A TABLE Of the Insurance Offices: ONE, Against the Royal-Exchange in Cornhill; And the OTHER, at the Rainbow Coffee-House, next the Inner-Temple-Gate.

Shewing The Premium, or Rate of Insuring an Hundred Pounds on a Brick-House, is Eight Shillings for One Year, (and Double for Timber;) and so in Proportion for a lesser Sum▪ and if any Insure for a longer Term, The Discount for Paying down the Money is after this Rate; Three Years and a Quarter, is Paid for Four Years Insurance; Five, for Seven; Seven, for Eleven. The Money Insured on the House, is to be paid as often as the House is Burnt, or Demolished within the Term Insured. But if Damaged, then to be Repaired at the Charge of the Office.

MonyInsured for 1. Year.Insured for 4. Years.Insured for 7. Years.Insured for 11. Years.
109 ½28458
3024 ½81217
6049 ½1614114
8064 ½114112254

There are Ground-Rents Setled on Trustees, to make good the Losses; to the value of Two Thousand Six Hundred Pounds per Annum, and the Title and Conveyances were Setled and Approved of by,

  • SIr Francis Pemberton,
  • Sir Robert Sawyer Attorney General,
  • Sir Edmund Saunders late Lord Chief Justice,
  • and Sir William Jones (since Deceased);
  • Sir Francis Winnington,
  • Mr. William Williams,
  • Mr. John Mosyer,
  • and Mr. Polyxfen.

The Names of the Trustees, which Accepted the Trust, Are,

  • Knights;
    • SIr Michael Heneage,
    • Sir William Warren,
    • Sir Richard Haddock,
    • Sir Peter Rich,
  • Esquires;
    • Sir Sa­muel Dashwood,
    • William Thompson,
    • George Bradbury,
    • Anthony Sturt,
    • Edward Maynard,
  • Mr. Ralph Hartley,
  • Mr. Nathaniel Hawes,
  • and Mr. Rowland Ingram.


Printed for the Gentlemen of the Insurance Offices abovementioned, where these Papers are to be had Gratis. 1687.

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