THE SPEECH OF Sr. Edw. Turnor, Kt. SPEAKER of the Honourable House of COMMONS, TO THE KINGS most Excellent MAJESTY.

Delivered on Friday the Eighth Day of February 1666. Upon the Prorogation of the PARLIAMENT.


LONDON, Printed by Tho. Ratcliffe, for Robert Pawlet, at the sign of the Bible in Chancery-Lane. 1666.

THE SPEECH OF Sr EDW. TURNOR, Kt Speaker of the Honourable House of Commons, TO THE KINGS most Excellent MAJESTY.
Delivered on Friday the Eighth day of February 1666. Upon the Prorogation of the Parliament.

May it please Your Most Excellent Majesty,

NOthing conduceth more to the happiness of a Na­tion, than a Right Un­derstanding between the Prince and the People: and nothing more advanceth this Cor­respondence, than frequent Meetings [Page 2] in Common Councell. By the wis­dome of our Forefathers the Security of our Lives, our Liberties, and our Properties, is lodged in our English Parliaments; and so Gracious have Your Majesties Predecessors been, that for the Satisfaction of their People, they have made several Lawes, some for Triennial, some for Annual Par­liaments. Your Majesty by their Ex­ample, upon the humble Suit of Your Lords and Commons, hath in a former Session of this Parliament passed an Act for Triennial meetings in Parlia­ment: but in this Your Majesty hath exceeded all Your Predecessors, That as Your Happy Restauration was in a Convention of Parliament, so of your own accord, for the Publick Good, and as a Demonstration of your extraordinary Love to Parlia­ments, You have vouchsafed ever since your Return to converse with your People in Parliament; this being [Page 3] the sixth Year, and the sixth Session of this present Parliament.

The last time Your Majesty was pleased to speak to us, You command­ed us to make ready all things that you were to dispatch this Session: In obedience thereunto, we have with all industry imaginable endeavoured, so to prepare those Matters that were before us, that Your Majesty, and the whole Nation may receive Satisfacti­on in our Dispatches.

First it concerned Us to keep our Words with your Majesty, in finish­ing that Supply which We promised You for the Carrying on the Warre. In order whereunto I doe here present unto Your Majesty this Bill of Eleven Moneths Assessment upon our Lands, to take place in a Post Charge after the additional Royal Ayde now cur­rent is expired: This Act, together [Page 4] with the Poll Bill lately passed, we conceive will fully make good the 1800000 l. we promised to Your Ma­jesty.

We must for ever with humility acknowledge the Justice of God in punishing this whole Nation by the late dreadfull Conflagration of Lon­don; We know They were not the greatest Sinners on whom the Tower of Syloe fell; and doubtless all Our Sinnes did contribute to the filling up that measure, which being full, drew down the Wrath of God upon that City; But it very much reviveth us to behold the miraculous blessing of God upon Your Majesties Endeavours for the Preservation of that part of the City which is left: Et fas est resur­gere Moenia Trojae! We hope God will direct Your Royal Heart, and Fortunate Hand, in a few dayes to lay a Foundation Stone in the re-building [Page 5] that Royal City: the Beauty and Praise whereof shall fill the whole Earth.

For the encouragement of this Noble Work we have prepared several Bills: One, for the establishing a Judi­catory for the speedy determining all Actions and Causes of Action, that have or may arise between Landlords and Tenants upon this sad accident; though I perswade my self no English Man would be exempted from making some Offering to carry on this pious Undertaking; yet the exemplary Cha­rity of your Majesties 12 Reverend Judges is fit with Honor to be menti­oned before your Majesty, They are willing to spend all their Sand that doth not run out in your Majesties imme­diate Service, of dispensing Justice in their several Courts to your People, in hearing and determining those Contro­versies that may arise upon Old Agree­ments, and making New Rules be­tween [Page 6] Owners and Tenants, for their mutual Encouragement in this Glori­ous Action.

We have likewise prepared a Bill for the Regularity of the New Build­ings, that they may be raised with more Conveniency, Beauty, and Security, than they had before: Some Streets we have ordered to be opened and en­larged, and many Obstructions to be removed; but all with your Majesties approbation: This we conceive can­not be done with Justice, unless a Compensation be given to Those that shall be Losers; We have therefore laid an Imposition of 12 d. upon every Chalder, and 12 d. upon every Tun of Coals that shall be brought into the Port of London for Ten years, the bet­ter to enable the Lord Maior and Al­dermen to recompence those Persons whose Grounds shall be taken from them.

Rome was not built in a Day. Nor can we in the close of this Session fi­nish the Rules for the dividing of Pa­rishes, re-building of the Churches, and the Ornamental Parts of the City that we intended; these Things must rest till another Session: But we know your Majesty in the mean time will take them into your Princely Considera­tion, and make it your Care, that the Houses of God, and your own Royal Chamber, be decently and conveniently restored.

And now, Great Sir, having thus happily finished the Business of this Session, we begg your Majesties leave that we may return to our own Homes, there to put in Execution the Good Laws which You have made, and to defend our several Countryes against all Designes to disturb the Peace of the Nation. And we beseech Almighty God, who hath hitherto wonder­fully [Page 8] preserved your Majesties Per­son, and made You Glorious in all your Atchievements, still to prosper your Forces both at Sea and Land, till He hath made your Majesty an Asylum for all your Friends, and a Terror to your Enemies both at Home and A­broad.


I Do appoint Robert Pawlet to print this Speech, and that no other presume to print the same.

Edw. Turnor.

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