TERRIBLE NEVVES FROM YORK: DECLARING The barbarous Actions of the Cavaliers at Yorke, in plundering the houses, seizing the goods, and imprisoning the persons of those Citizens that refuse to contribute money to maintaine a War against the Parliament, having already plundered above twenty Citizens houses, and imprisoned diverse of the Aldermen, for not con­tributing money to maintain the foresaid War. Also how they cruelly threaten to kill diverse godly and religious Ministers in the said City, if they will not preach as they would have them.

ALSO The Earle of ESSEX his Instructions to the Counties of Derby, Northampton, Warwick, and diverse other Counties, to stand upon their guard, and raise the power of the Counties to withstand the Cavaliers, and prevent the like miseries and calamities in other parts of this Kingdome.

Printed for Th. Thompson. October 19. 1642.

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