Letter Congratulatory from the Privy Coun­cil of Scotland, to His Majesty upon the Conclusion of the Peace, and His Majesties safe Return.

May it please Your Majesty,

AFter Our Thanks to Almighty GOD: We do with all Joy, heartily Congratulate the most happy Success of Your Arms, in Terminat­ing so long and great a War, by such an Honourable and Advan­tagious Peace, which is amongst the greatest of Earthly Blessings. And yet We have to Congratulat a far Greater to Us and all Your good Subjects: And that is, Your Majesties safe Return to Britain, to the Uni­versal Satisfaction and Rejoycing of all Your Kingdoms: which Blessings as they are truly beyond our Expression, so shal they ever Oblige us, to all that Faithfulness Love and Duty, that can be expected from the most Loyal of Subjects to the best of Kings. And we do heartily pray Almighty GOD, that He who hath made Your Majesty the Great Restorer of our Reli­gion, Laws and Liberty, and the most Glorious Establisher of the Peace of Christendome, may always preserve your Sacred Person, from all Deceit and Violence: and make Your Life and Reign, as long and prosperous, as they are indeed most Dear and Desireable to us, and all Your Majesties good Sub­jects. We are

May it please Your Majesty, Your Majesties most Faithful, most Loyal, and most Obedient Subjects and Servants. Sic subscribitur
  • Marchmont Cancellar.
  • Melvill P.
  • Tweeddale,
  • Sou­therland,
  • Morton,
  • Buchan▪
  • Leven,
  • Annandale,
  • Tarbat,
  • Ross,
  • Carmichael,
  • Ruthven,
  • Ja: Stuart,
  • Ad: Cokburn,
  • W: Anstruther,
  • Jo: Maxwel,
  • Arc: Murray,
  • Ard: Muire.

Edinburgh, Printed by the Heirs and Successors of Andrew Anderson, Prin­ter to the King's most excellent Majesty. 1697.

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