[Page] A TESTIMONY FOR THE LORD, THE GOOD SHEPHERD, Against All the false Shepherds and Hirelings of the World, and more especially, or particularly those of that Sort in the Nation of England.

By Thomas Taylor.

Wo be unto the Pastors that destroy and scatter the Sheep of my Pasture, saith the Lord.

Thus saith the Lord God of Israel, against the Pastors that feed my People, Ye have scattered my Flock, and driven them away, and have not visited them; behold, I will visit upon you the Evil of your Doings, saith the Lord, Jer. 23. 1, 2.

Printed in the Year 1675.

A Testimony for the Lord, the good Shepherd, and true Minister of the Sanctuary, and true Taberna­cle which God hath pitched, and not Man, against all the false Shep­herds, & hireling Ministers, and Teachers of the World, under what Name, or Notion, or Form soever, who have run, and God never sent them, and therefore can­not profit the People at all.

HEar the Word of the Lord God, that is gone forth against you like a Flame of Fire, in this the migh­ty Day of the arising of the Almighty Power of the Lord God Almighty, who is jealous of his Honour, and who is tender of the poor Souls, whom you have deceived, and do daily make a Prey of for filthy Lucre, your End is 2 Pet. 2. 2 Cor. 3. 1 [...]. Dan. 5. 26, 27. come, the Day hath revealed you, and in God's Ballance are you weighed, and found altogether wanting, and there­fore is your Kingdom departed from you; and now the Lord God is setting up his own most Heavenly and Ever­lasting Kingdom in the Hearts of his People, who in the Leadings of his Light are come out from amongst you, and D [...] 1. 7. who through the Blood of the Lamb, and the Word of their [Page 4] Testimony, have gotten Victory over the Beast, the Whore and false Prophet, who have defiled the Earth with their Abominations, Lyes and Lewdness, and he will yet gather more from amongst you: And now the Kingdom under Dan. 7. the whole Heavens is, and shall be forever the Portion of the People of the Saints of the most high God, whose King­dom is an Everlasting Kingdom, and all Dominions shall serve and obey him, who liveth forever, who is arisen in this his glorious Day, not only to reveal, but even to de­stroy to the uttermost the Man of Sin, that Son of Perditi­on in all the Earth, which hath fate in the Temple of God, 2 Thes. 2. as God, saying he was God, and hath long exalted him­self above all that was called God, which alone ought to be worshipped; but the Lord is arisen to dethrone him, even that wicked One, who would not suffer the true Seed, the true Heir, Christ Jesus, the true Light, to reign, but hath alwayes, like an enraged Beast, pushed with his Horns against the Lamb in every Appearance, whereby the ten­der Buddings of Truth in many People have been often hurt, and the Growth of the good Seed often hindered, and some of the feeble Ones, even in their Comings out of Egypt, have been cut off by this spiritual Amaleck, the Dragon, upon which the Whore, the false Priesthood and Ministry rides, whom God will have War with forever, and will destroy him to the End; for now is the Ancient of Dayes upon his Throne, and the Thrones of the Wicked are cast down; and one like unto the Son of Man to wit, the Lord Christ Jesus, in and with his numberless Number is come Acts 9. 10, 11. with the Clouds of Heaven (for as sure as he went up, so is he certain come again) and brought near to the Ancient of Dayes, and is in the actual Possession of that Kingdom, Glory and Power given him of the Father, that all People, Dan. 7. 26, 27. Nations and Languages should serve and obey him; for his Dominion is an Everlasting Dominion, which shall not pass away, and his Kingdom that which shall not be destroy­ed; and now the Judgment is set, and the Books are open­ed, Glory to the Lord forever; and now is the Revelation [Page 5] of all Things, and fulfilling of all Things which have been Rev. 16. 19. spoken of by the true Witness, since the World began: And now the Tything Hireling Priests, and Merchants of Babylon, who by their Works deny Christ come in the Flesh, run to the Powers of the Earth; and cry out, and say, They Rev. 18. 15, 16. will not pay us, they will not put into our Mouthes, they will buy none of our Merchandize any more; Alas, alas, our great City: But for all their crying God will not hear not help them, for they have left off to do good, and God hath shaken his Hand at their dishonest Gain; and the Son of God, that ever blessed Light, is arisen, and is at Work to lead out of Darkness the Souls of the simple, that they may know him alone to be their Priest, Minister and Teacher, and may not be a Prey any longer to the Wolf in the Sheep's Clothing, the Wolf, who is inwardly gone from God, and ravenned into the dark Wilderness, and hath stollen the Saints and Christ's Words, and makes a Trade on them, to deceive withal for filthy Lucre: Wo unto them, they have gone in the Way of Cain, and after the Err [...]r of Balaam, for worldly Ends, and shall p [...]rish in their gain saying of the 2. Pet. 2. throughout. Rev. 12. 7, 8, 9, 10. Truth, as Core did. And the Lamb shall have the Victory; and the Lord is at Work, leading his Flock by the Streams of living Waters; Glory to his Name forever.

And what shall I only complain of the Unrighteousness, and declare of the Downfall of the Kingdom of fal [...]e Teach­ers and Hirelings amongst the Turks, or of the proud im­perious Prelates of the dark See of Rome? Or shall I not rather come nearer home, to wit, to the Place of my out­ward Nativity, the Land of Old England, who pretend to be n [...]her of the Spirit of Turks nor Papists, but People of the R [...]formed Religion, called Protestants, as who should say, Protesters against Romish Usurpat [...]ons and Antichristian Innovations? But alas! to the Shame of thy Nakedness, O England, England, there is found in thee a Conspiracy, a Company of lewd and treacherous Men, who stand over thee Jer. 13. as Teachers, covered with black both Inwardly and out­wardly, who wear a black Garment now, as the false Pro­phets [Page 6] of old wore a rough Garment to deceive, who cry, Give, give, and can never have enough, for they are as Graves; and if one put not into their Mouthes, they bite with their Teeth, and prepare War against them, suing People at Law Mich. 3. for Wages, for whom they do no Work, most unreasona­ble of all Men, and contrary to all other People, reaping where they never sowed, neither spiritual nor temporal Seed; they claim the Tenth of such Men's Labours and Encrease, as they themselves excommunicate out of their Synagogues, and in their false Judgment judge to Hell; what! doth not the Destruction of their Souls seem enough, but you must destroy their Estates and Families, and some­times their Bodies and Life also by long and unheard of Im­prisonments and Plunderings? Shall not the Nations of the World (who profess not as you the Priests and Prelates of England do) rise up in Judgment against you? For which of the Priests in Turky or Rome are more eager for their Bellies then you are? What Means do you leave un­essayed against those, who for Conscience sake cannot put into your Mouthes? Will any whose Eyes are open be­lieve you to be Ministers of the Gospel, who rather then loose a little of the Earth, will expose both your selves and your Gospel to all the Blame and Shame that may be.

The very Name of Tythes shews you to be Jewish, and of Easter-Reckonings, and such like, to be Popish; and now where is your Reformation? You may well confess, there is no Health in you, who have so palpably done (and do) what you ought not to have done, and left ndone nwhat Isa. 14. 5, 6. you ought to have done, as in your Custom you confess: Health, nay, nay, how should you have any spiritual Health in you, who live in such manifest Opposition to the Spirit of Christ Jesus, the Heavenly Physitian. Christ Jesus saith to his Disciples, Freely you have received, freely give; but you are all for Money, and great Earthly Revenues, that you may live in Pride, Idleness and Fulness of Bread. Christ saith, Seek ye first the Kingdom of God; but your Care is how to get great Livings and fat Benefices; and as for the [Page 7] Heavenly Kingdom, which Christ compared to a Grain of Mat. 13. 31. Mustardseed, you neither know it, nor are willing to learn; you will neither enter into it your selves, nor suffer others, Mat 23. 13. but by your Traditions you shut it up against Men. Christ saith to his, Swear not at all; but you teach for Doctrine, Mat 5. 34, 37. Jam. 5. 12. that Christians may swear, and you do swear, not only be­fore the Magistrates, but even some of you in your ordinary Communication; yea, and which is most abomina­ble, in your very Church-Service, compelling the Men called Church-Wardens to swear (and that oftentimes with an Unwillingness of Heart and Condemnation of Consci­ence) to perform your Church-Offices, which layes a kind of Impossibility upon them. Oh sad! may it not be said, The Land mourns because of Oathes? What, have you no Shame nor Care of your Credit, that can do such Things in the open Sun, and not blush? Will you never open your Eyes a little to see your Works? What do you mean Hos. 4. 2, 3. to do? Or where will you hide your selves in the Day of God's Judgments, when he calls you to an [...]ccount, and pleads with you in Flames of Fire for all your mighty Sins? Do you indeed believe, as in Words you say, That you re­generate 2 Thes. 1. 8. the little Infants, by sprinkling a little Water on its Face, and speaking a few Words of your own devising over it, which it knows nothing of? Do you indeed, I say, believe, that by this kind of Baptism, they are made the Children of God, the Members of Christ, and Inheritors of the Kingdom of God? Or do you not rather do these Things to get Money by? Oh Cursed Covetousness, the Root of all Evil; Oh, how it hath drowned your Souls in Perdition; Mat. 13. 15. how it hath blinded your Hearts, that you can see nothing of the Kingdom of God: You bring in a Company of poor deluded Souls, who follow you blind Guides, to pro­mise for the little Infant, That it shall forsake the Devil and all his Works; then what shall these bold Promisers suffer, if the Child do not so? Will they, or you their Teachers for them, be content to suffer the Pains of Hell, the Re­ward of such as break Covenant with God? And when [Page 8] will you see that this Custom of undertaking for the little Infants, greatly derogates from the Honour of Christ, who is the only Undertaker for Man towards God: But what if a Child, through Grace, be so strengthned, when it grows up, as to see your Wretchness, and so to forsake and bear Testimony against all the Works of the Evil One that are done amongst you, will you not call him Heretick, and put him out of your Synagogues? Yea, yea; for you can have no Fellowship with any that have Health in them; for by your own Confession, you are miserable Offenders all the Dayes of your Life, and have no Health in you, and so cannot endure to hear of Perfection or perfect Soundness on this Side the Grave: Yea, though you read in Scrip­ture, Ephes. 9. 11, 12, 13. That Christ's Ministry perfects to God, Ephes. 4. Yet there is not so much Faith amongst you as a Grain of Mustard Seed, to believe any such Thing; for if any come to be healed by Christ, and so made perfectly sound to God, and witness forth the same, they are not for your Company, even you who have no Health in you, but are miserable Of­fenders. Oh you that cry out against Separatists and Sepa­ration, what a woful Separation have you made; you are of them who have separated your selves from the Lord Jude 18, 19. in Unbelief, and are sensual, not living in God's Spirit, but in the broad Way of the World. Oh when will you be weaned from the Breasts of Mystery Babylon, and learn to suck at Truth's Breasts, and draw Water out of God's Zach. 13. 1. Rev. 22. 1. &c. Well, which in the Light and Life of Jesus Christ is open­ed to the true Hungerers and Thirsters after Righteousness this Day.

But you have transgressed the Everlasting Covenant, and offered Violence to the righteous Law of the Lord Jesus, and miserably wrested and perverted the Holy Scriptures, 2 Pet. 3. 16. which witness of him and his glorious Appearance in these latter Dayes; and this you do, that you may establish your own Traditions, that you may keep your selves up in the Earth, in the Glory of this VVorld, and Esteem of faln Man, who knows not Christ nor his Kingdom; and there­fore John 5. 44. [Page 9] hath the Lord already discovered your Skirts, and will 2 Thes. 2. 8. yet daily more and more by the bright shining forth of his Light, make you so manifest, naked and bare, that every Isa. 66. 24 Eye shall see the Shame of your Nakedness; And to the Nations of them that are saved, who walk in the Light of the Heavenly Jerusalem, shall you be an abhorring forever; and the redeemed of the Lord shall daily flock to Zion out of your frozen Land, to offer their spiritual Sacrifices to God upon his holy Altar; and shall see the Smoak of your Gen. 4. 5. defiled Sacrifices go downwards as Cain's did, which God had no Respect to; And the Smoak of your Torment shall go up Rev. 14. 11. forever and ever, for strong is the Lord that judges you, be­cause you have given his Lambs Gall and Vinegar to drink, and have pushed them with Side and Shoulder; and there­fore Rev. 16. 19. a bitter Cup will God give you to drink.

Oh how hath the Lord born with you? how hath his Voice uttered it self amongst you in your Streets, in your Assemblies, saying in your Ears, O Repent, repent, Give Glory to God, by giving over to deceive your own and the poor Peoples Souls, which are precious to God: O ye that have exalted your selves into the Place of Teachers, and are un­taught your selves, into the Place of Bishops, and Overseers of others, and have not looked into your own Hearts and Souls, to see what grows there. O the deep Sleeps and Slumbers that you are seen to be in this Day, even all you Mich. 3. 6, 7. who have run, and God never sent you, and therefore you have not, nor never can possibly in that State profit the Peo­ple at all. Oh all you that love to be call'd of Men Master, and Doctor, and Lord Bishops, and Arch-Deacons, and such like worldly Titles, which Christ, the meek Lamb, and Mat. 23. 10, 11. Mat. 20. 25, 26. Mat. 15. 13. lowly in Heart, did alwayes forbid, and his Spirit is against forever and ever, and saith, It shall not be so amongst his, but he that is greatest must be least, and Servant of all, not in feigned Words and deceitful Shews, but in Deed and in Truth, Glory to the Lord, who is arisen to root up the false Ministry, and to bring in his own, as in the Beginning, That the Earth may be covered with the Knowledge of G [...]d, [Page 10] and Jesus Christ our Lord, as the Waters cover the Sea, Amen and Amen. Isa. 11. 9. Hab. 2. 14.

O Ye Priests and Parish Teachers, when will ye consider of the Entrance of your selves into your Offices, and the People into your Church; you have laid another Founda­tion then Christ hath laid; Christ said to his Messengers and Ministers, As my Heavenly Father hath sent me, so I send John 20. 21, 22. Heb. 7. 16. you; But Christ was not made a Minister by the Law of a Carnal Commandment, but by the Power of an endless Life: And so you that are Ministers of the Letter, and made Mi­nisters thereof by the Law of a Carnal Commandment, and your Fittedness for your Work is gathered not from the holy Spirit's Ability, but from some Worldly Endowments, 1 Cor. 1. 20 21. Rev. 3. 18, 19, 20. as natural Languages, Arts and Parts, which can only fit a Man for a Heathenish Oratory, but could never help in this great and Heavenly Matter of Christ's Kingdom; and your Bishops being made by the human Powers, could never say, That by the laying on of their Hands you received either the holy Ghost, or any Gift of it: And so you being of the World and impowered by the World, how can you claim Audience or Obedience from Christ's Members, who know not to follow your Voice, which is the Strangers Voice; and so you Men of the World are heard, upheld and obeyed by the World, who are ignorant of Christ's Voice from 1. Joh. 4, 5. the Strangers; and so being such blind Guides, whether can you lead the People but into the Ditch? and there you are Mat. 15. 14. who are alwayes doing what you ought not to do, and so have no Health in you, and so dangerous to joyn to, and are mi­serable Isa. 55. 2. Offenders, for taking the poor Peoples Money for that which is not Bread, and causing them to spend their Labours Isa. 56. 10. Isa. 1. 4, 5, 6. for your Traditions and empty Sound of Words, which are never able to satisfie their Souls; and you are very misera­ble Offenders also, in not only coming in by a wrong Door your selves, but also in perswading the poor deceived Mul­titude, Joh. 10. 1. that you enter them into the Pale of the Church, by your baptizing or sprinkling of them, when Infants, for which there is no Scripture; nay, more as your common [Page 11] Custom is, and as is said before, that you regenerate them by it; for God never regenerated any by a Means which he never ordained, as this Usage of yours is manifest to be: So all your Entrances being impure, and your Foundations unspiritual and Unscriptural, what Building must needs be builded thereupon, the wise in heart do easily see: So you and your Work being Mystery Babylon, the Lord God Mat. 7. 2 [...] Rev 17. 5 & 14. 11. of Heaven is engaged against y [...]u, and his Vials of Wrath is he pouring forth upon you, and he will not fail, n [...]r be discouraged, until his Judgments be brought forth to Victory over you. And now to you the Magistrates and Powers who rule in this Nation of England, Lend not your Power, much less give it to this dead Image; uphold not this Ministry, which cannot profit you nor the People at all, lest God plead with you in his Wrath for your Abuse of it; for though they may perswade you that Christ is not against them, yet such as God hath redeemed from amongst them, know them to be no Ministers of Christ, but Hirelings, who have run without Christ's sending; and so not going Christ's Message, they cannot be content with Christ's Maintenance, but cry unto you, O Magistrates, help, help, the People will not pay us their Tythes, and the like, lend us your Laws, your Pri­sons, Acts 21. 2 &c. O Rulers, Consider, consider what Teachers these are, who instead of compelling People to Love, and con­tribute to them by the Power of the Word, are glad to run to the Worldly Magistrates Sword; Is not God against them that are thus against him? O leave them, leave them to try and prove themselves to the Peoples Con [...]cien [...]e, to be true Ministers by a free and powerful Ministry of the Word, not of Man, but of God, unto them, or never own them, for Christ's ancient and true Ministers had freely re­ceived, Mat. 10. and therefore could freely give; and did plant bef [...]re they eat and fed the Flock before they had the Milk there­of; but these bay their Words, and therefore sell them like Merchants of Babylon; They eat the Fat, and clothe with E [...]ek. 34. the Wool, and k [...]ll them that are fed, as the Prophet speaks; but God's Flock they feed not, but pers [...]cute them, calling [Page 12] them Hereticks, and all that's naught, as the old Jews, who persecuted Christ and his Followers, did; But after the way that they call Heresie, so worship we the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, believing his living Word which Acts 24. 14. perfects us to himself, & the Scriptures which testifie there­of; Glory to his Name forever.

And all ye People, who are Lovers and Followers and Upholders of this false Ministry, which keeps you alwayes learning, and never brings you to the Knowledge of the Truth, [...] [...]. 5, 7. as it is in Jesus, which alone perfects to God; cease from it, and the masterly Teachers in it, and from them turn to God; for what are their Dreams to the Living and Eternal Jer. 2 [...]. 28, 29 Word of God, which is as a Hammer and a Fire in the Hearts of all that receive it; and what are their Inventions to the Ordinances of Christ? The Lord loves your Souls, Ez [...]k, 18. 23. Ezek. 32. 11 he hath no Pleasure in your Death; it is not his Will that your precious Souls should be lost for the pleasing of vain Men, and answering their ungodly Lusts: What is there no Balm in Gilead? Is there no Christ, no Physician in En­gland, Jer. 3 [...]. 17. that the Breach which Sin hath made betwixt God and your Souls can never be made up, but the Wound must stand open still, like a bloody Issue, running out the very Hos. 4. 2. Life of your Souls, so that you have no Power, no Victory over Sin, but Sin stands still in its Strength and perfect Do­minion over you? O when, O when will you come to the Light, that your Eyes may be opened to see the dan­gerous Pathes that you are in, by following these blind Rev. 3. 18. Guides, who having shut up the Kingdom of God against Men, will neither enter into it themselves, nor suffer others. Mat. 23. 13 Oh why will ye dye ye People of England? Why will ye sit in Egypt's Darkness still, and the Land of God's People Exod. 10. 21, 22, 23. Isa. 11. 10. [...] [...]. 19, 20 Gen. 3. 1, 4. so full of Light? The Lord God hath lifted up the Standard of his Truth in the midst of you, but you chuse rather to fight under the Banner of the Power of Darkness, because of your Love to the World to your Hurt; and so the old Dragon, who beguiled Eve, leads you Captive at his Will, who will not have Christ, the true Light, the good [Page 13] Shepherd and Bishop of the Soul to rule in you. The Word of the Lord God unto you all, both Priests, Magistrates and People; Awake, awake, the great and mighty terrible Day of the Lord God is at Hand, is very nigh to come upon 2 Pet. 3. 16. 2 Thes. 5. 2, 3. Prov. 1. 27. Mat. 4. [...]. Rom. 1. 18. you, like a Thief in the Night, like an armed Man, like a ter­rible Tempest to scatter you, to spoil you of your Glory, to leave you neither Root nor Branch; For now is the Lord Jesus Christ mighty in Power, arisen to plead with you in his Wrath, because you have made void his Law, and trans­gressed the Everlasting Covenant of his gracious Light, and instead there of have set up a dead Image, a liveless Form Rev. 1 [...]. 14. of Man's devising, the Image of Jealousie, a Religion and Worship which makes nothing perfect to God; your Root is seen and judged by the true Light, Christ Jesus, the Root and Off-spring of David: It is so.

And if you still continue in your vain Thoughts, thinking to please God with such a Life, wherein you are daily doing what you ought not to do, and leaving undone what God com­mands you, and never come out of that wretched and mise­rably defiled State; but think a customary Confession of Sins, without forsaking of them, is a Worship worthy the pure God, who is of purer Eyes then to behold Iniquity; I say, if these Thoughts and this Heart continue in you, the Lord will cast you off, and will utterly for sake you, and bring his fore Hos. 1. 6, 9. Plagues upon you; and you shall know in that Day that God will not be mocked, but will be sanctified and exalted in his Judgments over all his Enemies, especially over such as you, who take his Name daily in your Mouthes in vain, saying, Lord, Lord, and living in a continual Breach of his most holy Commandments, and who instead of waiting for his holy Spirit, to kindle a pure heavenly Zeal in you towards G [...]d and Christ, do offer the false Fire of your own blind Lev. 10. 1, 2. Zeal, as Nadab and Abihu did, whom God in his Jealou­sie consumed with a grievous Destruction.

And now unto you the two Mothers of these Priests of this Nation of England, called Oxford and Cambridge; see what Isa. 1. 4 you have brought forth and nourished at you Breasts. O, a sad Generation it is; O, what a Generation of Evil-doers [Page 14] are your Children (whom you have given Suck unto) be­come? How have you with your Heathenish Arts and Sci­ences strengthned them against the Simplicity of the Everla­sting Gospel, which Christ hath restored unto us in this his glo­rious Col. 2. 8. Isa. 1. 26. Rev. 14. 6, 7. Day, after the long Night of Apostacy. The Lord Jesus Christ never ordained such Wayes and Means as you use for the furnishing and enabling of his Servants for the Work of his Ministry: But when he ascended up on high, he gave Gifts unto Men, some Apostles, some Prophets, some Evangelists, some Pastors, and Teachers, for the edifying of his Heavenly Body, and perf [...]cting of his holy Ones, Ephes. 4. But what Jam. 3. 15, 16. 1 Cor. 2. from ver. 4. to the End. can you edifie or perfect to God, whose Wisdom is from be­low, and whose Studies and Exercises for the most Part run in the Channel of the Heathenish Philosophy and vain Deceit of the World's Spirit, which can neither receive in, nor minister forth any Thing of Christ's Kingdom: And so we are given by the Lord's blessed Light and Spirit in this Day of the Lord, to see and declare, That you are gone from Christ, and the Way of the true ancient Christians, into the Way of the Heathens, who know not God, as the Apostle said, The World by Wisdom knew not God: And so the People of the Country are greatly deceived by you, and their Children extreamly wronged and corrupted by you; for many send up their Youth to learn some Good amongst you; but alas, how can you that are so evil, bring forth good Fruit? Nay, nay, for if any come amongst you, and conform not to the filthy and bad Customs of your Universities, how are they looked upon as strange Things? how are they hooted at as Owls in a Desart? You are altogether corrupt, from the Crown of the Isa. 1. 4, 5, 6. Head to the Sole of the Foot, no Soundness in you. Oh what Lewdness and Debauchery hath mine Eyes beheld in you? The Lord will ease himself of you, your high Looks and high Towers he will pull down; Your Theater that you glory in shall Isa. 2. 17. Isa. 31. 4, 5 Jer. 6. 15. be a Curse; And the Lord will deliver his Lambs from your Teeth: What a Face have you that you cannot blush? what will you never give over provoaking God with your Acts and Degrees? what Heathenish Stuff is this, to find you at this Time a Day telling of and glorying in? Your Bachellors [Page 15] of Art, and Masters of the same, Bachellors of Divinity, and Doctors of Divinity, and such like; but if any come amongst you, who through the Grace of God hath attained to that blessed Degree of a true living Member of Jesus Christ, and Man of God, to preach the Mystery of God's Kingdom, to a­waken you out of your deep Slumbers of Sin and Death, him Isa. 56. 10. you persecute, him you disallow, as your Fore-fathers, the old Scribes and Pharisees, rejected Christ Jesus, the true Foun­dation Mat. 27. 21, 22. and Corner-Stone of the Heavenly Building, with his blessed Followers: And therefore will God's Controversie be with you forever, until you repent of your Sorceries and great Abominations, where with you have burdened his good Spirit Dayes without Number: But the Everlasting Gospel of God's Light and Love shall spread, and the Branch there­of Rev. 14. 6. shall over all your Walls grow up to his Praise, who is come in this Day of his Power, to judge the great Whores Works in England, as well as in other Countries, that the Earth may be swept, and fill [...]d with the Knowledge of God, Isa. 11. 9. as the Waters cover the Sea. So be it, so be it, saith my Spirit.

Thomas Taylor.

And now the Heavenly Free Mother, with her happy Chil­dren, Rev. 21. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. Gal. 4. 26. is come and coming down from God out of Heaven, to possess, inherit, and everlastingly to enjoy the Kingdom of his endless Love, Peace Righteousness and Joy, where Mystery Babylon, with all her false Mothers and sinful Children shall have no Name nor Place at all; for at the Downfall of My­stery Babylon, doth arise in the Saints the pure unspeakeable Joy, which none of the Children of the d [...]rk World understand any Thing of at all. It is so, See Rev. 2. 17. and Rev. 7. from. ver. 9. to the End. And Rev. 11. from ver. 15 to the End. And Rev. 12. 7, 8, 9, 10, 11. And Rev. 14. from ver. 1. to ver. 13. And Rev. 15. 1, 2, 3, 4. And Rev. 16. 17, 18, 19. And Rev. 17. 18. And Rev. 18. 24. And Rev. 19. from verse. 1. to verse. 10. It is done, HAL­LELUJAH.

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