [...] shee for the fruit might gape.
She sooner might all Enemies withstand
Than Pythons mists unseene alwayes at hand.
"Wher once he welcom finds he ther doth bring
"Moe Spirits like himselfe that Soule to sting:
"As to a Frier chanc'd, who tempted chose
"Once rather to be drunke than Soule to lose
"By Lust or Murthers Choyce. But by that feate,
"He whoor'd, and slew the Husband in his heat▪
So Sathan playes at this time with us all,
Old Adams seede; he knowes in Generall,
That we by Nature fraile and wavering are,
Lu [...]tfull, and Proud, then in particular
[Page 8]"He knows to what vain pleasure more than other
"We are most prone, whilst we Devotion smother;
"Which so observ'd by him with damned Craft,
"He Guilds that Pleasure faire before his shafts
"He shoots; from which, ô Christ, we have no fence
"Nor helpe, but thy deare Crosse and Innocence
To put them by with daily watch and Cares,
Least like to Eve he catch us unawares.
When Sathan saw that God to Man assign'd
The worlds whole Rule, he by a masked kind
Of shape devis'd with Lies to tempt Eves mind,
And by her meanes her Husbands wits to blind.
O subtle Fiends inevitable Fetch!
Above a Cheaters or Projectors reach!
To set upon the weakest of the Twaine,
Before he dar'd the Husband in to traine!
He knew the power of a Favorite,
And what Mans second selfe, the Night-Crow might
Suggest to bring strange matters to effect.
This mov'd the Fiend the Woman to select,
And worke upon her Frailties imperfection,
Because he knew the Man had more perfection.
He knew the Man had more Composed wit,
More ancient, stay'd, and harder to be hit:
He knew the Woman had a moyster Braine,
More shallow, nice, and of a smoother graine,
"More pliant than the Male to be allur'd
[Page 9]"With Tales and Toyes, whereof he stood assur'd▪
"Therefore, Yee Men, beware of Womens guiles;
"Take heed, Yee Women, of Old Sathans wiles,
"Tempt not your Husbands unto vanity,
"To Idols, Pride, nor sloths Infirmity:
"And let us hence both Men and Women all
"The Divell chase, the Author of our Fall.
He grudg'd to see those of an Earthly F [...]ature
Above him set, sometimes a Heavenly Creature;
That Humane-kind, such Creatures New & strange
Should breathe that Aire, where he did hope to range,
Rage & despight to have Man thrown below
Or at the least in Furies fell his Fellow,
Wrought on his Spirit, all to Vengeance bent,
Till at the last he got his Lewd Intent.
About that time more Wise than any Beast
With speckled skin, like Golden Damaske drest,
The Serpent stalk't in Edens Paradise,
Him Sathan seaz'd, and in his shapes disguise
Thus with his Charmes to hide his cunning Hate,
He tempted Eve in absence of her Mate:
Faire Dame, more fit for thy sweet Beauties Grace,
As Goddesse, to possesse the Highest Place,
And all the world to Rule, then to be curb'd
Of thy Freewill, or in thy Choice disturb'd:
Hath God forbidden you that Fruit to taste?
The fruit of Knowledge which shall ever last?
Which Life renewes, and makes an Ideot wise?
[Page 10]Eate it, and spare not; Be not too Precise.
Yee shall not Die: that's but a scaring Crow
To bleare your fight, least you this secret know.
For God well knowes, that tasting of this Tree,
You like Himselfe will soone Immortall be.
The woman fir [...]d with Sathans faire discourse
Resisted not, but ranne th'Ambitious Course
Of Lucifer (who climb'd the highest staire
Of Mysteries) built Castles in the Ayre,
And rapt with false Imaginary Toyes
Of being wise, like God, with hope of Joyes,
She started not with that odde Tree to grapple,
But thence she pluckt, what God forbad, the Apple;
One, two, or more, as likt her Palate best,
With whose sweete Taste her Husband she possest:
As likewise with the vertue of the Fruite,
Which did with their high towring Fancies suit.
Ev's haughty mind was soon, too soon persaw­ded
And Adams too, wherby they were degraded
Of Innocence, true Joyes, and Quiet Life,
Made Slaves to Vices, Death, and Endlesse strife.
The Devill too, which ranged then unbound,
With borrow'd shape, in stricter Chains was bound
Yet mounting a [...]d descending with his Mates,
To try and sting, as Faith grows, or abates.
Hence Passions from Hels poyson soone began since
To make Young Adam an Old worldly m [...]n:
[Page 11]With vaine Proud thoughts his Seede were ever since
Swolne, & ban'd in every State & Province.
The Elder Part against the New rebels
With wily Plots, till Grace the Foxe expels.
Hence spring those Plagues which now defile the Earth:
"Cold Charity, our sly and needlesse Dearth,
"Distrust of God, Ambition, Simony,
"Base Idlenesse, Carowsing, Gluttony,
"Damn'd mungrell Matches, Saints with Reprobates,
"High purchast Names, Envy in all Estates,
"Malice, Law-suites, Deceits, and Avarice,
"Pride, Thriftlesse Pompe, and every other vt [...]e:
Whose foule Excesse, like Fire's abuse, I blame,
So to prepare roome for Devotions Flame.
For such as those, the first Old world was drown'd
As Our shall shortly burne about us round:
For such, the Lord our Tongues did first confound
At Babels Towre from one H [...]rm [...]nious sound.
For such as those, the Hebrew [...] were rejected,
And unto such are most of us subjected
By that Old Pythons Sat [...]ns subtilty,
Unlesse Faith helpe and [...] Humility:
We are indeed beset by him, that speaks,
And through a thousand throats now playes the Reaks,
In tempted Braines suborning men for Pelfe
To sell the Spirits Gifts, yea Hea [...]en it selfe,
Our mother Eve in Serpents shape he tempted,
[Page 12]To gull and gaine-How shall our Earthlings now
Escape? when that Bad Humours overflow
The Bodies State? when Tares do over top
The Gospels Seede? and when we see him hop,
Sweare, and Carowse, even on the Sabatth Day?
And every other Day to catch some Prey?
O wits bewitcht by the false Serpents Art!
Who sacrifice to Fiends your Noblest Part!
"Ther's nothing more than Prayer which they feare,
"Because they know that's musick in Gods Eare.
"When they heare Abbaes Peale ring from Mans Heart,
"With hate of present sinne, they soone depart,
"And leave the Forts, which they usurped then,
"The Humours, Braine, and Heart of Man I meane.
And where they finde no Catechizing is,
Nor weekely Sermons us'd, but All amisse
For want of Meanes, Gods Tythes kept backe like spoiles,
There, Sports with Oathes, with Healths they min­gle broyles.
"But woe to them, who do Gods Tythes ingrosse,
"Whereby ensues of Christian Soules such losse:
"If Curst they were, who ravish'd them at first,
"Who dimme Faiths Light, are they not more ac­curst?
"Transferring by those Pr [...]yes to yawning Hell,
[Page 13]"Like Antichrist, more Soules than Tongue can tell?
And here with drery eyes I must lament
The Fate of my poore Native Soile neere rent
By Fiends a sunder through the Words defect:
For though the Tithes some Annually collect
Amounting in each Parish to the summe
Of hundreds twice, yet the poore Curates roome
Is scarcely worth nine or ten pounds a yeare;
Nay, some there be, which counting that too dear
Hire yearely Cocks for halfe that sum to crow,
And what Soule-food such creatures chaunt you know.
Nor Parish-poore helpe they, nor Churches Rate,
But as it were in sinne Inveterate,
Cloath with Church-goods their Sacrilegious backs,
Not dreaming once of Hell, or inward Racks,
For their converting Tythes to private store,
Which were ordain'd for Churchmen & the Poore;
"Nor weighing yet what Temporal [...] despight,
"And fearefull plagues on tythe-ingrossers light,
"Upon their house, and Crime-partaking fry
Here in this world, to rot their memory.
And some of these I knew in Jayles to lye
For Treason [...], Debts; and some die sodainly.
And some likewise I knew, their Widows, Heires
And Children tir'd with Broyles & Law-affaires.
Take Learnings hire away, Learning decayes,
Unlesse Gods Spirit by unusuall wayes,
[Page 14] Immediately to bring rare things to passe,
Inspire some wits with new Cae [...]estiall grace;
But if both faile, what Chaos may ensue,
Ile leave to scan till Time brings them to Rue,
And waile with howling paine and soule-sicke groane,
Alacke the Day that we our Mothers moane
Contemn'd, and pill'd her bare, since Saracens,
Her dues to keepe, fear'd like the Pestilence.
"All Labourers deserve their Day-reward,
"But much more they, who watch the soule to guard.
To this I adde the scandall and offence,
Which they procure to sects of tender sence,
Who taxe our Church, and Levites Common-weale
With Jeroboams Plot, and want of zeale,
For gracing Clerkes of blind inferior ranke,
As though we had no Church, but Babels Banke
On Willow trees our Trumpets up to hang,
Or those sad Layes, which there the Captives sang,
Denouncing Fate, farre worse then Iewries woes,
With Plagues to light on Sions jeering foes.
So Romish Scribes quip us with scurrile songs
Unjustly for conniving at such wrongs,
And twit our Church with Coblers and Sow-gelders,
When as the fault lies not upon our Elders,
But on some gracelesse greedy minded wights,
Who seizing on the Tithes put out our Lights;
As formerly their Monkish Hypocrites,
[Page 15]Had like to Kites snatcht up those Tithing Rights,
(So Popes were taxt for granting Tythes and Tolles
To men more fit to feed their Mules then Soules)
So though Carmarthins Clerkes for Parishes
Enrowl'd fourescore, yet fifty three of these
The Popes for Drones improperly assign'd
Their Tythes which were of Old by Caesars sign'd
For painefull Bees, and made Authenticall
To their sole use by Councells Generall.
Whence Sions Vines, like Osneyes, nipt at first
By Wolsey in the Spring quencht Henries thirst
In Summers rage; and serv'd in Autumne since
As baites for sinne: but now gone from the Prince
To Chapmens hands in time of Winters cold,
Church-Farmes by them are dearely set and sold,
With small regard to Clerkes, or the New-borne,
As if Hels-stormes their consciences had torne;
Hence grow Mault-wormes, unlicenc'd Ale and Beere
With Shifts to rack for what men farm'd so deere.
O would these Lines like pricking Goades might prove,
To stirre up zeale with more Seraphicke Love,
Or now at last, that some would imitate
Those few, which rendred backe unto the State,
Tith-spoyles, as did the Noble Huntington,
And in our dayes Religious Dodington.
For I avow, they Achans stile deserve,
Who rob the Church, & her good Shepherds starve;
[Page 16]Or cause in them the New-mans zeale to freeze,
By their unjust purloyning of her Fleece:
I speake not of that Fleece, which Orpheus sung,
But of true Prophets there by worldlings wrung
Of their Fee simple rights, and lawfull Fees,
Not due to Drones, but to industrious Bees,
Whoss Art spreads Sermons forth, like Chrysostomes,
Sweeter than Honey, or the Honey-combes;
For if they starve, how can the Flocks survive?
How can they rise to Faith? in Knowledge thrive?
Since Faith by hearing springs, Love by Gods word?
Since both waxe dark, where Prophets are abhor'd?
Hearts unprepar'd for vowes and Fasting dy,
Or rave with Pride, or pine with Malady:
And then their soules, like Slaves, are bought and sold,
When Sathans Ambush breaks into the Hold
For want of Guides, and watchfull Centinels,
Whose Meanes were stopt by worldly Machivils.
Our Parliament mov'd with their Brethrens teares,
Their Civill Iarres, their grievances and feares,
Proclaim'd some publicke Fasts for Sacrifice,
With vowes of late for their enormious vice,
That so they might the wrath of God allay,
And by good Jacobs Ladder make their way
With Abstinence to stint the fuming blood,
As with Soule-sighes, our Angell Guardians Food.
But if the Shepheards Limbes with Frost benumme
[Page 17]Lye languishing, or of the Palsie dumbe;
How shall their Flocks the use of Fasts discerne?
Or learn what may the minds true health concern
How shall they Fast? and feele for Discord griefe?
If they be barr'd of Sermons, Soules reliefe?
How shall they Fast from inbred Avarice,
If none shew them the way to Sacrifice?
How shall they fast from foule Conspiracies?
From Rapines, Bribes, Deceits, and Piracies?
How shall they stand secure from Perjurers?
If no man them from cursed Oathes deterrs?
And when such Slaves uncatechized sweare,
Who lives not of false proofes in dayly feare?
How shall our Juries wave Knights of the Post,
If they as these contemne the holy Ghost?
How shall we scape these last nam'd Philistines,
Dwelling in Mesech, or with Libertines?
Hence I collect, that there ensues this curse:
"Where Teaching failes, there Soules grow worse and worse.
Proud Nemrod will not leave his rufling Port,
Nor crouch to Christ in Penitentiall sort
With vile Attire, much lesse with inward Shrift,
As for sinnes Guilt hath been old Suppliants drift;
But fool'd by Lust, he knowes Dame Pleasures house,
More than Gods Church; or the Old man to touse;
Nay, in the Church he dares his Bravery
Of Plumes to shew, or rather Ravery.
The Drunkard still goes on to play the Sott,
[Page 18]And more then Fasting Rules, to ply the Pot.
By heath'nish healths, mad fits, and lavish cost,
Polluting gifts breath'd from the Holy Ghost,
"So that moist vapours to the Head ascend,
"And Rheums from thence into the lungs descend▪
"The fourefold humours foame, the blood inflames,
"More capable of Pestilentiall Flames,
"Then of mild Natures heat, vowd for impression
"Of Gifts divine, to hinder Fiends Oppression.
Our Gluttons will not cease to breake the Law,
Nor spare one dish, to ransome Lazars Jaw,
But what the Earth, the Sea, and Aire produce,
Their Panders dresse for their full panches use,
With Spice exchang'd for Englands dearest wealth,
Without regard to Soules or Bodies health.
For which delight, Dayes Fasting to prophane
Some wish they had the long necke of a Crane,
That so they might, like to the ravenous Wolfe,
Powre downe more store into the Gurmands gulfe;
And though their penance were to take a Purge,
To have the Cramping Gout, or the like scourge,
"Yet will they feed on Cates varieties
"At the same meale in spight of Maladies,
"Of Lawes, advice of friends, Physitians threats,
"And the repugnant Nature of the meates.
Nay, though they know some meats may cause of­fence
Unto the Weake, the Old man will dispence,
That on a Friday in a Papists sight,
[Page 19]They feast on Flesh, his Conscience to despight,
Against the rules of Civill Modesty.
As if they meant their Neighbours Swine to tye
To Meazeld troughs against the Owners Will,
Who bred them up with other kind of Swill
As bad perhaps as Sugar-sops or Fish,
Which raise up Lust more than the fleshy dish:
Of old it was not so; Good Christians then,
In feeding with the Jewes, like Prudent men,
Abstain'd from Porke and puddings stuft with Blood,
They liv'd content with their Mosaicall Food;
To win weak soules to Christ they seem'd content lawes
With all things, except sinne, indifferent,
For whose deare sake, they would each Countryes
Observe, and weare a Fooles coate, were there cause.
And so sometimes we play the Humourists,
Faiths essence sav'd, to raise up Catechists.
But since our Head commands a Publicke Fast,
How dare the Members gape for much Repast?
But mutually joyne with their Christian mates
Of the same Church to calm the threatning Fates?
On Jonathan a thundring sentence past,
Because he brake unwittingly a Fast:
And shall our Gulles unpunished escape?
Who wilfully commit an Heath'nish Rape?
And violate the Law with carnall taste,
Out of crosse-spleene, conceite, and wanton waste?
Nor for restraint of Wind, necessity,
[Page 20]Or for raw Ayre, but of meere Vanity?
A little serves the Hungry Maw to heale:
Why then will they devoure more at a Meale
"Than twice five ounces of substantiall Food?
And so much weight of drinke to do them good?
More frugall yet, when Fasting dayes commence,
(Least Fumes oppresse the Braine, Sleepe presse th [...] sence
To keepe in plight thereby the Bodies Frame
For the Soules Feast, and Belly Gods to shame?
Such Food, as will not over soone corrupt,
Bisket, Rice, Pulse, or soft Panades supt?
"A smal thing cheeres the heart, & Midriffe calm [...]
"As wines one draught kept Timothy from Qualmes.
Why then will Christians play the Epicures?
And frustrate make the Soules and Bodies Cures?
By causing Fumes to breath up to the Braine,
Where they beget the Soules and Bodies paine?
"Excesse of Meats beyond the Golden Meane
"Turnes into Fat, and Excrements uncleane;
"It taints the blood, breeds Dropsies, Feavers, Gouts
"Or duls the wit, and makes them heavy Louts,
"Unweildy for Faiths Active Qualities
"To please our God with humble Sacrifice.
Of Vessels some are Rough, some Porcellane,
Of Bodies, some turne Pure and some Prophane:
Note this in Beasts, their dung lets us to weet
That Swine and Dogs smell rancke, the Stags more sweet
Now Gryllus chuse thy mould, Hogs, Stags, or Dogs.
[Page 21]If Stags be scant, Dogges stinke, then take the Hogs,
And wallow in his mire, untill thou feele
The meazell'd Plague, and like a Dizzard reele.
These Points, and others moe grave Levites preach
Where they enjoy their Rights, & how the breach
Of Fasting comes, which makes me tel my friends:
"He, that neglects the Churches moane, offends.
For which, and the like crimes, he ought to sob,
Who thinkes it no offence Gods Tythes to rob.
"The Arts contempt, and robbing them of Hire,
"Cause many Plots and strange combustions fire
"In humane brea [...]ts, Divines to Simonize,
"And other Wits to raile and Libellize
"At Lawes or Times; or else they fly from home,
"To Doway, Spaine, Saint Omers, or to Rome:
Whence what ensues I leave for Politiques
To judge, while others turne home-Empiriques,
False Sycophants, or Mountebanks, to seeme
More wise or skilfull in the worlds esteeme,
When to themselves they guilty are of fraud.
But Need allures dame Be [...]uty, like a Baud,
To prostitute, or rather want of Grace,
That makes the Whore, the Modest to outface,
Yet now I hope our forraigne-built Plantations
Will Britaine free from many Imputations,
When Drones remov'd; the rest more elbow roome
Shall have to thrive, like Honey-Bees, at home,
[Page 22]Unlesse (which God avert) the Pestilence,
Abate our swarmes, and crosse good mens Intents.
Mean time the world on wheels runs mad, by f [...]ends
And furies led, whom they mistake for friends:
One while they tempt to Apish imitation,
Whilst Pygmies swell with Gya [...]s transformation,
With [...]urld bold Ruffians Haire, immodest face,
Proud costly robes, with Gold and needlesse Lace,
And thriftlesse puffes winkt at perhaps to raigne,
For Trades increase, Customes, or Mercers gaine.
For whose support with rich Caparizons
T [...]ades with Coach-mares make oft comparisons,
By these our Off-springs tainted [...]
Turne Harpyes, Peacockes, or Hermaphrodites,
By these high sailes hath Hospitality
Sunke in deepe Gulfes with Christian Charity.
The multitude of sinners gone amisse,
Makes [...]inne to seeme the lesse, and so doth this.
Another while our Gentry with delights
They traine to tread Gods gifts with dogs & kites;
Or else to gape for Others goods at Play,
Oft to the losse of their owne worldly stay,
Whilst Satans wily fiends subordinates
Confirme such Gamesters for his Reprobates,
But late they triumph'd when against the Rheume
Some did create a God of Indian Fume,
Whereby men craz'd their memory and wits,
And parcht their Vitall Blood more then befits.
[Page 23]O Custome charm'd, besotting Christendome!
Besotting Braines against the day of Doome!
Tobaccoes smoake no other Humour drawes
Then Spawling, which it selfe doth chiefly cause,
Nor doth this Hells evaporating Puffe,
End here, although worse then a Candles snuffe,
To qualify the Dampish sooty Braine,
It must be moistned oft for Tavernes Gaine,
With Wine or Beere, that the heate Naturall
May swim with Flegme, as the Moist Radicall
Lies dampt with drouth of sense-benumming smoake,
And this they doe so long, untill the Heate
Of Nature failes, corrupt with sulphures sweate:
The Braine thus soild, how shall Gods grace erect
The Spirits Temple in the Intellect?
By hearing Faith gets roome: but if by fits
Their senses quaile, their quailing hurts the wits.
"Then let this be in Brasse, or Marble plac't:
"Who smoakes Tobacco much, he doates at last.
"Who can deny but Satan in our Age
"Is let more loose with violence to rage?
"And with his Angels daily goes about
"To batter Faith? and true Zeale to roote out?
"He is let loose to range about at Pleasure,
"And more then Love pricks men to dreame of Treasure.
[Page 24]"We prate of Faith, but Pride eates up the fruites,
"We talke of Peace, but that ends in Law-suites.
For feare of humane Plots Saints oft are dumbe,
And Love is by the Dragons wiles become
A thing of naught, a Cypher without fellowes,
Whilst Golden hopes of Lucre blow the bellowes.
As Passengers their ship being weake and riven,
To s [...]ndry Coasts for many Leagues are driven
Of gusts and stormes, of Gulfes they make report,
Before they can arrive at Safeties Port:
So now are Saints by Gog and Magog vext,
And glad to fly with civill Broyles perplext
Out of their Native soyle to Strangers Armes
For refuge against Mars his fierce alarmes.
As witnesse now of late the Valtoline;
France, Belgia, Hesse, all Dutchland, and the Rhine.
So others are by suits and quarrells faign'd
To sundry Courts for many miles constrain'd,
Through thicke and thin to travell for small cause,
Vnder pretext to answer breach of Lawes,
To lose their precious time and spend the same
In strife, which Christ injoyn'd to Holy flame,
To satisfy Officialls greedy willes
More than need is for moulture to their Mills,
As our King James of famous memory,
With lightning glaunce checkt this foule injury,
Our coyne by bribing Tongues grows scant of late;
And men for want of meanes waxe desperate.
[Page 25]How many Motions do some make in vaine?
And endlesse Pleas with in ward joy retaine?
Such Sophisters in Paper-length to draw,
And spin rich Suites will white the blackest D [...]w,
And blurre the Candor of the holyest man;
But seldome helpe to save the weake and wan.
But O! are not those Christians whom they gull?
Christians they are, O worldlings, whom ye Lull
A sleepe to feed upon, like Canniballs,
They looke not like those Popes or Cardinalls,
Or those great mighty men, whose flesh and Soules,
Are to be prey'd on by the Mysticke Foules
At Gods triumphant Supper; No, these are
Your Brethren, whom to pill and poll ye dare:
"Like to the Aierie fiends typ'd by those foules
"Who feed upon the jarres of carnall Soules,
"On whose weake passions, wits, and fits ye work
"Whilst under Sugred Pills doth danger Iurke.
Who knowes not that the fiends of Hell rejoyce
At these your broiles? to heare your screaming noise?
Therefore repent, before th [...]s waning light
[...]huts up the world with terrours of the Night
Be sparing of your Crotchets for his sake,
Who spar'd not on himselfe our sinnes to take,
Let to your brawles sixe months a period fixe;
Submit to friends award without Law-trickes,
Or costly fees, what ye suggest for wrong,
[Page 26]Not vaunting of a Mercenary tongue.
I need not warne our Gravest Counsellours,
Who for the New-man spend more pretious houres
In grieving at debates then taking Fees,
For they decline Gods wrathfull cup of Lees;
But I exclaime, and raise with Hue and Cry
My Wits against our Petty-fogging fry,
Those Mountebankes, that Hollow-hearted crue,
Which cogge with Truth, and stir up Guls to sue;
Who make no Conscience in an honest cause,
To vexe Good men, and scandalize the Lawes.
Such men I onely blurre. Let Honey Bees
Live by their painefull Hire, and well-gain'd Fees:
I envy not their Station, nor their store,
But pray that they in Grace grow more and more.
I wish to them all Happinesse and Joy,
That they with Love their Labours fruite enjoy.
For unto such our Patriots Common-weale,
Can not more portions then they merit deale,
Yea, those ripe silver haires I honour most,
Who with good Lawes helpe to entrench Gods host
From raving Ravening Wolves, which but for them
Had long since spoyl'd our Tents, & stil contemne
Our Clergies Rites reform'd, and their intents,
Supported by our Christian Parliaments,
These were indeed the Champions of our State,
Against Romes Bulles and the degenerate
From their Allegeance to our Native Prince;
[Page 27]They Abbots sloth, and Legates did convince,
By casting out Romes painted Wares and Trash,
For which brave Act, and memorable Lash,
Besides the Gospels Light, God yet is pleas'd,
To leave their Ranke a prop for the diseas'd:
So some are blest with an Immortall Lot,
Whilst uselesse Drones, like shooting Meteors, rot.
They merit too in Britaines Orbe to shine,
Like Starres, that move in the Eclipticke Line.
"Who waigh the Lawes with Reason, Right, and Ruth,
"And at the first acquaint men with the Truth
"What the Event will be, what danger lies,
"For daring Justice with surmized Lies.
And specially, those Lawyers I commend,
Who Clients suites with expedition end!
Scan well my Lawes, ye Masters of the Law,
And ye, that be their Clients, stand in awe
Of Judgement justly due for your dis-union,
For your contempt of Love and Christian Vnion.
"Be slow to wrath, speake faire, doe good to all;
"Forgive your foes, and raise up them that fall,
"Look that false Mammons wiles tempt not your zeale,
"Lest for your bribes Astraeas Common-weale
"Grow to contempt, like that Monasticke state
"Of Ghostly forme, which ye supprest of late.
"Through many tongues the devill moves despight,
"And yet may seeme an Angell of the Light.
[Page 28]That Spirit, which through Ahabs Prophets spake,
Now tempts most men in falshood to partake,
And likewise workes in nimble factious pates,
That they for cursed hire spread more debates,
Which but for their suggestions would expire,
Or dormant lye, as under ashes Fire.
God loves a mild, a free, and open heart,
Which melts like wax, to see his neighbors smart.
As I went on our discords to attone,
My Zeale broke forth into a Prophets Tone:
Unkennell ye that old and crafty Fox
Whom having catcht, cease not to thumpe & box
Him other whiles. If for the Palsies griefe,
To nose his scent, ye yeeld him some releife,
Be sure in Chaines to keepe him alwayes bound,
For if let loose, and he abroad be found,
Your tender Lambes, the hope of all your flocke,
Can never scape, nor well endure the shocke
Of his slye trickes; O therefore let him now
Be wisely lookt unto, that he may bow,
Make roome for Lambes from spoyle and theft se­cure
Wash, rince, and scoure, and keep your vessels pure,
Flay not Christs sheepe; but feed them without strife,
As he for you hath sacrific'd his life.
"Let none Gods place of judgement undertake
"For Coine; but for true zeale, & Conscience sake▪
"Let none for wealth accept a Benefice.
[Page 29]"For the Soules gaine was Christ his chiefest prize.
"Let Dives bid his golden gods avant,
"Cashiering quite all things extravagant.
Let Christian Dames leave off the Peacockes traine,
And now resume their modest Garbes againe.
"Let Souldiers of the Fort, Ship, Tent or Toung,
"Live with their hires content, not offering wrong.
Let them of all degrees, both Old and Young,
Both High and Low, of Sexes weake and strong,
Let all Repent, before th' Eternall Day
Breakes forth, which shortly without more delay
Will fatally conclude their civill jarres,
Their greedy wiles, their Pomp, and bloody wars.
But put the case, that Day comes not so soone,
As Fooles conceive, yet Orbed, like the Moone,
Mans braine receives the forme of glistering noti­ons
Except betimes he curbes the Old mans motions,
Whence if they break through those Ideaes roome
Into the Heart, there, Idols they become.
The New man is sent backe by Carnall sinnes,
As was Gods Arke by Dagons Philistines,
And in his Place those Puppets he observes,
Whom more then Christ he loves, & oftner serves.
Thus Worldlings wise in darkenesse roame about
As well as they, whose Light strife hath put out.
The Way unto Gods Paradise is streight,
Narrow, and steepe, to which transcendent height
"Fraile flesh and blood must not ascend, unlesse
[Page 30]"The Soule be in this world purg'd more or lesse
"By twofold Flames: whereof the one Hels paine
"Resembles; th'other heates with zeale the Braine.
Like as the Body growes in Quantity,
And in the Fourefold Humours Quality:
So the New man shootes up, drawes us to grace
If we doe stop the Old mans wily race.
"Deatb Crownes a Saint, and none can dy in Christ
"Except he living here become his Priest.
"For Gods Elect must lead a Righteous Life,
"Subject to Christ, as to her head the Wife;
"She knowes no male but one, she stands in Aw,
"Yet loves him deare, and his Advice is Law.
"Sweet heart (quoth he) lose not the mornings Prime
"But, as Christ thee, doe thou redeeme the Time
"With Prayers, Zeale, true Love and Fruitfull Deeds;
"For of ten thousand Soules scarce one well speeds.
Now he, that hath discretion in his pate,
Must marke these Maximes, ere it be too late:
When strife for Love, & dreames we take for watch­ing,
When Praise for Preyes, and Grace we looke for Catching;
And when from Fasts we fal to Feasts and bibbing,
Then Abbaes streame stayes in the lowest Ebbing.
Our Advocate craves it to flow againe,
The Father yeelds, and so to every veine
Their streame flowes faire, untill our changling fooles
Have sought to other Streames from Muddy Pooles.
[Page 31] The Trinity then loathing Braines so sicke
Their Motions stop, and men dye Lunaticke
From which Relapse, Distrust, and Lunacy,
Blesse we our selves, as from Apostacy.
If I speake well, or rave with puft up Learning,
Judge they, who have the Spirit of Discerning.
In the meane time keepe we Gods Trumpets Feast,
And watch, till it shall summon us to Rest.
All Feastes expir'd in Christs his Oracles,
Or were exchang'd for our Soules Spectacles,
In memory to keepe our Saviours Name,
The Blessed Virgins, and th' Apostles Fame,
With watch against the brats of Antichrist,
Which beare Christs Name, but not the markes of Christ.
To blaze these Newes I finde none more Divine,
Then Epiphanius, and Saint Augustine
Since the decease of those good Fishermen,
Which toyl'd to free soules from the Devils den;
For he that markes them blazing Heretickes,
May soone convince our moderne Catholickes,
Who were baptiz'd and styl'd Regenerate,
Went out from us, but since degenerate.
Christs Oracles next to th'Apostles Time
Shone, as bright starres six hundred yeares in prime:
But afterwards by Pompe, and Sodomy
They were left Breathlesse for Anatomy,
Yet to the Spirits Feast of Shavelings slighted
[Page 32]Our West hath beene by Prophets late invited,
To cleanse Christs Church from Superstitious Feasts
Proclaiming Truth against the Mounted Beasts
Mysterious charmes, Soule-gulling Merchandize,
Which Gospel seem'd, till Wickliff prov'd them lies
Truthes Oracles, which Antichrist supprest,
Are freely now in our owne Tongue exprest;
Each Parable made plaine, to Babes reveal'd,
And every Mysticke Leafe lyes now unseal'd
In spight of the Red Dragons Floud and Fraud,
And maugre all the Trickes of Babels Baud,
So that we may (unlesse our Riots let)
Escape, and breake out of the Hunters Net.
Strange Fires & croaking noise from Balaams lips
Cannot dash out our Light, nor yet eclipse
Those Rayes whereby the murthered Lamb of late,
Cheares up his Faithfull Bride, and Sions state
Relying on his Ayd and powerfull Arme
His Spirit warmes, and keeps from Leaguers harm▪
But clandestine and by sly cheating trickes
Some winne more Games to Babels Meretrix.
He that deceived Eve by subtill Traine,
Would our returne into her stewes againe
Perswade. By Sions Rents they shortly hope
To blurre our Church, and re-invest the Pope
With his Old Keyes, and with his Golden Crosse
In Gods owne Temple Graces to ingrosse;
[Page 33]And for small cause to excommunicate,
Nay, for neglect of Fees to shut Heavens Gate,
They hope to put (by Satans Tares late sowne)
Our Laymens ward of Premunire downe.
But why cast I such Goblin doubts abroad?
When the Last Knell determines our aboad,
Our short aboad on Earth? O let us then
Repent, and waile our sinnes, deare Country-men,
Let us renew, whilst that it is to Day,
Our Sacrifice, and vowes of Love repay,
Oft musing on Saint Paules advice, that now
We Christ no more after the flesh must know;
But as it were in traunce, the New-mans way,
To waigh his Crosse and Passion every day.
The Service, which belongs to Him alone;
Withdraw not from that All-sufficient One,
By kneeling to our fellow-servants downe
For Ghostly helpe, who saved but their owne
Deare Soules by vertue of that Costly Blood,
Which on the Crosse was shed for our joynt good.
If we beleeve, as Saints have done before us,
In Christ alone, Hels sting can never gore us.
Thinke on my words, O ye backe-sliding Soules,
Who pay to Saints your vows, like Market Tolles,
"Thinke on your owne, and Christ his painefull death,
"The Judgement day, and gaping hell beneath.
Our dayes are few: Times period is at hand,
[Page 34]And Christ his Arke will shortly saile from Land.
The waves of sinne swell high; Love growne too cold
In most mens Hearts, Mens ruines doth unfold,
True Faith for want of more Devotions heat
Exiled pleads before Gods Judgement seate
Against Mankind, as at the Flood of Noah.
To plague the world with flames, & worse annoy▪
Mens hearts are hardned, like the Fiends of Hell,
For if a Prophet doe sinnes doome foretell,
Disswading them from Broiles, O how they swell
At the Good man, with rage and passions fell,
Imposing for his paines, Rackes, shackles, shame▪
Or silencing, or blacking his good Name!
Before Doomes-day this darke Prodigious fault
Must follow next upon the Whores assault,
For though the Church Triumphant doth rejoyce
To see her Fall, our Jarres supplant our Joyes,
And so instead of Psalmes to Heaven sent
We temporize, or with her Complement.
Awake therefore, ye watch-men with your flocke,
Lest you and they be hurld against the rocke
Of scandall to our Churches infamy,
Ending in Schismes, Broyles, or Phlebotomy.
Thinke on the Fowles, which ere the Sunne did set,
Abram had watcht, and then huge darkenesse met.
Awake, I say, out of your slumbring sleepe,
Look to your charge in time, Christs wandring sheep:
[Page 35]Behold our Soules great Shepherd is at hand,
Though some are loath the Signes to understand;
The last dayes Bell, or Clocke of Mortals time,
(Be watchfull ye were best) will shortly chime,
Christ shortly comes, the Faithfull to requite,
And to confound our Mysticke Gyants might:
No Tyrants threats, no double tongue will serve,
Fee, nor Reward, the guilty to preserve.
Gods Darts, like Comets, threate our Westerne Orbe,
And Justice will the Austrian faction curbe;
Gods Angell now beginnes to goe about
To warne before Doomes-day the Christian Rout▪
Already hath his Holy Trumpets sounded,
Christ shortly comes to save the sick and wounded.
Watch, Fast, and Pray, and cheare up one another;
This is Gods will, by Christ our Elder Brother;
(His warning peale rung forth unto the Jewes)
But scorn'd by them he left to us these Newes.
Because they slighted what they might have held,
The Word of Life, the Light, which they beheld,
The Lord remov'd his precious Candlesticke,
Clear'd others sight, and left them blind and sick;
The Obstin [...]te, I meane, not all of them,
For some beleev'd before Jerusalem
Demolisht lay, yea, thousands were baptiz'd
Both then and since of the Crew Circumciz'd,
Some Jewes baptiz'd were by th' Apostles, some
[Page 36]At Christ his death, when Saints rose from their Tombe,
How many Jewes turn'd Christians in one day,
Who had the gift of Tongues on Whitsunday?
Some Christian Jewes, when Roman Rage had rent
Judaeas state, to Jordans Pella went
To Antioch, Tyre, Arabia, Babylon,
To Corinth, Creet, Damascus, Macedon,
And to remoter Coasts in hope of rest,
Whence after James decease, in time distrest.
Some fell, some grew. By these the Gentiles rose
From darkenesse to Soules light, tooke up the Crosse,
Preacht Christ, & mixt with Jewes they were ingraft
In one faire stocke, untill by Satans craft,
The Nicholaites, and the Nestorian Sect
Did with false drugges the Easterne world infect.
"In vaine therefore we looke for more Conversion
"Of moderne Jewes before the Worlds subversion
"Then what is past, unlesse (which Jewes abhor)
"Our Romanists leave off Shrines to adore;
"Much lesse, Elias to descend in Flesh
"With Enoch, since their Spirit some possesse,
"And since the Formers gift infus'd in John,
"He clear'd the way for the Creators Sonne.
Already hath the Gospels Larum rung
To quicken soules, whom the Red dragon s [...]ung,
Yea Nations to our Auncestors unknowne
Heard lately of Mount Olivets renowne;
[Page 37]"And might unto the Christian Faith be wonne,
"If Britaine, Spaine, and Holland joyne in one
"Religious League to traffique on the Mayne
"For Indian Soules more than for Worldly Gaine.
As Spaine exchang'd her wares for Gold and spice,
So we by Peters Net may sacrifice,
And catch more Preyes for Christ then Spaine hath done,
Except henceforth our New Mans course she run:
What braver gaine can be, then Soules to win,
From Heath'nish spoyles and superstitious sin?
What taske can Pilgrims take more happily
Then th' Abissine for Manuscripts to try?
Who, as they say, hath those unknowne to us,
Which will strike dumbe all Sects Idolatrous?
What easy meanes and secondary wayes
Hath God lent us now in these latter dayes?
Since Printing and the Loadstone he made knowne,
To cleare the darke, and put the Po [...]e-starre downe?
That so his Word might with the setting Sunne,
Conclude the worke, which in the East begun.
O Noble Europe, how I pitty thee!
If that great Plague, which some Divines foresee,
Due for thy Wiles and Pride, light on thy flocke,
Americans raised to the Living Rocke,
Whereof sometime thou vauntst in Aprill-youth,
[Page 38]While Feasts for Fasts, and Lies thou take for Truth.
But I leave these, as secrets of the Lord;
As yet thou hast his Pledges and his Word,
Which may till Doomes-day last, if thou repent,
And banish Schisme, the Ba [...]e of Loves content.
How many stout Confes [...]ou [...] like bright Starres,
Hath God inspir'd to [...] our jarres?
How many men of Ghostly Ranke as Lay,
Yea, Mitred Saints have gone the Martyrs way?
Grave Cranmer, Ridley, Hooper, Latimer,
And Ferrar fam'd in Englands Register,
Not fearing, like true Members of their Head,
To suffer rather death then be misled?
Or to connive with false dissembling Brow,
At Babels Charmes, though ne're so faire of show?
How many Heraulds hath he sent of late,
Yet slighted all, to warne each Christian state,
To sue for Grace, their follies to forbeare
And to prepare with true Religious feare
For their New Birth and Spirits Renovation,
Before the day of wrath, Earths conflagration?
Among the rest his Grace enlightned me
In Britaines Isle, Soule-dangers to foresee,
And by a Sparke lent from his Heavenly Flame,
To Sacrifice and spread the Newmans Fame.
To this effect, and that I might regaine
Some swarmes for Christ, I chose a tinckling strain
[Page 39]Wherewith I found, like John in Jewry-Land:
Repent, Repent; Gods Kingdome is at hand.

Admonitio Christiana.

EXitus Orbis adest, Chaos & fatale diei
Extremae subit, atra brevi Campana sonabit.
Vos igitur moneo Praeconis more, Litate
Pectoris ex imis Christo Nova sacra Monarchae.
Ille Dei Sermo concludet Ovesque Luposque
Judicii extremi Sermone: Venite; vel Ite,
Ite hinc in Furias, in Tophe [...] ite Ferae;
Fida sed ad Ferias Turba venite Poli.

A Christian Admonition.

THe Fatall end, which shal the world confound
Draws neere, & Doomes-dayes Bell will shortly sound.
In Preachers Type, I warne you then to bring
New Offerings from the Heart to Christ our King.
For He Gods word will cloze the Latter day
Thus by his word: Come Sheep: Wolves pack away
Packe hence to Hell, ye Creatures wild;
To Heaven Come ye, the True and milde.

A Hymne of Repentance to be sung for the ease of an afflicted Conscience.

WHat strange assaults of sins surrounding tide,
Breake in upon our Soules on every side?
How fearefully Gods darts of vengeance glide?
So neere they glide, we cannot turne aside?
We feele enough to pull downe Pride,
More terrours then we can abide.
It is no wrong, but Justice which we feele
Though we were scourg'd with Wires of keenest steele
Or broiled on the Coales, or flay'd alive.
We merit not Doomes respite, nor reprieve.
Because in time we did not grieve
For sinne, nor sought in Grace to thrive.
Sinne is the cause of our Law-suits and jarres,
Sinne is the cause of our late Civill warres.
The former robs us of our meanes of Thrift,
The latter of our friends with bloodier drift.
For want of shrift, and hearts uplift;
Fiends doe as Wheate our Passions sift.
We ought indeed more god [...]y to have beene,
Before we felt Gods Judgements for our sinne:
We ought indeed his Arrowes to prevent
With Prayers, Vowes, and houres more frugall spent▪
Yet we repent, with heart neere rent
His Talents use, by us mis-spent.
We will not yet of Freedome quite despaire:
No, Gracious God; we know thou canst repaire,
Our drooping state, though plunged in the mire
Of mangie sinne, or scortcht with Troubles fire.
Thou canst refraine thy Judgements Ire,
Our Temples cleanse, our Soules inspire.
Thou at a becke Soules-tortures canst remove,
Or else asswage our griping fits above
Straind Natures reach, as thy Sonne Jesus did
Poore Publicans of their diseases rid.
Yea, though griefes were of causes hid,
Their utmost sting thou canst forbid.
To thee alone for Mercy we appeale,
Who heretofore the Israelites didst heale
By Serpents stung, and sundry others cure
By Miracle, thou canst Soule-ease procure.
Nay, health assure, and cleanse us pure,
As thou didst Naaman, though impure.
Lord pitty us, and blesse our Second Birth,
As thou with heate & showres dost barren earth,
As Peter, Paul, the Thiefe in Calvary
And her, whom Jewes tooke in Adultery,
Thou didst cheere up in misery,
Because they did for Mercy cry.
Behold how Satan wheeles about our braine,
More busy now than ever with his traine
Of fiends unseene to circumvent our will;
He knows us weake, and therefore bends his skill,
The more his mallice to fulfill,
Because we are so craz'd and ill.
He stiles our Heathenish spoiles states purging pills,
Our jarring Pleas as necessary ills,
Our Niggardize good thrift, Pride decency,
Our drunken healths kind Fellowship: and why?
He knowes that Carnall fallacy
Enwraps the Soule in Lunacy.
Against his snares we have no other fence,
Then thy Sonnes merits, Blood, and Innocence,
O God most Just, and for his sake we trust,
Thou of meere Grace wilt us repute as Just,
Before we be by Satan crusht;
Before our Bones lye in the dust.
Now is the Time, or never, to us ayd;
For after death when we in earth are layd
What Sacrifice? what Offering wilt thou have?
Thy Christ hath ransom'd us, and thou dost crave
No more then his deserts, to save
Sinners from Hels devouring grave.
Christ is our Head, him onely we adore,
Christ is the Saint, whose helpe we still implore.
Christ is the Light, which harts more cold then Ice
Hath warm'd and chear'd by the Soules Exercise.
Christ is the Lambe, that paid the price
To Justice due for humane vice.
This Sacrifice regardfull of the strife
Twixt Heaven & Earth, for our sicke soules releife,
Most gracious Lord, we to thy Grace present,
Not to fulfill Romes Amulets intent,
Or unction charm'd for Sacrament,
But with pure Faith, Loves Balme to vent;
Both which thou hast from Heaven sent,
Both which on Earth yeeld thee content.


The Second Dayes EXERCISE.

The Argument.
The Mystery explain'd of Christ his Birth;
Why he came poore, and strange to Carnall Mirth.
Here they are toucht, who soile his Feastivalls,
With Riot, Pomp, or drunken Bacchanalls.
THe Scribe, of late who blaz'd the Churches state
From Christs Ascent till this yeares pre­sent date,
Now represents a more Soule-quickning part,
And to win strayes drops on the stony heart,
Alluring them by sacred charmes to watch
And waite on Him, who made poore Bethlems cratch
[Page 45](Borne there without Male-Sire in Judaes Land,
Like Daniels Mountaine-Stone cut without hand)
More glorious than the Romane Capitoll,
Or Rhodes Colosse in the Sev'n Wonders Roll.
For this sweet Trance, to rebaptize the Will,
To rowze the Braine, the Soule with zeale to fill,
Draw, Christians, neere: and view the Stable-Cratch
Where lay the Virgins Son; Draw neere, dispatch,
And humbly greet this Heav'ns & Earths umpeere,
Whose Joyfull Feast good Christians every yeere
Do solemnely renew for twelve Dayes space,
Till that bright Starre ends at his Native place.
Wisemen they were, who did this Light partake
Led by that Flame, which through the Prophets spake.
Had we their Star, or Iacobs Staffe for Guide,
Diviner Dreames our Fancies would betide.
We might then hope with safety and with Ease
To passe the Spanish Straights and Mid-land Seas
In spite of Moorish Pirates, or Algiere,
And without feare of Turkes to domineere,
Till we arriv'd at last on Joppaes Strand,
And so from thence survey that Holy Land,
Where dwelt sometime a Shepheard Royaliz'd,
Out of whose Ligne Our Saviour Humaniz'd,
The second Adam, our soules Shepheard came
As well from God as from Just Abraham.
But how cam'st thou, quoth Zeale, to found out Truth
[Page 46] In tuned forme? a worke for Joviall Youth?
No humane skill can ancient yeares exchange:
From whence then spring these Tunes? these mo­tions strange
In thee, whose Beard bewrayes that Melancholy
Strives to supplant the sanguine humour wholy?
He that inspir'd poore Fishermen to rowle
Deep Mysticks with New Tongues, and to enrowle
For after-times his Gifts on them conferr'd,
Hath now fresh Heat into my veines transferr'd:
To scare the Proud, to cure the crazed Foole,
Like that which sometimes stirr'd Bethesdaes poole.
He guided me to Bethlem, Nazareth,
To Jordan, Salem, and Gennes [...]reth.
Whence by Christs Birth, Deeds, Crosse, and rising up
From death to Life, we cheere up Soules that droop
For there is no distemper, nor disease,
But if we fixe on Christ, we shall find ease.
Christ paid the Price for our infirmities,
Christ onely is the New mans Sacrifice.
To honour Him, with Soule-rapt Extasie
God breath'd in me sweet-working Poes [...]e.
Slight not then, Readers, my conceites, but heare
With spungy eares what I deliver here.
God grant that these work more sung of his Sonne
Then all my former workes; and I have done.
[Page 47] Old things are done; we must be borne anew
Rise, Libertine, and Christ his Birth renew.
Rise up, thou lazy Soule, thou pampred Sot,
Tis neere Sun-set; leave we this sensuall Cot
For Castawayes, who spend their time in pleasure,
And cannot in a yeare find one dayes leasure
To meditate upon Christ crucifyed,
With humble thoughts and vessels sanctifyed;
Nor on Christs Birth, how that his Incarnation
Availes us more than Adams first Creation
O why, came he into the world a stranger?
And would be borne in a poore homely Manger?
Why did the Lord of Lords himselfe abase
To take on him our faults? but to give place
To Justice, which equality requir'd?
Which to shame Pride harmoniously desir'd?
Gods Righteous Zeale did satisfaction aske,
But Man could not performe so great a taske
The infinite high Wisdome was offended,
And for a price as infinite intended.
The whole world shooke; the Elements did warre;
The Planets, starres, and humours fell to jarre;
All chang'd their former course; The Sun lookt pale;
Fiends into Hell were like Mankind to hale.
There were but two: and they from goodnesse fell;
How could their Race then be but slaves to Hell?
Soft, hasty wit: I saw the New man comming
[Page 48]Just at their Fall to curbe the Devils cunning
I saw their Griefe, their Penitence and Crosse;
I saw Gods Grace Conditionall after Losse;
I saw Gods Seale of Pardon for their Sinnes,
When their bare Limbs he cloth'd with Coates of Skinnes,
For when our Parents sinn'd they were asham'd,
Sh [...]me wrought remorse. Then Christ Gods Mercy claim'd;
The second of the Glorious Trinity
Tooke pitty on Mans losse of unity;
The Word, that spake when Light and Life began,
Claim'd share of Grace for his Reformed Man.
As a Just Sire and his Mild wife do treat,
How their lewd Child they might reclaim, or beat▪
So Justice did, and Gra [...]e expostulate,
What should become of Adam and his Mate:
Justice alleadg'd their voluntary Fall,
But Grace oppos'd the Serpents Charmes and Gall▪
The One protested Death, but the kinde Other
Sought with Gods Love the sting of Sinne to smo­ther.
The One did Man a Turne-coat Tra [...]tour name,
The Other on his Frailty layd the blame.
The One Mans wicked Thoughts insisted on,
The Other Mans Repentance stood upon.
Justice strict Law, but Grace against Laws Scourg [...]
Gods Court of Conscience did most strongly urge,
And sweetly pray'd her Sister not to ranke
[Page 49] Mankind with Fiends for One, though mortall Prank.
This Matter then of mighty consequence
Betwixt them Both yet standing in suspence,
With various Pleas concerning our Salvation,
Or in Hells Flames our finall Reprobation:
The Virgins two did mutually agree
To compromit the same to Gods De [...]ree;
On which Suspence these Glorious Attributes
With Zeale and Love concluded their Disputes.
Th' Almighty then consulted not with any
Of Angels Ranke, though there he had full many,
Not for their Zeale with Seraphins approv'd,
Nor Cherubins, though them he dearely lov'd,
(They Spirits were but of a Creatures mould.)
Then mystickly the Father did unfold
The Matter to his Sonne and Holy Ghost,
Gods Honour sav'd, how Man might not be lost,
Nor left depriv'd of Light and Favour who [...]ly,
Like those proud Angels darkned for their Folly.
There was no way to make Legitimate
Mans Bastard slips, nor to repaire our state
With Faiths Free-will, Divine, and absolute,
Of whose essentiall Forme Some now dispute;
There was no way for Adam, nor his Seed,
Nor Nature left to do this Glorious Deed,
Since that the vapour of the Dragons Gall
Had fouly blackt their Gifts Organicall;
[Page 50]There was no way this worke to bring to passe
But by Regeneration to deface
The sting of sinne, and by a New-made Creature
Borne of the Spirit and of Humane Nature
To do Gods will, which Adam fail'd to doe,
One that could live here poore, and patient too
Voyd of s [...]nne spleene, and thoughts deformitie [...]
Voyd of all guile, and lustfull vanities;
One that could fixe his Faith on God alone
Of Power earth with Heaven to attone;
One that could breake the Devils combinations,
One that could brook the triall of Temptations▪
One who mankind was able to renue;
And with New gifts their nature to endue;
Yea, such a one, that could endure the rod
Of his, for Sinnes of men displeased God;
And that partaking of Divinity
Could with the Head unite Humanity;
And lastly One, that able was to tread
Downe s [...]nnes delight, the wily Serpents Head
This Rares [...] One the Trinity did see
Could not among Mens Race, nor Angels be
(For the brightest Angels unfaithfull prov'd,
And the best men were bad, though well belov'd
To satisfy Gods wrath there needed then
A Higher power for the Sinnes of men
To sacrifice before their full attonement.
No Blood of Be [...]sts could make this reconcilement▪
[Page 51]No Prayers made to Angels, Starres, nor Saints;
No Purging Flames could stint sad Soules com­plaintes;
No Dove-like Sighes, nor Cataract of Teares,
No Fasts, nor Hermits Garbs could ease their fears;
Not Incense, not the blood of all the World,
Nor all their merits yet together hurld;
But blood of Man that never had offended,
Of a New-man downe from Above descended,
Of a New Mould endowed with Free will,
Which Adam lost, with power to barre all ill
Who taking on himselfe all mens transgressions
Would dy that death, which by their owne con­fessions
They had deserv'd, and by that meanes t'asswage
Gods Justice, and supplant the devils rage.
The Fathers Word then, and his bosome Sonne,
By whom, & for whose sake all things were done
Consented to be borne of Humane flesh
With dowries meet the fainting to refresh,
Whereby their eyes might see his reall light,
Though Infinite, yet not to hurt their sight:
Gods owne true Heire, the light and Spring of Life,
Did willingly assume to end all strife,
To bound himselfe, although ubiquity,
To Calendar in Time Eternity.
Christ undertooke a new to represent
[Page 52] The second Adams Part, to which Intent,
And to redeeme us from his Fathers Doome,
He our fraile flesh tooke in a Virgins wombe,
For Nine Moneths space shut up in narrow place,
Whose strength no place can hold, no Time, nor space.
Almighty God, his Promise to make good
To his adopted Saints of Adams Brood,
That One of Evaes Seed in time to come,
Should at the last the Serpent overcome,
And triumph by his Death on Hellish Sinnes
As Sampson did on Dagons Philistines,
Had moved Joseph one of Davids House
To take the Virgin Mary for his Spouse,
Both knowne to be of Zorobabels Race,
Which branch'd from Davids Root hold up to grace
Their Pedegree, though they were clouded then
Through poverty. Whereby appeares to men
How much to Lawfull meanes Gods Purenesse tends
Whilst thus by Wedlocks veile He shrouds his Ends;
How Maries lowly minde by Grace Divine
For her Babes worth did Evaes pride decline:
But leaves the Rich with Mammons Pitch defil'd.
For She was Poore, and He a Carpenter,
Yet God did them before Great Folkes preferre,
A Slighted Paire, his two-fold Instrument,
[Page 53]To bring Christs Birth to full accomplishment.
Now Sixe Moneths came, since Grave Elizabeth
Of John conceiv'd: And then to Nazareth
God sent againe the Angel Gabriel
Glad Tidings of much wonder to foretell,
That there the Blessed Virgin should with Child
Conceive, not by the Male, but by the Mild
And Gentle Sparks breath'd from the Holy Ghost;
And that likewise in Judaes Hilly Coast
Elizabeth her Cosen then was blest,
Though Old and barren, with an Embrion Guest,
Who born should roome make for the highest King,
As his Dumbe Sire Tong-loos'd would shortly sing.
This Signe the Angell added to Confirme
The Maidens Faith, and make his Message firme,
For Malachy had prophesied, that John
E [...]ias-like should preach ere Christ came on.
The Angell gone: in hast the Virgin-Saint
Went with these newes her Cousen to acquaint,
At whose Approach the Sixe months Embryon sprung,
And she a Psalme God Magnifying sung.
I need not, since Old Wives of it can prate,
The Angels Ave Mary here relate.
His words to her were Newes Miraculous,
But wrest for vowes they prove Idolatrous,
When mumbling on fine Beades, like Parrats Cha [...],
[Page 54]They beg in a strange tongue they know not what.
Yet by the New-mans leave we paraphraze,
And paint her Dowries forth in modest phraze,
Not Supp [...]iant wise to court Imagery,
But to renew, like Saints, her memory,
All haile to thee, O Mary full of Grace,
Happy be they, who see thy Virgins face
Among the Angels Legions rais'd on high,
And there advanc'd for thy Humility;
Which didst Christ by the Holy Ghost conceive,
As Clay Gods stamp did by his Word receive.
Blest be thy Name, O Mayd, Gods Spouse, & Mother.
Which broughtst a Sonne, our Saviour, and our Brother,
Such Greetings thou didst from the Angell merit
Before thou knew'st Conception by the Spirit,
Whereby thou didst Manoahs Wife excell,
Though Sampsons birth an Angell did foretell
But why seeke I to overcloud thy Praise
With these poore lines, lame hobling sorry Laies?
To pray to thee would derogation be
To his high worth, who saved thee and me
(For not the Woman, but the Womans Seed
Did Satan foile, and ransome Adams Deed)
To praise thee more then thy deare Son in Bookes,
That were to racke thy praise on Tenter-hookes,
As if God thee a goddesse did install,
[Page 55]Conceiv'd without sinnes sting Originall.
In Heav'n thou shin'st no more to be molested
With Sinners songs to superstition wrested;
Where leaving thee Gods Treasures to contemple
I greet on Earth thy Infants former Temple,
Concluding thee of Female kind the best
The mother of my Saviour, ever Blest,
The Type of that true Church, in which we thrive,
And therefore Blest in the Superlative.
But when that Joseph knew his Bride with Child
By him untoucht, he thought he was beguil'd
In his late choyce, and therefore privately,
Like a Just man, most loath her publiquely
To shame, by letting all their Neighbours know
Her fault suppos'd with Indignations Brow,
He purposed the matter to protract,
Or to give up the Note of the Contract.
He studyed how this new Affinity,
He might shake off, and shun her company.
One while he thought to pocket up the Fraud,
Yet fear'd to be to his owne house a Baud.
Love, Griefe, & Shame perplext him with remorce;
It griev'd his heart to sue out a divorce:
He pittyed her, yet never more intended
To dwell with her: but while he so contended
With netled Cares, behold an Angells voice
Thus in a dreame chang'd all his cares to joyes:
[Page 56]Be not affraid, O Joseph Davids Sonne,
To take thy Spouse. In her the Worke begun
Proceeds from none but God. The Mayde is not
By Man defil'd, but is with Child begot
By Gods owne Breath, whi [...]h over-shadow'd her;
He to her wombe did his sweet Rayes transfer,
For which above all women she is blest,
And of that Sexe for ever ranked Best.
That Sonne, which she brings forth, shall called be
Jesus, that is, a Saviour, because He
Shall many save, and from Damnation free,
Which they deserved had by Adams Tree;
Both God and Man, Prince, Priest, Emanuel,
Hee shall redeeme men from the Bonds of Hell.
When Joseph had awakt, he plainly knew
It was Gods Will, and for a Vision true
Acknowledging the same, her hallowed Wombe
He honour'd as Gods Seat, and tooke her home;
And during Life, as a true Saint became,
He liv'd with her without reproach or blame.
O Happy Saint, a Foster-Sire become
To Him, whose Sentence shall all creatures doome!
Who God and Man, God by the Fathers Side,
Man by the Mothers, through the Earth did glide!
Thrice Blest is He, who with the Mornings L [...]ke
Doth Christ his Birth, his Life, and Passion marke;
And, ere the Sable veile invites the Braine
[Page 57]To slumbring Rest, repeates his Part againe:
Christ is our New-mans Crowne, the Womans Seed,
Gods Word, Mens Light, who su'd for men unfeed,
Who trod on Satans Head, on Death Sinnes Hire,
Sinaies Thund'rer, who spake in Flames of Fire,
Jacobs Shiloh, Moses his Prophet Great,
Of Whom did David and Gods Prophets treat,
Daniels Messias, Esayes Emanuel,
The Virgins Sonne, who strangely conquer'd Hell
By Lowlinesse, and scorne of worldly Fame;
Yeelding himselfe a Spectacle of Shame
Vpon the Crosse with Nailes tormenting woes
For most unthankefull Men, his mortall Foes.
To this High Priest, Melchisedech of Peace,
Stick, Christians, fast: and let home Quarrells cease;
For None get in through heavens narrow Gate
But Men of Faith in Christ Regenerate,
Men vow'd to lead like Him a Godly Life,
Men that would leave Wealth, Honors, Pleasures, Wife,
Rather then they would blurre Gods tendred Grace,
Detract from Christ, or his poore Saints disgrace.
With this Beliefe, and Mysteries of Old
Well Catechiz'd, like Saints, Come on, behold,
And kisse Gods Sonne, keeping th [...] Evangelles Path,
Lest Jealous He consume you in his Wrath.
Faiths Curtain is remov'd, the Cloudy Barre,
View then the Root of Jesse, our Mornings Starre.
[Page 58]About the end of Jacobs Prophesie,
That out of Judaes Land their Po [...]icy
And th'Execution of their Lawes Decree,
Till Shiloh came, should not extinguisht be,
Nor that untill he came Time should deface,
As with a Floud, the Lot of Judaes Race:
Heav'ns true Shiloh, Gods great Embassadour
Arriv'd on Earth, & yet could scarce have harbour
Although the Jewes did see their Scepter gone
Under proud Aliens, and their Lawes undone
Except a shew of Policy with staine,
Which likewise ended in Vespasians Raigne:
Yet few observ'd Old Jacobs testament,
Thinking that he and all the Prophets meant
A Temporall Prince by him that was to come,
Who as they dream'd, a David might become
With a Camp Royall, and the warlike drum
To Triumph, Conquer, and the world to doome
To free faire Sion, and the Land of Jury
From Caesars yoke, and th' Idu [...]ans fury.
But their Messias, while the Jewes thus raved,
Of Judaes Tribe descended, and from David,
Typ'd in that Kings dream't stone hewne without hand,
Begot without the Male, in Jewry Land,
Was borne at Bethlem, lodg'd among the Beasts.
(Such pitty Innes shew to distressed Guests)
Soone as th'Autumnall season of the yeare
[Page 59]Had Ballanced the two-fold Hemisphere,
The Temples Porch of Romes Bi [...]ronted Saint
Shut up, whom they the God of Peace did paint:
Augustus, then the Roman Emperour,
When he had swayd by his Triumphant pow'r
The Land of Egipt, Syria, Palestine,
And what did next the Parthian state confine,
And more then forty yeares the Soveraignty
Had held, grew bold upon their Lenity,
Their vassalage, long Peace, and dandling rest,
Thence he resolv'd to hoord into his Chest
Much Easterne Gold, as he had oft before
Vext them with Rates, and with his Cohorts more
About that Time, when Annuall Contributions,
Or Subsidies by Senates Constitutions
Were pay'd unto the Officialls of the Prince
For Legions Hire by the Subjected Province,
Which was September by Romes Audit Booke,
And then belike they for this Toll did Looke,
Unlesse they for this New, and speciall Rate
Prolong'd the time, untill Decembers date,
As Statesmen to prevent tumultuous Arme [...],
In Winter use to taxe repining swarmes,
To this effect did Caesar Writs direct
To Syriaes Pre [...]our, that he should collect
This Rate: And sent withall a Proclamation
With these Contents, on paine of Confiscation
Of goods and states, and for their sloth Rebukes,
[Page 60]That all the Kings, and Tributary Dukes
Should cause Romes Easterne Vassalls to resort
To their Birth Place of the Espoused Sort
To pay a Rate, by Name, the Head, or Poll,
And this by Booke the Pretour to inroll.
This strict Edict made all Men hast away
Into their Native Soile, the Taxe to pay.
Among the rest went Joseph to be taxt
With his true Virgin Bride, by that time waxt
Ready to Child of Israels fairest Hope,
The Womans Seed which promis'd was to cope
With Carnall Sinne, and to smite Lucifer,
So to save them, who lost in Adam were;
Her Time was come, and then the blessed Spouse
With Joseph tooke in hast that homely House,
For wa [...]t of other lodging at the Inne,
Which being full would not let poore Folkes in.
Christ in the World this Entertainement had,
And who are truly his shall finde as bad
Among his Foes, unlesse they bring them Gold,
Or Projects their Ambition to uphold;
Vnlesse they come in Ruffling Vestiments
They are but held poore Snakes, or Innocents;
Or if such crave Reliefe, they with a P—
Will packe them to the Bead [...]e, or the Stockes.
What Patron now will his poore Members foster?
Few but for Gaine. No Coine, no Pater noster.
[Page 61]"The Crosse is Christians Badge, or Poverty,
"The Antichristians Marke is Dignity
"With Pride, and Wealth. Lord, temper our va­garies,
"When thee we doe neglect, with Contraries.
Though few then knew the Lord of Heaven & Earth,
Nor heeded much the Cause of his poore Birth,
At which, although no Ladyes of Renowne
Did meet of Salems, or of Bethlems Towne,
Nor giddy Gossips trig'd to Gurmandize,
To cheate the Time with idle Chat, or Lies,
Yet let our Inward man, his Swathes behold,
And this Childs Swathes the Scriptures shall unfold.
Here they shall find another Hercules
Than that which Poets faigne, to crush in lesse
Than a Thoughts while two Snakes from Juno sent
To Murther him within his Cradle pent.
Here they shall find a Theame beyond all Theames
Truth wrapt in Flesh, to thratle Tales & Dreames.
Here they shall find despis'd by worldly Men
Saints basely layd, as in a Dungeon Den.
Here they shall finde Gods Babe in poorest Bed,
Though borne to tread upon the Serpents Head.
Yet though Dull Men were silent in his Praise,
The holy Angels with Harmonious Layes,
And shouts of Joy, divulg'd his Horoscope;
They sung of his sweet Grace, and future hope;
They chanted out Gods Glorious Name with Mirth,
[Page 62] Good Will, and Peace to men through Christ his Birth;
For at this Time, when All One Colour wore,
Whilst Epicures out-slept their Dainties store,
Some Shepheards watch't their Flockes neere Beth­lems Towne,
To whom the Angels made these Tidings known.
For Drowzy Drones here is Authenticke warning:
Some Mysteries disclosed for their Learning;
"The first Man in the Spring was form'd of Earth;
"Of God and man in Autumne Christ his Birth
Began, and with more Light rose from the East,
But now it sets in Stormy Winter West.
Some thinke Christs-Tide false beares Decembers Date,
Because the Taxe was by the Romane State
Exacted in September, as they prate:
And S. Johns Birth beares March for antedate,
Abiaes Course cast up for Zachary:
Yet this supposed true, to shunne their Cry,
I say, what if the Fiery Comforter
(Christs Deputy, the Churches wise Supporter)
Indifferently Dispenc'd with this Exchange?
That with S. Mathewes Memory we change
The same, and with S. Michaels Jubilee?
Whereof the first records Christs Pedegree,
And Birth, as th'other serves to represent
His Churches State, through Civill Discord rent?
[Page 63]Or else because the World shrunke to old Age,
This changed Feast calmes Melancholies rage,
To comfort us amidst our Stormes, and Snowes,
When to the Root the Sap fall from the Boughes?
Perhaps rude Goates Coucht under Capricorne
Now Good Men tame, or Tares divide from Corne,
New Hearts presenting, with the New yeares Sunne
For Incense, Gold, and Myrrh unto Gods Sonne,
Who at this Feast tooke Flesh and Circumcision,
Whereto his Starre led Wisemen in Procession,
Proclaiming him in Salem, King of Jewes,
For all fierce Herods craft vext with the Newes:
That Israels Prince, Whose Spring of Pedegree
Eternall was, in Bethlem borne should be;
His Craft availd him not, for they by God
Were the same way home to Returne forbod,
And though in stead of Christ poore Babes he slew,
He did by death his Deed soone after rue.
But why came they to Christ with Gold & Store
Of precioue Gummes, who might from Heav'n have more?
Was it to shew, that Christ our Royall Head,
High Priest, and Judge Commands the Quick and Dead
By vertue of his God-heads Triple Mace
Of Justice, Mercy, and Inspiring Grace?
[Page 64]Vniting Man to Gods Conformity
[...]y these three Gifts, Types of the Trinity?
A Priest to Mediate, Preach, and Sacrifice:
A King to Raigne, a Judge to Punish vice?
"And that more oft than Incense, Myrrh or Gold,
"God might with Faith perfumed Hearts behold?
Or did these Sages of their owne accord
Present such Gifts, as welcome to the Lord?
Or which is likely, did Gods Spirit move
Those holy Pilgrims to expresse his Love
And Care for his Beloved in Distresse?
Who at that sudden pinch were Money-lesse?
That with such needfull Meanes they might supply
Their wants, when he forewarned them to fly
To Egypt from the Tyrants bloody sword,
Till their Returne from Exile by his Word?
When they that sought the Infants Life were dead,
And Herods Sonne Installed in his stead?
This Passage sure beleeve it as your Creed,
"God never failes the New Man in his Need;
But gives his Angels charge, as for his Sonne,
That he dash not his Foot against a Stone.
But missing Christ, why were poore Infants slaine?
"That for the Head the Members suffer paine:
"And that their Types as Blazing Stars display:
[Page 65]Who Christians slay, they Christ himselfe wou [...]d slay.
And why blest He a Virgin with his Birth?
And made her first Christs Temple here on Earth,
That was no Lady Crown'd with worldly Honor?
Nor with Rich glaring Robes tooke State upon her?
And why grac'd he poore Shepheards with these Newes?
Not full-fed Peeres, Princes, nor wealthy Jewes;
Not Rabbies, Popes, nor Lordings of the Church,
Who lookt for Christ, ye [...] liv'd upon the Lurch?
Let Dogmatists resolve these Doubts, that know
Why Thunder smites high Trees, & spares the Low.
"Gods Grace, & Pride, can never brooke each other,
"Nor dwells Humility, and Pomp together:
The Former doth our Breach with Heaven repaire,
The Latter whilst it swells, bursts into Aire:
For there, some play with Aiery Fancies Elves,
Till Hell devowrs the Tempters, and themselves.
Gods Church seemes poore to Carnall Libertines:
"In Heavens she sups, though hard on Earth she dines,
"God chose the weakest to confound the Wise,
"That Man with Christ by simple means migh [...] rise,
Embracing more his Crib for Soules behoofe
Than Satan [...] Crowne in this our world of proofe:
"Yet God allowes, to shun an Anarchy,
"For Orders sake a kinde of Hierarchy,
[Page 66]"With Pastours Pow'r in every Christian State,
"To Bind, or Loose, or Excommunicate;
"To heale the sickly, and to bath his Flocke
"With Waters streaming from the Living Rocke,
"More fishing for Mens Soules then Carnall Preyes,
"More glorying in the Crosse than worldly swayes:
"Whom Christ bids Feed, and not like Wolves to bite us:
"Whom Christ bids Watch, as Paul exhorted Titus.
Yet, Little Flocke, that bleat'st through Tyrants Rage,
Grudge not, there shortly comes a Newer Age.
He that reveng'd on Herod and his House
The Blood of Bethlems Babes, will right his Spouse.
The Blood late spilt in our West Christian Lands
God will require at Gogs and Magogs hands:
God will his Servants wrongs ease, or conclude,
Whom Tyrants snar'd in Aegypts Servitude.
God will revenge their Cause, Complaints, and Teares,
Whom our Make-bates by Tricks set by the Eares.
"No Motion, Plea, Decree, nor false Demurre
"Of Jarring Braines can Heavens Sentence blurre,
For with the Beast and Lords that tooke his part,
They shall in T [...]phets Flames for ever smart;
The Members for their Plots, Bribes, & Misdeeds,
Their Perking Heads for iustifying their Deeds,
[Page 67]For suffering Elies Sonnes on Saints to prey,
For sparing Agags, whom the Lord bids slay.
Be patient then, Yee Servants of the Lord,
Poore Nabaoths, who feare the slaughtring Sword:
The Sunne will shine after some Thunderclaps,
New Heavens Joyes will smoother all Missehaps;
And God will plague those Lords, who make a Prey
Of Christians Goods, nay worse, who Christians flay.
Let none, that holds of Faith the smallest Graine,
Despaire, but that with cheerefull minde againe,
Though girt with Flames, as the three Children were,
He may without Annoy, or Servile Feare
Of the Soules Guilt escape from his Distresse,
If he beleeves that Gods bright Word tooke Flesh
And di'd for him, he cannot doe amisse.
"Gods Grace appeares in dangers most extreme
"Betwixt the Bridge and the devouring streame;
Nay, plunged in the Deepe ore Head and Eares,
God may reprieve, or rid him of his Feares,
Transplanting him to that Eternall Rest,
Where griping Griefe shall never him molest,
As the good Thiefe, whom they did Crucifie
With Christ and others sav'd can testifie.
"Let this suffice: None ever miss'd Reliefe;
"Who fixt on Christ alone his Hearts Beliefe.
From hence poore Josephs, though in Closest ward,
[Page 68]May looke for Liberty with Angels Guard.
From hence good Davids, though in Banishment,
May hope for Calmer Dayes, and some Content.
From hence Gods Prophets may in their distresse,
Like Jeremy and Paul, expect Redresse.
From hence may Saints, though in their Tents beset
By Millions of proud Foes, deliverance get.
He that warn'd Joseph with the Babe to fly
From Herods Sword to Egypt, will supply
Their wants, and ayd them in their Pilgrimage
Against insulting Foes and Satans Rage.
And though they feele the Plague, Saints may re­spire,
Casting, like Paul, the Viper in the Fire.
Or were their Eyes drawne out, their Noses slit,
Or all their Members rackt, they may hope yet
With Inward Joyes to be more ravished,
Than if unmaim'd their Bodyes flourished.
Nay, were they flay'd for crossing Hells Decrees,
Like the sev'n Brethren in the Maccabees,
They shall o'recome those Furies Insurrection,
And joy like Job, to see the Resurrection;
For they well know that their Redeemer lives,
And for that Martyrs Sight dare pawne their lives,
Stevens Sight who here on Earth entraunc't
Saw Jesus first on Gods Right hand advanc't,
[Page 69]Which with his stoning seal'd confirmes our Creed,
"That Martyrs Blood became the Churches Seed;
"And that al those, who would see Christ in glory,
"Must beare his Markes, & heed his Passions story.
In Spirit where saw John th' Evangelist
The Throned Lambe but in his Banisht List?
In Pathmos, where he saw by Revelation,
The Churches State, and Babells Fornication?
To feele Remorse, some feede their Ravishments
With Herods Sword unsheath'd on Innocents,
"That bloody Sword, wherewith the Eagles Peeres
"Did persecute neere for Three hundred yeeres
"The Christians Race; And which lay then su­spended,
"Till Satan it to Babells Whore Commended,
"As witnessed old Chaucers Pellican
"Against the Griffon, and his Vatican;
"Which Berengarius long before discry'd,
"Which the Waldenses and Albigians try'd;
"And which as yet our Mother Christendome,
"Like Rachel, feeles in her seeds Martyrdoome.
To shew Faiths Tree more pregnant by the Fruite,
Some Lazars feed, some with Apparell suite.
One while they Chaunt the New Mans Sacrifice,
And how the Lambe un [...]eal'd hid Mysteries.
Another while they Co [...]t these Festivals,
[Page 70]With Sions Songs, Or Bethlems Pastoralls;
Yet so, that whil'st they kisse the Babes Memoriall,
The Crosse be not forgot, nor F [...]ery Tryall.
Some hold it Joy, and great Felicity,
To keepe for Saints Kind Hospitality
No Wassailes Cup, nor Cates variety
Doth relish them, like Good Society.
The Reason is, God gave them their Request,
That Lady Conscience be their Dayly Guest;
Dame Prudence doth the Household charge o're­looke,
Her Cousen Thrift is Cater, Care the Cooke,
Sobriety the Butler; Will the Page,
And Manners set in comelie Equipage
The Pots and Messes full, where Zeale sayes Grace,
And honest Love points every one his Place:
Content with Wellcome carves; then Doctour Diet,
Old Merry man, and the Peace maker Quiet
By stemme recite what morall Tales conduce
To cheere the Heart for Soules or Bodyes use.
"Thrice blest are they, who passe the Time away
"With them, be it in Talke, at Boord, or Play:
"For living so, like Angells, with the wise,
"Their Mansion seemes a Second Paradise,
"With safer Fate than Palaces of State,
"Than Balthazars with all their gods of Plate.
Others steale Houres from the Immortall Part
With Games and Gambolls to delude the Heart,
[Page 71]Or which is worse, with Bacchanalian Potting,
And surfeiting, oft to their Bodyes rotting,
Which wanton Jiggs more oft accompany
Then Sacred Hymnes, with Soule-rapt Harmony.
"Mirth fits the Time, so doth good Cheere and wine,
"But the excesse bewrayes a Libertine,
That never quakes at the rich gluttons Fate,
Nor ever strives to be Regenerate.
Drowne Hoary Cares with Healthes, & hang up sorrow,
For who will care, what may befall the Morrow?
Let Papists fast, let Puritans goe whistle:
They are but Turkes, who against Wine will Bristle:
No sullen Stoick, no crabbed Criticke Foole
Shall tast the sweets of Aristippus Schoole:
Such Revells keepe our Roring Epicures,
Whilst they protract the New Mans wholsome Cures.
But no such Course shall my new Sparkling Breast
Conceive to Counterpoize my Saviours Feast.
I love his Cratch, & feare his Judgements Thunder,
Both which warne me to slight a nine Dayes won­der,
For Pampred Sin can hardly be kept under,
Except vaine things from the Divine we sunder;
"Who will be puft with windy Lushious Fare,
"And leave the Soule halfe starv'd in Satans Snare?
"How dare they spend in Drinke, like Franticke Elves,
"Thrice more than serves men abler than them­selves?
[Page 72]"Or wast in Smoke, at Games, or such Abuses
"The meanes left them for more convenient Uses?
When as such Deeds stinke in our Makers sight,
And waigh'd, they prove with in his Ballance Light?
How dare our Sots on Carnall Sense rely
When as they know, that they at last must Dye?
And after Death feele Hellish paine for ever
With Rackes & Flames worse than a Bedlem Fea­ver?
Where Dives fail'd to have with Tortures wrung
One waters Drop, to coole his scorched Tongue?
But why touch I licentious Saturnalls?
Christian I am, and Christ his Festivalls
I humbly with new Raptures celebrate,
From whence I bar the Hare-brain'd Reprobate,
Whose Lampes may dimme our Altars of Devotion,
Therefore I leave them to their Frantick Motion,
And to be fatned for those Mysticke Fowles,
Which at Gods Feast shall snatch their Flesh and Soules.
Yet now, because at Newyeares-tide they say,
They will turne New, I greet them on that Day,
Not with Rich Plate, nor Bowls of Liqour'd Sin,
But Gifts fetch't from the Spirits Magazin,
Not with Delights of Putrif [...]actions Kind,
But which preserves to fortifie the Mind.
Doth Flesh and Bloud, distrust what I have written?
[Page 73]Let Flesh and Blood be circumciz'd or Smitten;
Let the Old Man with will uncircumciz'd
Be puncht, or else with quickning fire Baptiz'd.
So that our Thoughts be New, Christ represented
In sacred Swathes, and with New vowes presented,
I weigh fierce Herods Threats no more than chips,
And lesse I prize his Plot, his Sword, or whips.
For with the Magies rapt, I more behold
Gods Babe in Manger layd than Thrones of Gold.
O would I had beene living in those dayes,
To feede mine eyes with that New Comets Rayes,
Which led those wise Arabians from the East
To see him, whom I glaunce at in the West!
But whither hath my zeale transported me,
At this great Feast, our Wimers Iubilee?
To place poore dust and Ashes neere Divine
Conceits, like Romane Coleworts by the Vine?
Yet not so great is the Antipathy,
But that true Saints may feele some Sympathy
Betwixt the Members and their Generall,
Sith a mild Sence will make them Musicall.
Indeed sweet Love, and union helpe to hide,
Like Masticks velvet, what they finde too wide
A Blemish, or a Scarre on Faces foule,
"But causelesse Nips can never harme the Soule.
Then, let not worldly wits our New Man Scorne,
[Page 74]Though vile he seeme, or of the Hope forlorne,
For he, that outwardly lookes vilified,
May passe yet for a Creature Justified,
Whil'st that he beares the Cribbe, where Christ was borne
In mind, with his Red Crosse, and Crowne of Thorne.
Be meeke therefore ye States and people all,
All from the Kings Bench to the Coblers Awle:
Thanke God for them, whom for your Good he sends,
And ponder that which to your safety tends.
"Repent ye of your Sinnes, depend on Grace,
"That so Christs merits may your sinnes deface.
"Thinke Daily on the New Mans Crucifixe;
"And Christ his Cratch in your Remembrance fixe.
"Pray oft against lewd Francies Provocation;
"And let your Deeds to Love have more relation.
"Compare our yeares from Christ his Incarnation
"With the Floods Time from Adams first Creation,
"And one Thousand sixe Hundred fifty sixe
"May to the World a Fatall Period fixe;
In Desolation to all hardned Hearts,
In Dissolution of our Earthly Parts,
If all the Signes foretold by Daniel, Christ,
Paul and S. John, fall out with Antichrist;
True Signes indeede, which Faith and Love with­draw
By Warres, Pride, Schismes, and Wiles in winding Law;
[Page 75]"Besides this Signe: that Gods two Prophets lay
Martyr'd, ere Babel could her charmes display.
And who can tell, but when th' Electors fayle
Romes Empire sets? and Doomes Day shall prevaile?
"That Empire, which began when Christ was borne,
"Ere he returnes, shall set and be forlorne?
"Since that which barr'd in Paules time his Re­vealing,
Lies waste: what bootes the Antichrists Concealing?
Now whilst we looke for Times extreamest Date,
And Christ his Comming, either soone or late,
Let us salute his Cratch, his Birth admire,
And pay our vowes to him wiih zealous fire.
Great Abraham rejoyc'd to see his Dayes,
When rapt to Paradise, he felt his Rayes.
So did that Baptist Babe in Mothers Wombe
Spring by Instinct with Joy, to heare him come
Conceiv'd in Flesh of that Immortall Flame,
Which promis'd was Sinne, Death and Hell to shame.
So Angells sung of him Propheticke Layes:
So Simeon sung with Anna songs in praise
Of Bethlems Babe, both ravisht at his sight,
(When Mary cloz'd her due Mosaicall Rite,)
Acknowledging the true Messias Borne
Of Evahes seed to save the Soule forlorne.
[Page 76]And so shall we in minde feele Musick rare,
If we muse on our New Mans Birth with care;
"I meane, that Sparke, which at our Baptisme rose
"Within our Hearts three Monsters to oppose.
Then freely we his Gospell may imbrace,
And sing this Lullaby with measur'd pace:
The Holy Ghost, to save fraile Adams Race,
Breath'd a sweet Flame in Mary full of Grace.
This Flame infus'd in Flesh, both Man and God,
We greet and cloze his Birth with Simeons Ode:
Thy Birth and Name doe saving Health betide,
O Maide-borne Man, God by the Fathers side.
Thou art the Gentiles Light, Emanuel;
The Glory, Head, and Crowne of Israel:
Whose Glimpse we having seene in sacred Trance,
Lord, now in Peace us to that Light advance:
That Light, which thou conceived'st in our Flesh
To save Mankind, and Satan to suppresse:
The Light of Soules, thy true essentiall Forme
Of Mary borne, Eves Off-spring to reforme;
Whom with Thee and thy Spirit, three in one,
We honour, praise, and serve, Great God, alone,
Without depending upon Angels, Saints,
Or such whom Baal for Advocates be Saints.

A Hymne in Memory of our Saviours Birth and Incarnation,

ALL yee, that are of Spirit mild,
And long to greete the Virgins Child:
Lay by a while your worldly Cares,
The Outward mans bewitching snares,
And let us now submissive sing
The Cradle-cratch of Heavens King.
Blest be the wombe which Jesus bare;
Blest be his Name, that saves from care
Fraile Adams seed, if they repent
Their time mispent, to Satan lent.
Christs onely Name doth Satan shame,
Then, let us all sound Christ his Fame,
Let every Heart submit to Christ,
For without Christ, none can subsist.
Blest be the Brests, which gave him sucke.
Blest be thy Cratch which hadst the lucke,
O Bethlem, with a Starre to boote,
To spread abroad King Davids roote.
[Page 78]In thee was the Messias borne,
Jewes Shiloh Prince, yet held in scorne,
Because he did not personate
A Royall Babe with open state;
But that he lay in Manger base,
They waigh'd not well the Mysticke Case,
That Mary did Eves want supply,
Our New-man Adams qualify;
How Christ was come to humble Pride,
And by Low Ebbes Flouds to divide:
That Christ at first grew, like a Graft
From Heaven sent, to put downe Craft:
Whence like a shrub, but Cedar now,
The hugest Tree he makes to bow:
And so must we stoope often Low,
Ere we shall like this Cedar grow,
We must embrace his Cribbe and Crosse,
Ere parted be our Gold from Drosse;
We must Cashiere wilde Fancies wags,
Our high Conceits, and Merits brags.
Then Yee, that hope Gods Babe to meet,
Waigh more then Plumes your Peacocks feete.
Sith Christ before a bed of Downe
Preferr'd a Cratch, beate Pleasures downe,
I meane, those snares, which ye shall f [...]nd
To cheat good Time, and mad the mind,
And beare about you more his Markes
[Page 79]Then Carnall Toyes, or Nine dayes sparkes.
Observe what things ye vow'd of late
At your New Birth to shun and hate,
Ere ye presume to kisse this Child,
O yee that are by Nature wild.

The Third Dayes EXERCISE.

The Argument.
The Life, which Christ led in our vale of Teares,
Vntill of Age he grew to Thirty yeares,
How then he was Baptiz'd by Holy John,
And tempted thrice by Satan thereupon.
THough Christ a Child inherent Righ­teousnesse
Originall and Actuall did possesse,
And in his Youth sufficient gifts inhe­rit
To cope with Hell, yet by the Sacred Spirit
He was not led into the Wildernesse,
Till to more yeares he grew of Manlinesse,
That in all points like us, excepting sinne,
[Page 81]He might on Earth his Humane course begin,
"Cloath'd with our f [...]esh, expos'd to scorners gall,
"Temptations, Death, and yet o'recomming all.
"(For never God his children leaves for trials,
"Till he them armes gainst Satans false espials)
Now I review the shadow of his Diall,
Backe to his Swathes, with a short true Memoriall
Of his rare gifts, and Heavenly Qualities,
Which more & more shot forth with properties
Convenient for his greene, and tender Age,
Whil'st here he went his earthly Pilgrimage,
"From his Conception, Birth, and Cradle Blest,
"I doe proclaime of Babes this Babe the Best.
Nature and Grace contended in his Feature,
Till they it form'd a peerelesse lovely Creature,
And what they did (if ought at all) let slip,
His God-head made compleat their workmanship.
O would my Lord now doe the like for This,
This weakeling, which with awfull sense I kisse,
This Embryon, or Conception of my braine,
Christs Portraiture, which I shall draw in vaine,
Except the Spirit of th' Evangelists;
The Holy Flame, which guided to the lists
Of the Triple Combat this Man of men,
Doe purify my style from Blots uncleane,
And my swift Trance, from Superstitious fury,
Whilst I from Wales to Galilee in Jury
[Page 82]Am carryed with a rapid zealous Flame,
To see how Christ a Child, a Man became,
A Man Baptiz'd, as we his Members [...]e,
Tempted by Satan, yet got bravely free.
Though Jesus had escapt the Hunters snare,
Yet Judgement crost the Tyrants jealous Care,
For out of hand, after the Butchery
Of Bethlems Babes deceas'd in Misery
With entrailes scorcht proud Herod, to his Sons
Leaving his State waving in dissentions;
First having caus'd even in deaths agony,
His Eldest Sonne to beare him company;
When three of them stood for their Fathers place,
And each of them would beare a Royall Mace.
With factious sides, to make their challeng good,
These Aliens borne of Edoms-viper-Brood,
Contended for their Sires usurped Throne,
The Rule of Laws from Jewries People gone;
Since Shiloes Birth, Gods messenger of Peace,
The vigour of their Lawes began to cease,
As afterwards by Titus came to passe;
Who did their Laws and Nations state deface;
As likewise when in fierce Domitians raigne
And Trajans, Davids stock were sought and slaine.
But all their claimes appealed unto Rome,
The Brethren stood confind to Caesars doome,
Who by Decree for taming of their fury
[Page 83]Most Politique then Tripartited Jewry,
To Archelaus by style of Ethnarchy
South-jewries Land he gave, the Tetrarchy
Of Galilee and Jordans Land betwixt
The other two he left for portions mixt.
The Brothers broyles thus quieted at last;
When all those stormes were overgone and past,
Joseph advis'd from Heaven with his Bride
Brought backe the Child from Aegipt. But aside
Turn'd (doubting Archelaus the Tyrants Son,
Who then to sway South-judaes Land begun)
To Nazareth Northwards in Galilee;
Where suckled was the Infant Jesus, free
From worldly Broiles, as to a Nazarite
Belong'd, His head unpoll'd by Legall Rite.
There Mary not omitting any mild
Or watchfull care for nursing up her Child,
Directed him now weaned from her breast,
One while to goe, another while to rest,
His Infants time beguil'd wi [...]h Lullabies
With gentle smiles, sweete songs, or soft replies.
She fed him not with Suckets nor Conserves,
But with that meate, wch strengthens tender nerves
"To dyet him for health, was her chiefe Care,
"Not urging him to eate of dainties rare,
But victuals fit for Nature thin and spare:
Butter and Honey were his daintiest fare.
[Page 84]"She knew that Soules in pampred bodies pine,
"That Both corrupt through lushious cheere and Wine.
But no man him with Idolls durst present,
Nor with those sights whose pictures represent
Horn'd Bugges, or Houshold gods, for she her selfe
Could never brooke to see a Labans Elfe:
Woe to those fondling dads, who tempt the soules
And pliant braine of their soft little Fooles
With such Trim trash, the unmarkt Nursery
Of Faithlesse Feares, and blind Idolatry.
She those defects with sacred Care repair'd
Which Mother Eve by Satans fraud impair'd,
Gods Instrument to beare and breed that Child,
Which jarring Earth with Heaven reconcil'd.
And when more yeares came on, she did assay
To teach his tongue a Psalme, or else to Pray;
Whereto his Will became more forward bent
Then Courtly Lads to learne smooth Complement▪
"No Boyes permitted she her house to haunt,
"Such Rakehel Boyes, which us'd to lie and taunt,
Like those rude Impes, which heretofore did yalp,
And call Bald pate Elishaes reverend scalp,
"No Mayd of hers durst sing a wanton song
"Within her eares or his; nor to the Throng
Of Reprobates, those whom she knew defil'd,
Would she from home adventure out her Child.
[Page 85]And if she had (such was his Inclination,)
His inward Lore prevented Education.
There is no doubt but by Infusion He
Had needfull what the Spirit knew to be.
Soone as his Childhoods Stature did encrease,
His mirthfull-fits began soone to decrease;
For without griefe how could that Heavenly spark
Heare men to sweare, like fiends, like curres to bark?
How could he but lament to see them crouch
To Stockes? and yet the Godhead to avouch?
How could he chuse but grieve at their Extortions?
Debates, and spending of their dearest portions?
To see a Brother fight, the Courtier faigne,
The Lawyer lye; and all for cursed gaine?
To see men strive for Place and Soveraignety,
Like fiends for pride who lost their dignity?
To see the Townesman pawne his soule for wealth?
The Husbandman Cornes price to raise by stealth?
Successively there budded every yeare
New Hopes of him, which did his Mother cheare:
His godly talke delighted Josephs heart,
And made him oft his labours lay apart;
Both Joseph and the blessed Virgin much
Astonisht were to heare his Childhood touch
On such profound and Heavenly Mysterie [...]
Concerning Faith and Love, how they arise
[Page 86]In Adams Sonnes? and why they set againe?
Wherefore it stormes and why God sends us raine?
His onely Reading was the Prophets Booke,
He would not once on lying Legends looke,
But on his Fathers Lawes both day and night
He fixt his mind with all his will and might.
While other Lads were aw'd with Tutors curbe,
He serv'd the Lord, that swayes the Heavenly Orbe.
"He never tooke a meale, but still the Lord
"He glorify'd with his Thankes-giving word.
And as himselfe liv'd Innocent and pure
So by his faire ensample from impure
And childish crimes, he many Children drew
To give God praise, as still in yeares he grew.
When Jesus had twelve tedious Winters past,
He travell'd to Jerusalem at last
In company of his supposed Sire
And his deare Mother-maid, in whom the fire
Of zeale then burnt to see, and solemnize
In Abibs month the Legall Sacrifice.
Where when they had beheld the Rites past over
At their great Feast then stil'd, the Lambs Passeover,
These sacred Saints returned homewards bound;
But with the Stuffe when Jesus was not found,
They after search their friends and company
Forsooke, and backe againe most heavily
They hyed fast, and lookt him all about
[Page 87]Among their Kinsfolke every where throughout
The City, till they found Him in the Temple,
Where Saints Gods works accustome to contemple;
And there amidst the Doctors of the Law,
They saw, and heard how Jesus put in awe,
And pos'd Grave Rabbies, whom he out did single
For Questions deepe, that made their eares to tingle
His Arguments their Fallacies did quash,
That they were stroke, as with a Lightning flash.
So faire a square, so just a Symmetry
The Godhead held with his Humanity,
His Actions sure his Godhead did expresse
(Yet in his Flesh we mortall him confesse,)
That to dash Lyes brave Flames he never wanted,
With smiles he pleas'd, and with his frownes he daunted.
His Godhead darted Awe and Majesty,
His Humane Presence shone with Lenity.
They wondred at his words well coucht, so sage,
So well compos'd to put by wrangling rage,
On Scriptures Ground, without Chymeres of Clerkes,
Without Latriaes or Douliaes Quirkes.
Such Doctrine in a Child, such sparklings rare
Amazed them, as late did Bethlems Starre,
Such thoughts confus'd, most sensible of Signes,
Doubting th'effects rack't & perplext their minds
Whilst with the Scribes Christ thus disputing stood
Mary to meet her darling almost proud,
[Page 88]Betwixt Seraphicke Love and Ravishment,
Lay, like the Doctors in Astonishment.
As men rejoyce in a darke Cloudy day
To see the Sunne his suddaine Beames display,
So did they startle at Christs Lightning words
Whilst her soft greetings Mary thus affords:
My loving Sonne, why hast thou stayd behind,
And not as doth thee Natures duty bind,
Return'd with us: Behold, I and thy Father
Have sought thee sad for three dayes space together;
Soone as we found thee missing by the way,
We hither came and sought thee night and Day.
We searcht with carefull thoughts most diligent,
The City where we used to frequent;
With heavy hearts God knows we lookt for thee;
Whom Christ undaunted answer'd grave, and free,
Ist possible that you forget so soone
The favours late, which God for you hath done?
Deare mother, wot you not that I must goe
About my Fathers Businesse, t' undergoe
More travels yet? you know the Prophesies
Of Ancient Seers: you know the Mysteries
Disclosed by the Angell Gabriel,
That I am sent to ransome Soules from Hell,
That I must preach to Spirits thrall'd in Jaile
My Fathers will, which shall o're sinne prevaile.
You know what meanes Heavens word, mens Light, Gods Breath
[Page 89]From Simeon, Anna, and Elizabeth;
And in your selfe the Spirits ravishment
Reveales the cause of my Birth and Discent.
(My Fathers zeale so burnt within my breast
Against these strayes I could not but contest)
Whose Oracles of me and many more
Your true Beleeving heart layes up in store;
Although the same as yet you seeme to smother
You cannot but remember them, good Mother.
These words of his the blessed Virgin waigh'd,
And safe them up within her mind she layd.
Out of the Temple then wtth her he goeth,
And presently they set for Nazareth,
Where Mary found his Will with hers agreeing,
Though Him she held the Authour of her being,
And her sole Head, yet then the Head subjected
Unto the Limbes, and nothing he rejected
To Undergoe in his Minority
For their behoofe and best commodity,
Or murmur'd at, which his deare Mother Maide,
Or Josephs voyce of charge upon him laid:
But as a Sonne, or rather Servant true,
He yeelds them Honour and Obedience due:
What they at home, or else abroad assign'd,
Labour or care in Body or in minde,
As an Apprentice, Carpentary Drudge,
To toyle for them he never once did grudge,
[Page 90]But wrought his Taske and servile Trade uprigh [...]
Not needing checkes, nor frowning oversight.
"Base idlenesse by Nature he abhorr'd,
"Which made him worke, when some as Outlawe [...] roar'd.
For he accounted meat not duely got,
If daily for the same he labour'd not.
"He for our sakes sustained poverty,
"To purchase wealth for us and Dignity.
In this poore plight the curse Christ underwent,
To earne his bread with sweate and small content,
Yet what he gain'd would scarce weak Nature feed
And it griev'd him to see his friends in need,
What therefore he of meat earn'd by his sweat,
The Overplus he gave the Poore to eate.
Thus Christ shot up in shape, and thriv'd in Grace,
And all Good men lov'd him that saw his face,
For he preferr'd Gods praise before his owne;
More prizing Truth then they Judae as Crowne.
But to describe his worth, his modest lookes,
And qualities would fill up many Bookes.
The matter farre exceeds my strength and wit,
My Forme turnes proud except thou temper it,
O Holy Ghost, and curb'st my swelling sense
Above fraile Natures botched excellence,
With humble thoughts Christs Innocence to quote,
To note his plaine Attire, and seamelesle Coat
Worne in his Youth, but parted since, which now
[Page 91]To burne as tainting Rage, false Christians vow;
To seeke gay cl [...]a [...]hes never did curious Pride
Tempt him, he onely car'd his skin to hide.
"He knew that Man attir'd in ruffling Robes
"Begs seldome Grace, and vents but faigned sobbes▪
"Nor can he shed salt teares, our Guardians food,
"Nor well submit for his perpetuall good;
As for this cause they used heretofore
In vilesi weeds Gods Favour to implore;
He knew that our First Parents bare and poore
Went, till Figge leaves & Coates of Skins they wore,
Which, like these L [...]nes, our Gallants now would scorne,
For Satan prompts they were more Nobly borne,
Wherefore to rob, their Factours must persever
Silke wormes and Beasts for Shamois, Plush & Bever.
No Pleasures shape so farre his minde endeares,
To Idolize the same, though young of yeares.
No Envious Stings, nor motions Arrogant
Once prickt his heart, nor thoughts extravagant,
For he was so sincere, sweete Natur'd, mild,
That none with Passions knew him once defil'd,
Though from without he often Temptings had,
As Man, while he conversed with the Bad,
Yet with contempt, and a most brave disdaine
He past them by, not soyled with one staine.
For as the Sunne, the worlds faire radiant Eye,
[Page 92]Doth Dunghils touch, and stinking Jakes survey
And yet his Beames escape from tainting free:
So this blest Youth, though he did daily see
Notorious sinnes, and Beast-like filthinesse,
Himselfe he kept untoucht from wickednesse.
He labour'd oft in Childing woman-wise
Of our fraile Passions and infirmities.
"He had, as Man, our Naturall Affects,
"But yet without Excesses or defects,
"And not as we, orecome with their delight,
"Or seeming Good, or spurr'd on with despight.
In midst of Darkenesse shone Divinest Light,
Errour he turn'd to knowledge, wrong to Right,
The words contempt he changed into Grace
Fables to Truth, our slips to surer pace.
He did exchange our Lustfull sports to sorrow
And on to worke our Humane Natures borrow.
For Lazarus he shed forth Teares of Griefe,
And he much Griev'd for Salems unbeleefe.
Ambition did his Man-heads Fancies raise,
But that Flight was to raise his Fathers praise,
His High desires stretcht plyant Soules to win
To blissefull Joyes from Sathan, death, and sinne.
His mounting sparkes to Magnanimity
Extended, mixt with zeale and Charity,
"His lofty thoughts aspir'd but to the Crosse,
"That Theater which ransom'd Adams losse.
[Page 93]"He Chastly long'd, yea and he lusted too
"With flames of Love, for he the Church did wooe,
"He sought her Love with zealous Oracles,
"Sometimes with teares, sometimes with Miracles.
"He Coveted for wealth, not worldly wealth,
"But for Eternall Goods, mens saving Health.
He felt within his Soules essentiall Parts
Great Joy to heare of True Beleevers hearts.
For barbed Steed, he chose a bare-backt Asse,
Fishers for Mates, for Pallace the Low Grasse;
He burn'd with wrath, when he drove from Gods House
Those Huckesters out, whom he with whips did touze▪
"But his short wrath converted into zeale,
"Not for Revenge, but for the sinners weale.
He seem'd to grudge, or Envy at the Priests,
Because he saw them live like Antichrists;
"He much repin'd that Purenesse went to wracke,
That Satans sway did keepe Gods Kingdome backe;
He languished with Feares and Agonies
The night before his deaths Extremities;
"But those deepe Feares sprung of weake natures sense,
"Not of Despaire, or want of Innocence.
So from our Passions Christ, as Mithridate
Of Vipers wrought, good Motions New begat.
For Jewish Thalmuds, he the Gospel taught;
For their Old Types, substantiall Truth he brought
And our New-man in him Regenerate
[Page 94]Shall doe the like, if we cooperate;
We shall Gods word love more than Superstitions,
And follow Truth more than Humane Traditions.
The which Christ grant, who felt, excepting sinne,
All Natures griefes, which we are plunged in.
From those Ten Lawes in stony Tab [...]es wrot
By God himselfe, he never swarv'd one Jot,
But them observ'd inviolated all,
Yea, and the Morall, as the Ceremoniall.
On Sabbath daies no man could him prevent,
But that he would the Synagogue frequent.
Which N [...]e I may not silent overslip,
How sacredly Christ did all men outstrip
In honouring the Seaventh feastfull Day,
At which time he most joyfully did pray,
With Davids Tunes both Hymnes and Psalmes he sung,
His heart whole Peales to his deare Father rung
Of Jubilees and Thankes for Humane Good,
For sending him to save his Flesh and Blood.
"Yet nerethelesse, he seem'd not to gainsay,
"But that Good deeds might well be done that day,
"Or Casuall workes forc'd of Necessity:
"Those would not barre the workers Piety,
"No more then Davids deed, when as he fed
"Constrain'd by Hunger on the Holy Bread.
"For, as he said, God made the Sabbath day
[Page 95]"For Man, not Man for it; On it to pray,
"On it to satisfy weake Natures Need,
"And yet with mounting thoughts, to save his Creed,
"He must Praise God, the Authour of his Calling
"And others by his steps confirme from Falling
"More often on that dayes Solemniz'd Feast,
"Then other dayes not limited for rest.
Sixe dayes God left for Natures wordly Carke,
But that day to refresh th'Immortall Sparke.
Gods Lawes he kept unabrogated Holy,
Which none besides himselfe did ever wholly.
Above all sinnes, which he saw raigning here,
Idolatry he loathed most: for deare
His Fathers Honour was to him, and next
To this great sinne, his soule was oft perplext,
To see debate amongst his Neighbours, Those
Of Abrahams seed, whom of meere Grace God chose
And singled out from Superstitious Nations
Peculiar to avoid their profanations.
For He (the Sonne of Love) borne from Above
Could not endure the Opposites to Love.
He could not brooke without anxiety
And troubled thoughts to see Cold Charity,
To see them with fat gifts the Lawyers feed,
To nourish Pride, whilst others starv'd for need.
Therefore against all Malice he contested,
[Page 96]Nay them, who hated Good men, he detested.
He spent the best part of his Youthfull houres
In hearty suite unto the Heavenly Powers
For their conversion from such carnall pleasure,
And for their Wils restraint with Graces measure
Because his life he might securely lead
Till thirty yeares were full accomplished,
Himselfe he mated with the simplest Jew,
But seldome with the Proud, or Heathenish Crew.
To shunne Vaineglory, and the Serpents rage,
With Servants forme he cloakt his Parentage.
"To Old and Young, though but of meane Repute
"With whom he met, he gave the first salute;
"With Peace, God speed, Good morrow, or Adieu;
"And chiefely to the vertuous, whom he knew
"So stampt in Soule, after the New-mans Forme,
"Who did their best the Old man to reforme,
With gracious words he ever heartned those
According to his Naturall dispose.
To such as griev'd in body or in minde,
He shew'd himselfe most pittifull and kind,
With word and deed he sought their Amity,
And to accord their strife and enmity.
Though he no thankes for Peace-endeavours had,
More then in Aegipt, Moses of the Bad.
He never Place nor puft up Glory sought,
Nor what he not perform'd did promise ought.
[Page 97]"His Word and Meaning still agreed in one
"Grounded upon their substance, Truth alone.
"He for ill use his Tongue did never traine,
"Nor ever tooke the Name of God in vaine.
All wrangling Sects he shun'd, the Pharisees,
For Pride, and for Faith wrackt the Sadduces.
"He hated them, who scandaliz'd the Law,
"And nourisht strife for Profit without aw
"Of God or Man, as likewise their lewd Members
"Which kindled needlesse fires rak't up in Em­bers.
"He scorn'd for Gold our Mercenaries hire,
"To cloake the Right, or Clients draw like wire.
"He loathed wyles, and lyes, and loved Truth
"More than his life. In hottest time of Youth
"When choller, gall, and passions domineere,
"In him no signe of wrath did once appeare.
"He used more to hold his Peace then speake,
"Comparing those to Sives which secrets leake.
Against the Bodies loathsome Maladies
To live, as if he were in Paradise,
A diet spare both to the whole and sicke
He still advis'd, and Fasting the best Physicke;
This moved him to fast in Youth farre more,
Than in his Greene, more springing yeares before.
"He knew the worth of Dyets Excellence,
[Page 98]"That a small thing workes Chyles nutriments.
"Because the Blood and Humours Eb [...]litions
"Deriv'd from Food evapourate pollutions
"Toward the braine, and soules chiefe faculties
"Distemp'red by the Bodies Qualities,
"He affected Dyet, even at a Feast,
Whereat (Good man) he came a seldome Guest.
By this stay'd course, of Constitution sound
His Body grew; no Humours did abound
Pernicious, but with Daniels might compare,
Or the like choycest Saints for sober fare,
And by this stint to Nature, his Complexion
Most rare arriv'd to Beauties chiefe perfection.
As Carbuncles doe in the darkest Night
Afford to all the Roome about them Light,
So was Christs Life of all the Neighbors seene,
To shine, that none could taxe him of one sinne,
Or justly say, that he at wealth did ayme,
Or Honour, for he did them both disclaime,
As opposite to what the Trinity
Affects in Man: divine Humility.
With daily Prayers, Fasts, and watchfullnesse
He still repulst the Darts of wickednesse:
He had so much (and yet he made no boast
Thereof) Divine gifts of the Holy Ghost,
That Satan fail'd to peepe in, or contemple
The smallest chinke of his faire Spirits Temple,
[Page 99]Perhaps not thinking, that the Godhead would
Descend so low, but leave Hell uncontroul'd:
"Yet our defects, that were most miserable,
"He had as Man, but not one damnable;
"Which might have beene to Purity a Barre,
"Or for our Ransome which might work a Jarre.
He honour'd God, the Authour of his Good;
He loved Man, as his owne Flesh and Blood:
His whole pure Heart not mixt by halves or hire
He vow'd to God; and kept his vow entire.
He never halted betwixt God and Baal,
Nor ever made of Soules Mechanique sale;
Which was the cause he went by day unshot,
And with those shafts that fly by night unsmote,
Gods holy Angels guarded him without,
Gods holy Spirit guided him throughout
From those close Baites of the Infernall Angle,
Which more or lesse all Adams Brood entangle,
For proofe or Losse, according to their Creed;
But Saints at last God succours in their need
With Patience, strength, and Faith Apostolicke,
Whereby they may unto their Saviour sticke.
As God inspiring Gifts, and their true sence,
As God and Man Christ drew their Quintessence,
And left the same within the Gospell coucht,
Which Saints have since with Martyrs seales a­voucht.
[Page 100]Thus Jesus liv'd, and spent his youthfull dayes,
And yet my Pen sets out not halfe his Praise.
No Oratours, nor Poets wit can Limme
At full the gifts, wherewith God furnisht him,
For as the Sunnes bright shining Lampe at Noone,
Excells the lesser Starres, and pale fac't Moone:
So Christ more Just, more Meeke, and Patient was
Then Enoch, Moses, Job; and did surpasse
As well in Mysticke, as in Actuall Flames,
Whereof indeed we mortals know no Names;
Unlesse we terme them Graces most Transcendent,
To him alone from Our Great God descendent,
All Adams Sonnes, with Josephs Mayden wife
For Zeale, for Faith, for Holynesse of life;
Nay more, were all their Vertues joyn'd in One,
They would look foule, compar'd with his alone,
Comparing him with other men, the Light
Of Heaven you must confound with darkest night;
"For without his Habilliments of Grace
"No Mortall man can see Gods Heavenly Face:
"Without his Helpe the Godhead full of Ire
"Consumes Mankind as Stubble in the fire.
"Without his Merits veile, as Wedding suite,
"No Humane wight can win a Saints Repute;
Cloath'd with his Robes none ever went amisse,
The Alpha and Omega of all blisse.
[Page 101]At last Christ grew to thirty yeares of Age,
Which was the time, that in his Pilgrimage
He from thenceforth till death should exercise
His Priesthoods place to open Israels Eyes,
Melchisedechs predestinated place,
Whose Order Time should never more deface.
But they more blind then Bats were in those times,
When Zeale and Love were Snares and Nets for crimes:
He therefore now to grace his Legate John
To Jordan went, and by him thereupon
Would be baptiz'd, although the Prophet strove
To put him by, as worthyer from Above,
Christs will was such, he Baptisme would receive
That to his Church he might that Patterne leave,
And that, as he perfected Moses Lawes,
So he for us would plead the New mans Cause.
Which at [...]he Font from sinne Originall
Doth cleanse, and to New life invites us all,
If we goe on, as we were Catechiz'd,
And crave with Flames of zeale to be baptiz'd.
"For Baptisme is Heavens gate, the which to ope
"Grace gives to us the Keyes of Faith and Hope.
No sooner did that heavenly Dove descend,
And Satan markt to what those words did tend;
This is my Sonne in whom I am well pleasd,
[Page 102]But all amaz'd he stood, and sore displeas'd.
And hearing John before himselfe Him prize
The Lambe of God, that should with Fire baptize,
He doubted much lest this was He should tread,
As on a footestoole, his Old Serpents Head.
To crosse therefore the doome of Gods Edict;
And Justice force her selfe to contradict,
This Prince of Fiends, the Python of the East,
Our Antichristian Dragon of the West;
Bent al his thoughts; his plots, and machinations
Gods Heire to win, and raze our Hopes foundati­ons.
Which when the Searcher of all Hearts had read
With deepe insight, he by the Spirit led
His Sonne from Jordan to a desart, where
He might be try'd with Fasting and with feare,
Aswell to satisfie for Adams Deed,
As us to warne the Dragons wiles to heed.
Satan, as shadow, dogs him at the heeles,
And cunningly, ere he his Pulses feeles,
Physitian [...]like, who first the Signes and Dyet
Notes, and what brought the Patient out of quiet,
He waites aloofe, and finds our Saviour still
Watch, Fast, and Pray, to save Mankind from ill.
But at the last, with fasting forty dayes,
To Christ supposed weake, the Fiend bewrayes
His fraudulent and perillous designe,
"Which was at Hels instinct to worke a signe
[Page 103]"Or Miracle, and by that act repaire
"His Pride-falne state, or drive Christ to despaire.
Thou dost beleeve (saith he) that thou art Holy,
The Child of God not dimm'd with Carnall folly,
A Saint foretold by Prophets Oracles,
And canst, like them, worke some rare Miracles.
Now in this Place make Triall of the Spirit,
Whether such precious gifts thou dost inherit
To equall Moses; and the Thesbites Fame,
Both which thou may'st by working wonders shame:
I see from Food thou fastest over-long,
Whereby thy Body faints, and feeles much wrong.
"Loose not the Substance for the Accident,
"Nor thy deare life, for whats impertinent.
Thou art but Young, and in thy flow'r of Age,
And may'st doe wonders on this worldly Stage,
If thou cheare up thy selfe this present day,
Else beauty, strength, and Body will decay.
"Some I have knowne so long to mortifie
"Their Flesh, in hope their Soules to purifie,
"That by such fasts they were much stupifide,
"Light heads, and all to seeme Soule-glorifide;
Be thou more wise to shun the fatall rod
Of Famine. If thou be the Sonne of God,
Command these present Stones to be converted
Into pure bread, or else thou art perverted.
[Page 104]When Satan thus had ended his discourse,
Christ to Gods word did hasten his Recourse;
No other Shield then Scripture did he use,
Which by heav'ns leave I paraphras'd produce:
I doe renounce the Flesh, and World [...]y guile,
Thy tempting Baites shall not my heart beguile,
To long for Earthly Food, more then Gods Word,
To breake the vow I made at Jordans Foord;
The Covenant of Baptisme, which I seal'd
I meane to keepe, whereby Mankind is heal'd
And purg'd: I will not once distrust the Lord,
Nor in least thought traduce his written Word:
He can by many meanes releeve my wants,
That cloathes the Lillies, and renews the Plants.
"Mans Body here not onely lives by Bread,
"But with Gods word his Spirit must be fed.
The Holy Ghost for Light to after-Saints,
And to divulge our Ghostly Foes attaints,
To force them to confesse: their wiles and pride
Doe try, not daunt those whom the heavens guide,
Permitted Satan yet to tempt him more
With all his slights, but not to hurt or gore
His Body which reserv'd for Sacrifice
Himselfe would shortly yeeld for sinnefull vice.
The Fiend would not so let him passe away,
He had more Trickes upon Mankind to play:
[Page 105]Because our Saviour Satan did contemne,
He rapt him up into Jerusalem;
And set him on the Temples Pinac [...]e:
Now shew thy selfe (quoth he) by Miracle
The Sonne of God by casting thy selfe downe
From hence headlong, for God will guard his owne.
Be confident, and take it as thy Creed,
Saints may performe all things, tis so decreed.
I see thou shin'st replenished with Faith,
And know [...]st full well what sacred Scripture saith;
By this great Act thou mayst thy Fame advance
Above the Starres, and now on earth enhaunce
Thy Praise among the vulgar Multitude,
Who will be wean'd from their old, grosse, & rude
Traditions, and thee for their Great Messias
More will beleeve, then John their new Elias,
Who with new Rites of Baptisme now of late
At Jordan toyles men to regenerate.
Proceed then boldly to this famous Act,
And never doubt the Issue of the fact,
For God hath given his Angels charge of thee
To save thy Body, and defend thee free
From all Annoyes, Perils, or hurts of Stones,
That might against thee dash, or bruise thy bones.
With such or like surmizes Satan sought
Our Saviour to entrap, and turne his Thought
[Page 106]From lowlinesse, and worldly Pompes contempt,
The chiefest meane Mans Freedome to attempt
And bring to passe, which Satan well foreknew,
Although he strove Gods Judgements to eschew,
In vaine he strove our Sun-shine to eclipse
Where such as these come from a Christians lippes:
Alas, what poore weak Fame, a Nine dayes wonder
Doe worldlings rove at, if their Ends they ponder!
"When men ground Faith on Humane Policy,
"The Lord reputes it but Hypocrisie.
"When he vouchsafes to lend some Miracles,
"He doth it to confirme his Oracles
"To be divine, and not Humane positions,
"He doth it freely without Compositions,
"And with a Caveat too, that none waxe proud,
"As though the gift were for their Owne allow'd
"Why should a Saint expect for Miracles?
"Whilst he enjoyes Faith and Truthes Oracles?
For this regard did Jesus put to flight
With Holy writ the Fiend with all his slight;
Thou shalt not tempt by any meanes, said he,
The Lord thy God who first Created thee,
That is the Scripture thou shouldst muse upon,
And if infring'd what vengeance hangs thereon.
Thus Jesus twice already for our faults
Endured had the Devils bold assaults;
Him now againe the third time he assayles
[Page 107]To captivate, or make him strike his sayles.
"And knowing nothing in this worldly frame
"Can tempt a Saint like to Ambitions Flame;
"Nor sooner can the finest wits defile,
"As is Recorded on old Athens File,
"Then to be pointed at by Peoples Prease:
"Loe this is he, the rare Demosthenes!
He comes no more with Scripture in his mouth,
But with the whole worlds Empire, North, and South,
The E [...]st, and West; he labours to entangle
Christs Senses, like to Tybers Fishing Angle,
Wherewith his Vicar Crownes like Gudgeons tooke,
That Beast with Lambes two Hornes & Dragons hooke
So long agoe described by Saint John;
The man of sinne, and that Perditions Sonne,
Whom Cardinalls at his Installment Grace
With Triple Crowne, and on Masse Altar place;
He rapt him in the twinkling of an eye,
To a high Mountaines Top, thence to descry,
As from Mount Ne [...]o, where Canaan was showne
To Moses, many Kingdomes of his owne,
All the round world he there made to appeare
In a false Mappe, doubling the Hemisphere.
The like Romes Prelate scarcely could install
For his to Right Castile and Portingall.
So Satan did his Monarchy contrive,
As Neptune stood on his Prerogative:
That great Command with triple forked Mace
[Page 108]By Lot to me, and not to him did passe.
Out of meere Grace and Love I beare to thee
(Sayes he to Christ) if thou wilt worship me,
And homage doe, these Crownes I give in Fee,
These States for thee and thine for ever be.
No greater snare could Lucifer invent
Our Second Adams minde to circumvent▪
No Motive, nor more working Argument
Then Scepters, or a Mitred Governement;
As Mahomet tooke hold upon the First
With th'Alcoran, and of them all the worst
Of Christian men usurp'd, aspiring higher
Both swords to manage, and approaching nigher
To the red Dragons claymed Jurisdiction
With Soules and Bodies sale, and interdiction.
But Gods deare Sonne did out of hand Controule
These Lofty towring Flames, Soules tainting foule.
He would not listen to Supremacies,
Nor to the worlds suggeste Primacies;
His Kingdome was not of this worldly station
Of mortall Stampe, but for sick soules translation
By Fiery Tryalls to Jerusalem
Not built with hands, a place which fooles con­temne.
To coole therefore our Thoughts irregulare,
Our Saviour thus put by the Serpents snare;
Not asking him, as our late Exorcists
[Page 109]Vaine questions, but him packing from the Lists.
He could no longer his Just zeale refraine,
But instantly repuls'd him with disdaine,
Avant Satan, make here no more abode,
Packe hence I charge thee in the Name of God:
Thou of my Faith hast made sufficient Triall,
But of his Rights I cannot brooke denyall;
I cannot heare with Patience Blasphemy
Against my Fathers endlesse Royalty,
Who swayes this Globe by Aristocracies,
Democracies, and awfull Monarchies.
The Lord thy God, as Scriptures doe observe,
Thou worship shalt, and him alone must serve.
Such Checking Words spoke with a Conscience cleane,
"Free from ambitious thoughts, and Deedes ob­sceane,
"With vowes and Fasts aswell to purifie
"Themselves, as the Old man to mortifie,
"Oft naming Jesus Christ our Advocate,
"Will quickly Satan chase, or subjugate.
"There needs no Charmes, Masses, nor Exor [...]ismes,
"No holy water, Reliques, Crosse nor Chrismes,
"To dispossesse or send the Devill packing:
"Let such those trust where Faith & Love are lack­ing.
When as I know (as who is free?) my selfe
[...] braine or dreame neere cast upon this shelfe.
[Page 110]With Gales of worldly winds in shew most faire,
Gulling my Sense, like Atomes in the Aire,
With false Selfe-love, by him an Idoll prays'd,
With subtle Theames by his suggestions rays'd,
Such as on wits for want of vowes have play'd,
Or with such Quirkes, as our late Sects display'd,
Or with wild fits, and moods extravagant:
Let me but say with Jesus Christ, Avant,
At their first comming with a pious mind,
At Christs sweete Name God sends them backe con­fin'd
"Let me review his Wounds, I may be bold
"To conjure Satan from his strongest hold.
This Shield I take, no other helpe I looke
From Heaven or Earth against this Fishers [...]ooke.
"Christs coate I weare, no other Ayd I crave,
"Then His: who other crave, doe surely rave.
"To other Saints, whom they Gods Courtiers ca [...]
"I say with Job: Poore helpers are ye all.
Against Sinnes Rage, and Satans proud Bravad [...]s
Against his Plots, his wiles, and Ambus [...]adoes
My Faith, though weake, supported mee wit [...] Armes,
Contritions Grones prevented all my Harmes;
In Christ his Robes I feared no Annoyance,
Fenc'd with his shield, I [...]ung at him defyance,
After Resisting I did ever finde
My Foes departed, and good motions sign'd,
Or printed in my Heart unknowne to me.
[Page 111]From brutish Elves to guard my New-man free.
"This should be writ in Cedar, or in Gold;
"The man Newborne, who is for Grace enrold
"Shall sure be tempted by some wicked Fiend,
"Whom if at first he doe suspect for Friend,
"And not receive his Baytes with hearts delight,
"That Man shall winne the Field through Christ his Might,
And from thenceforth with greater dowries blest
Shall surely live and dye a Saint profest;
His Soule with Christ shall rest in Paradise,
His Body at Doomes-day with Joy shall rise.
In this we have our Master for Example,
Who by the Crosse on Satans head did trample,
As living he his motions had repell'd,
And with Gods Word three times had him refell'd;
Although he was alone, and destitute
Of Humane helpe, yet he made Satan mute.
After his Conflicts to congratulate,
And him releeve in the like hungry State,
As was Elias, who in Horeb past
His Forty daies by meanes of fore-repast,
It is recorded that the Angels came,
Which shewes Gods Care, Faiths strength, & Satans shame.
But here's a doubt, a question scrupulous,
Which to decide for me were perillous,
[Page 112]Lest that I seeme in Negromanticks vers'd,
Or that my Rule by Saints might be revers'd;
Whether these Assaults Reall were? or visions?
Or mixt with Satans Jugling Apparitions?
To argue that Gods Sonne, the worlds bright Light,
Should be transported by the Prince of Night
From thence, up to the Temples pinnacle
With unextinguisht breath by Miracle,
Like to a Bird, in person through the Ayre,
Deserves small thankes for pleading to impaire
Gods Glory in his wondrous workemanship
Of the New-man: That were by doubts to clip
His Providence for carelesse watch and ward
Over his Sonne, to whom the Angels Guard
He promised by Satans owne Confession;
The Fiend durst not, had Jesus made expression,
That he was God, have mov'd him to Transgres­sion,
To shoot at Soules, which took his markes Impres­sions
"To play upon the wits of Reprobates;
"Yea and for Triall of Regenerates,
"Who like to wanton Apes, or stubborne Boyes,
"Must smart till they leave off their prankes and toyes:
"To charme the sense of witches who have rang'd
"Their bodies resting still in roomes unchang'd
"On Hackneyes, as they dream'd, borne through the sky
[Page 113]"With Nightly feasts their Wills to satisfie,
"(So Anodines, and Poppies drugger intrance
"Their heavy Nerves, that their wild fancies dance)
"The Lord indeed permits him still to range
"With lyes, false showes, & seeming wonders strange.
Yea too, and other whiles to play the Ape,
Ghost, Goblin, Faiery, in fantastique shape,
Whereby mens outward senses he beguiles,
As their Craz'd braines, with visions, dreames, and wiles.
The greatest Clerkes sometimes he traines to folly,
Some for their Pride, and some for Melancholy,
Our Youth he leades with Fancies wild vagaries,
As at Full Moone Apes dancing the Canaries.
He wheeles about the world, the Articke Pole,
As Southerne Coasts; the vertuous, sicke and whole.
All's Fish alike: but his most dainty spoyle
Is Learned Men with Crotchets to embroyle;
Whom rather than they shall escape his clawes,
He tempts to jarre for words, bare Names, & strawes.
In Samuels shape he Saul by Endors Witch,
And in the Serpents forme did Eve bewitch;
Hating the Womans Seed, he sought by sleight
And Angels maske to bleare our Saviours sight;
But through the Aire to beare his Body up,
I feare to pledge Scribes in that curious Cup:
For in the Place, where he first met him, there,
We read he left our Saviour void of feare,
[Page 114]Although he did by Vision or in Trance,
Or Actuall forme his highest Plots advance▪
And Jesus might through his Humanity,
Like Peters Trance, see Satans subtilty
Within that uncouth place, or Desart coast,
As opposite to that which Adam lost;
Because he found Christ in distressed plight,
Sole, and fasting, he thought to hit the White.
"Satan might tempt his Outward sight & Braine,
"But at his Will and Heart he shot in vaine,
"The God-head sway'd those parts, his Angels Guard
"About his Person kept both watch and ward;
So that nor Satan could, nor all his Bands
Without his leave once touch his sacred hands,
Much lesse against his Will him to transport,
Whom God alwayes did strengthen and support,
Till he by Judas sold should pay the Price,
Or Ransome due for our Enormities.
Yet where Gods Word doth not my Light advance,
With Humble sailes I vaile my Ignorance.
Since Seraphins their zeale were faine to cover:
How then dare I nice Problems to discover?
"A modest wit affects the New-mans straine:
Packe hence therefore ye wormelings of the Braine.
Yet would I had the skill of Augustine;
Such knotty doubts to canvase and define,
[Page 115]Or that I were rapt with Poeticke Flam [...],
Sedulius-like, or Ara [...]o, to tame
Wits puffes, that so I might in English stile,
As they in Latine Layes, a worke compile
Whereby our Saviours deeds, the New-mans Glasse,
Might with faire Rayes reflect on Hearts of Brasse:
I would imprint by his Lifes Innocence
In Britaines thoughts an imitable sence,
To shun fond Quirkes, and Plainesse to embrace,
I would assure them then of Heavens Grace;
Whereas most Wits now hover in the Aire,
Betwixt fraile Hope, Presumption, and Despaire.
Who knowes not that the Fiend from his restraint
Late loos'd goes on the Saints with doubts to taint?
But some will say, An Angell cloath'd in flesh
Cannot the stings so punctually represse
Of raging Sinne, as I have painted here;
Nor from Hels tempting baites his Passions cleare,
For borne in sinne how can we chuse but erre?
By our first Parents sold to Lucifer?
"The wisest Man some touch of madnesse hath,
"Of Pride, or Lust, of Niggardize, or wrath.
Doe what we can, our Glosse and Merits store
Looke like a menstruous cloath, or mattry Core.
I grant that None but Jesus Christ alone,
The Fathers Essence and his Holy One,
[Page 116]Did wholly live according to this forme,
Or spot-lesse could the Will of God performe:
But yet know this (O worldly shifting man)
That thou art bound thy second Birth to scan;
Enamour'd more on Grace and Charity
Then on the World, and carnall Jollity,
And in all points to imitate thy Head,
Or else thou art cut off, as Member dead.
Thou must at first repell the Tempters snares,
Be they Ambitions [...]ookes, or Golden wares;
And if through Faith thou struggle and dost strive
Against lewd thoughts, thou shalt o're come, and thrive;
If his lives Type for Precepts thou avow,
Thou quickly shalt attaine thy selfe to know,
And be assoyld by Faiths Prerogative
Of Raigning sinne, at least imputative.
For which Intent, and Saints encouragement
God many meanes both Old and Moderne lent,
To rouze the Slothfull up, to looke about,
Before that Satan puts their Torches out.
Among the rest, I hope, Good men will heare,
Or read my Lines, and with my plainnesse beare,
Since my ayme is proud sinne to mortifie,
And by the New-Mans Lampe to edifie
The Lowly minded and the Penitent,
Who more prize Truth then Falsehoods blandish­ment.
Let others trim their Muse with Gaudy Tires:
I envy not their Layes, nor labours hires.
[Page 117]A simple Robe I like without a Seame,
(For such a Coate Christ wore) and such a Theame
Consorts most fit with an Evangelist,
Whether he English, French, or Latinist,
For publique use the Praise of Christ compose;
Be it in Numbers, or in Copious Prose;
And so for Truth he sound a thankefull Peale;
Ere vowes he hoord up, for his private weale;
Not like to Clownes, who when they gaine good turnes,
Neglect their Patrons, or pollute their Vrnes,
And memory with Vrine, Spittle, spight;
Instead of thankes tyth'd out to doe them right.
But howsoe're Young Gallants censure this,
The Graver sort will cleare me from amisse,
And for the Cloze, these Golden Rules inferre:
Plaine Poems best become a Gospeller:
The Strayned phraze, puffes up: Truth suits a Saint;
Those women fairest looke, who never paint.

A Hymne of Thankesgiving to the Lord for his Churches preservation from Antichristian Tyranny.

WHile Natures Sonnes at randome rove,
Our New-Man fixt on things Above
[Page 118]By holy Trance doth Christ descry,
In Bethlems Cratch, and Calvary.
Now, we Gods word and wonders sing,
Anon, we scan, O Glorious King,
Thy Triumph; how thy faithfull Crew,
While Tyrants rav'd, the stronger grew,
And how bright starres, Hells stormes withstood,
Till Mungrells on Mans Merits stood.
Lord, grant us Peace, our Crosses ease,
Or them Release, if so thou please.
As thou didst drowne proud Pharaohs Host,
And guid'st thine owne through Marine Coast,
So thine Elect through every Age
Thou didst preserve from Satans rage;
So didst thou raise to life againe
Thy Prophets twaine in Sodome slaine;
So didst thou, Lord, in Judgement meete,
In Eighty eight the Spanish Fleete;
And save us then, and since againe
From Ruine, Losse, and Powder-traine.
Lord, grant us Peace, our Crosses ease,
Or them release, if so thou please.
Their Leaguers force thou did'st divide
When we most fear'd Hels raging Tide,
Reforming Faith in Publicans
Among the Britaines, Dutch, and Danes,
Bohemians, Swethens, Polanders,
The Swizzers, French, and Hollanders,
To counterpoize Great Babels side
And by thy Word to tame her Pride;
Which neere hath rent her Triple Crowne,
When every Bird requir'd their owne.
Lord, grant us Peace, our Crosses ease;
Or them release, if so thou please.
O Gracious God, how strange is this!
That thou hast cal'd blind Strayes to Blisse!
And didst for us New Kings beget,
When Old Elizaes Sunne was set!
The Tent she pitcht, James setled sure;
And Charles now Raignes, like Cynosure,
With Golden starres encircled round;
He doth not slight the Gospels sound,
But still renues the Holy Fire,
Bequeath'd him by his Royall Sire.
Lord, grant us Peace, our Crosses ease,
Or them release, if so thou please.
When Bavares Duke, and Ferdinand
Had yok't thy Flocke in Germane Land,
There rose up from the Northerne Zone
A Machabee, who eas'd their moane.
Nor is it lesse miraculous,
That thou hast rais'd great Bourbons House,
Against the Eagle to make head,
When Both would gripe thy Turtles dead;
And this diverting of their Force
Spinnes Truce for us, in them Remorse.
Lord, grant us Peace, our Crosses ease;
Or them release, if so thou please,
A thousand yeares the Fiend was curb'd,
And no great Plague true Saints disturb'd;
He made no fierce prodigious warre,
Till Wichliffe preacht what Berengare
And former Saints had vow'd with cares
Against the Masse and Mauzzimes wares.
But afterwards, when by thy Word
Some were Reform'd, with Fire and Sword
He then pursu'd thy New borne Flocke,
Because they chose Faiths living Rocke.
Lord, grant us Peace, our Crosses ease,
Or them release, if so thou please.
Even to this day, Hels Magogs still
Thy Servants racke, their Blood doe spill.
O when shall we poore Pilgrimes be
From Satans wiles and tumults free?
O when shall we their Period see?
And sing to thee our Jubilee,
Exempt from cares and Carnall stings,
O Glorious God and King of Kings?
Not in this world, till Christ doth come
In person first all Soules to doome.
Lord, grant us Peace, our Crosses ease,
Or them release; if so thou please.


The Fourth Dayes EXERCISE.

The Argument.
Christ having Preacht the Gospel, and New-Birth,
Confirm'd the same by wondrous signes on Earth;
The Priests conspire his Death. Judas revolts.
His Supper, Bloody Sweate, and sore Assaults.
"IF I had dranke at pale Pirenes well,
"As to the wise Bellerophon befell;
"Or that I had Vrania for my guide,
"I might transcend the Starres, and hope to ride
"On the Pegasean Steed with Azur'd Reines,
"Untill the Poles resounded with my Straines.
Such Lofty wishes through Poeticke guile
[Page 123]Farre be they from my Low and trembling stile.
Not Phaeton, nor waxe-wing'd Icarus,
But Lucifers and Adams Fall should scare us
From mounting high to Pinacles and Towers,
Where Lightnings Flash, where raigne the Aiery Powers,
Which may our Carnal thoughts blow to despaire
(Such mighty sway beare Spirits in the Aire)
Like them, whose Hearts once toucht with hallow­ed Fire,
Have quencht the Flame by ruff [...]ing to aspire,
Or like our Eves, who in this Evening Age,
When they should kneele, climbe up proud Ho­nours stage,
Where Mammon they adore, and Christ by halves,
As if Gods Grace would breathe on Golden Calves.
No sure; his Spirit loathes Ambitious Fires,
But the milde Soule and humble he inspires:
Such as of Yore were Jewries Fishermen,
The Virgin Mary, Anna, Magdalen.
"God will not hold him guiltlesse that presumes
"To touch his Ark with Flanting robes or plumes.
Avaunt then, Gallants, with your Idoll-Fumes;
Depart, ye Ladies, with your nice perfumes;
Kisse not Gods Sonne, ye proud imperious Lords,
For he abhorres High lookes, Bug-beares, bigge-words!
A simple Garbe contents our Saviours Cratch:
[Page 124]"Smooth glozing Termes take those who Terme­ly catch
"Sad Sackeclothes weed becomes this age of Our,
"Where Fiends unseene waite ready to devoure,
As lawfull spoyles, our Kingdomes fairest flower.
This suites me plaine; my Applications sowre,
Yet wholesome, like to Lemmons in a Fever,
To curbe those putrid Fumes of Head and Liver,
Which now of late the Gentry of this Isle
With Riot, Pride, and costly Feasts defile.
Then, O Great Britaine, take it for no wrong,
If I enchaunt thine eares with a meane song
Not grounded on false Druydes Antique Tales,
But wrapt in Christ his Swathes, & found in Wales,
From that wild Place, where Satans Policy
Failed to tempt his Will and Phantasie,
Arrived then to thirty yeares of Age,
Our Saviour, to perfect his Pilgrimage,
Returned backe to Galilee againe
In the third lustre of Tiberius Raigne,
Where he on Truth at Nazareth commented
But thence repuls'd, the next Coast he frequented,
With this true Note by that respectlesse Towne,
"No Nation heeds a Prophet of their Owne:
And having chose his Prime Apostles there,
Who to that end predestinated were,
He Preacht good Newes unto the true Beleeve [...],
[Page 125]To cherish his New Church and to releeve her;
Good Newes indeed, which thralled Soules restore
To greater Grace then Adam lost before.
The Tree of Life that of Old Adams foiling,
And it of all Luxuriant Sappe dispoyling
Christ did transferre to Mortall men on Earth,
Who hardly could beleeve the Second Birth;
They thought that none but an Old Serpent could
Cast off his Skin, and so renue his Old
Inveterate New; None but the Phaenix dead
Could of his Ashes reare another Head,
With lively Parts as burnisht as the First.
This seem'd a worke Divine, which no man durst
Attempt, before our Saviour made it plaine,
That Humane Impe must here be Graft againe
And re-baptiz'd by the bright Holy Ghost,
Whose Name and Gifts he blaz'd through Jewries Coast.
Elixirs dreame, nor Pythagorean Change
Could work this Feate, & Ghostly Willes exchange.
Not Sun, nor Stars, not Humane s [...]ed, nor Sence
Could breed or cause this quickning Quintessence;
That spirit, which breath'd on the Waters crude,
When that earths Lumpe confused lay and rude;
From a thicke Chaos th' Elements did sever,
And with all-quickning Thaw did Ice dissever,
Transforming what he would have new & straite
Harmoniously by Number, Measure, waight;
[Page 126]This Love-bred Flame, grac'd the pure Virgins wombe,
And none but him, such wonders great become.
This Doctrine Christ to Nich [...]demus taught,
Who then of him Soule-Consolation sought;
When at the bruite of his strange Miracles
This Learned Scribe, to heare Christs Oracles,
Had stole to him at Salem in the night
Fearing the Factions of th' Herodians Might,
Who nere about that time got Captiv'd John,
And through a frisking Wench slaine thereupon:
I heare (quoth he) that thou a Prophet art,
From Heaven sent Salvation to impart,
Thy Deeds import no lesse: for who but One
Of Gods owne Choyce, or his beloved Son,
Can doe such workes beyond set Natures reach,
Or utter such deepe points as thou dost preach.
Enflamed with the sparkes of thy renowne,
Which flyes abroad throughout our spacious Towne,
I come to thee desirous to be taught,
In the true way: and so to Heaven brought.
Our Saviour turn'd to our Faiths Alphabet
And him to learne Truths A.B.C. did set.
Not Principles of mens Philosophy;
But Rules which Stony hearts doe mollify;
"He must (said Christ) who will Gods Kingdome see,
[Page 127]Become New-borne, and so an Infant be▪
That saying is (quoth Nichodemus) strange,
How can I now my Ancient yeares exchange
For a New Birth: I shall get sooner roome
In an old Tombe than in my Mothers wombe.
Jesus convinc'd his Errour, and mistake,
With this reply; Thou dost my speeches take
In a wrong sense, for truth I tell to thee,
None enters Heav'n, nor shall Gods Kingdome see,
Except he be of Water and the Spirit
First borne, and then that place he shall inherit.
"That part of Man borne of the Flesh, is Flesh,
"More Old, than of the Spirit, which is fresh,
"Young, and Gallant, he which is borne hence
"Leads a new Life, and voyd of Lusts Offence.
When the wind blowes, thou hear'st a noyse and sound,
But know'st not whence it comes, nor whither bound:
So fares it with the Holy Spirits man,
How he came rapt with Blisse he can not scan;
He knowes not how his Spirit New became
By Grace unseene from the Great Spirits Flame.
When Nicodemus heard this Lesson rare,
He answered, these things not likely are,
How can it be that Man without Commotion
Of Natures sense should apprehend this Motion
Of his New-Birth by the quicke Spirits Seed,
And grow so strong except some thing him feed?
[Page 128]Except some Rayes, which we not Outward see,
Or God-head rap the Mind: how can this be?
Bear'st thou a Doctours Style? and dost thou teach
(Said Christ) and know'st not this which I doe Preach?
I speake the Truth, and what my Soule hath seene,
I testify, yet all in vaine hath beene.
If when I speake of Earth, you [...]le not beleeve,
Sure if I tell of Heaven, you will grieve
"None ever yet that Glorious place ascended,
"But through the word, which from that Place de­scended.
"Yea, none comes there, but who by faith on earth
"Beleeves Gods Word, the second Adams Birth.
"The Womans seed foretold in Paradise,
"Who should confound the Charmers Sorceries,
"Who was fore-doom'd to be s [...]ung in the Heele
"By the Old Serpent, and Gods wr [...]th to feele,
"Whom men lift up, and wicked Satan stung,
"As the Brasse-Serpent in the Desart hung.
Out of this Text all ye who are misled
With glozing sinnes, your destiny may read,
"That no man shall behold Gods Glorious Face
"Unlesse by Grace Regeneration raze
"Sinnes aspicke stings, & for those stings that zeale
"And Love be stampt in him with Heavens Seale;
"Unlesse we leave to serve the Old Mans Lord,
[Page 129]"And hate his Life and Lawes in thought and word:
"Unlesse we looke on Him, who was lift up
"On Calvares Crosse, and pledge him in his Cup,
"Unlesse we leave our sinnes, and to conspire
"Against his Saints: Hell is indeed our Hire.
"Hell is Mans Hire, Except his Earthly Clod
"Be sanctify'd and rebaptiz'd from God:
"His Braine, Heart, Tongue, and Soules chiefe Faculties,
"In one must with Christs Nature sympathize;
"Which spight of sinne Gods Spirit soone or late,
"By Grace effects in the Regenerate:
"Which comes to passe by pondring Truths Re­cord,
"Christs Testament, his Covenants, and word▪
"Shunning Scandall the cause of foule offence
"By a pure Life, Faith, Love, and Penitence.
"And lastly by oft cheering up the Soule
"With that Repast, which Nature doth controule,
"That Mysticke Lambe unseene, yet reall flesh,
"Slaine, yet living now Soules to refresh.
Thus doth the Holy Ghost worke and Create
A new borne Babe, a Soule Regenerate;
Ev'n He, that quickned Christ in Maries wombe,
Will breath on him, and make him then become
By Motion calme, unseene, and secret meane,
Christs lively Member, pure, Reformed, Cleane,
[Page 130]Conformed to the Head, our Elder Brother,
Whose last command was this: Love one another.
Now by these signes our Britaines sure may know,
Whether they be of his true Christian Row.
To be Baptiz'd without the Sacred Spirit,
Is surely never Heaven to Inherit.
They be but Nurles, half Christians, dwarfes, or elves,
Nor Hot, nor Cold, which doe perswade them­selves
By Baptisme bare with Water, the Communion,
And Outward workes to be of Saint-like union;
For what will our great Charters Seale availe?
If to performe the Covenants we faile?
"That is, to love our New mans Lord and Head,
"Learne his New Law, and a New life then lead?
God by Christ's death more power did restore
With that Free-will, which Adam lost before.
"Grace gave to us this Supernaturall
"Free gift to cope with the Will Naturall.
"This Will our New-man hath from Bondage free,
"Because true Faith brought Bondage on his knee,
"Which, as Love-tokens, each good Christian hath
"Left him by Grace, to lead him in Christs path.
But if he slights this Path being Catechiz'd,
How can he be with Flames Characteriz'd?
How dares he say that he doth harmelesse save
His Sureties triple vow, except he rave?
[Page 131]"If he delights in Carnall talke, or Lust
"More than Gods Word: his Faith lies in the dust.
"Devotion failes, whilst sinne in Man doth raigne,
"Whilst Satans raigning fancy guides his braine
"Nor can Gods Gra [...]e within his heart fix anchor
"Till it be cleans'd of rust and Natures rancour;
"Or if it burne, it quickly may expire
"By Carnall meanes and blasts, except the Fire
"Of zeale be kept still in by daily use,
"With watch and ward from Holy things abuse:
"Except the Soule for God Faiths Tything powres
"Heapt daily from the foure and twenty houres.
This is a Mystery, which few observe;
And fewer like: but give themselves to serve
The vicious Times: more for Promotion striving
Or Plots to please rich humourists contriving,
Then Grace to beg with humble hearts and sorry,
Then first to seeke before their owne Gods Glory.
"Joyne we our wills to his, we shall be pure,
For Christ his death Old Adams Plagues did oure.
But now a dayes in worldly Policy
Some temporize, to hide their Lunacy,
Like Adams nakednesse, till time more mellow,
And ripe shall change their Youthfull haires & yel­low,
Or else because against the Holy Ghost
For sinning they doe tremble to be lost,
If once New borne of the same Flaming Spirit
They lose their Talent, or chance to bury it.
[Page 132]O causelesse doubts, like to Hob-goblins Feares!
As though Gods spirit loathes the sighs and teares
Of his poore Converts, nay, he will assure
And helpe to make their rathe Election sure.
No Fits stop them, like Agues, stormes, or Raine,
But Grace moves to their Centred Hearts againe.
Though I confesse that great Presumptuous sinne
Concernes them much, who have New-formed bin,
(As many were soone after Christs Ascent
Possest with Gifts to Schooles Astonishment)
By the Immediate wondrous Inspiration
Of Gods bright Flame, though by the Instigation
Of Satan, they chance afterwards to fall
To Lunacies, yet let them hope with Paul
And Peter falne by Christ his Blood Remission,
For who dares judge Grds Grace without mispri­sion?
Or sentence our Grave Cranmer for his feares?
Since at his Death he purg'd his Fall with Teares,
And sacrific'd his Hand first to the fire,
Because it did against his Heart conspire?
Let them take up these words with Job, and say:
"Ile put my trust in him, though he me slay.
"Tis true I fell: which Fall I will not Cover.
"I was Soule-sicke: but God may me recover.
"Barre Aire and Bloud of motion Circulare,
"Meteours the one, Heart-griefes the other scare,
"The Body feeles sins Symptomes and diseases;
[Page 133]"So feeles the Soule, till Grace them both releases,
"Which never failes a Saint, though for a while,
"Foule Lustfull fogges Faithes working may defile.
"Let none despaire that hath Repentant beene,
"Or can but once a day sigh for his sinne.
Many grave Rules and Documents profound
Christ left, and did unto the Jewes expound
Amongst which others here I will relate:
"The Lowly, Pure, the Poore and desolate,
"The Peace-maker, and for the Faith opprest,
"These with the Zealous he pronounced Blest
Christ termes those Blest, of Spirit Poore and Mild,
"Then what is Mans Great Spirit? Satans Child.
"His bristling up with Braggadochian vaunts,
"With fuming Spleene, with Gall, and Girding Taunts;
"His standing on fond Natures brittle Pinion,
"Or his owne Merits puffe, or Wits opinion;
"His sleighting of a Saint that favour craves,
"As if himselfe were Pope; Christs Members slaves▪
"His thundring peales of Penalties high rackt,
"As if his owne swell'd Head no Surgeon lackt;
"His false designes to bring home Massy Crimes
"From Forraigne Climes in Antichristian Times;
"His Challenges for Honours wrong'd repaire,
"Or by Law-suites Saints Fortunes to impaire:
[Page 134]"What Spirit swayes, shewes the Red Dragons Mace,
"Not of the Lambes, but wicked Belials Race.
So farre was Christ from wrath, or vengeance taking
So farre from spoyling foes, or greedy raking,
That he bad Peter to put up his Sword,
When he had Malchus smote; and at his word
Confessing he was Jesus, though they were
Scar'd at his voyce, he will'd them not to feare;
And when his owne Disciples did presume
To urge him, like Elias? to consume
Those men with fire, which wilfully deny'd
To harbour him; the fiend then undescry'd
By them he checkt, and said, that they did rave,
"For he came not to kill, but Soules to save.
Who then beleeves Saint Patrickes Oracles?
That Irish Kernes he kild by Miracles?
Or credit our New Sects, who doe conspire
To plant our Saviours Church by Sword and Fire?
So farre liv'd Christ from Pride; at once he had
But one plaine Robe, wherewith his backe was clad;
One Coate he wore to shrow'd his naked skinne,
A Seamelesse Coate to cover Adams sinne;
A Coate indeed wrought uniforme and plaine,
To shew that he recover'd backe againe
Our former suite of Innocence entire
Without those seames of Schoolemens nice atti [...]e,
Which likewise we, like Turtle Doves, must weare
[Page 135]At our New Birth with Love and filiall feare,
Not slashing it, like Schismatiques unbid,
Nor casting Lots, as Romes fell Souldiers did,
Who not content to gore his Guiltlesse side
And Body slay, his Rayment did divide.
"The Fóxes had their Holes, the Aiery Foule
"Their proper Nests: But he poore harmelesse Soule,
"Like Noahs Dove, on earth could scarce have foo­ting;
"No certaine Lodg, nor comforts worth the boo­ting,
"Glad in his Travels to receive releife
"Of them, who for his sake received Life.
Instead of Ease, he Persecution felt,
Chose Desarts oft, and into Brine did melt
His Eyes with griefe to see such Combination;
Such Pride among his owne selected Nation.
He spent the day in Preaching and good deedes,
The night in Prayer for their foule Misdeedes:
Yet liv'd he more contented with his Fate
Than Solomon with all his Royall state,
Before whose pompe & traines Illustrious muster,
He priz'd the Lillies for their native Lustre.
Such Artlesse flowers he saw of goodlier hew
And Glaring more then any Maske or shew.
This Christ exprest with Gospels Majesty,
With Practicke patience, Love, and Poverty;
Teares often shed, true zeale, and thereupon
His Fathers Doome for Sinners undergone.
[Page 136]To stint our daily Cares for worldly pelfe,
"The Morrowes Carke he bids leave to it selfe.
For why should we distrust our Fathers Ayd,
When we see Fieldes with various Robes array'd?
And Sparrowes bred without Mans industry?
Then how much more will he our Need supply?
Before we thinke on things meere Transitory,
Seeke first, said Christ, the Joyes of Heavenly glory,
And then be sure of this: you shall have more
Than serves your turn out of his bounteous store,
Or at the least, what Nature may suffice,
Food, Rayment, Lodging, or the like supplies:
Have you forgot the many Thousands fed
With a few Fish, and Barley Loaves of Bread?
To teach us thrift, the scraps when they were fil [...]d
Most frugally to be laid up he will'd:
Looke carefully the Fragments be not lost,
Or cast away (quoth he, the Gentle Oast.)
"A faire advice to them that spend on Hounds,
"What serves for Humane use, though wealth a­bounds.
"This Rule likewise a warning Type I place
"For them that waste their Inward Food of Grace,
"Distributing in Playes, some Pearles to Hogges,
"Christs holy scrappes, as Huntsmen cheere their Dogges.
"When we must keepe the Reliques of our boord,
[Page 137]"Ought we not more the Sacred Word to hoor'd?
"The smallest crummes and passag [...] of Grace,
"May stead the weake in their New holy Race,
O let us then without Sophisticke Brabble
Reserve all Remnants of the Mysticke Table,
Least that the Seed, which Christ the better Part
Most needfull calls, misse rooting in the Heart,
Least Martha-like with Household toyle [...]pprest
We want the Food which Mary liked best,
The Word, which she so well disgested then,
That her best Choyce crownes her Saint Magdalen.
To weane us from aspiring to Promotion,
The Old mans plot, the Serpents shining Motion,
When some of his Apostles strove for place,
Jesus did thus their lofty mindes abase:
He tooke and rank't a Child in midst of them,
Protesting that, though he of scorned stem
Were held by them: yet Meeke and Innocent,
His Spirit might an Elders worth prevent,
And that unlesse a Child we imitate
In harmelesse Love, we seeke Gods Lambe too late▪
Doubtlesse there is a great Antipathy
Betwixt the World and Heaven for Quality
And Motion: when the Church here Militant
Failes to Consort her Tunes extravagant
With the Elects Allelujahs Vnion,
[Page 138]The Greatest here may misse of Saints Communion
But if our thoughts shine circled in the Ring
Of mutuall Love with constant Faith, (a thing
That may not be except the Holy Ghost
Infuse those flaming Twinnes) then will the Hoas [...]
Of Angels Quire by the like Sympathy,
As Load stones, meete our Willes conformity.
Though Nature doth Impostumated swell,
Or burne with Feavers, like the fits of Hell,
The Spirit yet more strong in the Vacation
Will overcome, and settle our Vocation;
Gods Mercy will with Natures moods dispence,
If fixing on his Sonne our Confidence
And Rest, we kneele twixt Love and reverend feares
To Him alone with contrite sighes and teares,
Unfaignedly sweet Abbaes sound to greet,
Oft looking downe on our vile Peacockes feete.
O would these Layes might now rebound with Ecchoes!
And pierce the Eares of Earths Magnificoes,
With sad Portents reverberating Rue,
And Wormwood moods for slighting what is true!
Because they doate, despising Saints Correction,
On Idoll-praise of Good my Lords reflection,
And derogate from Gods Prerogative,
Not giving thankes to him by whom they thrive
With Titles more than Don [...], then Gundamore,
[Page 139]Like Herod, or proud Babels scarlet Whore:
Gods wrath in spight of all their brave reputes
Will squeeze their Pompe and Popelike Attributes.
Truth echoed Ruth: and he that scornes her Eccho
Pigma [...]ion turnes, Don Quishot, or a Hicco.
Truth spake this doome with Trumpets sounding loud:
"God helpes the meeke, and tumbles downe the proud.
"So spake her voyce in them that bad us shunne
"High Seats, rich Robes, to weare the homely spun
"Old Sackecloathes weed, plaine stuffe, or Camels haire,
"Contritions Garbes, puft Honours to impaire.
So spake bright shining Truth, that Noble Dame,
In them that warn'd the Outward man to tame,
Who by Saint John at the Lambes Feast records
That Fou [...]es shall eate the flesh of Mighty Lords,
When poorest Saints and meanest of Esteeme
Shall feed with Christ, though they unworthy seeme
To Carnall Eyes, and whilst those Potentates,
Or pamp'red Lords with all their Glistring states.
For want of Wedding Robes shall be excluded.
And to become a shamefull prey concluded.
Meane while to gaine a Name like Alexander,
Some live by Bloudy spoyles, or else they squander
Their surest Meanes on Earth for the support
Of their high pompe, and blazing starres report.
[Page 140]But after death, O Fooles; what Harvest shall
Ye reape by Fame? or Port Pontificall?
Or if perchance ye live to dappled Age,
Will not a lingring hell abate your Rage?
Would God these Lines might prove Angelicall
That they were stampt in Letters Capitall,
For never Age durst be so bold to call
Like Ours, Damn'd Pride of Graces Principal [...].
Christ wils us not to Judge men for that sinne,
Whereof we know our selves have guilty beene,
For looke with what rough measure we doe mete
To others, God will make the like complete
Upon our score: To cure a Brothers sight
Tis fit our owne be cleare to Judge aright.
We must not give Gods holy things to dogges,
Nor Minister his Mysteries to hogges,
For hogge [...] in Mire the finest Pearles will tread,
And envious dogs with Bruitish Passions led,
Will snarling-wise their Masters Guests molest,
Whom he invited to his marriage Feast.
These dogs and [...]ogs, Christ warnes us to prevent
Full cautiously, lest us they circumvent,
And interrupt our entry into blisse,
The Gate whereof is straite, and many misse
To find it out; Although they have been Call'd,
Yet very few are chosen and install'd
True Saints: (so narrow is the heavenly Gate.)
[Page 141]Some know the Way, but comming there too late
They are repuls'd; some boast of Miracles,
And of great Merits, yet find Obstacles,
And for their vaunts are dasht; Not every one
That cals Lord, Lord; or knowes Gods murthered Son,
Shall enter there with glozing snares and Nets:
The hollow Hearts prove then the greatest Lets,
As doe their Bragges of Meritorious workes,
Or naked Faith. Here the slie Serpent lurkes
Unseene of Carnall eyes, and will betray
Soules with faign'd Ecchoes, till they lose their way.
But if they like our highest Fathers will,
They must shun ill, and so climbe up his Hill.
How many thousands doate on worldly Pleasure
So long, untill they lose Soules sacred Treasure?
Sometimes Hels theeves breake in, and all is gone;
Some other time wanting the Corner stone,
Their house fals downe, which whilst they build a­gaine,
Death summons them, or tortures them with pain
That they forget their Master and their charge,
And lose thereby his Grace, and their discharge.
All yee therefore, that mind the Heavenly Palace,
Take Christs advise; Build not for carnall solace,
On Bog, or Sand: but build upon the Rocke
Your Temple, where you need not feare the shocke
Of Tyrant-waves, nor foggy Earths eruptions,
[Page 142]Nor undermining Fankes, nor Theeves irruptions.
And then you shall be sure though Natures date
Concludes your State, to meet with happier Fate.
"To Counterfeits much blame Christ did impute,
"And such as gave their Almes for vaine repute;
"He willes us not to strive for Wealth or Place,
"Nor for Good workes to looke for Humane Grace,
"To love his Friends, and not on them to prey,
"Nay, to forgive, and for our Foes to pray.
"We must not on a Brother wrecke our teene,
"Nor let the Sunne goe downe upon our spleene;
We must remit not onely seven Times,
But Seventy times seven; and that betimes,
Lest that we run that wretched Stewards race,
To whom his Lord compassioning his Case
Suspended all his Debts, untill he heard
How he had dealt with others sore and hard.
He God forbad with Babling to abuse,
But when we pray, the briefest Termes to use,
"More tending to his Praise, then our supplies,
"Which last wee season must sometimes with sighes:
"Not Parrot-like by roate, but from the Roote,
"And Bottome of the Heart with Abbaes Note;
The Module whereof himselfe declar'd,
Thus having us from tedious Formes debarr'd:
"Father most High, thy Name be glor [...]fide:
[Page 143]"Thy Kingdome come: As doth in heaven betide,
"Thy will on Earth be done: Food daily give,
"To us: As we our Foes; Lord, us forgive:
"And let us not be tempted by the Devill,
"The World, or Flesh, but free us from all Evill.
This pithy Forme the Lord to us did leave
For patterne pure, if we it well conceive.
We must in chiefe looke on Gods Sacred Power,
And sanctifie his Name before we powre
Devotions forth for our owne Private Ends.
We must doe nothing worldly, but what tends
More to his Praise than to our owne respect.
He warnes that we false Christians must expect,
Who the true Faith to bring into neglect
Will forge strange things well-nere to foole the Elect;
False Balaams, who not holding Love for Roofe,
Would cover Faith with Golden Clouds aloofe,
"False Teachers, like the Scribes and Pharisees
"Who should seduce the world with Dreames and lies,
"Who like Jewes Rabbies for Supremacies,
"Should gape, and Hunt for Lordly Primacies,
"Over his Members, whom he Brethren styles,
A Caveat true for Antichristian Wiles.
Yea, and for Lords, if they good Christians grieve
Under pretext of Gods Prerogative.
[Page 144]To these he other addes, signes that portend
The Judgement day at hand, and the worlds End.
"When that we see strange Plagues, Fraud, Famine, Jarres,
"With Massacres of Saints, and Bloody warres,
"When Mauzzims Type raignes in Gods holy place,
"Like Caesars set for Sions last disgrace:
"When Frogs, or Locusts wast our meanes of Light;
"When the Baptiz'd our New mans Gifts do slight,
"And sell mens Soules; when one betrayes another,
"And of Christs flocke the Brother hurts the Brother;
"When Children to their Sires rebellious prove,
"And Wives to Husbands faile in mutuall Love:
"These tearing Vnions Bond by loves divorce,
"Those razing Natures Fort without remorce:
"When both these States, the Churches mysticke type,
"Each other cloy with Tares, or fruite unripe:
"When men create New Christs both here & there,
"Or, then in Heaven, Christs body seeke elsewhere;
"When his bright Light shines in the utmost West,
"Which, like to Lightning, rose first from the East
"When most mens zeale shall frozen be and cold,
"Then every houre looke for the End foretold;
"Which End steales on, like Daniels desolations,
"Or Noahs Flood, which overtooke all Nations,
"Whilst they were feasting, like our Libertines,
Who slight these Flames, as they those Crystall signes.
[Page 145]Heed, Readers, then your Monitors advise,
And scorne not this his Servants Sacrifice.
Other good Rules to us Christ left behind
To cleare the sight of the most sinfull blind,
And those in solid words more comprehending
In one short Parable, more by descending
From Generals to formes Particular,
Conducting Saints to the Archangels war,
With easie steps, and edifying phraze,
More than by thorny doubts, Meanders maze.
"Which course if Preachers now adayes would trace
"With Catechizing Lectures to make place
"For Seed to spring, not halfe so many Tares
"Would choke pure-seeded hearts with worldly cares.
"If in their Sermons to the simpler sort
"They leave to canvase and to make report
"Of matters past their reach and Apprehensions,
Or such deepe points, which might provoke con­tentions:
As Gods Essentiall Forme, Pelagian doubts,
The Soules Free-will, hels place, or whereabouts
Departed Saints are seated till Doomes-day;
And not the Pulpit beate with an Affray
On Bellarmine, and other Clerkes unknowne,
Whō they with Latine there would tumble down.
If they shoot not Wits Squibs against the Truth,
Nor Legend-dreames to sindge the eares of Youth;
[Page 146]If they Preach nothing but Christ Crucified,
And saving Faith, sinne would lye mortifyed:
Their zeale would spring, if they with zealous mood,
Expound Christs Gospell to be understood.
Men would repent, sinnes Baites if they disgrace,
Dividing the Lawes Thunder from mild Grace.
Some kind of sinnes, which daily he beheld
Committed by poore humble Soules, he held
More veniall, of compassionate regard:
He pittyed them, and their petitions heard,
If with Contritions Grones they did lament,
And of their sinnes unfainedly repent.
To shew his Love unto the Convertite,
To lift up Soules from discontented plight,
And that none should despaire of Clemency,
He did these short similitudes apply.
A man had lost one sheepe of many score,
But finding it with toyle, rejoyced more,
Than for the rest, which never stray'd at all
From their owne Ranke, his whistle, or his call.
A Woman next he cited, who did boast,
More of one silver peece, which she had lost
And after search recovered, then of nine
Left in her purse, that never made her whine.
For further proofe, he brought the Prodigall,
Who spent his meanes, both use and Principall,
[Page 147]Most lavishly, yet afterwards Repenting,
With teares he found his Fathers hearts relenting,
That his Returne a New-man from a Beast
He welcom'd with a Calfe, and made a Feast.
"Such Joy (Christ said) transports the Angels Quire,
"When men Repent, and seeke their Heavenly Sire.
"They triumph more for One poore Convertite
"Then for lesse Strayes, or more in life upright.
So pittifull was Christ, that to unfold
His Love, Remorce, and mercies manifold:
Were endlesse paines above Capacity
Of Humane wit clog'd with Infirmity:
As may appeare by that Adulteresse
Led by the Scribes, when seeing her heavinesse
He bad her to goe home, and sinne no more;
And when himself stood tortur'd at deaths doore
He comforted the Theefe with Paradise,
Because he askt for Grace with dolefull eyes.
"But for the Higher sort, who proudly dar'd
"Maskt under Lawes pretence with burdens hard
"To Tyrannize upon mens Consciences,
"And by Schoole Quirkes, or wrested sentenc [...]s
"Of Scripture to molest the Churches union,
"Those with a woe he doomed for disunion,
With such who force the gift of Chastity,
Unlesse God gave it, on Humanity;
[Page 148]Who barring Saints Gods Im age to beget,
Would weave for foule Asmod [...]eus Priests a Net.
Christ utterly mislikt such Scandalists,
Like them who dare, beyond Religions Lists
As petty Kings, to Lord it by their gripes,
Wounding the Poore, worthy of many stripes,
Those he Judg'd to be, for above all sins
Then raigning strong, and whereby Satan wins
Most in our Age, smooth-fac'd Hypocrisy
He loathed as foule thoughts, Soules Leprosie.
Eight severall woes therefore against the Scribes
He thundred for their hollow deeds and Bribes:
"Who knew his Masters will and did it not,
"But wilfully would loyter, play, or plot
"Some lewd designe against his Masters profit,
"Or saw his losse, and not informes him of it;
Such witting slaves he sentenced to be
Worthy of smart in a most high degree.
It griev'd him much to see Wisemen contend,
Like Ideots, and fond children to no end,
For shaddowes on the wall, for Dignity,
Short lasting Pompe, for so true Liberty
Quite losing through their Pride, and vaine desires
They quench the flame of Intellectuall fires:
Christ saw these Flashes, Dreames, and Fooleries,
And oft lamented them with weeping eyes.
To shun therefore Gods wrath, and to fulfill,
While we on earth survive, his Fathers will,
[Page 149]"Of force we must (he said) forsake our owne,
"Though dearest, Lusts, and tread Temptations downe:
"We must take up his Crosse, and that prefer,
"As Heavens doore, and our Remembrancer,
"Before our Parents, Children, or Alliance,
"And on his Blood to fixe our whole Affiance.
To Penitents through Faith, hee preach't Remissi­on
Of sinnes, but Plagues for temporiz'd omission,
The which with Teares hee Prophesied would light
For wilfull sinne on every faithlesse wight.
This Judgement on Jerusalem foretold
By Romes proud Conquests afterwards tooke hold,
When Abrahams seed, the Circumcized Ligne,
Were quite expulst the Land of Palestine.
And sithence we, the Christians of the West,
Yea, and the East, whom Infidels molest,
Have felt for sinne Gods Plagues of Vengeance due,
And shall feele worse, unlesse we change our hue,
With better Leaven then the Pharisees,
Our Faith, like ill bak't bread, soone putrifies.
O hardned hearts! O most unhappy men!
How oft sought Christ, like to a carefull Hen
Her wandring Chickens, or a loving Brother,
To reunite your strayes? and wrongs to smother?
How oft likewise hath he recalled home,
[Page 150]Into his Flocke our Westerne Christendome?
God grant our B [...]itaines may regard this pittance,
These crummes of mine, not slighting their ad­mittance
Into his Fold, least Antichristian foule
Devoure their seed and their New man controule;
"Lest for their want of Faiths Lampe-oyle in Heaven,
"They be like to the Foolish Virgins driven
"From the Kings Feast; or that they hide their Talents;
"Or they shut out for want of wedding rayments;
"Or like those Clownes, who their Lords Servants stript,
"Murtherd his Sonne, and were themselves extirpt.
These severall sorts of Temporizers toucht,
We find by Christ himselfe, and sharpely coucht
Under these pithy Parables, like them;
Which praise the Tree, and yet the Fruite contemne
For some there are, as Jesus did rehearse,
Who by the High way side, good Corne disperse,
And this the Birds catch up, and prey upon.
Some sow in Barren ground too neere the Stone;
Which wanting Earth & moisture wants encrease;
"So hardned Faith can never harvest Peace.
"And though Gods word be Preacht on Sabbath dayes,
"Yet lacking Roo [...]e, it withers & decayes.
[Page 151]Such Auditors, and outward Formalists
Stand both excluded out of Christian Lists.
"Some seed springs faire, but choakt with thornes and Tares,
"Soone faile, like braines too full of worldly cares.
"When Satans weedes of vanity, or Lust
"Grow up with Faith, then Faith lies in the dust.
So in Gods Church spring Heresies accurst,
Unlesse Good Pastours weed them up at first.
"But blest be they, who sow in Fruitfull ground,
"Their Graine shall sure a hundred fold abound;
"Like Mustard seed, though at the Prime but smal,
"Yet at the Harvest, it growes full and Tall.
If Adams Sonnes could with a zealous mind
Receive Gods Word, his Spirit they should finde,
His holy Gifts would multiply with store;
From blisse to blisse they should rise more & more.
Such Prophesies of Christs are come to passe,
Where we may see, as in a steely glasse,
How some [...]ay for Gods Messengers a traine,
Yea and to slay their Masters Sonne againe.
How neere some runne into damnations brinke,
Like Beares to eate his Flesh, his Blood to drinke?
"For doe not they with Blasphemy mistake?
"To bragge, that they did Flesh materiall take?
"When Christ before his Passion, as he sate
"At Supper, did no such communicate.
[Page 152]"In reall forme? nor yeeld for them to gnaw
"His Limbes, which then and there entire they saw?
"His Flesh and Blood Christ consters to be Life,
"And Quickning Spirit, and to end all strife.
"He saith, that Man must have another Birth,
"The Elder borne of flesh, or Carnall earth.
"The second of the Spirit, New and quicke;
"Whereto a Saint with constant faith must sticke,
"For as the flesh subsists with earthly Bread,
"So by his Deaths Record the Soule is fed:
"His Sacrificed flesh with mouthes Confession
"And Hearts Beliefe receiv'd, heales all Transgres­sion;
"And doth through Grace the Spirits food impart
"Unto Gods Image pure, Mans noblest part.
"This made Christ say: The flesh cannot availe,
"For Blisse, but that his quickning words prevaile.
"This quickning food Christs Spirit satisfide,
"When Satan try'd his Body mortifide:
"Mans person here not onely lives by Bread,
"But with the word of God he must be fed.
"This unseene meate Christ had, as he did tell,
"Whereof they knew not, at Samariaes Well.
"On which Eternall [...]ates those Soules that feed,
"Of Carnall food shall never stand in need,
"Nor at Doomesday, when Hagges howle out, Alasse!
"Shall Soule-fed Saints to condemnation passe.
This Living water free'y without sale,
[Page 153] Christ cry'd to all a [...]hirst, both great an small;
"To drinke, beleeve, and feed on Christ, implyes
"The selfe same thing in our great Sacrifice.
Our Bodies food by Nature rots at last,
Converts to dung, and to the draught is cast,
Or is to Humours chang'd; but Christ his food
Transformes us to his quickning flesh and blood,
Of the like Substance form'd and Quality
As the New mans by Christs Conformity.
"The Rocke a figure was, the Vine a signe;
"Blest be the Branches grafted in this Vine,
"So blest be they, who make true Ghostly use
"Of this Rocke, Vine, and Blood without abuse.
"As here our Soules feed on Christs flesh and blood,
"By faith: so musing on his Sacred food,
"We shall raisd up to higher Dignity
"Feed on Christs God [...]ead and Humanity;
"Where now we feed on Christ the Lambe divine,
"We then shall Feast through Christ, with God in Trine.
"Gods word begat the Churches Sacraments,
"Of sundry formes, yet One in their intents;
"The Circumcision and the Easter Lambe,
"Our Baptisme and the Eucharist became;
"Mysterious signes Christs Image to renew
"By Grace in man, the Gentile as the Jew,
"In which, as they their Faith infolded fixt,
"So we on Christ Baptiz'd, and C [...]ucifixt;
[Page 154]"For in the Cloud the Nation circumciz'd
"Were in the Desart to Faiths Rocke baptiz'd,
"An easie yoake for us, two Objects free,
"Both which they darkling saw, through Crystall we:
[...]They God admir'd in their old Sacrifice,
"As we doe Christ in ours with Extasies.
"Faith saved them and did their soules releeve,
"And the same God saves us, if we beleeve.
"Since they were sav'd beleeving in the Shadowes,
"Then why not we receiving him that made us?
"Yea sure, we may according to our Creed
"And zeale, feed on his Flesh, true Flesh indeed,
"Not Chymicke-like, with changing Accidents,
"But as our New-man feeds with Soule-rapt sense;
"Not with our Teeth, nor yet Fantasticke flesh,
"But as himselfe at Supper did expresse
"It for Soules Food to his Disciples then,
"As now, with his Deaths type, to Christian men.
Who this beleeves and helpes the wounded man,
Without a Fee, like the Samaritane,
If he be Lowly, as the Publican,
Asham'd of sin, and doth the best he can
To please the Lord ▪ he shall be borne anew,
Of Gods bright Spirit, and see all things New,
"The Sacraments typ'd with New properties;
"The one doth cleanse the Babes impurities,
The other cheeres us up by Sacrifice
[Page 155]Of Bread and Wine, Food of new Qualities,
Vnder whose veile they blest by sacred Word
We minde in Trance the Body of the Lord,
And then we checke the World, the Flesh, the Devill;
For Saints wel know, that nothing which is evil,
Nor yet that Flesh, wherein our Spirits move,
Shall Heaven see, till Grace our sins remove:
(Which may not be, unlesse we will Repent
To Natures griefe, and Fiends astonishment▪)
How we become New borne, no more we know
Than Nicodemus, how the wind did blow,
But by our Faith: that Gods Sonne crucified
Doth now on his Right hand sit glorified
Above all Thrones, A Saviour, Priest, and King,
Triumphant over sin, the Dragons sting,
And may heale us, as the Brasse Serpent hung
Did Israelites by fiery Serpents stung,
If we receive this Viands excellence
With Inward taste more than with Outward sense.
But why did Christ Evangelize Salvation
In mysticke sort? and aime at Reprobation
By sentences to carnall wits so darke,
Was it that we more seriously might marke,
The Sence, when they should moralized be
By Clerkes of our Leviticall Degree.
Perhaps such Tropes propt with Divinity,
May worke in some with greater Majesty
"So Saints sometimes to States Tyrannicall
[Page 156]"Have read by Riddles, or in Generall
"Grave Lectures on the Gospels Lightning Text,
"Least their seeds growth by spleene or by pretext
"Of winding Lawes were dasht with dis-respect,
"Or silenced themselves with foule neglect,
"If bluntly they, or headlong out of Season
"Preach much of Peace to Tyrants voyd of Reason.
Christs flocke well knowes his voyce: but on the rest
That stray, let Wolves and Roamers Feast,
Let carnall Sots poare on Carnalities,
Whilst we Christs Body see with Angels eyes,
Or at the least, while with our New mans sight,
We doe discerne from Carnall Sense his Light:
After this way hid from the Old mans brood
Our Noblest part receives Christs mysticke Food.
Some other times He prov'd his Oracles
Concerning fruitlesse faith by Miracles;
As when he to a Figge-tree did repaire
For fruite; which a farre off seem'd greene & faire
In show, but finding there not ought but Leaves,
Incens'd, he it with indignation leaves,
Because he found it backward in the yeelding,
And not well Graft, he left it for a Hielding,
And from thenceforth a Reprobated Tree:
For when he said, Let never fruite on thee,
Ripe or unripe, [...]e from [...]ence forward found,
The Boughes fell dead, & withered to the Ground.
[Page 157]What shall I write of Tabors Mount the Story?
Where three Disciples saw his shining glory?
In all his workes of greatest Eminence,
He ever had his end and Reference
To Constant Faith, and to his Fathers Will,
Which for Mans good he thirsted to fulfill.
The number of the signes which Jesus wrought,
Were infinite, beyond mans Wit or Thought:
Whereof the first was water turn'd to Wine,
To grace a Marriage-feast by Deedes divine
At Cana wrought a Towne of Galilee:
Which him confirm'd the Mysticke Vine to be;
That as raw water tooke the taste and shape
Beyond mens reach of Natures rarest Grape,
So might dull Thoughts, though cold, receive im­pression
Of the Fire-cloven tongu'd zeales expression.
He by his word made simple Fishermen,
More wise then Doctours without Booke or Pen.
He made the Blinde to see, the Lame to goe,
The dumbe to speake; the sicke past cure, forgoe
Their Palsies, Dropsies, and Issues of blood
Yea, from his Vesture toucht proceeded good.
He forc't his Foes, the Luciferian rout,
To quake, and at his word he chas'd them out.
He many freed with Reall fiends possest;
Cleansed Lepers, and all as were distrest
With Feavers Fire, or Humours foaming Rage,
[Page 158]Or were diseas'd of Young or Elder Age,
In Body, or in Minde; He raisd the Dead
To Life, and Lazar in his Earthy Bed
For foure dayes space entombed he reviv'd,
And thousands with small victuals he reliev'd:
Which deeds his Power prov'd Omnipotent,
That could raise Food, and make his guests content.
He walked dry-foote on the liquid Seas:
He calm'd rough stormes with words: Be still & Peace;
Words cyphring him Gods mighty Sonne, and Word,
Which could so soone both windes and waves ac­cord.
Not one, who had of Faith the smallest graine,
Departed from his sight uncur'd of paine.
He cur'd their Bodies griefes, their sinnes remitted,
He calm [...]d Gods wrath, and nothing he omitted
Expedient for the Soules salvation here,
Whereby we might before Gods Throne appeare,
Made pure by Faith: free from Concupiscence
Originall, and sinnes deriv'd from thence
By meanes of his great Merits excellence,
His words, his workes, and Virgin-Innocence.
He knew the thoughts and Plots of Salems Clerk [...],
And did strike home at their slye muttring quirks.
And all these wonders of amazement full,
Christ acted to provoke a Nation dull,
Yea to confirme his Gospels Oracles
Transfer'd from God, he wrought such Miracles,
[Page 159]To make our Soules to see the Heavenly Light
With Eyes of Faith, and here to live upright,
According to his Patterne: more to raise
Our Makers Glory, then our causelesse praise;
To muse on more the New mans lasting Food,
Then Transubstantiate Toyes of Flesh and blood,
That we by fiends and worldly wiles perplext,
Might find sound Cure in his true Gospels text,
Christs Testament, which in the Church more bold
Then wise, some in their hands, not Hearts do hold
But tis in vaine to turne the Scriptures over,
To quote some Text, and presently to hover
About our worldly businesse, as if borne,
Like Butter flies, or Natures shamefull scorne,
To flutter time away with painted wings;
But we must plod on these Eternall things
With serious care, that when our Tempters come
(As come they will) they may not find us dumbe,
Or Planet strucke, but finding us prepar'd,
With Jesus in our mouthes, and hearts; out dar'd,
They out of hand will from our Lodge depart
To other Rankes their venome to impart.
Such wonders were atchieved for three yeares space,
To witnesse Christ Gods Sonne, and in Gods place,
The first at Canaes Marriage did appeare,
The last concludes by healing Malchus Eare.
More Miracles were by our Saviour wrought,
[Page 160]To satisfie the true Believers Thought
Then living in that Age. But these suffice
To manifest his God head to the Wise,
To Penitents, and hopefull Catechists,
Which were left by the foure Evangelists.
For if the Precepts all, which Jesus taught,
With Wonders wrought, were to our knowledge brought,
They would confound the Hearers memories,
And fables seeme in Baals blind Oratories.
Gods word is pithy, short, and ponderous,
Where Humane Glosse is long and frivolous.
We have enough Christs Gospel to confirme;
We crave no more to keepe our Inside firme,
Than what we by the Spirits Pen-men finde
Recorded there to edify the Minde.
If any cover more, let them take heed,
That they smart not for their Presumptuous deed▪
As sometime sought a Princesse fond with zeale,
Of Christ his deeds to adde an ampler deale;
Those which Saint John omitted she desir'd
To bring to Light, but while she thus aspir'd,
A wandring Fryer of like Holynesse
From Italy arriv'd; and did possesse
Her mind so much, that he by Revelation,
False dreames, deceites, and Satans provocation,
And faigning, that he got into his hand
Saint Peters Relique sho [...]e in Jewrie [...] Land
[Page 161]Had soone perswaded her, that from her wombe
A Prophet borne should afterwards become
The man, that should those Miracles omitted,
Divulge to Light, whereby he was admitted,
Because more Holy in her vaine opinion,
Then other men, to be her Carnall Minion,
Untill at last,
This Story is largely set out in that Treatise entituled, Les Comptes du monde Adventureux Imprin­ted at Paris. 1572.
A Dukes Inheritrix
With a great Belly turn'd a Meretrix.
BUt all Christs workes could not from Martyr­dome
Protect his Life, such was the Godheads Doome,
That him to sting the Serpent should aspire,
And him to slay now men and fiends conspire:
That Yeare, when Caiphas sate in Aarons roome
By Deputation from Imperious Rome,
In th' Eighteenth yeare of Old Tiberius Raigne,
When Pontius Pilate for ambitious gaine,
And bloody spoyles had rackt Judaeaes Land
About seven yeeres with his Praetorian Band:
Then Christ his Fame for raising Lazarus
From death, and for such deeds Miraculous,
[Page 162]Began to spread abroad with glorious wings,
And then it pleas'd the Soveraigne King of Kings
To free his Sonne from Earthly cares and feares,
And to recall him from this vale of teares,
Where he had liv'd among the Jewish Route
For three and thirty yeares, or thereabout.
The period now approacht of that Decree
Foredoomed by the Sacred Trinity:
That Gods deare Sonne, New Creatures to create,
Should for Old Adam dye a shamefull Fate.
The Jewish Scribes of Salems Hierarchy
Had long before with plots begun to try,
How him they might intangle in his speech,
But his wise answers still outstript their reach.
Sometime they did with questions him assay,
To know, if they should unto Caesar pay
Tribute or no; whereby they might for Treason
Attach him: but they failed for that season.
So wary in his talke they found him still,
They could no way entrap his Tongue for ill,
Nor taxe his life with the least hainous Fact.
At last the bruite of his late famous Act,
How Lazarus revived from his Grave,
Where he had laine for foure dayes space, that gave
More cause of envy and astonishment,
New Jealousies, fewell of discontent;
But most of all when loud Hosannae [...] shout
To welcome him the City rang throughout.
[Page 163]How many griefes on his Humanity?
How many wrongs on his Divinity
Did they from time to Time, when they should render
Him gratefull thankes, inflict? though thankes were slender:
Instead of thankes his Favours they requited
With Adders stings; his wonders they backebited,
And tooke him for a Witch or Conjurer,
With Belzebub in League; that he did erre,
Dislodging F [...]iends but by the Prince of hell.
But how Christ raisd the dead, they could not tell
Which way that chanc'd before the latter date
Of crooked Time doom'd to a flaming fate.
That some reviv'd, they had some instances,
But they were few, or but few houres in trances.
Never did Enoch pay his debt to death,
Death never stopt the zealous Thesbites breath:
For these they had their Schoole-distinctions cleare,
But Christs late Act amazed them with feare.
They fear'd the losse of their high Temporall sway,
Lest this New man might turne mens hearts away
From Moses Lawes, and make their Offerings lesse:
They had of late by Rome felt some distresse.
Their yearely gaines, wch did support their pride,
They doubted much would fall with his Spring-tide.
[Page 164]This mov'd the Scribes, with their High Priest and Judge,
Proud Caiphas, so at Christ his Fame to grudge;
Which to deface a Councell they did call
Of their chiefe Priests and Scribes in Caiphas Hall,
Where Annas styl'd the High Priests Suffragan,
Or SAGAN to Jewes Metropolitan,
Whose Daughter was that time to Caiphas Wife,
Conspired thus against our Saviours life:
Right Reverend Rabbies, and renowned Scribes,
The Countenance of our most holy Tribes,
Have we not suffer'd griefes enough of late?
But that more cares must now infest our state?
A Counterfeit Messias, a New Man,
Jesus of Galile, a Puritan,
Thinkes now because he is a Nazarite
Profest, to change the Priesthoods Ancient Rite,
And Ceremonies of Mount Sinaies Law.
Behold, how he doth labour to withdraw
The fraile and giddy-headed multitude
From our Traditions, which he tearmeth rude,
Humane, and not Divine. If this World hold,
Farewell Peace offrings, which our State uphold.
We must bid Moses, with Gods Lawes adieu,
And Aarons Tinkling Bells shall lose their due.
We shall no more meete here before the Lord,
If this upstart with his unlettred word
Shall by New dreames raise up a Newer sect
[Page 165]Than Holy Johns, whom none of us suspect
Of Fraud. To Schismes this matter sure will tend,
Which in short time our Synagogue will rend.
Romes greedy Kites will of these Newes be glad,
Nor Herod will be thereof very sad.
But both will joyne to share our finest wooll,
And downe they will our goodly Temple pull.
How shall our Levites then themselves sustaine?
Nay, how shall our Grand Mitred Prelate raigne,
To represent great Aarons Majesty?
If this Impostour maskt with poverty
Doe stop the gap, through which to Paradise
We leade Mens Soules, the simple and the wise.
I doe protest it grieves me to the Heart,
And I foresee, we shall hereafter smart,
If he goes on in this his New-found motions,
Though Begger-wise, yet may it breed Commo­tions.
For did you note, when through the Streetes hee past
Upon a bare-backt Asse, how some did cast
Their Garments on the way, with Branches greene
Held in their hands, like Fooles, to have him seene,
And for a Demy-god observ'd, the Crowd
Hosanna with great Shouts proclaiming loud?
And all because he had by Satans Ayd
To Lazarus late dead new Life convayd.
Indeed some signes he workes, and men possest
[Page 166]With Fiends he cures, having some league profest
With Belzebub: for which he hath no warrants
From God, or us, to execute such arrants.
Annas had scarce exprest himselfe at full:
When Caiphas, like to Basans bellowing Bull,
Began to roare: Shall we put up this wrong?
And not suppresse him, ere he be too strong?
Have we not yet both Swords at our Command?
Pilate will not deny, if we demand
His Armed helpe to take a Mutineere,
Who calles himselfe Gods Sonne, to domineere
The sooner by that high and lofty style.
But let us now attache him by some wile,
Lest to some Desart he depart againe,
When he shall heare, that we would take him fain;
And thither will a world of people flocke,
Itching to heare what of the Living Rocke,
Or the New Birth he blunders out, to bleare
Their silly sight, and so away to beare
The Palme from us, or draw them to despise
Our Ancient Rites, and Stately Sacrifice.
Tis meeter for one man, though Innocent,
To dye, then that we live in discontent;
Yea, and that Lazarus, his late raisd minion,
Shall suffer too, to stay the worlds opinion.
And then with shame the Rabble rout shall see,
That Prophets never rose from Galilee;
For our new King in Bethlem must be borne
[Page 167]With state and pompe, not like this wretch forlo [...]n
Who for a Throne, shall mount the Crosse most royall,
And for a Mace, shall beare a Reed as loyall.
This is his doome, though he the dead revive,
That dares affront our high Prerogative
Deriv'd from God, with Ephod [...] golden Gard,
With Vrim which and Thummim we regard;
Which evermore Jehovah did assigne
Over his Church to us of Levies Ligne;
At least untill our Great Messias come
Of Judaes stocke in Kingly Davids roome,
Before which day Elias must descend
From Heaven downe, things crooked to amend.
In the meane time let us our State defend
Against New wits, which labour it to rend,
By broaching forth a New Religions Forme,
Under pretence the Ancient to reforme
From all Traditions and Formalities
By their New f [...]ames, the Spirits Novelties.
Before his fame soare up a higher pitch,
Clip we his wings, lest his New Sect bewitch
The better sort with Hells attractive charmes:
His sudden fall will stop all future harmes.
So Caiphas yalpt; and all the Sadduces
Approv'd his plot with some proud Pharises.
From that time out they sought to apprehend
[Page 168]The Lambe of God. And Satan to that end,
Because he thrice fail'd in the Wildernesse
To Tempt him with his Baltes to wickednesse,
With all his Art began to play his part,
And to his Mates his poyson to impart,
Ayming at Peter, whom he thought to sift
As whea [...]e. He had already to his drift
Snar'd Judas in by Nets of Avarice
To gape for gaine, and some of those supplies,
Which by Free-hearted men for their Reliefe
Had beene conferr'd, to turne, like a false Thiefe
To his owne use. With him therefore the Fiend
Conspir'd to bring to passe his damned End;
Which was to ruine Christ, and all his Crew
Before he could on Earth Gods Church renew:
But could none other of th' Apostles winne
Save this Perditions Child to act that sinne.
Judas suborned thus his Instrument
Against his Lord and Master did invent
An ambushment Christs Body to betray,
Though he his owne, and Soule did cast away
To Satan for a Prey. For when he saw,
As Purser, that he could no money draw
More than he had by Christ his Company,
And that at Simons house in Bethany,
Whilst he summ'd up with avaricious Care
His Theft, he markt how Christ went poore and bare,
[Page 169]Not caring for the world, or worldly gaine
(His chiefest ayme) and would not then restraine
The woman which powr'd Nard upon his Head
And feete; an Oyle, that might him much bestead,
If to the Druggist sold; he murmur'd sore,
He could not catch, as he had done before.
This when our Saviour mark'd: Why doest thou grudge,
Judas, said he, like a pelfe-serving drudge?
This Oyntment sold disposed to the poore,
I grant, might have their wants relieved more;
But they are alwayes here, so am not I.
Embalmed thus, know, I shall shortly dye;
And through the world, where shall be read my story,
Her loving deed shall publisht be with glory.
These words distasted foule Iscariots thought,
And to betray him now he hourely sought.
Away he went to the Chiefe Priests in hast,
And told them of Christs life, and of this waste.
Now is the Time, quoth he, for you to take him,
Whilst he at night to Prayers doth betake him.
He names himselfe the Christ. I heard him say,
He would Gods Temple raze and [...]ast away,
And afterwards r [...]build it up as well
In three dayes space in spight of Men and Hell.
The Priests were all of such a Chapman glad,
And presently a Contract with him made,
[Page 170]That their Catch-poles might without jeopardy
Arrest him by the Nights obscurity,
For thirty peeces of that Countrey Coyne,
Which to their Treasure house they did purloyne
By shifts and fraud, for which they were reprov'd
Of Christ before; which them to malice mov'd
Farre more for that than any other cause,
Though they surmiz'd the breach of Moses Lawes,
For plucking Corne upon the Sabbath day,
Or bringing downe their Temple to decay.
About that time, the Paschall feast to hold,
On Maundy Thursday, so enstyl'd of Old,
Jesus did sup that Evening tide his last
At Salem in an upper roome; where plac't
With his Disciples twelve he first tooke Bread,
B [...]est, brake, and gave it them, whereon they fed
After his blessing: This my Body is,
"His body sure Mans sacrifice for Blisse,
"If rightly tane by a Just true Receiver
"With Inward taste, and of a true Believer
"(For otherwise who toucht Christ in the Prease
"Aswell as the Blood-flux'd had found more ease)
"In the remembrance of his body naild
"Vnto the Crosse, whereby the Saints stand baild
"From terrours here and in the world to come;
Nay, warranted in Spirit they become
Against doomes-day from the darke second death.
[Page 171]He blest the Cup alike with holy Breath
"After the New mans way, and bad them drinke
"The Sacred Wine, and on his Blood to thinke;
As lately at our New mans Sacrifice
With bright day-light confounding Heresies,
My ravisht Muse beheld the Heavenly Vine
With Purple Grapes for Mortals prest to Wine.
[...]This costly food, Soules Manna purging vice,
"The figure of his Bodies Sacrifice,
"This Type of Blood▪ unbloudyed Mystery,
"Christ left for Saints to keepe in memory
"His death, untill his comming from above,
"Where yet he sits to intercede, and move
"For Penitents his Father wrong'd by Man;
"This way I feed through Faith: And who dares scan
"Another sense, yet with Humility
"Let him here stop, as with the Trinity
"Of Persons in the Godhead, which he ought
"More to admire than by transcendent thought
"To soare more high than Eagles to the Sunne,
"Where, by the stame his sense may be undone;
"Since how wee change to Christ no more hee knowes
"Then Babes the manner how the Spirit blowes.
"The Sunne drawes up Earths vapours: And so can
Christ lift like Stephen up our Inward Man.
This humblenesse of mind, when Christ had supt
[Page 172]That Evening, as it were to interrupt
Our Future doubts, he shew'd by stooping downe
To wash his Servants feete with Love unknowne.
"To which he added, that the Marke for ever
"True hearted Christians from the false to sever,
"Was mutuall Love, which a Commandment New
"He styl'd, for without Love Faith proves untrue.
"Our soules, and bodies are the Church, where God
"In the third person holds his sweete abode.
"But if we hate good men, God dwels not there,
"For the true Churches Roofe Love ought to beare.
The Sacrifice all done, Christ went his way
Out of the City, as he us'd, to Pray,
Accompanyed with his Disciples true,
For Judas was departed to his crue,
(His Masters nippe made him the sooner goe:
Doe quickely that which thou intend'st to doe.)
To execute his Treason and Compact,
And to receive his bire; while Jesus rackt
With griefe prepar'd by Fervent Love aswell
As Faith and vowes, against Sin, Death and Hell.
With his ensuing griefes he had acquainted
His Chosen Mates, how he should be attainted,
Bound, and arraign'd that night, how thereupon,
As scattered Flo [...]kes, his servants would be gone,
And him would leave amidst his Bloody foes
Enthrall'd, and sore distrest with dismall woes.
But Peter trusting to his rusty sword
[Page 173]Seem'd to distrust his Lords Propheticke word;
No Mortals force, nor death, nor Furies grimme
From Gods deare Sonne should ever sever him.
Before the Cocke crow thrice, thou wilt deny,
Replyed Christ, me and my Company;
Thou and thy Mates before the Mornings peepe
Will flye for feare, like weake and heartlesse Sheep.
There close unto Jerusalem confin'd
Neere Olives Mount, a place for him assign'd
By Destiny, which was his Fathers Will,
To vent the throbs which did his Inside fill,
A Garden styl'd of Old Gethsemanee,
Secure at Nights from Worldlings Company.
There, Jesus felt what might the stoutest quell,
A world of griping cares, of Torments fell,
The dreadfull vengeance which the Godhead past
Upon Mankind, his owne so over cast
And almost sunke with Agonies of sorrow,
That one had thought he could not live till mor­row.
His tender Body did extreamely languish,
And did partake of more and sadder anguish
Then other mens, wanting the Nature Male
In the mixt frame of his Conception Female,
Or weaker earthly Flesh, whereby he stood
So tortur'd, that he sweated drops of Blood:
"So sensible, so full of piercing paine,
[Page 174]"That he could not but more then man complain;
"Like him, whose youthfull Lockes chang'd into Gray
"In one nights space, on fame that the next day
"He should be slaine. But Sweates to sacrifice
"Of streaming Blood exceedes all prodigies,
"And shewes that Saints by meanes most violent,
"Win Grace, to Natures sore astonishment.
Christ by this Strange Pro-passion tortured
Shewes that his Mind as Body languished.
His Agony surmounted all mens Feares,
Whose eyes for sin gush seldome out with teares:
Nor can they force one brinish pearly drop,
Nor fetch true sighs, thogh sighs might vengeance stop:
To which I joyne the burden which he bare
Of Adams sins, which did augment his care.
His delicate smooth mortall Flesh did strive
With Hell, and as it were sought to reprieve
The comming vengeance of the Godheads Doome
To every Mortall due, even from the wombe;
And after he had crav'd his Fathers Ayd
For his true Church, thus for himselfe he pray'd:
Deare Father, now let not my Soule become
For Sinners debts charg'd with a greater summe,
Than Nature can repay. But let me passe
Without more paine; poore man is like to glasse,
Soone broke & bruis'd; or like the wither'd grasse,
[Page 175]Unlesse he be supported by thy grace;
"Unlesse thou please the Torture to abate,
"Or give him strength▪ hard is the Martyrs Fate.
Ist possible thy Lees and wrathfull Cup
To passe, that I shall not sins banquet sup?
Ah no; The Ordred course of things to come
Must correspond with thy Eternall Doome.
Therefore my will to thine, Lord, I submit,
I kisse thy Crosse, I love and honour it.
Such piteous plaints Christ with a troubled spirit
Powr'd, when no curse he for himselfe did merit.
And no marvell, for he endur'd the scourge
For all mens sins, and all he sought to purge:
"He tooke on his owne backe, on his owne score,
"The whole burthen, which made him groan the more.
"Of meere Free will, and Love, not by constraint,
"He tooke on him our frailties, as our shape,
"That from the Hunters snare we might escape.
"Our Pride, our lusts, mallice, and wiles he bare,
"And bath'd them in his sweat, teares, blood and care
"He suffred for all Adams Progeny,
"Unlesse some madly crosse their Destiny,
"And chuse the Kite, the Foxe, and Leopard
"Before the Spirits Dove or Lambe for Guard.
All Christians reape his Passions benefit,
Save those who had renounc'd him of despite:
Or those who fixt their hope on others Fate,
[Page 176]Distrusting him to be Sole Advocate.
O that men markt what their Redemption cost,
How Christs deare Blood hath Gods Hand-writing crost!
And that they waigh'd the Persons dignity
Abased thus out of meere charity;
To Sacrifice his owne most guiltlesse Blood
For saving from hell-fire fraile Adams Brood.
With weeping eyes and with a bleeding heart
He came to his Disciples gone apart,
And in this posture sad besmear'd with signes
Of griefes excesse, Teares shed like brackish Brines,
He calls to them, whom fast he found asleepe:
Awake my Friends, from sleepe can you not keep
Your selves one houre to watch and pray with me
Arise, I say, for now my time I see
Drawes neere, I may not shunne what is decreed
In Heav'n, that I must ransome Adams Seed.
The Fatall Houre drawes neere, that I must smart
For Humane kinde, Come, let us hence depart.
With such Propheticke words he them awakt,
Although his heart strove with deepe sorrowes rackt.
And thereupon the beaten path they tooke
Neere Olivet to crosse Old Cedrons Brooke,
Which running through Jehosaphats faire vale
Did, where they were, bedew the Garden pale.

A Hymne in honour of the blessed Trinity, for our New Birth and Spirituall Regeneration.

LEt us extoll with Sacred Mirth
The Triple Spring of our New Birth.
The Father, Sonne, and Holy Ghost
Recalled us from every Coast,
When we were tost,
And almost lost.
The Father chose us for our Good,
The Sonne redeem'd us through his Blood,
The Holy Ghost came from Above
And seal'd us Faith with Flaming Love,
Yea, Jordans Dove
Taught us to Love.
The Turtle Dove loves onely One,
But losing Him, she lives alone:
And so doe we, as heretofore,
[...]n Persons three one God adore,
One God implore
For evermore.
The Sonne of God, who represents
The Fathers Person, Excellence,
And Majesty, we daily blesse,
And sue unto in our distresse,
For wrongs redresse,
Or more or lesse.
Above the Starres three persons shine
Of God-head One, One will Divine,
Who bath'd our Wounds, and gave us Wine,
When we for paine were like to pine.
Christ is the Vine,
His Crosse the signe.
By them we change from Death to Life;
By them we hate fell Passions strife;
By them we doe these Rayes partake,
That Pride and Lust we must forsake,
And Fiends, which rake
For Tophets Lake.
For our Old Lord the Tempter, now
We Christ for our New Lord avow,
And for old Plots and Carnall lies,
With our New man we sympathize,
And Christian-wise
We Sacrifice.
By his deare Blood we doe confesse
He ransom'd hath our wretchednesse;
If we represse the Rebell Flesh,
He will not leave us comfortlesse,
But us will blesse
With Joyes Excesse.
He, as our Head, Faiths Living Rocke,
Both God and Man of Judaes stocke
Was borne, and bath'd in Jordans streame,
To wash us from sins foule extreame.
This Holy Theame
The New-mans Dreame,
We to thy Throne present, O King Supreame,
Dipt in the Spring, which from thy side did stream.

The Fifth Dayes EXERCISE.

The Argument.
Christ is surpriz'd, and Peter him forsweares,
But soone repents. False Judas raves with feares.
Led after floutes to Caesars Judgement Hall,
Christ is condemn'd, to stint the Jewish brawle,
By Pilate to the Crosse, where pain'd he dies;
Then Joseph begges the Bodies Obsequies.
HE that affects th' eternall Sabbaths Rest,
There with the Lambe to live for ever Blest;
He that desires to be a Saint profest,
And to the Sonne of God a joyfull Guest,
Must in this world for sad Good Frydayes Feast
[Page 181]Reserve one Day within the Weeke at least:
He must take up the Crosse with Love-dread Note
And weare with Abbaes sound Christs seameles coate:
He must lay cares aside, be mov'd to pitty,
And for his sake sing out a dolefull Ditty.
Tis not a Poets feast of Prognes Cooking
Her guiltlesse Child; but heere's one worth the boo­king
And looking on without nice wits rebukes
By Men of Lowest Ranke, as Greatest Dukes.
A Feast in blood before the Father laid
By his deare Sonne to save the Soule dismayd;
A Feast indeed, which Carnall mindes despise,
Because it types the New-mans Sacrifice.
O Happy Guests, for whom this Feast is drest!
O Happy me, if I could cooke this Feast
According to the New-mans appetite,
And without blame to doe the Founder right!
If it be drest like to a Hodge-podge, say:
What meate God sent, the Scullion marr'd to day;
If well, give God the praise, and not to me,
Give Him the Thankes, who sent these Cates to thee,
Bought at a Costly rate to cleare from Lust
And passions Gall thy Soule, and mine I trust.
To further this, we must first Purify
Our selves with Fasts, and Nature mortify,
Not like our Gulles, or gutling Libertines,
Who slight all Fasts, vowes, and Religious Lines.
[Page 182]Packe hence therefore, ye carnall Epicures,
Touch not this feast, nor our Mount Calvares cures.
Good Frydayes Priest warnes them that went astray,
With Peters Teares to greete that mournefull day,
Which puts the Soule in minde twixt Love and Feare
To heed the Crosse each Fryday in the Yeare,
Or oftner, if Occasion so require,
To watch, and cast Sinnes viper in the fire.
Now had the Priests the silent Night chose out
To act their plot, which they to bring about
By Day-light fear'd, lest that the vulgar sort,
Who late Hosanna cry'd, might Christ support,
Or rescue from their foule injurious hands,
In spite of all their Scribes, and bribed Bands.
Whilst He the path with his Disciples tooke
Which led from Olives Mount to Cedrons Brooke,
That Brook, which gliding through the Royall vale
Did teares then from Gethsemane exhale;
Judas arriv'd, who, his Compact to gloze,
Thus with a kisse betray'd him to his foes:
Master, All-haile; at which watch-word a Band
Of Armed men commanded him to stand,
And yeeld himselfe to the High Priests command.
Christ soone obey'd, not willing to withstand
The Serpents Hisse, but like a Lambe gave way
To their Arrest, as to sterne Wolves a prey,
[Page 183]Knowing that now the Fatall time was come
To satisfie Gods wrath for Adams Doome:
For at their first Approach, to their demand,
Which Jesus was? He them to understand
Gave without false Equivocations wiles,
Wherewith Hels Dragon now the world beguiles:
I am the man, said he; But why come ye
To apprehend with Clubs and Halberds me,
As if I were a Thiefe. I dayly taught
Among you in the Temple, yet none sought
Me to impeach. Though at his Lightning word
They backward fell, and Peter drew his Sword
In his Defence, and lopt off Malchus Eare,
Yet he control'd the Fact, bad them not feare,
Heal'd the Cropt Eare, and voluntary went
Along with them without astonishment
To Annas house, who to his Sonne in Law
Transfer'd him bound, whom when proud Caipha [...] saw,
He on some points examined, but still
The witnesses produc'd agreed but ill,
For the chiefe Article they stood upon,
Or in blind zeale so seem'd to stand thereon,
Was for their high towr'd Temples casting downe,
And in three dayes to build it with Renowne:
Which words he spake by figure or a signe,
As he term'd Bread his flesh, himselfe the Vine.
Unto the which when Jesus stood still mute,
[Page 184]Not answering with cavilling dispute,
Caiphas adjur'd him in the Name of God,
As him he lov'd, or fear'd his smarting rod,
To tell; if he were Christ, Jehovahs Sonne,
Who Israel should restore then neere undone?
Our Saviour then engag'd to shew the Truth,
Undauntedly, though Inward toucht with Ruth,
I am, said he, the very same, and yee
Shall me the Sonne of Man hereafter see
A Judge from Heaven descending on you all,
I am that Christ, Messias whom yee call.
When Caiphas heard this constant Protestation,
He rent his cloathes with yelling acclamation:
O Cursed speech, Intollerable Tongue,
Worthy of stoning both by Old and Young.
So fum'd the Fiend, so cry'd the Orgian Priest,
As at Gods Word did since the Foes of Christ,
As likewise to this day, blood-sucking Rome
His Members tempts with taunts and fiery doome.
No other proofe than this his Blasphemy
Need we produce worse than Idolatry.
Who hearing this can from Revenge containe?
With outcryes loud they roar'd, and did arraigne
Christ guilty of a foule notorious crime,
Of Sinners the most capitall and prime;
They rail'd on him, and could no longer brooke,
But buffeted, and with their fists him strooke.
They strove who first his Person should deface,
[Page 185]And with a Reed they smote his Head and Face.
They bound his eyes, and rapt with Lunacy,
With Girdes and Blowes they said: Now Prophesie.
They spat on him, who with his spittle cur'd
The Blind mans Eyes, and him his sight assur'd.
One while his tender Flesh the Serjeants nipt,
Another while with drunken Songs they quipt
His Doctrine; which they term'd New Oracles,
And by and by they mockt his Miracles.
Such spite they wrought on him with revel reakes
Till word was brought to them, The Morning breakes.
When Peter had observ'd, who present was,
How all things did against his Master passe,
And that some charg'd him borne in Galilee,
Bewray'd by Speech of Christ his crew to be,
He utterly denyed, and Christ renounc'd,
Which he with Oaths to save his life pronounc'd
He never knew the man. This thrice he swore,
But then the Cocke warn'd him, that he forswore.
By which sure reall signe poore Peter knew,
That he had broke his Vow, and prov'd untrue.
With trickling teares distilling downe his cheeks
He then retires aside, Gods Mercy seekes,
And with such words as these bewailes his fault:
"Why did I wretch twixt God and Belial hault?
[Page 186]"Why did I play the base Dissemblers part
"For feare of rage, or momentary smart
"The Son of God, my Saviour to deny?
"Who for my sinnes fear'd not deaths agony?
Why did I not thinke better on my Fate;
Whereof my Lord forewarn'd me so of Late?
That Satan watcht to winnow me like Wheate?
Why did I not his Prophesie repeate?
That I would him thrice, Craven like, not know
Before the Cocke should clap his wings to Crow?
Alasse, that I a Member from my Head
Disjoynted prove, like Judas, false, and dead!
Alas that I Baptiz'd to Grace, once feeling
Good motions, pine with Falling sicknesse reeling!
That I a Saint in Possibility
Am turn'd Apostate by impiety!
That I late taught by Christs eternall word
Am now become a Traytor to my Lord!
Alas, that I, whose feet my Saviour washt,
Should now so soone with Durty sinnes be dasht!
Sinnes paine I doe deserve, and foule disgrace,
Because I strove ambitiously for place;
Because I stood too much upon my worth,
I well deserve from grace to be thrust forth.
O what is Man, if destitute of Grace
He shall presume with Saints to gaine a Place?
In stead of place with Saints he merits well
With Lucifer to tumble into Hell.
[Page 187]But I disclaime Mens merits, Grace intreat,
And fly from Justice to Gods mercy Seate.
Mercy I crave, for Mercy still I cry,
And if that failes, no other meanes Ile try.
If for this fault I meete with Mercies streame,
I will take heed how ever I blaspheame.
Ile clense my Heart with Folly lately stung,
And will henceforth reforme my erring Tongue.
I will redeeme my foule Apostacy,
That all the World shall see my Constancy.
"I will protest the Truth, that tis Damnation
"To cloake the Truth with mentall reservation.
"Let him retaine Hels Scribe for Advocate,
"That traines his Fellowes to Equivocate:
"Though with his Tongue he hath untruely sworne,
"Yet in his Heart he beares a Minde unsworne.
"But I was taught within a better Schoole
"At Truthes Well-head, than so to play the Foole.
My Conscience, upon whom my thoughts relied,
This Hearts true Judge tels me, I foulely lyed.
There needs no tricke, nor traverse in my Plea:
One may the Sands count sooner of the Sea,
Then reckon up the many sinnes I did;
Of Sinners chi [...]fe I vouch my selfe unbid.
Yet of all sinnes none troubles me so deepe,
As this my last, for which I waile and weepe.
O would my eyes a Fountaine were of Teares!
If teares would please my God, and ease my feare [...],
[Page 188]I would then hope to shew a Converts Love,
And to my Lord a constant Soule yet prove.
But though salt teares doe faile, sighs shall abound,
Which with my Heart well-nigh in sorrowes drown'd,
I once againe present to thee, Dread Lord,
And without shift here of mine owne accord
I humbly doe confesse my grievous crimes,
For which I merit Hell, unlesse betimes
It please thy Grace some pitty to extend
On me vile wretch, & my weake thoughts to bend
Towards thy Lawes, forgiving what is past,
That my sinnes be from thy memorials rack't;
The which I begge for thy Sonne Jesus sake,
Whom I henceforth will never more forsake.
Thus poore Saint Peter bitterly complain'd,
And liv'd to Christ a servitour unfaign'd
Chiefe Elder of that memorable Towne,
Where, by that Name first Christian men were known;
One of the Prime Apostles in Commission
With James, and others for all doubts decision,
Toyling with them to feed the New-mans flocke,
Which built their Faith upon the Living Rocke.
Which Pastours place he did so well improve,
That all true Saints Saint Peters deeds approve.
Nay, he that roome did since so well discharge,
That roaming Rome doates on Saint Peters charge,
[Page 189]And till this day, to gratifie his Fame,
Our chiefest Townes hold Temples of his Name.
This happy Lot did to this Saint befall,
"Whereas the Traitor Judas by his Fall
"Exemplifies to us what Carnall Scribes
"Shall reape at last for their Truth-choaking bribes
"For sale of Soules, and what great dangersly
"For them in store, who plot most wickedly
"Good Christians ruines, hir'd for Golden Fees
"To play the Waspes by wronging painfull Bees.
But we have now more sobs of griefe to vent,
For Pilates Doome recalls us to lament.
Scarce did the day, sad Frydayes Morne, begin
To dawne, when that about their Bloody Sin
The Clergie met, consulted, and arraign'd
Of Treason Christ with Accusations faign'd.
Nor paused they too long, what should become
Of him. They had already read his Doome,
That Christ should dye for their whole Nations good,
Lest his New sect might put downe Levies Brood.
And to this end, soone as the Sun had rose,
Because they would not the least minute lose,
Themselves not daring on that Sabbaths Eve
Him to condemne, lest they their Nation grieve
Or scandalize for sitting then on Blood.
[Page 190]When they should more prepare to do some good
They Jesus led to Caesars Judgement Hall,
Who had reserv'd Offences Capitall,
Such as concerned not Religions Breach,
Or their Misdeeds, who did false Doctrine teach
To be heard by his President alone:
To Pilate there with glozing bitter mone
They Christ accus'd, how he himselfe a King
Had styl'd to Caesars wrong. About which thing
When Jesus was demaunded, he stood mute,
Griev'd at his Nations spite, loath to dispute,
Or make his power knowne unto his Foes,
For whose Salvation he resolv'd those woes
To undergoe, and his deare Blood to give
In Sacrifice for them that would believe.
But when the Judge had oft to him reply'd;
He said, that never he on Man reli'd;
"His Kingdome was not earthly, but Divine,
"To which high Orbe he did his thoughts confine;
Which by this signe and Argument he prov'd:
For if he were a King on Earth belov'd,
His Armed troopes his Scepter would defend:
Whereas the cause, which made him to descend
From Heaven downe, was Sacred Truth to shew
To sinfull men, who for Gods Grace would sue
Truth was to Pilates Eares so rare, divine,
And mysticke, that he could not it define,
[Page 191]But askt him what Truth was, yet would not stay
To heare it blaz'd, but wondring went away,
And told the Jewes: I find no heinous fault,
No Treason, Theft, no Criminall assault,
Nor crying sinne. In utt'ring of which speech
One whispred him, his Wife did him beseech,
As he himselfe did love, not to proceed
In Judgement against Christ for any deed
Pretended by the Jewes, but to take heed
Of their false Bills. It makes my heart to bleed
Said she, to thinke what troubles most extreame
I for his sake have suffred in a Dreame.
This Message I scarce risen from my Bed
Have sent to thee, lest that thou be misled
To yeild consent for shedding guiltlesse blood.
Therefore for mine and for thy Future Good
Be not severe against that Righteous man.
When Pilate did this dreame and message scan,
And knew the Priests had of meere Envy brought
Jesus before him without cause, he sought
By all faire meanes to free him from their spite,
And him of causelesse Treason to acquite.
"Feare, pitty, fraud, wrought on his Policy,
"But Fraud at last got the supremacy:
And thereupon he shifted for a while
To lengthen out the cause, or them beguile,
To satisfie his Wife, or else to brew
A plot to make the Envious King to rue;
[Page 192]To curry favour, or to Complement,
Because he was of Herods Government,
At Nazareth bred up in Galilee,
(That part, which Caesar [...]yl'd the Tetrarchy)
Who at that time lay in Jerusalem,
He Christ transferr'd to him, and caused them
What circumstance or proofe that might conduce
Before the Tetrarchs Throne there to produce,
And to obey what Herod would adjudge,
Whom you shall find, quoth he, a Meeter Judge,
A man that Better knowes your Countries Laws
Than I a stranger doe, shew him the cause.
Herod seem'd glad at first the Man to see,
Of whom he heard such Fame in Galilee;
Or that John Baptist was rose up againe,
Whom for a Dauncing wench he late had slaine;
In hope he might behold some Miracle
Wrought in his sight, or heare some Oracle,
Which might delight his curious carnall sence
With Courtly Newes, or Projects excellence.
But finding Christ in outward habit plaine,
Of sad aspect, and that he could not gaine
What he desir'd from him to see, or heare,
With Thankes to Pilate now his Friend most deare,
By this late act of tendred Amity,
(For till that time both liv'd in enmity)
[Page 193]He sent Christ backe to the Pretorian Barre,
Despis'd by him, his Guard, and men of warre.
Yet morall-wise betokening Innocence
They veil'd the Lambe in white, and packt him thence.
Thus was the Lambe of God, Mens Saviour, tost
By wicked men from pillar unto post.
When that Romes Praetour saw, he must content,
Or move the Jewes to wrath or discontent,
And thinking that some corporall correction
Might qualifie their spleene or Insurrection,
He scourged him. But that they deem'd too light,
For they, like Dragons, gap'd his blood outright
To sucke. Yet Pilate seem'd to calme their spite,
"Like to those rash and partiall Politicians,
"Who punish Saints to pleasure Antichristians.
Because they had a Customary Right,
Or Indulgence to bleare the vulgars sight,
To pardon one against that Festivall,
He sought to save, or else to make reprivall
Of Jesus. But they all cry'd out amaine:
Not him, but Barrabas. Jesus in vaine
Thou offrest us, for this man may amend.
If Jesus scape, thou art not Caesars friend.
This Barrabas was a notorious Thiefe
With murther stain'd, the more was Pilates griefe,
[Page 194](For of the both he Jesus favoured).
Yet seeing their Hate, he at the last agreed
To please the Rout, whom Caiphas with his mates
Of Herods side to murther animates.
And thereupon the Roman Hypocrite
First washt his hands, as if he were upright
And cleane from Blood shed by his owne com­mand,
Alluding that he could not them withstand,
"When as he might the Prisoners Life defend,
"Or him before the Romane Senate send,
"Or conster with mild sense Jewes wrested Laws,
"Or on the cause, like grave Gamaliel, pause.
But to content the giddy multitude,
He chose the suite with slaughter to conclude,
Adjudging to the Crosse in Caesars Name
Christ to be nail'd, whom he found void of blame,
Whom neither he, nor yet th' Incestuous King
Could once in compasse of set Treason bring:
Nay, when he heard the People Christ upbraid
With Tide of Gods Sonne, he seem'd afraid:
As witnessed his Conscience prickt within,
As openly he said: I find no sinne
Deserving Death, what evill hath be done?
They yelling still, he stiles himselfe Gods Sonne,
Himselfe a King, to Caesars wrong a King:
The former merits Death, the Latter thing
No lesse than death. The first is Blasphemy,
[Page 195]The other Treason in a High Degree:
By our just Lawes he well deserves to dye
Without delay, demurre, or remedy;
Let then your Judgement passe securedly.
His Blood on us and on our children lye,
His Death on us and on our Nation rest.
Yells ominous. And so they live unblest:
For ever since their Nation far'd the worse
By this entail'd hereditary curse.
The Romans since, on whom they did rely,
Like Aegipts Reed, in stead of Aydes supply,
Or humane Ruling Lords, prov'd Hellish Rookes,
With rapines, spoyles, and circumventing Hookes
Imbru'd in blood by Albines Briberies,
Felix, Florus, and others Butcheries,
Such griping Tyrants prov'd at last their Foes,
Ransackt their City, turn'd their weale to woes,
Burnt their Temple, and made them slaves abhor'd
As they had scorn'd and Crucified the Lord;
And to this day they either live in Bonds
Of servitude, or, like Caine, vagabonds;
To Christians odious for their bloody workes,
For killing Christ, as odious to the Turkes;
For their Religion, or patcht Alcoran
Beares Christian showes, as lies Mahumetan.
"They breathe, and that is all, by Brokery,
"Onely to keepe the Nations Memory,
[Page 196]"Least if they perisht quite, some doubts againe
"Might grow perhaps of the Messias slaine.
Their Land, which once with milke and honey flow'd,
Lies waste, and curst as with a Fatall Cloud;
In stead of Wine, Figs, Balsame, and good seedes,
Repleate with Snakes, wilde Beasts, & stinking weeds
Like a rude desert growne, for where the Horse
Of Ottoman once swayes, he leaves a Curse.
When that the Judge had so deliver'd him
To his Praetorian Band, or Sergeants grim
With the Mad Jewes applause, they Christ attir'd
In Purple Robes, as if he had aspir'd
By mutiny to make himselfe a King,
Which he worse loath'd then they the Serpents sting [...]
A Crowne of Thornes they plaited on his Head,
And him blasphem'd with abase Sceptred Reed
Saluting him: All haile thou King of Jewes,
With bended knees weele pay thee all thy dues.
Yea, Pilate too for all his Inward sting
Proclaim'd: Behold the Man, the Jewish King,
And to the Crosse he fixt that style alike
In Characters of Hebrew, Latine, Greeke.
When they had mockt their fill, with many bobs
And scornes they took from him those royall robes
Apparrell'd him in his owne Coate againe,
And fell anew to their deriding veine,
[Page 197]Besmearing him with spittle on the Face,
And with a Cane they lasht him in disgrace.
O bloody Folke! the grieved Soule to gore!
To torture him, who tortur'd was before!
Hood-winking him, like Boyes at blind mans Buffe,
With Frumps, who smote? they did him lately cuffe
And now againe vext him, till Nature stoupt,
And but for Heavens strength had deadly droopt.
The Thornes, wherewith they crown'd his tender Head
Put him to so much paine, that almost dead
His Soule was forc't most grievously to grone,
The thought whereof would melt ev'n hearts of stone.
They heard the Praetours doome, yet would they adde
More fewell to the flame to make him sad.
They heard his groaning sighs, & that no sorrows
were like to his; his face seem'd plow'd like furrows
They wreath'd his Head with thornes, and yet that wreath
Saves us from prickling Thornes of sinne and Death
When Judas now had seene his Master bound
Reviled, beaten, spet upon, and found
Guilty of Death, he grieved, but too late,
Felt deadly gripes, and therewith desperate,
He to the Temple speedily resorted,
There left his hire, and to the Priests reported:
[Page 198]Loe, here I yeeld you backe the Price of Blood,
The man, quoth he, did never harme but good
He, whom I sold I know is Innocent,
A Righteous man, from God a Saviour lent.
Your Eyes have seene his mighty Miracles:
Your Eares have heard his Gospels Oracles.
His words and life his Innocence expresse:
For who with sin can taxe him more or lesse?
Ah woe is me, that I have liv'd the day
For a base Bribe my Master to betray.
Looke thou, said they, to that; for dy he shall,
Were he more Just, to save us from a Fall:
For, if he liv'd, opinions would arise,
And Caesar then would stop our Sacrifice.
Tis better that one dye, than many fall;
That one miscarry, then we perish all.
This policy the Jewish Church profest;
And the same course Great Babels whore possest,
As testifies her Hate to Protestants,
Whom for no cause shee calls Extravagants
(Excluding them from Romes Society,
Although one God they serve in Trinity)
But that she feares the Radiant Gospels Light
With their New-man might quite expel the night
Of Ignorance, and Superstitious mists,
Which darken yet her roaming Romanists
With bribing sale of Pardons meritorious:
Redeeming Flames to sinners most notorious.
[Page 199]For so that Whore her Lovers beares in hand,
If they bequeathe unto her Goods or Land,
Or Fight for her Croisadoes Liberty;
Under her guard they need not feare to dy:
She will appease, like an Indulgent Mother,
Gods Justice, though for murth'ring of a Brother.
But from the West returning to the East:
See here what rage seaz'd on the Traitours brest.
Judas distract with furious discontent
By Satan, and his Spirits Instrument
Choller adust, departed out of hand,
And wanting Grace his Passions to withstand,
He hang'd himselfe, and to be markt the more,
The Lunaticke his waight downe headlong bore,
Till all his Bowels gusht to publique view,
And at his death such words as these did spew:
And shall I live, quoth he, a Traitour nam'd,
For selling guiltlesse Blood, alwayes defam'd?
What hope of Rest, when God doth me debarre
Of inward Peace? When he proclaimes me warre?
And lets those slaves, which I was wont to tame,
Base Passions, now to blacke my former Fame?
O let the Sea on me Christs quarrell wreake
With vengeance, with a Milstone at my necke.
Curst be the houre that ever I was borne,
I am undone, My Wife all quite forlorne,
My Children must unpittyed vagabonds
Range through the world, my self in satans bonds
[Page 200]For tis decreed that I in Hell must lye
And that Another must my charge supply.
Nothing but horror sounds without, within
My Soule, like Zims and Oyms full of sinne
Scritcheth out aloud: Judas Iscariot,
Come away to Hell, for thou hast forgot
And renounc't thy Baptisme, betraying God,
The Sonne of God, make here no more abode
On Earth. I come, I come, a Damned Ghost
By you, O Furies, to be ever tost.
God frownes, because my Master I did sell:
And now, because God frownes, Ile downe to hell.
The fearefull end, which Judas made, so knowne,
So common ranne disperst through all the Towne,
That Salems Clergie stood as men agast,
And doubting lest for their rash sentence past,
And treachery, the hand of God might strike
With vengeance them for their false deedes dis­like:
They all agreed their Church not to defile
With Bloods Reward, but so to reconcile
The fact with workes of Merits bastard kind,
That God might seeme to them, like Mortals, blind.
This made them play for cloaking of abuses
Bo-peepe with Faith, and turne to Pious uses
The Thirty pence, the hire of treachery,
[Page 201]As Zachary foretold their Salary,
Buying therewith the Potters field to Bury
Poore strangers in, thereby to slacke Gods fury.
O fond conceit! to doe an Injury,
And afterwards, like Hallifaxes Jury,
To fit, and see the wronged man redrest,
When doome forepast could never be reverst,
Nor ransomed with guerdon Competent,
Chiefely for Blood, to which they gave consent
Against Gods Lambe, not of Religious care,
But factiously the Churches Fleece to share
Without reproofe, or Shepherds Brow severe;
For this made them to Christ such mallice beare,
Fearing lest that in time the Cautious wise
Might counterchecke their maskt hypocrisies,
If this New man in that luxurious Age
Should draw their Flocke to his New Pasturage,
With Parables infolding Charity,
Repentance, Faith, and Hearts Humility.
No doubt but they acknowledged the Word
To be Divine, and worthy of Record,
Which Jesus taught confirm'd with Miracles,
But Satan had cast forth such Obstacles
Of Merits Clouds before their Carnall sence,
That they might slight the Spirits Quintessence,
The Bread of Life, the New mans nourishment,
As crosse to that which they for Lucre vent:
[Page 202] Gods holy Writ corrupting with Traditions,
With Thalmuds Quirkes, and thorny Expositions.
For Juries Church with Carnall Pharisees
Was branded then, and with dull Saduces,
Which with their Monkes Essences would deface
By Merits bragges Gods Covenant of Grace,
Making the weaker sort of Soules beleeve,
That they could stint Gods wrath, or it reprieve.
But why blame I the Jewes Apostacy?
When now the time of Daniels Prophesie
Was come, that their Messias should be slaine?
Not for himselfe; but for Anothers staine?
(The more vile wretches we, that gave the cause
By the flat breach of our Creatours Lawes.)
"He Legions might of Angels to his Ayd
"Have cal'd, but then Mans ransome was not paid.
"He might to Hell all Adams race have cast,
"But then he had left none his Grace to tast.
And this sweet Grace of his made him to beare
Such wrongs in Jewry Land, and to forbeare
With us our debts, which none could satisfie,
But he alone, whose Merits Justifie.
"This is my Faith, the upshot of my Creed:
"Thy Blood, O Christ, can save fraile Adams seed
"If they Repent, believe, and turne to God,
"Thou wilt absolve them from thy Fathers rod,
"Yea, from Hell-flames, for thy worths excellence
[Page 203]"Restor'd what Adam lost, Soules Innocence;
Thy humble Life and Death upon the Crosse
Have crost Gods Sentence, and repair'd our Losse.
Let therefore to his Crosse our zeale returne,
And never cease with Holy Flames to burne,
Untill we end sad Fridayes Sacrifice,
And see what Christ paid more for Humane vice,
"I meane not onely that which Helene found
"With rubbage soil'd, but the Crosse, solid, sound,
"Which scorching Soules for new Jerusalem
"A [...]ords to Saints a more expedient Theame.
We never saw the Crosse, where Christ was fixt▪
Yet we beleeve, that he was Crucifixt.
Now to his Death, his sore tormenting Death,
They led Gods Lambe to end his wearyed breath.
With floutes and shoutes they led him to the Crosse,
The waight whereof by force they did impose
(Because his Lambe-like strength began to faint,
And could no longer beare it by constraint)
On Simon of Cirean, a labouring man,
A good poore Soule, an honest Publican,
Whom there by chance the Ruffian Souldiers met
Upon the Raised Crosse they Jesus set
With loud Out-cryes as at a May-pole Game,
And to the same with Contumelious shame
His hands and feete with piercing Nailes they fixt,
And, like a Judge, plac'd him two Theeves betwixt
[Page 204]The more to spite him. But the Morall is,
Some he shall doome to Hell, and some to Blisse,
For these two Theeves were of a diffrent Faith,
Th' one railes at him, the other meekely saith,
We faulty are, but this man guiltlesse dyes.
Remember me, Good Lord, when thou doest rise [...]
To whom sweet Jesus instantly replyes:
This day thou shalt with me to Paradise.
Which words well markt, who will not thence inferre
But Grace workes more than Merit? and averre
"That Christ Gods power had; when Crucified
"He could so soone a Theefe make Justified,
"To reape that Harvest, where he never sow'd,
Even Blisse, which with their Caterwalling loud
Some hunted for, yet could not with it meet,
Like Cats for Fish, that would not wet their feete.
But th' unbaptiz'd, that liv'd not to restore
What he had rob'd, doth wonder-rap me more
To see him Crown'd a Saint in Heaven Above,
Then that I dare discusse Gods hidden Love,
Who of meere Grace payes some at Sun-set hires
Equall with them, whom earlier he inspires;
Or aske the King, why he to Honour screwes
Some men of lesse desert than mine in shewes.
Faith wins us Grace, So while proud Rabbies laught,
[Page 205] Poore Women wept, and at the Crosse were taught.
With Swan-like Song, though in deaths Agony,
Christ warned them by way of Destiny:
Shed not, yee Daughters of Jerusalem,
Your Teares for me, but for your selves shed them.
My Father, to whose care I recommend
My Soule, will to his children comfort send.
The dayes will come, when they that Barren are,
More safely shall then Women Fruitfull share;
When many shall in perills dolorous
Cry out, yee Caves and Mountaines cover us:
For if a Blooming Tree of verdant sap
Be thus cut off, how shall the dry escape?
To shew what Love is unto Parents due,
His Mother Mary at his last adieu,
(Whose Soule with his, as Simeon did relate,
Was, as with sword, pierst in that Bloody fate,)
Having with constant mind, whilst others fled,
Staid by the Crosse, till she should see him dead,
He comforted with John, Behold thy Sonne,
With charge to him: Behold thy Mother, John.
(Two sacred Saints joyn'd in one Legacy,
Two Soules fast knit in Saint-like Amity)
John therefore home the blessed Virgin tooke,
And never she her Sonne bequeath'd forsooke,
But in his house remain'd a Widow-Mayd,
[Page 206]Untill her debts to Nature she had paid.
These pithy Types of Charity and Grace
Christ dying left for his New Church to trace.
God grant, that they may sink with some remorce
Into our Hearts, and that they Nature force
With her proud wanton brats to lay aside
Our pranks, and view what from our Saviours side,
Two-fold, besides his Hands and Feete did slow:
That to Christs Yoke they by those signes may bow;
An easie yoke ▪ if on those double Rillets
They humbly poare without vaine quirkes and quillets;
If inwardly his Crosse they muse upon,
As Mary did with dolefull teares, and John
While Natures Light, the New mans Glory, lay
Thus on the Crosse in dolefull paines dismay,
The Sunnes Noone-light mourn'd for such cruelty
From twelve to three with Sable Canopy,
At sight whereof Romes fierce Centurion quakt,
And like to Aspen leaves most Newtrals shakt.
"Note here the Nature of the Clay and Waxe:
"The one turnes hard, the other soft doth waxe
"By the Sunnes Heate, or Fire. And so were then
"The lookers on, some mild, some hardned men;
"Some mollifyed by Grace griev'd with remorce;
"Some scorch'd by fiends yell'd out till they were hoarse,
[Page 207]Chiefly, some Scribes were hardned more & more,
For they Christ still derided, as before:
Though Nature did her childrens deeds deplore,
Some [...]-necked Jewes held on with taunts to gore
The fainting Lambe: Now, if thou he Gods Sonne,
Come downe from thence, or else thy Fame is done:
Where are become thy famous Miracles?
Thy latest vaunts, stupendious Oracles?
That Gods faire Temple ruin [...]d to the ground
Thou in three daies couldst build it up more sound
Physiti [...]n, heale thy selfe. Couldst others cure,
And raise to life? and not thine owne assure?
Some mockt his comming forth from Galilee,
His Native home suppos'd: Hurle downe the Tree,
Great Nazari [...]e, and teare those boring Nailes,
Which trouble thee. At him another railes:
Couldst thou a man from death to life restore,
Which in the Grave had laine foure dayes before?
And canst not now thy dearest selfe redeeme?
Thus did they, like mad Bedlems, scoffe & skream,
While the poore Lamb almost brought to despaire
Soules by his Crosse and patience to repaire,
Perplext as well for their obduracy
Of heart, as for their foule conspiracy,
Like a Childing Woman o'recome with Throes
He cryed out in height of all his woes,
(Borne downe with waight of mans mortallity▪
[Page 208]His Fathers wrath, his Nations Cruelty,
And prest with Satans threats of Tyranny)
Eli, Eli, Lamasabachthani?
In English, why hast thou forsaken me
My God, my God? When I forsake not thee?
Some hearing that, and doth our Great Messias
Vouchsafe, said they, to call upon Elias?
Well, let him come, and save this Royall man
With Fatall Fire from Heaven, if he can.
Neere to deaths point he made his Mone: I thirst,
That is, for Soules Salvation, which accurst
By Justice stand in a suspended plight,
Like to be chain'd with Spirits of the night,
Unlesse, O Father, this my Sacrifice
Thou wilt accept to purge their damned vice.
But his leud Foes with unrelenting Gall,
In stead of drinke to quench his thirst withall,
Soone dipt a Spunge in gally vinegar,
Which on a Reed reacht him, although eager
And bitter too, he tasted to fulfill
The Prophesie, as thereby Lust to kill
In Adams Seed, and likewise to distaste
The Fatall Apples sweete delicious taste.
Since now all needfull things for Humane good
Christ had fulfill'd by shedding of his Blood,
Which through his Nailed Hands and Feete did streame
[Page 209]With paine in Soule and Body most extreame,
The New-mans Offring, powr'd out to asswage
Gods wrath conceiv'd against the Old mans rage;
And knowing that all Prophesies relation
Were to the bottome brought by his Oblation,
He said: Now all is at a finall End.
Into thy hands, O Father, I commend
My Spirit. O forgive this Crying sinne,
Which they of Blindnesse are now plunged in.
At which Last words groan'd out with Sacred breath,
The Lambe of God, mens Saviour, seal'd his death.
Assoone as He had yeelded up the Ghost,
Whilst at his death the rout insulted most,
Blacke hideous clouds, which had begunne before,
Quite dimm'd the Sunne; The Earth then labour'd sore,
As if her wombe some uncouth Birth would vent;
Her Center shooke with Throes so violent,
That Salems Temple veile asunder cleft
(A signe that Levies brood should be bereft
Of the Holy of Holies, by Entaile
The High Priests roome, and parted by that vaile
Then rent) so that the vulgar gazed on
The Mysticks hid, and Tetragrammaton
With great Jehovahs Name, which Satan feares,
They saw disclosed in Hebrew Characters.
This Rupture chanc'd soone as by Pilates T [...]ine
[Page 210]Our Prince Messias on the Crosse was slaine,
When Nature was, or Natures God perplext,
As one then glossd at Athens on the Text
Of this Eclipse, if Credit be to Greekes.
But Holy Writ informes us that with shriekes
Some Jewes that saw those signes, disclaim'd their crimes,
And beating of their brests, bewail'd the Times.
Others stood still, and lookt on him with feare,
When they beheld his side pierc'd with a speare.
God grant their race, which roam as yet, like Cain
May turne to Christ, and so redeeme their staine,
Preferring more the Crosse, than Aarons Ri [...]es,
Christs living Temple more than Carnall sights.
Now yee, that read, or heare this Tragedy,
Tell me, did any man more causelesse dye?
"If ye retaine a sympathyzing sense
"With ours on Earth, and know what past from hence,
"Yee Passengers, who saw that bloody day,
"Was any griefe like his? declare I pray.
That harmelesse Soules should for leud soules at­taint
Be pain'd, deserves a pitteous sad complaint.
"When faithfull Pythias should for Damon dye,
"A Tyran [...] could not brooke that Tragedy;
"But that Gods Sonne, to free men from hell- [...]ares,
"Should suffer death, might Tygers more to [...]ares
[Page 211]His Cares transcend all mens Capacity;
His Love surmounts Seraphicke Charity.
O thinke on Christ his Passion, sinnefull Man;
What here I pen'd, with understanding scan;
And never let his Bloody Crosse depart
By worldly charmes or wiles, out of thy Heart;
"But every day in spite of tempting vice,
"Thinke on the Crosse, the New mans Sacrifice;
How he spent yeares, Man to regenerate,
Who did the World but in few Daies Create.
Thinke how He dy'd to ransome us from Death,
By whose sweet Word man first receiv'd his breath.
At Evening tide, on this their Sabbaths Eve,
Among the Jewes, who then for Christ did grieve,
One Joseph was of Arimatheas Towne,
An upright Man, a Counsellour well knowne
In Salem for his zeale, good deeds, and wealth,
One that Believ'd, but as it were by stealth
In visits close, for feare of Factious Scribes,
Which in those dayes possest the Jewish Tribes
With doubtfull Schismes: He griev'd the Priests to see
So fierce and so unnaturall to be,
Like to those Cains, Spaines Inquisitions bounds,
Who trounce poore Soules beyond Religions bounds,
As to complot the murther of their Brother;
But now his griefe he could no longer smother,
[Page 212]Undauntedly, not caring to be shent,
He for Christs Body unto Pilate went,
Entreating him, that from the Crosse he might
Remove the same, and bury it in the night:
For with our Feast suits not this sight of sorrow,
You know (quoth he) our Sabbath is to morrow,
And by our Law, we are by Moses Taught,
That but till night no hanged Body ought
To lye unburied, lest it taint the Aire,
Defile the Land, or Health with smels impaire▪
We vow'd our selves, a Nation consecrate
To God, who hates all things contaminate,
Such as might barre us to be Sanctified
In Soule, and in our Bodies purified.
Our Soile likewise, while we from vices stand
Absolv'd, is styl'd Jehovahs Holy Land;
Which Holinesse of Body, Soule, and Soile
Makes for his Buriall me to keepe this coile.
O let not then the Nailed Coarse endure
Polluted long for want of Sepulture;
Since not so much as any Carrion Beast
Is left uncover'd at our sacred Feast.
My Countrey men have wreackt their ut-most teene
On him, and you their bloody minds have seene,
When Barrabas, that Robber, they preferr'd
Befor his Life, whom now to be enterr'd
I beg and crave at your most gracious hands.
[Page 213]And none of them, I thinke, this Boone with­stands,
Or if they should by scrupulous surmise
Oppose my suit, that he againe will rise
Within three dayes from Death to Newer Life,
Because he did so Prophesie: In briefe,
I am content they watch the silent Grave;
Or seale it up; And what more would they crave?
When Pilate knew, that Christ was dead indeed,
After some pause, he at the last agreed
With this Proviso, that the Priests should set
His Seale, and with a Guard the Tombe beset.
Then instantly, unto his great renowne,
Good Joseph tooke the breathlesse Body downe,
Enwrapt it in a shrowd, and it convey'd
To a New Tombe, where no man else was layd.

An Epitaph upon our Saviours Corpse hanging upon the Crosse.

MArke, Worldling, heere a Tragicke Mira [...]le,
Suspend vaine Hopes, and view this Spe­ctacle:
The Sonne of God hanges fixed to that Tree
With nayled Hand [...] and Feet, thy Soule to free
[Page 214]From his Dread Fathers Curse, and the same paine,
Which thou of right shouldst feele, Hee doth su­staine;
Gods wrathfull Cup, to ransome Adams F [...]ll
And lustes, he drinkes with vinegar and Gall.
To adde more woes, in presence of his Mother,
Like Kid [...]-flesh boyl'd in the Dammes Milke, their Brother
See how the Priests doe flout, the Romans mangle
His Harmelesse Corpse, whom they could neere en­tangle
In the least Word or Act, whilst he did Preach
His Fathers Will, and in the Temple teach.
He tendred Grace, and eas'd Lawes Penalties,
He cur'd their Feavers, Palsies, Leprosies;
Restor'd their Lame, gave Sight to Blinded Eyes;
Rais'd up the Dead, and for these gifts he dies,
He Praying dyes; and then Gore-Blood did come
From his pierst side with that cleare water from
The Pericardion Skinne about his Heart,
Which late it held to coole that Moving part.
O wretched Men, who did Gods wrath provoke,
And were the cause of this great Bloody stroke!

A Lamentable Hymne in the Memoriall of our Saviours Passion.

AS our sinnes did Our Saviour pie [...]ce,
So must we bathe with teares his Hearse,
Though One of his Bloods many drops
Exceeds all Teares, and Passion stops.
How can our Soules chuse but complaine
To see our Prince Messias slaine?
Not for himselfe, but for our Cause,
Who daily breake our Makers Lawes?
How can the Members chuse but weepe,
That the Good Shepherd for the Sheepe,
The Head of all our Humane Race
Should lose his life with such disgrace?
With bitter [...]ibes, more bitter stripes,
And dismall Deaths most bitter Gripes?
His Forehead Crown'd with pricking Thorne,
His Hands and Feete Crosse-naild and torne?
Christs senses all pay'd for that sinne,
Which the first Man delighted in.
For the faire Fruite of Paradise,
The Jewes hood-wink'd his harmelesse Eyes;
[Page 216]For Adams lis [...]ning to his Wife,
His Eares heard s [...]outes and raylings rife.
For Eves hand-reaching to the Tree,
His feeling grip'd with Tortures see.
For the sweet fruites delicious taste,
With bitter gall he brake his Fast;
And where the Fruite Eve Fragrant smelt,
He Skulles foule scent at Golgoth felt.
This dolefull doome to Christ besell,
Though he dislodg'd the Fiends of Hell;
And though their Prince fail'd him to win
With his three snares, or charmes to sinne
Within that wilde or Desart place,
Where Christ withstood him to his Face:
Yet now in part he got his Will,
And to that end with poisned skill
By Judas meanes had made his way
For greedy gaine him to betray:
He got his Will, bruiz'd Adams Heele,
And mad with Rage made Christ to feele,
As he was Man, his utmost shaft,
Since him he miss'd to gull with craft;
Nor could him charge in thought, or word,
That he transgrest against the Lord.
Onely because our sinnes he bore,
God suffer'd Satan him to gore
[Page 217]By Sinners hands, hells Instruments,
The Guiltlesse Lambe with Punishments;
Which we indeed, and none but we,
Had well deserv'd for Adams Tree
To Undergoe from Crowne to foote,
With all the Paine of Hell to boot,

The Sixth Dayes EXERCISE.

The Argument.
The foure great wonders wrought at Christ his Death.
How Paradise receiv'd his Ghostly Breath,
Purgatory condemn'd, and Tombes expence,
The Crosse is prais'd, what profit comes from thence.
I Sing no songs of antique Saturnalls,
Emblemes of Time, Sithes mowing Festivalls;
Though Saturnes name I wrest to that set day,
On which our Saviours Corpse entombed lay:
Nor daigne I once his memory to greete,
Who fled to Latium from his Native Creete.
[Page 219]Nor strike I at that Melancholique Spheare,
Whose Motion ends not till the Thirtieth yeare.
No such conceites intoxicate my Braine,
To thinke, that Ovids Ta [...]es might grace my strain
No such Capricious Toyes, wits whimsey-dances
Nor dreames of Raving Pates take me with trances
Improper for a Christian Scribe to hold,
Or them to blaze abroad, like Bardhs too bold,
Who in this Age of impudence and scorne
Turn'd more Baboones then Babes for Christ New-borne,
Would gul the world with leud Fantastique fables,
Our Youth with Cupids baits, or E [...]vish Bables:
No line shall glide through my New sacred Pen
Save that, whereto Gods Angels say Amen.
But who will heare, or credit our Reports?
When men wax deafe, bewitcht with Babels sports
When though they know, that her Chiefe Forts were taken,
Her Lovers sundred, and her Basans shaken
By them that hate the Whore, yet still they strive
By the Old Dragons false prerogative
To build her Walles, like Jerichoes againe?
And blow up Sion, with Hels Powder-traine?
Looke how they Plot to undermine our walles!
And to repaire their owne, Just ruin'd, falles!
See how Romes Mungrels, mercenary whelpes,
Goe on to bite the Saints! And how she helpes
[Page 220]Some, viper-like, their Neighbours hearts to teare
Under pretence of Purgatories feare!
Behold how Mammon tempts our brightest starres
To fall downe from the Orbe of Peace to Jarres;
Whilst Humane Arts doe want no Licencing,
They threat Gods Heraulds with a silencing.
But O! are not those wordlings much too blame?
Or doe they not obscure the Spirits Flame?
Well meriting from Heaven punishment
Exemplified with Arrowes Pestilent
For their Ecclipse of zeale? if that they feare
To favour those Choyce workes, which every yeare
Some New borne Spirits in these dayes of evill
Present from Christ, to conjure downe the Devill?
I feare no such false Squibs, nor cloudy Brow,
That some with Benets Badge might overcrow,
Or clog my Conscience, like an Ape, in Hell;
I feare no such Bug-beares, nor Magicke spell,
Wherwith Masse-mongers, Flamines most prophane
Bragge to fetch Fiends from out a Puritane.
For in my Will the markes of Christ I beare,
His Image on the Crosse, which thus I weare:
"Like as the Fiery Serpent made of Brasse
"Within the Desart rais'd an Object was
"To cure all such as were by Serpents stung,
"Onely by seeing that which Outward hung:
[Page 221]"So the Resemblance of Christ Crucifixt,
"With constant Faith in our Remembrance fixt
"Heales up the wounds and scars which Python old
"Procur'd to sinne, when our first Parents sold
"Themselves for slaves. There is no Antidote
"More strong than Christ his Crosse, or Seamelesse Coate
"Against our Foes; The which with more impres­sion
We shall believe, if following our Profession,
We marke what dismall change the whole world crost,
When Natures God on Earth gave up the Ghost.
Even then (O strange) Apparent to the Eye
"Foure Miracles amaz'd Mortallity,
"Which foure likewise soure Creatures made agast,
"For Nature they, Sinne, Death, and Hell defac't.
The first, that rapt the standers by with wonder,
Was Salems Temples vaile then rent asunder:
(A Signe, that shadowes of Reallities
Ceas'd with the Jewish Rites and Sacrifice)
The third did Tombes and Monuments uncase,
With Trembling Motion of the solid Base,
(A Signe, that Satans Kingdome was undone,
And by the Crosse, the Gentiles should be wonne.)
The Fourth, the Resurrection did make cleare,
For certaine Saints did visibly appeare
Unto their Friends out of their Monuments,
When Christ fulfill'd the Prophesies Contents;
[Page 222](A certaine signe, that God will, like to those,
Others through Christ into New life transpose)
In the meane time the Souldiers stood not Idle,
Nor would their spite, nor greedy Passions bridle.
Some swagger'd for their Robes with open throat,
Some did cast lots about Christs seamelesse coate;
Some broke the Prisoners Bones; but finding sure
Jesus deceas'd, yet they to keepe in ure
Their Bloody hands, them would not then for­beare,
But one of them his side pierst with a speare.
"A Souldier of proud Rome then pierst his side
"As now that City would his Limmes divide.
"Out of whose wounds two Sacramentall signes
"Did Water flow and Blood, like juyce of Vines
"Both White and Red; The One for Circumcision,
"Pre-figur'd Baptisme; th' other Sinnes Remission
"By Blood unseene within the Vine presented
"Instead of Carnall Altars represented
"By Moses Lawes, and abrogated since
"By our great Prophet, Saviour, Priest, and Prince.
The Guardian Chiefe, whom they Centurion stil'd,
Began to quaile, and to become more milde,
When he had seene those strange and fearefull signes
From Heaven sent for Pilates fierce Assignes
To warne Mankind of Judgements Doome to come:
[Page 223]That God for wrong was neither deafe, nor dumb
He (to conclude) did make this Protestation,
That Jesus was most Just, and Gods owne Sonne.
View here ye Mortals, the effects of Blood,
Of Crying sin, wherewith the Jewish Brood,
And the Old Romane state imbru'd their hands.
O let their Deeds amaze our Christian Lands
With horrour, dread, and true relenting Feares
Mixt with the Hearts Compunction & sad teares,
To see the Sonne of God slaine for our sakes,
For our defaults Felonious, as Mistakes;
A [...]ive his hands and feete, transfixed were
With Iron Nayles; And after death his side
So gor'd through with a Souldiers speare beside,
That many there dismay'd in sight and Breast
Most earnestly behold him, whom they pierst.
(Which dolefull sight likewise thrice happy we,
Could it in our deepe Breast reposed be)
But what ensu'd to them, that were the cause
Of this sad Feast, you heard in Frydayes Clause.
As for the Judge, false Pilate, Romes Records
Authenticke shew, that by the Senate-Lords,
And the Imperiall doome, a Banisht wretch,
(Because his deedes beyond the Laws did stretch)
He went forth in despaire, and slue himselfe.
And for Romes state, then Proud for worldly pelfe
Triumphant, Great, and Potent over Nations,
[Page 224]She never found one yeare without vexations.
Her Consuls, Knights, and Legionary Bands,
Her Tribunes, and her Pretours had their hands
So full of Treasons, Treacheries, and Blood,
That seldome since but she Confused stood.
Yea, and her Caesars, like to Cedars fell,
Whilst Christian shrubbes, mauger the plots of hell
Gayn'd Rooting firme through both the Hemi­spheres,
Spreading our Saviours Fame with filiall feares.
The Parthians, and Arabians robb'd her East,
The Gothes and Vandals spoyl'd her in the West:
"And her huge Scepter to the Thracian straite
"Transferr'd, she staid behinde for Babels Baite,
"Or tempting Bath unto the Man of sinne
"For Sale of Soules to plunge the Faithlesse in,
Such Plagues Rome felt, and shall feele yet far more,
If she holds on Christ through his Limbs to gore.
So suffred Christ for our Infirmities,
Whilst his divinest part to Paradise
Rapt up with Joy, expatiated free
From Satans spite, where tasting of the Tree
Of Life, to his Elect perpetuall Life
He gaind instead of those darke Passions rife,
Which Adams sinne with deaths Calamity
Had heapt on him and his Posterity.
[Page 225]Such comforts there, of Immortality,
Christ of his owne, above capacity
Of our weake knowledge did no doubt possesse,
As he deserv'd. And yet our Schoole-men presse
So farre to know of his departure hence
In those two dayes, before he did commence
The Resurrection of his Bodies hew,
That some have broacht what Curious Wits did brew
By Satans fraud. And thence did schismes ensue,
To yoke, and Christ to Crucifie anew.
What Croaking noise in our decrepit yeares,
Have lately beene stirr'd up by Mauzzims Peeres,
Like Hellish Frogges, for Purgatories seate?
The Quintessence of Superstitions heate
Extracted from the Dregges of Gods just wrath,
Because they did forsake the beaten Path?
And worshipped a God not knowne before,
Which Christ his Primer Church did ne're adore?
These Lees made Fryers bray, like Balaams Asse,
Made Schoolemen prate, and both like Chymists rash,
New Bodies Formes by crotchets to create,
By Sophistry strange termes to procreate.
Such Gibbrish stuffe, and Mettals blinde Projecti­on
Bewitcht Grave Clerkes, and caus'd true Faiths de­fection;
Whilst their Craz'd Braines commixt Divinity
[Page 226]With dunghill heapes of mens Philosophy:
(As Curious Chinois hatch their Ducklings rathe,
Like Chymists Temper of Saint Maries Bathe)
With Apish Art the Spirit to disguise
And more then God was pleas'd with, to seeme wise;
"Bare Accidents by Whymsyes of the Braine
"To Substances turn'd of Promethean straine,
"With Moone-sicke sense, and Carnall Apetite,
"Like Capernaites, eating their God outright.
Out of such Egges many a Cockatrice
Hatcht to uphold the Old mans Sacrifice.
Were fostred since the Time of Hildebrand,
The Westerne Churches scourge, Plague and Firebrand.
Out of such Nests came words of Giants growth,
Huge Mungrels fit for Garagantuaes mouth
Baals sophistry, and Chymickes Transmutation
Begot and coyn'd Transubstantiacion.
Then, Vulcans built Soules Purgatories Forge,
And by those Flames phantasticke lies did forge.
For neere about that time did Alchymy
Begin to raigne with Schoole-Theology,
When Satan was let loose from his Restraint
To play upon the Conscience of a Saint.
Woe to the Time that our W [...]st Church forsooke
The New-Mans way, which Berengarius tooke,
And dar'd Christ Body so to understand
Which till Doomes day doth sit on Gods Right hand
Since his Ascent, and there in Heaven stayes,
[Page 227]Till Saints at rest, his Foes supprest he layes.
Thence Purgatory sprung, Romes forged Bull,
Of Satans plot to fill their Bellies full
Like Bels false Priests, by making men believe
They could Redeeme, or Purge poore Soules that grieve
In that Third place for their Offences past,
Which Pardons bought with money might lay wast,
And frustrate, if Romes Indulgence assure,
When she her selfe of Sicknesse cannot cure
By Miracle or Charme; nor stop one houre
Of Deaths Arrest by her Transcendent power:
Much lesse can she, fraile Mortall wight, abate
Anothers paine, when Physicke comes too late.
Some Fathers dream't at doomesday, not before,
Soules should be purg'd with flames, or lesse or more.
But in this Life, where time is limitted,
Soules must be purg'd, or they are forfeited:
"Soules may be purg'd with Sighs, Fasts, & Contriti­on;
"By Faith with workes, which some hold in derision
"Soules may be purg'd, and that with Sacred fire,
"If them Gods Grace with Faith and Love inspire.
Tis not enough to have a Christians Name,
Except we be Baptiz'd with Christ his Flame.
The Jewes did vaunt of Abraham for their Father,
Where they should joy of Abrahams Faith the ra­ther.
[Page 228]Tis not enough to be Baptiz'd alone,
For so were Jewes in Jordans Floud by John;
Nor yet sufficient to Communicate;
So Judas did, yet Excommunicate.
The gentle Sparke, that stirres the Heart and Braine,
Must pray Gods Spirit in those Seates to raigne,
For whose Content, as he was Catechiz'd,
So with Loves Flame he would be Re-baptiz'd;
Which done, he harmelesse growes, an Infant twice
In worldly Craft, and in Christ onely wise;
Though tempting fiends with carnall baites he feares
Yet, Serpent-wise, a newer Coate he weares,
A Coate quite voyd of Seames, or Factious Schismes,
Which with Gods Word he weares for Exorcismes.
Soules Comforter then to Gods Sonne doth marry
The Vnderstanding, Conscience, Memory,
Those Three-fold parts of this adopted Soule
Whose Name with Saints New Man hee doth en­roule,
And signes with Abbaes Seale. The Man vowes Love,
And this rare vow the Trinity approve,
Thence-forward giving him the Two fold Flame
Of Christ his Crosse, and Zeale, with Christian Name
To purge his Outward Man of Earthly drosse,
Which may be styl'd our Purgatories Glosse.
Long since God earn'd the New man for his Sonne,
[Page 229]"And gave through Christ him Free-will thereup­on,
"Which for his Faiths support can never faile him
"But in the proofe and combat shall availe him;
"The Sonne, by whose deare Blood he's Justified,
"Loves him, because his Will is purified:
"He loves, and makes his first Election firme
"By sending One his Conscience to confirme.
"Because he chose his Patterne and his Crosse
"When as he mought false joyes and wealth in­grosse
"According to the Freedome of his Will,
"Which Grace restor'd, and Faith had School'd from ill:
"He carkes for him, and sues for his Persev'rance,
"He heares his griefes, & warrants his delivrance.
"The Holy Ghost, as Mans Love ebbes and flowes,
"His sweet gifts more or lesse into him blowes;
"And chiefely him he graceth, who is mild,
"Free-hearted, Just, and not with wiles defild:
"One that adores not creatures, nor yet swells
"With Merits puffe: In such a one he dwels,
"In such a mind He breathes Truthes gentle gales,
"Which scornes old charmes, vaine legends, dreams and tales.
Thus Sanctified, with Christ incorporate,
A Bastard slip becomes Legitimate,
[...] with Christ, partaking of that Feast
Of Vnity, which brings eternall Rest.
[Page 230]Thus is a Man borne of Immortall seed,
A Saint new-made, a Priest, a Prince indeed,
Nay, a true King commanding Lordly passions,
Which Monarches have enthrall'd in fearefull fa­shions.
Thus Saints are Crown'd and thus is tendred grace
If men doe not their Charters Seales deface.
But not, before the Old man be supprest,
Shall any mortall wight be this way blest.
O Grace more rich then Chinaes glittring Treasure,
O Love more sweet then Mahomets faign'd pleasure
Elected tby he Father without merit
At the Sonnes suite, and sealed by their Spirit.
This Grace, suite, and Seale of Gods Majesty
The persons working in the unity
For dust and ashes, sinfull Mans Salvation,
And with New flames his Spirits inspiration
Doe wonder-rap my Soule with Extasies,
In gazing on their Lights supremacies
With glaun [...]es more beseeming Prophets visions
Then those, which Arrians blurr'd with blind misprisions:
That to speake much of their Transcendencie,
Would me confound, halfe put in Jealousie,
Lest I offend my God, or goe awry
With narrow bounds to stint this Mystery,
Like Lucifer, who for opposing Christ
[Page 231]Was throwne to Hell, to father Antichrist.
Thence with his Mates to tempt and poyson such
As dare to scan Gods Secrets over much.
[...]ith our weake Braines can hardly apprehend
Those Axiomes, which to Quadrate circles tend:
How dare we Clouded with infirmity
Rake for more Light of Heavens Trinity?
Whose knowledge long lay hid from sinfull Men
For our first Parents fall, till Christs time, when
It pleased God, three persons to reveale
By Him, which he did formerly conceale.
From Carnall wits? as from Crownd Popes he did
The Gospels use, and which as yet lyes hid
From their crownd-shaven Crew, and Babels Rable
Who darkling grope for Christs Communion Table;
As they doe likewise for that Orbe of Rest,
Which for good Soules departed God hath blest.
Yet our New man sees by his rayes reflection,
As through a glasse, enough of Gods perfection,
And roome enough without such purging flames
For Saints to sing Allelujahs Psalmes
To satisfie our Faith; whilst by high mounting
Some meet with Aiery foes their strength surmoun­ting.
Nor must we scale the Sun-beams with those Eagles
Whom glory, pride, or curious Art inveagles
To know Gods will, conceal'd from humane breast
Or to eate more than gluttons can digest.
[Page 232]This sure I know by Holy Inspirations,
"God breathes in humblest mindes most Revelations;
"For when our Hearts with lofty thoughts arise,
"Fiends scrue themselves into our phantasies.
"Yea, they will tempt the most Regenerate
"And Holiest Men, as the most reprobate.
Some under Forme of Art they slily Charme
With hired plots to work their Neighbors harme
That by their sowing daily Tares of strife,
The Father, Sonne, the Husband and the wife,
Friends, kindred, Towne, and Country Folkes may vary,
So as with Christ their Soules can hardly marry.
"Such sleights use Hellish Fiends, though few su­spect
"Their shining Baytes, yet surely Gods Elect
"Know, that all make-bates have just cause to trem­ble
"As well as they, who being at Masse dissemble.
"These Members helpe to make up Antichrist:
"For without Parts how can the head subsist?
But chiefly Hell claimes those men, who beleeve
They may for Gaine coyne doubts our Church to grieve,
To yoke weake Soules, and Faith to falsifie,
Which through Christs death alone doth Justifie,
Without Romes purging flames, or Humane deeds,
Trentals, Masses, or ringing more then needs,
[Page 233]To foole weake minds, which knew not Paradise
Was promised by Christ, where in a trice
His Spirit did arrive with the Good Thiefe,
And there for ought we know, might find reliefe
With Abram, Moses, Daniel, and the rest
Of Saints, untill his Body rose releast
From Josephs Tombe, wherein it lay interred,
As Jonas staid within the Whale as buryed,
"Or, to speake plaine, his Spirit without s [...]int
"Vnited with his Sire in Triumph went.
As for the certaine place of Paradise,
Let this our curious Intellect suffice,
That Gods high Orbe hath many glorious Mansi­ons
Unlimited by Locall spans dimensions;
Like as to us on Earthly Many Lands
Beyond New-Guiny, which none understands
As yet; If sundry Starres our world exceed
In compasse, why doe some their Fancies feed
With hopes of Limboes Rest, Elisian Groves,
Or the like Place, which none but Rome approves?
But leaving these for wits Fantasticke flim-flams
More fit for Apes or Owles then New borne Lambs,
God give me Grace the Scriptures sense to follow,
The solid Truth, without Abysses hollow,
Not daring to maintaine Hels Paradox
With the old Serpent, and the Wily Fox:
That after death Christ suffred more unres [...],
[Page 234]Since he himselfe said: Consummatum est.
The manner how Christs Soule went downe to hell
Before his Body rose, I dare not tell,
Nor search that depth. Yet who can safe deny,
But that his Soules Triumphant Majesty
Did there descend, or from some Higher place
By vertue of his God-head, hell deface?
(Which whether part in sulphurd cavernes glowes,
Or at the Poles part Frozen hard, who knowes?)
Christ did descend, Hels fury to asswage,
For, where his Spirit is not, fiends doe rage.
So undiscern'd by sense some fiends may dwell
Within the Aire, as in the utmost Hell.
Tis probable a Battell might be fought
By fiends, although unknown to mortall thought
In that darke time, when Christ gave up the Ghost;
Which battell soone they through his Godhead lost
Whilst that in Spirit quickned up he went,
And preacht to them in Errours prison pent;
For by his Death Christ spoyl'd them in a trice
Of their chiefe sway and Principalities;
(When in Mens hearts the Gospels buds did bloom
And at the noyse Hels Oracles fell dumbe.)
This mov'd Saint Paul to publish for Christs glory,
Death, where's thy sting? And Hell, thy victory?
Yet my Rule is, where Holy writ, for Guide
I find obscure; when gravell'd I abide,
Another Theame I take, another Lampe
[Page 235]I light anew, and quite forsake the dampe
Of Sulphur'd Meteours, and erroneous spels,
Which smoakt out first from blind Monasticke cels
For of Deepe Gulfes a holy Ignorance
I farre preferre before a curious Trance.
I now returne backe to my Saviours Grave,
Where yesterday I left, a Virgin-Cave
Afforded by the Arimatheans care,
Which ever since did to the Church declare
This Mystery, that as a Virgins Wombe
Became his Birth, so dead a Virgin-Tombe.
When Joseph had the Body there transferr'd,
He decently forthwith the same enterr'd,
[...] Nichodemus ayded in the Night,
To doe their Master this last pious Right,
Without much pompe, or Prides solemnities,
Or Ceremonies us'd at Exequies,
By carnall Friends, who oftentimes consume
In Glozing showes, for Ostentations fume,
More substance to set out a Funerall,
Then would well serve to build an Hospitall.
[...]o shew the Fruites of Love at Obsequies
[...] not amisse, but not Hels Sacrifice;
[...]o pacify Dis or Persephone,
[...] Masses Orphean Harpe, or Orgian Plea.
This Baal and Bacchus did, the One for Gaine,
[Page 236]The other his mad Revels to maintaine.
This Dives doth, whilst at his Lordly Gate,
Poore Lazarus with Christ incorporate
Begges needfull Almes for his deare Passions sake,
Yet cannot have them, though his Head doth ake.
This Dives did, while the Prince Palatine
With Britaines royall seed forc'd from the Rhine,
Their proper Right, as from Bohemian Prague,
Stood to our shame confined to the Hague.
This Dives did, when thousands did lament
In London streetes with Fevers pestilent.
What Obeliskes with teares of Crocodiles?
What Mourning weedes with cryes maskt under wiles
Doe our false Christians sumptuously prepare,
Perhaps for cursed bones, with care on care?
Did Dives to his Tombe with pompe convayd
Passe Lazarus in Abrams Bosome layd?
Leave off for shame such Heathnish Sacrifice,
And for your Dead build roomes of richer price,
Nay, for your selves with lasting Royall State,
Whereby you may passe for Regenerate.
More Hives for Bees with necessary stuffe
Heere or abroad, to shunne vaine glories puffe,
Ye may erect with lesser cost and charge,
Your duties in some measure to discharge,
"Redeeming Plagues, I meane the Temporall,
"Which on frayle men for carnall pleasures fall.
[Page 237]That way will help to expiate, and to cover
Those sins, for that great vengeance which hangs over
Your heads unmarkt; Lo, how Virginea vents
Forth heavy grones, and new-found Land laments.
See how New-England under noble Gorge
Against the Dragon craves a new S. George;
All three looke for their Infant Age no more
Out of their Mothers ranke superf [...]uous store
Then what shee riots. There, brave Monuments,
May be set up to Christian mens contents
Farre fitter, then in needlesse shewes at home.
And these will passe old Peters pence to Rome.
Or if you be home-tide, and wealth betide,
Christs Members feed, but doe it without Pride.
Above all things I wish you to forbeare
From Burying Coarses in Gods Temple, where
His Word is Preacht; O doe not taint the Aire
With G [...]lgothaes, which can not but impaire
Your tender healthes by damps and exhalations
From sulphurs sweat, Earths put id oppilations.
Our Saviours deeds should for a patterne stand,
Who from the Temple, with a Whip or Wand
Drove Chapmen out, and such, who over bold
With in that sacred place wares dayly sold.
My Fathers House (sayd he) appointed was
For Prayer, not a Money-changing place.
[Page 238]Why may not in the Fields a heape of stones
Serve as the Church for Graves to rotten Bones,
Resembling that, which neere to Mamre sold
Dead Abrams Wife, for Sepulture did hold?
Or the Church-yard crost by Masse-Mongers old
From G [...]blins haunt their Carkasses might hold?
For shall the words of that Mahumetan
Spoke at his death confound a Christian man?
To Saladine one winding Sheet is left,
Of all his state by cruell death berest.
Who then will doate on Shrines and Mauzzim [...] Wares?
Give mee the Quick; let Satan take his Tares,
With them in Reliques who Religion place,
Besainting Bones within a Silver Case.
Let not the Church, nor glozing Epitaph
Grace my poore Corpse. From Crowes the Cynicks s [...]ffe
May guard me for a need. Were Martyrs bones
Quite burnt in Flames? And shall rich Marble stones
Enclose my Coarse? Farre be it from my thought,
Who higher place crave then for Money bought.
That station I expect through Christ his Crosse,
Which worldly minds prize lesse then chaffe or drosse.
Another kind of Body I expect,
Which like to his my Saviour will erect.
This moved mee my Children three to bury
In the Church-yard, whilst I saw most men hurry
[Page 239]Proud Carkasses into the Church, polluting
Gods house, and zeale with superstition suting
This moved mee New Cambrioll to Baptize
In New found land, whilst others Idolize
Their native smoake with sloath & griping Cares,
Caught with false Pleasures baytes in Satans snares.
This moves good wits, whilst here they make abode,
To send so oft [...]oud sounding B [...]okes abroad,
To cure or curbe litigious Braines that Rave,
And by such Fruits, to build them selves a Grave,
A quickning Grave, that when their Sinewes rot
The Saints for them might praise the New mans
As I doe for Great Brittaines shining Lights,
Or them, whom Andrewes Posthume now invites Lot
Andrewes, that shames Beauford and Gardiner,
And yet all Three were styled Winchester:
For how shall wee discerne another Man,
Then with bright Trueth his living workes to Scan?
Whether a Lambe or Wolfe he led his Life?
In Peace with Christ or with Hell Fiends in strife?
What more then Swan like Songes keep Men alive?
Or can on Earth their Noble deeds revive?
Beare witnesse then, my two-fold Epitaph,
Whilst Windy wits lye swill'd, like Swine with draffe
This Glasse renewes brave Roberts Memory
Of Essex Earle, the Flower of Chevalry:
[Page 240]Whō Flanders, Lisbon, Cales, Spaines Iles, nor France,
Nor Irish Force could daunt with Shot or Launce,
Home-Ostracisme this Famous man did foile,
Whom Mars durst not affront in Forraigne Soile.
"But his sweet Soule, because he Sacri [...]c [...]d,
"Christ Cleer'd from Guilt, and Saints him Cano­niz'd.
Or if the Seas and Land contend for Roome,
The Seas will Ebbe, and shew us Desmonds Tombe.
"Scotland his Birth, England his Tilting Fame,
"Venice claim'd his venture, Ireland his Name.
"Whilst these Foure strove to build a Monument▪
"For Desmonds Corpse, the Seas crost their intent.
"Because the Seas for Worthyes might appeare
"To match the Land, they took this Noble Peere.
Thus Two by Sea and Land have Lawrelles got,
While worthlesse Lords, like Falling Fire-drakes rot.
Thus Vertue some Crownes with a Living Tombe
Which more doth them then Coronets become,
And longer will then Mausolaeans last,
When Time shall Pomp, and nine dayes Wonders blast.
"Hence I inferre, that God hid Moses Tombe
"Lest men might Saint his Bones in time to come.
"Hence I resolve: from Graves old Folkes began
"To make an Idoll of a Mortall man.
Hence I conclude, to hang a Hearse with Scutche­ons,
Serves for a Bait to catch our Heyrs, like Gudgeons:
For without worth Guilt honours proves but vaine,
[Page 241]And Styles the scumme of a Fantasticke Braine.
"Without the New mans Robes none are indeed
"True Noble Men, but borne of Mungrell seed.
Let men therefore besides the Cynicks Staffe
Upon my Grave Engrave this Epitaph:
Taint not the Church with Skulles; O yee that mourn;
Nor with Wormes-meat; the Yard will serve my turne
Rob not the quick, a dead man to adorne,
But bury me as poore, as I was borne.
Only a Shrowd for decencie I crave,
Such as my Saviour wrapt in Josephs Grave.
I hated Pompe, and Drunken Sacrifice
When I breath'd Ayre, much more in Paradise.
"Man here is but a Steward of his Pelfe,
"For others bound, aswell as for himselfe,
"To cark and care according to the Talent,
"Which so to him was on Condition lent;
"For which mispent he must one day account
"Be he a Knight, a Baron, or a Count.
"Looke how Christ did, the second Adam, live,
"So must we sure, if we intend to thrive
"In Piety; we must esteeme the Crosse,
"Though sad, true wealth; & pamp'ring ease soules losse.
"Therfore when Honour, Gaine, or worldly Pleasure
"Doe thee befall, suspect the Heavens displeasure,
"Unlesse thou out of hand to some good use
"Convert them without Riot or Abuse,
[Page 242]"Looke where so e're thy worldly Treasure is,
"There lyes thy Bane, thy hindrance into Blisse.
"No man two Masters serves with conscience cleane,
"God, and the World, but he becomes uncleane
"And quickly soild with sense-alluring Toyes,
"Which him bereaves of true Immortall Joyes.
"For by superfluous Cares and Worldly Wealth
"The way is quite blockt up from Saving wealth.
The serious thought of which Impediments
Made wisest Men amidst their sweet Contents,
(As sometime did the Samian Tyrant fling,
To season Joyes, into the Sea a Ring)
To mixe some Worme-wood Cares and Objects sad,
To live, like Angells, here in Sack-cloth Clad,
To fly to Celles from Warres and worldly wrath,
Like Austriaes Charles, and Turkish Amurath:
To choose a dying Life, retir'd from Ease
Rather like Monkes, then like nice Damocles,
(Or like some Kings maligned Favorite,
That dreames not of a Fall, till Envy smite,)
To live with Lushious Cheer, and pleasing plenty;
Fore-seeing that at last scarce one of twenty,
Which gives himselfe to Carnall Liberty,
Escapes unstung with some Calamity,
If not living, yet surely at Deaths Gaspe
The Libertine shall feele the Hellish Aspe
Poison his Soule unseene with Mortall sence,
Mauger his Heires vaine Obits and expence.
[Page 243](For after death all Sacrifice is vaine,
Nor can Rewards redeeme the Soule from Paine)
The which empoisoned thus, barr'd of Gods sight,
Of the least glimpse of comfortable Light
With the rich Glutton in the lowest Hell
Till Doomesday roves among the Furies fell;
And then the Body in more hideous state
Joyn'd with his Spirit, he cryes out too late
For Mercy, when the second Death is come,
Which by the first he might have smitten dumbe,
And Conquer'd too, if like our Saviour, He
Had living di'd, or living sought to be
Reborne, and form'd after his Image true
With Faith and zeale (contending to eschew
His Spirits Foes, the Letts unto the Crosse)
Which every Christian Soule ought to ingrosse,
As Mysticke Type, and Seale of Mans Adoption,
His Ransome lent from Lordly Sinnes Irruption.
"Unhappy is that Wight, that never felt
"The Crosses waight, whose Heart did never melt
"At others smart, but living all at Randon
"Gods Justice to dull ease did him abandon:
"Since it is hard to have smooth comforts twice,
"Both in this World and in the Heavens likewise.
"Yea, most unhappy He, who for his sinne
"Was never Chastned, but hath suffred beene,
(As Epicure, not Checkt by Sickenesse, Griefe,
[Page 244](As Epicures till checkt by Sicknesse, Griefe,
By Shipwrack, Fame, Friends losse, want of Reliefe)
By our Creatour to consume amisse
His usefull Talent, and to swarve from Blisse,
Without controule, or maisterly reproofe,
As if God slept; or sleighted mans behoofe.
So on the other side I count him Blest,
Who in this World felt Sorrow and unrest,
"For we ne're feele the comforts of Gods Spirit,
"Till our Flesh quailes, or outward troubles stirre it.
"Fraile Flesh & Bloud may not in Heaven reside,
"Till Christ his flames the same have purified.
The Crosses sight the Carnall mind confounds,
But it lookes bright, and with perfumes abounds
Within Gods sight, who thereby maketh roome
For his rare gifts to lodge in, with the broome
Of Discipline sweeping foule Lusts away
And the Worlds love, which bring into decay
The Heavenly Seed, choakt up with Pompe & cares,
Like Earthly Graine with Cockle, Thornes, & Tares.
What makes a Surgeon use Corroding Waters
For Festred Soares? but that they are Abaters
Of the proud Flesh? why doe Physitians give
Their Bitter Pilles unto the Sicke that grieve
Of causes hid? but that the bodyes sink
Cannot be Purg'd of Filth and Humours stink,
"By sweet Receipts? no more should Gods E [...]ect
"The Joyes of New Jerusalem expect
[Page 245]"Without first passing through the Bloud red Seas
"Of Sorrowes deepe, to gaine perpetuall ease,
"I meane not Griefe for losse of worldly wealth,
"Or Carnall Friends, but losse of Saving health;
"Griefe for the wordes ecclipse, Griefe for our sinne,
"Griefe for the Snares, which Saints are toyled in.
Who to this dying Doctrine will encline
His Heart, and to Austerity confine
His Life, he shall be crowned for his durance
With Heavens Blisse, whereof Christ gives assurance
With these true Golden Rules seal'd in the Heart:
None gaines the Godheads love without some Smart.
Who Christ his markes more here of Torture beares,
In Heaven be the brighter Garland weares.

A Hymne explaining the cause of our Sa­viours Sufferings on the Crosse, toge­ther with the effects of his Buriall.

WE were the Cause, and none but we,
Why Christ was naild unto the Tree,
We were the Cause worse then the Scribes,
Nay, worse then Judas with his Bribes
Of Christ his death, and Guiltlesse Bloud;
[Page 246]We tore his Flesh, like Vipers Brood;
We drunk his Bloud, like Cannibals,
Who men Redeem'd, when they were Thralles.
The Jewes misus'd Him but one day,
Whereas we dayly him betray,
And Crucify the Lord againe,
Saints in his Limmes, for spite or Gaine;
We rave farre worse then did the Jewes:
Our Carnall Lusts, and Ghostly stewes,
Our Pride, Deceites, and Avarice,
Our Riots, Feasts, and Fopperies,
Our Healthes, Debates, and losse of Time,
Shew why Christ up the Crosse did climbe.
Let us then waigh with Penitence
Sinnes fiery sting, the Crosses sence,
Let us bewayle our wretchednesse,
Which brought our Saviour to distresse,
And think upon these Rules with Feare:
"That Trees, which are both dry and seare,
"Shall sure be fell'd, since blooming Wood
"Hath beene destroyed as with a Floud;
"And that all Soules shall suffer losse,
"Unlesse they muse upon the Crosse,
"And thereby hope for inward Peace,
"The Spirits gifts, and sinnes release,
"By vertue of that Costly Price,
"Which hung thereon for Sacrifice.
For which high Deed while we have breath,
[Page 247]We never will forget his Death,
But in our Mindes wee will infixe
His Merites, Love, and Crucifixe.
"His Living Rock can hide our Soares,
"As Josephs Vault entomb'd his Coarse:
"We may to Blisse rise up from Bale,
"As Jonas did from out the Whale,
"If on his Wounds wee fixe our Soules,
"Like Doves that pitch on Rocky Holes.

The Seventh Dayes EXERCISE.

The Argument.
Old thinges made New: now is Jewes Sabbath Day
Chang'd to the Lords, to mind our Saviours sway,
Who Rose, stay'd here sixe Weekes, then went his way
To Heav'n, & Men Inspir'd on Whit-sunday.
OUr two Dayes storme is cleer'd: come, let us sing,
And Tribute pay to our Triumphant King
Who trampling on our Foes hath led the way
To Resurrections Port on the third Day
After his Death, which first of their Weekes Date
[...]ld Hebrewes Calendar did Calculate.
O Blessed Day! most blest in the Exchange!
[Page 249]Whilst we do not from zeale like worldlings range!
"But all with joy for this our Worlds Creation,
"And Christ his Rising, minding our vocation,
"As likewise for the Holy Ghosts descent
"On Whit-sunday, ten dayes from Christs Ascent,
"We Holy keepe our Lords, this Seaventh day,
And in his Prayse our thankfull Hymnes display,
Who did, because our sinnes the Old withstood,
Transferre a newer Feast cleer'd by his Bloud.
Though Christ was Lord, & Sabbaths prime perfecti­on,
The manheads Crowne, yet he to make defection,
Of that Dayes Rest did never Condescend,
But left it us untill Times finall End.
He left it us to mind th' Eternall Day;
When Time with baldnes never shall decay;
That Feast of Feasts, with none can paralell,
For it above all Triumphs beares the Bell,
The Harmony whereof no Tongue can tell,
And more doth Our then Our the Sixe excell.
The which whilst we looke for, let us foregoe
Our Deeds prophane, and Pious dutyes doe
On this High day. Let us congratulate
With Jubilees our Resurrections state,
And our through Christ redinte-gratious Peace
With God the Father in his Flockes increase.
Let us cheere up our Soules with Joyfull Psalmes'
And shew our Love by Prayers, Vowes, and Almes.
Let all the Earth, let Christians all rejoyce,
[Page 250]And heare Gods word, the Lord of Sabaoths voice,
Not in a Language strange, or Noise unknowne,
But in that Tongue which men doe terme their owne.
Let them with understanding sound his Fame,
And Glorify Jehovahs awfull Name,
With Voices Musick, sound, and Symphony,
With Davids zeale, and Asaphs Harmony.
Unanimous let us proclaime his Glory,
Not dreaming wise, but in a reall story,
To be admir'd of all the Sonnes of Men,
And Registred with adamantine Pen:
All Glory be to thee, as heretofore,
In Persons three, one God for evermore,
"Who, least that Cares might dull our Inward sight,
"Hast Weekely left us one of brighter Light,
"Aswell to match the Hebrewes, as to rayse
"New zeale on it for our Redeemers Praise.
Because Christs Faith stood firme, not shakt at all,
His Manhead calling God, God heard his Call.
Because his Manhead spurn'd Hells Crown of strife,
Preferring here on Earth an Humble Life,
And constantly endur'd the dreadfull shock
Of Perills, like a Shepheard for his Flocke,
And to his Father deare did pray alone
For helpe; he at the last did heare his Mone:
[Page 251]When he his Bloud had on the Altar shed,
Soone as he sayd: All is now finished,
His sacred Soule straight way to Paradise
Leaving the Crosse and his Dead Body [...]yes.
Whence in Earths wombe after two Nights repose,
Brave Gyant-like refresht with wine he Rose,
His Body Rose from Grave, from the Whales Belly,
Rays'd Jon [...]s-like to live Triumphantly;
For how could he, whom God ordain'd to save
Old Adams Seed, be captiv'd in the Grave?
Thou art my Sonne, Mens Light, whom I begot,
Sayd his just Father, and here take thy lot
In choisest Soile. The H [...]ath [...]n I give to thee
For Heritage, and all the world in Fee,
To bruize or breake, for thy owne pretious merits
Thou by thy bloud hast tam'd the wily Spirits,
O murther'd Lambe▪ Hence-forth on my Right hand
Sit in thy Humane shape, none shall withstand
Thy Powerfull will in Heaven, Earth, or Hell,
For thou shalt judge all Men and Furyes fell.
My sentence just thou hast appeas'd alone,
For which mysterious deed wee both are One.
Because the Wine-presse thou alone hast trod,
Thy Flock shall ever dwell with mee their God.
Because for Sinne thou hast endured wrong
Thou shalt divide the lest spoyle with the strong.
And for thy love to Man bought with thy Bloud,
I Cancell quite against Old Adams Brood,
[Page 252]Their Bodyes Death excepted, my Decree
Of vengeance due, if they beleeve in thee,
Without adhering to Idolatry,
To their owne works, and humane Foppery.
"Be thou their Patron, and sole Advocate,
"(Who trust to other Courtiers, I doe hate)
"Sue thou for them in thy Humanity
"Before our Throne of endlesse Majesty;
"And for thy sake, I will Elect them sure,
"For unto thee all Glory I assure,
"Till th'Elect come in, and thy Foes in Thrall,
"That then our God head may be all in all.
To this effect our Heavenly Father spake,
When his deare Sonne his Body Rais'd did take
From Josephs Tombe; when by the dawning day
Those Women came there, where his Body lay
Entomb'd, with mind to sacrifice their woes
For Him, whom they saw Martyr'd by his Foes.
To solemnize his sacred Funerall
Out of true Zeale and hearty love withall,
Thither they came, not Superstitiously,
Nor yet for Fashion sake, but really
With an intent on his Dead Corpse to powre
Most pretious Oyles, but by the Heavenly Pow're
They were debarr'd. For as they did adventer
To shew their Love, and in the Vault would enter,
An Angell all in white of lightning hew
[Page 253]Them interrupted with these Tidings true:
What would yee now, poore Soules, embalme his Coarse,
Whom late your Nation wrong'd without re­morse?
Why seeke yee here the Quick among the Dead?
"Gods living Sonne within an Earthly bed?
"God would not let his Sonne Corruption see,
Nor could his Body long enclosed be
Within this Rock. The third day now is come;
Christ Risen is from Tombe, as from earths wombe.
Then goe your wayes, and his Disciples tell,
What Newes yee heare, what Lot to him befell.
The women shudder'd and distract almost
With the strange sight, as if some wondrous Ghost
Had them encountred, ran away from thence
(Such is the nature of weake mortall sense,
When they meet Objects of Immortall Frame,
Reason lyes hid, as under Ashes Flame)
But Pilates watch with horrour sore agast
Forsook their charge, and fled away more fast
Then did the women at the Angells Noise,
For they (good Soules) were soone repleat with Joyes;
And when their Witts they recollected had,
[...]hrists true Disciples they acquainted made
With these glad Tidings, who them held too good
[Page 254]To be so true, untill in zealous mood
Christ did himselfe expostulate the cause
With two of them, who travell'd to Emaus
The selfe same day, when he did Rise from Death:
O simple Soules voyd of Caelestiall breath,
Ought not (quoth he) Messias to be slaine
By sinners hands? and all these wrongs sustaine?
Do not the Prophets all agree in one,
Which men refus'd should be the Corner stone?
That evermore Melchisedech's high Priest
By David sung should rule? that Jesus Christ
Messias should be first smote with the Rod
Due for your sinnes, by your Dread-loving God?
Though, as Gods Sonne, he might have chose to feele
The Taunts and Nippes of men more hard then steele,
Yet he of meere good will, not by constraint,
Enthrall'd himselfe to sinners false complaint.
"He opened not his mouth, nor them withstood,
"But, as a Lambe before the shearer stood
Dumbe, Patient, Meeke, whilst for your Trea­cheries
He wounded was. And these perplexities
With Tortures, Stripes, and scornes he underwent
To ransome Adams seed from Punishment.
But now yee are by his Afflictions heal [...]d,
And through his Crosse shall shortly be enseal'd
[Page 255]"A Gospell New, a Testament of Grace;
An easy yoake with covenants to raze
The former Curse. If yee beleeve that Christ
Is Gods owne Sonne, your Saviour, Prince, and Priest:
If, like to him, yee humbly live together,
As he rose up, so shall each faithfull Brother.
These say'd, and more then my weake thoughts record
By giving thankes, and breaking Bread, the Lord
They knew, and then he vanisht from their sight;
He vanisht from them Twaine, and in the Night
He did appeare to his Apostles, where
For zeales devotion they assembled were,
And catechized them for Faith and Love,
With other points which might their Soules im­prove.
Nor can I overship my ready Pen
From laying downe his love to Magdalen:
Whilst her confused thoughts twixt doubt and Feare
Rov'd what became of his Dead Corpse elswhere;
He kindly call'd her by her proper name,
Shew'd her his person, and confirm'd the same
By Message, which unto his friends he bid
Her to declare. Thus sundry times he did
Appeare to them, whom formerly he knew
To be th'Elect, and his Disciples true,
That they might be Eye-witnesses, and blaze
To all the world this wonder of amaze.
[Page 256]"And that true Flesh his Body was become,
"He eate with them Bread, Fish, and Honey-combe.
"To shew himselfe a Perfect Man indeed,
"And not a Ghost, Christ hungred, and did feed;
"Immortall he with Mortalls, as a Guest,
"Tooke what was next at hand, not curious drest,
"To let men know what Nature might suffice,
"And that with Men He man did sympathize.
Among the rest when Thomas Didymus
Was absent first, and all unanimous,
Excepting him, believed what they saw:
Although the Newes might well his senses draw
To credit them, yet he stood off, and sayd,
Unlesse I see, I am not well appayd;
Unlesse these Eyes his Person shall behold,
How can these Newes for currant true be told?
Unlesse my selfe shall feele his nayled hands
"And side late pierst by the fell soldiers Bands,
"At sight of which deepe Wound by Romane Speare
"The lookers on appalled were with feare,
I will not you beleeve. Therefore the Lord
His wavering Creed to settle, and record
To future times his love, a sev'night after
His first appearance, he againe did enter
Into the Roome, where Thomas with his Mates
Were then shut up, and there Christ animates,
[Page 257]Commanding him to tou [...]h him, and to ponder
With Faith and understanding rapt with wonder
His misbeliefe, and told him for our Rest,
Who so beleeves what he had seen is blest.
When Jesus had conversed forty dayes
On Earth, halfe way twixt Sions walls he stayes
And Bethany, where his Disciples met
Upon the Summet of Mount Olivet,
The place where he the night before his Passion
Had powr'd forth bloudy sweates, his antepassion,
Which over-peeres Jerusalem, and all
The Countrey round about with stately fall:
Where likewise some do Critickly conceive,
That all men shall their Finall doome receive;
There, He full Powr' to his Disciples gives,
Their sinnes to loose, that vow to lead new lives:
As also those to Excommunicate,
If they offend, that were Regenerate.
"This Charge to them and Peter Christ prescribes
"Joint, as to judge hereafter Israells Tribes:
"Thus speaking in the Plurall: Go your wayes,
And Preach; to bind or loose yee have the keyes.
Above all rules, on Faith he most insisted
And fruitfull Love, both which who so resisted
With wanton spleen, or contumacious willes,
He prophesied Damnation for their Illes:
But saving-health to them, who should confesse
[Page 258]Such faithfull love, as Peter did expresse.
Assoone as Christ his documents had ended,
Some did presume, who on him there attended,
To aske him, whether then he would restore
To Israel the Kingdome as before?
(Forgetfull so of Jesus Crucifixt
Were they, and to a Carnall Monarch fixt)
Whereto Christ answer'd: It concernes not you
To know the times and seasons which ensue.
Such secrecies the Father doth reserve
Unto himselfe. Do you my words observe,
Who am your King, the Head of humane-kind,
As I to you, so to my Flock be kinde;
My Gospell Preach, the weak ones Catechize;
See, that my Sheepe yee feed, my Lambes Baptize,
Invoking on, as you have learn'd of me,
The Father, Sonne, and Holy Ghost, all three;
Which Last shall shortly you Baptize with Fire,
As John with Water, and your Soules inspire,
As Gods Viceroy, or Angell of the Lord,
By Heat of what I taught, the saving word,
Untill I come in Person from Above,
See that yee Watch, and one another Love.
Such or like words when Christ had fully ended,
He in a Cloud up to the Heavens ascended,
Where he as God and Man all thoughts beholds
Preferred by the Father, and there holds
As Man for Men, a Mediatours place
[Page 259] On Gods right hand, Saints joyfull to imbrace
As God and Man, Paules Fury he did fright:
As God and Man, Saint Steven saw his Light.
So did Saint John from Pathmos see his glory,
When he reveal'd his future Churches story.
By Visions have some others ravisht beene,
That they from Earth his Power there have seen:
"For had we seen him here with Carnall sight,
"Our Darknesse could not comprehend his light.
Whilst his Disciples there with carefull Eyes
Watcht as he went, two Angells humane-wise
Apparell'd white appearing to them said:
Yee Galileans, why are yee dismai'd?
Why gaze yee up? This Jesus, who is hence,
To Heaven gone, shall so returne from thence.
Seeke not therefore his reall presence heere
On Earth, untill as Judge he do appeare:
Meane time on Gods right hand a Prince and Priest
He raignes, and doeth you in your vowes assist.
On Whitsunday next after Christs ascent
He ravisht his Disciples with content,
Who then attended at Jerusalem
For the last promise, which he made to them:
That he would send Gods Spirit in his steed,
To rectify and ayde them in their need,
And, while the world should last, his Church in­forme
[Page 260]In some or other place with wondrous Forme.
When that high feast of Pentecost was come,
And for that end they meeting in one Roome
With one consent: there fell a bustling noise,
Or suddaine sound, replete with stirring joyes,
As of a mighty Breath, and rushing Wind,
Which fill'd the House, and wonder-rapt the mind:
For Cloven Tongues appear'd to them, like Fire;
And sate on each of them, and did inspire
Their Soules with giftes of the great Holy Ghost:
So that the Standers by of Aliens Coast
Astonisht were th'Apostles joyes to heare,
Men of a diff'rent Tongue and Climate there,
Poore Hebrew Fishermen, that never went
Far out of Jewry Land, extatick bent
With them in their owne Language to agree,
And in their zeale to God to be so free,
And fluent of their Phrase, that Babels Breach
Seem'd reconcil'd by their harmonious speech
Some thought they were like Bardhs Enthusian rapt,
Or that strong Wine in them such Blabs had clapt;
That men before the third houre of the day
Should rave with Wine, they wondred with dis­may:
They were amaz'd, till Peter made it knowne,
That for Christs sake God sent this wonder downe,
Not for Mad fits, but for Soules joyfull feast,
God sent the Holy Ghost this wondrous Guest.
[Page 261] O Wondrous Guest, that vents forth Abbaes Cry
Within the Heart, the will, and memorie!
O wondrous Guest, the Heavens Harbinger,
That scornes not to become the Messenger
Betwixt our Soules and God to beare our Love,
And our weak Faith to strengthen and improve!
That sever'd Earth from Chaos medley Puddle,
And rays'd our Orbe out of the lumpish Huddle!
And though the Earth were heavy, hung it faire,
With store of stuffe in the loose fleeting Aire!
This is that Prime and ever quickning Mover
Of all the world, Angells and Mens approver;
That spirit, which through all Gods Prophets spoke,
Which taught the sense of Mysticks to unlock;
Which clear'd the Wits of simple Fishermen
To preach those Newes, which Doctours fayl'd to pen:
"Which rul [...]d in every Age since Christs Ascent
"The Church, and dayly yeelds Soule-nourish­ment:
"Which at our feast Christs Body doeth convay
"Into our Hearts by his Spirituall way:
"Which sent the gift of Printing now of late,
"Old Babels spelles and mists to dissipate;
"And by the Word to rescue Thralles from death
"As he at first the gift of Tongues did breath:
"Which animates the Saints with courage rare
"In midst of Tortures Tyrants to out dare:
"Which glads the Lowly, and the Penitent,
[Page 262]"And thousands doth unite in one Consent
"Of Christian Faith, though sundred much in place,
"Tongues, rites, or forme, yet one in sacred race.
O Holy-ghost, how strange is thy proceeding!
Angells and mens capacities exceeding!
No pen can limne thy Raptures most profound,
No humane voice can thy hid Graces sound.
One thing I blunder out; what thou conceal'st
From carnall Clarkes, to Children thou reveal'st.
Then let my Soule, O Lord, be like these last,
Whilst others feast on Peacocks, let me fast,
Or tast no other Food, but what conduces
To praise thy Name without prophane abuses:
And let all them, who view these humble Lines,
Prove better'd in their thoughts with contrite signes,
If the old man they labour to deface,
And do their best the new man to imbrace,
Not like our moderne Gulles, who grow Profane,
Lest they be markt with brand of Puritane.
Let us Gods Spirit by these Wonders seeke;
These Wonders wrought the first day of the Weeke,
Our sevenths Light, now styled The Lords day,
Thrice hallowed and sanctifi'd for Ay;
For this rare Blisse to Christian Soules accrewes,
That Christ his rising up their hopes renewes,
To Rise, like him, ingrafted in his stock,
[Page 263]To quench their thirst with him, the living Rock,
To bud a new, as Branches of his Vine,
To feed on Angells food, his word divine.
He led the way to Resurrections blisse,
And us invites to follow him in this
High flight, without diverting towards Earth,
But with due care of the new Spirits Birth,
Our former resurrection in this Life,
To gaine th'immortall prize through strong beliefe,
With those true joyes, which did but Monarchs know,
They would foregoe their Crownes the same to ow;
A glimpse whereof for undestanding Soules
Wee read by John reveal'd in mystick scroules
With those delights, wreathes, and immunities;
Which God allots to Saints in Paradise:
But for the Temper, Place, Degrees, or Site
No Astrolabe, nor Braine of worldly wight
Can apprehend the height, Dimension, Rayes,
Unlesse they fall on false Poetick wayes.
Yet Paradise some to the Moone confine,
And there to be another World define
Of moving Groves by Galilees late Glasse,
Where Apuleius found his Golden Asse:
Whence likewise came Dame Errours Charmed Lamp
[Page 264]Which kindled Legends of th' Elisian Camp,
And Limboes field, which Royall James (to hit
False Dreamers home) conceiv'd for Hauking fit.
Others more Sage in Types describe that Place:
A Starry Soile eng [...]rt with Crystall Glasse,
Or Sea translucent with stones pretious rankes,
Pearle, Amber, Beds of Corall on the Bankes.
These may, as Tropes, rowze up the drowzy mind,
"But to empale Gods Mansions, were to blind
"The Artizans, and to confound the Sense,
"If curiously they break to Edens fence.
"The azur'd Spheare, wherto my hopes are bound,
"Spirituall stands, above this massy Round:
"Of lively frame, not like our mortals Land,
"Or Temples built by carnall Creatures hand;
"A Common-wealth secur'd from fiendes alarmes,
"Wonne by our Saviours bloud, and Ghostly Armes,
Which long before he promis'd to prepare
For them that would through Faith his Foes out-dare.
"There, in the midst of Saints God rear'd for them
"A Metropole, the New Jerusalem,
"Not of Materialles wrought in Earthly mould,
"But of Celestiall stuffe more bright then Gold,
"Then Diamonds, which Liquids may deface
[Page 265]"Or Canker-fretting Time the Fabrick raze.
The structure might be one with Fixed Starres,
Or like that Lamp, which [...]ting stints our cares;
An Orbe so farre transcending Edens site,
As doeth the Sunne the Moone, the Day the Night;
Where He, that made the Sunne, more glorious spred
The New mans giftes then Schoolemen ever read:
"A Region of incomparable Light,
"The Globe or Seat whereof no Humane sight,
"Till Glorified, can pry into, nor Art
"By reason of the Lustre can impart,
No more then Paul by Christ in spirit brought
Up to that Orbe, of it could utter ought;
No more then we dare scan the Trinity,
Or weak Eyes see the Sunnes resplendencie.
Since puzled we in Natures secrets be:
What Natures Lord conceal'd, how can we see?
Nay, why should we presumptuously aspire
To peep into Gods Ark? or steale his Fire?
Old Scribes Prometheus voucht of Grace bereft
For robbing Joves bright Fire (a heynous theft)
Now more then this (least Fancies me deceive)
I blaze not of that Orbe what I conceive:
"Mansions of endlesse Joyes, and sweet Repose
"God made for Men and Angels, whom hee chose,
"For Men and Angels, who should side with Christ
[Page 266]"Against Hell-fiendes, the Beast, and Antichrist.
But whether in our Zones chang'd, or refin'd,
Or Higher Orbes, I leave it undefin'd.
"Let this suffice: no object represents
"There, more then God to Soules departed hence,
"Which honour'd Christ, nor can divert their Sight
"From fixing on his Beames their whole delight,
Chiefly, at that Eternall Jubilee,
When Saints shall from Hell-squadrons parted be.
"By his great Light through Christ Saints there shall shine
"So bright, that their new shape will turne Divine,
"Compacted of the purest Quintessence,
"Which Aire and Flame could work in Humane sence.
The Body, which on Earth so clog'd the Soule
Terrestriall, shall no more that Guest controule,
But mounted up in Ovall Coach of Fire,
Elias-like, doeth to the Heavens aspire,
"And, like high Eagles wings, both here and there
"Comports with Christ the Manhead up to beare;
"Of Motion swift, of Strength without compare,
"Like Seraphins all Love, of beauty rare,
"Leagu'd with the Soule in sympathizing frame,
"Of Qualities aethereall mixt with flame,
[Page 267]"Of glorious mould, not subject unto sinne,
"Disease, or griefe, as the first man hath been;
"Like Cherubins all Light, compos'd of Light,
Saints then shall raigne in a farre happier plight
Install'd then Chinaes King, or Tibers Priest
With triple Crowne, which cannot long subsist,
For these at death leave Corpse and States be­hind:
As those beare Bodies new, like Christs refin'd,
With whom they reap more pleasures and con­tent
Then Tongue can tell, Eares heare, or Fancies vent.
"No Sexes Forme shall then preoccupate
"The Sense, since Fate had procreations date
"Worne out, and cancell'd Lust in Evaes Race,
"Her Choisest blest with even blooming Grace.
"Because on Earth they trusted God alone,
"And lov'd his Saints, he made them with Christ One.
"Both Young and Old, though maimed, burnt, or drown'd,
"Shall flourish then alike with Members sound,
Of Body span'd, yet purg'd of Drossy Masse,
Perhaps, like Christs (which some would force to Masse)
With Knowledge ripe of Goodnesse, voyd of Ill,
From Passions free, and rectified in Will;
[Page 268]"Perhaps at the same Age, when Adam fell,
"Or Christ Rose up triumphant over Hell.
There they shall sing and prayse the Lord alway;
Not having need at all to sue or Pray.
O how they move with mutuall zealous fire
To prayse the Lord for sparing in his Ire
Old Jacobs Tribes! for chusing him and them,
While he did Esau and his Brood contemne!
They see themselves cull'd from the Gentiles throng,
Though they deserv'd to sing their howling Song:
"For though God did all future things foresee,
"He did till then no Reprobates decree,
"But them reserv'd with Divells to partake,
"Till Christ judge them to Tophèts burning Lake.
They know the state of all the damned Crew,
And thereupon their thankfull shoutes renew,
Ascribing Prayse with Hymnes Angelicall
To Alpha and Omega, God in all:
"Of one consent, one will, one yea and nay,
With the like Musick, and Harmonious Lay.
Such Blisse on the eternall Sabbath day
Crownes them, when God their Bodies shall array,
Who in the Lambe believ'd, and did their best
By doing Good to gaine his Sabbaths Rest.
As meaner Men made Lords weare Habites new,
[Page 269]So shall our Bodies then be chang'd anew,
The good invested with perfections rare:
The bad with hideous shapes, and hellish Care.
Then many, now which stalk with Peacocks Plumes,
With various Garbes, with Licks, and Baudes per­fumes,
More ugly shall appeare then Toades, or Bugges,
Which Children scare from screaming for the Dugges.
"Nor will the Good then pitty the Distrest,
"Because Gods love had Natures Foames supprest.
Embosom'd Couples, which on Earth embrast,
The one shall be receiv'd, the other cast:
"Where humble Saints shall surely be preferr'd,
"And Tenants set above their Lords that err'd.
"Our Saviour, Enoch, and Elias led
"The way, to shew that God the Quick and Dead
"Can raise: that Mortalls have regain'd their Breath,
Yea, from their Graves Saints rose at Christs his Death.
This Doctrine seemes to Carnall Sadduces
[...]carce true, although they see in Summer Trees
[...]nd Corne to sprout with other vegetalles;
[...]hough they see yearly many Animalls,
[...] Swallowes are, Silkwormes, and Butterflies,
[...]evived when the Sunne doth hotter rise.
[Page 270]Then, since Those Life by the Sunnes heat have wonne,
Why should not Men by Him that made the Sunne?
Such Sotts have been, and such (I feare) there are
Too many Faithlesse ones, that never care
Here in this Life the certaine meanes to gaine
Of glorious Shape in time to come againe,
(Like skittish Maydes, who at the fairy Game
Do Daunce, untill their Bellies swell with shame.)
Nor how fares Truth, nor what a Christian ailes;
Will they yet learne, untill the Fiend prevailes,
What shall become of Body or of Soule,
So they may Feast and drinke without controule.
The Mirrours of the Moone are trimm'd a new,
Whose Face the foure Weekes Terme had dimm'd the Hew.
See they not bred of Putrefaction Flies?
And Barnacles from Wood or Pitch to rise?
To heare the Birth of the Arabian Bird
With Golden wings from Ashes Pile they gird.
They see huge Pompions of small seedes renew,
Yet they make doubt that men shall Rise anew.
They see the Salamander in the Flame
Unscorched lives, yet they are void of shame.
Some in our Time quite dead againe have liv'd
By Miracle; and some by drinks reviv'd:
Yea, when the Bird out of the Cage did roame,
The Soule reverted back into her home.
[Page 271]In heavy sleepe they feele the Soule to range,
And yet they doubt of the Immortall change.
But thou hast sent, O bright Celestiall Light,
Into our thoughts a Guest to teach us right.
"O sacred Faith, our Charter, Aarons Rod,
"Great wonder-worker betwixt Soules and God,
The chiefest Barre betwixt our Sinnes and Hell,
The Quintessence of Flowrs of sweetest smell.
"Faith conquers all, Mountaines of Sinnes re­moves,
"Makes Lions Lambes, and Kites more mild then Doves,
"And may be styl'd the Gospells Golden Glosse,
"To know aright the meaning of the Crosse.
This is that Rock unseen with Carnall Eyes,
Whereon our Church stands firme, in spite of Spies
Late sent from Hell Christs Building to deface,
And with false Newes disperst to darken Grace.
This is our New mans sure and constant Rock,
Whose sense from Lambs old Reynard seekes to lock.
This pretious Gift we gaine from Grace above,
[...]ut flyes away, if we prophane Gods Love
[...]lipsing it on the Lords glorious day
[...]ith worldly mist, false Fire, or Heathnish play,
[...]he old Mans Tricks, his stale and stinking Leaven;
[Page 272]For if that Day we Rest not, we lose Heaven:
"I meane from Gaine, Lust, and unlawfull Playes,
"Or Worke, which might be done on other dayes
"We must refrayne, and our owne Carnall wayes
"Set farre behinde the course of Sabbath dayes,
"Except our Mother Church, which holds the Keyes
"To binde or loose, dispence with Exercise,
"Or with some harmles Joyes at vacant howres
"To sweeten Cares, and raise the vitall Powres,
"Which might grow drowzie, sad, or drooping dry
"For want of Motion and due Symmetry.
"Provided that the Soules chiefe faculties
"Be not betwitcht too much with vanities:
"And that our sportes, or Recreations bee
"From Spleen, or G [...]ll, Bibbing, or swearing free:
That we rejoyce in presence of the Lord,
Like Man and Wife, of one minde and Accord.
Provided, that what Money we shall Play,
Or hap to winne, we count it lent away,
And so Conferre it to avoyd Abuse,
For mending wayes, the Church, or Lazars use:
"But in this Point let Saints be circumspect,
"Lest at their Play the Serpent them infect.
"Provided still, we may Advantage winne
"On that set day to put downe Raigning Sinne,
And glorify with mutuall one Accord,
And holy Hearts our Sabbaths gracious Lord
[Page 273]Who knowes that Man is full of Imperfections,
And by degrees must climbe to more Perfections.
So have I seene some Children from the Dugges
By leasure wean'd, then, terrify'd with Bugges
From screaming lowd, and afterwards with Bells
Appeas'd, like Angry Bees, untill their Yelles
They quite left off, ashamed of their Folly,
And grew in time more stayd, devout, and Holy.
So I have know'n, where men were most Precise,
In Forraigne Partes, that some did exercise
At Buttes with Arrowes, or with Bullets Play
Between the Sermon While on this High day.
The like Effects our Elders Tolerations
May bring to passe amidst our Profanations,
That when our sweaty Hobs have daunc'd their fill,
They and their Marians mount to Sions Hill;
Or else deferre their Games and Alchouse Bowles,
[...]ill sacred Liquour hath bedew'd their Soules,
[...]or then I hope our New man will extend
[...]is quickning Heat, that their Old man will bend,
[...]nd stoope, like Josephs Brethren, overcome
[...]ith th'Awfull splendour of succeeding Doome,
[...]hat shall inflicted be on Libertines
[...]or slighting Prophets, and their sacred lines,
[...] their abuse of Christian Liberty,
[...] causing scandall with Impiety;
[...]or keeping back Gods Tythes, and starving those,
[Page 274]"Who might Soul-fed our Sabbaths Foes oppose.
O would my words might pierce into the Flint,
And strike remorse with Numbers feeling dint
In them, who to support their Pride, ingrosse
The Meanes, whereby ensues the Churches Losse;
In them, that put no cautious difference
Betwixt the Lords and other Dayes in sence,
Good ends, and use, like those who sometimes fed
On the Lords Body, as on Common Bread.
But leaving these, like Achans, to themselves,
Or to be rankt among the Fairy Elves,
I hope the Gospells Light, which now shines bright
In Brittaines Ile, will so confound the Night
Of misty sinnes, that we shall shunne the Rock
Of Scandall, and be grafted in one stock,
As Members of our All-puissant Head,
Whose Ten-fold Lawes the greatest States must dread,
And by their Light twixt Motion, Love, and [...]
Cause Lesser Starres, like Charles his Waine, to draw
That Head and Parts may joine in unity,
While Charles his Name renewes whole Charity.
Membra Caputque ligant Charites, quas Carolus ambi [...]
Dum [...] intus [...] renovat Rex nomen & omen.
Blest be that Light, which late in Oxford shone,
And there Inspir'd faire Englands Royall Throne:
[Page 275]"Our Carriers, Carts, and Wayne-men to re­straine,
"Who sullied Sabbath dayes for greedy Gaine.
Blest be that Act, which served for a Charme
Amidst our vowes, to stay Gods Thundring Arme,
That scar'd from Westminster our Parliament
With Fiery dartes and Arrowes Pestilent.
No strict Edict could cease the Dismall knells:
No Judges Writ could stay sad Londons Bells.
"No Golden Fee, the Soule of Eloquence,
"Could further Suits against the Pestilence.
Our Gallants then, (so for their Out-side styl'd,)
Thence hurryed fast away, like Creatures wilde.
The Courtiers fled, so did Rich Londoners;
The Coachmen fled: so did the Waggoners.
Both Sexes fled, yea, Men of all degrees;
Grave-diggers Gaine downe waigh'd the Lawyers Fees,
Though sithence some complain'd of Fees abate:
For many weekely Graves but few of late.
Our Fashions, Beauties, and daub'd Jezabels
Tooke then for Fiends the Noise of Tolling Bells.
Few stay'd behind, save some in hope of Gaine,
Or those for Christ who shrunkt not to be slaine.
Nay they, who bragg'd of Aromatick Pots,
Cures for the Poxe, and soveraigne Antidotes
Against the Plague, then brookt not London streets,
Lest they might daunce the winding of the Sheets.
[Page 276]But now attend, a Wonder great I tell,
Which thousands can as yet remember well:
"Assoone as that New Act came published,
"The Plague abated, and few perished.
This an Eye-witnesse of their Desolations,
Their Trades Decrease, their Woes, and Lamen­tations,
In that great Citty, where the Sicknesse raign'd,
I then their Guest undaunted, not constrain'd,
Do testify for our Preservers prayse
And to reclaime them, who shall read these Layes,
With Dalilaes from dallying over-long,
Their sweetest sinnes, I meane, Gods day to wrong;
"Gods day of Rest his Wonders to display,
"Gods day for mans best part, Soules Holy-day;
On which High day the Spirits Gate stands ope,
And we may then for store of Graces hope.
I [...]t not absurd New sweet Wine to put in
Old Butts not first well purified within?
And is it not Profane to Sacrifice
To God, before the Soule be cleans'd of Vice?
How many wayes may we redeeme the Times,
If we apply our Willes thereto betimes?
The Mornings prime in Prayer to the Lord
We ought to Sacrifice, and to record
His wondrous Acts unto our Families,
Or Neighbours, whom with Charitable Ties
[Page 277]The Chaine of Faith hath linked in together,
As Fellow Saints. The Noone-tide we may either
In sober Meales, or in Almes-giving spend.
The Afternoone to gentle Walkes may tend,
There, more to prayse the Flowers variety,
Then Salomon in all his Royalty,
To suck the Hilles, or fragrant Gardens Aire;
"Or it may tend to make the Soule more faire,
"By reading Scriptures, or the Martyrs wrongs,
"Choise Catechismes, Sermons, or sacred Songs.
To shew us zeale against a Graven Elfe,
Moses broke the Tables of God himselfe.
The like pure Flame burnt in Phinehes Soule,
When he with Steele foule Whoredome did con­troule.
Do we contend in Lawfull Warres debate?
Or in defence of our Religions state?
Who in Old time more constantly did brook
Proud Giants scornes? Or with more Patience took
Their Flouts, which did at his good Sermons bark
Then Noe, whilst he built his famous Ark?
Who better did Gods Chosen Souldiers guide
Then Abram, Josuab, and the valiant David?
Who more resolv'd to fight in a good Cause
Then the brave Maccabees for Moses Lawes?
Would you observe a Kings, or Judges Part?
Their lawfull Charge grave Moses doeth impart;
As Subjects Dammage by their winkt at Bribes,
[Page 278]And Tyrannies old Samuels Book describes.
Would yee Rule well your selves? a House? or State?
These Salomon and Sirach moderate.
Ere Sidrach, Misach, and Abednego
Would Idolize, the Fire they undergo;
Nor could the Lions Den, nor Medes decree,
From serving God enforce good Daniels Knee.
Do we desire to see a harmelesse Mask
With Daunces, Songs, and Shoutes? Here is a Task
For our New man with David to consult
And Judaes Kings; whilst Incest doeth insult
On that great Baptists Life from Jordan led
To pay unto a Frisking Mayd his Head.
Comforts for Griefe wee feele in Davids Psalmes,
By Jeremy, by Job, or Tobiths Almes.
What wonders do the Spirits Penmen teach
Perform'd by Saints beyond Dame Natures reach?
Do we affect to drink most wholesome Wine?
Go we to Cana, or to Christ the Vine,
Where without charge both White and Red a­bound
To cheere sad Soules, while Christ his Health goes round.
Would wee see acted a rare Convertite?
Damascus shewes us Paul Christs Favorite.
Would we discerne the Newman in his strength?
The Gospell paints his Portraiture at length.
[Page 279]Would we behold She-paragons of Beauty?
Or of that Sexe some others False and Haughty?
Sara, Rebecca, Rachel, Debora,
Miriam, and she that nailed Sisera:
So Hanna, Ruth, Priscilla, Magdalen,
And Philips Nunnes deserve a Prophets Pen.
So Judith, Ester, and Susanna Chast;
And she within all Glorious, thats embrac't
By Heavens King, with Sunny Robes adorn'd,
Maugre the plots of men by Fiendes suborn'd,
Whose prayse we find blaz'd in the Canticles,
Extended then, and since by Oracles.
So for her Zeale, with them I parallel
Christs Prophetesse, the Widow Phanuel.
These Female sparkes invite my Soule a Guest,
And so the Churches Type at the Lords Feast
Sweet Mary blest in the Superlative
Cheeres me, with her whom Zachary did wive,
Who brought, like Sara, forth in Ancient Age
A Prophet to proclayme Christs Pilgrimage.
The Elect Lady, Hulda the Prophetesse,
Lydia, and Dorcas make a Holy Messe.
Then, Jezabel I read, and Babels Whore,
Both rampant bent the Church of God to gore.
Last, Athaliaes Fate from Bloudy snares,
Saphiraes me from Double dealing scares;
As likewise do from Gadding Dinaes Fall,
Lots wife, and Evaes Doome good Dames recall.
[Page 280]These Histories, or such in Holy writ
Exemplified this sacred Day befit.
Good Bookes advance the Newmans Sacrifice,
But Bad to Heathnish vice soft Braines entice.
Therefore let us borne of the Spirits seed,
Immortall, scorne our Christian Mindes to feed
With Tales, vaine Sports, or fond Lascivious Bookes,
Which Fiendes suggest for Soules as shining Hookes.
Exploites belied on Patrick, Arthur, Guy,
The Peeres of Fraunce, or Spaines bald knightly Fry;
To the intent, that from Gods word the Will
Might be seduc'd, t' apprehend more Ill.
Arming our Mindes, let us our Bodyes too,
The Parcels of Christs Temple, not undoe
With Drunken Healthes, the Divells Sacrifice
In these last Times, nor yet Apicius-wise,
"With various kindes of Gurmandizing Cheere,
"Which dimmes with noysome Fumes the Spirits Cleere,
"And the Five senses so intoxicates
"That Pulpits blush to see such Nodding Pates.
How oft saw we some at this Holy Tide
More Sensuall bent then any day beside?
Some haunting more the Taverne then the Church?
Some on the Spoile, some living on the Lurch?
And some farre more to deck their Out-side bent,
Then by Gods word to feele Soule-ravishment?
[Page 281]Strutting more oft to Church with Painted Wings,
Then to beare thence Soule-wares & sacred things?
Yet presse I not too peevishly Precise,
"But Christians may in comely modest wise
"Weare what they list, so that their glittring Port
"Cause no offence unto the weaker sort:
"So that their Pomp do not Devotion let,
"I care not how in Forraigne Robes they jet.
What Hurrying Noise? what March? and rumbling Coile,
As if they went unto a Play, or Broile,
Do Gallants keep wirh Coaches in the Street?
When they at Church should Saints most humbly greet?
Since God allowes to the Domestick Beast,
Which labour'd the sixe Dayes, our Sabbaths Rest:
How dare they then his Creatures put to Paine?
More to proclaime their Pomp, then Peace to gaine?
Such Sabbath-breakers (I do greatly feare)
Before the Lambe preferre proud Lucifer.
Yet for this Clause let not the Courtly Eare
Mistake my sence: for I do not averre,
But that in their Caroach, or their Sedan,
Without Disgust to the most Puritan,
The Aged, Weak, or those of tender feet
May use what Meanes they please in Church to meet,
[Page 281]When with lowd Threates tempestuous Winds do raigne,
Or When the Cloudes dissolve to dropping Raine;
So that their Hearts be voyd of swelling Pride,
And that their Journey be with Christ to side,
Who, when he did in greatest Triumph passe
On Earth as Man, rode on a Simple Asse.
Nor do I waigh such points so strict a way,
But Fishers, Cookes, and Pothecaries may
Labour, or save what would be cast away,
If on the Eve they toyle not for that Day.
But I could wish good Christians not to play
The Epicures on the Lords Sabbath Day,
Causing their Cookes to dresse more Choice of Meate
Then Heliogabale could digest to eat,
Whilst that ten Quailes or Phesants in one Dish
His Panda [...]s sauc'd with Pearle and Ambergriese.
God graunt, that we more suting our Vocation
May ruminate with serious Meditation
This wholesome Feast, which I have plainely drest,
And those New Rules, which I have now exprest
For Boyling Braines swelld up with Arrogance,
That they may stoup, and feele the Spirits Traunce,
To do Gods Will, to muse on Heavenly Joyes,
[Page 282]And not to clinche those Joyes through worldly Toyes.
Lord, here we yeild thee thanks, though soyld with Errours,
And round about beset with many Terrours,
For turning Brittaines Iland from a Beast
To be Baptiz'd, and of Baptiz'd the Best,
While she doeth firmely to thy Pledges stick,
To thy true Seales, and Spirits Candlestick.
Praysed be thou, who hast to us reveald
The Certaine Meanes, whereby we may be heal'd
Of Natures Spots, and those Contagious Evills
Heapt on us by the World, the Flesh, and Devills,
More in these Latter Times then heretofore,
When our Great Tempter lay enthralled more,
And of his Stings curb'd by the Holy Ghost,
Till Babels Whore perk'd up, and rul'd the rost.
Which sacred Meanes we humbly pray thy Grace
May still support us in our New-mans Race,
As we begunne so with more Love to burne,
Untill thy Sonne Incarnate shall returne
With Finall Doome to judge the Dead and Quick,
The Dead in Faith, and the Church Catholick.

A joyfull Hymne to be sung on the Lords Day, winding up the Sevenths Dayes Exercise.

REjoyce, yee Saints, hoyse up your highest Sayles,
And magnify with loud Hosa [...]aes hayles
The Lord, that first saluted from the Grave
Fraile Adams Sonnes, and them their debts for­gave.
Spread forth his Sabbaths Palmes, sing joyfull Psalmes,
Attend his word, and to the Poore give Almes.
How Amiable and Cordiall is thy Word
Above all Objects els, O mighty Lord!
How ravishing with Pleasures Manifold
Surmounting Musick, Pomp, or heapes of Gold,
Sounds in our Hearts the Heavenly Bridgroomes voice!
How sweetly ring those Peales of Hallowed Noise,
Thrice Holy sung by Hoasts of Cherubins?
Thrice answer'd by Love Flaming Scraphins?
"O Unity thrice blest in Trinity!
[Page 285]"O Trinity thrice blest in Unity!
For the pursuit of which Harmonious straine,
Though fully we cannot as yet attaine
To that brave Pitch by reason of our Fogges,
Thy Grace yet drawes the will, and dries our Bogges.
So if we glaunce, as through a Glasse, a while
At their sweet Tunes, and in thy Laud Compile
Some zealous worke to testify our Love,
And ready will, which therewithall may move
Thy Saints on Earth to warble forth thy Prayse,
Thou art well pleas'd as with the Widowes Mite,
Who Abrams deed didst by a Ramme acquite.
Teach us, O Christ, to waigh th'effect and Cause
Of this Dayes Rest, like those whom at Emaus
Thou mad'st with zeale to burne the selfe same day,
When thou didst Rise and metst them by the way;
That we with Vowes, and Sabbaths true Delight
May think on thee without the least despite
Of Spleene, or Gall, which might prophane the Time,
And blacke our Soules with a Notorious Crime,
If we neglect our Duties and thy Call,
Now to appeare at this thy Feastivall.
W [...]thdraw our mindes from Natures fond desires,
Or Ruffling showes which might put our Fires,
[Page 286]And make some justly call our Day of Rest
A Carnall Time, or Saturnalian Feast.
"Restraine our Longing Fits from all excesse
"Of Meats and Drinke, which might our Wits op­presse,
"And by their mounting Fumes up to the Braine,
"Thee to neglect our Noblest Part constraine,
"And cause us, Nabal-like, the Sots to play,
"When we to Thee our Thankfull vowes should pay;
For on this Day thy Cabinet stands ope,
And we on it for store of Jewells hope.
O let us not, like to that Thorny Ground,
Be choakt with worldly Cares, but Fruitfull found,
And watchfull still, attending on thy Word
At this thy Sabbaths Feast, it to record,
And edify our Neighbours as our selves,
Before our Crimes link us with frantick Elves;
Or to Conclude, before thou do remove,
As Sonne of Man, in Person from Above,
To judge Mankinde, which shortly we expect,
And on the seventh Day, as some suspect.
Good Lord, by vertue of thy Sabbaths Rest,
According to thy will grant our Request;
That, as thou didst with Body Glorified
Rise up from Death, so we Soule-purified
[Page 287]May Rise from Sinne, and up to Heav'n ascend,
And not to Hell, like damned Ghosts, descend.
All Glory be to Thee, as heretofore,
In Persons three, one God for evermore.


Another Hymne in our Redee­mers Prayse.

LEt all that soil'd the Precepts Ten,
New Day-light crave through Christ. Amen.
And let all Angells, Saints, and Men
For ever blesse Christs Name. Amen.
Amen, Amen sound we, like Thunder,
That at our Zeale the World may wonder,
That at our Noise the World agast,
May turne to Christ now at the last,
To tune his Prayse with Newer Tongues,
And with the Heart more then the Lunges.
Let Christ be Alpha in our Songes,
And our Omega, as belonges
To Catholickes of Christian stock,
The Spirits seed, Sheep of one Flock.
Let all our Thoughts conspire in One,
[Page 288]To fixe our Faith on Christ alone,
And with one voice aloud to Sing:
"Christ is our Head, Judge, Saviour, King:
"The Prince of Angells, Gods Delight,
"The Crowne of Saints, Mens only Light;
"The Womans Seed, the Sonne of God,
"Which on the Head of Satan trod;
"The Lion borne of Judaes Ligne,
"The Root of Jesse, Mount Calvares Signe;
"The Glorious Starre of our New Birth,
Whence springs our Peace, and sweetest Mirth.
The second part.
BOth First and Last, as we begunne,
Let us applaud our Makers Sonne
With lowd Hosannaes every day,
Like chirping Birds in Moneth of May;
Like Consorts Tune, or Ring of Bells,
Let us shew how our Love excells,
And never cease Christs Name to ring,
Till we meet all as in one Ring,
Or Circle round: whence no Disunion
Shall ever part our Hearts Communion.
Like Nightingales in Summers Bowre,
Let us on Christ thinke every howre,
And never leave to blaze his Story,
Untill we meet this Lord of Glory,
[Page 289] This Lord of Lord, that crusht the sting
Of our great Foe: for which we sing
All prayse to him that conquerd Sinne,
And did for us the Triumph winne.


The New-mans Song, of Thankesgiving after the Receiving of the Communion.

WE took this Day Christs Flesh and Bloud
Drest in the Forme of sacred Food.
We fed on Bread surmounting Wealth,
We drank Christs Wine of Saving Health.
O Mystick signes! O Grace Divine
Transferred from the Heavenly Vine,
And Living Bread that came from God
To warme and change our Earthly Clod!
We took those Signes, like Baskets rare,
But opening them most dainty Fare
We found to please our Spirits Tast,
We found enough to break our Fast.
We felt our Soules cast in New Mould,
And changed from the Creature Old.
Love made us all of one consent,
[Page 290] Faith wrought in us the Lords Intent:
To mind his Passion, Death, and Love,
Till He to Judge comes from Above.
By these two Gifts we grow to be
Christs Body from disunion free.
By them, like Floure bak't in one Loafe,
The Lord feedes us under our Roofe.
By them, like Lines we meet in one
Firme Center, in Gods Truth alone,
Gods Truth, that blest our Christian spouse
With happy Lot, like Obeds House
Blest for the Ark, while there it stayd,
When Others were by it dismayd.
The second part.
WE yeeld thee Thanks, most Gratious Lord,
Who doest Faiths Light to us record;
That they, who at thy Table feed,
In spirit must Christs Passion heed.
O let us then with Holy Traun [...]e
From Carnall sense our Thoughts advance.
Let Christ behold us in the West,
Like to those Wise men of the East,
Greeting his Crosse and his Vprising,
As they his Birth and Manger Prizing.
Let Christ our vowes of Thankes behold,
Our Faith more Pure then Ophirs Gold,
[Page 291]Our Hearts more bruis'd then Myrrhes Perfume,
Our Love more sweet then Incense-fume.
This good Advise we will ingrosse
Within our Soules, and mount the Crosse.
His Crosse we feele. But now we heare
An Angell say, He is not here.
Christ, whom yee seek, is Risen up
Having now made your Foes to stoup.
Untill Doomesday his Body none
Shall see on Earth, for he is gone
To Heaven. There, behold your Christ
On Gods Right hand, a King, a Priest,
An Advocate without a Fee
Pleading to have Faiths Household free.
Draw neere his Throne, and without doubt
The Golden Scepter he holds out.
He will extend his Spirits Grace,
Whilst yee in Spirit seek his Face,
Not wresting your Soule-Feast more reall
Then Paul, who termes it Christs Memoriall.
This Traunce stirres up true Saints to Joy
Like Him, who, though an Embryon Boy,
Within the Wombe seem'd to rejoice,
Soone as his Damme heard Maries voice.
The Babe did spring, and so do we
At our Soule-feast with Jubilee.
Unto the Father, Sonne, and Holy Ghost
Be Prayse both here and throughout every coast,
[Page 292]As of Old time hath been, is now their due,
And ever shall in Heaven and Earth renew.
Let Heaven and Earth by Angells, Saints, and Men
To God rebound with Glories sound. Amen.

The New mans Song of Thanksgiving after our Ordinary Meales.

THe Lord be Blest, who gave us Food
In season for the Bodyes Good.
Our God be prais'd for evermore,
Who our desires supply'd with store
Of Meat and Drinke more then would serve
For Natures use or we deserve.
No Need we feele, no want we know:
So doth the Lord his Giftes bestow.
He never leaves his Saints in need,
But Carks for them, and for their Seed.
[Page 293]He leaves them not with Beggers shame
To starve, if they call on his Name,
He taught them how to blesse their Meate,
By giving Thankes for what they Eate,
No Need we feele, &c.
Unto his Flock, just Abrams stock,
He Water gave out of the Rock:
With Manna fill'd their Hungry Mawes:
And Cloyd with Quayles their longing Crawes
He Car'd for Ravens and their Breed,
And Ravens made Elias feed.
No need we feele &c.
He David holpe in Banishment:
He Daniel made with Pulse content:
He with wilde Fruit did John sustaine,
And his Elect from Dearth maintaine.
He Thousands in the Desert fed
With a few Fish and Loaves of Bread.
No need we feele &c.
One Day He sends us store of Flesh;
[Page 294]Another time Fish salt and Flesh,
And commonly Bread, Ale, and Beere,
Milke, Fruite, and Wine, our Hearts to cheere.
Yea, Junckets fetcht from Sun-burnt Spaine,
Which do too oft our Tables staine.
No need we feele &c.
How Gratious is Almighty God
Unto vile Man, an Earthly Clod!
Thus to provide and Carke for him,
That oft himselfe filles to the Brimme
With more then serves for Nourishment,
For hungers sauce, or Soules content.
No need we feele &c.
God graunt that we his Creatures use
Do Thankfull take without abuse,
Not loathing them as over-cloyd,
Nor them devouring over-joy'd;
That as of Need Saints toyle for Wealth,
So we Feast not for Lust, but Health.
No need we feele, no want we know▪
So doth the Lord his Giftes bestow.

The New mans Triumph in English and Latine measures presented to the Kings most excellent Majesty.

WHo Christ his Birth, Life, Death, and Rising up
From Death to Life observes, He soone shall stoup
And quash the plots of Hells black Darkned Troup,
And likewise make the Outward man to droup
With all his false Designes, and fond Conceits
Sprung from the Flesh, or from the Worlds De­ceites;
For as the Morning spreades the Dawning Light:
So Faith by Teaching shines, and Daunts the Might
Of that Huge Whale, which waites with triple throat
To swallow Soules, as Preyes of Chiefest Note.
So much new Light spreades by the Gospells sound,
They now prayse Christ, who were in Fetters bound;
And Sinnes keen Edge, wherewith the Divell was wont
[Page 296]To boare our Hearts, turnes on the suddaine blunt;
And so remaines, unlesse they grinde againe
Their Augurs on the Whetstone of the Braine.
But how fares then our Souldier in that plight?
With Davids sling he doth the Monster smite;
Whether the Fiend within, or from without
Shootes Fire, he doth for Christ stand bravely out;
For at the Broile his Inward Guardian springs,
Baptiz'd, Fire-sindg'd, and Grac'd mith Burnisht wings
Of mounting zeale, who thus the Triumph sings:
O happy wight, which hath escapt the stings
Of Mortall Jarres! who, though he understood
His Foes Allures, yet loath'd them and their brood!
O happy Soule, which dar'd with Saints to side
Against Gods Foes, the Luciferian side:
Whom with Christs Merits arm'd nor swelling Tide,
Nor fiery Triall could from Christ divide;
Whom neither Charmes, nor yet a thousand Braves
Could terrify, nor yet the rowling waves:
But to safe Port with Joy she brings the Crosse
And Christ his Ship, which Pirats did ingrosse,
Where she with Saints the Crosse Triumphant reares,
That Crosse, which Saints on Earth have wonne [...]ith Teares,
[Page 297] Happy is he, who brooks a wrong-attaint,
For by the Crosse he lives a Canon'd Saint,
A Name indeed, which overtops so farre
The highest Spire, or style of worldly Starre,
As doth Gods Grace above mens sinnes abound,
Or the Lambes Bloud more then our Merits sound.
Thrice happy Man, I say, whom Angells greete;
And whom Christs Will made for that Honour meete!
So Happy be the Best of Kings,, if these
Our New mans Songs to judge he gently please:
For with our Crosse there growes sweet Inward Ease
And with Our Crowne of Thornes a wreath of Peace.

The same in Latine Hexameter. Novi Hominis Laurea Triumphalis.

QVi Natalitium, Vitam, Miracula, Mortem,
Et Christi Corpus Redivivum mente revolvit,
Ille tenebrosae reddet Molimina Gentis
Irrita, Conatus Hominis veterisque repellet,
Seu de Carne fluant, seu sint Phantasmata Mundi.
Sicut enim radiis Primordia Mane Diei
Dilatat, per opaca Fides sic sparsa coruscat,
[Page 298]Tergeminumque domat Monstrum, Caetumque Tri­faucem,
Qui vorat omne pecus, Praedasque absorbet opimas.
Tantum Numen inest Fidei, ut modo Carmine Chri­stum
Compede qui vincti quondam latuere salutant;
Quin & acuta, quibus terebrabat Pectora Daemon,
Tela repentino fiunt obtusa reflexu;
Sic que hebetata manent, nisi devia forte voluntas
Illa super Cerebri renovet Terebrata molare.
Quomodo tum Miles valet in discrimine tanto?
Nempe studet monstrum Jaculis superare Davidis.
Seu vis Hostilis tonat, aut Civilis amictu.
Fraudis in orbe furit, Christo Constanter adhaeret.
Nam Novus ex gemina Genius Baptismatis aura,
Numinis afflatu, Zeloque micantibus alis
Nascitur, intus agit, victoris & ille Triumphum
Sic canit: O Faelix, qui tot Certamina vidit
Illaesus! qui vafra Hostis stratagemata novit!
Et tamen haec spernit generoso pectore Miles!
O Faelix, qui sacra Dei Praedonibus aufert,
Ausus ad extremum Fidei defendere causam
Contra Luciferum Meritis innixus Jesu!
Non scloppi reboante sono, non Marte, nec arte,
Non Pugnis, non mille Minis, nec territus undis,
Donec in optati Navem ferat ostia Portus!
Et Crucis abductae renovata Piacula Christo
Immolet, Aetherea Laudes resonante Caterva!
[Page 299] Faelix, quem signat Crux Ignea Nomine Sancti,
Nomine Pyramidas tanto exsuper ante vel Astra,
Quanto Peccatis existit Gratia major,
Quanto Hominum Meritis Sanguis praestantior Agni.
Ter Felix, inquam, quem Christi summa Potestas
Angelicos inter Coetus dignatur Honore.
Sic quoque tu Faelix, qui nostros imbibis Hymnos
Judicio sensuque pio, Rex optime Regum:
Cum Cruce nam crescit dulce Levamen. Amen▪ Eccho.
Cum Spina Sertum fulget O vale. Vale▪ Eccho.

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