A PROCLAMATION, Discharging the Payment of the Rents of the Bishopricks to any, but the Persons named by the Council.

WHereas the Meeting of the Estates of this Kingdom, in their Claim of Right, of the Eleventh of April last, that Prelacy, and the Superiority of any Office in the Church, above Presbyters, is, and hath been a great and insupportable Grievance to this Nation, and contrair to the Inclinations of the Generality of the People, ever since the Reformation; And that their Majesties, with Advice and Consent of the Estates of Parliament, have by their Act of the Date the Fifth day of July last bypast, abolished Prelacy, and all Superiority of any Office in the Church above Presbyters: And His Majesty considering the Prejudice it may be▪ to His Interest, if sit Persons be not appointed to look after, and receive the Rents and Emoluments, particularly those consisting of Tithes, which formerly did belong to the Bishops. Hath therefore signified His Royal Pleasure, That the Lords of His Majesties Privy Council should give Warrand to Alexander Hannlion of Kinkell, for Drawing and Uplifting the Tithes and other Rents of the Archbishoprick of St. Andrew, he giving sufficient Security for his faithful Performance of his duty in the said Office; and hath also lest it to the Council to appoint sit Persons for Drawing and Uplifting the Tithes of other Bishopricks for this present Cropt and year of God 1689, that none concerned suffer prejudice: Except the Bishoprick of Orknay, which His Majesty is resolved to have Uplifted with the Rents of the Lordship. And the saids Lords of the Privy Council having in obedience to▪ His Majesties Commands, Nominat and Appointed fit and qualified Persons for Drawing of the Tithes, and Uplifting of the Rents formerly belonging to the Bishops, Deans, or any other Person of superior Order and Dignity in the Church above Presbyters; And least before the time that some of them can be able to come to this place, and find Caution for their faithful discharging of that Trust, and make Intimation of their respective Commissions to uplift the saids Rents for the said Cropt and Year of God foresaid, to the Persons lyable in Payment thereof, The Teinds and other Rents of the Arch-bishopricks and Bishopricks, and other foresaids may be Imbazled, and Intrometted with by Persons who have no Right thereto; Therefore the saids Lords of Privy Council, in their Majesties Name and Authority foresaid, Prohibite and Discharge all and sundry Heretors, Feners, Life-renters, Tacks-men of Teinds, Tennents and others whose Teinds were formerly in use to be drawen, and who were lyable in Payment of any Rent or Duty to the saids late Arch-bishops or Bishops, or others foresaids, to draw or suffer their Teinds to be drawen, or from Payment of any Rental-Bolls, Feu, Blench or Tack-Duties, and other Rents, Casualities and Emoluments, formerly payable to the saids late Arch-bishops, Bishops, and others foresaid, except to such Persons as shall be authorized by the saids Lords of Privy Council for uplifting thereof; with Certification to them, if they do any thing in the contrary hereof, they shall be lyable therefore, notwithstanding of any pretended Discharge that may be Impetrat or Obtained from any other Person or Persons for the said Cropt and Year of GOD foresaid. And Ordains these Presents to be Printed and Published by Macers of Privy Council at the Mercat Cross of Edinburgh, and by Messengers at Arms at the Mercat-Crosses of the Head-Burghs of the other Shires within this Kingdom, that none may pretend Ignorance.

Per Actum Dominorum Secreti Concilii. GILB. ELIOT, Cls. Secreti Concilii.

GOD Save King WILLIAM and Queen MARY.

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