A TRUE ACCOUNT OF A Great Engagement Between The Germans and the French. On the Fourteenth of March, 1689.

FRom Elsen near Nuis upon the Rhine, tis Related, That the French who kept Garrison in Nuis, having given Orders for the Boors to be Ready with their Waggons and Carts on the twelth of March, to carry two thousand Measures of Rie to Keyserswert under a Convoy of Horse and Foot, gave Occasi­on to some Brandenburg Troops (who had notice thereof) to place themselves in Ambuscade between Ordingen and Lein, where they continued undiscovered till the French fell in among 'em, whom they immediately Charg'd with a Bravery the French Convoy could not resist; their Horse being routed, five Companies of Foot threw down their Arms, and were made Prisoners of War. The loss sustai­ned by the French, in Mony and other Things of value, is very considerable; Major Lion, who Commanded this Con­voy, loosing five thousand Crowns in Specie for his part.

An Account of this Defeat being brought to the Marquess de Sourdis, and the Sieur de Bartillac, General Officers of the French Troops in this Diocess, they presently gather'd all the Force they could, in hopes to overpower the Bran­denburgers, (who were Commanded by General Barfus) and recover the Booty; But the Brandenburgers, who were rein­forc'd by another Detachment that was advanc'd to sustain those in Ambuscade, Behav'd themselves so well, that very few of the French escap'd, they being surroun­ded on all sides, and Charg'd by the Brandenburgers with the greatest Fury imaginable; insomuch that 2000 French were kill'd upon the place, besides a great number of Prisoners, among the first is the Sieur de Bartillac, the Marquis de Sourdis escaped with great difficulty with about twelve or fifteen Horse. This happy Expedition has oblig'd the French to quit all the Places they held in the lower Dio­cess, excepting Rhineberg, and Keyserswert, and retire to Bon.

This little Place as well as Sibourg and Grosenbrouck are of the number, and we do not hear the French upon Evacuating the the Places before-mentioned, commit­ted those Outrages we might with reason have apprehended. General Barfus hath Posted himself in Nuis, and making Pre­parations for to drive the Enemy out of Wesein, Zoest, Artenberg, and other Pla­ces, that as yet remain in the Electorat, and to Block up Bon if they pretend to resist.

LONDON, Printed by J Wallis, in White Friars.

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