HIDDEN THINGS Made manifest by the LIGHT;

In a plain Distinction between CONDEMNATION and TEMPTATION.

Wherein is shewed how the righte­teous LAW of God is ministred upon the trans­gressor, and how it is to be by all received and continued under, through it, as a Schoolmaster to come to Christ, by him to have the sin done away for ever.

Also of Temptation, what it is, and how it may be known and discerned from Condemnation, that out of Temp­tation Man may be delivered and kept with the Light of Christ, who was tempted and did overcome.

With a direction to them who profess the knowledge of the truth, and live not in the power of God, that they may know the entrance within the Vail, where the Temptations are overcome, and where the foolish Virgins cannot enter.

Given forth for such who say they see, and yet their sin remaineth; and may be serviceable to such who can hear and understand the things of God, that those who are yet blinde may no longer put darknesse for light, and light for darknesse, as it is written,

Bring forth the blind people that have eyes, and the deaf th [...] have ears: Let all the Nations be gathered together, and let the people be assembled; who a­mong them can declare this, and shew his former things? Let them bring forth their witness that they may be justified, or let them hear and say it is truth, Isa. 43. 8, 9.

By a member of the Church and body of Christ, for whose sake I suffer bonds in the Common Goal and House of Correction at VVinchester, where my Name is written, Humphrey Smith.

LONDON, Printed for Thomas Simmons at the Bull and Mouth neer Aldersgate 1658.

Hidden things made manifest by the Light in a plain distinction between Condemnation & Temp­tation.

Concerning the Ministration of Condemnation.

THE World being set in mans heart, and sin being in the world before the promise was made, which promise was before the Law, by which the sin is discovered; which sin was in the world before the promise, yet the promise was before the Law; and yet until the Law come, death reigns over that to which the promise is, and sinne separateth man from God, the which is not clearly seen until the Commandment (which is Light) is come, the ministration whereof is condemnation unto MAN, being found in the transgression; the which Ministration of Condemnation is to pass over all, having sinned; and when this commeth, it finds man in the death, and by it is sinne revived, whereby man comes to see a body of sin, which stands between him and God, so that he is afraid of the dreadful power of God, ministred forth through the law, to slay him that hath transgressed, the which some coming to see, or in the least measure to feel, calleth it a temptation because it maketh him sensible that condemnation be­longeth to him, and that all his profession and building upon the promise in that which the promise was not un­to; and seeing that if he lyeth down to receive this Mini­stration, that then all his profession and knowledge, zeal, wisdom and prayers, (which did arise out of that ground which was cursed by reason of the sinne that was in the world before either the promise, the profession, or the law) will be all ript up from him as filthy Rags, and that his [Page 2] shame and nakedness must appear, as it's written, Every mouth shall be stopped, and every one shall stand guilty before God, and no darkness nor shadow of death shall hide the workers of iniquity from the mighty hand of God, who bring [...]th to judge­ment the hidden things of darkness, and rips open the secret of the heart, so that the most secret sins that ever was committed are clearly made manifest, and justly charged upon the head of the transgressor, who stands in enmity to God, who will wound the head of the transgressor, and plead in righteousness with him in whom the sin is found, though not made manifest until the time that the Law is come by which it is discovered.

And this Ministration of Condemnation is not a temp­tation, though many call it so, who being blind, put dark­ness for light, and light for darkness; for that which shew­eth man his sin, doth not tempt man to sin, but rather brings man in fear that he may not sin; for because of sin was the Law added; and the Law was given after much of the love, preservation, power, deliverances, and the won­ders of the Lord had been seen, and it was given in the Wilderness where sometime there was want of bread and water, where was Serpents, Scorpions and many trials; where the figure of him who was to heal the wounded, and take away the sting of death, and save the life of man, was lifted up on high without them; the which figure or outward bodily appearance, was prepared by Moses: And Christ had a body prepared him, both wch the carnal eye might see, & the carnal mind contend about, (even as the Devil about the body of Moses) but the substance of the figure, Christ the Light, Gods power, being not received within, in the heart, and so sin (the transgression of the Law) remains within, and the figure or that which the natural eye did, or may see, was and is looked upon with­out; and that without doth not take away the sin within; and these knew not the ways of God who sinned, and at last loathed the Manna (calling it light bread) in the Wildernerness, even there was the Law ministred; they whose eyes are open may read and understand.

And where the Law was given forth, there was a Mount, or a high place of the earth, which then trembled by rea­son of the dreadful power of the Lord of Hosts; and be­neath or under the Mount was the Seed and Israel of God which was to keep the Law and Life, [Read within and understand] and yet by reason of that which was hard upon the heart, there was a crying out with dread and horror, and fear, That the Lord might speak no more least they dye; and so that which is hard upon the heart, in the which by the Law (which is Light) sin is found, that is it which is afraid to receive the Law, and come near the darkness, and thunders, and tempests; and so, though many do talk of the Law (being a Schoolmaster to Christ) yet are they as much afraid to receive the Mi­nistration of Condemnation, as their Fathers were, who might have boasted that they were the people of God, and his onely chosen flock, and that the Land of rest was promised to them, and that they had fed upon the pass­over, (and yet they perished before they came to that which was promised, who are left for an example) and they might have boasted and talked much of the good­ness of God, and of his wonders, and of his presence be­ing with them, and of their own experiences therein, and that therefore they were not to come under the Ministra­tion of Condemnation, and fear, and horror, and trem­bling, and astonishment; and that they need not now to be afraid of God who had shewed them so much love and mercy: And many such things might they have pleaded as most professing people do now, who can talk of promi­ses and deliverances, and of Christ and his merits, and Righteousness, and Justification, and Redemption, (fini­nished without them) and especially of Ordinances, and their own experiences of the power of God, but are yet in their sins, having not received the thing promised, nei­ther come to him who is the end of the Law, and maketh an end of sin, whom many satisfie their vain minds with talking of him with the same tongue that useth deceit; and professing him who is the end of the Law, but the [Page 4] Law they despise, holding the Truth of God in the un­righteous grounds, which by the mighty power of God, through the ministration of the Law, is to be shaken and removed, as it is written, Sinai also was moved, and all Isra­el trembled, and Moses did fear and quake, and once more will the Lord shake not onely the Earth, but the heavens also, and then shall the foundations of the hypocrites be overturned for ever.

For though the Name of God and Christ be professed, yet if Moses Law be despised, such dye without mercy; for the Law is to remove the iniquity which doth with-hold the mercy and the good things from man; and in the end of the Law is that received by wch the Law is fulfilled, wch is according to the Law & the Prophets; but there is none can come to that in the end of the Law, who refuse to com to the beginning of the Law, and despise the Ministration of Condemnation, and make a mock at trembling, or at least not knowing what it is, exceedingly to fear & quake, being not in the least sensible what that is which must be shaken and removed before the the thing promised be ob­tained; for a promise may be made long before the thing promised be given or obtained; for a promise was made unto Abraham and his seed, and yet it is written of him and many more, that they dyed having not obtained the promises; and he that made the promise was before the sin, who ministred forth the Law to discover the sinne; through the ministration whereof, and by obedience thereunto, that cometh to be received which taketh a­vvay the sin, in which all the promises are received.

And so all that come to receive the thing promised, they receive that which is the end of the Law, and was before the sin, in which there is no sin, by which sin is finished, and him received in whose mouth there is found no guile; who bringeth his to be as he is in this present world, be­ing made the righteousness of God through him, having the righteousness of the Law fulfilled in them, by him who is the end of the Law dwelling in them, in whom al­so his Power worketh mightily, which is more then to talk [Page 5] of the Law being fulfilled without them; for many such are neither come to that which fulfils the Law, neither yet to the Law it self; and such are hating, reviling, backbiting, oppo­sing, and many ways persecuting those who witnesse the Law fulfilled in them, even as Saul who was bred up at the feet of Gamaliel; and knew that of the Law which was written without, and walked blamelesse according to the righteous­ness thereof, and yet knew not that which gave forth the law, but persecuted him by whom the Law should be fulfilled, Whose dreadful power smote him down, and a blindness came upon that great professor who had profited much in that Re­ligion above many of his equals: And to that power which struck him blind did he then bow, and became obedient, and afterwards said, When the commandment came, sin revived, and I dyed: And so that was struck blinde, and is to be blinded, which professed the Law before it come, and increased in that knowledge without the life, and knew not that by which the Law should be fulfilled: Therefore that which sees, must be blind; and that which is blind is to see. And this revelation and heavenly vision he did not then call a Temptation, nor a Delusion: Neither did he despise that which struck him blind, and let him see a body of sin, and came to cut him down be­cause of the sin, but cryed out of his wretchednesse, and ac­counted all as dross and dung; and unto this he was obedient, and this he loved, and did not say of it, That it was not able to save him from sinne, the which before did prick for sinne, though against that which prickt he had strived, (which was in him) and it was said unto him, It is hard for thee to kick against the pricks.

And so that which striveth and kicketh against that which pricketh at the heart, is that by which the heart is hardened; for the word is hid in the heart, which word is sharp as a sword; which word being preached, some were pricked to the heart (others cut to the heart) so that many cryed out, Men and Brethren, What shall we do to be saved? and so the word being nigh in which God is striving with man, even piercing the hearts of many, that some in secret have been ready to cry out and say, VVhat shall I do to be saved? and yet be­ing [Page 6] not truly sensible what it is in them which did prick and pierce through the heart, and let them see themselves out of Gods Covenant; therefore have they strove against it, and called this a Temptation which was the powerful operation of God by the light of his son in the heart, calling to repen­tance, the which they have called a temptation of the Devil (esteeming it so to be) which is most horrible blasphemy and resisting of the spirit, and refusing to turn to him that smi­teth: And this is the blindness of them who know not God, who by the light of his son doth knock at the door of the heart, to minister forth the Law, to judge and condemn, and break the hardness, that in the broken heart his Word of life might be received, and his power made known, to the confounding of that which kept that in bondage (under the transgression) which was given into man before the trans­gression was, out of which transgression there is no coming, but by and through the ministration of Condemnation, which doth it discover in the ground of it, through which there is a coming to receive the Gospel of Peace, which is the Pow­er of God not to be preached to the wicked things under which the just doth suffer, which the Law is to, but by the Lord of glory through the Light, preached to the spirit in prison, that it through the Condemnation of the other, may grow up to lead and guide the creature in all things in obedi­ence to Gods will from a true sence of his love in the heart, whereby his whole Law comes to be fulfilled, and the promise and the blessing received in him who is the end of the Law, who is the light given into man to let him see, & to condemn the sin, the which man being dead in, and in trespasses, doth not love, but is afraid of that which in secret judgeth and re­proveth him, from the which man flying, forsaketh that by which he should come to receive the mercies of the Lord; but wo to them for ever who strive with their maker, and call him Belzeebub who is the light in the heart, and should be Master in the house.

Therefore let all take heed of despising the Law, which is written with the finger of God in the heart whilest it is yet hard; for the Law of God is perfect, making wise the sim­ple, [Page 7] and the ministration thereof is to destroy that which did it transgress, and lead unto him by whom the transgression is finished: And this is not a temptation, but a dispensation of Gods Justice through his righteous Law upon that which sin­ned, over which the Law hath power so long as that liveth, which the Law is to kill, that through the death of it that might come again to live which was before the Law, and be­fore the death, and before the sin.

And now when the Law or Ministration of Condemnation cometh, man is to stand still and wait quietly under it, and not let any thing break through in a haste, to rage, or gaze, and wonder at that which is so dreadful that man is not able to stand under it without unspeakable astonishment, because of that which then is over him, who then is commanded not to break through least he dye; for the Law is to break through that which cannot keep it, and make way to that which is to keep it, and live for ever; but man is not to break through from under the Condemnation, to that where the Law is mi­nistred, until that is received by which the Law may be kept; for such who in the condemnation do abide, come at last to see and receive him that is made under the Law, and is the end of it, and taketh away the sin; but such who come to the Law, and break out from under the Judgement before the law had brake through, and out down all that in them which could not keep it; such have let in death again to reign over that which with judgment should have been redeemed, to bear away that which the law had power over, and arise up with that power, love, life and obedience to God, as in all things to fulfil the whole law of God, which until then, doth still stand in force over that and them in which sin remaineth, which doth trans­gress the law, one tittle whereof shall not perish till all be ful­filled, though some coming to the law have broke forth, and then healed the wound slightly, supposing it would serve their turns to talk of the fulfilling of it by and in another for them, & without them, seeing themselves not able to keep it in all things, not waiting to the end of the law, by it to have all that destroyed which could not keep it, and receive that which can­not break it; [mark] and in it keep, by it to be lead out of the Wilderness of sin, in the promised land to rest, in it to [Page 8] have the dayes prolonged, and the life preserved; for Christ the light cometh to save the life.

And there are many that are now come to peace, domini­on and the land of rest, who did once come to know the judg­ments of God upon Cains nature, which then cryed out, That his punishment was too heavy to bear, and have also come to see the beast, whose head is full of the Names of Blasphemy, and yet have they not started aside like a broken bowe from under the judgement, neither suffered the Enemy to prevail over them by temptations, to curse God and dye, nor to call him Belzeebub who is the light which condemns and should be Master in the house; neither have they despised Moses law, which is the Ministration of Condemnation, and in its time is glorious; but in patience and long-suffering under it have wai­ted, and that without murmuring, or suffering that to break forth in rage, which Gods judgements is to; neither have they suffered unbelief to prevail over them, but in love to him who was made a curse, in patience have endured all these things, & have been made as free to drink the Cup of Astonishment, with the dregs thereof, as the Lord was to pour it forth unto them, who now drink the Cup of salvation, even the blood of the Lamb which clenseth from all sin, whose life saveth them from the terror of the Pit, who have come to feel the seed born and brought forth, though with pangs and sorrow, which the bles­sing is to.

Those may see, hear, and understand what I write, who are come to know how the law is handed forth by a Mediator, (who was before the law) and the righteousness of God ma­nifest without the law, & sin discovered by the law, and Gods Righteousness revealed by that which was before the law; and that notwithstanding the law must be received, yet by the Works thereof no flesh shall be justified, but by obedience of Faith towards God in the blood of his Son, by which all that is done away which transgrest the law; and so not of Works, nor of Merits, but of Faith and Love is the Law fulfil­led.

Concerning Temptation.

And that those who were born blind, and have been e­ver since covered with the blackness of darkness, through their own Wisdom, being dead in trespasses and sins, not feeling nor savouring the things of God, but remain in that Religion and Profession which crucified his Son, who is a man of sorrows, and called him a blasphemer who is the true light which lighteth every man that cometh into the world; and said he had a Devil, who came to condemn sin in the flesh, whose light in every conscience is the con­demnation so long as the evil deeds remain; the which condemnation is not a temptation; for God who is light, tempteth no man to evil. Therefore in love is this writ­ten, that no man through blindness and ignorance (in his own Wisdom) may esteem that to be a temptation which doth condemn, and that out of temptation all such who are tempted may be led and kept by that which doth condemn, vvhich is the pure light of Christ vvhich doth iudge and condemn the temptations, and the sin, and the transgressor, (who enters into it) and every evil motion which is apt to arise in the minde that is darkned and blinded by the god of the World; which mind from the darknesse to the light is to be turned, in the light to be­l [...]eve as he hath said, I am the light, believe in the light; and it is a temptation which hinders man from believing in the light; and all such keep not the commands of Christ, who do not believe and obey the light, and such profess his Words, but deny that in which the power of his life doth stand.

And it is a temptation which causeth man to deny and refuse the Law (which is light) and not come under nor receive the Ministration of Condemnation, supposing he is under Grace, and so not to come back to the Law be­cause he hath gotten a profession of Christ, whose day A­braham saw, whose seed came through the Law, of whom Christ came who fulfils the Law, and maketh an end of [Page 10] sin, who was in the Church in the Wilderness, and in his pitty saved them, and bare them all the dayes of old, lea­ding the humble feed, that through the Wilderness of sin it might come, and at last enioy that by which the sin is done away for ever.

And it is a temptation which causeth man to call that a temptation which in the conscience doth sometimes a­rise and let man see that he by his sin is in the fall, the death and the curse, and that the iudgements of God be­longs to him, and that he cannot escape the fierce wrath of the Almighty, living in that by which sin is daily com­mitted, and the righteous Law of God transgressed, and himself out of the Covenant of life, wanting the power of God to bear him up out of iniquity, so that he labors and prayes, and cryes sometimes with tears (like Esau) to keep that alive in the transgression, which God hath ap­pointed to destruction; [Consider this] And strive against that which letteth see the emptiness thereof, & condemns afterwards, if a false ioy doth not arise, secretly to glory in what was done, whereby that was satisfied and got ease which the Judgement was to, which of the Judgement was afraid, and from under it led forth to perform a wil-worship from that ground where Cains nature bears rule, who can bring a sacrifice, but the deeds (with the light) seen to be evil, who at last murthers the Just, & the sin lying at the door, which secret sin cannot be hid from the light in any that commit it, or in whom it is, though never so secret.

And it is a temptation which worketh in the dark cor­ners of the heart in the time when condemnation com­eth to drive man to dispair by reason of the fierceness of the Judgement, and drives him from God and his righte­ous Judgements, into unbelief and hardness of heart a­gainst God; and herein the Tempter prevails over many, some whereof then go to destroy themselves, not keeping in patience under the Judgement which was to destroy the sin; for Christ the light comes to condemn and destroy the sin, but the life he comes to save. Others through un­belief [Page 11] have hardned their hearts in sin, their minds be­ing in that in which they cannot believe that ever they shall overcome sin, nor be saved from it; and such grow worse then before, and use all means in vain lustful de­lights to murther that in them which checks, reproves and condemns them for sin; and many here turn aside from under the condemnation, many and various ways; some who are blind calling it melancholly; so that few endure to the end, & enter through the strait Gate by the death, through it the life to find, not waiting with long forbear­ance out of that which hasteth, in patience in the light to see, feel and know the seed of Abraham, (brought forth of the barren Womb) which against hope, in hope believe: And these Temptations leadeth further into sin, and is not that which condemns for sin; for that would keep out of sin, though its Judgements be never so heavy upon man for sin.

And being that God is known in the ways of his iudge­ments, and that they who are to receive the promise, must keep Judgement, and that with Judgement Sions redemption is to be witnessed; and when Judgement be­gins to be set up in the heart, to iudge, condemn, con­found, overturn and cut down the head, body and root of all that which by the light is seen to be in the trans­gression, having the form of godliness, but not the power which keepeth out of, and free from all sinne, which the Judgement is to pass upon: Therefore is that a Temptati­on which then draweth forth the mind from under the Judgement, to get ease by a supposed peace with God, from the comprehension of something done without, afar off, or long ago, & so climbs up another way then by the light within (which I knovv is the door) which condemns & bringeth to Judgement the hidden things of darkness, and brings fire and sword upon the Earth, and sendeth not peace to it, but setteth two at variance within, where­by there is much striving in the Womb, and not rest day nor night because of the War between the two seeds, out of which trouble being led, by that which in the Judge­ment [Page 12] could not stand, so that getteth ease again, and then man preacheth peace unto himself, having got out of some trouble, he then striveth more strongly to keep out of it then he did before, and labours much to compre­hend a resting-place to abide in, though that be not re­deemed with Judgement out of bondage, which thereby should come to obtain rest and peace for evermore.

And being that the Law and the Prophets (together) are until John, and that the Law is to iudge and cut down that which is above the seed exalted; and that the Pro­phesies and openings from the Testimony of Witness, is to uphold and preserve under the Judgement, whereby some secret hopes or refreshings comes unto that which at last out of bondage should be redeemed; therefore it is a temptation which leadeth forth (on that hand) in a Joy, through the reason, vvith great swelling imaginati­ons in the vain light mind, out of the fear of God, not standing in his counsel, but like the rest of the false Pro­phets, coming to true openings, from it run forth, before that through Judgement be brought forth, which should go before, and lead them in Gods Wisdom and Counsel to stand; and such speak great swelling words in a secret pride, boasting of their experiences, but are become the untimely children of the Mother of Harlots, who with their Mother must be turned back into the bed of Tor­ments.

And being the Lord God of life hath given his Son a light in the heart, that man might be led, taught and guided by him out of sin, and giveth power to all them that love, follovv and obey him, to overcome their sin, vvhose light being in Man a free gift from God, and that by no other Name, Way or Means man can ever be saved. Therefore it is a Temptation vvhich leadeth out from that in the heart, [Which in it is given there to make an end of sin] to follovv that vvhich doth not make an end of sin, nor minister povver to them that follovv it, to o­vercome their sin, so that they cannot receive that vvhich clenseth from all sin; such have the root and ground in [Page 13] them from whence sinne cometh; but the Root of Jesse in whom there is no sin, they are onely professing and talking of without them.

And it is a Temptation that leadeth man to commit any manner of sin whatsoever, and keeps man from believing in him that maketh an end of sin, and keepes man in sin, and from repentance and turning from sin, (while that of God in the conscience is striving with him against sin) perswading him that he cannot be free from sin, and to put off the time of true repentance until Gods spirit by the light in the heart, hath ceased striving; and then such think all is well, because that which judged and condemned them for the least appear­ance of evil, hath ceased striving with them, that so they are now quiet, and not judged as formerly for what they do, though they do the same things for which formerly they were judged; but let such assuredly know, that that which was sin, is sin still, though they (instead of coming through the Law) are gone back from the Law which did discover it, and came to that state again which was before the Law, (or a worse) where death reigns, and sin is in the World, though not discovered by the Law to them who have despised the Law, and so become dead to that which should fulfil the Law, and also dead in that vvhich doth transgress the Law, even so dead in sin, that not now feeling the weight and burthen thereof, neither yet feeling any thing of God in them, stri­ving in them against it; and is not their latter end like to be vvorse then their beginning? And are not such as these who have got a profession, more hardened in their sin, and plead­ing more strongly for their continuance therein, then the Publicans, Harlots, Drunkards and Prophane?

And it is a temptation which draws forth the mind to fear, love, serve, obey, or respect any man, or created thing, glo­ry, honor, or whatsoever may be named, more then God; or to deny obedience to God for the attaining or retaining thereof, or to let any of the most glorious creatures of God fill, and take place in the heart, that in it room may not be found for the power of God to enter; so that the life, vertue and substance of all things in which there is full satisfaction, cannot be received.

And it is a temptation that leadeth forth to seek, or love the praise of men; for if that was out of the Faith which re­ceived honor from men, then that must needs be of the De­vil which would compel honor to be given to it; that is it in man of the Devil, vvhich vvould have the begotten of God honor and worship it, vvhich vvould take the due honor and praise from God, to vvhom alone belongeth all Dominion, Glory, Honor and Obedience, and Praises for ever and e­ver.

And it is a temptation vvhich draweth forth the minde to Worship any other God but he that made all men of one blood, and is above all, and through all, and in you all; Who dwelleth in his people, and what of him may be known, is manifest within, Whom all may feel after, and finde, Whom the world by wisdom doth not know; who abhorreth the sa­crifices of them whose hearts are uncircumcised, and is wea­ryed with the peoples words, Mal. 2 17. and grieved vvith their iniquity; who heareth not the prayers of men of sin▪ but waiteth to begracious unto such who wait for him in the light of his Son, who was lead as a Lamb dumb, and is of the seed of David, who was dumb with silence, and opened not his mouth while the wicked was in place.

But when the wicked thing is removed out of his place, & the humble seed of the Shepherd raised up in his Throne upon his Hill of holiness, having his Enemies under his feet, then he speaketh with authority, and not as the Scribes.

Thus man coming into the fear of the Lord, and waiting in the light of his Son in the heart, with it may he see and discern between that which discovereth and condemneth sin, and that which tempteth to sin, out of which that man may be redeemed (and kept out of temptations) is this written in love to the seed, over which the beast, the dog and the swine doth vaunt themselves, who have nothing to do with this, but onely to receive the Cup of astonishment, which to the Serpents is to be poured forth, who are not to feed upon this which is written.

A direction in the way to that within the Vail, by which Tempta­tions are overcome.

TRuth is that in which the power of God doth stand, and in the truth there is no lye; & all them who receive truth from God, in it they receive his pow­er, whereby they are made his Sons, in his power tostand in obedience to his wil, which is that by vvhich they are sanctified, and by obedience of faith thereunto are pre­served, keeping in steadfastness by the mighty power of God, out of that which doth defile, are preserved in that Dominion and place of Holiness into which the Harlots (out of the truth and power) and all proud boasters (and such who are intruding into things they have not seen, and all Murmurers, vvho complain for want of power) doth not enter.

Therefore all people vvho profess the knowledge of the truth, and yet have not received the power of God in which no sin doth stand; Wait ye all in the Light, to know the Vaile rent, and the ground to be removed from whence the Words comes, which darkens that in which the Counsel of God should be received, and wait to feel Judgement and Condemnation upon the Earthly that over the seed doth rule; and keep Judge­ment, that through the Condemnation that may spring, which never yet was found: For certainly till there be a coming through the Ministration of Con­demnation, the Pearl is hid under the Earth, and the Earthly bears rule over it, whereby it still in bon­dage lyes, and the creature sometimes led by a sight of that which it doth not possess, holding the truth [Page 16] of God in that which is not his Righteousness; for his Righteousness is revealed by Faith through the power of him that takes away the sin; and so it's not com­prehended in, by that mind which is out of the Cove­nant: And this know assuredly, That many may see that which is afar off, and not feel the life of what they see; and so are many high professors in the World, who change from one opinion to another, and are all yet but fruitless Trees, which are to be cut down and rooted up.

And many there are who call him that is the Light Lord and Master, but to the Light are not obedient in self-denial, nor taking up the daily-Cross, which is the power of God, and crucifies unto the World; and so the first man of the World being not crucified nor put off, the new man is not received; and so little more is witnessed by many who profess truth without the life, then was in the time of other Forms; for if the death be not known, the resurrection of the Just re­ceived, and the dead raised, then is all in vain: And this is not known by any but such who know the Judgements of the Lord set up in the heart, and the Cup of Astonishment to the Adulterous seed which comes of the Will of the flesh, and cannot lay down the life for the Friend.

Wherefore (I say) Wait to know the Birth that is immortal, and feel that born up which never yet vvas raised in them, over vvhom the Vail yet is, that the free-Birth may be known, and the Seed whom God hath appointed the blessing unto, from under death redeemed; that by the powerful risings thereof, the understanding may be opened with that which was before Forms were, that to it you may come which gi­veth life unto the soul, and know a Saviour borne of the barren Womb, and a Deliverer brought forth in the place where he hath not been known, and the [Page 17] plant to spring out of that ground which is yet dry, that it may be overshadowed with the loveliness of its spreading forth, that a Way may be opened in the Wil­derness, and the humble exalted in the Valley; and so come to learn of that which is yet little and low, and take heed of taking counsel of the Serpent, vvhose subtilty will soon lead forth from the simplici­ty, neither cover your selves with any thing before the Righteousness of God (which is perfect) be recei­ved; but love that which comes from the man of sor­rows, vvho comes to break the peace of all them who walk not in the everlasting Way of Life. Let all them who are out of it, search their hearts with the Light.

And take heed of that which is high, forward, or strong in the Will, [for vve are weak] which is not brought to the Cross; for there is the first birth from the wrong grounds, which will speake and act that which it lives not in; neither is able to confirm it in faithfulness to the death and loss of all; for things may be true in themselves, and that which is out of the truth may speake of it, yet such vain talkers cannot suffer to death for what they speak.

For that which cometh forth first, is strong in the Earthly, and would live for ever, and have the bles­sing, and would rule over the meeke thing in the par­ticular, and in others, having a secret desire to be ad­mired, being far unwilling to take a servants place; but certainly it is the meeke, humble, suffering seed (which in many is yet opprest) that is to last for ever, vvho through death comes into the Dominion.

Therefore sink down out of the airy Comprehen­sion and subtilty above the life, and first come to suf­fer with that vvhich is meek and lovv, if ever you in­tend vvith it to reign in that peace and life vvhich from all that vvithout, the Vail, is hid; and in silence [Page 18] watch and be sober to see him come which saves the soul, and clothes it with his own Righteousness, that you be not found without a covering of the spirit, power, and life, among the foolish Virgins, for few there be that find the Way of life, and abide therein.

And I knowing the terror of the Lord that will cer­tainly come upon all them who dye out of his Covenant, therefore I warn all people every vvhere (as the Lord enlargeth me) to wait to feel the powerful Word of re­pentance, and with the light to make diligent search into the ground and foundation of all Professions, Words and Actions.

For the Lord God will make inquisition for the blood of the Just, and reward the double-minded according to the intents of their hearts, the Gaul whereof will be rent with the povver of his Might, which will sweep away the refuge of lyes, and confound your Divinations in the head of that knowledge above the seed; and a day of desolati­on must come, Sword and Famine must you know, and the Earth to be removed, and your heavens shaken, that the poor may come to receive the glad tydings of the Gospel, which is the povver of God; for the fat and the strong is for judgement both vvithin & without, & they are still sent away empty; but the poor are they which are to be satisfied, not the rich, high, wise, strong, mighty, prudent Divi­ners, and Orthodox Men, and zealous Professors, and li­centious Libertines, (as they are called) who professe a Saviour to come; & some would have a King to reign here­after, but they are not agreed how, nor when, nor where their King shall reign (whom they imagine shall come) but are sound despisers, and not lovers, nor faithful follow­ers of him that is come, the glory of whose KINGDOM is already shining over the World, and is established in righteousness, Who is King of Kings, and Lord of Lords, Who is our Head, our Law-giver and our King; and vve do not look for another; as the Drunkards of Ephraim do, vvho are drunk, but not vvith Wine, and staggar at noon-day, [Page 19] and must be dashed one against another, and broken to pie­ces as the potsherds of the Earth, vvho are looking for a King to come, and know not the King who is already come; Who is the Light to which they will not bow, though it in secret doth them reprove, and sheweth us plainly of the Father, and lets them see their disobedi­ence.

To it now therefore bovv and bend, for plainly the Lord God vvho is light vvill not alvvayes strive by the light of his Son in your hearts; and this knovv, That as I tender the least honest desires that are begotten in any af­ter the living Truth of God, yet I am to deal plainly vvith all, and clear my conscience of all Who are covered vvith their ovvn conceivings, and in Words and Writing to vvarn all in the spirit of truth and meekness, as the Lord moveth me in faithfulness to declare against that vvhich yet in any bears rule over the Seed, vvhich by judgement must be overturned, and all the judgements of the Lord are true.

Wherefore ye that are vvilling to come out of tempta­tions into that vvhere the foolish virgins cannot enter, wait in the fear of the Lord to feele his Work vvithin, vvhile the day of salvation lasteth, least thick darknesse come upon you, and you be found in the night in vvhich none can vvork; and take heed of a secret high minded­ness, and prize your day of visitation more then life or liberty, and take heed of that vvhich vvould contrive a vvay to shun the cross, or stop the mouth of the vvitness; but let the honest simplicity come to rule in the measure of it, and take heed of entring in, and yeilding to temptati­ons; for many vvayes hath the Serpent (vvhich is near) to beguile and destroy the life from man, vvhich is not o­vercome, but in the continual fear, through the cross to the Will, vvith the povver of the light vvhich is given to lead through all these things, into the rest vvhich is prepared onely for them vvho are faithful to the light.

For this have I not learned nor received from men, (the Lord God knovveth I lye not) but through the operati­on of the mighty povver of God, vvhose indignation I have born, in vvhose judgements I rejoyce for ever, and glorifie and praise his blessed Name, vvho by it my Wis­dom confounded, and suffered me to be sifted and tempted by the Enemy divers vvayes, yet preserved my life under the shadovv of his Wing, that I might praise and serve him in the Land of the living, and declare his Wonders a­mong the sons of men, and let them also see vvith the light the narrovv vvay that they are to come, vvhich in some measure hath been declared, though in that lan­guage vvhich the Wisdom of the World may not under­stand, and call it legal, to vvhom as foolishness it may ap­pear; but my voice may be knovvn to the spirit in prison, vvhom my soul travels for in the bovvels of my Fathers love.

H. S.

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