Who were Arraigned at Exeter on the 18th. of August, 1682. And being prov'd Guilty of Witch-Craft, were Condemn'd to be Hang'd, which was according­ly Executed in the view of many Spectators, whose strange and much to be lamented Impudence, is never to be forgot­ten.

Also, how they Confessed what Mis­chiefs they had done, by the assistance of the Devil, who lay with the above-named Temperance Floyd Nine Nights toge­ther. Also, how they Squeezed one Hannah Thomas to death in their Arms; How they also caused several Ships to be cast away, causing a Boy to fall from the top of a Main-Mast into the Sea.

With many Wonderful Things, worth your Reading.

Printed for I. Deacon, at the sign of the Rainbow, a little be­yond St. Andrews Church, in Holborn. 1682.


The Tryal, Condemnation, and Ex­ecution of three Witches, who were Arraigned at Exeter on the 18th. of August, 1682.

LEt not my assertions seem strange to the In­genious Reader, who seems to affirm this (by some incredulous) Story, concerning the subse­quent matter; nor will I trouble you with a long Prologue, to stir you to believe that which so ma­ny Letters have verified, concerning the matter in hand, but so it was.

THe Assizes being held at Exon, (alias) Exeter, on the 18th of August, 1682. It happened that there was three Persons Arraigned for Witch-Craft, whose Names take as followeth, (viz.) Temperance Floyd, Mary Floyd, and Susannah Edwards, all dwelling in one Town, in the aforesaid County of Devon, namely Bideford, by some call'd Bythford, all three being stricken in years, which might have taught them more Grace; but Man's Enemy, Souls destroyer, and the Author of Wickedness, so prevailed with them▪ that they made an Interchange, accepting a Hell for a Heaven, rather willing to please the Devil then the great Creator, whose smiles are more precious then refined Gold, the loss of whose love is no less then Everlasting Destruction. These I say, these poor souls (aiming at nothing but ruine) imbrace Folly instead [Page 2] of Wisdom, present pleasure for eternal pain; take Flames for Crowns, misery for happiness, change God for a Devil, and a Soul for Hell. It is much to be lamented, that these persons should take delight in nothing more then to converse with Divils, who reason tells, seeks nothing but Destruction, Gods di­shonour, Mans overthrow (to, if it were possible) empty Heaven and fill Hell.

I come now to the Particulars, the aforesaid persons whose names are already inserted, came to their Tryal, having been some time before accused of VVitch-craft, and for that cause Imprisoned; when they came to the Bar their Indictment was read, and though the Devil had so much power over them, yet had they not Impudence enough to deny what they there were ac­cused for: Intemperate Temperance Floyd who was the eldest of the three, pleaded to her Indictment, and owned the Accusation, acknowledging she had been in League with the Devil 20. years and upwards, and that in the term of those years she had been guilty of many Cruelties, and by Hellish power afflicted both Man and Beast; but now to the other Two who were Instructed in that Damnable Art of VVitch-craft by the afore-named Temperance Floyd, they acknowledg'd that they had served five years to her to learn her ac­cursed Art, and during the Term of those years they saw and were acquainted with many wonderful and unlawful Tricks. For they owned that they had not been idle in their Hellish practices, but had served him faithfully, who will reward them gratefully for their Diabolical Indulgence. VVe have an account of some [Page 3] of their VVicked, Inhumane, Accursed, Damnable, and Preposterous Actions. But let us chiefly mind the Eldest and worst of these Three, namely, Temperance Floyd, Let her be the substance of our matter, who was the Introducer and cause of the other Two's o­verthrow▪ These VVicked VVretches being all of one mind, at last began to exercise their Divelish Arts, and upon one Mr. Hann a Minister in those parts; a person of good Repute and honest Conversation; who sought his souls eternal happiness, while they design'd their everlasting Ruine. These Hellish Agents intended mis­chief and misery to the person of Mr. Hann: but the Over-ruling Power prevented them; but because they could not be suffered to exercise their Diabolicism upon his body, they thought they would be some other way Reveng'd; so VVitch like, they laid their Dia­bolical Charms upon his Cattle, so that those Cows that used to give Milk, when they came to be Milked they gave blood, to the great astonishment of the Milkers; but finding themselves Outcasts from everlasting Happiness, they grew insolent in their Cursed Conceits, resolving to make use of that Art which they should so dearly pay for; But I too much insist upon the Old Hag whose Cruelties are and were suffi­ciently manifested by her own Confession at her Tryal, the other Two VVitches being somewhat younger then the Old Shape of Prince Lucifer, who acknowledged themselves to haue been servants to the Old one for Five Years, to learn the Art and Mi­stery of Hellish, Damnable, Accursed, and most to be [Page 4] Lamented Witch-Craft; and in the term of those 5 years grew to be as dexterious as their Devilish Tu­tor, trying their Experiments upon Man and Beast, to the Injury of both; but the Old one Confessed plainly that she had caused several Ships at Sea to be Cast away, to the loss of many mens lives, and the prejudice of many others: She confessed also that the Devil lay Carnally with her for Nine Nights together, and that she had Paps about her an Inch long, which the Devil us'd to suck to Provoke her to Letchery: but the other two seemed to be more Pensive then she, for they confessed that she was the Introducer of their Misery, and that they had served both the Devil and her five years slavery, to understand the ready way to everlasting Destruction. But Heavens Vengeance never fails to follow such Offenders who do wickedly, presumptuously, and prophanely, make use of the De­vil to satisfie their Impious wills. But to proceed, this Old VVitch whose name was Temperance Floyd, was without doubt perfectly Resolute, not minding what should become of her Immortal Soul, but rather Impu­dently at, as well as after her Tryal, so Audacious, that she had done many wicked Exploits by the power (not virtue) of her Hellish Discipline; She confessed that she had been instrumental to the Death of several, namely, one Hannah Thomas by pretence of Love, Squeezing her in her Arms so long till the blood gush­ed out of her mouth; she confessed that she and the o­ther two had been the Death of Two more, besides several others that they had Lamed by their Hellish Art; they confessed that they had been the Destructi­on [Page 5] of many Cattle both small and great, and many more things too tedious to relate; being asked at their Tryal to say the Lords Prayer, they answered, that they could not, except it were backward, they said that the Devil used to be with them on nights in several Shapes, sometimes like a Hound, who Hunted before them (but without doubt he Hunted for Souls.) There was many more Accusations laid against them, which they all owned (except one) which was about causing a Ship to be Sunk, and a Boy that fell from the Top-Mast of another Ship and so broke his Neck, or as some say, Drowned in the Sea.

It being asked how long they had been in league with the Divel, one of them said twenty-years she had been his Familiar Acquaintance, the other two were of lesser standing, but long enough to Ruine their Pre­cious Souls. They also Asserted, that the Devil came with them to the Prison Door, and there left them, much like what he is, the Author of Lies, the In­venter of Mischief, the Betrayer of Souls, the un­satisfied deceiver, and Gods Enemy.

All these things being Confessed by their own Tongues, it is not strange to think that Judge­ment past upon them regularly in such Cases.

But now to proceed;

As to the manner of their Deportment going to the place of Execution. It is certainly affirm­ed [Page 6] the Old Witch Temperance Floyd, went all the way Eating, and was seemingly unconcerned; but Mary Floyd was very obstinate, and would not go, but lay down, insomuch that they forc'd to tye her upon a Horse-back, for she was very loath to receive her deserved Doom: But when they came to the place of Execution, they desired the Minister to pray for them, and that part of the 40th Psalm might be sung, which was accordingly done, and presently af­ter the Executioner did his Office.

Thus have you heard of the Wicked life and mi­serable death of three gross Offenders, who slighted Gods Commandements, despis'd a Christ and im­brac'd a Devil, lost Heaven to purchase Hell, at the dear rate of their Immortal Souls: Let this then be a Caution for all Sinners to forsake Sin and Satan, whose end and design is to ruine Souls, to enslave Mortals, and without doubt were it possible, to pull Gods Almighty Majesty out of his Everlasting Throne. 'Tis great pitty that some have so little esteem of their Jewels which Jesus Christ the Son of the Almighty, purchased at so dear a rate; yet vild Sinners, never call to mind, or at least very seldom, what Labyrinths of misery they involve themselves in, how they crush Christ, how they wound his already wounded side for sinners: But now to conclude, take a poor Sin­ners advice, Walk uprightly and Justly, and let not the fruition of present injoyments, cause you to neg­lect Eternal Happiness, the injoyment of which, is beyond Expression, and the loss thereof Eternal Mi­sery, Destruction, and Ruine.


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