THE TRYAL OF Capt. Thomas Wallcot, FOR High-TREASON.
In Conspiring to compass the Death of His Majesty, and to Subvert the Government. Who was Tryed this 12th. of July, at the Sessions-House in the Old-Bayley, and there found Guilty of the said High-Treason. Being an Impartial Relation of the most Materials during the said Tryal. As likewise what occured in Relation to James Duke of Monmouth, Ford Lord Grey, And others.

THis day the Session of Oyer and Terminer began in the Old-Baily; where after some Proceedings against Felons, &c. the Grand Jury for London found the Bills of High-Treason against James, Duke of Monmouth, Ford Lord Gray, Captain Thomas Walcot, John Rouse, William Blake, William Hone, and divers others; whereupon the four last, viz. Walcot, Rouse, Hone, and Blake, were brought to the Bar, and there severally Arraigned for High-Treason, in Conspiring the death of the King, &c. after which, Captain Thomas Walcot was alone brought to his Tryal, and having put himself upon God and his Country, was ordered to look to his Challenges, as the Jurors came to the Book to be Sworn, of which he excepted against about Ten or Eleven, and the Kings Coun­sel against one.

The Court having thus far proceeded, the Indictment was Read, the substance of which, was, That he Thomas Walcot, the Prisoner at the Bar, had on the second of March last past, and at divers other times, Conspired with many Traytors, whose Names were therein recited, in the Parish of St. Nicholas Bashaw, and in sundry other places, to Depose the King from his Right and Title to the King­dom of England, &c. And not onely so, but Him to Assassinate, and to final de­struction, and to Subvert the Government, to raise Rebellion through the Land, and a miserable Slaughter to make amongst his Subjects throughout the Kingdom and that in order thereunto, he had provided Arms, as Blunderbusses, Muskets, Pistols, &c.

After this, Mr. North one of the Kings Counsel, opened the nature of the Fact, also what particulars the Evidence were to give, and declared the Haniousness of the Fact; being seconded by Mr. Attorney General, who at large declared the Conspiracy, as it was laid in all or most of its Circumstances; how, according as the Evidence had Deposed in Counsel, it was Contrived, Mannaged, and carryed on. And after him, Mr. Serjeant Jefferies laid down such Material Points as the other had Omitted, aggravating the Haniousness of the Crime, declaring and lay­ing open at large, the Damnable Treason and Conspiracy, desiring the Jury well [Page 2] to consider the waight of the Cause they were to determine; and adding, that if the several particulars were proved against the Prisoner by the Witnesses for the King, who had been for the most part privy to the whole Design, they would like good English-men and Christians, find the Traytor Guilty.

The Kings Council having layed open the Indictment, the Evidence were cal­led; the first was Colonel Rumsey, who deposed, That for a considerable time past, there had been a Design carryed on by divers disaffected Conspirators, a­gainst the Life of His Sacred Majesty, and that in order thereto, divers Consults had been held, and sundry Devices proposed, to bereave His Majesty of His Life, and Crown; and that at most of those Consults, Captain Walcot had been present, and consenting to the Models layed and designed, to effect the horrid Treason, to raise a Rebellion throughout the Nation, to root out the Legal Line, and repose the power in the people. Nay, so far had they proceeded, as to settle a Form of Government amongst themselves, and appoint Rulers and Officers to manage the Affairs, relating to Government▪ and computed what numbers might be raised in such places, where the Conspirators had most Intrest, 1000. at least, being to be raised in Wapping. But whilst this Device was in hand, another was thought of, which was to Assassinate the King, in his return from New-Market, the last time he was there; The Conspiracy and Plot to bring it to pass being thus layed, several persons were to use their Interest, to raise Men for that purpose, who were with Carbines, Musquets, Pistols, &c. to be Armed, and lye in Ambuscade in Rumbold the Malster's House, near H [...]dsdone, and to send several persons in Coun­try Habits to over-through a Cart, to stop the Passage of a Lane, the King's Coach was to pass; upon which designed stop, about fifty Men well appointed, were to have Sallyed out, Rumbold being appointed to kill the King, and the Duke of York: others to Kill the Horses, Coach-man, and Postilion, and the Prisoner, with a Commanded party, ro fight the Guard himself; as he declared to the Evidence, thinking it the braver part of the Action, as thinking it beneath him to Assa­sinate a Naked Man; but this Plot miscarrying by reason of the Fire, divers o­ther Projects were laid to take away the Life of His Majesty, the Conspirators meeting frequently to Consult how to bring about their pernicious Design: all which by the Discovery, were frustrated.

The next Evidence that deposed, was Mr. Keeling; who declared, That he had been pri­vy, for some Months past, to the Conspiracy, and had been at divers Consults, Wherein the Destruction of the King was proposed and agreed on as the only expedient to further their purpose; and that by Goodenough, and others, he had been solicited to raise Men for the New-Market Expedition; which he at first boggl'd at; and that at sundry times the Prisoner had been at the said Consults, and approved of the proceeding, Himself being to have a prin­cipal Command, and to be aiding in the Assassinating the King; and being by the Court de­manded what induced him to discover? he declared, it was the secret impulse of his Tor­mented Conscience, which would not suffer him to rest till so great a wickedness was made known. This being the substance of his Depositions, Mr. Bourn was Sworn, who gave Evi­dence in effect to what the former had deposed: Then Mr. West stood up, and declared the manner of the Contrivance of the Plot, together with the several Declarations that were to have been disporsed it the Design had taken effect; also the many other Wicked designs to take away the Life of the King, as at the Play-House, Bull-Feast, and upon his comming from Windsor in his Barge; declaring that he had bought Arms for that purpose, with many other Circumstances; charging the Prisoner in particular. There were likewise Two Letters un­der his Hand proved in Court, one to Sir Lyonel Jekins to implore the Pardon of His Maje­sty, in lieu whereof he promised to discover the whole Design layed in England, Ireland, and Holland; which, as he said, none could do better than himself: Another was intercepted by Captain Richardson, directed to a Friend of his, to perswade Collonel Rumsey, and Mr. West, to be Tender of him in their Evidence; To these possitive Evidences, his Answers were for the most part but feeble; he alledging himself indisposed of the Gout at the time it was alledged he went to see how fit Rumbold's House was for the purpose, and the impossibility of his bringing such things to pass as were Sworn against him; yet Confessing that he had often associated himself with the Conspirators, but hoped though he had some knowledge of the Design, that it would amount to no more than misprision of Treason; but being confuted of his Error by the Court, after the Evidence was Summed up, and the Charge given, the Jury, after a short Debate, found him Guilty of the Treason as in the Indictment layed.

Printed for Langely Curtis, at the Sign of Sir Edmund-bury Godfrey's Head, near Fleet-Bridge:

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