A SUMMONS FROM A True-Protestant CONJURER, TO Cethegus's Ghost, To appear Septemb. 19. 1682.

RIse from the Dead Cethegus at our Call,
Lend a kind Vote at our Next COMMON-HALL.
Thy Voice of old in Rome was deem'd Divine,
Surpassing, our Grand Patron's, Cataline.
"The Ill's we have Committed safe can't be
"Without attempting Worse for LIBERTY.
Shall we, like Vassals, Fetter'd be by Law:
We, who of nought that's Moral, stand in Aw?
Shall we (True Israel) by Saul's humbled be?
We, who can scarcely own Theocracy.
Brutus was Brave, and his Impulse Divine,
When first from Rome he chac'd the Royal Line,
And something lik't WE did, ere FORTY NINE.
But those BLEST-REFORMATION-DAYS soon past,
And C—s RETƲRN our blooming Hopes did blast.
On Bishops Lands we SAINTS did Freely feed,
Till Batt, the Vile Apostle made us bleed.
Shepherds and Sheep cashier'd; Th' admitted Goats
Who led our Flocks astray: till up rose O
[...] [...]
O—Grand Retriever of our REFORMATION,
SAVIOƲR o'th' TRƲE-PROTESTING Part o'th' Nation!
He taught us by his Blest DISCOVERY,
To form a Method for New Liberty;
And to secure a stronger COMBINATION,
We mildly stild it an ASSOCIATION.
But this Intrigue was stifled in its Birth,
And prov'd th' Abortive of our Teeming Mirth:
This Point thus lost, no Favour can we hope,
(For Ignoramus, Noos'd the JOYNERS ROPE:)
And Long'd-For-Commonwealth is this Day lost,
Unless Retriev'd by Brutus, or thy Ghost.
Rise then Cethegus, Dear Cethegus Rise,
PYM, HAMBDEN, STROƲD, All Brutus dear Allies;
From Holy MATCHIAVIL, to more Holy HOBBS,
(The Grand DƲ ƲMVIRATE for Republick Jobbs)
Rise MILTON, who, to make the Worst-Cause Good,
Did'st dare Bespatter a Blest MARTYR's BLOOD:
Rise PETERS, NOL, SCROOP, SCOTT, Hell's Modern Furies,
Meet Sutan, Fire and Brimstone, and WHIGG-JƲRIES;
With ZEAL Hell-hot, outvie VESƲVIO's Fires,
Calcining what against our CAƲSE conspires:
Without these Aids (no Trust in HOLDER-FORTH)
We're Gone, Gone, Gone, by C—LAWS, D—N.

London, Printed for S. B. 1682.

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