UNDAUNTED London-DERRY: OR, The Victorious Protestants constant Success against the proud French and Irish Forces.

To the Tune of, Lilli borlero. Licensed according to Order.
PRotestant Boys both valliant and stout,
fear not the strength and power of Rome,
Thousands of them are put to the rout,
brave London-Derry tells 'um their doom:
For their Cannons roar like Thunder,
being resolv'd the Town to maintain,
For VViliam and Mary, still brave London-Derry,
will give the proud French and Tories their bane.
Time after time, with Powder and Balls,
Protestant it Souls they did 'um salute;
That before London-Derry stout Walls,
many are slain and taken to boot;
Nay, their noble Duke of Berwick,
many reports, is happily tane,
Where still they confine him, and will not r [...]sign him,
till they have giv'n the Tories their bane.
Into the Town their Bombs they did throw,
being resolv'd to fire the same;
Hoping thereby to lay it all low,
could they but raise it into a flame;
But the Polititious VValker,
by an intreague did quail them again,
And blasted the glory of French, Teague and Tory,
by Policy Boys, he gave them their bane.
Thund'ring stones they laid on the Wall,
ready against the Enemy came,
With which they vow'd the Tories to mawl,
when e'er they dare approach but the same:
And another sweet invention,
the which in brief I reckon to name:
A sharp bloody slaughter, did soan follow after,
amongst the proud French, and gave 'um their bane.
Stubble and Straw in parcels they laid▪
the which they straightways kindled with speed,
By this intreague the French was betray'd.
thinking the Town was fir'd indeed:
Then they plac'd their scaling Ladders,
and o'er the walls did scour amain▪
Yet strait to their wonder they were cut in sunder,
thus French-men and Tories met with their bane.
Suddenly then they open'd the Gate,
sallying forth with Uigour and might;
And as the truth I here may relate,
Protestant Boys did valliantly fight,
Taking many chief Commanders,
while the sharp fray they thus did maintain,
With vigorous courses, they routed their Forces,
and many poor Teagues did meet with their bane.
While with their blood the Cause they have seayd,
heauen upon their actions did frown,
Protestants took the spoil of the Field,
Cannons full five they brought to the Town,
With a lusty large great Mortar,
thus they return'd with honour and gain,
While Papists did scour from Protestants power,
as fearing they all shou'd suffer their bane.
In a short time we hope to arrive,
with a vast Army to Ireland,
And the affairs so well we'll contrive.
that they shall ne'er have power to stand
Gainst King William and Queen Mary,
who in the Throne does flourish and reign,
We'll down with the faction, that make the distra­ction,
and give the proud French and Tories their bane.

Printed for I. Deacon in Guilispur-street.

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