THE TRUE NARRATIVE OF THE CONFESSION AND EXECUTION Of the eight Prisoners at TYBURN, On Wednesday the 14th of this instant July, 1680 Viz. Thomas Sides, James Care, Joseph Warner, alias Westwood, Sammuel Griffin, for Fellonies and Burglaries. William Wilson for Robbing on the High-way. Mary Cla [...]k for Murthering her Bastard-Child. Jane Pool, Susannah French, alias Hollis, for shop-lifting.

HOw stupified are these daring Wretche [...] who headlong hurle themselves into the snares of Death and ruine, re­gardless of theie future states, not minding what shall happen nor the dire event that followes after such rash presumpti­on, for sure it is, did man but know death was the certain porti­on of his Crimes, he would not without great caution and deli­berate pause, rush forward on his pointed dart but fearless of such ill or accident of chance as they term it the sweet hopes of gain still prompts them on with thoughts of large security, and to escape at last; Which often fa [...]l their expectations leaves them under the pressure of offended Justice, whole dread Arm crush­es them when least able to defend themselves, and cha [...]ns their Lives as a just expiation for offences done against the Laws both Divine and humain, as may frequently be seen in these sad ex­amples which I shall rela [...]e, these most remarkable w [...]s a [...] fol­loweth, [Page 2] Th [...]m [...]s Sides a notorious offendor received Sentance, for that he in the Company of one John Moor had committed lately 3 notorious Robberies by breaking open the several houses of the parties whole names we here recited, viz of one John Baker a Barber, of the Parish of Great St Bartholomews, in June last, a­bout 5 of the Clock in the Morning, they being supposed to watch the said Baker out, who being no sooner gone, but they with Picklocks opened his shop, and took 3 Pereuks, a look­ing Glass [...]s, 5 R [...]z [...]rs, 3 pair of Scizers, 3 Napkins and se [...]eral Cases of Silver-tipped instruments; all to the vallue of sixteen pounds which they undiscovered conveyed away, on the 23d following, they broke open the Warehouse of one Mr. Samuel Harris, in Bartholomew Close, Sides toking thence 11 pieces of stuff [...]a [...]lued at 40 pounds, and carried the same to the house of one John Grain [...]er, living a [...] three Roses in Cloth Fair, whither they being pursued, were found with it, the Prisoner having hid himself under the Bed feigning himself dead-drunk, the other was for Robbing one Charles Thomson a Barber in the Parish of St. Brides, of Raz [...]rs, Scizers, Looking-Glasses, hair and Pereuks to a considerable vallues which was found hid between the Tiles and the Seiling, where they randesvoused, all these being pro­ved Sides who had been burnt in the hand not above 2 Sessions since. Received the dreadful Sentance of Death, after which he seemed much to bewail his Folly repenting that he had giuen up his youthful days unto such vanity, declaring that it was loose and ext [...]avigant Company that had brought him to these ways, and his not regarding the good education that his Parents had brou [...]ht him up in, desiring all young Men to take warning by his sad example, and not for the sake of Idleness to plunge th [...]mselves into such ways as might bring on them a shameful death; and so ended his Life w [...]th great Penitency and contrition.

William W [...]lliams [...]n a Foot-pad and one of the great Gang that have so long infested the neighbouring Roads, his Crime was for Robbing Justice Northies Coach a little beyond Bow, in No­vember last, and taking from several persons there in Goods and monies to the vallue of one hundred and twelve pounds, viz a Necklace of Pearl vallued at 105 pound. a Cravat, a silver hilt­ed sword, a Scarf, and about 5 or 6 shillings in mony with other things considerable, after this Robery was done they return to their randesvouse in White Chappel, and there disposed of the a­foresaid [Page 3] Goods, pawning the Scarf for their Reconing, Phillips and Rumley two of the Gang being already Executed, and the Robery proved against the Prisoner by one that with him in it; and he was cast and received Sentance of death, after which he for a time seemed little concerned flattering himself as it is thought with the hope of a Pardon, but that failing he began to consider how he stood tottering upon the Brink of Eternity; and that his hopes hang now but by the slender thred of Li [...]e the wh [...]ch had but a few days more to spin its Co [...]rse upon which had but a few days more, to spin its course, upon which he bewailed his m [...]sfortune and with a sad and heavy Countenance continued till the utmost moment of Mortality, exhorting all to repentance and for to beware of Crimes like his, &c.

In this Fa [...]al Scene of Death and ruine, followed Mary Clark of St Botolphs without Algate Widdow, for that inhum [...]in Act of Murthering her Bastard-Child and to her shame, add sin to sin for being secretly delivered of a Female-Infant, she with both her hands, strangled it, and kept it in her Chamber two days or thereabout, before she could have oportunity to convey it thence the which she after put into the Common Vault, where it was found and after some enquiry certified to be her Child by reason of her illness she gave suspicion to some of the Neighbours who searched her, and thereupon found she had had a Child, which she could not deny, but her excuse was that it was born dead, and that she cried out but could get no help, but upon the Sta­tute of King Jame [...] she was found Guilty of wilful Murder, and S [...]ntance of Death, after which she seemed so stupified that it was thought she was not sensible of her condition, yet in some manner she was observed to relent, especially after she had heard the good exhortations of several pious Ministers who came to visit her with the rest.

Samuel Gr [...]ffin for robing the house of a person of Quality, the goods being found about him in a house in Shoo Lane and ha­ving been an old offender, and once pardoned, he received Sen­tance, he was not much concerned at the near approach of death during the resort in N [...]wgate, but seemed obstinate, and endea­voured vindicate himself, ye at the nearer approach of that gast­ly King of Terrors, he began to sigh and oft with lifted up hands and eyes send up his ejaculations, especially a little before his departure into the Regions of boundless immortality.

James Care and Joseph Warner, alias Westwood, received Sen­tance of Death with the rest, the former for breaking open a House near Hounslow, and most barbarously using the people of the house, and taking thence several parcels of Goods as pewter Brass and Linnen, the latter being a notorious offendor having been burnt in the hand, and known to commit several Burglaries and was now Sentanced for breaking open a House, and was this day executed with the rest.

Jane Pool and Susannah French alias Hollis, two notorious Shoplifts who were Condemned in October last, were likewise ex­ecuted, the former having her Son Executed the last Sessions, and her Daughter now lies Condemned in Newgate. They both were exceeding penitent, and so continued to the last.


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