[Page] A true Copy of the Welch SERMON Preached Before the two Princes, Prince RUPERT and Prince MAURICE at Dover, a little before they imbarked themselves with what they had plun­dered out of England and Wales, to passe be­yond the Seas.

Preached by Shon up Owen, Priest. His Text being 2. Esdras Chap. 7. Verse 15.

Now therefore, why disquietest thou thy selfe (Prince Rupert and Prince Maurice,) being thou art but a corruptible Man? And why wert thou moved (to come into these parts) whereas thou art but mortall, &c.

Published according to Order.

London, Printed for Thomas Bates, at the Maiden-head on Snow-hill neere Holborne Conduit. 1646.

2 Esdras, 7. verses 15., 16.Now therefore, why disquietest thou thy selfe, (Prince Rupert and Maurice) seeing thou art but a corruptable man? and why art thou moved (to come into these parts) whereas thou art but mortall? &c.

HEr Text divides it selfe, or rather falls into three pieces of her own accord; in which urds her shall find three generall parts: her first part is the Terminus ad quo; her second, Terminus ad quem; her third and last part is, Terminus à quod. The Ter­minus à quo is meant you (Prince Maurice) in these words: Now therfore, why disquietest thou thy selfe: that is, why comest thou into these her ter­ritories to disquiet us? Then the next or second part is, the Terminus ad quem; that is, to know who sent for her thither; that is the quaere: Then followes the third and last part, the Terminus ad quod, wherefore and for what her is come for, now Prince Maurice, or cousen Prince Maurice and Prince Rupert of Cumberland, which title her loves best that her desires her to accept of: And now her having formerly brushed her own Country-mens and omens coats and freeze jerkins, and told um of her faults soundly, for her will have her caknow that her Coun­tries podies are not troubled with many gowns, her will with her leave, and her own priviledge being a Preacher, rub and brush her coats, also Prince Maurice and Prince Rupert, and first her will begin with her ha­bit, and tell her of her own faults and imperfections in her garments, or arrayment; her cannot call her coat her wears now, nor give it no bet­ter a terme then even a smock of Room, a siding coat, a Cavaliarisme, or Antiprotestatisme coat, full of Idolatrous Romanisticall buttons, so thick set in a popish ceremonious way, that even it is an abhomination to her sight; nor is this all her must tell her good Prince Rupert and Prince Maurice, for her will be bold to informe her urship, that first the name of Maurice came out of this true, ancient, honorable Principallity of Wales, and it took her first originall from Morice-dancers, or none that did rise and caper oftner then her fellowes, and so called Morice, or Maurice; be God, her country her can tell her, never proved false, but [Page 2] were honest true Trojans faithfull to her Kings and Queens, and all her Princes, that is a credit for her own Country, for her doth remember when her was but a Batchelor of Art, there was a true proverb went up and down her Country, that is this; Three Welch-men, 2. souldiers, 3. English-men, 2. theeves, 3. French-men, 2. Traytors, 3. Spaniards, 2. Whore-masters, 3. Italians, 2. Juglers, 3. Dutch-men, 2. Drunkards: which plainly shewes that you being a Dutch-man is most subject to be intoxicated, ergo, overcome, or subject to her passions and humours; for let her but ask her one question, nay, now her is in her Pulpit, her is in a place of Sanctuary, and may boldly talk her pleasure; what a Tivell made her to come into the Welch Alpes with her Troopers, and her Dragooners, and her Pioneers, and her Ingineers? what, do her think to undermine her Mountains, and throw down her huge p [...]g hils, and lay them levill like his Low-countries, no her warrant her; so much shall serve for her Introduction to the Text, to her cousen Prince Mau­rice, now suffer her to tell her a word of reproofe, which is this; Termi­nus ad quem, and last of all a word or two of admonition or advice, and then her will have done: As her said before, what a Tivell made her come, first come into England, secondly into her Kingdome of Wales: could her not be contented to stay at home in her own Country, at the University of Leyden, a place her have heard of, but indeed-law her was never there, Leyden should be a place of dulnesse, or heavinesse, like Lead, which word Leyden is taken from Lead, for lead is the first silla­ble to Leyden, that is, one that is heavy heeled, or hath lead in her shooes; I say, why did not her stay there, who sent for her hither? her saies again and again, who sent for her hither? will her not answer? then her will declare, that it was malice, and envy; two of the eldest sons of the great Tivell; again, what moved her to come in this warlike manner, had her any cause? was her not well used at Leyden, had her not good Apparels, had her not good victuals, had her not good Hodg-boge mine-here there? had her not good educations and instructions in all the liberall Sciences; had her not there a schoole of war to exercise her valours in, but her must come into England, and there spoile and plunder, burne and deface whole Towns and Villages; and bring her brave Country of England to destruction, and to want Bread corne, and Barley corne; Sirrah, sirrah, her have heard that most of her victuals, as Beere, Corne, Mutton, Veale, nay even her apparels that her hath formerly worn hath [Page 3] bin sent her out of England to relieve her and the rest of her brethren when her was not able to helpe her selfe; but must have lived meanly, and gone with many a hungry belly to bed, and rose again with as good an appetite as when her laid her down and slept upon it: And her doe thus ungratefully require poore England, to kill her men and omens, her fathers and her mothers, which often contribute out of her yearly means to helpe her, when her was as low as the bowle that runs in the Bowling-alley, who meets with many rubs by the way; I say poore En­gland did help to succour her, when her was not able to helpe her selfe, no not wipe her arse; her might have kept her as her have said at Ley­den in Dutch-land, and have made her selfe a Captain, and gone against Jack Spaniard; there her should have found good causes and considera­tions for taking up of her arms, and for killing of men, there her sayes, her should have been honoured of all the English Nation, who had heard of her valours and her courages; or her should have gone with her sword into Ireland, and with her dexterious hand and inchanted bo­by, have endeavoured to quell and refrigerate the hot Irish Rebels, whose cruelty and inhumanity no Brittish Chronicle her can find in her country, nor in her own library, can parallell: There her must confesse her had gone and steered a right and a good course, even by the com­passe of Cristianity: but this course that he now takes is Diabolicall and Satanicall, and prophane; nay her will tell her her own, and tell Bel­zephon which is the third Tivell in hell, her faults if her meet her in her way, and say her lyes in her teeth, if it be a lye; So may her tell her Maurice, that her is in a malignant and capitall fault, in such a grosse and barbarous manner exercised, that if her had one of her chief Shud­ges here, her would apprehend her, and bring a bill of Scandala Mag­natum against her, and issue out a Fieri Facias against her, and by that means forfeit all her goods and lands by a pr [...]munire; So much shall serve for my first reproofe for England, sweet England, honey England, which is the Terminus ad quem; now suffer another word of the reproofe for her comming in Wales, in this her posture and warlike manner, which is her Terminus ad quem. And first, what did her mean to come into her borders, to spoile her brave orchards and gardens, her Cider and her Perry trees, what did her mean to do, to mar and chang all her very good Pippins and Pomwaters into crabs, and all her excellent Har­tichoaks into thistles, and all her leeks and onions into brambles and [Page 4] thorns, and make it as barren as the place from whence her come; did her mean by her guns and her cruelties to destroy all her cattels and her welsh venisons, and fine plack Cows, that her should have no butter nor toasted sheez, or Cows-bobby: her do think that her did mean to make all things so dear in her Kingdom of Wales, as it is amongst your Butter boxes, as to make her pay double or taxise for all her eats, or drinks, or wears, and that her shall in Wales feed as her did in Holland upon roots, and Carrets, and onions, and hodg-podg, that is, all sorts of hearps sod together, which fills the Dutch-mans hungry belly very well, as a little whay doth our hogs bellies in our barns or stables, a turd is as good and far wholsomer for a Sow then a Pan-pudding, No good Prince Rupert and Prince Maurice, her was suffered, her shall shew her no such Hocus Pocus tricks; to do such ungodly deeds, and be suffered to run on in her wilfulnesse, her has brave spirits in Wales left yet, though her lost ma­ny brave souldiers at Kenton battels, and her have long poles with pikes or welch hooks at the end, such as can pul her to her, or put her from her, for her will tell her Prince Rupert and Prince Maurice, if her do not go hence speedily, her souldiers will be beaten to pieces, and her selfe hugged worse then the chiefest Tivell Belzebub did hug the witch, which will make her colour the long seams of her hose, worse then new three penny ale doth, or a purge of nux vomica given in a potion: her tell her, her has valiant men in Wales, such as shall firk her [...]oby for her, and tickle her galligascoins, mark her that now; her will warrant her shall make all her ords good; therefore her say be gone, be gone her say young man to Holland, for her do hold her but a monster, because her teeth is longer then her beard, be gone her advises her with her pag and paggage, and the rest of her lumbers; her cannot endure these farting guns, nor these fifling pistols, nor this stinking powder which shoot no­thing but pullets, and kill her Country-men 3. or 4. furlongs off; and then her is dead before her knowes who hurt her, or can say her prayers, or make her wills: therefore her gives her faire warnings, Prince Rupert and Prince Maurice, to be forthwith gone out of her Territories, and trudg home, and keep her good Queen her mother company, as her el­der brother the Paulsgrave did, so her then may become an honest man, and it may be a good bowler. Her Country-men cannot endure to be plundered and robbed of her coods and parrels, nor of her cattels and venisons; her believes her would kisse where her sate a Sunday, if her [Page 5] had such fat coodly cattels, as her has in Wales, in your Dutch-land Country, but her hopes her cattels have more wit then to range out of their Country, or from their Masters house, then to be enticed over sea with her when her goes; Cod sent her cood shipping; her cattell will her hope have more wit, and find lead in her feet, rather then go to Ley­den, if such a motion were made, or such a patent granted to any pro­jector: so her should have done with Prince Rupert and Maurice if he had had any wit or mony: But her shall be cozened as her Grandams dog was: her will tell her plainly her has no mony nor plate in England or Wales, and her parish is very poor that her lives in, and her is the Parson of it; for her cannot put up at the quarters end not above ten groats at the most.

Do her but look how her lived when her was in VVales, her Parishio­ners were not able to buy or allow her a new Cushion for her Pulpit then, how many holes and rents were in her Cushion, how did her fea­thers flye about, and how did the Cony wool flye about her ears: her was not able to afford her a new coat but once in 2. or 3. years: what did her mean to come to Wales, by Cod, her whole Country was very poore; and her was there in a very pad condition; if her had not good store of tyth Pigs, Hens, Capons, Eggs, and such like, her should not know how to subsist with her wives and children; so much shall be e­nough which her hath spoken for the Text, which is the Terminus ad quod; that is, wherefore, and for what her did come for into VVales, which her has told her sufficiently off, and her hopes will take notice and amend.

Now a word of Admonition, and so her will conclude, and that is this; her do wish her Prince Rupert and Prince Maurice to go her waies home quietly into her own Country, go her saies young Prince Rupert and Prince Maurice home to her good Lady and Mother, as her have said before, for every honest man will do as her is bidden and comfort her, who is very sorry to her knowledge, to heare how her doto abuse her selfe and her Country of England, her cood Lady and Mother is ve­ry heartly sorry for her rashnesse, goe home young Prince Rupert and Prince Maurice, and be obedient to her deare Mother; her hath sent for her two times already, and if her do not go before the third time of sen­ding, her will tell her plainly, that Prince Rupert and Prince Maurice is a Canary-bird, and her will send two Tivels, and bid her take him Ti­vels [Page 6] take him; and if her Tivel [...] has taken her they will so torment her p [...]dies, that her would have wished her had never come into England nor VVales, to fire, [...] her meetes, and so her leaves her to her own considerations and consciences, to apply all these sayings to her selfe; and her commits her P. Rupert and P. Maurice to Dinner, be­cause her smels the Roast meat and pyes piping hot, which staies for her upon the Table; and so her will end as her at first begun, that is with her Text; Now therefore, why disquiet est thou thy selfe, (P. Rupert and P. Maurice) seeing thou art but a corruptable man? and why art thou mo­ved (to come into these parts) whereas thou art but mortall: And why hast thou not considered in thy mind this thing that is come rather then that which is present, Esdras, 7. Verse 15, 16. Why hast not thou P. Rupert and thou P. Maurice obeyed to voyce of her good Parliament, what a Tevill made you stay so long in England? Doe not you remem­ber Prince Rupert, that for your part, you made cood promise to the good Parliament to be gone a great while agone, when you lost Bri­stoll Towne, and you went to Worcester to get you Prince Maurice to go along with her: What a Tevill made you so mad, as not to go then, but you would stay volens nolens untill you lost all, and now you must be enforced to goe, and carry your cruelties, your plunderings and all te mischiefes you have done along with you, to make you the more welcome into another Country: All I can say is to you Prince Rupert, England is heartily glad to see you so neere to be gone, and her doth wish you never to come againe, you may remember what Mr. Lilly made a Prophesie of you. And for you Prince Maurice, her pray never think of comming into VVales againe, for if you do, all te plunder'd Cows-bobby, all te Onions, Leeks, and Oat-Cakes in Wales will muster themselves together, and rise up in Judgement against you.


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