THIS IS For all or any of those (by what name or title soever they be distin­guished) that resist the Spirit, and despise the Grace that brings Salvation, that favour them which work wickedness, and condemn the Righte­ous; upon such must be fulfilled the Judg­ments Pro­phesied. ALSO

Things to come are here declared,
but blind men cannot see:
But as the World draws to an end,
some shall remember me.

R. T.

Prov. 10.25. As the whirlewind passeth, so is the Wicked no more: but the Righteous is an Everlasting Foundation.

LONDON, Printed in the Year, 1664.

This is for all or any of those, by what name or title soever they be distinguished, that resist the Spirit, and despise the Grace that brings Salvation, that favour them which work Wickedness, and con­demn the Righteous; upon such must be fulfilled the Judgements prophesied.

HEar a little though you be mighty, and be intreated to weigh with seriousness, what one fearing the Lord says unto you, who are executing the Act made against such as meet to worship contrary to the Ly­turgy of the Church of England, which we have heard is accor­ding to the Scriptures; for and in the Scriptures we have been trained up many of us from our childhood, and exercised there­in; and we have heard some of your Teachers and Worship­pers say that it is your Rule, and that all things are to be tryed by it, and that you that deal thus hardly with us, are called Christians, and would be so owned by us: if so you be, let Christ's Words be of authority with you; for we do believe, (even with that you are going about to exile) that God will one day judge the World by that Man Christ Jesus; and there­fore we fear to transgress his Commands; whom we know hath declared, What profit would it be to gain the whole World, and lose our own Souls? And we do believe, and have found it so, that he which pleaseth Man cannot please God: This is Scrip­ture, Friends, and that out of the mouth of Christ; So he is no Christian that believes not Christ: And for the keeping of this Commandment, have the holy Martyrs suffered in all Genera­tions, from righteous Abel unto this day, because they could not conform to Mens Wills, Pleasures and Laws: We have a Law, say the Jews, by which he ought to die; and Pilate to please them (though the Witness of God shewed him he was just) yet hearkened to them that said, He was not Caesars friend, if he let this man go; so to please Man, he delivered Christ to be cruci­fied; [Page 3]and it was not any outward Washing that could ever take away his guilt. Stephen, that holy Martyr, though he be­lieved the Scriptures, and knew them well (as you may read) yet because he denyed their Worship or Temple, telling them that they resisted the holy Ghost (which he knew that all who have nor learned of Christ do) and that in the Spirit God will be worshipped, and that such Worshippers he did and doth seek. Surely all Christians may then see, that they which go about to condemn, banish, and bring to an end Spiritual Worshippers, do walk contrary to God the Father; for he seeks them, saith the Scriptures, to worship him in Spirit, and Men would loose them; O Men are you stronger than God?

I have found that the Quakers are of Pauls Religion, who testifie that God is a consuming Fire, and that it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God; so we have chosen to suffer (as just Stephen did stoning) prisoning or banishing, ra­ther than to cease worshipping in the Spirit, or speaking of his Name, who requires Truth in the Inner Parts, and is to be wor­shipped every where in Truth and in Spirit: and if God says every where, and Men say not in this place, nor in this, for if you meet here, we will have you to prison, and banish you; judge you Christians, Whether it be better that we obey God or Man? Many instances do the Scriptures give you of this Truth, which you ought to seek into; and who are noble among you will do so. Remember Moses, he feared not the Wrath of a King; remem­ber Daniel, and the three Children; and many more might be instanced both of holy Men & Women, who followed the Lord fully to the Obedience of his Commands, disobeying any that commanded contrary, whatever they suffered for it; and upon this account the holy Martyrs suffered formerly, and now much in these latter dayes, even some to Hanging, cruel Whippings and Imprisonments, and spoiling of Goods and Estates, and upon no other Account, nor for no other Cause, but because in our obeying God we have disobeyed man.

But it may be you will say, that The Scripture sayes that Re­bellion is sin, and Disobedience is sin, and requires us to be subject un­to Kings, and Rulers, and Parents, and Masters, &c.

And to this I answer; We are so to all those, not for fear but [Page 4]for Conscience sake, and in all things are subject to the Higher Power, which I hope none of you will deny to be Christ, for he is the Power of God; and in Him did the Apostle Paul com­mand Wives, Children, Servants and Subjects to obey in the Lord, for whose sake all these were also to be denyed and forsa­ken, if the Lord called to it; as Moses, & Daniel & Paul could obey those very Kings and Rulers in some things, which in other things pertaining to God and their Conscience, they could not, and though it were Rebellion and Gain-saying for the People to resist Moses and Aaron, that wished they had been all Pro­phets; yet it was not Rebellion nor Evil, that Christ and his Apostles did resist the High Priests and Rulers of Israel; when they commanded them to speak no more in his Name, then they waxed more bold, knowing it was better to please God than Man, so they suffered imprisoning, whipping, stocking and sto­ning, chusing rather to please God than Man.

But it may be you'l say, I wrong you to compare you to the persecuting Rulers of Jerusalem: and you would have me and others to believe that you are like David and Solomon, Moses and Aaron; but I'le tell you, why we cannot so believe, be­cause we believe the Scriptures, and all that Christ saith; and he saith, we shall know the tree by its fruit, and that rave­nous Wolves would creep in in sheeps cloathing, and devour the flock.

Now we find that the Priests and Fathers of the Church of England are so unlike Moses and Aaron (that wished that all the Lord's People were Prophets) if they hear of any that witness the New Covenant in the heart (that the Scriptures speak of) and the pouring forth of the Spirit on Sons and Daughters, that they prophesie; these they account Hereticks, and instead of casting them out in the Spirit of Christ (as Paul did, who said indeed, that the evil doers should be given up to the Devil, for the saving of the Souls in the Day of the Lord) they give us up (before they have proved us either in error or evil doing to the civil Magistrates to persecute and cast in prison for not confor­ming to we know not what; so would make simple people be­lieve, that they give us up to the Devil when they give us up to you; by this means our Goods and Estates have been wasted [Page 5]and we imprisoned (yea some for their whole life time) which Proceedings be so unlike those good Shepherds which Christ told us of, that would lay down their lives for their Sheep, that I and many do believe in our Consciences, such are more like to be the Wolves and Hirelings which Christ spoke of, which would run away when the Devourers came, for they were gone and their Religion for many years, that if we would, we knew not where to find them: And there are many thousands in these Na­tions, that may not be come with the Quakers, to give their backs to the Smiters, and their cheeks to the pulling off of their hair, which are of this mind concerning your Priests: And for your Magistrates, I and my Friends have not found that you are such as put the Wicked far from you, and will not let a Lyar dwell in your house, or that you are a Terrour to Evil-Doers, and a praise to them that do Well, nor that you releive the Op­pressed, nor set the Prisoners at Liberty, or defend the Inno­cent, nor suppress the Proud, as those good Rulers did; for Drunkards, Swearers, Proud and Wanton persons are at liber­ty, and those who have departed from Iniquity (and fears to sin against God) are haled to Prison by those that work wickedness, yea some of those that have sate to do Justice, have smore, pinch­ched, tore off the hair of such as have been brought before them, though they have had nothing against them, but for worshipping God in Spirit; and these are some of the reasons that we can­not believe, that these are good Trees that bring forth such bad Fruit, or that they rule in or for God, that is the preserver of man, that instead of preserving us (as good David did, who of­fered his life that the Plague might cease from his People) you have cast many hundreds of us into prison together, in the heat of Summer, which might bring sickness and death, to the de­stroying of us; and as if this were not enough, are hastening to transport us into unknown places of the Earth: Is this like Christ, or those that ruse in him, who gave his Life for his Ene­mies: but we that fear the Lord, have prayed that some of you might come to the Wisdom of Gamaliel, and cease from your cruelty, lest you be found fighters against God; for what is of God shall stand; and know, That by true Judgement and Mercy, the Throne of the King shall be established. And of how little ac­count [Page 6]soever you the Magistrates of England make of us, God hath regard to all that fear him, and he did and will plead with those, that throw his Law behind their backs; and though we have and may still feel hard sufferings for breaking Mans Laws, do you think to escape for breaking God's Laws? and he hath not left you without the knowledge, that you should do to eve­ry one, as you would be done by; now have you, or are you about to do so by us, that have cast us in prison, & are preparing for our banishment, before you have sent any of the Fathers of the Church to convince us of our error, or give us sound rea­son that you are in the Truth, yet go about (because we will not conform to worship we know not what) to separate Husbands from Wives, and Wives from Husbands, Children from Pa­rents, and Parents from Children, and all from the Land of our Nativity, from our Estates and livelihoods, who though accoun­ted as a poor People, have all our time we have been a People born paat of your burdens and charges, and yet you not charged by us, nor have you found any thing against us, but in this mat­ter of our God, that we keep our Conscience undefiled, know­ing the Scriptures of Truth, That in the pure Conscience is held the Mystery of Faith; and if we have the Faith, we shall have the victory over wickedness, for against that we war; for by this the Saints did overcome; and though you banish us, we shall conquer (the Devil I mean) for we have the Faith; but if you think we have not, deal so righteously with us, as to send your Teachers to us into our meetings, to convince us by the Scriptures, and plain Demonstrations of the Spirit, as Paul did, who said, He was manifest to that of God in every man: Consci­ence; and in so doing we might be conformed to you: And if you should say to us, we may go to the several places & hear them there; we answer, those that Christ sent and called to convert men, and turn them from the evil of their wayes, sought them out and went to them: but if we should go to them, as some have, and ask them any Question, or object against any thing they say, would they answer us, and satisfie us? or would they not rather turn us out and imprison us, as they have done by some of us.

So Friends consider these things, whether you have done to [Page 7]us as you would be done by. What if the Quakers had power to compel to their Religion? but they are so low, the Mighty of the Earth never fear their rising. But what if the Papists or Turks had power, would you be thus used by them? or would you yield to them, without any other arguments, than Blows, Prisons and Banishment? Well Friends, if ever you should be tryed as God is trying us by you, you will have need of our strength; which yet you resist, though it yet hath not done stri­ving with some of you; and this upholds us, that we cannot fear what Man can do unto us; for the Lord is with us, and the Ark of his Strength, and a hiding place is prepared for us, and he will arise to plead the Cause of the Innocent. Some among you God hath and will visit with Mercy, and they will fear to go on in the execution of your unrighteous Decrees, lest they be found fighters against God: and you that have been and are working so wisely as you think for the safety of the Nation, by suppres­sing the Innocent, and forcing to conformity, what if I say un­to you, remember what the Prophet said, If God speak war, who can speak peace? therefore that which concerns your peace, do not still reject; for he had the tongue of the Learned, that said, there was but one thing needful, and this indeed pre­serveth Men and Nations; and if this were taught and sought amongst you, wickedness would not so abound as it doth: but God hath shewed thee, O Man, what thou shouldst do, to shew Mercy and walk humbly; for if you do go on to deal thus with an Innocent People (that never wronged any of you, nor have been hurtful unto the Nation in any thing) God will arise to plead our Cause, and in that day the Merciful shall find Mercy, but the proud and such as forget God, must be turned into Hell. O be wise ye Rulers of the Earth, and discern the Signs of his Coming whose reward is with him; doth not your Nation abound with wickedness? remember Sodom when Lot was gone forth of it; remember Jerusalem, when they had crucified the Just; O how fearful and suddain was their destruction! So will it be upon all that forget God.

R. T.

Things to come are here declared, but blind Men cannot see: But as the World draws to an End, some shall remember me.

SUrely the Folly of the Fool, shall soon be brought to nought;
His hope and glory in its height, is like the vanishing thought,
Of him that did enlarge his barns, wherein to lay his store;
To take his ease he went to sleep, and never waked more.
So surely is the Fool ensnar'd, that glories in his shame,
And seeks the Earth with all his might, there to exalt his name:
His glory in his highest state, is but as withering hay,
Whose beauty's past, and so shall theirs suddenly pass away.
And when in Earth they shall be laid, from whence their hope did rise,
Their portion in the dark to reap, who did the Light despise.
Where will their worth and high renown be heard of any more,
Who made a scorn of simple ones, and did oppress the poor?
They stew the Just, and merry made over the Holy One:
But he that reigns in righteousness did hear their plaint and moan;
Who for his Name did suffer long: he care of such did take.
And in his Wrath doth chase their foes, even for his Mercies sake.
As they have hunted with delight, the Lambs to terrifie;
So shall the works which they have wrought, with fear cause them to fly;
For God against them will appear, who mischief do devise,
And soon they shall be overturn'd, whose refuge is in lies.
But all that in my God do trust, assured help shall have,
For Truth and Mercy's their defence, and safely shall them save.
Our Rock of strength, our hope and help, which in him put our trust,
Shall firmly stand, and glorious be, when you are in the dust,
Who have work'd wisely as you guess, to hinder our increase;
You've prisoned, stock'd, and shed our blood, but have not gain'd your peace.
For all your threats and murderous blows, we do not turn nor fly,
But grow and multiply apace in midst your Tyranny.
So as the Fool that beats the wind, your labour hath been vain,
You go about to stop a Stream the Ocean doth maintain.
We have no weapons fit for war, indeed we cannot fight;
But there's an Arm doth us defend, hath taen away your sight.
And so as blind you groap about, hoping to smite your foe;
But as men blind you beat the wind, and let your enemies go.
Why do you snarle thus at the Stone, and never mind the Hand,
That doth beset with dread and fear in City, Town and Land?
I could you tell if you could hear, what soon to pass shall come;
Your wise men shall it not foresee, but feel it and be dumb.
For every mouth must stopped be, that hath defam'd the Light,
And thunder stroak shall cleave the Oake in all the peoples sight:
In darkness shall a flame break forth, that fiercely shall devour;
Stubble and dross it must consume by uncontrouled Power.
From Heav'ns black Clouds it doth descend, the Earth to compass round,
And enter shall with piercing heat, the Mighty to confound.
The schrikes & crys, and dredful groans, that then shall fill your ears,
You cruel wanton jolly ones, shall then be fill'd with fears:
The Dogs shal howl, the Buls shall roar, the Wolves & Goats shal run,
No Fox shall find a hiding place, nor Vulture this Plague shun;
The Panthor shall be tamed then, the Lyons hunger bit,
And every Beast of prey be bound, and sent into the Pit.
The dreadful groans of ravenous Beasts, bereaved of their prey,
Shall turn your pleasures into woes, and drive your mirth away.
For why? your hope shall then be past, your strife & strength shal fail,
When that which you have strove to quench, doth more & more prevail
The mark at which you chiefly shot, and did so fiercely kick,
Turns back with force, and to the heart most surely doth you prick.
The little spark that seems so small, when you began to strive,
Is now become a mighty flame, and fiercely doth you drive:
And where to hide you cannot find; the Light doth plainly show,
He that hath loved violence, in Darkness loves to go.
The Day is come, and doth increase, at which the Night must fly,
And they that in it wrought their work, with dreadful voice do cry
For Hills & Mountains them to hide, who have withstood the Light;
For now the Lamb appears to war; which is a dreadful sight
To those which have not fed nor cloath'd, nor visited Him at all,
But rent his Sheep, and bit his Lambs, and cast them into thral;
A Kingdom is prepar'd for you, in Justice there to dwell,
Who hate the Light, and Darkness love, are making hast to Hell.
A Citty also is prepar'd, whose Maker is the Lord,
He safely keeps it by his Power, there is no fence nor ward,
But that which smites the wicked One, and makes the fearful fly,
With proud and cov'tous wanton ones, that love and makes a lye.
Jerusalem that's from above, the Mother of us all,
Hath set us free at liberty, in Holiness to call
On him who gives the entrance in, and is the hiding place,
Of all the Followers of the Lamb, which wait to see his face,
And with his Glory shall be fill'd within this City pure;
The Light whereof is perfect Day, and ever shall endure,
No more shall Night nor Darkness come, once to disturb our rest,
Who for the Lamb are now prepared, and with his Beauty drest,
Who have not spar'd to follow him through Tribulations great,
Nor lov'd our lives unto the death, nor flee for shame or threat.
He hath prepar'd us for himself, and wash'd us in his Blood,
And turn'd your evil purposes unto our greatest good.
Your fierce unmanly violence, hath rendrd you a shame.
Our patient suffring doth declare, that we are free from blame.
For all your eager hunting thus, you have not got the prey;
For why? our lives is hid in that which never shall decay.
You may go on as you have done, to make a hideous noise,
And stare about to make a rout, and then go ask the cause,
Why you (like mad men) fight with those that ne're did you resist;
And what reward must you receive, that strike with wicked fist?
It may be you obedient are to those that you command,
That cloathed are with glittering robes, that rule both Sea & Land.
They honour can, and riches give; and this you fain would have:
But there's a Storm a coming on in which this will not save.
I tell you men that are so wise, you then such fools will be,
Whose minds and eyes were in the Earth, and did not Heaven see;
Nor he that in the Clouds descends, to set the Oppressed free,
For their Redemption hastens on; a dreadful day to you will be:
For as the Spoilers have you been, and made it your delight;
So suddenly will mischief come as a thief at mid-night:
And then your hopes and treasures both, in which you had your trust,
With your rewarder and reward, goes down unto the dust:
For our avenger is at hand, to plead our righteous Cause;
For we have born your Cruelty, and kept his holy Laws;
He shall you judge, whom we do fear, for all your works of Night,
Who to his Light and People have, offered such great despight:
Your haughty Looks and swelling Waves, will stand in little stead,
Your gorgeous Robes and tendance great, will not supply your need;
It's not your Gold, nor Riches great, nor ought in Earth you have,
Can bribe this Judge, or blind his Eye, or for you mercy crave.
As you have done, so must you have according to your deed,
Who have not heard the Justs complaint, of Mercy now have need,
And shall not find, for it's from you departed,
That in your scorn have made forlorn, the poor and upright-hearted:
You trusted so in Vanity, that Mercy you forsook;
And we that met the same to find, alone to him did look;
And he to us hath great regard, who did the Devil deny,
With all his works and followers, with pomp and dignity.
We have not said, but done the thing, in which he doth delight;
Therefore he'l plead our Cause with you, even in the Nations sight;
And he will differ by his Power, the Doer from the Sayer,
And quite defame the Hypocrite, that seem'd to be so fair:
For those are they whom God doth hate, who seem, and are not so:
For Hypocrites is Hell prepar'd, and to it must they go.
But on the Rock they surely build, whom tempest cannot shake,
Nor blustring storms them once disturb, that of his Life partake;
Who by the Spirit is reveal'd, the Son of God to be;
But all that do resist the Spirit, the Truth can never see.
So from the Rock they all are erred, gainst which Hell can't prevail;
But we that in it have our strength, shall never fade nor fail.
Therefore you Holy Ones be glad, and make a cheerful noise,
In heart and soul speak forth his praise, and with pleasant verce,
Who hath not left our souls i'th'grave, nor us a prey to be,
To hungry Beasts who have pursued our ruine for to see.
Thou, Lord, hast fil'd our hearts with praise, thy presence we have had;
In Prisons and in tryals great, in which we have been glad:
And thou wilt never us forsake; but be our great reward,
Who have not fear'd what man could do, but to thee gave regard;
Who in the Spirit doth thee serve, the fruits shall all men see,
In Patience, Mercy, Love and Truth, and these draw near to thee;
From whom they flow, and have increas'd the Fountain of our Life,
Prepar'd for all thy Holy Ones, to shelter from all strife,
A hyding place and Rock of trust, to us thou hast been made,
And soon to nought will bring our fees, that snares for us have laid;
Then they shal mourn when we rejoyce, our praise shal make them soul
Our Songs of Joy in thee our strength shall make them weak & mad.
Who doth in pride and vi'lence grow, shall find this sentence true,
They shall not miss to have the same, yea every one his due:
You that have plow'd & sow'd the Seed, and nearly brought to pass,
The glory of your work shall fade, as doth the new-mow'd grass;
A Storm shall rise and blast your crop, and disappoint your hope,
And backward turn your purposes, and bring to nought your scope;
For all your thoughts have proved but vain against the Innocent,
Their help's in that you do not see, nor never can prevent;
Upon your backs their strength will fall, to it you must be bow'd,
That hate the Light, and scorn the poor, and would exalt the proud:
He laughs at you that see him not, that on the winds doth ride,
And over all your Hills doth skip, and as a mighty Tyde,
Shall over-whelm your Mountains great, wherein you put your trust,
And by the rising of his Power, shall grind you all to dust.
He hath it spoke, who can prevent? he will exalt the Just,
Then down must all, both great and small, that in a lye do trust:
Then will you reap as you have sow'd, according to your deed,
Ruine and Loss, great Pain and Shame, will fill with fear and dread,
You'l howl, and run you know not where, when that shall you pursue,
That you have oft refused to hear, must now give you your due.
I have it learn'd, and must declare, that God is good and just;
Happy are they that Him do fear, and have no other trust;
They shall not fall when ill besets, and sorrow doth surround,
For he'l appear their Cause to plead, and all their foes confound,
And bring to pass with wonders great, from harm to set them free,
And work deliverance by his Power, that to his Praise shall be.
He soon can make the Hills to quake, and move the Mountains high,
And make a plain for them to walk, that on his strength rely,
And set them up above the proud, that swell like raging Sea,
And cried, We will suppress them all, they shall no longer be:
Away (they cryed) with Holiness, and worship in the Spirit,
For we'l enjoy our lust in flesh, what else would we inherit?
Your choice is vain, and short's your time, and soon will ended be;
But those whom you have wrought against, do know Eternitie.
That wil wear out, your vain Decrees, and prove your Acts but vaine
Our Peace will last, and Joy abound, when you shall be in pain.
R. T.

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