DOctor Tonge doth hereby disown whatever Books or Papers have hitherto been Printed or Pub­lished in his Name, as Composed by him; or seen and allowed by him to be Printed or Pub­lished, or shall hereafter; unless attested under his Hand; as revised by him from the Press, exept some Translations out of French.

Courteous Reader,

There are in the Press, and will shortly be published, An Abridgment of Controversies, being a brief and solid Confutation of Popish Errors, by express Texts out of the Bible of their own Translation.

Also, the History of the Turkish Affassins; and a Parallel of the them with the Popish; and other Papers of that Subject, the former long since translated, and both now published by Dr. Tonge.

Be pleased to take notice also of that excellent Treatise, intituled The Hearts Sovereign, long since published at the Charge of the Author, Mr. Tho. Jones, late Houshold Chaplain to his Highness the D. of York: in which Family he so vigorously opposed the Favorers and Connivers at the Growth of POPERY: of which he is able, if called, to give a good Account, That, for that cause he was removed from that Place, to make way for them to pervert his Highness's family: and since, hath been by their Contrivance, ruined in his Estate and Reputation, as he hopes to make appear if admitted to Audience.

Errata, For 1674/5 read 1675/6.


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