A true, exact, and perfect Relation of the fa­mous and renowned Victorie, gained by the most redoubted Armie of the migh­tie and victorious Monarch PHILIP, of that name the fourth King of Spaine, &c. the seventh of September, being upon the Eve of the Nativitie of our Lady: Against the forces of LEVVIS, of that name the 13. French King, then straightly beleague­ring both with Navall and Land Powers the frontier Citie of FUENTERAVIA.

Written by by a Gentleman that was an eye-witnesse of the same.

[Royal coat of arms or blazon.]

Printed at London, for Samuel Broune. 1641.

Here followes a List of as many Officers and Cavaliers of the Irish as suffered by death and maiming in this bloody fray, by their ea­ger pursuit of the victorie, in be­ing still the formost in the execution.

Here followeth the names of the hurt Officers.

  • FIrst, Captaine Teig O Kelly, Reformed.
  • Tuohill O Haghan, a Reformed Alferis.
  • Randall Mac-Donell, a Reformed Alferis.
  • Iohn O Naghtin, a Reformed Alferis.
  • Iohn O Magher, a Reformed Sergeant.
  • Farill Duff O Connor, a Reformed Sergeant.
  • Daniel O Begly, a Corporall.
  • James O Mloghlin, a Corporall.
  • Garret O Brin, a Corporall.

These insuing are the names of the slaine Irish Officers.

  • Peter Roch, a Reformed Alferis.
  • Nicholas Cusack, a Reformed Alferis.
  • [Page 25]William O Hanglin, a Reformed Sergeant.
  • Teig O Bradegave, a Reformed Sergeant.
  • Patrick Fitz Gerald, a Sergeant.
  • Cavalier Dermod Mac-Carthy.
  • Iohn Purcell, a Reformed Corporall.
  • Thomas Rulgh, a Corporall.
  • Robert O Fwellane, a Corporall.
  • Cavalier Iames Barrie.
  • Mlaghlin O Dowgane, a Corporall.
  • Edmond O Dij, a Corporall.

Of which, those that were wounded, and may­med, those scarres and wounds, they beare as brave and noble badges of their never-yeelding minds, and loyalties, and those that were slaine, left their bodies as the more ignoble parts, and Cabinets (to give their mother earth its naturall due) wherein were contained and kept those haughtie and heroicall dis­positions, and courages, which were the stirrers and movers of the said bodies, to such noble at­tempts as wherewith they attained to the glorious Laurell of victorie, for their earthly parts, and al­so which courages were the precious jemmes, lant­hornes, and efficients of their owne quiet repose in the high bed of Fame, where the loud and shrill Trumpet of their worthinesse shall perpetually sound out with ecchoing noyse their deserved praises.

Now Gentlemen, and Courteous, and impartiall perusers of this, as impartiall and true, but short re­lation; I would not have you thinke, that what things I set downe here, are but heare-sayes, and [Page 26] relations of gagling old Gossips in their merrie car­rowsings: but that which I desire of you, and which I expect as sole reward for the small paines I tooke in penning this small Pamphlet, is, to conceive, (and as the verie and reall truth is) that what I set down here, and offer to your views in everie particular, I was eye and hand-witnesse of, and of all the pas­sages specified in the precedent relation, and was also a partaker of the greatest hazzards happened in that enterprize, which I hope in your equall ballan­cing, the truth shall be a helpe and mover of beliefe in your imaginations to my equall distributing of a Relatorie reward to each particular deserver in this great exployt: And also, though I tell you I was par­taker in the perills; yet to name my selfe, I think it not meet: which also I hope may be a motive in you to my advantage in that way, I desire it, which is still desiring your beliefe to my Relation, and impar­tialitie of each ones good deserts in this service, which in the faith of a good Christian, and souldier, in no poynt I did faile, according to the retention of my shallow memorie, and small experience it mat­ters of that nature. So in this, as in your favourable Censure, and construction of this my course, rude, and souldierly penning, and stile;

I bid you farewell.


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