A TESTIMONY OF Tender ADVICE and COUNSEL, Given forth from our Half-years Meeting in Dublin, the 9th of the 9th Month, 1688. To all that are convinced of the blessed Truth, and make pro­fession thereof, throughout this Nation of Ireland.


VVE having under our consideration at this time in the weighty sense of the holy Truth, and in a true Zeal for the Prosperity thereof, to write unto you, as we have done feveral times formerly, which is for the good of all, to advise all that profess Truth to walk as becomes the Gospel in their Conversation, Ap­parel, Deportment and Dealings, &c. which Advice hath not been so fully observed (by some) as we desired: There­fore in a sense of the weighty Care that is upon our Spi­rits at this time (which did livingly seize upon all the sensible Members of this Meeting,) we do again admonish all young People, and Others, to beware of a false Liberty in these things, and also to keep to the pure Language of Truth, and be careful not to degenerate into the confused Language of the World, or the vain and changeable Fashi­ons thereof. Moreover, we advise, That none that pro­fess Truth, who have Hair enough upon their Heads, may suffer a vain unsettled mind to have place in them, so as to [Page 2] cut off their own Hair, and get great ruffling Periwigs, which Truth will not allow of; but if any have a real ne­cessity, for want of Hair, or otherwise, then let them get such Borders, or Periwigs, as are plain and decent, which best suits our Principles.

These things in particular we lay before you; and our earnest desire is, that in these, and all things else in general, you may mind the Conduct of the Word of Grace in your own hearts, that you may be taught thereby (as the true Christians were of old) to deny all ungodliness and worldly lusts, and to live soberly, righteously and godlily in this present world, that so you may adorn the Gospel by your holy Lives, and godly Conversation, always coupled with the Fear of the Lord.

And our tender Advise is to all the Elders of every Meet­ing, to take care that the several Testimonies given forth heretofore be frequently read, and the wholsom Advise, thereinput in practice. And whereas we have ground for a godly jealousie, that there are some Parents of Children, who ought to be concerned as Elders in the Church, that do indulge their Children in such disorders as afore-menti­oned, whereby the hands of the Faithful are weakned, and the Testimonies of Truth slighted; which thing being very hurtful in the Church, we desire, that where such Parents are, they may be Admonished by those that are faithful, that the Testimony of Truth may be kept up in its ancient purity and plainness, and our Youth and others reclaimed, and preserv'd out of such things as are a Reproach to Truth, a Grief to honest-hearted Friends, and destructive to their own Souls.

And further, Dear Friends, we do intreat and beseech you all to be mindful of your Duty in Meeting together, according to the good Advice often given unto us, and our [Page 3] ancient Practice, for which we were zealous in the begin­ing, after the Lord had made his Truth known unto us, and in which we have so frequently met with the Lord, and through his presence been so richly rewarded; the neg­lect whereof, we fear, doth bring a coldness, deadness and barrenness upon the Souls of some, and may cause them to loss that Warmth, Freshness and Zeal that was upon their Hearts in former times. And truly, Friends, we have a sence upon our Spirits that too many are subject to a care­lesness of performing this duty of meeting together, espe­cially upon the Week-days, their minds being too much taken up with earthly concerns, whereby they come not only to be hurt, by giving way to the Spirit of the World, with its choaking Cares; but also they are prevented from receiving the renewing vertue of the Power of God, which by the Faithful is enjoyed; so they, through their negli­gence, come to wither and decay in their inward Man, and lose strength for want of the same: Wherefore we desire that a godly care may be upon every mind, and that all Friends may be stirred up to a diligent performance of this blessed incumbent Duty, that the benefit thereof every one may reap to their comfort.

Lastly, We tenderly exhort all Friends, that the forego­ing Testimony be frequently read in your Meetings and Families, and the wholsom Advice therein contained put in practice, which will tend to the Honour of God, and the Well-being of your Immortal Souls; which is the earnest desire of your Friends and Brethren.

Signed by Order of our Half-years Meeting, by Alexander Seaton.

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