A Testimony from the People of God, Called QUAKERS, AGAINST Many Lying and Slanderous Books, and a Ballad lately published in Envy and Ma­lice, to render the said People odious, and accusing them of things they are clear of.

VVhereas there was lately published a Ballad, called, a Wenching Quaker, or the Rosemary-Lane Wonder, Being a Chandler, dwelling in Rosemary-Lane, as the Ballad specifieth; which hath been enquired af­ter; and a Testimony from the Inhabitants, Neighbours, and Officers was taken as followeth; viz, That the Party intended in the Ballad neither is, nor ever heretofore was reputed or account­ed to be a Quaker by any that knows him; and if occasion be, ma­ny of the Inhabitants may be brought, to testifie to the truth hereof: And this is written for the clearing of the Truth, and taking off all Aspertions, Lyes, and Slanders that are cast upon the People of God called Quakers, by Lyars and Slanderers; but we know it is no new thing; for when at any time any wicked action is done by any bad Person, then envious People are ready to cast it as a re­proach upon us the People of God aforesaid; and make Ballads and Books of it, thinking by so doing it will sell the better, and they shall get the more money for it; and so the Sayings of Christ are fulfilled, They shall speak all manner of evil of you falsly for my Name sake; but rejoyce, and be exceeding glad, for happy are ye.

And there are several lying Pamphlets, and bundles of Lyes scat­tered up and down the City and Country against us called Qua­kers; that is to say, There are two of Robert Riches, and several of Mugletons, the Tayler; and of Robert Cobbet, the Tayler; and of a shameless woman, one Elizabeth Atkinson, that selleth Meal and Bread; and one of Rice Jones, Welch-man; and a lying slanderous Pamphlet of Nathaniel Smiths, a Shoemaker, who would have been called a Doctor, but he was sufficiently known, and the Lord cut him off by death before he got his wicked work published; also there is another envious Book against the Principles of Truth, writ­ten by Robert Gorden Scotch-man, which Michael Stancliffe Hosier helps to spread up and down; and formerly another railing, slan­derous, and lying Pamphlet of one Bunions, the Tinker, and an­other, called, News from Cambridge, where the Judgments of God were seen upon the woman, who was a drunken Sot, and the ground of that scandalous Book; who afterwards hanged her self. All which lying and slanderous Books we testifie against; for by Printing their Lyes and Slanders they think to render us odious to the World, and to set the Magistrates against us, and the rude Multitude upon us; but the Lord doth clear his Peo­ple, and preserve his Heritage, and the slanderous Lips and ly­ing Tongue he doth abhor; and we know that modest and sober People, and the Neighbours will not receive such things against an innocent People; but the rude Multitude, that are nearest to the Slanderer, and Lyer, and that is the Devils last shift, when he cannot resist the Principles of Truth, then he will invent Lyes and Slanders, and cast them upon the Truth, and the People of God; and such as are given up to believe Lyes are the near­est (to them that invent such Lyes and Slanders) to receive them, but the clamorous spirit plucks his own house upon his head.

And these scandalous Pamphlets stuft full of Lyes by envi­ous spirits, against the People of God called Quakers; some of them are not worth the answering, or bestowing Paper upon, more then what is already written in answer to them; for we are so well known, and our Principles are so well known to so­ber People, that they will not give credit to their Lyes and Slanders, vented from their envious malicious spirits, which they are well known most of them: For all unrighteousness and un­godliness, either private or publique, our Principle of Truth, which leads us to Christ, the second Adam, and Heavenly-Man, doth teach us to deny, and to love Virtue, Righteousness, and Holiness, without which none shall see the Lord; and so we can defie all the Regiment of Slanderers and Ballad-mongers, with all their Scandals and lying Pamphlets, and we are over them in the Truth, and their end will be according to their works.

And further to clear the precious Truth professed by us, called Quakers, We testifie against all disorderly, loose, and prophane spirits and persons; and when any are manifest, or found out to be in any uncleanness, wickedness, or scandalous enormous acti­ons, who have feignedly come sometimes to our Meetings (some of whose own party have watched for wickedness, and then set it to sale) We deny and reject it and them (whatever they pretend or pro­fess) as Instruments in the Devils hand to gratifie his Followers (who rejoyce in Iniquity) by raising Blasphemies and Reproaches against the Innocent, and the Truth it self. And we do not own Society with such as are disobedient and corrupt, who hold the Truth in unrighteousness; neither can we own or receive them or any such, until they truly repent and reform; for true Judgment amongst us is set upon the head of all deceit and wick­edness.

From the People of God, called Quakers, and is to go abroad in all Cities, Towns, and Countries where those Lying Pamphlets and Ballads have been spread.

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