A SERMON PREACH'D By a Reverend Father, in the JESUITS Chappel at the Kings-Inns Dublin, on St. Patrick's Day. 1687/8.

Dear Catolicks,

IT is not necessary wid my shelf to relate you de Shapter and Vershe, becash you are not allowed to read de Bibles; but de Vords be deese, And Macabeush he did make a great flau-ter.

Which betokens, dat Macabeush vash a great Varrior, I by my Shoul vas he; and sho vas Artaxus, and sho vas Darius, de King of Persia; and sho vas Alexander de Great: Now Catolicks, which of all deese do you tink vas de greatest Varrior; I am know very well you will shay, Alexander de Great; and for fye? becash he did conquer de hole Vorld: but I shay unto you, dere Kri­stians, dat none of dem all vas like our Catolick Var­rior Tyrconnel, for he ish a greater Varrior nor none of dem all; yonder he shits. God bless King Jamas, for he has restore us to our own Country and Religshion; and [Page 2] fye did he do sho? becash he is true Catolick, and did beleive in the Shurch, for de Shurch, dere Catolicks, she is like de Cammomille, de more you vill shit upon her de more she vill grow. And now, dere Catolicks, dish be­ing St. Parick's Day, I vill make you an Exhortation re­lating to dish holy Day: and firsht of all, you vill know dish holy St. Parick, fen he voud come from Rome to dish place, our holy Fader de Pope (resht his Shoul) did make him de Primate of Ireland; sho dish holy Shaint, fen he vid be after coming over, all de Devils voud came be­fore him: but de holy Shaint vid make de shigne of de Cross, and all de hole of dem vas presently vanish. In de same time dere vas a great King in dish Country, dat vas told, a Man wid a shaven Crown voud take his Country, and make shanges in his Laws wid himself: sho fen he did hear Shaint Parick vas comd, and had de shaven Head, he did sent to kill him: but fen dey did shee he vas only a poor Priesht, dey did make scorn upon him, and shet a great masty Dog to vorry him: but fat do you tink, but fen de holy Shaint vas after ma­king de shign of de Cross he vas dead in de plashe. I am know you pay your Devotion to Shaint Parick very vel, for I observe in de houshes in de Country fere I comd, some of dere Shildren vil have de Name of Parick upon dem very good Devoshion. But den Catolicks, anoder vay for your Devoshion to dish holy Shaint is to pray to him, fich I take notice your Parish Prieshts do very vel. And anoder way to pay your Devoshion to Shaint Parick [Page 3] is by keeping dish Day deicate to our great Aposhtel. Dere Catolicks, how do you tink vil you keep it now? I shay, do not be drunk, you are mush to blame for dat: I tell you, I vill know shome of you drunk on Shaint Parick's Day, I by my Shoul, on Good Friday it self: have a care of dat; I am very well know you will go drink your Bunn Parick; I, and you vill not be con­tent vid dat, but you vill drink till you be drunken; but I musht tell you dere Catolicks dat doesh Shins dat you do take mo [...]t delight in, oftent [...]mes voud be your Destruction; for I vill tell you de Story, to illustrate dish matter; it ish a true Story, by my Shoul, for I had [...] from de Priesht of de Parish fere de ting vash done. Dere vash shom Gentlemen vash drinking dere Bunn Parick upon Shaint Parick's Day, and dey vent into a housh for drinkin, and dere vash up stairs in de housh, and dere dey vere drinking till dey vere dronkin; and de Voman of de housh was brewing dat day, and she did left a tub of hot Vorts at de stair foots to cool; and one of de Men vas coming down Stairs, and he had heels upon his Brogues, and de heel of his Brogue did take hold upon de Stairs, and Joy he did tumble vid his Head forward into de tub of hot Vorts, and dere he vash scal'd to dett. Shee dere now, dere Catolicks, fat comes of Dronkening: did not I told you so, dat doos shins dat a Man takes delight in does often prove his ruine; for dish Man did love cold Ale, and he was drown'd in hot Vorts. Dere is for you now, dere Cato­licks: [Page 4] But now to make you good Kristians, you must take de Exshample of dat good Vomans dat had Oyl did grow in her Pots; dey vere all clean Pots but one Pot, and de Oyl did not grow in dat Pot: fye, dear Catolicks, I am mush fear your Shouls be like dat dirty Pot fere no Oyl voud grow; but I vill told you now, if your Shouls be like dat you are all dam; I shay you are all dam, I by my Shoul, all de hole of you; dere­fore, dere Catolicks, have a care of dat. And you, good Vomans, you must not go [...] nere de holy Altar vid dem fine Cloash, and does Patch upon your Fashes. I vill tell you now, fen de Men should be [...] looking upon de holy Crushifex, dey will be looking upon your Fashes. O hone, Joy, I told you now, dere be de Qua­kers, observe dem, dey be de better Kristians den none of you all: I told you sho, de Devil vill take you all, if you voud not mend. De Quakers be de best Kristians in de Vorld if dey vere joyn to de Catolick Shurch. Now let ush pray for our gracious King Jamas, dat he may have a long and prosperous Reign, and Issue Male, wise Council, stour valiant Soldiers, faitful loving Subjects, dat being all united in one Faith, we may embrace one anoder in de Arms of Love. In de Name, &c. Amen.

After which he kneel'd down and paid his Adorations to the Picture of St. Francis, on his right Hand.

LONDON: Printed for R. Baldwin in the Old-Bayly.

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