A THUNDER-CLAP FROM NEW-GATE TO THE Quaking Saints OF LONDON, Their Cabinet of Iniquity Unlookt, and laid open to publick view.

Wherein is discovered, the querks, quillets, subtle whimsies and sophistical devises used by them, to delude and ensnare the ignorant and unlearned, to the disturbance of the Peace of His Majesties Kingdoms.

Also an exact Narrative of their proceedings in the University of Newgate, with their strange actings, and devises to raise new Commotions, by divulging treasonable, seditious and libellious papers through the City of London. And the manner how they would have rays'd one Watson to life two hours after he was buried.

Written by J. J. an eye witness of their proceedings; and Licenced according to Order.

LONDON, Printed by A. Coe for J. J. and are to be sold at the Royal Exchange in Cornhill, 1662.

Academiae Cantabrigiensis Liber.

A Thunder-clap FROM NEW-GATE TO THE London Quakers.

FIrst I shall give you a Character of these new vampt Christians call'd Quakers; A Quaker is a person who swallows shame like sweet-Butte [...], his Confidence car­ryes him beyond all Ordinances, he denys the Scripture to be a Rule of Holiness, building his own foundation on the bottom of his own Hypocrisie, he is full of dissimulation, a meer Crack-braind and self-conceited piece of Impudence, he will not swear but lye without aime, Clouding all evil with a Cloak made of Yeas and Nays; He works altogether Sophisti­cally, to insnare the ignorant and unlearned, perswading them that the word of God is but a dead Letter, and the life, light and power is in themselves; He is the Spawn of an Anapabti [...] whose over-grown opinions (as he says) have brought him [Page 2]through all evils to the height of perfection, so that he beleives and av [...]ches he hath no further to go, but just to step into Hea­ven it self; he says further he cannot commit sin or erre in any thing he acts, for he hath nothing but life & light in him; whom he Curse are damn'd, and whom he blesses (he conceives) shall be saved, he is a self-conceited fire brand of Hell, sent on earth as [...] set Nations togethe [...] b [...] the ears: [...] full of flatte [...]y and deceit [...]hat is all Government, [...]den [...]s Magistracy, and owns no power but his own justs, and [...] subjects [...] he owns all; but yet will not submit to any supe [...]iour Officer, he [...] to swea [...] at all, yet will stand in a lye to the [...], which makes him so rough in the throat that he cannot swal [...]w the Oath of Allegiance more out of a self-will'd humor th [...]n [...]atter of Conscience, but for his own ends he will [...]og, Lye, H [...]ter, Dissemble, and it may be rap out an Impreca­tion as bad as an Oath; hee'l pretend to plead only by reason, but it is his own reason, thwarting all others that oppose him, though contrary to reason, truth or Christianity, he is an un­ma [...]nerly impudent Fellow that hath not so much as moral Ci­vility; his Hat grows as fa [...] on his Head as his ears.

He is one that loves a prison better then his Liberty, pretend­ing to glory in his suffering, not that he loves bonds, but rather that he may live in idleness, and be maintained by a Collection of the Brethren, who work to supply him with all varietyes of Belly- [...], and pomper him up with daint [...]es as Pig, Mutton, Pye-Pork, Beef, and other daintys, (which I have been an eye Witness of) in so plentifull a manner as is not fit for such mis­creants, who Rebel against all Government, both Spiritual and Temporal.

The chief heads of these Belly-gods or Quaking Saints are old Jesuiticall opinionists, who have travelled through other Coun­trys so long, that they are forced to return to their own; as Fisher, Burrows, Baily, and several others, besides a pratling Parrot that came lately from Rome, Who if they had continu­ed longer beyond Seas, might have had as g [...]ea [...] a Crop of Sediti­ous Members there, as here, since their return.

In fine, they are a mad; hair-b [...]an'd; bewitcht multitude who seek nothing more then to throw down powers and b [...]ng [...]i [...]g­doms into a confused Chaos, by dissembling and drawing inno­cent souls into ete [...]nal Captivity. Nay in a paper the pub­lish [...] lately they would appear to be Prophets.

To Prophesie they also do pretend,
A [...]d say the world shall have a sudden end;
Nay in short space they prophesie to know
In London-Streets for stones green grass shall grow.

Thus do these lying Prophets, or confident Quaking Christi­ans unchristian then selves by their Impudent actions; for since their comming to New-gate for disobeying the Act against pri­vate meetings, they did in contempt fling down Treasonable Libels from the Leads into the Streets, on purpose to raise new Insurrections in his Majestyes Kingdome; till they were pre­vented by the diligent care of the Ma [...]er Keeper, by whose Or­der they were taken away, and several hundreds of them burned which were stufft with lyes and su [...]tle devises to pervet the ig­norant and unlearned, to the great disturbance of the peace of his Majestyes Kingdome.

But to give you a hint of the actions of these Metrapolitan dissemblers, I shall insert some few, here being only room in this sheet to draw the Curtain from before these Quaking Pu [...]pets. Not long since a Common strumpet (being brought into New­gate for some notorious fact took notice of one of these black Saints, and said, that the Monday before he would have given her mony if she were free to satisfy his lust, which she would not consent to at his price, all which he could not deny; for if she had been as free as he, she might soon have been made a fel­low creature, so that though they will not swear, they will lye with any body; and though they be perfect (as they say) yet some scu [...]f of fleshly lust is still left behind, which like a scab doth make a slaw in the Scutchion of their purity.

This story is much like that of their Phanatick Champion Cap. J. G. the devout Tanner, (a prisoner not long since in the same place) who acted a part of Tuquoque in Newgate on the Stage of a maid, after the Chillinden fashion, as she confessed, when he proved false to her, in not providing her a lodging and mar­rying her (according to promise) though he had a wife of his own at the same time.

For lying none can go beyond them, except some little De­vil should leap out of the mouth of Grand Pluto, as will appear by the ensuing story, viz.

Some few weeks since one Watson dyed (who was a prisoner amongst these dissembling converts) and his brother came the day following to fetch away his bed-cloths, which he brought down into the Lodg belonging to Newgate, whereupon the turn-key (fearing some of the Master Keepers cloths should be amongst them) desired him to lay them down (intending to see whether there were or no) but he out of stubborness deny'd him, upon which, the Turn-key took hold of the rope that ty'd them, and pull'd them from him, which some of these lying Sophi­sters seeing, presently gave out a report, that three men fell upon him and kickt him up and down the Lodge, though they never toucht his body, as will (if occasion require) be iustified by the testimony of seven or eight several witnesses, who were then and there present.

One of their chief witnesses was black-mouth'd Vulcan, or Mulciber the Black-smith of hell, (a turbulent fellow whom some call J. Bury) he blaz'd the report strongly, and justified it stoutly, though when the business was acted, he was at least four pair of stairs high, which must needs be an invallid Witness, ex­cept he had the art of Inspection, and could see thorow four floores at once, or left his eyes hanging on the Iron Grates, as a Centry, to view this unthought of and unacted combate.

Another of the blind-guided tremblers was so unreverend, that when the servants were locking up the Jayle, he said; If [Page 5]they lock'd up the leads they were fools that lay above, if they did not take the Pulpit Cushion and empty it and ease their Bodies in the Case; If this be Christianity Reason or plain honesty, the Devil may well be Governour in a Common-Wealth of such audacious Subjects.

Not long after the aforesaid Watson was buried, which being done, within two hours comes down one of the Lunatick brethren who sitting in the Lodge, resolved to work a mira­cle, and said Arise, arise, arise from the dead, the Brethren waiting by him expecting Watsons coming again, but no Watson appearing after he had said it three times, the Turn-key shewd a greater miracle for he said, arise and go up stairs, quoth he, I must not for I am commanded to stay for a time, upon which the Turn-key lifted him up, and no sooner he was in a doors, but he was transported up stairs into the Leads where he was juddenly (for madness that he could not raise the dead) possest with the Devil, and with raving screeking, howling, tossing and tumbling, and other horrid noise he shock the roof, so that the Anabaptists who lay underneath could not rest all night, affirming in the morning that he was possest with the Devil, which they that unlockt are able to witness.

Upon Munday the first of September, 1662: One of these mad bewitcht hypocrites was commanded by the Devil and their Jesuitical Fathers to do penance, through Bartholmew-Fair with a pan of fire-coals on his head, which he did wil­lingly, as a Meritotious piece of madness, and stripping him­self naked, he set the pan on his head with the fire burning, and ran round the Fair till he came to the Hospital gate, where he slung down the pan breaking it in pieces expressing some words not sit to be inserted by any but R [...]bels to their King and Country.

Great pity it was indeed that this shameless piece of mad­ness went unpunished, for had his back been well Nayle [...] a by the B [...]adel it might have been a warning for the suture to all such shameless pieces of madness, who neither fear God [Page 6]honour the King nor believe in any thing but their own Lusts and inventions, thinking themselves to be all in all.

Their manner of Burial is disorderly and unhandsome, the Corps being put in a Coffin without a decent covering, con­trary to the custom of all other Christians. For two of them being Dead were brought by New-gate one being carried with the head formost the other with the head behind, so that they were turn'd tayle to tayle like Samsons Foxes, with a great gang of silly women following like, so many dumb ima­ges, and convey'd to the ground where they were flung in like Dogs without any word or Instruction to those that accom­pany the Bodies of these Monstrous Christians.


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