THE DAY-SPRING from on high visiting the WORLD: OR Gods Salvation revealed, and the work of Redemption declared, and the way opened into the Everlasting Rest.

ALSO The two births discovered, and their se­veral Image, and the enmity that is betwixt them.

WITH The Lambs appearance in Glory, and his Power and Government Exalted.


LONDON, Printed for Thomas Simmons, at the Bull and Mouth near Aldersgate, 1659.

[Page 3]THere is a dark night of Apostasie over the Earth, in wch the world are asleep upon there beds of ease, and their eyes are not opened to behold the wondrous works of God, neither can they believe it though it be declared, for they will neither see with their eyes, nor hear with their ears, nor understand with their hearts, but stands despising the work of the Lord, and the appearance of his righteousness; Therefore doth the Lord God utter his voice from his holy hill, and the sound thereof goeth forth into the world, and the words reacheth unto the ends of the Earth, that all may awake and behold the salvation which now is re­vealed in the springing of the day, for the acceptable time is come, the morning Star is risen, the day is dawned, the Son of righteousness shineth, and it is from on high revealed, that the eyes of all might be opened who have so long slept the sleep of death, that they might see their Saviour, whose Name is Jesus the begotten of God, the brightness of his glory, and expresse Image of his person, in whom is the fulness, and unto whom all power is given, the Father is well pleased in him, and none comes to the Father but by him, there is none besides him nor any like unto him, who is full of grace and truth, look unto him all ye ends of the Earth, for the day of your visitation is come, in which the grace of God appeareth, be ye all turned unto it, that your eyes may be opened to see the love that God hath unto you, for God so loved the world that he gave his onely begotten Son who is the light of the world, in whom the promise of grace is fulfilled in breaking the Serpents head, and recovering out of his snare, he it is that doth redeem, who is not of the world, but Redeemes out of the World all that believe in him, for he worketh the work of God, and destroyes the work of the Devil, and casts out the man of sin, he fans the Nations with his hand, and purgeth the floor by his mighty power; Kings shall bow before him, Nations shall tremble, the mighty men shall fall, and Princes shall be broken by his might, who is now appearing in power and great glory to Judge the world in righteousness, unto him doth the Law and Prophets witness, unto whom he was revealed, and in [Page 4] his life they prophesied, and spake of the glory that was in him, which was to be revealed unto ages to come, and is now broken forth in these last dayes, and is beheld as the glory of the onely begotten of the Father, and the Law and Prophets have their end in him, and are all fulfilled by him who is come to perfect the work of God, and he hath the wit­ness both of the Law and Prophets, therefore unto him look, who is salvation to the ends of the Earth, who visits you in this his day, and reacheth unto you with a manifestation of light, that you may therein see the evil of your doings and come to repentance, that the true light may lead you, which is mani­fest from God unto you, that thereby you may come out of darkness, death and bondage, to know the Redemption which by the Lord is wrought, and plentifully revealed in this his day, and put not this from you to ages past (for therein you deceive your selves) but all look near, and see what you can wit­ness of Redemption from your vain conversation, and salva­tion from your sin, for it is not you [...] talk of what God hath done in times past for others, and what great salvation unto them appeared, and how they were saved, that will save you, or Redeem you, but to have your minds turned unto that which they was Redeemed by, and saved in, and to feel the the power of it to work effectually in you as it did in them who were true witnesses of it; for what will it profit you to read of the great deliverance wrought by the out-stretched arm of God, for Jacobs seed out of Egypts bondage, if you find not the same work wrought in you by the same power, you are not in their deliverance, but are still in bondage, and are kept in that which they was delivered from, and so his work was wrought upon the blind, the Lepers, and the lame, and the blind received sight, the Lepers was cleansed, and the lame walked, and this you may read as it is declared, and yet may your eyes be blinded, and your leprosie not cleansed, nor your ancle bones strengthened, you may read of the promises and the consolation which they had who did believe in them, and yet may you be out of them and miss the consolation that they found in them who believed in that unto which all the promises was made, for all the promises of God are yea and Amen in Christ Jesus (mark) yea and [...]men are all the promises in Christ Jesus, in whom they stand sure; and all your reading and talk­ing of these things declared, and saying these promises you [Page 5] believe in, and you apply them by faith, and so receives the comfort, it will not stand you in stead in the needful time, for whilst you talk of faith, and applying the promises by faith, you deceive your selves in your imaginations, being yet in your sins, and out of the faith of the Son of God which puri­fieth the heart, and so you are out of the condition of those who lived in the promises, and knew them to stand sure in the seed; Therefore all unto the light come, and in it wait, that you may feel the same power to work in you, and bring the same thing to passe in you, as it hath done in ages before you, that whilst you talk of liberty by Christ Jesus, your selves may not be found servants unto sin, and in bondage to corruption, for of whatsoever a man is overcome, unto the same is he in bon­dage, & if you be found servants unto sin, you are in bondage to it, & not in the freedom of the Son, so all having sinned, all must unto the light be turned, and by it be Redeemed and know the power of it to work true freedom into the glorious liberty, before any can truly say that they are set free, for all must stand as they are before the Lord; therefore think not your selves to be above what you are, least whilst you think that you are something, you prove nothing, and so deceive your selves; fore there is a groaning felt in you under the bondage of cor­ruption, and unto that doth the breathings of life reach, that the heavy burden might be undone, and the oppressed set free, which in you is pressed as a cart that is full of sheaves, & by you in bondage kept, for unto the Lord of life are you found ene­mies and fighting against him, and hates to be reformed by him, though long he hath striven with you, and now is the Lord God holding forth plenteous Redemption, and making known his salvation, and in his good & perfect gift is visiting all people, that all may turn unto the light, and come out of darkness and depart from evil, which is made manifest in the light, and so come to feel the Redemption of of God in your selves, and the operation of his Spirit which worketh the work of God, and bringeth forth fruit unto holiness, for as in sin you abide, you are not redeemed, neither knows Christ nor the working of his power, but abides in the unbelief and in darkness, and brings forth unfruitful works thereof, the imagination of your hearts being alwayes evil, and that you love, and hates the light which doth reprove, and will not come to it, which doth as truely work in power as it is believed in, as ever it did in ages [Page 6] past, and salvation is as truly felt in the leadings of the light, as they felt it who declared of it, and were called out of darkness into it; so it is of concernment unto every one to prove them­selves, that the pure rejoycing you may have in your selves and not in another, for the Lord God is visiting all in the light, and hath given a manifestation of the Spirit unto every man to profit withall, then the gift of God you are not to neglect in your selves, but are to take heed unto it, and every motion of it, that your minds may be ordered in it, and lead by it to the knowledge of the living God, whom to know is life eternal, and none did ever come to the knowledge of him, but as they was turned to the light, and heeded the light which shone in their hearts, in which the knowledge of his glory is manifest in the face of Christ; and do you think to come to the knowledge of God by another way, be ye tryed in this ye Priests and Professors and all people, if the knowledge of the true God you be come unto, whom to know is eternal life, are you come to know this, or are you not in that knowledge which can never come to know the true God? be honest with your selves all of you, and see if you become to that in wch the knowledge of his glory hath been revealed from the begin­ning, for now it is the same as ever it was, and it changeth not, but is witnessed through ages and generations to be always the same, without any variableness, for that which Abel was guided by, and in which he offered up a sacrifice in righteousness, the same guided Noah, and in it he preached righteousness, the same appeared unto Abraham, and he believed in it and was guided by it, and rejoyced to see it and it was counted unto him for righteousness, and in this was secrets revealed unto the Prophets, Moses lived in it, and by the manifestation of it was the Creation opened to his understanding, and he saw to the beginning, and so declared in the openings of life, and all the holy men of God were inspired by it, and gave forth the Scriptures in the motion of it, he that hath ears to hear let him hear, for this was a perfect guide unto all that believed in it before writings was, and all the words that are written, do bear witness unto the word which was in the beginning with God, and it was God, and they had all Redemption by him, and salvation in him who believed, and this was a guide unto the righteous from the beginning, and would you have another guide now? you have lost that which guides holy [Page 7] men, and righteous men, and gives them the knowledge of the living God, and you feel that you want a guide to bring you to God, but takes not heed to that which is manifest from him, which doth reprove you as you are out of the way, and would lead you in the way of life would you turn unto it, but you hating the reproof of it, doth not come to know it, and so you follow a guide which leads you in the way of death; for that which guided Abel, Noah and Abraham, and all the holy men in times past, when they had no visible thing to be a guide unto them in the way of life; it is the same now, and as sufficient now as ever it was, and they were made holy and righteous in it, and were accepted of God; And would you be better then they were, who were righteous men, and holy men, redee­med from the earth, and saved by the Lord, and were ac­cepted of him? Consider of this, for there is not ano­ther Rule besides Christ who is given for a Leader, that he may be Salvation unto the ends of the earth; therefore all come unto him, and in his light believe, that you may feel his power to work in the inward parts and purifie your hearts, for there is a measure given unto every one of you, that doth reprove you in secret as your minds be after evil, be ye turned unto it, that you may feel the work of it, to cast off the weight that lyeth upon you, and the sin that so easily besets you, that the seed out of bondage may arise and come forth; for as the light is believed in, so is the power felt, to rend the vail and scatter the clouds, and makes mountains fall and hills melt, and is dreadful to Pharaoh and all the Egyptians; he that is wise in heart may read how he is acquainted in his own particular with the operation of Gods Spirit, for Redemption is plen­tifully revealed in this present age as in times past, and many bear true witness of it, who hath felt his power that worketh in the day, who hath made known his Salvation, and revealed his glory, and brought many sons and daughters unto it, where they know the truth that maketh free, and are redee­med from the earth, and saved by the Lord, and their minds are after heavenly things, and they worship God day and night in his Temple, and gives glory unto him that sits upon the Throne and unto the Lamb for ever and ever; and this is the true birth that is born of God, whose Image is heavenly, and he works the work of God, and all that believe in him [Page 8] are saved by him▪ for the Devils work he doth destroy, and the sin he takes away, and that is done by him which no other could do, and so doth the Redee [...] live, and the stone Elect is known that is pretious, which all the wise builders set at nought, and are bringing forth false births in their own wills, which bears the image of the earthly, and neither redeems nor saves from sin, but they abide in darknes and brings forth the works thereof, and are in the house of bondage kept, and knows not the Rest and Peace in God; and so all people who he from the light, they are from the guide that leadeth in the way of life, in which secrets are revealed, and the Mystery opened, and though such swear the Lord liveth, they swear falsly, for his life they know not, but are enemies to it, and every appearance of it, and so brings forth their own concei­vings and preaches it for Doctrine, and stands in similitudes and likenesses, forms and imitations, where the false birth is exalted and the fleshly mind puft up which breaks forth in appearance, and makes a great shew of godliness, and in that glories, but the power is denied, and Christ is rejected, and his appearance persecuted by this fleshly birth; Therefore doth the Word of Power reach unto you all, ye High-priests and professors, that unto the light you may be turned, and have your understandings opened to know the Scriptures, that you may learn of him of whom the Scriptures testifie, for he is the power of God unto Salvation to all that believe, and he will teach you truth in the inward parts, and make you to be of understanding hearts, to know Redemption by him and Salva­tion in him, who gives true freedom out of bondage, and leadeth into the Fathers love where all fears are cast out and doubtings removed, the flesh being subdued and the false birth crucified, his righteousness is received in whom the Fa­ther is well-pleased, and this is the day of Redemption which from the beginning was and is now witnessed to be the same, and so declared in the Spirits power and not in words which mans wisdom teacheth, for that is earthly and cannot reach unto things above, nor know the Mystery of the heavenly, and that makes the world so ignorant of the things of God, because they are from the Spirit of God, in which secrets are revealed, and in which the Mystery is opened, and the onely true God known, and Jesus Christ whom he hath sent, which [Page 9] none can comprehend or know with that which is in the trans­gression, and at enmity with God, though words they may have, and in them be puft up, yet from the life they are found, and in their carnal minds are at enmity against it; Therefore miserable will all your Comforters be, who knows not the Consolation of Israel, and in the day of calamity your strength will fail and your hearts faint, and it is coming upon you, and will be heavy upon your heads; And who then will remove it or take it from you, who knows not Christ with­in you? Therefore all know this from the Lord, that form without power will not save you, nor the Letter without the life will give you peace, and if either be found amongst you, let your doctrine and practise be examined, and let it be tryed what image it bears, for you wanting the life and power of God, your birth is fleshly, and born of the flesh and of your own wills, and not of the Will of God; Therefore arise and de­part, for it is not your rest, you are polluted, and your image is defiled and must be destroyed, for he appears against you whose Image is heavenly, and you must be taken and slain be­fore him, because you will not that he should reign over you, for he is destroying Antichrist with the brightness of his co­ming, and with the sword of his Spirit is he slaying the wicked, and all flesh is but as grass before him, for he is blowing upon all your glory, and it fades away and dies as the untimely fruit, and if your eyes were not blinded, you might see the arm of God dashing you one against another, and breaking you in pie­ces as potsherds of the earth, and scattering you as the Sun scatters the morning clouds, and this is the day of glory which shineth forth in brightness, and discovers all your emptiness in the Son of righteousness, who is risen in power, and gone forth rejoycing, and all your idols of silver and gold must be broken down by him, and the carved works of your own hands must fall before him, for his Image is heavenly, though you have marred it and sees no comeliness in it that you should de­sire it, because the worlds glory is not upon it, therefore can­not you believe that it is he, but puts him to open shame, and with your sensual wisdom crucifies him, and under your earthly carnal minds buries him, and sets your own life above him, and so is our Lord crucified in the streets of spiritual Sodom and Egypt, where he is trodden under foot and despightfully [Page 10] used; consider if ye be not found enemies to God, who hates the Light, and loves your evil deeds better, walking after the flesh and satisfying the lust thereof, and sets the lust above the life, which makes the seed to groan under the bondage of cor­ruption, bearing the earthy image which is in the transgression; Now all be awakened, for the day is come, and the true light shineth in which the Fathers love is manifested, and plenteous Redemption witnessed, be ye turned unto it all ye ends of the earth, for there is not another Saviour but he that is born of God, and comes into the world to redeem out of the world, and take away the sin of the world, in whom the Fathers bosom is opened, and his love tendered unto all people that none might perish, but that all might come and be saved, he that can receive it let him, for this is the onely begotten of the Fa­ther, which is come in power and great glory, to put an end to sin, and destroy the work of the Devil, that the bands may be unloosed and the Prisoner freed, and every captive redee­med by his outstretched arm; this is good tid [...]ngs unto the poor, Salvation is come, that the mourners may be comforted and the feeble strengthened, that all who breath after God, may walk with him in the light of the living; Now let all flesh be silent, for God is risen the glory of all flesh to stain, and Na­tions and Kingdoms to subdue, Who stands exalted above him, and brings forth a birth that is not of his begetting, but is of Hagars seed, and riseth up against him, and is at open en­mity with him despising and rejecting, reproaching and revi­ling, crucifying and slaying the appearance of him who is the express Image of the Father; Now let all be measured with the line of true Judgement, and then it will be seen unto whom this condition will reach, and who they be that are in the enmity, and in that exercises cruelty against the Lord of glory, disdaining and scorning, reproaching and persecuting the life of righteousness, the day of tryal is come, the Throne is prepared for Judgement, and He that Judgeth Right sits up­on it, who is the Lord of Hosts; come ye Priests and Profes­sors appear before him, and stand your tryal, he will do you no wrong, but will pass true Judgement, according to the evi­dence which shall be given in by the Just witness in your Con­science, and then will you stand guilty before the Lord, for the sentence will pass against you, and the Judgement will fall up­on [Page 11] on you, and a Just recompence of reward will be given unto every one of you, and this is in the breathings of Gods love declared unto you, that you may once turn before repentance be hid from your eyes, for you have oft been warned, and still you have refused it, and hated to be reformed; now look un­to him whom you pierce, let your joy be turned into heavi­ness, and your laughter into mourning, that you should so de­spise him who would have you to be saved, and so evil intreat him who hath so long suffered and been patient towards you; Now stand still in the pure fear of God, that you may come to see Salvation, which is so plentifully revealed and made known in the breakings forth of the love of God in the light, that you may come to witness Redemption by him who is the way to the Father, whose coming is prepared as the morning, to give light unto such as be in darkness, and this will be known unto you all, that it is not want of love from God which will be the Condemnation, but your hating the light which from his love is made manifest unto you, for a manifestation of the Spirit there is given unto you all, that you thereby might profit, and who joyns to the Spirit, joyns to the Lord, and denies the evil deeds, and comes out of imitations, and over all false births to the birth immortal, before which the false birth dies and comes to an end, and all imitations withers and consumes a­way, and in that are you glorying, which the Spirit of the Lord is blowing upon and blasting, and though you be heigh­tened in your glory, and stands as if you were rich, and had need of nothing, yet are you fathomed to the bottom, and your ground is tried, and you are seen to be poor and misera­ble, and the wo doth reach unto you who are covered, but not with the Spirit of the Lord; Therefore come down you high and lofty ones, who have climbed up another way then by the door, you are thieves and robbers, and have stollen words from your neighbours which is not your own, and have sowed them together, and made you a covering, and in it stands decked as a painted harlot, yet will not all this hide you from the pure eye of God, for he is enquiring after you, and his voice reacheth unto you, and in the cool of the day he comes to see where you are, you being erred from him, and out of Communion with him, for Adam was fallen from God, when it was said unto him, where art thou, read in the fear [Page 12] of God, and trie your waies and doings, O ye Priests and pro­fessing people, and see where you are, whether in the innocencie, or subtiltie, in the life, or in knowledge, covered with righte­ousnesse, or with leaves, bearing the image of the heavenly, or the image of the earthly, in which of these are you consider, for the day of visitation reaches unto you all who be out of the way of life; put off your coverings, for they will not hide you, nor be a defence unto you, for now doth the Lord appear against you, and his controversie is with you all, and the day hastens towards you that burns as an oven, and all the proud and the wicked must be the stubble, and it will burn and there shall be none to quench it; therefore be not you deceived, for God will not be mocked, he sees your wayes and doings, and you cannot hide your Councel from him, though many things you do he hath no pleasure in them, neither doth he require them at your hands, he is weary of your meetings, and your prayers he heareth not, though you make many of them; but heaven is shut upon you, and the showers doth not fall, and so you are a parched heath that brings forth no fruit, neither doth your will-worship and fained humilitie make you stand approved in the sight of God, neither do you please him, nor are your per­formances accepted, for you walk after the flesh, & satisfies it in the lust, and so joines to the harlot, and commits whoredom, and brings forth a child of whoredom, and the son of an adulteress woman which is at enmitie with the seed of life, and persecutes the birth that is born thereof. But now is the Lord redeeming his chosen, and unto the good land is bringing of them, in which all wars ceaseth, and every one comes to know a quiet habita­tion in the lot of their own inheritance, and possesseth their own portion with joy and gladnesse, and fits under their own vine where none makes them afraid, for into the holy city many are come, where the Lambs government is known, who is set upon his throne, and in great power doth he reign, to subject the kingdoms of the world; for he is the Lord, and all must worship him, who in his glorie doth appear, and of whose go­vernment there is no end, for he hath taken to him his great power, and ruleth, and with his own arm doth he scatter the proud, and with his own arm doth he gather the humble, and in his hand doth lead them into the holy City, where he is King for ever, and makes all wars to cease, and seales an everlasting [Page 13] decree of peace; this is the new Jerusalem come down from God out of heaven, where there is, no [...] curse nor sorrow, nor hell, nor death, but the glory of the Lord fills it, and the Lamb is the light thereof, in which many walk who are by his power redeemed from the earth, and are made to sing songs of delive­rance, and gives glory unto him that sits upon the throne, and unto the Lamb for evermore; and this is the rest prepared for the people of God, into which many are entered, and many are pressing in the light of the Lord▪ Therefore arise you wea­ried ones, and forth of Egypt depart, the day of God reach­eth unto you, that out of darknesse you might come, in which you have long sojourned as in a strange Land, and un­der a strange government, where you are oppressed, and evil intreated, arise and come forth, the day of Redemption is come, and he who is the light of the world makes himself known, and his visitation reacheth unto all; Stay not behind him, but his out­goings waite to know, who leads in his light, and will not leave you in darknesse, nor under Pharaohs power, but will ease you of your burdens, and break open the house of bondage, and free you from oppression, and guide you in the way prepared to the everlasting rest; gird up the loines of your minds, for salva­tion is near you; stand still and see it, for the day hath appear­ed in which Gods arm is revealed, by which the Sea is divided, and Pharaohs host destroyed; therefore who is Pharaoh, and what is his power that he should withstand God, is not he the King of Aegypt, & his power the power of darknesse? & is not the Lord the King of glory, and his power made known in the light, which is a plague to Pharaoh and his house? for God is making his power known upon him, because he is his enemie, and stands in his heard heartednesse against him, the hand of God smites him, and the breath of the Almightie is kindled against him; and that is come to passe concerning him which all the Inchanters of Aegypt cannot do: Therefore a warning this is from the Lord God unto all that be his enemies, and are found fighting a­gainst him, and resisting the light of the Lamb, that you may all repent and turn to the Lord, before utter destruction come upon you; for God confounds all your devices, and brings to nought all your Inventions, though you sit as Kings in Aegypt, yet from thence is God bringing you down, and makes your Councels to be of none effect, your great host cannot save you, [Page 14] nor all your horses and Chariots defend you from the out­strethed arm of God, who is smiting your first-born throughout, and you must know that there is no God like the God of Israel; Therefore cease thy cruelty thou violent beast, whose power is in the dark, in which thou hast long Reigned, and also made war with the Lamb and his followers, and shed innocent blood, with which thou hast made thy self drunk, and yet art not sa­tisfied, but still thirsts for more▪ how hast thou been exalted, & set up in thy glorie, that the world hath wondered after thee, and hath said, who is like unto thee, who is able to make war with thee? for the power of the Nations hath been given unto thee, and from thence hast thou had thy life; but now thou must know that there is one above thee, in whom all power is, who subdues the Nations under him, and takes away thy life from thee, that thy strength faileth thee, and all thy beautie go­eth from thee, and thou appearest an ill favoured harlot, for now thou art seen within, and thy nakedness doth appear, thy covering is removed, that thou canst not hide thy self any longer, and now doth he rise against thee, that maketh warre in righteousnesse, who with great power is come, the pure and undefiled One, who upon his throne over all doth reign, thy heads and horns to break, and to redeem his chosen from thee, whose power is filled with cruelty, and thou shalt know that the Lamb in his power reigneth. Therefore let Sion rejoyce, and the daughters of Judah be glad, because of Gods righteous judgements, who is pleading the cause of the innocent, and ex­ecuting vengeance upon the beast, destroying his marks and names; his heads and horns (let him that readeth understand) Rejoyce ye Saints, and all you holy ones, for the Lamb is ex­alted in dominion, and of his government there is no end; for he is King of Kings, and Lord of Lords, and the holy hill of Sion is his throne, and there he doth reign with the Scepter of his righteousnesse, and executes true judgement upon the hea­then who are in their rage against him, and would not that he should reign over them, he is taking vengeance on them all, and he will be eased of them, because they are his adversaries, for none shall prosper that fights against Sion; for the time is come that God will have mercy upon her, and out of the dust she is arising, and the oyle of joy is given for mourning, the garment of gladnesse for the spirit of heavinesse, therefore all [Page 15] you tender ones, whose face is Sion-ward, walk in the light of the Lamb, and follow him whithersoever he goes, stand in the innocency and meeknesse of him, and know his strength to gird you about, and feel his power to obtain the victory; for you God hath visited in his everlasting love, and made known his salvation in you, and given you to believe and also to suffer for his sake; all keep in the word of his patience, and let pa­tience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing, but stand compleat in him, who is the head, and fear not the reproach of men, neither be afraid of their re­vilings, but be ye clothed with humility, and put ye on the gar­ment of Righteousness, and shew your selves in the Lambs meek­ness, that his own life in you may preach to the world, and his own innocence may shine thorow the vessel, that God in you may be glorified, and your hearts in God may be comforted; and in that all dwell which God hath revealed in you, and keep your minds down in the stillness, that over all the Lamb you may feel, his goverment everlasting in you to set up, and his righteous Scepter over you to reign, and so in the Kingdom all lye down, where the Lamb is exalted upon his throne, and know the righteousness and peace that is therein; for there is gladness of heart obtained, and the everlasting rest prepared, unto which you are redeemed, and are by the Lord a people saved, therefore be ye all joyned together in the Lords love, and there abide in the holy fear, that the teachings of the Lamb you may alwayes hear, and that you may feel his hand to knit you together, and bind you up in the bundle of life, and so to be made perfect in one, that his image you may bear who is without sin, and in his life reign over hell, and know your bodies prepared to do his will, that with one heart and minde you may serve him, and feel your increase in him, that you may grow up together into the measure of his fulnesse, whose life is perfect, pure, and holy; and let none look back again, nor turn aside to either hand, but keep to that which leads in the way, and feel it to prepare the way before you, that out of all Reasonings you may be kept, and out of all snares preserved, that so you may walk worthy, (in the power of God) of the high calling whereunto he hath called you, and in his power live to his praise, for God hath done wonderful [Page 16] things for you, and his own outstretched arm hath brought great things to passe, who hath reached unto the mighty, and brought them down from their seat, and hath exalted that of low de­gree, and out of bondage hath delivered you, and leads you in a way that you did not know; go on rejoycing, and be ye faithful unto death, for the Lords goodnesse goeth before you, and the everlasting rest is prepared for you, and into the good land will the Lord bring you where the milk honie floweth, and the fountain of life openeth, in which strength is renewed, that there is neither wearinesse, nor faintnesse, but ever­lasting joy and gladnesse; therefore be ye comforted in the Lords love ye dear children of light, for the world seeth not that which God hath prepared for you, nor knowes not the food which you feed upon, for it is hid from their eyes; but blessed are your eyes, for they see, and the things which God hath prepared for you are unto you revealed by his spirit, there be you all stayed, and wait to feel him carry on the work which in you he hath begun; and he will make bare his arm for you, and drive out all enemies before you, and settle you in a quiet habitation, and cover you with his wing, and pre­serve you under his shadow, and in the Kingdom prepared will he establish you, and seal an everlasting decree of peace un­to you; and this is your portion ye tender ones, who have de­nied your selves, and the worlds glory, and have no inheri­tance therein, but followes the Lamb in faithfulnesse, and walks in the paths of Rigteousnesse; your portion is durable riches, and your inheritance that which never fades away; for the Kingome is everlasting, and he that reignes therein endureth for ever, and of his government there is no end.


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