A LETTER, FROM THE Meeting of Estates of the Kingdom of Scotland, TO THE King of England, In Answer to his MAJESTIES Letter Directed to them:

May it please Your Majesty,

AS Religion, Liberty and Law are the dearest Concerns of man­kind, so the deep sence of the extream Hazards these were exposed to, must Produce suitable Returns from the King­dom of Scotland to your Majesty, whom in all Sincerity and Gratitude, we acknowledge to be under God, our great and seasonable Deliverer; and we heartily Congratulate, that as God has ho­noured Your Majesty to be an eminent Instrument for the preservation of his Truth; so he hath rewarded your Undertakings with Success, in the considerable Progress which You have made in delivering us, and in preser­ving to us the Protestant Religion.

We return our most Dutiful Thanks to Your Majesty, for Your accep­ting the Administration of Publick Affairs, and Conveening the Estates of this Kingdom; and we shall with all convenient Diligence, take Your Gra­cious Letter into our Consideration, hoping shortly, by the Blessing of God, to fall upon such Resolutions as may be acceptable to Your Majesty, secure the Protestant Religion, and Establish the Government, Laws and Li­berties of this Kingdom upon solid Foundations, most agreeable to the ge­neral Good and Inclination of the People.

As to the Proposal of the Union, we doubt not, Your Majesty will so dis­pose that Matter, that there may be an equal readiness in the Kingdom of England to accomplish it, as one of the best means for securing the Happi­ness of these Nations, and settling a lasting Peace.

We have hitherto, and still shall endeavour to avoid Animosities or Pre­judice which might disturb our Councils, that as we design the Publick Good, so it may be done with the general Concurrence and Approbation of the Nation: In the mean time, we desire the continuance of Your Majesties Care and Protection towards us in all our Concerns, whereof the kind Ex­pressions in Your Gracious Letter, have given us full assurance. Signed in the Name of us the Estates of this Kingdom of Scotland, by our President,

May it please Your Majesty,
Your Majesties most Humble▪ most Faithful and Obedient Servant HAMILTON P.

LONDON, Printed by G. C. for John Mumford. 1689.

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