THE SOUNDING VOYCE OF THE DREAD OF GODS MIGHTY POWER, To all the Iudges and Rulers of the earth, who rise up against the Lamb, And to Gog, Magog, and all their Armies, And to the whole host of the power of darkness, and to all men, who fight against God, who, or whatsoever they be (or whatsoever they are called.)

LONDON, Printed for Thomas Simmons, at the Bull and Mouth neer Aldersgate, 1658.

‘The sounding voice of the dread of Gods mighty power, to all the Judges and Rulers of the earth, who rise up against the Lamb, And to Gog, Magog, and all their Armys, And to the whole host of the powers of darkness, and to all men, who fight against God, who, or whatsoever they be (or whatsoever they are called.)’

BEhold ye Rulers of the earth, listen and heare, all ye earthly minded men, let the blindness of your minds be opened, that your dark hearts may be enlightened, hear I say and stop not your eares, you whose minds are in the earth, whose eyes are closed, whose hearts are covered, with a thick vail, by your own iniquity, who see not the wonders of the Lord, wrought among the living, neither perceive the mighty power of the God of the whole earth, who are besotted through the sinfulness of your continual trans­gressions, and are groveling as moles in the earth, & laden with thick clay, and covered with the vail that is spread over all flesh, that you see not the glory of the God of life, neither perceive ye the comliness, of the holy one of Jacob, to whom the bright morning­star, is as a cloud of darkness, and the way of the living God, as a fierce whirlwind of fire, who see not him that dwelt in the Bush, neither hear his voice, who hath made darkness his habitation, and his pavilion round about him, thick clouds of the sky.

Heare I say, and let my words, have entrance in you, and let the sound of my voice, take place in your hearts, let the opening of my lips give astonishment to the wicked, and the inlargement of my heart the confounding of the Heathen, let the dread of the Lord take hold upon the Hypocrites, and astonishment seaze upon the double minded, let the prudent keep silence and heare, and let the honourable be quiet and consider, let the understanding give au­dience to my words, and let the mouth of the fool be stopt, let the sinner stand still and be quiet, and let the ungodly consider the words of truth, rebel not against the word of the Lord, neither har­den your hearts against the dread of his power, let the tall ceders bow and bend, and that which is lifted up be brought down, and stand ye all in meekness.

For behold the omnipotent power is come, the rock of ages is revealed, the everlasting strength is made manifest, the God of [Page 3] Abraham hath reacht forth his hand, and the Redeemer of Israel is come to dwell in the midst the great Jehovah hath uttered his voice, and he whose Name is I Am, is at hand, he that moveth up­on the waters may be felt, & he that formeth the seed in the womb may be known, he that inhabiteth eternity, is come to dwell in his people, and walk in the middest of the poor despised of his flock, having cleansed them by the washing of water, and renewed them by the Spirit of burning, & refined them, with his righteous Judge­ments, and cleansed them with the blood of his Son, that in his Sion (redeemed with judgement) he may dwell for ever more, and take up his rest in the middest of his people, having made the place of his feet glorious, and his residence as a seat in the middest of a fire, which fire burneth against all them that are in the night, and giveth light to them that are in the covenant, whose glory is hid from the dark mind, and his councel withholden from the unbe­leeving in heart, he standeth near unto the wicked, who perceiveth him not, and taketh notice of his secret intents, he observeth the footsteps of the Kings of the earth, and marketh the decrees of the unrighteous, and when they have filled up their measure, he putteth forth his finger to their life, and taketh away their breath, he suddenly cuts off the wicked, and regardeth not the mightiness of Princes, he searcheth the hearts of the Kings, and ruleth over the powers of men, his infiniteness, can never be declared, in his hand is the breath of the life of the souls of all man-kind.

Heare I say and consider my words, and ponder the meditations of my mind, for behold the Lord God of life is come, Immanuel is revealed, the Root and of-spring of David is grown up as a plant of renown, the Seed of the shepherd sits upon the throne, and be­fore him shall all the Kings of the earth lay down their Crowns; every Emperor shall bow and bend; and the Potentates of the earth (before him) shall wither as a green hearb, their glory shall perish as the untimely birth of the womb, their honour shall vanish as the smoke before the wind; their wisdom shall fade away, as a blos­som cut off, and their understandings shall come to nothing; the wisdome of the most high shall be exalted over them all, and with his foolishness, will he them all confound, yea with a foolish Na­tion will he anger the Judges of the earth, and with a despised people will he provoke the Rulers of the world to jealousie, by the foolishness of his flock, will he confound his enemies, and by [Page 4] his weakness in them, will he subdue the strength of the mighty, and though all his enemies (strive) in the arrogancy of their Spi­rits, and in the fierceness of their strength, yet shall he be exalted, who is lead as a Lamb dumb, and he shall reign whose right it is, in whose mouth there is found no guile, who maketh an end of sin, and bringeth in everlasting righteousness, and setteth up judge­ment in the heart, and cometh to rule in the Kingdomes of men, and overturneth the host of his enemies, by whom Judges are lead away fools, deviners turned mad, before whose presence the mightiness of the mightiest Rulers of the earth is as wax before the fire, and their strength melteth away as the fat of Lambs.

Wherefore hear and see, O ye kindreds and Rulers of the earth, the Lord our God is come, the might of his strength is revealed, & the power of his presence made known; he hath chosen his Army to himself, & their names are written in his life; he hath numbred up his hosts together, and armed his chosen with his everlasting strength; the Captain of his host goeth before them, and the camp of the Lord is very great, they are numberless as the sand of the Sea, and infinite as the stars of heaven: Even so is the seed of A­braham, the remnant of the flock of Jacob, whom the Lord hath re­deemed, who are chosen, and faithful, and true; yea, behold it's e­ven so, and that all the Nations of the earth shall know, for the Lord of hosts rideth on in meekness, in the midst of his host, and maketh War in righteousness, with the enemies of the Lamb, who would not that he should reign, who makes an end of sin, and he is cloathing his Army with zeal as with a garment, and covering them with the armour of light, and preserveth their head in the day of battel, and girds them up with strength, and guideth their feet upon the rock, and preserveth their life under the shadow of his hand. When he speaketh the word, his Army goeth forth, and at his command they march on their way; He lifteth up a Standard before them, and proclaimeth open War against the Inhabitants of the Earth, who now hear that the Lamb is come to reign in Righteousness, and to stain the pride of their glory, and confound the height of their wis­dome, and lay their honour in the dust for ever.

Therefore all Kindreds of the earth, even Gog, Magog, and all the hosts of the heathen, are rising up in the bitterness of their spirits, in the height of the power of the man of sinne, joyning all their forces together, as in one band of darknesse, taking counsell [Page 5] from Aegypt, making a covenant with death, and an agreement with hell, and gathering up the utmost powers of darkness to be as a re­fuge unto them: And thus in the strength of the King of the chil­dren of pride, they are rising up against the Lord, even the God of life, and against his anointed ones, who have indeed and in truth received the anointings, and need not man to teach them, but are all taught of the Lord God Almighty, who also teacheth their hands to war, and their fingers to fight: And he utters his voice as he sound of ma­ny waters, before his Army, who followeth him in the might of his power, whose presence is dreadful in the midst of his host, and there is none that is able to stand before him, for he is a consuming fire in the midst of his Camp, and burneth up his enemies round about; and before him and his Army shall all faces gather pale­ness, everlasting shame shall cover the glory of all flesh, before him all people shall be much pained, his dread and vengeance shall take hold on all his adversaries; His redeemed shall march with him in the travail of their souls, from strength to strength shall they con­tinue on, and none shall be feeble among them; their arrows shall reach into the bowels of the scornful, and their words of life pierce the hearts of the hypocrites. They shall tread upon Kings, as upon mortar, and trample upon the wicked as upon ashes; they fear not the greatest Goliah's, neither yet the wickedness of the pride of Ha­man, unrighteous Decrees cannot stop their mouths, nor the fear of a Furnace, or a Dungeon with-hold them from their way, all flesh is as grasse before them, and at their rebuke shall the potsheards of the earth be broken for ever; before them there is no Nation shall stand, for one of them shall chase a hundred, and before five shall the strength and wisdome of a thousand be confounded.

And this the Lords Army shall never be confounded, and his glory in them shall never be defaced, nor his power with them shal never be overcome, nor his strength in them shall never be vanqui­shed; therefore in vain do all the potsherds of the earth strive; For they that rise up against them shall be as flax before the fire, and the mightiest among the sons of men shall be as the grasse that is cut downe; for the Lords host is very terrible, and in meekness is the Lamb ri­ding on to judgement, his followers are enrobed with the light of the morning, and adorned with the beauty of the Sun. Their eyes are enlightned with the light of the most high, & they see through the dark parts of all their enemies, and discern the secret plottings [Page 6] of all their adversaries. Their wisdom comes in like a river, and their understanding shall never be darkned. Their strength is re­newed as the morning, and they are valiant to do exploits. The wis­dome of the wise before them shall be confounded for ever, and the understanding of the prudent be esteemed as a thing of nought. They spy out the lurkings of their enemies, and see through the coverings of the deceitful. Of their strength they shall never be de­prived, neither shall their weapons be taken from them. Their re­fuge shall never be shaken, nor the place of their rest removed. The wicked shall never enter upon their dwellings, nor all their enemies invade the land of their rest; for the desire of all Nations to them is come & him that they long waited for have they now received. And they tread upon the Cocka-trice den, and meet the devouring Lyons; In the power of the Fathers love there is no deadly thing that doth them hurt, nor any weapon formed against them that ever shall prosper.

And this is Sion, the redeemed of the Lord, the glory of the God of Israel, the feed of Jacob whom the Lord hath chosen, and set up on high over all the kindreds of the earth, which stands a­gainst all the enemies of the Lord, and is his new threshing instru­ment, with which he will thresh the Heathen in his anger, and bathe his sword in the blood of the slain, for behold his sword shall devour much flesh, and the slain of the Lord shall be many; with Sion the perfection of beauty will the Lord break in pieces, wound, confound and overturn for ever, the horse and his Rider; the Captain and his Troop; the Ancient and honourable; the Prophet that telleth lyes, yea all the host of the unrighteous, and the strength of the Army of the man of sin, and the beauty of the whore that rides upon the beast, and all them who set themselves in battel against the Lord, and all them who lead into captivity and would captivate the Servants of the Lamb, shall go into capti­vity for ever.

For behold the Lord is with us, the Shout of a King is among us, the Lord whose name is holy is come, he hath uttered his voice from Heaven, and now the Nations of the earth are angry, but the Lord will reign in righteousness, and all his enemies shall be asto­nished at his presence, and his adversaries shall be amazed for ever, their hearts shall be turned as a stone within them, and men shall be at their wits end, for fear and for looking after those things [Page 7] which shall come upon the earth, and all them whose names are written in it, their wisdome shall not preserve them, their under­standings shall not defend them, neither shall all their subtilty co­ver them from the Light, their nakedness shall appear to their e­verlasting shame, and the prisoners of hope shall rejoyce over them for ever more.

For behold I say your day is come, wherein you shall bow down under the prisoners, and fall under the slain, according to the words of the spirit of prophecy, Esay. 10. 4. and the slain over you shall rejoyce for ever more, having the high prayses of God in their mouths, and the sword of the spirit in their hearts, with which they shall cut in pieces and pierce in sunder, the bowels of all flesh, and it shall be as chaff before them, and the strength there­of as the passing away of the morning cloud, and in the strength of the most high, shall the Army of the Lyon of the tribe of Judah, go on and prosper, even as Kings, whose Armies are swift to the bat­tel, their faces are as an Adamant, and their countenances fierce, and terrible, the sound of their voice is dreadful, and the noise of their appearance astonisheth the Heathen, the earth before them is full of its fruit, behind them its a desolate wilderness, they spare not the ancient, nor the honourable, neither have they respect to the persons of men; they even smile at destruction when it's coming, and they are prepared for all your oppressions.

Wherefore now gather your selves together, O ye potsheards of the earth, and stand up all you that thirst for blood, assemble your selves together all ye persecutors, let your counsels come up from hell, and let the depth of the powers of darkness shew forth it selfe in the utmost of its strength, and with it combine ye all together, and stand up in the power of your King, which is the An­gell of the bottomless pit, who is head among (in) and over all you who thirsteth for the blood of the innocent. Now come and draw near in the very height of your Fathers wrath, and behold we meet you in the infiniteness of our Fathers love, and stand you together in the depth of your secret subtilty, and behold we abide in the pure wisdome of the most High. Stand ye up for the glory and ho­nour of the world, and we abide faithful for the glory of the Lord our maker.

And this I say plainly unto you, that your long tyranny will ne­ver weary out the patience we have received, neither can you in­flict more punishment then the Lord hath enabled us to bear; and [Page 8] as your wrath is increased, our humility is increased much more; and as you are filled, and moved with envy, we are much more fil­led and overcome with the power of the Fathers life; and though you contrive wayes to ensuare the innocent, we take no thought a­forehand to deliver our selves, for selfe we have denyed, and we have given up our bodies and souls a living sacrifice unto God, to do or suffer his will: And him that kills the body we feare not, much lesse those that can but whip or imprison but for a few moneths; for our life you cannot reach, neither can you disturb their rest whom the Lord hath crowned with honour, who out of the world are redeemed and bought with the price of blood most precious, but are become his, to follow him whither ever he lead them, though it be through tryals, great tribulations, bonds and long imprisonments, these things cannot move them who are brought to rest in the deserts, and sleep in the woods; Yea, and there is none can make them afraid with all their threats, unrigh­teous Laws, bonds, Bridewels, long unjust imprisonments, or death it self.

And this honour hath the Saints, and herein do they rejoyce for evermore, in that they are counted worthy to suffer for his Names sake, who was made perfect through sufferings, and thereby over­came all the powers of Darknesse, whereby Principalities and pow­ers are spoiled for ever, and through sufferings are we made more then conquerours over all our enemies, whose day will have an end, whose cruelty will cease, whose tyranny will be rewarded upon their own heads, and their memoriall will rot for ever; but the faithfulnesse of the faithfull shall never be taken from him, nor the innocency of the harmlesse shall never be forgotten, neither shall they ever want strength to stand in the day of battell, nor courage and boldnesse to endure, when the enemies of the Lord a­riseth up in opposition against the brightnesse of the rising of the power of the Lamb of God, who is come to take away the sin of the world, even him who is the Light, and the Heir, against whom with one consent, the Rulers of the earth, the Hireling Priests, with all the prophane, and unclean, and all them of all opinions in the world, are joyning together in one combination, as with one minde conspiring in their enmity, to slay, and murther the Heir that is now come to make an end of sin, who saith, I am the Light.

H. S.

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