A MODEST and JUST APOLOGY FOR; OR, DEFENCE OF THE PRESENT East-India-Company. AGAINST THE ACCUSATIONS OF THEIR ADVERSARIES. Wherein the CRIMES alledged against them, are fairly Examined; The CALUMNY's Confu­ted, and all submitted to the Judgment of Im­partial and Unprejudiced PERSONS.

LONDON, Printed Anno Domini, MDCXC.

To the READER.

THIS Apology was drawn up some little time before the last Prorogation of the late Parliament; though upon some Reasons, forborn to be publisht, which I thought it necessary to give you notice of; lest finding some Passages therein adapted to that time, you may think them something improper, as to the present: You will not find in this any particular notice taken, of any of those many Papers, by their Enemies published abroad to defame them, (except the Preamble of their own Subscriptions) which indeed was industriously avoided: They be­ing so filled with scurrilous Language, and opprobrious Expressions, that they deserve no Answer: What hath been here endeavou­red, is to relate matter of Fact truly (leav­ing you to make the Inference) which I have not willingly falsified in any one particular: If any such should be, I do declare, it hath [Page]bin through inadvertency, and not designed­ly. The whole is submitted to the censure of the unprejudiced Person, which being fairly and impartially considered, together with the Circumstances attending those seve­ral. Actions here discoursed of: I doubt not, but the supposed Monster, will not now ap­pear, so black and ugly, as he hath bin of late depainted: It is possible, That these Papers may meet with a Reply: For I cannot ex­pect they will satisfie every one: But if such be their fate, If the said Reply be managed with Candour and Ingenuity, they shall have from me a fair acknowledgment of my Error, where it is so; or a fair Rejoynder where it is otherwayes. But if it be filled with such scurrilous Language, as those Papers have bin, which of late have bin exposed to the Publick against them: Let the matter be what it will, It shall receive no other An­swer from me, than the rest have done, viz. Contempt and Silence. Farewel.

N. T.

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