DIVINE LOVE spreading forth over all NATIONS, OR, The glorious day of unity, peace and concord, tendered unto all the meek of the earth. Given forth from a tender Compassion to the capti­vated Seed of the noble Plant of renown, which is hid in all sober, humble, wise, and professed re­ligious Emperors, Kings, Princes, and People in all Nations, Kindreds and Tongues over all the whole World, and from all sorts of people who know not the power of Truth in the inward parts. That they all may come to have the hidden Trea­sure opened in them, and be gathered into the glorious Life of eternal Peace.

By a lover of the souls of all mankind, a Servant of the God of Life, Truth and Love, who for declaring openly against immoderation and unrighteousness of men, am a prisoner in my own Nation of England at the City of Winchester, where, to them that know not Love, am only known by the name of Humphry Smith.

This to goe among them called Heathens, Gentiles, Jews, Turks, Infidels, and all sorts of Nations upon the Earth.

London, Printed for Thomas Simmons, at the Bull and Mouth neer Aldersgate.

HEarken and hear ye mightie ones of the earth, that love righteousness, and all you prudent ones that can receive instruction, who have not yet hardened your hearts as many have done, against a day of slaughter; even all ye, who are willing to come to meekness, and receive under­standing, that your souls may live, who have an ear readie to be opened to entertain counsel, that the wisdom of the most High you may attain unto, & come to taste of the ver­tue of the substance of that which nourisheth all things li­ving, that the unsearchable life of the unlimited power you may attain unto, and come to that which was in the begin­ning, and partake of the life which over death is to reign, that to the immortal Being you may be led: Be ye now therefore awakened, and feel the operation of the breath of life in you, & let the vertue of the word of life break through you, and the power thereof break through the earth, that you may come to be over-shaddowed with the influences of divine love, and filled with the sweet content of the riches of the life eternal, that nothing may stop the river of heal­ing oil, nor hinder the issuings forth of the pleasant streams of living water, but that in it your souls may be refreshed, & your life grow up as a fruitful vine, that under the wing of the most High you may be shadowed, and rest in the shel­ter of a Rock.

For the Almightie power of the infinite Being is spread­ing forth it self, and the eternal Excellencie is giving forth it self unto the sons of men, that they by humilitie in it may come to rest for ever, and come to the fulness of that, which only gives satisfaction, without which there is no true peace, by which immortallitie may be injoyed for ever, and the life which only through death is found, and that dominion, which through patience & long-suffering is ob­tained, which only belongs to Kings and Princes, and such whom the King of Kings delighteth to honour, who hath eternal crowns of unspeakable glory, for all that come to him in the humble simplicitie & innocencie of uprightness, with that love which thinketh no evil, which comes from that life, in which no evil doth stand.

For he that inhabiteth eternitie hath roared from the highest heaven, and the Almightie, Wonderful & Terrible God over all, hath thundered with the might of his power, to the revealing of the hidden things of darkness, & disco­vering the foundation of all worships practised by all man­kind upon the face of the whole earth, and the ground of their revolting from that which was, and was to be their life, that by it they might have lived for ever, who from the holy life and vertue of all things being departed in their transgression and rebellion against the light, whereby thick darkness have covered all mankind, & brutishness in know­ledge hath happened unto many, and inordinate affections have had dominion, and sotishness hath blinded the mind, and the things that are made in the earth hath filled the earthly heart, that in it the living power that made all things cannot have entrance, without which living power received in the heart, there is not eternal peace, by the in­joyment (or possess on) of all the things that are created in or upon the sea or earth, neither is there any manner of worship that obtains life to the soul, until therein man comes to be guided with that, by which the soul at first had its life, by which man was made, which is light; for the eter­nal power who is light, is breaking forth of darkness, and shining forth as the brightness of the clear morning, that all the dark corners of the earth may be enlightened with the beautie thereof; which light in the lowly and the meek may be felt, who obeying it may know it shining more and more to the brightness of the day of glory, whereby all Na­tions may come to taste of the vertue of the life, & come to know the covenant of peace, which wil heal all the breaches and restore the unitie of all nations, that one peaceable co­venant over all nations may spread as the morning cloud, and be all covered under that, which shadows over all the upright in heart, who love the breathings forth of the holy life, and keep their minds to the humble seed, continuing in the pure fear, thereby in them to have the fountain o­pened, that they all may drink at the spring that shall never be drie, whose souls comes to be as a watered garden, and their inward parts as a vessel of oil, their hearts being in­larged [Page 4] with the abundance of peace, & because of salvation rejoycing for ever, that all nations may be at quiet, and e­very one feed under his own vine, and none destroy nor de­vour one another henceforth for evermore.

For by the mighty wonderful operation of the power of the one light, which shines in & overall, were all things made, & all mankind upon the whole earth, from the life of which one light, was breathed into man, that by which man might be kept in the unity, and abide in the oneness of Spirit, the which though all mankind are gone out from, by sin and evil, yet that which is but one in all, which was before man (& sin) doth still in man remain, even the light proceeding from the life, which was the life of man, without which he is dead unto God, which light remaining in man a free gift from the God of life, power, and love, by it may all man­kind seek after the living God and find him, who is not far from every one, but is neer unto all that seek him, in the meek lowliness in the heart.

And that all Emperors, Kings, Princes, and Judges, and all Nations, Languages, Kindreds, Tongues, and People, up­on the face of the whole earth, may come to be restored into unity, peace and concord, and be united together in one bond of love and peace, and never learn war any more, and that they may all come to the true worship of the one God of life, power, and light, in and overall, and never to have hatred one against another, concerning professed religious worship, nor differ and strive about that, by which the souls of all mankind come to be saved, nor about the way of at­taining thereunto.

And that all Nations and Peoples may receive the ver­tue of the life it self, by which man may come to live for e­ver, in that noble state of prudence, innocencie & wisdom, in the durable dominion of divine honour, ruling in the excellencie of the omnipotent power (of the most infinite God of life) over all that, which at first in divine wisdome, was sub [...]ected under man, who then bore the Image of the immortal God of power; and live in the glorious state of peace and quietness, out of wrath, envie and trouble; and that man may be brought into that noble state of upright­ness, [Page 5] and come to be directed & guided with that, by which he may be renowned for ever, and leave the memorial of his righteousness for a sweet savour unto many Generations to come.

Therefore all ye wise and prudent, ancient and ho­norable, devout, zealous and religious ones, let all your minds be turned from the varieties of conceptions in the vain imaginations, and the vain thoughts of the dark mind, which leadeth forth into the carnal conceivings of things without the pure substance of the one immortal life, which in man lies hid, from all that carnal wisdom, which naturally ruleth in man, who is fallen from the dominion and life of the God of wisdom, whose delight is to dwell in his people, and reveal in them his secrets, and make known unto them (by that which searcheth the heart) the un­searchable riches of the mysteries of his will, instructing them, as a tender father, in the perfect way of life, that un­to them, who feel his power, an eternal inheritance he may give, and at last receive them in the armes of his love, with him to reign in the light of endless glory for ever.

Wherefore let all tongues be silent, and let every evil motion be denied, and the passage of every vain thought be stopt, and let dread and fear possess him that hath done evil, and let the inward parts be searched with the light of life, which is in the heart of every one of you; and let your minds be wholly turned from all the visible carnal fading glory to the light of truth in you, which being by you lo­ved, will lead you into meekness, and into true humilitie, which leadeth to, and goeth before eternal honour, and bringeth to be honorable in his power, who ruleth in the hearts of (Emperors and) Kings, who fear before him, and he only who searcheth the heart is to be sought after, above all things, and the operation of his mightie power is to be felt in the inward parts, judging that which hath kept man from the knowledge of his life, and condemning and over­turning that which hath hindered man from the sense of the feeling thereof in him; the which being turned unto, and loved, followed & obeyed, will bring judgement upon that in you all, which hath long kept you from the domi­nion [Page 6] of pure divine glory and love, in the slavery of fleshly worldly glory, which hath more and more begotten you into that, which lusteth after the beauty which is to perish with them that die in it.

Now therefore awake ye all to righteousuesse, stand in aw and sin not, comune with your own hearts, and be still, and in the cool of the day, and quietnesse of your mindes, listen ye then to the voice of the Word in your hearts, and prize and tender that which moveth in you, against that which is evil, and come to be guided by that in you which is light, which cometh from him who is the God of love, whose love is already shed abroad in the hearts of many, which constraineth them to wait in his light to re­ceive his power and further discoveries of his will, who willeth that all men should be saved from eternal death & damnation, and not die under the horrible terrors of his fierce wrath, nor perish in the darknesse of unbelief, and rebellion against that power which made man at first up­right, and now from a fatherly pity doth call after all man­kind, that they may return from evil, and come unto him, and be saved from wrath to come, and find plenteous re­demption in the life of his power, and be gathered into the comlinesse of his love, and translated into the kingdom of his Immortality, and reign with him who sitteth upon the Throne of unspeakable glory, ruling in and over all the kingdoms of men.

For behold the day-star of the morning is risen, and his glitterings is enlightning the dark parts of the World, and unto all Nations is it arising, to declare in the hearts of ma­ny, the springing forth of the day of judgement upon the vail and night of darknesse, which hath long covered that from man, by which all man-kinde might come to see the fountain of endlesse love, which now through judgement, by the brightness of the light is brought near unto all peo­ple whose hearts are open to receive it, and the light of the morning star (which ariseth in the hearts of the beloved chosen seed) is bringing to judgement the hidden things of dishonesty, and in secret reproving the double-minded­nesse of man, that deceit, defraud & hypocrisie out of him [Page 7] may be cleansed, and the ground of all vanity, tyranny and lust discovered and removed, that death upon death, with judgement through the light may come, that by the light, life & Immortality may come forth & arise in the strength of immortal power, breaking through that which separated man from unity, peace and truth, that unto it all nations may become subject, and by the force of its lowlinesse be drawn together to the Hill of holinesse, and rest together in the heavenly felicity upon the mount of refuge for ever.

For the Son of Righteousness is risen with healings in his wings, and an overshadowing power is with him, & they that come to the fruit of his love, are filled with peace to their souls, and so comes to that which may be received in the heart, and which is given to heal all nations, and spring up in the midst of them as a tree of life, whose fruit shall never fail, whose years shall never have an end.

And this glorious light of life & power of love is spring­ing forth of darknesse in the hearts of thousands in the Northern parts of the World, and is shining forth in the brightnesse of righteousnesse, towards the utmost parts of the South, and unto all kinreds upon the face of the earth, reaching from the East to the West, to declare and give the knowledge of immortal power, which in the hearts of the humble, harmlesse and single-minded may be felt and re­ceived if they rebel not against the light in the conscience, nor remain in the strength of their own carnal knowledge, but be willing to come out of all that which they must die unto, or perish with, and leave all that which never brought them to the enjoyment of everlasting rest to their souls.

Now therefore all ye tall Cedars of the earth, whose heads are lifted up on high over others, and whose mindes are exalted above the principle of meeknesse in your selves, this are you all to know, even that power of eternal life, which is to rule in & over you, & see that by the greatness of your honour & glory in this present World, your hearts be not thereby lifted up, in pride, ambition and wrath, so as thereby to keep your selves from the attaining unto a pearl of far more & greater price, & of a more durable substance, for great is the riches, honor & dignity that is coming near [Page 8] unto you, if you let not your hearts be hardened against it, in the strength and perversnesse of your own wils, despising the day of your visitation of love, and rejecting the message of life to your souls, and contemning that, by which you might come to live for ever, and have dominion over death and hell, & escape the torment which all them fall into in the day of their death, who die out of the Covenant of life and peace, the which Covenant, that you may attain unto, and come to live in for ever, let love and mercie be recei­ved in you, and then brought forth by you, and let humili­tie and fear be placed in your hearts with it, in tenderness to rule over others, and let the light in you (which lets you see the thing that is evil) lead and guide you, to speak and do the thing that is good, right and just; and let your words be few, sound, sober, and meek, & hate not them, who from good will to your souls brings the reproof of life unto you, or publish the word of repentance among you, or proclaim this message of love and peace within your borders, let not such be harmed, for a day and time of visitation is coming neer upon you all, and happy may you be, if you receive instruction and love the light.

And this is something of that voyce and language which the power of life filled my heart with, in love towards all people, and might have been in words more at large declared among some of them, had I not been hindered by hard-hearted men in this present unjust imprisonment, after I had given up my body and life for that end, and therein to obey that power, by which I and all men living were made, unto the which power, most men being dead, knoweth not the life I now live, and therefore by them am I imprisoned, reviled, reproached, and persecuted, with the rest of them who are in scorn called Quakers.

H. S.

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