Rebels, Robbers, Fugitives, and Thieves, who are, or have been lately in Arms in the Braes of Lochaber.

JAMES by the Grace of GOD, King of Great Britain, France and Ireland, Defender of the Faith,
To all and sundry our good and loving Subjects, to whose knowledge these Presents shall come, Greeting,

Forasmuch, as We have granted a Commission of Fire and Sword to the Laird of Mcintosh, for recovering Possession of his Lands of Keapoch, and others, detained from him illegally by Coll. Mcdonald and his Adherents; and having joyned with the Laird of Mcintosh, a Company of Our Forces under the Command of Cap­tain Mckanȝie of Suddy, the said Coll. having associat to himself all the Out-Laws, and other desperat Thieves and Robbers, bearing the sirname of Mcdonald, and others their Associats and Ac­complices, to the number of seven or eight hundred Men; they did in a most treasonable and rebellious manner, dare to Invade and Surprize such as were cloathed with Our Authority, and to Murder and Assassi­nat many of them: And we being fully Resolved in all cases to defend and maintain Our Subjects in their just Rights, Properties and Possessions, and to punish severely such as either oppose Our Authority, or in­jure them; we have thought fit and necessary to Commissionat others of Our Forces, under the Command of Captain Charles Straiton, to repair to the said Place, and to reduce by all possible means and me­thods the saids Rebels, and to require the Chiefs of the Neighbouring Clanns to be ready, with such num­bers of their Clanns, Friends, and Followers, as shall be desired or required to assist them in the way and manner exprest in Our respective Letters to them; And for the more speedy and effectual Suppressing of the saids Rebels, We do hereby Declare, that who-ever shall maintain, Harbour, or Resett them, by them­selves or others, give the least Assistance, by Meat, Drink, Money, or any other Supply, or shall omit to do their outmust endeavour for apprehending them, or shall any manner of way Intercommune with them, shall be punished as Accessories to their Crimes and Accomplices thereof, with the outmost severity of Our Laws. We do also hereby Order and Command all the saids Chiefs of Clanns, Heretors, Wood­setters, Liferenters, Tacksmen, Chamberlains and others, Bordering upon any part of Our Seas, Firths, or Isles, to secure all their Boats and Passages, to the end none of the said Traitors be Ferried over, and that as they shall be answerable upon their highest peril. And for the better Prosecution of all the saids ends and designs, We hereby Discharge any of Our Subjects to travel in the High-Lands without Passes from their Land lords and Masters, and that ay and while the saids Rebels be fully reduced: Impowering hereby any, having Commission from Us, or any under their Command, to seize and apprehend such as want Passes, ay and till they be able to give a sufficient account of themselves. Expecting that all our good Subjects will concurr in suppressing and rooting out the saids Barbarous and inhumane Traitors to their outmost Power, which We will look upon as most acceptable Service; Indemnifying hereby fully all such who shall act or concurr in the Prosecution of this Our Proclamation. And to the end Our Royal Pleasure in the Premisses may be made publick and known, Our Will is, and We Charge you strictly, and Command, that inconti­nent these Our Letters seen, ye pass to the Mercat-Cross of Edinburgh, and whole remanant Mercat-Crosses of the Head Burghs of the Shires of this Kingdom, and other Places needful, and there in Our Name and Au­thority make Publication of Our Royal Pleasure in the Premisses, that none pretend ignorance.

Per Actum Dominorum Secreti Concilii. COLIN McKENȜIE Cls. Sti. Concilii.

GOD Save the KING.

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