HYMNES, and Spiritual SONGS. Extracted From SCRIPTURE; on occasion of some useful Texts discuss't. Composed In private Meditation, and made use of (once) In Publick: for the Saints Com­fort: Now Published for their sakes that sung them; or others that desire them.

Psal. 32.7.

And compass me about with Songs of Deliv'rance

Psal. 77.6.

I call to mind my Song in the Night. —

Matth. 26.30.

When they had sung an Hymn they departed.

Plinius secundus pleads that Christians, at meetings did. Nil Romanis legibus contrarium, nisi hoc solum, quod antelucanos Hymnos Christo cuidam canerent deo. Euseb. cap. 32. p. 67.

London, Printed by J. R. for the Author, 1682.

To the Reader.

AS Errors in judgement cloud our heads; in affections, our hearts; in action, our lives; (humanum est errare;) So specially do errors in divine Worship obnubilate our devotion to God: So that all may say, (or be mute) as David, who un­derstands his errors? Ps. 19.12. who can indeed?

But of errours in Religion, both in Doctrine and Worship; (not here now to treat at large:) of aspiring to Deity, as Pagans; arrogating legislation, as Papagans, affecting domination, as Prelates, I on­ly touch (obiter) the self assumption of the Titles, empty Names, and Forms; of Church, Ordinan­ces, and Ministry, without the things themselves; As we Protestants of all sorts (too oft) do. Oh how 't would become us first to enquire after divine measures, by that Scripture-golden reed, and to be asham'd of all we have done; and next to wait, and seek for that Holy Spirit as the Apostles were bid, in Acts 1.4.8. rather than temerate (as one sayes) Gods sacred mysteries with unwashen hands, and make that a mean of temporal Life; that (through the justice of God) becomes the occasion of our own and others spiritual (if not eternal) death.

But two things concern us all that venerate that second Command, (that Papists expunge the Deca­logue) the one is to know the Holy will of our God, [Page] both for matter, and form; that the first be bonum the second bene; good, well done; that it be not call'd vain Oblation? &c. The other is to fear his wrath, that ever attends divine jealousie: If but so small (as may seem) an errour slip us, as did Nadab and Abihu, at the entry of Worship in offer­ing strange fire, and common; or as Eli's Sons, or Uzah's rash touch, or Naamans cringing to Rim­mon, (for company, with his King; and Master) or as Uriahs usurping the Preisthood: All which are fatal examples, that do caution us to be tremu­lous: for in all the parts of Worship, Preaching, Prayer, Ministration of Instituted seals, and Cen­sures, &c. I fear our errors at our Masters coming will be found not a few; so that we may say as Naaman the Lord pardon us, &c. as 2 Kings 5.17. or as David about Uzahs boldness in Er­rour. 2 Sam. 6. v. 7.

The Lord made a breach, because we sought him not in the due order.

But I only mean to touch a little that part of Wor­ship that is call'd singing. And since its needless to lay open the Theory of it, being so well done by others, as Cotton, Sydnam, Rous, Barton, Hen. Ainsworth. Those of N. E. and in that of Scot­land: Let me only hint at the Nature, Form and Ʋse of Song in General; the Occasion, and rise of these in particular.

For the Nature I do not mean Jigs (as the Pa­pist styl'd Hopkins) nor bare Poems, as Crafhaws [Page] or Herberts, Quarles, Withers, or Pordage's &c. who tho' their songs may be good, and spiri­tual, and far usefuller (especially to youth) than amorous lays of Wit, wanton Rhapsodies, and pro­phane Ballads: yet I should scarce take them as ma­terials for Worship: The ornature being human, and polite: But this I mean by't. A Spiritual Song, in Scripture words or sense, compos'd in mea­sures tunable, sung alone, or with others to the Lords own praise, our own or others joy; in a sweet harmony of heart and voyces.

This may (at present) serve to hint the nature of song (as the Author takes it) till more convenient time be to enlarge upon it.

The great point that depends of late is, about the form, how to do it aright? (here quot capita tot sententiae;) some seclude it wholly their Assemblies and Families, as lost; like Hebrew-Musick and Meeter, (till 'tis restor'd) and so practise it not, other than by prayer and praise: (natural worship.) Some (in the other extream) make so common, and formal work of it, that as the Minister sits above it as if it were below him, to exhibite a song, so a Clark (the fag end of Anti-Christ) takes upon him to lead as a Reader. Some (few) only joyn (as in prayer) with one that has a song, and utters it, (whether extempore or no I say not,) not the voice of any present joyning harmony with him: as Silas and Paul and Miriam of old did, &c. This I like not. Some again are for't; but act not, as [Page] stumbling at a promiscuous assembly, not yet being on mount Zion, where the Lamb's new song will be; these are holy souls, but short of duty, for there be songs in the night; one may sing at the lowest, by the skirts of Zion with an eye to the heights, as Jer. 3 1, 12. nay in Jeremiah's Dungeon, or Daniels Den, or the Bishops Colehouse, or the three Children in the Flames. Others are for acting (as we may) now on the lowest round of Jacobs Ladder, the Foot stair of Gods Temple.

Yet again some are for the Old way, the Old Translation, all old, &c. Others for correction and Reformation, of which sort, I am one: and tho't has been us'd, (till of late) to sing in the words of David: (as of old, 2 Chron. 29.30.) Yet I scruple not to use the Canticles, nor the sence of other Scriptures in the same or other words; consonant to the Analogy of Fa th. If then for the matter, my song be in the words of the Sacred Scripture (or re­ducible to it,) and for the form, I neither limit my self in the composure, nor yet impose on others; least of all fix a stand or bound, beyond which none (in time to come) ought to go; tho' of more light and spirit than I am, and aiming at purer Reformation, yea waiting for a renovation of all: I see not why any can scruple to joyn with me so, or I with them.

Now for the use of Hymns and Songs, I find the advantages that accrew, many; to compose and calm our evil spirits, as Sauls was by David, 1 Sam. [Page] 16.16, 23. To allay a vexed, perturb'd mind at the sight of a sinner as the Prophet, 2 Kings. 3.15. was by a Minstrel: and one a late so weary in travel, that he could not Preach, till he had hear'd Musick. As (on the other hand) the mind being [...]. well compos'd, (as Jam. 5.13. or merry,) it exhilerates and improves spiritual joy, and comfort; made Pauls Chain light, and Stocks easie: sometimes its instructive as some Psalms be, or corrective as others; now and then it's prophe­tical, often precatory; alwayes monitory and edify­ing, &c. Above all, in combats of mind, or milita­ry congresses: 'tis wonderful to read the bless't efforts (and contrary effects) it has produc't in the open Feild; at the facing (not foyling only) of an enemy: as in 2 Chron. 20.21, 22. and times of war plainly demonstrate, both animating the hearts of the good; and daunting the faces of the adver­sary. Besides at the end of Supper our Lord he and they sang an Hymn: as all acting they [plurally] in two Evangelists, Math. 26.30. Mark 14.26. as did the Jews ending their Paschal-feast, and tho' as corrupt times and Roman Impositions grew on; certain vain gaudy customs, in Chores, Cho­risters, Organ-Pipes and like Trumperies were by Satans malice, and superstitious minds foysted and mixed with the duty, and some made Hymns in praise of Arian Bishops. Yet take off the Rites and Abuses, and let none invent Instruments of Musick like David, Amos 6.5. nor play on them before an [Page] Image, as Dan. 3.7, 15. and I see not but that old Hymnizing way and gift might be restor'd, 1 Cor. 14.26. and a glory fill this, and other appointments.

Now for the occasion of this way, the Author uses: observe this twofold account.

1. Casting an eye cursorily, on a plea (one of the times publisht) for forms of prayer, he argues thus: If it be lawful in Singing, to use stinted set Forms: why not in prayers too? to let pass, Why not in Ser­mons also? Or Homilies, &c. I only answer (for my own part) that no set forms of song are by any compos'd, in any Translation (and far less imposed by any humane sanction) on purpose to stint, straiten, or direct the spirit of God, its gifts, or graces in any; that were to break the second Command as Mr. Cotton argues: And as bad as the old Latin Miss­ale, so I never should use even the best Psalter.

2. (And more personally) note that the Author many years ago being in his own and others eyes, un­der a sentence of death, despaired of life (in an agony of dolour) had suddenly injected, and im­press't on his spirit that place, Psal. 32.7. pre­serve from trouble, and compass me about with songs of deliv'rance. Which makes me say if God has perform'd his part in the former, ought not I to essay to sing thus, and as Hezekiah to call on others, Isai. 38. ult. in (consort) to rejoyce in hopes of a glorious deliverance at hand: the sparks of which hope, (laid up in Heav'n for us) are already kind­led [Page] above, and are taking fire on earth, never to be extinct till it have consum'd, the Idols, and Priests together: inflamed the restorers zeal; and well warm'd our Isles-Inhabitants with a love of refor­mation, never to be cool'd by all Papists can do; till that promis't restitution of all, as Act. 3.19, 21. and the desire of Nations come, Hagg. 2.7. to fill his second Temple with his glory.

As for these songs (such as they be) do any ask what for matter, I say they derive from Scripture-fountain: for else I desire they may be vilipended: But for the form of composure, they flow'd from seri­ous Meditations in secret, sober reflections on the subjects then discourst, and some (such as memory helpt to recall) had birth in private closet songs, tho' many are lost for want of a speedy record. If any dislike the method, heads, (in some of them) the transitions, in others the reflections on present times, the dull strain, bad poetry, or plain style; the Author deems it not fit to apologize to cavillers, let them do better or let these alone, as the Hymns are at his own cost, so he cares they only have them, that, with any joy in God, once sung them.

If any say [cui bono] of what use? I say of the same use as a pen'd Sermon, dying speeches or prayers (not to impose, but) for the recalling to mind, things useful to us before; and to the fu­ture profit of others, the same end (tho' a lower mean) as for which Scripture in general, and Psalms in particular were left: and tho' the power, and pre­sence [Page] of a duty is not to be pen'd, yet on the remem­brance of things hear'd, salvation in part depends, 1 Cor. 15.2. If you say theres a store too much already. I yeild, yet not too much: bonum quo communius eo melius, its a pity bread and water, because plentiful, are (as Manna was) therefore more sleighted, and a sign of a fulsome glutted age.

But let such stand by, that the hungry, poor, and meek may eat and be satisfy'd; some have tasted hony out of these bare carcasses; are these jejune, let others provoke their zeal, and stir up far better gifts to do more worthily: But I ask, is't lawful to gloss on a text by a long Sermon, and not sing too a short Hymn? Is't call'd novelty, or innovation? admit; yet as not old, so nor new things are (if bonum & bene) to be refus'd, a scribe of Christ house is to bring out of the Lords treasury, both new, and old, and at last the Lord will make all things new: and yet Sternhold and Hopkins did well (tho' not in Popish opinions) in Psalms. Some body must break the Ice to others, call them Novatians who list: besides in Eusebius and Ecclesiastical Hi­story it was thus so frequent to do; that some (a late) do use (of their own composure) after Supper, an Hymn: Causabon's Reports of some poetical Enthu­siasms, and Religious Extasi's, and some Females in Hysterical fits, that utter'd verse, extempore, witness H. Tr's late large folio: may all serve to excite the gift, or to pray it down, amongst us.

[Page]They that use this way are few: I know but one grave learn'd man besides, that so concludes in an Hymn, publickly: If any consult our Predecessors they may find this way with some Martyrs us'd in Mr. Fox, and one lay'd on Qu. Ma. Desk against Popery: a Woman on the death of one sweet Child, sung thus

All praise, O Lord, with heart and voyce,
we freely give to thee;
To whom the death of all thy Saints,
we know full dear to be.

In Dr. Beards Theatre p. 43. ch. 14. in Mr. John Fenwick, on Zion's joy in her King, (p. 92, 93.) A very pious Hymn. In Geo. Withers specul. p. 77, 85. 91. 142, 143. Also Pordag's Poems p. 157. 207. 215. 257. 300. The Pilgrim sings oft sweetly (See the book) Ʋpon's passage from Babel to New Jerusalem. Nay one is put in the preface to some of our large Bibles. Which who can dislike? If Tune or Meeter displease any, can song in consort well be without both? If so, do so, yet consider, it's as lawful to use poetry, to sing in orderly voice, harmony and mea­sure, as to use Grammar, to teach Hebrew, or Translate the Bible to Mother Tongue: if human Ornature under the Law, was not allow'd that Al­tar, yet what polish't stones did Solomons Temple show, by direction of the spirit of Prophesie in Da­vid, and of what polish't Saphyrs will your New Jerusalem be made? but all Gods, not mans.

'Tis no error in a Preacher to seek out Dibvrei [Page] chaphets, words of desire, Eccl. 12.10. (i. e.) ver­ba complacentiae Vatablus, tho' cadency in rhymes, and lines, delight not God: yet it and method too in English Speech, Prayer, Print, may profit us, and help Memory, and please Affection in the vulgar. I bring but a loop, or Badger-skin to tye, or warm, at the Altar: (or if only to sing in our Families) not to impose a form) only till times of bettering: let it be welcome (as that womans box to Christ:) to do what we can, as Mark 14.8.

But because they were so pleasing to some that beg'd, and others that took Copies of them at the uttering, tho' not so many, so full, and distinct as here: I hope it will be as welcom (this New year) to such, to see them in Print, as then to hear'em and however, let none grudg the Youth if I dedicate this first part to them; and if these pass off well; being only 500 Copies, (and the charge pretty deep too.) To the Elder of my Auditory I may produce (in due time) the Second Part with a larger Epistle, on the various Scripture-victories from Genesis to Revelation, if God permit. I add a Title too, and Index to find any Hymn: if any use, them (to con­clude) let your tuning of the heart, be the most melo­dious part, for ‘Non vox, sed votum; non musica chordula, sed cor; non clamor, sed amor, psallit in aure dei.’

Some Dedicatory Odes in three Poems to Little Children, [To be prefixt to the First Part of Hymns.

Psal. 34.11. Eccles. 12.1.

Come little Children, lend your ear,
To learn how you the Lord may fear.
Cast wanton Ballads, all away,
Thus daily learn to Sing, and Pray.

(1st. part) On your Misery.

LOrd I was born at first in sin,
To Satan sold a slave;
And thus before my life begin,
expos'd to wrath and grave.
No good by nature can I do,
yet bent to evil am;
A stranger unto God also,
of fall'n race, I came.
My birth in sin, and misery
did force many a cry:
My life, subject to vanity,
did truely Prophesie.
[Page]My Childhood, like to Moses was
expos'd upon the floud,
Helpless, and in hopeless case,
weeping and in my blood.
In Childhood I did place delight
in baubles and fool-toyes:
(So ignorant of what was right,)
those were my greatest joyes.
I quickly to do evil learn,
and naughty words to use,
But good, I slowly do discern;
and oft to do't refuse.
I better pleased am with play,
or toyes (that fancy feed;)
Then keeping of Gods Sabbath day;
or learning pray, or read.
How shall I ever be so wise,
as Isa'ck was; and some
(That young were burn't Gods sacrifice)
when suffering times do come.

2d. Part. On your Duty.

WHen years do ripen up your wit,
now Primrose-vertues gather:
Learn oft to read in Holy Writ,
and so to call God father.
[Page]Children that can their Fathers tell
do please; ripe wits they prize;
Early to know God, sure does well;
such babes are truly wise.
Learn willingly your Catechise,
to understand each part:
To say't by rote must not suffice:
true knowledge lyes ith' heart.
Ask questions of your Parents oft,
as well as answer theirs;
He learns but little, profits naught,
that doubts not, nor enquires.
Avoid Cards, Dice and all such Games,
as now too much are us'd,
Let wanton sports; quarrels, nicknames,
and jears be quite refus'd.
Gods holy name take not in vain;
use not one idle word:
All wanton talk, and dance, refrain:
cry not (if hurt) O Lord.
If recreation you must have
bee't cheap, short, innocent,
Your carr'age sweet and habit grave,
(as babes) meek and content.
But above all, O learn to pray,
bemoan your sinful nature;
Beg (not in forms or words) to say
me Lord make a new Creature.
Keep, love and prize Gods Sabbath day,
in Worship, be rev'rent;
Also to what your Parents say,
be most obedient.
How free was Isa'ck bound, admire,
(affecting Martyrdome)
And three, behold sav'd in the fire,
mind these if suff'rings come.

(3d. Part.)

Now to encourage tender hearts,
This Hymn some hope to youth imparts.
LOrd thou me first didst form,
to thee I sure was born,
And shall I be away from thee
by sin and Satan torn?
My Parents did thee fear.
and me to God devote,
And in thy law and holy awe,
my nurture, did promote.
My infant life God spar'd.
that favour was not mean;
'Tis sad to dye in youth, and lye
our life with the unclean.
I good example had,
that kept from great excess,
Which fills the bones of aged ones
that sins of youth possess.
Restraining grace is good;
natural Conscience too,
This gives me hope, that God will op'e
my heart it to renew.
I have my Parents dear
vows, prayers, and tears oft cost;
How cann't e're be, that they shu'd see
so precious blossoms lost.
Abram for Ishmael
did pray with some success:
But God would place the promist grace
on Isa'ck's head express,

(2d. Part.)

LOrd when with Abraham
thy Friend, thou cov'nant struck
It past for deed of gift, to's seed
of which they long partook.
His seed tho' now cast off
to him (at last) hee'l take
He doth declare those Children are
belov'd for Fathers sake.
Eight instances there are
recorded in Gods word,
Who did in youth, fear God, love Truth:
which comfort does afford.
Isa'ck was offering made,
on th' alter bound, and laid;
Yet so when bound, he no fault found;
but God that slaughter staid.
Joseph to Isr'el brought
his brethren's bad report;
They him for that, do emulate,
tho's Father lov'd him for't.
when Joshua was young,
his zeal was hot for God;
So 's Obadiah and King Josiah,
that down Ball's altars trod.
Samu'll betimes was call'd,
Yea made Gods Prophet young;
To Eli old, sad tidings told:
and Isra'l judged long.
Jeremy was sanctify'd
and young did prophesie,
And John was from the womb call'd home,
fore▪ going the most high.
Lois and Eunice gave
Timothy education,
Fully to know Scriptures, that show
wisdom unto Salvation.
All ages since produce
young Martyrs not a few
That have defy'd the Tyrants pride,
the love of Christ to shew.
Such times, O Lord, prevent:
but if that may not be;
Fit me to dye, ere I deny
my Lord that dy'd for me.
(Of the three Children see Hymn 94.)

Besides the Index (or an Alphabetical Table) at the end; the young reader (after the Epistles) finds and hint of the heads, or Scriptures to which most of the Hymns relate: as these seven that follow.

1. THe glory of Christ Offices (viz.) 1. Feed­ing. 2. Pleading. 3. Ruling and de­fending his.

2. The happiness of them, enjoy the presence of God with them, (Nations or Saints.)

3. Of Christ breaking and Conquering of all, especially his four last adversaries. (viz.) The 1. Dragon. 2. Beast. 3. Whore. 4. Death.

4. The defeating of all Plots and Plotters, on Esther 9.1. and Psal. 37.12, 13. &c.

5. About the last part of Redemption by Christ both of our bodies and spirits, and of Zions repair, Resurrection of witnesses; the future glory, and liberty of the New Jerusalem.

6. The joy, and Halelujahs of all Saints at Christs standing with them on Zion.

7. Some more private Meditations, and Po­ems on Paradise regain'd, and also Occasional Hymns: on our fires (so oft repeated,) on that in Breadstreet, the late Drought; and after it Rain: On Death of Friends, or Children, and the Sickness or Recovery of some. And on the Sabbath, &c.


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This Hymn two Adams fruit compares,
And way to th' tree of Life declares.
AS mans first sin, quickly led in
A curse on's Children all:
So did the second Adam win
All lost, by t'other's fall.
The fruit that he, pluck off the Tree
Off knowledge, all did fill,
With ignorance and enmity,
'Against all his makers will.
Yet God thought fit, out of this pit
that fall'n man should rise,
And come to eat, a fruit more sweet,
amidst Gods Paradise.
Oh therefore when, ye Sons of men.
will ye his calls embrace?
Return and come, to him, with whom
yet ye may hope for Grace.
Here grows a Tree of Life, will be
your food and medicine;
With him that well of life, does dwell,
to him your hearts incline.
Against the sting, of Adams sin,
here Antidote you'le find,
Your dying Soul, may on this pole
its brazen Serpent mind.
VVhy will ye dye; this tree is nigh
to eat, if you endeavour
Your welcom's free, O tast and see,
yea, eat and live for ever.

2 Hymn.

A Pisgah sight, or foretasts and sips of Canaan.

BLest be the Lord that hath forgiven
our sin throw Christ his merit,
A new and living way, to Heaven
conducting by his Spirit.
Gods Sons are heirs of Glory all
joynt-heirs with Christ their King:
They all obey, his powerful call,
and new songs to him sing.
Their priviledges here are great,
To ask, and have their will▪
On his own Throne, Christ will them set
and so their joy fulfil.
Our bodies now so vile and low:
(through grief, contempt, and pain)
Tho' death under the clods them sow,
shall yet arise to raign.
Then no uncircumcised one
before that judge shall stand,
For heirs of Glory, they alone
must sit on Christs right hand.
[Page 3]They that by Bacahs Vale, once past,
now come to Berecha:
And thus Before their King, at last,
still sing, Halelujah.

3 Hymn.

A Prophetick Lamentation for our Times.

O Lord draw near, prevent our fear
of Romish desolation,
For Babels whore lies at the door
with her abomination.
That man of sin, long since got in
and in Christs Throne does sit,
And throw Gods anger, we are in danger
to fall into his pit.
Th' old Dragon fierce, does wound and peirce,
thy Sions blessed Seed,
But Christ departs, (that cuts our hearts)
who soon could wound his head.
But Lord return, for thee we mourn,
Our Prophets, we see none,
That where we are, can well declare,
while Christ our light is gone.
Send forth thy Sword (thy Holy word)
Leviathans head to wound,
Rouze Judahs Lion, let Virgin Sion,
no more sit on the ground.
[Page 4]VVhy does thy face, (so full of Grace)
eclipsed still remain?
Both Devils and men subdue; and then
thou Lord alone shalt raign.

4 Hymne:

A Thirsty cry after that good Spirit of Adoption.

O Lord our hearts do thirst and cry,
for thy pure living water,
Thy spirit is good, Oh such a floud,
on droughty Souls Lord scatter.
Then shall we like thy Garden be,
full of all pleasant fruit,
For Christ laid up; O then hee'l sup
of Wines, his tast that suits.
Then Sharons's Rose (that withering is)
in beauty shall appear,
Thornes shall not so with Lillies grow,
nor Saints still Sackcloth wear.
Then shall that Sun of Righteousness,
heal them that fear his name,
True judgement shall in Desart dwell;
and wipe off Sions shame.
Then Babels moon, in darkness soon
unto a change will come:
The Virgins shall in triumph call
Their Bridegroom to his home.
Adopted ones, now cease all groanes,
Heavens meet the Earth with Songs:
Lord come away, for such a day
thy whole creation longs.

5 Hymne. The Thirsty Soul.

ONe thing of thee Lord I desire
(and yet that one is all)
With' love of Christ my heart inspire,
that mine, I may him call.
O let the Coals of Jah inflame
my Soul with burning love,
Unite my heart to fear thy name
O send in Noah's Dove,
The Olive branch of peace to bring
wherein I shall rejoyce;
And over all my sorrows sing,
in faiths melodious voice.
And when that King of Righteousness,
shall raign, and prosper too;
With peace he will our Islands bless,
them that oppress, undo.
[Page 6]Extend good will, to Sions Hill;
(that now we ruin'd call;)
Oh build agen, Jerusalem;
repair her broken wall.
From Sion, Israels safety speed
(so long a captive lead)
So Jacob shall rejoyce, indeed
and Isra'l shall be glad.

6 Hymn.

A sigh from the whole Creation.

In a Threnetick Hymn.

O Lord that true and righteous art
hark how thy Creatures all,
Do sigh and groan; by thee alone,
to be redeem'd from thral.
From bondage of mans wickedness
we were redeem'd (say they)
Why then are we mans vanity,
subjected to obey?
The curse and wrath we bear is great,
cross to our makers will;
How long must we by tyranny,
mens lawless lusts fulfil?
[Page 7]Lord sweep the world, refine the Church,
from dross, tinn, straw, and stubble,
By fire, and sope, revive our hope,
Our Island save from trouble.
No feller then on us shall come
nor burdens us oppress:
Christ will with justice, truth, and peace;
and Halelujahs, bless.

7 Hymn.

Zions Lamentation after the Lord.

HOw long Lord dost thou hide thy face,
to us return, we crave,
The riches of thy powerful grace,
vouchsafe thy poor to have.
See how the Boars and Beasts of prey
do pluck and spoyl thy Vine;
And wher's your God, blaspheming say,
as if it were not thine?
The World in wrath, and bloud does roule,
its burdens still increase;
To thee Lord, cries its weary Soul,
when shall these mischiefs cease?
[Page 8]Thy Spirits become to mighty ones,
a vile reproach, and scorn,
Among the pots, thy 'dopted Sons
do lie, black, and forlorn.
O turn to us, turn us to thee,
powre out thy Spirit again,
Thy promise is (and thats our bliss)
Jesus shall live, and raign.

8 Hymn.
The 1st. Part.

A sigh for pure Worship.

LOrd show to us thy way, and will
to VVorship thee aright:
Give by thy word and spirit that skill
to lead into thy sight.
VVhen God to me said, seek my face,
my heart its eccho cry'd,
To seek thy face, oh give me grace
But Lord, it do not hide.
For that alone will gladness give,
and joy, with peace, far more
Then corn and wine; souls do not live
on earth, or goods in store.
[Page 9]Then will I to thine Altar go,
and in its flames delight:
The way to bliss thus I shall know
and pleasures in thy sight.
Here I the end of wicked ones,
shall plainly see and read:
For life to Israels dry bones
hence i'le beleive and plead.
Lord hast to bring that righteous King
into his Temple pure,
Its glory ope; the whore, the Pope,
in their abyss secure.
That second Temple God will rear,
and his Salvation wall it;
In's beauty there will Christ appear,
Jehovah Shammah, call it.

9 Hymn.
The 2d. part.

Hopes for the approaching Glory.

OUr God will come in hast;
in's Glory to appear;
And now fulfil to Zions Hill,
his promist good, so near.
Rejoyce ye Sons of God,
All ye that Sion love,
Shake from your eyes the dust, & rise,
your sins, and bands remove.
His time now posteth on
For Babels final doom;
And great Salvation in every nation;
Oh let thy Kingdom come.
Though Nations rush, and rage,
Oh bring them to thy foot,
And hear the prayer of such as are
in dust; and destitute.
Then Jesse's branch will bud
Two staves unite in one:
Then may we hope, all priso'ns op'e
That Christ may have the Throne.
Idols he will abolish,
And worship pure appoint;
Sion espouse, to be his house,
And or'e it Christ annoint.
Oh then rejoyce in hope,
Of such a glorious day,
When all that mourn their tunes will turn,
Singing; Halelujah.

10 Hymn.

Future hopes of Good.

YE Saints that do Jehovah fear,
sing with melodious hearts,
That chosen are, of God most dear,
his secrets, to impart.
Before the earths foundations, he
on you plac't his Election,
And when these heavens no more shall be,
you'l have a Resurrection.
Thrice blest they be, whom God does chuse,
and pure in heart that be;
Tho' men abuse and you refuse,
such God at last shall see.
Then Saints shall know as they be known,
and see God as he is;
God will not shame their names to own,
for such shall live in blisse,
Then shall your bodies glorious rise,
(first Christs, then all his Saints,)
When power divine them clarifies,
and full joys ends complaints.
Oh who then would not sigh, and long,
this Kingdom's wine to taste;
Thy Kingdom come, and will be done:
that glorious state, O hast.

11 Hymn.

Faith's triumph (in the hopes of a Resurrection) or'e deaths Victory.

ALL ye that live and die in Christ,
O bless the Lord with me,
Beyond the grave a hope you have
of perfect Victory.
Tho dying, yet behold we live,
in sorrows still, we sing;
Christ bore the curse, and sin (that's worse)
death's but (in name) a King.
What tho' from Abel to this day,
death of its conquests boast:
Christ through the sides of it, did ride,
and so its sting was lost.
Nature it King of Terrors, calls,
and terrour 'tis to Kings;
Yet with delight, into Gods sight,
body and Soul, it brings.
Our first begotten from the dead,
arose, and sits on high,
But when again he comes to raign,
his foes at's foot must lye,
[Page 13]Our scatter'd bones about the Grave,
shall come again together,
And when we rise, with these our eyes
we God shall see, for ever.

12 Hymn.

Faiths triumph in the Resurrection of the dry bones.

ALL ye that love the Lord,
his grace that tasted have;
Tho' death devour, there's set an hour,
when you shall rise from grave.
Our life with Christ is hid,
Souls cannot dye therefore.
For while we sleep, our Lord does keep
Of hell and death, the door.
Oh then rejoyce and sing,
Ye that dwell in the dust
Shall in your lot stand without spot
with spirits of perfect just.
What tho' our scattered bones
lye still about graves mouth,
Christ unto you will life renew,
that has dew of his youth.
Isra'ls dry bones at last
a spirit of Life shall get:
That Roman Sun and Jewish Moon
under a cloud shall set.
Then shall the righteous shine,
as Suns before Gods sight,
With holy ones, sitting on Thrones;
in everlasting light.

13 Hymn.

Doxolog. gratulatory.

Psal. 16.7. ult.

BLessed be God for Jesus Christ,
and his free righteousness,
For nothing less, lost souls could bless,
and lead to happiness.
My soul bless thou, the Lord always
and all that in thee is:
Instructed be, behold and see
what great Salvation's this?
The Lord's set still before my sight
I shall not be deprest,
My heart and voyce, do both rejoyce
in hope, my flesh shall rest,
[Page 15]Thou wilt not leave my soul in hell
nor to the grave captive
But wilt me show what path to go
where I shall ever live.
For in thy sight fulness of joy,
and pleasures are in store,
All treasures stand, at thy right hand
of life; for evermore.

14 Hymn.

An Hymn of Petitions for the Spirit.

as Psal. 51.12. Cant. 5. ult.

TO thee Jehovah I
do thirsting cry and crave
That early dew (thy spirit most true)
this droughty soul, may have.
Awake, O North wind, blow,
O South, breath pleasantly,
Behold how dry my Gardens lie,
my Plants wither and die.
Thou calls't for fruits, and lo!
I therein would abound;
But dead and dry my Roots do lye,
my fruit from thee is found.
[Page 16]The gates of Sion mourn,
Two witnesses dead lye:
O send that spirit that Christ did merit,
Thus shall we vivifie.
Then Babels whore shall wail
Saints shall immortal raign,
Immanuel with Saints shall dwell,
and endless joy, obtain.

15 Hymne.

After Cant, 3.1.

A Song of Love, longing for Christ.

OH thou the Bridgroom of my soul,
for thee thy spouse does long,
Hast, come away, make no delay
revenge thy spouses wrong.
By night as I on bed do lie,
(in dark affliction)
I seek and cry yet cannot spy
my souls beloved one.
I of the watchmen then inquire
yet learn'd not where he was,
I got their wound, not yet him found,
but thence as I did pass,
[Page 17]Him that my Soul does love, I found
and then I held him fast,
Till in my bosom I him bound,
in mothers chambers, plac't.
Nothing shall now his 'bode disease
his rest shall glorious be;
With Sion's peace, all troubles cease;
in Joy's eternity.

16 Hymne.

A Sigh for King Jesus.

O Holy one thy blessed Throne,
thy Saints do long to see,
In every Nation thy new creation,
and Christ in's own beauty.
The creatures groan to see that Throne,
the Prophets have foretold;
When he that bare our sin, must wear
Crowns above Ophirs Gold.
At thy right hand, our King does stand,
this world begins to reel;
The whore of Rome, let feel her doom,
why stayes thy Chariot wheel!
[Page 18]When shall our eyes see him arise,
in favour unto Sion?
Her precious dust, all pity must,
that wait for Judas Lion.
Lord hast the day, assume the prey,
this old world so subdue:
And of thy power both day and hour,
we'l sing the Lambs Song new.

17 Hymne.

A Royal Song.

AWake my Heart, perform thy part,
doors everlasting ope,
To sing a Song that doth belong
to Christ our blessed hope.
These doleful jarrs and dreadful wars,
his Glory that forerun,
Only proclaim his blessed name
is near; his work near done.
Tho' the black signs, are doleful lines,
of what succeeds e're long,
Yet the effect (to all th' Elect)
will issue in a Song.
[Page 19]Then he that came first as a Lamb,
to expiate our sin;
Shall without sin, once come again,
and then his raign begin.
Then shall be none of Babels Throne
then all things hee'l restore
To liberty; and Judges he
will settle as before.

18 Hymn.
1st. Part.

On Christs Intercession, a New Song.

NOw blessed be our God of hope,
and Christ our Advocate.
The way to bliss that has set ope,
to such' in darkness sate.
He in our Flesh, dy'd, rose, ascends,
now sits on thy right hand,
That he all Isles, and the earths ends,
might have at his command.
(Says he) these Souls my bloud, has bought,
and it on them i'le sprinkle,
My patrimony to have I ought
without a spot or wrinkle.
[Page 20]The freeness of thy choice, I plead
O make it good to me,
For all thou gav'st I interceed,
and them i'le lead to thee.
Oh then in Christ joy and believe,
'tis now but ask and have;
Your prayers by him, God will receive,
and from the wicked save.
Before we were, he did obtain,
(and sprinkled now, we are;)
That we on earth, with him should raign,
in answer to his prayer.
Are you afraid God will not hear?
he minds Christ Intercession;
Your King when's wrath, begins to tear,
will never loose possession.

19 Hymn.
2d. Part.

The Believers possession in Christs Intercession.

IN Christ Oh now rejoyce,
that for our Souls doth plead,
Who can accuse, whom Christ doth choose,
and for them interceed.
[Page 21]Shall sin, or Satan band,
to nonsuit faith and prayer,
Yea if they stand, at our right hand;
at Gods, Christ does appear.
The voice of Christs dear blood,
things better for us speaks,
Before Gods face, in's holy place;
the Serpents head it breaks.
and tho' God yet delay
to answer long-made cryes,
He 'fore the Throne, of God is gone
there in our stead, supplies.
His Vine he'l save, and keep,
that he from Aegypt brought;
None shall molest its quiet rest,
since Christ with's blood it bought.
No weapon form'd shall be
'gainst Sion prosperous then;
Both great and small, will perish all
ith' way: even so. Amen.
Let our Immanuel, then
be blest both now, and aye:
He's that annoynted, God has appointed
Ore all: Halelujah.

20 Hymn.
1st. Part.

Zions complaint to her King.

O Lord give ear to the complaint
of thy dear Sions Hill,
VVhose sighs and fears, with voice of tears
Gods ayer and ears does fill.
Full sixteen hundred years ago,
Her King went up on high,
To intercede; but promised,
to come at midnight cry.
My King (cry's she) absents from me
at which my foes do mock,
And I forlorne with grief am worn,
deserted of my Rock;
My precious Saints are slain, or faint
my stones are poured forth,
My walls are down and golden Crown
trampled, as of no worth.
My glorious hopes of future good
lyes under deaths dark shade.
My martyr'd Sons through Seas of blood
unto their Thrones do wade.
Thy prisoners of hope redeem,
revenge our spite and wrong,
VVe cry and say, make no delay,
But thou, O Lord! how long?

21 Hymn.
2d. Part.

The Song of Faith, in the night, seeking Christ.

MY soul doth seek, inquire, and long
for thee my stay and strength,
My heart in hopes warbles its song
thee to enjoy at length.
For in this barren wilderness
nothing but droughts, I find
I flee to Christ in my distress:
yet still am left behind!
Then like the Hart I breath and pant
after the water brooks:
And when I find them not, I faint,
casting to heaven my looks.
Oh who will give one sight, a beam
of Christ that sits above
That flouds of peace and joy may stream
exporting Faith, and Love.
Zion sits widow in the dark
as tho' shee had no King;
This scene er'e long will turn; then hark,
we shall arise and sing.
For lo! He comes that absent was,
his Kingdom to receive,
And tho' dark clouds afore him pass,
(Not seeing) let's beleive.

22 Hymn.

For the fall of Idols.

FOr I come and bow before the Lord
in reverent holy fear,
Rejoyce according to his word,
in Songs approach him near.
For sure confusion is to all
that serve dumb Stocks and Stones,
And to their own inventions fall;
him serve ye holy ones!
Their sorrows shall be multiply'd
that graven Idols serve;
Yea Sons of Levi must be try'd
that make God's Israel swerve▪
Then Sion shall rejoyce herein
and Judah shall be glad:
And all that have compell'd to sin,
with Babel must be sad.
Such Vials shall on Babel fall,
will make her helpers mourn,
Her Crown, and lof'ty Cedars tall,
(crop't by Christs hand) must burn.
Then shall the people of all Lands,
to Christ their offerings bring:
Ethiope with Israel stretch their hands,
all, Hallelujahs sing.

23 Hymn.

A Hymn sighing for Christ, in a Letter sent to Mrs. S. W.

MAke hast my love, and only dove,
on wing of morning hast,
Refute my fears, wipe of my tears,
his new wine let me tast?
Tho' I suspect I'm non-Elect,
and so his love deny'd,
That would releive, could I beleive,
he does the same abide.
Now let the Sun, and day fast run,
my fears shall terminate.
To think with joy, that Christ and I
in bliss shall be compleat.
Then hast, prepare, all ye that are
wise Virgins: ready trim
Your Lamps bring; come, loe your Bridegroom
is near, go to meet him.
For if his door be shut, before you have
your Lamps trim'd up,
Beyond all doubt, you'l be shut out;
and never with him sup.

24 Hymn.

A 2d. sighing for Christ Kingdom.

MOst glorious King, thy Saints do sing
in hopes to see thy day
When every Crown comes tumbling down
that thine may stand for age.
Why ought we pray, and thus to say
as thou dost us command,
Thy Kingdom come, and will be done,
if foes it still withstand?
How says thy word that Christ our Lord
is sole bless't Potentate;
Why should his cross, become our loss
or serve a worldly state.
That glorious tree on which blest he
did suffer shame and scorn;
On which he spil'd his bloud, did yield
true life to us forelorn.
And shall his cross, become our loss,
his glory turn our shame?
Nay! surely those that him oppose
shall bow to's royal name.

25 Hymn.

This song does the beleivers day
And future triumph's, fair display
SIng to the Lord ye holy ones,
ye Saints lift up your head,
And shout aloud, for in this cloud,
Christ will his glory spread.
What tho' your sight is not so bright,
faith in the dark can grope,
And feel such union, as gives communion,
oh! then rejoyce in hope.
For Christ our hope, having with sope
our sins all washed clean
In Moabs pot, then shall no spot
on Zion more be seen.
Her blood, and fears, her sighs and tears,
for ever now shall cease:
No flames can scorch this first-born Church:
but rather joys increase.
No Cana'nite shall dwell in's sight
nor pricking thorn, or brier:
No hypocrite, with Lillies white,
shall grow: but disappear.
[Page 28]Now will all Saints, turn their complaints
to lofty times of joy;
'Cause Judah's Lion, is King in Zion;
and none shall more destroy.
Oh then let all Saints, great and small,
expect this glorious day,
Your Summer's near, its flowers appear,
Lord hast, and come away.
Cant. 2.11, 12. Luk. 21.28, 30.

26 Hymn.

An Hymn of Christ's Cross, and Crown following it.

WHen man was made God to him said,
of each Tree freely take,
I have them set all to be meat,
thy appetite to slake.
But wretched he, his inn'cency
through that forbidden fruit,
He freely left, so was bereft
of mans state; like a bruit.
Now as that tree did prove to be
the cause of all our Fall,
So by this tree, (Christs cross) we be
redeem'd, and saved all.
[Page 29]Tho' on this cross our Lord the loss.
sustained of his life,
Yet so did he th' Elect set free,
from sin and death, (so rise.)
Now Paradise most open lyes
life's tree's to none forbidd'n
Christ serves for food, both sweet, and good;
he is that Manna hidden.
As by a woman our death (in common)
on all mankind did rest,
So now should come of Virgin womb
both grace and life, most blesse.

27 Hymn.
The 2d. part.

ANd now Gods call is cry'd to all,
to come believe and take him,
Both Christ and Lord, and so his sword,
shall (nolens volens) make him,
Behold what signs in bloody lines,
before him do appear,
Sure he's not far, hark how the war,
doth of the Lamb draw near.
As once he dy'd, and signifi'd
through bloody lines of his love.
So now that curse and sin that's worse,
from Saints he doth remove.
Remember Lord, how much thy word
of his exalting speaks,
Hasten that crown of Babel down,
for he all Scepters breaks.
Shall ever more, that Romish whore,
our British Islands sway?
Hasten her doom, thy Kingdom come;
O now Lord come away
Then every nation; thy new Creation;
and all things glad shall be:
When Christ alone, set on his Throne,
in's beauty Saints shall see.

28 Hymn.

A Lamentation for England.

AWake my muse thy bow to use,
utter a Lamentation:
That Romish whore knocks at the door
of this our English Nation.
[Page 31]That man of sin, with her comes in
(the Dragon laid the Plot)
The Eagles spread, o're Lions head;
if God prevent it not.
We are in danger thorow Gods (fierce) anger
if Christ be not our help
By Jebusites or Jesuits,
to loose the Lions whelp.
The Dragon tries how to surprize,
the Womans relict Seed,
Unless that Sword of Christ (his word)
do wound his head, with speed.
Oh woful day if she bears sway,
agen in these our Lands,
Gods Saints she'l make, burn at a stake:
and break Christs holy bands.
But Lord arise, her sacrifice
in stead of Zion make:
O let Rome fall (beast, horns, and all,)
for Christ, and Martyrs sake.

29. Hymn.

Faiths breath in a Swoun, (sent a Friend in a Letter.)

THo' once (my dear) I felt thee near
yet wist not whom you art
Now through this hole, i'le feed my soul
with sight, to stay my heart▪
I thought that he did come to be
no transient, but in-dweller,
But now he's gone! my soul finds none
that where he rests, can tell her.
I seek the street, and fain wou'd meet
my choice belov'd, most dear,
Sometimes I find him, yet do not mind him,
which makes him disappear:
Why does thy face (Lord full of grace)
eclipsed still remain,
Thy will be done; but here i'le moan
till I thy face regain.
Down at thy feet, (as it is meet)
O bow all earthly things:
Make all adore thy face before;
sprinkle all Lands, and Kings.

30 Hymn.

A panting sigh, for Sions King:
Whose coming doth Salvation bring.
OH thou to whom praises pertain
all Majesty and might;
Thy glorious Scepter sway, and raign
before thine Enemies sight;
For 1600 years behold
thy Saints (baptiz'd in blood)
Have for a pray, to beasts been sold,
and eat (in tears) their food.
Stirr up thy self in Righteousness,
vengeance (as cloak) put on;
Thy zeal for Sions Sons express,
proud Babels whore upon.
Thy watchman on our walls appoint,
let them see eye to eye,
Saviours, and Sons of oyl, anoint
that shall their Lord stand by
Those mighty ones that plot our harm
let them begin to fall,
That Trumpet let it sound their larm,
and judge them great and small.
Of mercy then and judgment too,
thy Saints shall sing and joy,
For God will utterly undo,
all that our peace annoy.
Thy Scepter then, our Isles shall bless
with truth, and peace for aye,
The Sword, of violence Lord suppress;
Lord hast that blissful day.

31 Hymn.

Here Saints do mourn, as Turtle Dove,
For Christs return, that now's above.
OH Sions King and only Spouse!
How long wilt thou withdraw,
From thy dear Heritage and house?
The Isles wait for thy Law.
Hark how thy Turtles, Lord, do mourn,
to clefts o'th' rock they flee,
When shall our day and Sun return,
and we his glory see?
Thou answer'st prayers by terrible signs,
O God, in righteousness;
Thy cov'nant (writ with bloody lines)
gives hopes thou'lt yet us bless.
[Page 35]We at thy tokens are afraid;
the nations rush and swell;
Religion but a scorn is made,
to them amongst us dwell.
Oh now thine Iron rod lift up,
(as once on Egypts Land,)
To Beast and whore transmit that cup
of trembling, in our hand.
Of favour t' us some token show,
some sign presaging good:
Let all thy, righteous vengeance know,
That spilt our precious blood.
Then in our land, thy saved flock,
shall thee praise, and adore.
And in the lamb, our King and Rock,
rejoyce for evermore.

32 Hymn.

An Hymn of a soul burning in love after Christs return.

MY soul doth thirst with hot desire,
in love it burns for thee,
Lord put not out such holy fire,
but in't descend to me.
Before thee my iniquity
O do not set in wrath;
But justifie, and me espy
righteous, alone by Faith.
From me thine anger turn away
(life in thy favour lyes)
Visit my soul without delay,
and listen to my cries.
How long Lord wilt' th' absent remain
whilst Saints in darkness dwell,
Repeat thy wondrous works again;
so wee'l thy glory tell.
Oh what a joyful day 'twil be,
to all in mourning state?
The Lord exalt alone to see.
the lofty desolate.
Then cool times of refreshing shall,
on parched souls descend,
Hail on the whore and beast will fall,
to Sion, wrath to end.
Oh then all ye that do belong,
to Christ believe and say
Make hast to come: Oh dear Bridegroom
judge, raign; Halelujah. (Amen.)

33 Hymn.

Christ, and the beloved, enjoying, after longings.

HArk, O my Soul, hee's come!
my love for whom I sought
My burning ceases, and joy increases,
since peace, to me he brought.
[Page 37]My great unworthiness,
and sins he has forgiven,
My Faith gives vision, like that fruition,
the Saints possesse in heaven.
This world I now despise;
things that farr better are
I do foretast, but best (at last)
he doth for me prepare.
Tho' in this Vale of tears,
I oft did clouded lye:
Yet in his book, I wishly look,
and there his face do spye.
Tho' sons of Belial now
this earth (accurst) possess:
All wrath shall cease, and Christ with peac [...]
this world (at last) will bless.
My conversation then,
shall still in heaven remain,
And thence, I still my hopes will fill,
Jesus shall come and raign.
Hope in thy promise, is
(tho' distant) wondrous sweet;
O then what grace, to see his face?
When all bow at his feet.

34 Hymn. Psal. 118.22.

IN God let's all triumph;
that Stone that men despis'd,
Is now become the corner stone
most highly to be pris'd.
Oh joyful day indeed,
Gods act most marvelous;
Then let us cry Hosannahs high;
(on earth) Lord prosper us.
Glory to God on high,
praise unto Christ our King;
Peace and good-will the earth let fill,
prosperity now O bring.
O let that little stone,
Cut out, (not by mans hands)
The Image beat, growing so great
till it shall fill all Lands. Amen.

35 Hymn.

A cry 'gainst Babels whore.

O God to whom vengeance pertains,
revenge the blood and wrong,
That Sion (for thy sake) sustains;
(thy Lilly) thorns among.
[Page 39]Lift up thy feet, hast to behold,
our sighs, our griefs, and fears;
Repay them that have been so bold,
to mix our blood with tears.
Make Inquisition swift, and full,
after that whorish state.
That to her former sins, doth pull
blood guiltyness, of late,
Lord make them like a wheel, O power
thy last hot vials on those,
Immanuels Isle that would devour,
and Christ thy Sun depose.
This shall the heavens with joy affect,
Apostles, Martyrs too:
For all that Sion do afflict,
thou'lt utterly undo.
Yea all the earth shall shout and ring,
sufferers be crown'd with bay
All Sions mourners then will sing,
Amen, Halelujah.

36 Hymn.

Faith's triumph over all
Sions Enemies, and adversities.
THe Lord is Sions Sun and Shield,
from perils he us keeps
Light he and safety us does yield,
who slumbers not, nor sleeps.
[Page 40]Talk not so proudly, ye that plot
your mischeifs on your Beds
For God, that sees, decrees your
'twill fall on your own head.
Tho' God a bitter Cup, constrain
his people first to tast,
The dregs of ire (unmixt) remain,
for Sions foes, at last.
Gods furnace, Sions filth and tinn,
shall sepp'rate (like the dross,)
And when he has consum'd our sin
then hee'l transfer our cross.
Then all, that mischief have devis'd
shall by their counsels fall,
And in their own nets be surpriz'd:
yet Sion 'scape withal.
For God hath sworn, (not to repent)
his hands upon his throne;
All that against his King are bent,
that hand, shall break each one.
Ye Sons of Sion then be glad,
shout of your King and say
Behold he comes in vengeance clad,
you to reward. Selah.
Lord break the wickeds Arms and Bands,
and like a wheel them make,
Snare them i'th works of their own hands,
for Christs and Sions sake.

37 Hymn.

This Hymn's a precatory ode,
'Gainst all the Enemies of God.
O God our Rock and Isra'ls stone
Lift up thy mighty arm,
To save thy Flock, for thou alone
canst rescue Lambs from harm.
O break the wick'ds arm, and might
against us that conspire,
And let them melt before thy sight,
as wax before the fire.
Thick clouds of blood o're us increase
to save, O give command,
And from the Assyrian (for our peace,)
O let our Michael stand,
Thy Vine hath long been watered,
with Christs blood and her own.
Our bones long have been scattered
Our King kept from his throne.
For Sions controverse' Lord rise,
visit this vale of Vision;
Ye mighty ones descend likewise
bring all things to decision.
Then shall our storms, turn into calms,
our pricking thorns to bayes,
Our (Dove-like) mournings into Psalms,
our sighs, and feares to praise.

38 Hymn.

An hymn full of complaints.
To Christ King of the Saints.
THou Lord of hosts most high,
whose Chariots Angels are,
Hark to the plaints of all thy Saints,
thine arm to save, make bare.
The Serpent now's in hope,
his deadly wound to heal,
The whore does think, more blood to drink,
and witness grave-stones Seal.
Rise Lord them disappoint,
O save thy Turtle Dove;
Thy times appoint, Saviours t'annoint,
to rescue those thee love.
Feirce Lions at us roar,
Foxes, with craft, combine,
And we have none; save thee alone;
to pity; Oh incline.
The Whore judge; and avenge
the blood of all thy slain;
The man of sin, break; and bring in
the Son of God's blest reign.
How long shall Sions pains,
of that Man-child delay?
Hast on that Birth; to rule the earth,
Lord Jesus! come away.
Thine Iron rod lift up,
thy foes to shivers bray,
Prevent our fears, wipe off all tears▪
Raign thou O Lamb, for ay.

39 Hymn.
1st. Part.

A Song of that Redemption day,
That our Adoption, doth display.

Exod. 19.4. Psalm 148.14. Rom. 8.23.

SIng and rejoyce, ye holy ones,
Gods Citizens most (free)
In him that hath you sav'd from wrath,
adopted Sons to be.
Herein your priviledg does lye
To God you are brought near;
But no compare of what we are,
to what we shall appear.
Those sighs and supplications all
that in his spirit ascend
Before his throne; shall ev'ry one
in joy, and praises end.
Then all that for Adoption wait
shall full redemption have,
Christ shall releive, all that believe,
and ransom from the Grave.
Tho' our corrupt bodies of cla
will to vile worms meat, fade
Changed, at Resurrection day,
they glorious shall be made.
Then let us all, both great and smal
ascribe blessing for ay;
To Jah's great name, and to the Lamb
sing songs▪ Halelujah.

40 Hymn.
The 2d. part.

TO Christ Jehovah now let's sing
That has redeem'd us free,
From Hell beneath from curse, and death,
Grave! where's thy victory?
By conquests men Trophies procure,
and earthly glory win;
By sufferings, crosses, by death and losses,
Christ killed both death, and sin.
Our priviledge to call God Father
is wondrous high and great,
A look▪ or kiss below, is bliss
but O then what's his seat?
To sit on thrones 'mongst glorious ones
Angels, and Saints, on high;
Oh that's a sight, full of delight,
but what's his face to spy?
To see that blest Zion of God;
for which none seek, few care;
Redeem'd from sin, clad, and led in,
where endless pleasures are:
To see that Babylonian whore
consuming in Gods ire,
But Christ exalted on Gods throne,
of Nations that desire.
To see Christs chain on Satans raign
a 1000 years, until
His fiery seat God's troops defeat:
so ends, Gods holy will.
Oh then who can their songs refrain
but must in tri'umph say?
Glory, and pow'r each day, and hour
be to the Lamb, for ay.

41 Hymn.
The 3d. Part.

OH blessed be Christs glorious name,
for what his blood did merit,
Our full release; and perfect peace,
both sealed by his Spirit.
How can we doubt we are cast out
since blood, our entrance in,
Has freely given into his heaven,
renting that vail of sin.
This Lamb of God himself once trod
Gods wine-press, for our sin:
And still doth tread: and interceed,
by's blessed spirit within:
Such sighs and groans his holy ones
still offer 'fore his face,
Till Captives be, victors, and free,
advanc't to heavenly place.
But Lord thou hast more Grapes to cast
to th' winepress of thy Father,
Thine Harvest reap, or'e Mountains leap
the Vine o'th' Earth, O gather.
Make Babels whore, naked and poor,
Let Saints (so long opprest)
Fill to her double, that cup of trouble,
that thine may come to rest.
Then eccho's fill mount Zions hill,
and Saints Gods Harps will hear,
And see Christs bride, set at his side,
both Palms and Crowns to wear.

42 Hymn.
4th. Part (in another Tune.)

SIng unto Jah ye Saints,
loud Halelujahs bring;
Alone to him that did redeem,
our souls from perishing.
[Page 47]He sav'd us (only he)
from sin and slavery
He dearly bought, and for us sought,
(tho' lost) Gods Sons to be.
The price was precious blood
that Righteousness did his merit,
Life was reveal'd by faith, and seal'd
in first-fruits of Spirit.
This earnest paid before
(of the whole purchas't summ,)
Did us secure, he would be sure
to pay't, when he should come.
Thus being ascended high
and set at Gods right hand,
Promis't again, to come and raign,
o're all that him withstand.
For God has said and swore,
and will most surely do't
His Enemies that him despise
shall bow and kiss his foot.
Then Kings and Captains cry
ye Rocks us save, oh hide,
From the Lambs wrath, that now he hath;
Oh who shall that abide?

43 Hymn.

The joy, that our deliv'rance brings,
All or'e the Earth, and Islands, rings.
LOrd Jesus when wilt thou again
return with righteousness
Thy Scepter's due, and promise true
And sure, we must confess.
Shall men detain, thy promis't raign,
th' Almighty keep in's tomb
O let us see him King to be
when his full time, is come.
Then this our Land shall by thy hand,
of justice, yield subjection,
If thou O God, lift's up thy rod,
who shall not fear correction.
Or'e our dry bones, thy spirit groans
working in Saints compassion,
Live from the dust, yea raign we must:
with thee desire of Nations.
That couchant Lion, passant mount Sion
from's den, rampant will run
To change (o're run) that Turkish Moon,
and darken th' Roman Sunn.
Them both, hee'l stain, when Christ does raign
in's glorious Majesty,
Whose light shall fill mount Sions Hill,
'fore's ancients gloriously,
O then let's sing, that love this King
cry gladly Hosannah,
Thy Kingdom come, and will be done.
Amen. Halelujah.

44 Hymn.

Salvation told John in exile,
Is here expected, in this Isle.
YE Elders of the Lamb that are
attending at his Throne,
With palms, (white Robes) your selves prepare
to follow him each one.
For now he lives that once was slain,
whose blood redeem'd th' Elect,
His horns of power, assert his raign,
his eyes hidden wiles, detect.
Salvation give to God, we ought,
and to the Lamb all might,
Satan from Heaven is thrust, that sought
to accuse us, day and night.
That beast whose power upheld the whore
its horns hate and conspire;
To make her des'late, nak't▪ and poor;
and burn her flesh with fire.
That word and blood which victory,
for his first suffe'rers wone;
To Songs of Triumph turn'd shall be
when th' Armageddon's, done.
[Page 50]Quick and short work God will effect,
on earth, for's people's sake,
(In pitty to his own elect,)
the days hee'l shorter make.
Christ on's white horse to us is show'n,
(as the last King) to ride;
And new Jerus'lem (next) comes down,
adorn'd to be his Bride.
Then Angels, Elders, (Saints and all)
Hosannahs to him bring,
And 'fore his footstoole great and small,
let Halelujahs sing.

45 Hymn.

Whom God does into's cov'nant take,
Them he delivers, for's own name sake.
GOd of all Grace, now, blessed be,
that sinners fall'n from him,
Hee's pleas'd, by cov'nant, sure and free;
and blood, them to redeem.
The gifts and calls of God, are free,
if he will cov'nant make:
Unworthiness no let shall be,
he saves for's own name sake.
From Egypt God his Isra'l brought
to th' promis t Land of rest;
For them (again) from Babel sought,
(because, there, sore opprest)
[Page 51]So Lord! from Babel mystical,
Thy Zion call, and take:
Let her, and her proud Nimrods fall;
Oh! for thy mercies sake.
Lord pardon, purge, and heal our land.
that thine thou mays't us make;
Our full deliv'rance Lord command,
for Christ's and Zions sake.
Then joyful Songs here shall be sung:
for God will perfect make,
The work so wond'rously, begunn;
swift veng'ance then hee'l take.
Then Saints before your King, rejoyce,
behold he comes, again;
To judg, and fight, with Trumpets noise
Now Lord, come quick; Amen.

46 Hymn.

This hymn is Zions lamenting Song,
With whom her Sons cry Lord how long.
LOrd God of Hosts how long,
wilt thou thy work delay?
Oh come get done what tho 'st begun
for thee in hope we stay.
Zion long doth complain,
and weeps i'th wilderness
Says, i'm alone, my Sons are gone,
Lord pitty my distress.
My Garden fence lies wast,
on Earth I have no Friend,
My bleeding stanch, O Jesse's Branch!
my buds from death defend.
These subtile Foxes spoil,
that tear my Grapes so tender;
All that pass by, do pluck, and cry;
now let her King, defend her.
But yet i'le rest in hope,
my head retains affection
He past through death; his lively breath,
shall give me Resurrection.
Our Lamentations shall
terminate in great joy,
Then falls the Throne, of Babylon,
for God will her destroy.
From th' utmost ends of Earth,
Hosannah's heard shall be,
Our Isles shall sing to Jah, and bring
praise to Eternity.

47 Hymn.
1st. part.

The Thirsty Soul being set on fire,
With Love for Christ, pants in desire.
DRaw nigh thou whom my Soul doth love!
mine eye on thee is fixt,
Save thee alone, object i've none;
all other ioys are mixt.
[Page 53]Oh may I see thy blessed face,
Than heaven it self more sweet,
If this I may not (yet) i'le stay
below, and kiss thy feet.
I have been long confin'd and toss't
wandring like Noahs Dove;
For here is no true rest below,
Lord 'tis in thee above.
If I thy face yet may not see,
thou bids me, it to seek,
And sure fulfil his word, God will,
o'th' Earth, to all the meek.
They that him seek the Lord shall praise
their hearts for aye shall live,
True hunger is, Gods way to bliss,
on's word, then let's believe.
Tho' darkness oft thy face eclipse,
and hides thee from my sight,
Yet will I stay for him, alway;
for all his paths are right.
And tho' i'm in the deeps low cast,
to him i'le look again;
That flouds can quell, and save from Hell,
for over all hee'l raign.

48 Hymn.
(2d. Part.)

The Souls desires themselves do wast,
Of Christ to see, or hear, or tast.
THis one thing needful Lord I seek,
(and that one thing's my all)
But for the same I on thy name,
(till I obtain't) will call:
That I may in thy presence dwell,
and after Christ inquire;
For in thy face, all joy I place;
and that's my whole desire:
This when I seek, but cannot see,
my Faith and Hope's delay'd,
Despair gets in, and so to sin,
and Satan i'm betray'd:
How long (Lord) shall my Soul be tost,
'twixt hopes, and cloudy fears?
Shew me thy face, so full of grace,
remove my clouds, and tears.
Our souls still long to see the day,
when our Immanuel,
That Lamb of God, makes his abode,
On Sion Hill to dwell.
But if my Bridegroom yet deferr,
i'le wait his blessed time,
For either he will come, or we
shall shortly go to him.
Then conflicts end in victory,
our sighs, turn into praise,
This long dark night, ta' morning bright,
that Saints may sing always.

49 Hymne.
(3d. Part.)

Love in desire, with panting brest,
Pursues, enquires, for Christ its rest.
MY Soul (Lord)'s in a desert dry,
where waters there are none,
It longs to spy, thy Majesty,
and for thee makes its moan.
To see thy beauty, glory pear,
Oh how would that delight?
So to come near, (in holy fear,)
and joy before thy sight.
For all my joys (here) sorrows breed,
this world yeilds not content;
'Tis Christ indeed, alone can feed:
to Siloe's well, i'm sent.
When I the fiery poyson'd sting
do of the Serpent find,
Then by looking on Christ my King,
heal'd is my heart and mind.
When I thy count'nance can obtain,
and in't my pardon read;
And views (again) his Royal raign,
now Faith begins to feed.
[Page 56]Such sight then makes me cry aloud,
here Lord 'tis good to stay!
Then in a Cloud, my Lord does shroud
and hide himself away.
Then from my Mount descend do I
t'a vale of tears, and say:
Yet hope will I, day spring t' espy,
and sing all tears away.

50 Hymn.
(4th. Part.)

The Soul espying through the door,
Its fair beloved longs therefore.
LOrd Jesus let thy (Sun-like) face,
shine all my darkness out,
That I may of thy saving Grace,
and love be out of doubt.
Sometimes (tho't be not sought) thy face
thou 'rt pleas'd to let us see;
Such arbitrary acts of grace,
now show again, to me.
Thou bids us ask, yea seek and knock,
then sure thou'lt to us ope;
No bars are strong enough; no lock
can shut the door of hope.
If my belov'd still shut me out,
and say see me, no more;
Yet will I look (standing without)
in by the hole o'th' door.
Tho' Clouds and darkness us surrounds,
and Sion's flames grow hot;
His heart in Holy love abounds;
forget his own; hee'l not.
'Tis good to live by Faith, whilst here,
in darkness, t' hope for light;
When we in perfect light, appear
then full shall be our sight.

51 Hymn.

The Councels of Achitophels
To be defeat this hymn foretells.

1st. Part. Psal. 9.16, 17.

WOnderful Councellor and King;
thou righteous art, and wise,
On wicked men their crafts to bring,
that mischiefs did devise.
For they work in the dark and deep,
their wiles do seek to hide,
Mistaking God to be asleep:
while he has all espy'd.
Tush! then they say, can God regard
what mischiefs we do hatch?
Yes he'l retaliate; and reward;
your gins your feet shall catch.
By judgments, execute that are,
the Lord is known alway,
Their own works are the wicked's snare;
Higgaion! sing Selah.
This to a future age, record,
for people uncreate
To read; how wickedness (abhorr'd)
God did retaliate.
Then men shall surely say, and sing,
for just men, is reward;
The Earth to judgment God will bring:
the suffering-meek regard.
Whoso is wise t' observe and tell
and such like things record,
These prudent ones shall know right well.
the kindness of the Lord.

52 Hymn.
(2d. Part.)

The more men hate; (O Lord above)
Vouchsafe the more of thy free love.
YE Saints of the most high!
Come and behold his deeds,
That he alone (unsought) has done,
for them he keeps and feeds.
The Foxes do conspire,
to spoyl Gods tender Vine,
Then Providence, became its fence,
this Vineyard Lord is thine
Then of it, let us sing,
none surely hurt it may,
He never sleeps that watches keeps,
and waters 't night and day:
[Page 59]Men subtile may conspire,
and digg as deep as Hell,
God sees and smiles, and blasts their wiles
for he in heav'n do's dwell.
For he doth Zion love,
and walks her Towers round,
Proud Babylon, falls from her throne,
God will her props confound.
Her Cedars God will fell,
her Sea, and springs dry up;
For Zions sake, God will her make
to drink on's sevenfoul'd cup.
Be thou exalt'd O God,
all humane Glory stain:
That so thy Son, on ev'ry Throne,
may then sole Monarch raign.

53 Hymn.

An hymn of the turning away
Of Gods anger from his people.

As Psal, 85.1, 3. and Isaiah 12, 1. —5. (In partly Complaint, partly Comfort.)

HOw long Lord shall thine anger burn
against thy Pasture sheep?
O let thy favour soon return:
still do not fury keep.
[Page 60]This wasts our life, and spirits away
our sins upon us bind,
From it our foes presume to say
our comforter's unkind.
Oh turn to us thy smiling face,
return our hearts again;
And turn thine hand on them apace
that will not Christ should raign.
Then when thy fury's turn'd away,
and God us comfort brings
Thence we with joy shall waters draw,
from our Salvations springs.
Then Sion, with her King, shall shout,
o're Babels helpers all;
and all her Children, round about,
do sing at Babels fall.
The Lamb then sitting on the Throne,
them by clear springs will guide,
And wipe away the tears (each one)
that from our eyes, did glide.

54 Hymn.

The Virgins sigh for their Bridegroom.

Matth. 25.1. —7.

YE Virgins chast, go forth in hast
your Lamps light up and trim,
For by and by that midnight cry
will call you to meet him.
Your dear Bridegroom's about to come,
and warns you to prepare,
For 'tis unkind, to sleep behind.
if you wise, Virgins are.
Let grace give light (as Oyl) most bright
to all the world about,
For if you sleep, you can't well keep
your Lamps from going out.
Then wrath and wo will be unto
such slumbring Virgins; when
The Bridegrooms door is shut; no more
but five go in often.
But O the Feast the glorious rest,
and joy that Marriage day
Shall bring each guest thats to be blest
his face to see for aye.
For sure with fat and delicate,
both Wine and marrow rare,
That Bridgeroom will them feed, and fill
that do for him prepare.
Then come away, O do not stay,
to th' wedding O make hast,
For you er'e long shall sing the song,
hee's come! Halelujah.

55 Hymn.

A groan from our evil times, for better.

as Isai. 32.1, 2. and Psal. 12.1.

HElp Lord for upright ones do fail,
the faithful cease and those
That mens iniquities do bewail,
are preyes to cruel foes,
We wait and long for Righteousness,
and yet no good appears,
Our hopes, of healing times, grow less,
that still augments our fears.
Judgment turns back, no equity,
nor truth can entrance have;
Oh wake thy spirit of prophesie,
to raise them from their grave.
For sighs of poor that are opprest
now Lord let Christ arise;
To set's in safe and quiet rest,
from all that them despise.
Then wisdom, knowledge, and Gods fear,
our times establish shall;
And Christ both Sword, and Scepter bear
to root out wicked all.
He shall be then our hidding place,
from winds, and stormy rain,
As shaddow of a Rock; his grace,
shall hidden Lambs sustain.
The Lord his God, to him shall give,
his Father David's Throne,
And he for aye (with Saints) shall live,
and rule, warr, judge alone.

56 Hymn.

A cry for Righteousness in the Earth.

as Psal. 94.1, 2.

O God to whom vengeance belongs,
lift up thy self again,
Render rewards for all the wrongs
thy Saints on Earth sustain.
For they blaspheme thy holy name
and all the Earth oppress;
Thy holy Laws, and righteous cause,
they brand for wickedness.
The thrones of wickedness still forge,
their mischiefs for a Law,
Thy people for their duty, scourge,
and cause Prophets withdraw.
Lift up thy feet, Oh come again
our deso'late case behold,
All that thy Kingdom do disdain,
repay them seven fold.
Then pris'ners in the pit that lye,
and Prophets in the cave,
Souls that do under th' Altar cry,
just vengeance all will have.
[Page 64]Our Isles shall feast, while whore and beast
the Lord shall judge and slay,
But Sion Sing in Christ her King,
for aye. Halelujah.

57 Hymn.

The mourning solitary Dove
For Christ, pants, and is sick of love.

I allude to the Title Psal. 56.1. (i. e.) the mute solitary Dove, having lost her mate.

O Lord how is my joy exchang'd,
to mourning, like a Dove;
My harp upon the Willow's hang'd,
because i've lost my love.
I wander (bird-like) solitary,
seeking my paradise,
O for an Ark, or Sanctuary,
in Christ, where true rest lies.
My sin in vale of death, me clouds,
I mourning, (Sun-less) go,
Temptations me pursue in crouds,
my sins too; there's my wo.
To thee I cry Lord, from these deeps,
(deeps unto deeps, do call;)
If off all earthly joy thou strips;
O be instead of all.
Lord if thou through these clouds will look,
and from this pit me move;
My beauty, (that had me forsook)
returns, wing'd, like a Dove.
Lord unto Sion-mount shew grace,
Jerus'lem build again;
Christs Ark of presence, with us place;
in's glory; aye, to raign.

58 Hymn.

Lord (cry's the 'fflicted soul;) advance
On me thy lightsome countenance.

(as in Psal. 4.6.)

THe light Lord of thy countenance,
be pleas'd to let me see;
So full a good, none can advance;
may that once shine on me.
For clouds of darkness me o'respread,
sin hangs my hopes in doubt;
Oh Sun of righteousness, me lead,
for now my Candle's out.
My Lord that earst his face did show;
in clouds did disappear,
When he'l return, I do not know,
my hopes are mixt with fear.
Why are thy visits rare become?
(and oft i've none at all.)
Oh now let faith thee welcome home;
my sloth rouze by this call.
Afflictions from thee pity crave;
Oh be not distant still,
Descend and visit this my cave;
and with thy light it fill.
Then shall I rise, and ope mine eyes,
and turn my Thornes to Bay;
No night so long, but morning song
succeeds: let's hope for day.
Our Lord (at last) through clouds will hast,
him every eye shall see;
But only they, that on him stay,
in that sight bless'd shall be. Amen.

59 Hymn.

When God the cry of prayers attends,
For long delays, he'l make's amends.
OH thou that prayers dost hear,
how long wilt thou forbear,
To listen to the prayers that do
proceed from Saints sincere.
T' avenge thy peoples wrong
do not defer so long
Our jubilee, at last let's see,
and found our joyful song.
Hard things thy Saints have seen,
afflicted long have been
Lord by this rain keep and maintain
thy heritage fresh and green.
[Page 67]Let Rome's proud Hierarchy,
under thy judgment lye;
Then Saints shall sing, for Sions King
shall be extol'd most high.
Then God will work his wonder,
old heav'ns dissolve with thunder,
His fire devours all Laws, and powers
that bound Religion under.
Then all the meek, and poor
praises shall sing before
The lambs high Throne; for he alone
their comforts will restore.
Ye heavens rejoyce agen,
let Earth be glad, for Then
The Lord has bles't, his flock with rest;
hast Lord even so. Amen.

60 Hymn.

Thus shall our Faith triumph on high,
O're all the power o'th enemy.

Psal. 83.12. ult.

OH thou (most high) whose councels are,
both deep, faithful, and true;
Against our foes thine arm make bare,
frustrate, and them subdue,
Thy Saints (at thy command) have pray'd,
this sixteen hundred year,
Thy Kingdom, come (so long delay'd)
Oh let it's time, draw near.
Behold how Romes Achitophels
for Babilon conspire,
To make our Isle (in which Christ dwells)
an hearth for Martyrs fire.
O Lord no longer silent be,
arise them disappoint;
Saviours on this our Mount lets see,
here our Messiah 'noint.
Them and their Nobles make (even all)
like Oreb, Zeeb likewise,
By their own counsels, let them fall,
their plots; themselves surprize.
Then from our Isles shall sound new Songs
of great Salvation,
When Christ revenges all the wrongs,
done to this Nation.
The heavens likewise, shall harmonize,
the Earth shall eccho 'gain;
On Babels ruines shall arise,
to Christ, a glorious raign.
Then sing aloud, for in this cloud
our King and judge descends,
And with him Saints, and Angels croud;
Gods mystery so ends. Amen.

61 Hymn.

From all that dare Gods throne withstand,
God to defend it lays his hand.

as Exod. 17. ult.

A glorious high and holy Throne,
Gods Sanctuary's call'd;
He in his glory sits thereon
Saints here are safely wall d,
Thence hee'l with vengeance just and right,
plead Zions bleeding cause,
And Rome judge (as th' old Edomite)
when th' Isles recieve his Laws.
For Gods hand still on's throne is laid,
and swears hee'l it maintain,
His Sword, and Scepter firm, are stay'd:
to war with him's in-vain.
Ye Sons, of Zion bee'nt afraid,
your Lord of Hosts is great;
He weapon (and it's former) made,
he can all charms, defeat.
Against thee Lord no wisdom is,
no might, that match him can;
Thy purpose never goes amiss;
but help is vain, from man.
Then all ye holy ones rejoyce,
Angels, and Saints proclaim
With harmony of heart, and voice,
the glory of his name.
That Sun of Righteousness, his beams
the Lord soon will display,
Whose healing wings; his cooling streams,
all pain, and thirst shall 'lay. Amen.

62 Hymn.

Gods presence mischiefs all prevents,
And with blessings of good, presents.
THe Lord's our King, and Shepherd great
he dwells, and raigns in Zion;
And thence hee'l craft and spite defeat,
thence roar as Judahs Lion.
If he in meekness, wrath delay;
then rouze him up, who dare?
And if hee'l ramp upon his prey,
no mortals high hee'l spare.
Hee's the defence still, to his flock,
tho' Wolves assault them may,
And (when among them) stands their rock,
in dark, and cloudy day.
To Fatherless, and Widdows too,
his help, becomes their Song,
In Josephs Prison house also,
his presence goes along.
Do we through Vales of death's black shade,
(as Souls bewildred) walk?
His rod, and staff, shall (both) be made
comforts, to us to talk.
[Page 71]O Son of God (mount Zion's Lamb)
in glory hast t' appear;
Thy number call; inscribe that name
Jehovah, Shammah, there.

63 Hymn.

The visions of these latter days,
This hymne to Saints (in part) displayes.
OF all the sights, since man on Earth
th' almighty did create;
That our Messiah should have birth,
this was surpassing great,
His comming first was poor and low
that few did him esteem:
But at 's return all's foes shall bow,
all Angels worship him.
Oh how the sight of Christ will feed:
our hopes of sin forgiven,
Here may we read (what grace decreed)
our just title to heaven.
To see all's enemies trembling stand,
below, under his feet,
But mourners, stand at his right hand,
O joyful sight and sweet!
To such a sight Lord me direct
here (at a distance) grace me,
(Amongst Elect,) him to affect,
that shall at last embrace me,
[Page 72]One glance is joy ineffable,
a smile glory in the bud,
Oh then, full sight, how comfortable,
none ever understood.
Then those in vale of death that sate,
as Pilgrims mourning long,
Shall come from solitude in state;
to Sion, with new song.
Then Virgins, followers, of the Lamb,
shall see that marriage day,
And in his name sing, and proclaim
victory; Halelujah.

64 Hymn.

This is that plant of high renown,
To whom all Scepters must bow down.
A plant (or branch) of great renown,
in Gods Paradise is,
It's royal fruits, O Lord shake down
that them my lips may kiss.
This rose of Sharon may I smell,
O how 'twill me delight,
His beauty does the Sun excel,
yea 'tis ten Suns, for bright,
His head with glori's ever crown'd
his lips most full of grace,
His wrath Divels and men confound;
all joy lies in his face.
[Page 73]His hand, a two edg'd Sword does bear.
his words, meek and most sweet;
Under his shade I sate; and there
prostrate did kiss his feet.
Lord make me so to know thy love,
love to return again;
From the same root and spring to move
(and in thy love) remain.
If I in darkness sit, i'le hope
thou to me wilt be light,
A door of hope thou'lt to me o'pe,
and place me in thy sight.
Lord do not long defer thy word,
once more, let Saints thee see:
But if thou yet delay'st; afford,
to take us up to thee.

65 Hymn.

Here doth the sou'l it self, excite
On Christ to fix its whole delight.
O love the Lord ye holy ones;
your strong Redeemer own,
Who for you hath prepared thrones:
(not for himself alone.)
Nothing in us, (Lord) first did move thee:
save guilt and wretchedness,
But we have motives strong to love thee;
yet can't like love, express.
If we to other lovers look,
wee're justly disappointed;
Nay curst, b'ecause we him forsook
thats Gods chos'n-anointed.
Oh how this look (tho' from an hell,)
does up (as Jona) buoy,
And in dry desert, digs a well
of Everlasting joy.
Oh come desire of Nations, hast;
now let thy Kingdom come:
Leap over all our mountains, fast:
and tread down whorish Rome.
See how our Isles wait for thy Laws,
and thrones of judgment just;
Revive thy work, worship, and cause:
in thee the Gentiles trust.
Then for the precious blood of Saints
shall come righteous vengeance,
And songs of joy, cease all complaints:
mourners on thrones advance.
Sions Redeemer shall appear,
'fore him the lofty bend;
All that with him, the cross did bear,
their joy never shall end.

66 Hymn.

When God his Christ from Heav'n reveals:
The cross no more the Saints conceals.
YE that have mourners been,
and long-some troubles seen:
Lift up our head, be comforted,
your hope's are budding green.
Rejoyce in Christ your King,
ye birds of Paradise sing:
The Cedars tall begin to fall,
your Lords now on the wing.
Your Faith (on's cross) may spye
him meek and most comely,
Yet suff'ring glory's but transitory,
he'l raign eternally.
The more he was despis'd,
the more he'l now be priz'd,
No might can stand, 'gainst his command,
that mischief have devis'd.
But with what joy shall we
our strong Redeemer see?
Sit Judge and King, when every thing
from sin, and curse is free.
To's Laws, Rulers shall bow,
or stoop at's feet, a low
Dagon and Baal 'fore's ark shall fall;
all th' Isles him fear, and know.
Oh time flee fast away,
Lord hast that blessed day;
That when our King comes, we may sing
Hosannahs, Halelujah. Amen.

67 Hymn.

Here's love pleading with God i'th' dark,
For the return o'th' absent Ark.

(as in Jer. 8.19.) and Ps. 80.3, 7, 14, 19.

HOw long Lord wilt thou hide thy face?
which yet thou bidst us seek:
Why should thy haters thee disgrace,
insulting o [...]'e thy meek.
Our foes reproach us very much
asking us, where's your God?
This is the loss our heart doth touch,
God's gone from's old abode.
Will not our foes ride o're our head,
and soon, of all, bereave us?
And th' ark to Dagon captive lead;
if once our God should leave us.
Oh now's the crown fall'n from our head,
if once our God depart,
And all Religious hopes lye dead,
(in lifeless formes) at th' heart.
But when will God return? O when,
and cause his face to shine?
These Lions to their final den,
O Lord (at last) confine.
[Page 77]Then shall Gods lambs feed in their place,
the spirit of Grace descend;
Our King in Zion show's bright face;
and Babels Kingdom, end.

68 Hymn.

The spouse by Bacha's Vale of tears,
Thirsts, till in Zion she appears.
FOr God, the living God,
my Soul pants and enquires,
In Vales I cry on mountains high,
I utter strong desires.
I seek, yet find him not,
asking of watchmen all,
I run, yet find, i'm still behind,
and he far from my call.
Time was, my Lebanon,
did glorious Cedars yeild,
For Christ my Spouse, that his own house,
himself (not man) might build.
But now my walls are broke
Foxes upon them walk,
My Lord is gone off from his throne,
from whence he once did talk.
But yet those Mountains tell,
good news to th' desolate,
My Lord to raign, comes once again,
for this i'le gladly wait.
[Page 78]With mercies he'l return,
both Babels throne, to waste,
And to refresh our Wilderness;
do this O Jesus! hast.

69 Hymn.

The Soul with pain seeks Christ: at last,
She finds, and so she holds him fast.

Cant. 3.1, 2, 3.

LIke to the flames of heav'nly fire,
so is thy love O God!
Tho't first descend, yet 'twill aspire
to fix there it's abode.
Delayes or distance blow't not out,
tho' sin full oft does grieve him,
Yet I of mine, (not his) love doubt;
(that good report i'le give him.)
His loves first call with me did gain,
that did my heart command,
A visit now's hard to obtain;
in dry, and weary Land:
But O who understands his way;
to love, yet anger faign,
T' ecclipse, and after beams display,
lift up, cast down again:
This Lord! (I by thy help) resolve,
Tho' now i'th' dark, I sit,
On thee firm hope still to revolve,
and to thy will submit.
[Page 79]Art thou withdrawn, i'le yet pursue;
when slain, in the i'le trust;
The hopes of better days (like dew)
shall ev'n revive my dust.

70 Hymn.

The hidden face of God regain'd,
Breeds vows, and hopes he'l be retain'd.
IN Bacha's Vale of tears,
(I thirst,) did pant, and grope,
At last appears (above my fears)
a blessed door of hope.
My Lord was wondrous kind,
for tho' he angry was,
Yet now I find, hee's well inclin'd,
my trespass by to pass.
When first to me he came,
he knock't long at my door;
Blest be his name (I may't proclaim)
his patience me forbore.
Now, if at's door I stay,
why should I not submit?
Thus hope I may (without delay)
at last, hee'l open it.
With mercies, many and great,
he will return again;
Plots hee'l defeat, his work compleat,
and o're our Isles shall raign.
His Tabernacle then
'mongst us hee'l place, and hold;
Yea once agen, from righteous men
rebukes shall clean be roul'd.
His candlesticks shall be
(for's walk) of Gold most pure;
Thrice blest is he, that him shall see,
that day shall aye endure.

71 Hymn.

Th' afflicted Soul' and Spouse complaint,
That her beloved mate does want.

(like the 102 Psal. title, &c.)

TOuching thy pleasant Vineyard, Lord
bought and by thee brought hither,
How sad is it, that men abhorr'd,
Should cut, and make it wither.
Good room thou for it, here did make
and caus'd it fill the Land;
And gath'red'st stones out, for its sake,
to plant it with thy hand.
Now when for's fruits God came to look,
but lost his expectation,
He left it wast, that Boars might pluck,
and make 't a desolation.
Oh barren, most degen'rate plant!
(once) of a noble Vine,
That his return the Lord would grant,
and cause his face to shine.
Our desert then shall spring again,
and bud like Jesse's branch;
Our Lord will come (at last) to raign;
his Vine's-bleeding to staunch:
Light to impart to souls forsak'n,
to dry bones, lively dews,
Virgins secure (asleep) t' awak'n,
to tell-mourners, good news.
Th' afflicteds prayers, he'l then regard,
to Babel, blood repay;
T' Saints small and great, a just reward;
Lord! hast that glorious day.

71 Hymn.

Of Zion's King, this Hymn let's sing.

2 Sam. 23, 3, 5. Isai. 60.17, 18.

THe Rock of Israel said,
who will his word fulfil,
All knees shall bow, for all do owe
subjection to his will.
This earth (through sin) accurst
with blessings shall increase,
Hill's barren soyl, wine, milk and oyl
shall yield: plenty with peace.
Our own God will us bless,
men shall no more oppress
Officers all, we peace shall call,
exactors, righteousness.
[Page 82]No Lion shall be there,
Christ Lambs to death to bring
His righteous Laws, (pleading their cause)
shall make the Widows sing.
Lord let thy Kingdom come
and holy will be done;
That Babylon may have no throne,
let whore and beast be gone.
Praise waits for thee O Lord
In Zion; joyful songs;
Fulfil thy word, furbish thy Sword,
to thee vengeance belongs.
Then Halelujahs we
will ever sing to thee,
With righteousness the Isles oh bless
and from proud Nimrods free.

72 Hymn.

The Spouse enquires where she may find,
Her well beloved Christ, most kind.
ALL ye my Lord that know
Or love; heark to my moan,
Ye watchmen all, to you I call,
Shew where my love is gone.
What means his distance now,
when love has made him dear?
What win my heart, and then depart?
O this is hard to bear!
Or why's he gone, or fled?
(my sin is sure the cause;)
That once he came, (blest be his name,)
how much his love still draws?
Where is that blessed place?
in Heav'n; they see his face;
That way therefore, I must adore,
rev'rent, and's feet embrace.
In hopes i'le wait the day,
when hee'l no longer stay.
But Clouds dispel, and tydings tell
of joy to last alway.
Till then my heart shall be
his principality,
But men, and devils, sin and all evils,
at last shall vanquish't lye.

73 Hymn.

This calls to humble Lamentation,
VVhen God departs, from Soul, or Nation.
ALL ye from whom your Lord so dear,
is griev'd away and gone,
That formerly you felt so nigh,
and seek, sigh, and bemoan.
Where once his light has on us shone,
and after is obscur'd,
Eclipst, and gone; that loss alone
is woful to b' endur'd.
'Tis greater wo, well to have been;
t' enjoy, and after loose,
Gods lightsome face, of which (alas)
the comfort, few that knows.
Now (cries the soul) my Sun is set
my plants wither, and dye,
My hopes forlorn, faith's overborn,
waste does my Garden lye.
When he did first knock at my door
I thought he came t' abide,
But I unkind sure caus'd his mind,
to ali'nate, and hide.
Now if I can his visit gain,
or smile, (one day in seven,)
My hopes again revive a main,
with some foretasts of heav'n.
But when Lord Jesus wilt' return,
revive thy work; O then
Our Wilderness shall praise and bless,
thy Grace and power. Amen.

74 Hymn.

The Soul refresh with chear divine,
Does t'its appart'ments rest incline,
Longing its burdens, to resign.

as Cant. 5, 1. —5.

LOrd I have long wandred abroad,
from Mountain unto Hill,
Now (pilgrim, like) seek rest, in God;
subject to thy good will.
[Page 85]In 'lonesome deserts tho' I bleat,
(oft) weary, faint and sad,
Yet finest wheat of heav'n, I eat,
Rock-hony makes me glad.
My burdens, sin, affliction, scorn,
Oft cause my soul bow down.
(To ease my heart) himself has born;
he bought; I wear the Crown.
The fiery Serpents, oft me fright,
I sing with thorns at brest;
My faith (at last) gets Pisgah sight,
in hopes o'th' Land of rest.
My faith and sence, combat together
and both their weapons try,
Which shall obtain, one knows not whether?
till Christ gives victory,
Return my soul unto thy rest,
take shade, in weary land;
They that this refuge find, are blest:
for rain, and storm's at hand.
A joyful rest Lord doth remain,
for all thy scatt'red ones,
A glorious King shall sit and raign,
and they (with him) on thrones.

75 Hymn.

VVhen Saints of drought, and heat complain,
The Shepherd answers thus again.

Cant. 1.5, 6.

LOrd when my day at first begun,
and grace on me did shine;
I quickly felt a scorching Sun,
upon my tender Vine.
Hence (in appearance) I put on
a black and sable hue:
Oh when wilt thou let fall upon
my herbs of Grace thy dew.
This fi'ry Dragons raging heat
peirces my aking head,
Tempts me (like Jonah) oft to fret,
(or wither) which I dread.
My Shepherds voice (instant) I heard,
standing behind my wall;
Said! flee to th' Rock, be not afeard;
I knew't and took his call.
Tho' Clouds eclipse thy morning Sun,
and evidence is not bright;
At noon's, hot persecution;
cool ev'ning, shall give light.
I am thy Sun, shadow and shield,
in me alone's thy rest,
Here light, and safety both I yield;
thus all the flocks are blest.
A King most just shall reign er'e long,
him must his foes adore,
His Spouse singing her nuptial-Song,
then heat smites her no more.

76 Hymn.

The Soul, and Spouse, tempted with heat,
For cool refreshing gales intreat.

Eying that promise, Isai. 4.6.8. Song c. 25.6.

HOw long Lord shall this heat
of persecution beat,
Which makes me pray, shorten my day;
or make my Sun retreat.
Afflictions make me look
like bottles in the smoak,
My heart (alas!) withers as grass,
my fruitful branch is broke.
Yet Lord to thee I cry,
under thy shade I fly,
Thy healing wing, shall cause me sing,
and down in safety lye.
Though Zion's Sons have lain
'mong pots, (in vile disdain)
He has foretold, her wings, with gold,
hee'l beautifie again.
Mans rage shall cease, and fall;
with noise of strangers all,
The branch (or Sons) of terrible ones,
shall break against the wall;
[Page 88]Then storms and heat shall ceases
Lambs feed, and lye in peace,
Then Babels Sun shall set at noon,
her torments have no ease.
Sing ye distrest, and poor,
now look to weep no more,
Your Sun does rise, lift up your eyes,
and 'fore his throne adore.

77 Hymn.

VVhen vials, Babel-Rome, consume.
Cool and refreshing times then come.
LOrd hasten Babels threat'n'd doom
for Zion sake afford,
Cool and refreshing gales to come,
from th' presence of the Lord.
Why should thy Lambs be led aside,
and vail'd from their right way,
From fellowship with thy holy bride
with false companions, stray.
The Pastors that thy flock have led
as wolves, have suckt their blood
The rest with tears, (or poyson) fed,
disperst (alone) i' th' wood.
But yet a Shepherd shall arise,
a Branch of great Renown,
His flock to save, from 's Enemies
and sway Scepter, and Crown.
His times will restitution bring
unto the whole creation,
His flock (from wilderness) shall sing,
for peace in every Nation.
The lofty shall be brought full low,
the lowly rais'd on high,
The Lord will righteous vengeance show
on Romes conspiracy.
Christs word the Tyrants Sword will break
that oft his lambs did gore!
To th' heathen then peace he will speak,
and raign for evermore.

78 Hymn.

The Pilgrim now with Christ at rest,
His joy and triumph thus exprest.
LOrd I a stranger was,
and sojourner below:
Defil'd with sin; till Christ came in,
thy Grace to make me know.
I sought in this world, rest
but found't labour in vain,
My life I spent To small content,
till I a Christ could gain.
My sin and misery.
became his time of love;
Tho' in my blood, he meant my good,
himself did's bowels move.
[Page 90]I was a wandring Sheep,
bleating in deserts stray'd,
Till he me sought; and home me brought
me safe on's shoulders lay'd.
He fed m' in pastures green,
me led, by waters calm,
Sweet Wines, I gate, and down I sate
at's feet; and sang my psalm.
Lord what am I; Oh whence
is all this love to me?
That thou should take me home, and make
one of thy Family.
But when my Lord returns,
to's second Marriage feast,
Hee'l then admit all's lambs to sit
on's Throne, in endless rest.

79 Hymn.

The Pilgrim welcom'd, (as a King)
By Christ, does further praises sing.

(As Deuter. 26.5.—11.)

LOrd when a Syrian-stranger, poor
ready to perish quite,
(I call'd) and begging at thy door:
was pitty'd in thy sight.
Thou brough't me in, and I was fed
with water, wine, and milk,
Thy robes of righteousness me clad,
more rich than royal silk.
When in's own Chamber I was plac't
my King one secret told,
On's throne I should be with him grac't
with's crown richer than gold.
And as a sign he would defeat,
and break Levi'thans head,
And give his flesh to's folk for meat
and's Manna for their bread.
As I mus'd on this mystery;
I quickly heard a voice,
Angels sang praise in melody,
so I 'gan to rejoyce.
Now blessing, honour, to the Lamb
pow're, wisdom, riches, praise,
Hosannahs be to's glorious name:
and joyful songs always.
Now as I was about to sing,
I heard one on the throne,
Bad silence, while I heard my King
thus triumph sing: alone.

80 Hymn.

The Lambs triumph, that did obtain,
Both vict'ry and our right to raign.

As Psal. 40.7. John 17. Prov. 8.31.

LOrd I before the World began,
with thee in glory sate,
Yet came in form of flesh humane,
thine to redintigrate.
[Page 92]That body thou prepar'd, I gave
to death, an offering pure,
And victor did, ascend from grave,
'thine, lasting life t' ensure.
To them I have thy will made known,
and will more of them call;
On them my blood and spirit bestown,
with me abide they shall.
And I that for them freely bled;
o're sin will make them raign,
I'le for them plead; bless them with bread,
and see them once again.
That glory thou to me hast given,
I freely share to them:
To raign on Earth, first, (after heav'n)
i'th' new Jerusalem.
(This hear'd) with adoration great,
before his blessed throne;
I fell, at th' foot of's mercy seat,
and prais'd the Lamb alone:
Amen (said I) blessing, and pow're,
let all things give to thee;
Both Saints, and Angels, day and hour
to all Eternity.

81 Hymn.

A glorious feast, Christ will provide,
Then lead to's rest his holy Bride.

Isa. 25.8, 9.—Apoc. 19.7, 8.

OH Shepherd of the Sheep,
thine is both flock, and fold;
For thou hast sought them out, and bought,
with price far above gold.
For them thou wil'st provide
a Feast of red wine, pure,
Most sweet of tast, yet best at last,
which feast shall aye, indure.
Mean while thy Vineyard thou
(tho' naked and forelorn)
Dost safely guard, with watch and ward,
and wat'rest every morn.
Those boars, and foxes all,
(that humane judgment scapes)
Take in thy toyl, that made such spoil▪
of thy Vines-tender Grapes.
Then shall our winter end,
rains cease, in pleasant spring
Sweet flowres appear, then we shall hear
the Birds, and Turtles sing.
Oh blest they that are call'd,
(with th' Lambs Bride) to be guest,
For now each head is crown'd and led
to's mansions: aye to rest.
Then must the Lamb resign
his Kingdom medi'atory,
Gods mystery, shall finisht be,
i th' Fathers Royal Glory.

82 Hymn.

When in this world, our Lord shall raign,
These happy things, shall then obtain.

(As in Psal. 2.6, 9. —and 72.3, 4, 12. Is. 16.5.)

WHen God shall Christ his Son anoint,
on Zions holy hill;
Salvation thence he will appoint,
For walls and bulwarks still.
The great shall then no terrour be.
the good to over-awe;
And force them into corners flee,
For keeping of Gods Law.
The vile no more account shall bear,
Tyrants no more oppress;
No peircing bramble, just ones tear,
None rise by wickedness.
But right, and truth, ascends the Throne,
to 'ffront iniquity;
And reason, justice, faith in one
united; shall agree.
Then worship pure, shall not endure
foggs superstitious;
Nor scarlet whore, shall more allure
to Babel, for Gods house.
[Page 95]Scripture our Royal guide, and Law
the word, the Sword shall blunt:
(Vengeance shall horns and mitres saw)
the Nimrods cease to hunt.
Thus Heav'n, and Earth, to joy shall break,
(a joy that ends distress,)
He for the meek will judgment seek,
and hasten righteousness. Amen.

83 Hymn.

This Hymn enumerates the kinds
Of mercies: but the summe who finds?

As Psal. 40.5. and 139.17.

TO God let's all sing praise
that by his word all made,
Thus heav'n above; and all that move
on Earth, their being had.
For Sun that lights the day,
for Moon, and glittering stars,
That in the night foreshew us light,
(as signs) of peace, or wars.
For th' Earth and all its hosts,
the Sea and what's therein.
All subject stand by Gods command
to man: tho' fall'n by sin.
For Hail, and Rain, and Dew,
For stormy winds also;
For these fulfil Gods righteous will.
When men against it go.
For day and also night,
Summer, and Winter's frost,
(Contraries do Gods wisdom show
and oft profit us most.)
But Lord whats fall'n man?
dominion such to have,
Or'e all things here; and triumph there
with Christ, or'e death, and grave.
Consume Lord from thy Earth
destructive wicked men;
Oh come again, resume thy raign;
come quickly! Lord Amen.

84 Hymn.

When once on Christ we fix our eyes,
'Twill make us all this world despise.

On Apoc. 12.1.

A wonder great to John was shown]
a Church array'd most sweet,
With th' Sun (most clear) 12 Stars her crown,
but th' Moon under her feet.
Oh blissful sight (once) glorious,
(now to behold most rare)
Our times show us not such a Spouse,
which dare with her compare.
When all is loss and dung for Christ,
(unworthy our esteem,)
Herein true pie'ty doth consist,
Such Christ came to redeem.
Lord why should Saints on things below
their fond affections place;
Since hee's ascended, and we know
we're foll'wing him apace;
who'le show us any good? men say,
(but real good mistake,)
Lord of thy count'nance, one bright ray
on us to shine, O make.
Oh this will glad, and chear us more
than Corn, Oyl, or new Wine,
The glory of this world 'twill lowre
to tast the joys divine.
When Idol-Dagon-self falls down,
Faith does this world disdain:
Earths Princes lose glory 'nd crown,
now Jesus comes to's raign.

85 Hymn.

The Bride with Christ unite'd by Faith,
Thus in communion sings; and saith.
O thou most worthy to be sought!
thy praises we will tell,
Being into thy Chambers brought,
Our great Immanuel.
If one days fello'ship be so sweet
here under's cross and sorrow,
Or to sit pensive at his feet?
what joys succeed i'th' morrow?
Oh who can tell what joyful Songs
may here be sung 'ith' night?
What triumph's then, with heav'nly throngs,
have Saints in perfect light?
To be espous'd to Christ alone,
is unconceived grace:
What's then to sit up in his Throne,
or still to see his face?
With Abr'am Isa'ck, Jacob too,
to consort in one chore,
The Gentile Nations, with the Jew
all singing evermore!
To see vile men, bundl'd, and thrown
down from Christ judgment seat,
All Clouds and Storms, quite over blown,
and only good ones, great.
Who can those future joyes display?
the pleasures of that River,
And City new, where God will stay,
and Saints with him for ever.

86 Hymn.

When Jesus judge, and King shall raign,
Hee'l Truth and Right fully maintain.

Psal. 96.13, Lo! he cometh, &c.

OUr Lord and King shall come in hast,
the flame devours before him,
Angels his Char'ots moving fast,
all bowing down adore him.
His Saphir Throne just judgment is,
his Scepter Righteousness,
His sentence unto Saints gives bliss
to th' wicked pains endless.
With him in judgment Saints preside,
where th' wicked shall not stand,
His flaming eyes they ca'n't abide
but fall under his hands.
Oh how the mighty trembling look,
through horrour, shame, and fear,
VVhen from his face that last rebuke
and sentence they shall hear.
They that before did judge the Lamb,
are doom'd, with a [depart,]
That dreadful curse (they wisht) God damn,
that word will break their heart.
The just shall greatly sing for joy,
when they his vengeance view,
For whore and beast will he destroy,
that judges strong and true.
Greatness (before him) yields no plea,
repriving execution;
'Fore whose white throne, heav'n, earth, and Sea,
all suffer dissolution.

87 Hymn.

To th' new Jerus'lem, and her King,
All nations must their glory bring.

After that Isaiah 60 Apoc. 21.

YE Nations all, and Kings mortal;
this Prophesie attend,
Your earthly glory, vile, trnasitory,
here fades, and's at its end.
Most glorious things the Scripture sings,
o'th' City of God so fair,
That down shall move from God above
in all dimensions square.
Her King's the Lamb, that built the same,
who ever lives, her light
None dwell within defil'd with sin;
all gems most perfect bright.
Her pearly wall, and Towers so tall,
Salvation stiled is;
Angels it guard, (with watch and ward)
the City of God is this.
Here only Saints b' inhabitants
that with the Lamb shall talk.
Through streets of Gold; (thus John us told)
all's Pilgrims sing and walk.
Here runs for ever, that clearest River
(all pleasures, joys for aye)
Oh blest all they, here dwell, and stay
Jehovah (call't) Shammah.

88 Hymn.

The Saints ultimate glorious state,
Admir'd, but none can it relate.

(1 Cor. 2.9. and Apoc. 22.3, 4.)

OH all ye Saints that have a right,
to that last glorious state;
Triumph and sing, and take delight,
whilst you it contemplate.
To see God as we're seen, and know;
is (here) grace budding bliss,
But what it is (there's now can show)
to see him as he is.
To view our Lord in flesh, these twain
natures unite in one;
To see his wounds our way to raign,
and sitting in his Throne.
To tast the comforts of Gods spirit,
in their original;
VVithout desertion, to inherit
Christ's fellowship with all.
To joyn consort with Angels pure
in heavenly harmony,
VVith joy and praise, one hymn to 'dure
all 'long, Eternity.
But eye ne're saw, no ear yet heard
but on'ly thine O God!
The things ineffable, are prepar'd:
in that pleasant abode.

89 Hymn. (A 2d. part of the ult. glory and joyes above.)

Now pain, crying and misery,
Cease, when the Saints Gods Face do see

Rev. 22.1, 2.

OH blissful glorious state!
what words can this define?
No terrene pleasures, coelestial treasures,
nor how sweet? can divine.
O perfect sinless Church!
of holy firstborn ones,
VVhat ioyes attend, (without an end)
those bright Eternal thrones?
Doth sight of Friends refresh?
here's all with full content;
Here Gods own Plants, Christ with the Saints,
dwell near no more t' absent.
Do springs (Rivers) delight,
or Gardens, walks so green?
In that one thing (Jesus our King)
may all (and more) be seen.
Do ordinances yield,
a well of Life most clear?
VVhat life shall we attain, when he
in's glory shall appear?
Musick will charm the ear,
put sence t'an extasie,
Here one sweet Song, shall last as long,
as vast Eternity.
Now grief turns into joy;
faith (hopes) run 'to fruition,
Now only love, and joyes, us move,
int' naked perfect Vision.

90 Hymn.

The Spouse desires of Christ some signs,
To prove that's heart to her inclines.

Commenting on Cant. 1.1, 7.

LOrd give m' a reconciling kiss,
me to embrace incline:
For (sure) thy loving kindness is
far better than sweet wine.
As oyntment pow'r'd forth, is thy name,
(that gives most fragrant smell)
The Virgin-upright-ones proclaim,
therefore they love thee well.
Lord! draw, and after thee wee'le run
the Kings chambers into;
Tho' black, (by hot and scortch Sun,)
yet comely i'me also.
Tell me O thou my Soul does love,
where thou thy food dost take
And rest at noon, (under thy grove)
in fafety thine dost make?
My love to thee from thine, did flow
(when time of love came in)
And shall I now wander? oh no!
Nor sociate with sin?
Such love doth ravish Lord thy heart,
(so wilt thou taken be,)
Oh never may th' affections start,
that knit my soul to thee.
Curst with a Maranath' is he
that loves not Christ the anointed,
And o're all longs not him to see
for 's Zion, King appointed.

91 Hymn.

Hark how the faithful will begin
Welcome: when he to feed comes in.

(as Psal. 24.7—9. 2d. part.

YE lasting gates stand open, and
admit your glorious King
Let him not knock without or stand:
that does his welcome bring.
VVhy stand'st thou (blessed Lord) without?
break in, stay not to knock:
Thy key of love can ope' (no doubt)
each door, with bars, and lock.
But Lord I am unworthy, thou
under my Roof, shouldst come,
Yet since my heart's thy house, I'le vow
to bid thee welcome home.
To entertain this King, who's able?
much less to do it well;
O Spikenard, (now my King's at Table)
send forth thy fragrant smell.
That Wine of's pomgranate i'le break
(the same he brought) i'le bring:
That caus'd my lips-(asleep) to speak,
and from the dust to sing;
I am my well belov'd's, hee's mine,
'mong Lillies (white) he feeds,
Till day dawns; I with him will dine
or'e Hills, see, how he speeds.
Make hast oh King, be like a Roe
come running, fly away;
Confound thy foes, make Princes know
thy raign abides for aye.

92 Hymn.

The Spouse fed of Christs providore,
Beggs, Lord, such food give evermore.
TO th' heav'nly Court I went,
a visiting my King;
He knew't before, and ope't the door,
I came his fruits to bring.
I greatly was in doubt,
how I should entrance gain
Yet in I went, for word he sent,
he would me entertain.
When ent'red in, I found
a noble wellcome home;
And all that came; (once blind, and lame)
yet for more guests was room:
The hungry, naked, poor,
yea blind and dumb, all sung,
(All heal'd, and clad) most princely fed,
his house with praises, rung.
Then I (for company,)
my Songs could not restrain,
That he should smile, on one so vile
and with him, cause to raign.
Our entertainment was
of dainties for a King,
The wine he drew, of's Kingdom-new
he did in person bring.
Oh then let every guest,
(tho' here griev'd and opprest)
Lift up your eyes, yon'd's paradise,
there hope to be at rest.

93 Hymn.
(1st. Part.)

Ye Nations listen to this call,
Before Gods face, ye Isles shall fall.
YE Nations all, attend this call,
for 'tis the voice of God
His Gospel take, er'e Christ you break,
with's heavy Iron rod.
To God O turn, your Idols burn,
let Dagon fall, before
The Ark of God: where's his abode,
and shall be evermore.
If ye withstand his strecht out hand,
by which he would you save,
It is most right, (in all mens sight,)
that judgmeht ye should have.
For God has sworn, this to perform,
that bow shall every knee,
Confess and know, must high and low,
Christs glorious Majestie.

(2d. Part.)

LEt God arise, alls Enemies
shall scattered forces be:
Yea all that hate Zions good state,
before Gods face shall flee.
In's holy place, to see Gods face
and hear s most pleasant voice
Will finish Saints grief, and complaints
and make their hearts rejoyce.
The Wilderness, joy shall express,
and sing to see that day;
When men of might, quite out of sight
shall perish, and decay.
[Page 108]Gods countenance hee'l then advance
upon the desert rose;
His dew shall light, on's Lillies white,
that in low Vallies grows.
For his elect hee'l then erect,
a throne of judgment high,
That he may bring, each lofty thing
'fore it to search, and try.
Then Saints shall bring their elect King,
near to th' ancient of days,
And God with us shall dwell: and thus
wee'l sing Immortal praise.

94 Hymn.

Is God with us, (the Lord of Hosts,)?
Saints! do not fear, but rather boast.
O Glorious throne on high
on which thou Lord does dwell,
Dispensing grace; to Isra'ls race;
lets mark its footstool well.
Lions are subject'd too't,
'fore it stand spirits, seav'n
Whose Oyl gives light, both day and night
leading to th' highest heaven.
What times Saints are afraid,
hence (on a look, or cry,)
God gives command, with mighty hand
to save immediately.
Tho' thousands hem us in
with camps of men, and devils
Gods with his Church, is as a torch
of fire, devouring evils.
Ye Sons of Belial then,
dig pitts as deep as hell;
No crafts shall stand 'gainst Zions Land
whose King's Immanuel.
This Shepherd of Gods flock
is wise, and strong also
With mighty arm his Lambs from harm
to save, and keep them too.
For he amongst them walks
to feed, protect and guide
Who Lord! dares band against thy hand,
When thou art on our side?
Balaam by cursed crafts
sought Isr'el to devour:
VVhen God will bless; man's wickedness
must fail, for lack of power.
If thou (Lord) stand for us
against us be who dare?
If on thy Son first, wrath begun;
thy foes, how canst thou spare?
Shine forth O glorious Sun,
the Land, light' with thy rayes,
Oh once again, descend: Amen.
so we will sing thy praise.

95 Hymn.

Ye Angels, Cherubs, Creatures all,
Sing praise in Chores Seraphical.
LEt Angels all that live above,
make a melodious noise,
Cast in your sparks to th' flames of love,
with Martyrs; and rejoyce.
For he that fram'd the world, has laid
and fix't all for his glory,
The VVheel of nature, and every creature▪
in't's kind, do sing before 'yee.
Praise him ye flouds, and waters deep
through which Christ lead his folk,
Let fire, and flame exalt his name,
where once (with three) hee'd walk.
Could we his inward converse learn,
with them three Nobles stout,
VVe should admire, that from that fire
(tho' call'd) they could come out.
Oh glorifie that Lord i'th' fires
(ye Saints that loves him dear)
Tho' love you burns, yet from your urns,
a Phoenix shall appear.
VVhen Christ your King, on Zion 'rises,
Babels hot flames, shall cease:
Saints pure devotion, then gains promotion,
with truth and lasting peace.
Christ Tent he then will place with men,
for evermore to stay:
VVith heat divine, Christ face shall shine;
and mak't eternal day.

96 Hymn.

Cantic. Igneum. On the three Children Dan. 3.

Christ present made three in the furnace four,
This kept them so, that fire could not devour.

(Heb. 11.34. [...],)

YE mortal Kings on Earth, behold
Christs all-sufficient pow'r;
Look on admire, that such a fire
three children can't devour.
In one here's many wonders wrought,
the fire to burn, forbears;
Save only bands, loost off their hands,
and slayes persecuters.
So Moses turn'd aside (of old)
to view Gods bush on flame
Well we may 'dmire; zeal's hotter fire
that cool'd and quench't the same.
No Royal rage can fires incense
too hot for faith, and love;
Lord on our Souls, such heav'nly coales
let fall, and in us move;
That Jesus, that (for's love to us,)
could bleed, us to redeem,
He doubtless hath quencht hotter wrath,
all glory (praise) to him.
Thou from a furnace hot like hell,
didst save us in like manner,
That for thy cause, thy truth and laws,
thou mightst display thy banner.
When Zion's flames proud-Babel tames,
Saints have their jubilee;
The earth in peace, truth, righteousness,
shall bow, and sing to thee.

97 Hymn.

Lord let that long accepted year,
Of full redemption (hop'd) draw near.

Psal. 85.7, 8. &c.

LOrd God of Hosts that hearest prayers
come down, thy heavens bow,
Sion, for which theres no man cares,
to save, arise do thou.
According to the days wherein
affliction we have had,
And years of sorrow we have seen
Oh now Lord make us glad.
The sins of our long Wilderness
and temptings, from us roul,
Thy vine, oh save; it plant, and dress,
with thy whole heart, and soul.
Hear then, what God will to us say,
for surely hee'l speak peace,
To his own Saints; that never they
shall turn to foolishness.
Sure his Salvation draweth near
(God will the same command,)
That glory too; (for those him fear)
may dwell within our land.
To Jewish Rites, last Jubilee,
himself Messiah blew:
To Romish yoaks, his raign shall be
final and full adieu.
To God and to the Lamb therefore,
give Kingdom, powre, always;
Let men and Angels, him adore,
and ever sing his praise.

98 Hymn.

When hopes are low, and undermin'd with fears;
And wicked high'st, God usually appears.

Gen. 22.14. Zach. 1.8, 10.

OH God most high and wise,
thine ear to us incline;
Open thine eyes; and them surprize,
that 'gainst thy Christ combine:
When Councels are most rife
accomplished to be;
On Isa'c's life now stop the knife,
and God 'ith' mount, let's see.
Tho' Sons of Belial shout;
and tumults oft assail:
Repress their rout, turn things about
that wicked's hopes may fail.
Tho' Zions hope's forlorn
amongst the Myrtle's low,
Her vail is torn; yet David's horn
shall budd again, and grow,
No weapon shall succeed,
'gainst Zions peaceful state;
God has decreed, and that with speed,
Babel to desolate.
A new creation bright,
will God himself bring forth;
Where Christ shall sit protecting it,
even in the sides o'th' North.
Jesus our Bridegroom! come,
for thee the wedding stays,
Thy Kingdom come, to it make room,
let mourners sing thy praise.

99 Hymn.

Angels and Cherubims, all fulfil,
What changes God (presiding) will.
THe Lord above the Clouds presides,
he storms and winds does sway,
His Char'ots through Red-Sea he rides
to find (or force) his way.
[Page 115]This world that seems to rowl, and reel,
moves by divine command;
His spirit turns about each wheel,
and, when he bids, they stand.
Thou by thy pow'r do'st rule alway,
thine eyes all nations spy;
Yea when rebellious ones bear sway;
thou art exalted high.
When wicked ones are turn'd above,
God turns about the wheel;
Because the Lord doth Zion love,
her foes sha'll 's vengeance feel.
All those that Zion hate, shall be
like Corn on the house top;
That, upright ones with joy shall see,
the Lords own sickle lop.
The Kingdom of Gods providence,
doth bring great things to pass:
But when his Son shall rule, dispense,
the just flourish, as grass.
On foes, the Lord aloud will thunder,
to raise his witnesses;
And them advance, that long lay under
darkness, and sore distress.
That change shall be a joyful one,
when Christ above shall sway;
Causing oppressions to be gone,
and sighs to flee away.

100 Hymn.

One sits above the wheels,
To steer, when our Faith reels.
THe Lord hath said his throne abides,
his Kingdom shall endure:
What if this world now rowls and slides,
his promise still stands sure.
Gods ship (as on a Sea) is tost,
the winds contrary too;
Our anchor hold of hope, oft lost,
Christ seems asleep also:
Then unbeleif makes surges beat;
has God cast off for aye?
Or is he gone, from's mercy seat?
doth promise lye? we say.
Has grace forgot gracious to be?
can wrath, or'ecome his love?
Oh no 'tis mine infirmity:
i'le wait for Noah's Dove.
I'le (Jonah-like) look up again,
to Gods most holy Hill;
That o're all winds, and waves can raign,
and change them at his will.
Th' old world God once turn'd to a Floud▪
then Nimrods race, o're turn'd;
He gave Levi'athan once for food:
and Babel's to be burn'd.
Old hearts, old world, shall be renew'd,
all things restor'd shall be:
(the whore and beast being subdu'd,)
Christ set on high wee' I see.
Then let us our Hosannah's give,
and Halelujahs say,
To th' Lamb, (once slain,) that now doth live;
even our exalted Jah.

101 Hymn.

Some Consolatory Hymns, concluding the use of Psal. 2.8, 9.

Ʋnto the Lamb let us give praise,
That is, and shall be, he that was.
OH thou most mighty one,
Unto the Lamb thy Son;
Our Saviour free, give praise do we,
for our Redemption.
For thy dea'r chosens sake,
Levi'athans head thou break
With such a wound, that whole and sound,
none ever could it make.
This Isle thy Scepter wun,
and here thy work's begun,
Oh Christ obtain thy throne again
once more cry it is done.
[Page 118]Tho' Nations, angry, rush,
and at the Lamb do push,
God with his look will them rebuke,
with Iron rod them crush.
They sport it in our pain,
rejoyc't, whiles we are slain;
Now they shall bow, as footstools low,
for Christ to rise, and raign.
Our sighs to joys shall turn,
and these our rods shall burn,
And God will raise to life, and praise,
with dew of heav'n, our urn.
Oh then lets joy, and say
this is our long'd-for day:
In darkness sing, for a blest spring
now hastens. Halelujah.

102 Hymn.

God's able (in his time and will,)
All's promises (of grace) 't fulfil.

Gen. 3.15.

OH thou that faithful art;
thou keepst thy covenant true;
We praise and bless thy righteousness,
that is (from us) thy due.
Thy promise first was made
to break the Serpents head,
Tho' he our heel do bruise; yet wee'l
believe what God has said.
Tho' Lions on us roar,
and Foxes watch to tear,
Yet Christ doth keep his Lambs and Sheep,
and in his bosom bear.
The're is no thorn, nor brier;
can pierce Saints eyes or side,
No Cannanite dwells in thy sight,
nor Belial's Sons abide.
No vile uncircumcis'd;
no Sea, to toss us on;
Rejoyce therefore; now fear no more,
utter destruction.
For God will purge the bloud,
and filth Sion upon,
And when his wrath, finish't he hath,
then wo to Babilon.
No Idols then shall stand,
nor Idol-Shepherds be;
But Christ alone shall on his throne,
that day exalt'd shall be.
Lord hast, thy word fulfil,
accomplish all thy will,
Let Isra'ls seed, return and feed,
on Sions holy hill.
VVhen God again brings back,
his people captive led:
Then Jacob shall rejoyce, and all
his Isr'el shall be glad.

103 Hymn.

Gods roaring heaven and Earth doth shake,
Yet Saints in Christ their shelter make,

Joel 3.16. Isai. 26. ult.

OH Isr'els help and hope,
our only Saviour,
Ease the complaints of thy dear Saints
in such a tempting hour.
Hark thy creation groans
by wicked men, thy rod,
O make it free, most gloriously,
like to the Sons of God.
Tho' all things dye and fade,
thou wilt make all things new,
Here wee'l be glad, since God has said,
that faithful is and true.
From him there shall proceed
judgement in Righteousness,
Thus wars shall cease, all men in peace,
in him, themselves shall bless.
Then prayers shall turn to praise,
even those cast off that seem'd,
(Thousands of years, when Christ appears)
from wrath shall be redeem'd.
For Christ himself comes forth,
earths blood open to lay,
T' avenge the guilt of all was spilt,
from Abel's to th' last day.
Then no more crowns of thornes
and griefs shall Saints array,
But clad with praise, and palms always,
shall sing, with joy, for aye,
Amen. Halelujah.

104 Hymn.

Faith joys, and triumphs o're,
The Dragon, beast, and whore.

Apo. 17.14, 15.

TO thee most holy one,
be giv'n Dominion,
With victory, shall crowned be
that spotless Lamb, thy Son.
This Lamb once slain (as't were)
yet now's alive again,
Resolv'd to break (for Sions sake)
that 10 horn'd beastly raign.
VVhat Lands did Rome admire
both hate, and shall, retire,
Now make her bare, and 'gainst her war,
burn in her flesh with fire.
Thus on that whore, Gods will
the ten horns must fulfil,
Which shall make way, for the lambs sway
on Sions Holy Hill.
Then Isr'els out-casts all
and suff'rers great and small,
Be gathered to Ghrist their head,
whom his own Spouse, he'l call.
This little Stones-Kingdom,
a mountain now's become,
Nations desire, all things conspire,
before it to make room.
Here God will make a feast,
of fatts, and wines the best;
That fruitful Tree of life shall be
our Paradisean feast.
This is that joyful day,
now sighs all flee away,
The Son of God, shall make abode,
and raign in Zion aye.

105 Hymn.

The joy of long differ'd, return of prayers.

Psal. 65.2, 3. and 126.5, 6.

OH thou that hearest prayer
to thee all flesh shall come;
How long shall Saints utter complaints,
praying for thy Kingdom.
How long against our prayers,
shall Gods hot anger smoak?
Whilst men in scorn, exalt their horn,
our heart, with tears we soak.
Why hid'st thou in a cloud,
that prayers cann't pass through,
Iniquities out-vote our cries,
but them all pardon thou.
Then shall our hearts rejoice
th' earth then will give increase,
For God will hear destitute prayer,
and Sion bless with peace.
A Lion then will rise
and roar out on his prey,
Seven phyals cup that whore shall sup,
on the Lambs ireful day.
Sion shall rise and sing,
answers our prayer o're take,
But wo shall fall, on great and small,
with Sion war that make.
O then let's sow in tears
hoping that harvest day,
With Sions King to reap and sing,
and shout, Halelujah.

(2d. Part.)

Psal. 102.13, 15.

The return of Prayers.

WHen God again vouchsafes
to hear his Childrens suit,
Then for our trouble he'l render double
to th' prayers o'th' destitute.
[Page 124]Then with a cloud, no more
will he his count'nance cover
His Sun again, (after the rain)
shall shine, and storms fly over.
What comforts then shall spring?
surrounding Sions Hill,
That all shall sing, that love her King,
his dews their Fleece will fill.
Then Sharons rose shall bud
and Lilly of the vale
With thorns that stood, water'd with bloud,
shall rise, grow strong and tall.
For God by terrible things,
will answer to us give,
Thus meek shall eat, be satiate,
your hearts that seek, shall live.
Ye Saints then sing for joy,
for Babels helpers all
Cease from her throne, and every one
shall with (or from her) fall.
Yee Heavens, Apostles, all,
joy Prophets, Martyrs! say,
Now God in wrath, aveng'd us hath,
Again Halelujah.

107 Hymn.

An Hymn for the Sabbath or Gospel Jubilee.

Dan. 2.44. &c.

LOrd hast that glorious day of rest
that joyful jubilee,
Wherein the weary shall be blest,
and from oppression free.
Hark how the whole creation pants,
with thine adopted ones,
The King of Righteousness it wants,
to set up judgment-thrones.
That stone that from the Mountain was
cut out (not in mans hand,)
Into a mount; O let it pass,
that may all powers command,
A burdensome foundation stone,
in Sion then shall lie
All that against it spurn (each one)
shall by it fall, and dye.
Thus God will raise henceforth his praise
avengers all, to still;
And crown the patient Saints with bays,
with joy, peace, and good will.
Then glory, grace, let's to it sing,
Babel is fall'n, wee'l say:
This is our King, of him let's ring
and shout; Halelujah.

108 Hymn.

(Elijahs intercession.)

1 Kings 18.37. Rom. 11.3.

O God to whom vengeance belongs,
lift up thy self on high,
Judge of the Earth revenge all wrongs
done to thy Majesty.
Thy blasphemous and cruel foes,
on high exalt their horn,
Christs Tabernacle they oppose
and at his Kingdom scorn.
Where is our God? in taunt they say,
but we in hope, say so:
Thy judgements once again display,
then, where thou art, they'l know.
Oh pay these Isles a recompence,
both them that sin, and suffer,
Justice, and mercy too, dispense:
then thanks and praise wee'l offer.
Turn thou Lord; give us yet one turn,
(that all thy rod may feel)
Exalt to safety, all that mourn,
vile ones make like a wheel.
Mans haughtiness, then shall descend
with Babel to the dust:
A Sword then Christ from heav'n will send,
plead with all flesh, it must.
Thus multitudes, (Armies) shall fall,
i'th valley of decision,
Then Christ his witness up will call,
and heal this vale of vision.

109 Hymn.

Our Souls are tost 'twixt hope and fear,
Lord when shall Sions King appear?

Psal. 43.3, 10.43.2.

OH Lord of hosts! thine enemies boast,
against thy Children dear,
Come do not stay, hear what they say,
where is your God, O where?
Tho' promise made, be long delay'd,
Lord Jesus thou hast said,
Thy word and will, thou wilt fulfil
our hop's in heaven up laid.
These swelling flouds, threaten our bloods
Religion to ore flow:
Upon them look; through clouds rebuke;
thy vengeance on them show.
VVhen Providence of all defence,
has stript us utterly;
Do thou alone judge on thy throne,
and plead our cause, on high,
Let Sions pain, deliverance gain;
and glory to her King,
So shall our fear, soon disappear,
our sorrows, new songs bring.
But they that have long dug this grave
themselves let in it fall.
By mischiefs, cause most healing Laws,
subjecting great and small.
Open a door of hope. once more:
dawn everlasting day,
Rescue our Isle, Babel beguile;
so wee'l sing, Hosannah.

110 Hymn.

Oh Juda's mighty Lion!
Return to save thy Sion.

Rev. 12.2, 3.

LOrd Jesus hast deliverance,
for Sion's now in pain,
So we thy praises, shall advance,
when Christ returns to raign.
Our travel now twelve hundred years,
(whilst Babilon has mirth)
Seems long; yet when our Lord appears,
'twill glad, both heav'n and Earth.
The Dragon (seeking to devour,)
before the woman stands,
His rage, and malice, Lord, o're-power,
and from him save Three-Lands.
Let our deliverance come from thee,
by whom must Jacob rise?
Vain's all the help of man (we see,)
to the we lift our eyes.
If none can save, or plead (a word,)
in this ⟨vale⟩ of decision,
Thy mighty ones send down O Lord!
thy foes have in derision.
Then followers of the Lamb shall sing
triumphant Songs, and say
Salvation to our head, and King,
and praise to thee; O Jah.

111 Hymn. On that Psal. 32.7.

With Songs of our deliverance near,
Encompass Lord thy People dear.
OH thou i'th' Heaven's that hast thy seat,
deliv'rance that affords;
Saviours on Sions mountains set
let th' Kingdoms be the Lord's.
Thy glorious arm in mighty facts
of old thou didst make bare;
Now that thy name is near, thine acts
of wonder do declare.
Thine Ephah's heapt up full of sin:
and ripe the harvest grows;
When shall thy reaping work begin,
the Vine sat overflows.
Thy Char'ots once into the North,
were sent, (in num'rous train)
Revive thy work, Angels send forth,
to quiet thy spirit again.
Fulfil thy wrath; thou hast begun,
divide thou Babels Tongues;
And on her ruins, raise thy Son;
our sorrows, turn to Songs.
Then lasting smiles, succeed our frowns,
darkness preceeds our day;
To Christ belongs all Thrones, all Crowns,
all Isles. Halelujah.

112 Hymn.

Cantic. Halelujaticum.
Some signs of good the Lord doth show,
That all thy name, and power may know,
Justice before his face doth go.
SAlvations to the Lord belong,
Glory and Blessing too,
For all that long to do us wrong,
hee'l utterly undo.
Deliverance sure approaches nigh,
and glory i'th' Land shall dwell:
Thy Majesty's exalted high,
thy Robes of Justice smell.
Thy Harbingers O mighty King!
thus run before thy face,
'Tis like our Spring, (the Birds so sing)
why shou'd we not cry Grace!
[Page 131]Remember once 'twas Edom's word
it rase, (to'th bottom) rase,
Therefore our Lord their rage abhorr'd
and turn'd to us his face.
Mens hearts seem to return again:
to pity Sions stones;
Earth shakes amain; for Christ will raign,
and raise our dry-dead-bones.
Thy Flocks shall feed safe in the woods,
the Lion couch in's denn;
The Lord thinks good, t' enquire out blood,
so bee't: Lord God! Amen.

113 Hymn.

When God to vengeance once arises,
Joy Saints; but sinners wrath surprises.

In a gloss on Judg. 5.2.11. Deut. 32.42.

LOrd for thy mercy's sake,
for Saints some vengeance take,
For unto thee appeal do we;
that heav'n and earth didst make.
Unto thy Saints return,
that wrath may cease to burn,
Now let our God, burn up his rodd:
so comfort them that mourn.
How long shall furious might
insult o're godly right?
Lord let thy Sword fulfil thy word,
with right, O judge and fight.
[Page 132]And when our Heavens do smile
to save this floating Isle,
Sion, shall bless thy righteousness
whom they sought to defile.
Then Babels pride shall fall,
her Towers, and Captains all,
Her noble ones, cease from their thrones;
the Captives from their thrall.
Then Sions Sons shall say,
'Tis he for whom we stay!
Lo! he again, is come to raign,
Lord welcome! Hosannah.

114 Hymn.

When God our freedom shall effect,
Great joy accrues to his Elect.

Isaiah 26.1, ult. Nahum. 1. ult.

WHen God from Babel shall release
his Captive Saints most dear
All wrong and violence quite shall cease
Christ will the Scepter bear.
No persecuting Wolf shall rage
to tear the Lambs of God,
Peace runs with truth from age to age,
and God will burn his rod.
The Lord Salvation will appoint,
for Walls and Bulwarks too,
Tho' he no man to save anoint,
that work himself hee'l do.
Tho' he for Jacob's seed Elect,
will use nor bow, nor Sword,
His power alone soon can effect
to save, ev'n with a word.
Then truth o're th' earth shall spring apace
the Gospel shall succeed,
Justice shall run before his face,
t' avenge each bloody deed.
Sion her solemn Feasts shall hold
the Belials be no more,
Christs flocks shall safely feed, and fold,
and sing the Lamb before.
O Earth cover not thou the slain,
ye Saints shout loud, and say,
Lord Jesus hast to judge and raign,
come quickly, come away.

115 Hymn.
Victoria Halelujatica (1st. part.

The ayr with Halelujahs rings,
When God the beast to judgement brings.

Rev. 12.9, 10.

LOrd thou art strong and righteous too,
and so dost judge, and fight,
The vengeance of thy Temple show,
and do thy poor ones right.
Hark how the whole Creation groans,
and Sion cries for pain;
Longing to see the judgment thrones
and Christ set there to raign.
Awake, awake, thou arm that br ak,
of old proud Rahabs head,
And of Lev'athan food didst make,
for Saints, i'th' desert led.
Now Babels whore as Queen would ride,
in bloody scarlet colour,
O call from Wilderness thy bride,
and hasten Babels dolour.
Then we Salvation to our God,
and to the Lamb shall sing,
For he alone the Winepresstrod,
and shall our harvest bring.
Before him righteousness shall tread,
and follow him shall peace;
To springs of joy his Lambs hee'l lead,
all pain, with sin shall cease.

116 Hymn.
2d. part of the Lambs Victory.

The Lambs bride comes t' a nuptial feast,
When God has judg'd both whore and beast.

Rev. 19.7, 8, 9.

YE Saints Hosannahs sing,
behold here comes your King:
Your faith may spy, your victory
and healing under's wing.
Now take triumphant palms,
sing joyful hymns, and psalms,
Your Pilat will these proud Seas still
and cause eternal calmes.
Just vengeance Christ will take,
for's Temple (people) sake,
Strong is the Lord, and true's his word,
Rome desolate he'll make.
Then the Lamb's marked ones
with him ascend to Thrones;
Both Jew and Greek to him shall seek;
Sion shall bear new Sons.
Oh Saints awake arise
(beautiful in Gods eyes)
Shake off your bands, with Sampsons hands,
resume your Liberties.
For Christ took flesh that we
no more might Captives be;
His bloud alone, purchast this throne,
there with him sit shall we.
Lord Jesus come away,
we waiting for thee stay;
Jf at thy feet, to sit be sweet,
much more's thy throne; O Jah.

117 Hymn.

Whoso the Book of Providence reads,
May 'dmire at these his noble deeds.

Psalm 111.2, 5, 6.

TO God that all things made,
lets sing with heart and voice;
Heav'ns, Earth, proclaim their Makers name,
but Saints, much more rejoyce.
[Page 136]To him that by his word,
all Creatures did produce,
Whose holy will▪ all shall fulfil
in order, ends and use.
To him whose wisdom, pow're
in all his works are shown,
Which wond'rous are, and all declare,
that he is God alone.
To him whose promise is
a faithful word alway,
Nor ever shall one tittle fail
that ever God did say.
To them he meat hath given,
that to his fear are bent;
Whom once he takes, he ne're forsakes
minding his Covenant.
Let him from Isles therefore,
high songs of glory have,
From Idol Rome, and Martyrdom,
that wond'rously doth save.
Salvation to our God;
and to the Lamb on high;
Him set above, him praise and love,
he wins the victory. Amen.

118 Hymn.

The just thus triumph over all,
That hating hope to see their fall.

On Psal. 37.12, 14, 32.

THe Lord that loveth righteousness,
will upright ones protect,
Against their wyles, and practises
that violence project.
The wicked plots against the Life
of just; (but it conceals,)
Thier lust conceiv'd, (nigh birth, and rife)
God with a blast reveals.
The men of violence and deceit,
and such as just men hate;
Thou Lord! most wise, doest them defeat
and wilt make desolate.
That we being deliv'red free,
from their hands that us hate,
The fafe posessors then might be
ev'n of our enemies gate.
Lord cease the hate of wicked men,
to those that Christ affect;
Or or'e them rule; come once agen,
all to thy feet subject.
When God the Earth with peace shall bless,
the states with righteousness:
When Tyrants cease meek to oppress▪
then all shall Christ confess.
Then mourners glorious garments wear
of praise, when Christ will call,
All nations 'fore him to appear:
then God shall judge them all.

119 Hymn.

Changes below, shall all fulfil,
Not man's, but God's most holy will.
THe Lord most high doth sit above
his Councels wisdom are;
To Saints he bears eternal love,
why should we then despair?
If wicked ones exalt their horn
and prosper for a while;
God eyes them with contempt and scorn;
but will on's people smile.
No waves, Gods Ark, can e're o'reflow,
tho' they may foam and swell;
They cannot past his License go,
that in this Ship, doth dwell.
This World is hurl'd about, and reels
nothing can stablish't 'bide,
Till faith that Rock of ages feels,
on him we may confide.
The reins (tho' in the vilest hands)
Christ sits above to sway,
When he to turn about commands,
all must his will obey.
None's like the God of Jeshurun;
riding in's excellence;
(With healing in his wings;) a Sun;
and Shield for our defence.
Ride on, prosper, O mighty one!
till all shall thee obey,
To thee alone, belongs each Throne,
Amen, to this we say.

120 Hymn.

All things shall rowl, and reel, and shake,
Till Christ comes all anew to make.

Hag. 2.7. Ester 9.1.

THe praise of Gods most holy name,
Oh let us sing alway,
He is eternally the same,
his mercy lasts for aye.
That we are not consum'd, it is
because he changes never;
I'th' burning bush, or deep abyss,
his pow'r preserves us ever.
Our foes hate us with bitter wrath,
(and hate us ever will,)
Through grace, he that receiv'd us hath,
and lov'd, will love us still.
Lord, heaven and earth, sea and dry land,
begin to reel and shake;
That God deliv'rance may command,
for his own Zion's sake,
Come forth all people, and behold
what turnings God has wrought,
His people to redeem; (of old,)
that sold themselves for nought:
Rahab he brake, for Isra'ls sake
proud Haman disappointed:
Sions Messiah's right will take,
for he's the Lords anoynted.
Once more Lord shake, and overturn,
by th' Reign o'th' little stone:
That Saints may sing, and Babel mourn,
and Christ be 'xalt'd alone.

121 Hymn.

This Hymn of praise, our Nation,
Should sing for Gods Salvation.

Isaiah 24, 15, 16.

YE People of the Isles abroad,
Gods fearful praises tell,
'Tis he alone that's our own God,
that saves from lowest Hell.
Thou from the pit of human wrath
in which water was none,
(Like Joseph's) the afflicted hath
pluck't, by thy hand alone.
From Hamans fierce cruel devise
from Spanish Inquisition,
From Conscience Tyranny, (most wise
Lord) be our safe Physitian.
[Page 141]From Nimrod's, Herod's, Absolon's
insatiate Tyranny's:
From Judas, Doeg's, Nero's Sons
their crafts, and cruelty's.
So we (Lord) saved by thine arm
thy wisdom, grace, and strength,
From Serpents wiles, and Dragons charm
shall fear, praise thee at length.
To thee we look for safety now,
our help on thee shall stay,
Oh King, do thou make all heads bow
before thy feet, O Jah.

122 Hymn.

Where Christ in saving power dwells,
That Land call it Immanuel's.

Isaiah 8.8. Hab. 3.2.

WHen God from Teman march't,
'gainst Judahs adversary,
In Palestine, was his design
to place his Sanctuary.
Heathen in wrath he thrasht,
dy'd red his Garments were,
To Isra'ls nation rode for Salvation:
because the Lord was there.
There Zion's mount he chose
his Tent in it to rear,
All that invaded it were made,
to feel the Lord was there.
[Page 142]Like as for our two Isles,
God did of old appear,
So for ingrateful ones, of late,
that mighty God was here.
The wonders God has wrought,
will show his Name is near,
Happy our Lands, if God commands,
Immane'l's throne, up here.
That City, truly may
be call'd the City of God,
Where Christ on high, in's majesty,
does raign, and make abode.
With reverence to the Lamb,
these Nations shall therefore
Bow and adore, thy throne before;
O Jah for evermore.

123. Hymn.

The soul traversing vales along,
Out of its deeps Eccho's this song.

as Psal. 40.7. 130.1, 2.

IN every state; O Lord!
i'le tune my heart for praise;
My sickness, health, poverty, wealth,
life, death; thy glory raise.
When men despise me most
or curse; whom thou hast blest,
If for thy name, I suffer shame;
thy glor'on me shall rest.
If poor, naked, and bare,
(as Job) in Garments rent;
My future bliss, true treasure is,
with that my Soul's content.
No honours here. i'le seek;
nor hunt applause with men,
A better state, I emmulate,
to be God's Citizen.
My pris'n a Palace turns,
my torments yeild me ease;
The Lions Den, hot wrath of men,
yeild joy, comfort, and peace.
When others much abound,
for nothing i'le endeavour
To spend my breath; and life to death,
that I may praise thee, ever.

124 Hymn.

The soul, resign'd in all affection,
To Gods will yeilds entire subjection.

2 Sam. 15.25, 26,

THy holy and commanding will,
Lord, let me know, and do:
And all thy wise disposals still
submit to undergo.
Whole hecatombs of lusts here lyes
(once dear as my right eye)
Them at thy feet i'le Sacrifice,
and so to sin, will dye.
This glittering world (to some so dear
with all its poyson's sweet,
I neither want, nor love, nor fear,
all lies dead under feet.
My Isa'cks that so much content,
(as pleasant pictures) gave,
I am (with some a do) content
that God (at's call) should have.
The presence of thine Ark, I place
and prize, next to my heav'n;
Yet if my Lord suspend his face,
my hopes, and joys stand even.
Yea Lord, if I must prostrate lye,
to smiters, i'le endeavour,
In silence meek, to yeild my cheek,
these deeps, shall praise thee ever.
May I of God this one thing crave,
i'le better joys ask none,
Ere I descend my darksome grave,
to see Christ set on's throne.

125 Hymn.

Tryals as waves succeed, and rowl
But can't o'rewhelm the faithful soul.

Psal. 42.5, 7. ult. Jona. 2.4.

HElp Lord the deeps or'ewhelm my soul,
in mi'ry clay i'm fast.
I to my Rock, for shelter rowl,
till all my storms are past.
The flouds of wicked men, their voice,
have lifted up on high;
The Saints twixt hope and fear, they hoyse,
while Christ asleep doth lye.
Satans high tempting winds do roar,
my faith's about to droop:
Spying, nor Sun, nor Star, nor Shoar,
I loose my Anchor-hope.
But tho' my Lord retires, or walks
on waves, (ev'n like some sp'rit)
My stormy Bark he boards; and talks:
hee'l all things put to right.
That Ship where Christ steers at the helm,
the Holy Spirit gives gales:
No Winds or Waves, her overwhelm,
Gods promise (her Mast) ne're fails.
Oh when that little-ston's-Kingdom,
grows to a Mountain-bless't;
Gods tossed Barks to Anchor come
within vail, safe, to rest.

126 Hymn.

The thankful soul desires always;
In every thing to give God praise.

Dan. 6.10. Phil. 3.1. 1 Thes. 5.16, 18.

LOrd tune my heart always
to sing thy lofty praise:
Yea tho' in deeps, me low, thou keeps,
for thence thou can'st me raise.
Thy hands at first me made,
and ever since me staid;
When sunk beneath; that pit of death;
thine arms were underlaid.
VVhen mercies we receive,
its justice, praise to give;
But O to sing's a comely thing,
and joy, tho' all things grieve.
Some Birds all night do sing,
but only in the spring;
My winter night, shall sparkle bright
in hopes, i'le praises bring.
Tho' Zion wast may lye,
and Babels Sons are high;
The righteous shall behold their fall,
standing that Red-Sea-by.
Such joys, Lord may I gain,
and such First-fruits obtain;
My desert (even) shall look like heaven;
my crown foretells my raign.

127 Hymn.

The Shepherd learns his young to go,
And how they may their Father know,
Of them his tender care to show.

Psal. 8.2. Isai. 5.17. Hos. 11.3, 4.

AS I the Feilds o'th' wood did go,
a Shepherds voice, most sweet,
I hear'd, and thought I did him know
but fear'd; and fell at's feet.
For's head and face, most awsome was,
as though i'd seen a God,
But sweet his words, (as Barnabas)
in's hands I spi'd a rod.
With this (said he) my flock shall be
(and tender Lambs) all fed;
With this such blows i'l give my foes;
shall bruise the Dragons head.
I soon discern'd my Shepherds voice;
he sooner, my condition;
My heart through hopes 'gan to rejoyce,
at's feet I made petition
Lord me to health (when sick) restore;
When lame, apply thy baulm,
Lead me, that I may stray no more,
my swelling Seas, O calm.
When God shall strength, by Babes ordain,
avenging-foes to still,
Lambs in fat, pastures, hee'l maintain,
and raign 'or'e them he will.
Fear not, O little flock! for know
that 'tis your Fathers pleasure,
On you the Kingdom to bestow,
and rich durable treasure.

128 Hymn.

Christ for his kids, fights a fierce duel,
With Foxes, Wolves, and Lions cruel.

Cant. 1.7. Psal. 9.16. Ezek. 34.12.

AS I upon the Mountains high,
(poor Kid alone) did creep,
I hear'd an eccho to the cry;
the Shepherd's voice to's sheep.
The Northside of the Mount did yell
with houling beasts all day,
Where Lions, Wolves, and Foxes dwell;
and hunt for Nimrods prey.
On to'ther side the mount I found,
two little flocks of Kids;
Feeding their Shepherds Tents a round:
Christ standing them amidst.
Then I to him aloud, cry'd out.
Lord sheild thy Lambs from harm;
Prevent these beasts that range about:
thy flocks against them arm.
His grant he soon to me dispach't,
(good news comes soft as oyle)
These Beasts are watch't, and shall be catch't,
in their own net, and toyl.
No Lion on my Lambs shall roar,
nor ev'ning Wolves devour:
Foxes shall lay their plots no more;
i'le sheild them, by my power.
Thou Lord alone, thy self mak'st known,
just judgments to display,
When th' wickeds bands, snare their own hands,
Higgaijon (sing) Selah.

129 Hymn.

Christ visiting his Lambs, most tender,
Doth arm himself, as their defender.

as Mic. 2.12. 5.5, 8, 9. Zacr. 10.3, 4.

O all ye Lambs of God,
that to your King belong;
See what a tender, and strong defender,
your Shepherd's to his young.
His blood for them he shed,
will he deny them bread?
Shall God dear buy, and men destroy
that flock, o're whom he's head?
Do Wolves and Lions roar?
(tho' fierce) they are his Cattle;
These all hee'l take; but you will make
like's goodly Horse, for battle.
Your Lord first from above,
you visited, in's love,
And surely when he comes again,
to dens these all remove.
Then fear not converts young,
to Zion that belong,
For judgment shall your foes be full,
but you shall have a song,
Both North, and South, shall sing
in hope; for Zions King
VVill search for guilt of blood, long spilt,
and lore each lofty thing.
The Lamb shall sit alone
to judge on Zions throne,
And raign in peace, truth, righteousness,
and t' hear his pris'ners groan.

130 Hymn.

The Shepherds rod commands subjection,
The flock (tho' under sore correction)
Yeilds sacrifice in hot affection.

Psal. 23.4, 5. Ezek: 20.37.

AS I among the flocks of God,
did walk; I heard a noise,
Like crying, caus'd by a sharp rod;
yet't made my soul rejoyce.
One cry'd, my soul (Lord) weary is,
because of murderers,
Another sight for whats amiss,
and 'cause our hope deferrs:
Some said we're for thy sake, all day
(Lord) to be slain, design'd,
The rest to beasts are made a prey,
(yet to Gods will resign'd.)
This sad, O wheres our Shepherd gone:
that us'd t' be us among;
And that did (sighing) drop this groan,
But thou O Lord how long?
VVhy art t' from us, absent so long,
as weary of thy flock?
In justice Lord avenge our wrong;
for thou 'rt our anchor's rock.
At last one (David-like) was born,
riding on's Cherubim,
(Priest like) on's side, th' writers inkhorn,
all th' Angels worshIp't him:
His awful head, all Crowns did wear,
the rocks before him break:
All th' Elects names, on's breast did bear,
and thus (King like) he spake.

(2d. part.) 131 Hymn.

The Lord to Christ this purpose sware,
That he who our transgressions bare;
Should thus, for us himself declare.

(personating Christ) as Matth. 11.28.

TO me all pow'r doth now belong;
my lambs rejoyce and sing,
My scattered flocks I dwell among
your Prophet, Preist, and King.
I made my self a sacrifice,
your peace so to obtain:
And to fulfil the prophesies,
now only King i'le raign.
Your foes before you i'le subdue,
and plague all that me hate,
But keep with you my cov'nant true,
blest all on me that wait.
[Page 152]Do Gebal, Ammon, Amalek,
against my flock conspire:
Their plots, and hairy scalps, i'le break,
and vex them in mine ire.
For I to purchase you have bled,
by that dear price, ye're mine;
And for your sake, will interceed,
to compleat my design.
Thus ev'ry knee, shall bow to me,
by force, or free accord;
Each eye shall see the majesty,
and judgment of the Lord,
This tidings told, I could not hold,
but heart, and tongue, must raise,
And to the lamb bowing, made bold
to lisp, and sing his praise.

(3d. part.) 132 Hymn.

Gods Flocks now sing their songs to him,
That did to God, their souls redeem,
Their Shepherd, worthy 'f all esteem.

Revel. 4.11,—5.9, 12, 13, 14. v.

OH Shepherd of Gods flock,
thou only worthy art
That we always, should sound thy praise,
in life, in lip, and heart.
As lost Sheep were we all,
straying now here, now there
Thou Lord on him, laid'st all our sin,
he paid't in's bloud, most dear.
What e're God promised,
hee'l certainly compleat:
When all is done; all foes are gone,
then Saints ascend his seat.
Ye Angels, Cherubs all
adjoyn with Seraphim,
Unite your votes, extend your notes
in loudest praise of him.
To him that was that lamb,
(Gods sacrifice of old,)
He that was slain shall shortly raign,
the keeper of Gods fold.
To him whose watchful eyes,
mischiefs, and spite espies.
That will with right judgment requite
mens haughty'st majesties.
To Angels praises then,
joyn Saints, and Sons of men,
Hosannah's loud, raise to the cloud,
sing praises, do't again.

133 Hymn.

Elders, and Witnesses each one,
Fall down before the Lambs high throne,
And sound his praise themselves alone,

Apoc. 7.9, 11, 14, 17. chap. 8.1.

AS I before the lamb's high throne,
(with songs and palms) did stand,
Among that multitude stood one,
that silence did command.
Then (bowing) I obeysance paid,
(all th' Elders did the same)
Their four and twenty Crowns all laid
at'th' footstool of the lamb.
One of those Elders (for the rest)
his strict enquiry made,
What is this multitude (so blest,)
with Palms? one spake, and said.
From tribulation great these came,
their robes they've washed white,
And purify'd i'th' blood of th' lamb,
made (thus) just in Gods sight.
Martyrs (with Witnesses) now make
their loud appeal, and true;
How long Lord er'e thou 'l vengeance take
and give that beast his due?
When shall dry bones revive again,
and sing that sleep in th' dust?
Then Zion's King in's glory 'll raign,
(the Islands hope, and trust.)
Now sing, for now th' ambush is fixt,
(and God has hid the gin)
That our reward, their vengeance, (mixt)
with joy will soon bring in.

134 Hymn.

Thy mercy's loads, and multitudes,
My soul in praises thus includes.

As Psal. 68.19. 136.1. ult. 150.2, 3, 6. (in above 20 benefits.)

YE heavens sing praises to the Lord,
let Saints their blessings bring,
Let th' earth his benefits all record,
yea praise him ev'ry thing.
Praise him for 's old electing love,
and Christs redemption-blood,
His spirit, and grace, that from above,
rain'd Manna, for our food.
Him praise, whose pour did all create,
and providence them maintain;
And will renew their lapsed state;
that Christ o're all, may raign.
For light, and peace, and health, oh do
(for day and night) him praise;
For comforts, yea and crosses too;
for good, or evil days.
For faith, and patience, joy likewise,
in God, lets sing and boast,
Who causes grace, in's exercise,
triumph ith' Holy Ghost.
Him bless that plots, and plotters all
doth wondrously detect;
Causing those wrongs on them to fall,
that they meant, for th' Elect.
Now comes our King, Zion's his throne,
to th' whore hee'l vengeance pay,
His flock shall sit, and sing each one,
praise him: Halelujah.

135 Hymn.

This instrument of seven strings
(In parts,) on our Salvation sings:
And joy to souls and Islands brings.
SIng to the Lord ye Saints
a new triumphant Song,
Let Isles abroad know that to God
Salvation doth belong.
From Dragon, beast and whore,
from pits of desolation;
That gap't each hour, us to devour,
he wrought so great Salvation
For his unworthy flock
(a poor, and peeled Nations)
So has our God in's, Chariot rode
for sinful ones Salvation.
No merit was in us,
nor price of ours it bought,
For God (if he will work) is free:
Salvation gives, for nought.
If means a wanting be,
he (by divine creation,
VVith or without) can bring about
himself, decreed Salvation.
[Page 157]Lord thy design and end
on us let grace obtain,
(VVhen judgements done) O let thy Son
by our Salvation, raign.
Then songs of praise, will we
joyn with Romes Lamentations:
And palms will bear, for Christ shall wear.
the Crown of our Salvation.

136 Hymn.

Herein the Isles wait, and petition
Jesus to be King, and Physitian.

As in Psal. 72.15. and 106.4, 5.

LOrd let thy Son his Kingdom come,
for which our Isles do wait,
For when his throne obtains its room
'twill cure both Church and state.
The good of those that thou hast choose,
Lord grant our eyes may see;
That we before thee, may joy, and glory,
with these thy heritage be.
Hark to the groans, and piteous moans,
of all that suffer wrong,
Thy throne inherit, quiet thy spirit;
in those that cry, how long!
Then mounts to's throne that mighty one;
with righteousness begirt,
O're Isles that head, shall princes lead;
or tread, like mortar-dirt.
Religion then, with righteous men,
shall be no more opprest,
The Mytres horns, the vulgar scorns;
the whole creations blest.
Then Psalms shall be, Lord sung to thee,
Salvation to the lamb;
To Saints increase of joy, and peace;
to foes eternal shame.

137 Hymn.

Here's prayer for Zions joy and peace,
That wickeds rage for aye, may cease.

As Psal. 7.1, 2, 6, 9. and 122.6, 7.

LOrd quell the rage of wicked men,
their Councells countermine:
Releive thy Daniels from their den;
and once more save thy Vine.
For they not against us, but thee,
this crafty Councel took;
Upon their rage, and villany,
Lord (through this cloud) O look.
Be thou a sheild, us to defend,
when they our flesh would eat
Help from thy Sanctuary send,
and mind our low estate.
No confidence in men we place,
nor yet in Princes high,
Now mortals can't releive our case,
their promise proves a lye.
But God has said, no weapon made,
prospers against the just
Their Swords shall their own breasts invade,
at Zions sheild that thrust,
Shortly the Kingdoms of this world,
to Christ our Lord shall turn;
The beast in a deep pit be hurl'd,
and Babel-Rome shall burn.
The Lambs most holy war's at hand;
which victory attends:
And triumph, (in Emanuels Land,)
with Halelujahs ends.

138 Hymn.

To Christ our well belov'd, this song,
Of's fruitful Vineyard: does belong.

(as Isai. 5.1, 5. —and Psal. 80. &c)

YE Sons of men, in Nations all,
this parable, attend,
You Zions Sons, obey this call,
to th' Shepherds voice, now bend.
There is on earth a noble Vine,
planted within our Isle,
That shall e'r long in beauty shine▪
for God will on it smile,
By nature it was wild at first,
sprung off a stock most base.
Of Trees (for fruit, and use,) the worst,
till it transplanted was.
At last, the Lords electing love,
of wild did make it tame:
Into th' true Vine, did it remove,
thus fruitful it became.
Its branches, o're the wall are spread
its leaves (in winter) green,
Its Clusters full of wine (most red)
a sight, sair to be seen,
And shall the Lord its fence destroy?
(who watches it each hour.)
Or let the Foxes it' annoy,
the grapes thereof devour?
Oh no! his Vine, hee'l visit again,
destroy both Fox, and Boar:
From violence hee'l its peace maintain;
raign in't, for evermore.

139 Hymn.

God hears Saints prayers, and so has brought,
Plotters conspiracies, to naught.

Psal. 83.3, 10. (as Psal. 37.12, 13; 32, 33. v.)

THe righteous unto God do cry,
his ears to them inclines,
Defeats all vile conspiracy,
that crafty men design.
For they against the just are bent,
and crafty Councel take,
And Midians Princes do consent;
Lord like a wheel them make.
The Dukes of Am'leck, Edom's stock,
(with five Philistim Lords)
Consult against thine hidden flock,
and these (Lord) are their words:
The name of Isra'l now wee'l rase,
their memory wee'l devour,
The houses fair, of God deface;
and these two Isles make our.
Lord rise, them see, and disappoint
their tongues O Lord divide;
Some Saviours (Gideon-like) anoint,
and all their crafts deride.
That man may know thy pow'r is high
in all the earth abroad;
May hear, and fear thy Majesty;
for thou alone art God.

140 Hymn.

The Lord in wisdom plots defeats
That justice may fulfil his threats.

Psal. 7.13, 14, 15, 16. and Psal. 9.16.

THy wisdom Lord is deep,
thy might who dare withstand,
Thy wonders are beyond compare,
when thou lifts up thy hand.
Associate ye your selves,
combine; together stand;
Consult again, but all's in vain,
against Immanuels Land.
For God has firmly sworn,
(his hand laid on his throne)
Eternal war, he will prepare,
For's Son who sits thereon,
He that so deep a pit,
To catch his Brother delves,
Both he, and all his part'ners fall
and in it sink themselves.
Thus God does wrongs repay,
vengeance retaliate,
No majesty was e're too high
but he above them sate.
Oh then let's sing thy praise,
whose works so wond'rous be;
Ye saved flock, extoll your rock,
to him for safty flee.

Exod. 18.9, 10, 11.

141 Hymn.

For Sion worshiping in Babylon.

(after the 102 Psal.) v. 13.

HOw many Lord are the complaints,
of Sions Children dear,
How long shall Saints endure restraints
that worship in thy fear?
We see no signs (in our dark times)
of an approaching good:
Romes whore still climbs to higher crimes,
threatning more guilt and blood.
Thy holy worship men pollute
and Sanctuarys tread;
With feet of bruits, because it suits
unto that ten horned head.
But yet our God will rise at last
and mercy wil't extend,
To Sion thou wil't favour show
when time foreset does end.
For in her stones thy holy ones
secret delight do take
And therefore must pitty her dust,
till God her breach up make.
Then shall the Jew and Gentile too,
the true Messiah 'dore,
The Nations all him worship shall,
and praise for evermore.

142 Hymn.

An hymn of Consolation for Sions mourners.

COmfort your selves, ye mourners all
to Sion that belong,
Shake off your bands, hark to this call,
arise, sing a new song.
You that are Children of the day,
and yet in darkness sit,
Your cloudy shadows fly away,
day spring will soon you visit.
For you have indignation born
from God, and men likewise;
But now your comforts all, return,
your Sun will quickly rise.
Hark how the Nations rush and rage,
for God their fury, hath
In mercy, now begun t' aswage,
and from us turns his wrath.
A banner of safety and love;
he for his truth displays,
And upon Sions Hill above
her King, his Scepter sways.
O then ye in the Isles that dwell,
wait yet a little while,
In faith do but this storm, repell,
and so your heavens shall smile.
All signs (Lord) of thy burning wrath,
in favour take away;
In pleasant streams, us cool and bathe.
Amen. Halelujah.

143 Hymn.

Of Christ news, by a new star came,
May n't we still expect the same;
God will by them his Son proclaim.

As Job 38.7. Psal. 19.2, 3.

THy glory Lord the Heav'n on high
and firmament declares,
Yea all their hoasts thee magnifie,
consorting with the stars.
[Page 165]The brightness, number, influence,
of starry-skies proclaim
Their Makers skill and excellence,
that gives them all their name.
Sometimes (for God) they battles fight,
and (in their course) declare,
The deaths, and woes, of men of might
that great oppressors are.
At first creation, then behold!
these Sons of God all sing,
A new star Christ to th' wise men told
born to the Jews a King.
Such new and dreadful sights portend
what shall this world affright:
When Jesus shall again descend,
to judge, and save th' upright.
Thou star of Jacob; rise, appear,
come bright and morning star;
Irradiate our dark hemisphere,
O bee'nt so long, so far.
Thy rising brings Britains day spring,
and frights Herodians proud;
hen Sons of God again shall sing,
Lord hast, shine through our cloud.

144 Hymn.

When once Gods terrible acts are past,
Things gratefuller obtain at last.

as Psal. 65.8. and 102.13, 19.22. 1st. part.

WHen God his peoples prayer shall hear,
both Heav'n and Earth shall shake,
Sinners in Zions trembling fear,
yea Moseses shall quake.
Mountains shall pass, and Hills will hop,
Fountains and Floods be dry'd,
Foundations shake and Head shall drop,
and from them Crowns will glide.
That Comet God, shakes a rod,
threat'ning to make us weep;
'Twas form'd (brush-like) as sent of God;
both World and Church to sweep.
But when these dire effects of fire,
of Famin, Plague, and War,
Shall issue, in Nations desire
then shines that Morning Star.
His beams shall every thing revive,
his rod shall blossom still;
His humble ones, hee'l save alive,
his Sword vile rebels kill.
One star at's first appearance shone
with light, and influence:
Now may we give him, on's new throne,
o're all, preheminence.
Did these wise men so much rejoice
seeing that star again,
O what a sweet melodious voice?
sounds at's eternal raign?

145 Hymn.

The Spouses beauty in Christs sight,
Commended is with great delight.

Ps. 45.10.—14. Isai. 60.13.45. Apo. 19.7

LOrd I an Ethiopian was,
fall'n, and born in sin;
Till thou (in pity) by did pass
and love, so didst begin.
Sin and affliction, made me foul,
to wo, and wrath, expos'd;
Till Jesus Oyl and Wine, my soul
pour'd in, my wounds to close.
His robe of righteousness he spread
(so expiating guilt;)
He clad and fed me, crown'd my head,
then washt me from my filth.
Whilst I admir'd thus at his love,
(his kindness shamed me:)
He further, for a time did move,
when I espous'd should be.
A day wherein his love, my joy
he shortly would compleat:
When Angels should their hymns employ,
to 'dore his glorious seat.
When darkness, distance, pain all cease,
with sin and sinners too:
All th' Enemies of Zions peace,
hee'l utterly undo.
God will (at noon) rest in his love:
at night that rest shall ease us;
And we all Shepherds Tents above,
shall raign with Royal-Jesus.

146 Hymn.

Daughters of Zion, go forth, and come away,
To see your Sol'mon crown'd that joyous day.

Cant. 3.11.

ALL yee that Zion's Daughters be,
Go forth to meet your King
That Crown, his Mother gave him; see;
at's Marriage: with him sing.
In Sol'mons raign at once did dwell
both wisdom, wealth, and peace:
So Christ (that Type) will far excel:
In's days, all wars shall cease
At th' entrance of his blessed raign,
the Harlots judge will he.
And all the Kings, have with them lain,
with Harlots, doom'd shall be.
A black afflicted Sun-burn't bride
from Egypt, hee'l espouse,
Her hee'l adorn: for her provide,
his second glorious house.
In's raign the des'late Isles shall joy,
and poor in every Nation;
Those that destroy'd the Earth, hee'l 'stroy,
with final desolation.
The Virgins forth with him shall go,
with Oyl their Lamps shall trim,
Angels above, with Saints below,
in Songs extolling him.
Sing Halelujahs 'fore his face,
for now he comes to raign;
Proclaim before him, cry grace, grace:
thrice Halelujah 'gain.

147 Hymn.

For one thing Lord to thee I call,
And that (obtain'd) indeed is all.

as Psal. 27.134.

LOrd I but one thing of thee crave,
and that's my whole desire;
Sight of thy beauty let me have,
and in thy house enquire.
For I from Mountain unto Hill,
have wand'red up and down,
If Christ (my Shepherd) hear me will,
his face, my wish, shall Crown.
The footsteps where his flock have gone,
I readily would trace,
For Lambs they shu'd not be alone,
but Lord i'ld see thy face.
[Page 170]For thou in troublous time wilt me
(as in Pavilion) hide,
Thy presence, shall my conduct be,
thy Lamp shall be my guide.
And tho' I often walk i'th' dark,
thou Lord my light shalt be;
The Land o'th' upright is my mark,
there God I hope to see
My Anchor faith, and patience, cast,
my sails of love I spread;
O breath on them, a prosperous blast,
to th' hav'n of rest to lead.
Lord feed, and guide, protect thy flock,
thy King on's throne, advance;
When storms approach, be thou a Rock
for thine Inheritance. Amen.

148 Hymn.

Christs tender Kids and Lambs are fed,
And by clear springs of waters led.

Isa. 40.11, 12.

LOrd here I am, thy tender Lamb,
depending on thy care,
Grant some relief to ease my grief;
see what my aylments are.
I cry and say, Oh who will lay
my mouth close to the breast,
Where Milk sincere, my soul may chear,
to yeild both strength and rest.
If I repair to folds that are,
my Shepherds flocks reputed,
(If Christ be gone) right food i've none
that to my hunger's suited.
Thy flesh and blood 's my only food
for I by this may grow;
(Of weak and young) both tall and strong,
and may my Father know.
Lord I a lamb too tender am,
with Satan 'lone to fight,
Yet by that name of Gods own lamb,
that Lion's put to flight.
And shall the power of dogs devour,
his tender Kids so young:
No! Christ has said, his flocks hee'l lead,
his water-springs along.
Lord feed thy Lambs, intangle Rams
whose horns so push, and slay;
Ascend thy throne, defend thy own,
Oh judge and raign for aye.

149 Hymn.

Gods time is short and fixed, when
Our tempter shall be bound and then
Shall cease the rage of wicked men.

as Psal. 7.6, 9, 15, 16, 17.

A blessed day doth hasten on,
of joy and consolation;
When violence and fury's gone
and Satans fierce temptation.
[Page 172]Six thousand years this Serpent hath
besieg'd beleivers fort:
And now far greater is his wrath
knowing that's time is short
No age nor sex of Saints are free
from's darts (of every sort,)
But Christ has wun's the victory,
and made his time, but short.
Zion has travel'd long in pain:
shall now that birth abort?
Christ o'ver Nations all shall reign,
for Satans time is short.
The conquest of the Lamb's begun,
which comfort does import;
The Captain's gone, his Armies run,
and now their time is short.
Sing on the heights of Zion, all
ye followers of the Lamb,
All, that against you arm, shall fall;
praise ye his holy name. Apoc. 14.1, 2. Halelujah.

150 Hymn.

Saints best Apolo'gy herein lyes,
'Gainst Satans darts, and calumnies:
The Lamb's bloud, and their innocencies.

(Ezra 4 6, 12, 15, Apoc. 12.10.)

O Lord our righteous judge that art;
null Satans accusation:
Plead thou our right, and heal the smart
of's poysonful temptation.
See how he stands at our right hands,
if we do 'proach thy throne;
But thou'rt defence, for innocence
against this wicked one.
If we Gods Children are, hee'l doubt,
and maks us question't too;
Lord prove thy love, his dart pull out,
that would our hopes undo.
But tho's intent, and wyles are bent,
the innocent to blame:
Let them conspire (bee't Sword, or Fire,)
God turns it to their shame.
E're long th' accuser shall be bound,
(Christ has prepar'd his chain:)
Whose sword, his enemies head will wound,
that Christ alone may raign.
Uprightness then, with Sons of men,
in much repute is had;
And every tongue, Gods Sons did wrong
with shame and horrour's clad.
The Lord prepares for plotters snares,
that on their heads shall rain;
And for th' upright, a shining light,
when Jesus comes again.

151 Hymn.

On occasion of that Fire in Breadstreet.

Here lets condole others distress,
And for escapes, our thanks express.

Isai. 24.15. Psal. 79, 1, 2, 5, 7.

O Lord how dreadful is thine ire,
where is the cause, what sinns?
Did kindle first so dreadful fire?
for thence our woes begin.
Thine anger may alone suffice,
of which who knows the power?
Oh leave us not t' our enemies
they'l body' and soul devour.
Whether our flames come from thy hand,
or by malicious spite:
Lord search and make us understand;
revenge, and do us right.
By melting Lord, us purifie,
that we may better grow,
And Lord sit by when thou dost try,
that nought but dross may go.
In fires we do thee glorifie;
may Christ there with us rest;
A Phoenix thence shall rise, and fly,
and Isles with it be blest.
The Lord that chose us, pluck't us out,
as brands from many a flame;
Will still us wall (as fire) about,
blest be his glorious name.
But from these flames shall sparks arise,
proud Babel to devour;
That Christ (when Rome in ashes lyes)
may raign, in glory 'nd power.

152 Hymn.

O bless't are all at peace with God;
When wars do 'larum us abroad.

Ps. 46.9. Matth. 24.6, 7, 20, 21, 32.

O mighty Lord of Hosts,
the Lord of peace and war:
When thou in wrath, thy sword dost bath;
in mercy us prepare.
Thy judgments threat'n our Land,
we see few signs of good;
Our crying crimes make perilous times,
deserving showres of blood.
Yet some our sins lament
desiring terms of peace;
And righteous laws, that God may cause
his anger tow'rds us cease.
Or when thy Sword is drawn
O Lord! with it debate;
And stay thy hand: but give command,
the whore to desolate.
Thy controversie great
O Lord plead and decide;
For Treachery and Cruelty,
of Rome to th' lamb, and bride.
In great disdain, and scorn
ten horns against her turn:
Then for that whore, (naked, and poor)
her paramours shall mourn.
All wars then end in peace
the earth from curse is free;
And in their King the Saints shall sing,
days of Eternity. Amen.

153 Hymn.

The Comfort of true Worship.

Psal. 68.1, 2.

LEt God arise his enemies
scatter and wast away,
Such is their fate that Sion hate
like smoke they must decay.
At thy rebuke and presence great
the wicked pass with noise,
The righteous still before thy seat
in heart and lip rejoyce.
For tho' the Nations rush and rage,
and swell as waters great,
Their force will Jacobs God asswage,
for Sion is his seat.
[Page 177]This burdensome and chosen stone
so weighty God does make,
That great and small on it that fall,
perish for Sions sake.
No weapon shall prosper at all,
no Councel, Tongue, or might,
'Gainst Christ's elect, can take effect,
when in his Temple bright.
Christ will appear why shou'd we fear,
his angels are our host:
Tears, blood and prayer, our weapons are;
our hopes cannot be lost.

154 Hymn. This (and one more) given Mrs. J. H. on the death of their Son T. H.

When God for child, or friend does call,
His will must still our murmurings all.

Levit. 10.6. Psal. 39.9,—11.

O thou Immortal one!
issues to thee belong
From cruel death, and deeps beneath,
God of Salvation!
Who can thy wrath abide?
when thou for sin dost chide,
Beautys decay, youth fades away,
if thou thy face wilt hide.
Children are vanity,
whether they live or dye,
Alive they are a certain care,
dead comforts, by and by.
The more they steal our love,
our Lord gets less above,
This does provoke Gods by a stroke
our Idols to remove.
Thy sov'raign hand, therefore,
and will let's all adore,
(Like A'ron) now in silence, vow
to over-love no more.
Now hopes for time i've none,
near friends before are gone,
Faiths victory to sing, and see,
i'le long before thy throne.

155 Hymn.

Wishes in a Letter to Mrs. S. W. at Theobalds: (being many years bedrid.)

That being not hungry nor hardly bestead,
To fresh springs of solace your soul may be led:
And being not once discourag'd i'th way
As Isr'el of old, in their wilderness day,
Your soul may from strength, to full strength attain,
And so Sion mount at last you may gain.
I truly wish that you may fish,
in sanctuary streams,
But yet your eye may still espie,
in them celestial beams.
[Page 179]That by those beams and chrystal streams,
that from above descend,
Your soul may lighten, and faith may highten,
and persevere to th' end.
And tho' I know your bodi's low,
and nature sore declin'd,
Yet when your Lord speaks but the word,
you'l not be left behind.
For you shall straight on Sion height,
mount up and so shall sing,
Your songs of love to him above,
your everlasting King.
Oh then rejoyce, hark, 'tis the voice
of him thats at the door,
Who calls, my love, my darling dove,
come now thou'st weep no more.
Adiew old World, confus'dly hurl'd,
devoted to the fire,
Gods word's most true; all shall be new,
and let my soul expire.
My ripest plants Gods sweetest Saints,
are slipt away before,
And I forlorn with griefs am torn,
O let me stay no more.

156 Hymn.

Thus (sick) the soul to God did mourn,
And (heal'd) its praise did so return.

(according to Isai. 38.10,—20.)

LOrd though thy stroke me sick did make
yet did thy hand me raise;
This cup of saving health i'le take
and render songs of praise.
I said if now my days expire
what comfort shall I have!
When expectation with desire,
lye buried in the grave;
My days have full of darkness been,
my sickness sorrow 'nd wrath;
For peace; my sin, hath bitter been,
yet God reviv'd me hath.
The sentence I of death received,
(subscribing t'was most just,)
The execution grace repriev'd,
that I in God might trust.
My moan, was like a Crane, or Dove
for I was sore opprest,
God undertook, my sin t' remove,
that gave my soul true rest.
The Lord was ready me to save,
renew'd my youth, and days,
Gave issues joyful from the grave,
wee'l therefore sing his praise, Amen Halelujah.

157 Hymn.

This second Hymn of praise they have,
That God has rescu'd from the grave.

Psal. 6.3.—6. —41, 1, 2, 3. 39.4, 5, 10, 11, 13.

LOrd when thy hand on me,
did lay this sharp correction,
This was my pray'r my vow, and care
to yeild thee all subjection.
My life, and usefulness
and times, are in thy hand,
I'le yeild them all up at thy call,
when thou shalt me command.
Thou didst me spare a while
my life, and strength restore,
Thou didst me save from pow're o'th' grave
and now i'le thee adore.
What shall I render Lord
or what return to thee?
My life, and health, my goods and wealth,
shall now devoted be.
My Lord Physitian was
did visit at my call;
My heart from fears, my eye from tears,
he sav'd, and feet from fall.
[Page 182]Oh Lord who's like to thee?
now all my bones, shall say;
My vows in sight, of the upright,
to God, I freely pay. (See Ps. 116.3, 4, 12, 15, 16, 18.)

158 Hymn.

Tho' Satan leads into temptation,
Rebuke him Lord, be our Salvation.

See Zacr. 3.1, 2, 3. Matth. 6.13.

LOrd from th' old Serpent save
his subtilty, and pow're,
For by his wyles, souls he beguiles,
seeking them to devour.
No fence but thine there is
against an unseen foe:
To thee we cry, O King most high,
that do'st his crafts fore-know.
Sometimes he tempts to pride
to lust, or Heresie,
And oft will stand at our right hand,
when unto God we fly.
But Lord us from him sheild,
rebuke him by thy word,
Thy faith shall be our victory
thy spirit our Shield and Sword.
Tho' he the first man slew,
and may a David foyl;
This victory is Christs, for he
his crafts and works does spoil.
[Page 183]He once from Heav'n was cast,
and down to earth was flung;
O bind in's chain, that we again
may sing, that earst were stung.
For when our God of peace,
has trod this Dragon down,
His rage shall cease, Saints live in peace,
and Jesus wear the Crown.

Rom. 16.20.

159 Hymn.

Gods works are from the first Creation,
Saints joy, their song; their meditation.

Ps. 92.4, 5. 103.22. 104.31.

THy works O Lord are great,
in wisdom they exceed:
Decree, Creation, and Preservation;
to be admired indeed.
How pow'rful was thy word?
that all these did create,
And when our Lord descends, that word
must all annihilate.
But heav'ns, when I consider,
which thou alone canst span,
Light'nings and thunder; how do I wonder,
and cry, Lord what is man?
[Page 184]Yea Lord whats fall'n man?
of him why mindful art't?
That Moon and Stars, serve monitors,
of what's sinners desert?
What signs or fearful sights
the Lord in heav'n does fix,
All work for good; in famine, food:
in wrath, hee'l mercy mix.
As God on Isra'ls doors,
his mark of safety, gave,
And raign'd on them a Beth-lehem,
us (in like case) hee'l save,
When vengeance-work is past,
and Gods dread fury's o're:
Then sing your Psalms, and bear you palms;
Zion shall weep, no more.

160 Hymn.

Good tidings of our Lords Salvation
Brings joy and peace, to ev'ry nation.

(as Ps. 53.6. 67.2, 3. —6, 7.)

WHen God Salvation had decree'd
for's captives to effect;
In Char'ots he rode out (for speed)
redeeming's own elect.
His wheels a path for him did pave
Red Sea and Jordan too
Free passage gave; but turn'd a grave
for those did them pursue.
Before him melted mountains great,
the Elements made a noise,
Rocks honey sweet, and oyl did sweat;
here, lets in him rejoyce.
When God will work, who shall withstand?
or save? what shall demur?
For his command (or mighty hand)
makes all lets to concur.
Jehovah is a man of war,
his hosts all creatures be
His angels are (yea ev'ry star)
ingag'd for's victory.
With vestures red the grapes hee'l tread;
so with a shout ascends;
Mans wrath is done, when God's begun:
this scene, Gods vyals ends.

161 Hymn.

After the night so dark, so long
That morning star will bring a song.

Ps. 97.11. Cant. 2.11, 12. Mica. 7.9, 10.

HOw long Lord will our darkness last?
(our grief prolonging night,)
When will our winter nights be past?
when shines our morning bright?
Long since, our day fled fast away,
our souls (like blind men) grope
Seeking for light, but lo the night
soon overclouds our hope.
Oh where is he 't promis'd to bring
the poor and blind by th' way,
Make darkness light, the dumb to sing,
turn shade of death, to' day,
VVe still complain, clouds after rain
oft make our hopes forelorn:
Yet is not far our morning star,
our day-light shall return.
Then Zion that in darkness sits
(her tears upon her cheeks)
Shall shine, when God her sin remits,
and day spring on her breaks.
Rejoyce not then ye wicked men,
for God resists the proud:
To Gods upright is sown a light
morning without a cloud.
If Skyes do loure, our King has pow're
o're waves to tread his way:
Hee'l soon appear, cast anchor here,
look up and hope for day.

(see Luk. 1.78. Acts 27.27.)

162 Hymn.

When in dark wilderness we walk,
God then to us doth kindly talk.

(Isa. 35.1, 2, 6. 51.3. Hose. 2.14.)

LOrd i'm i'th' wilderness,
afraid to lose my way,
Let thy command, me to that land
of uprightness convey.
[Page 187]My desart's that of sin,
there wand'ring, I am faint;
May I with' bread of God be fed,
and with the rock acquaint.
When for my murmuring;
hot Serpents oft me sting,
If faith can spy my Lord on high,
healing is in his wing.
When thirst does scorch my soul,
my spring below, all gone.
Christ with a dew, strength does renew
then singing, I pass on.
I'th' vale of Bacha deep;
each step on't drops a tear,
While hope's delay'd; my heart is staid,
in Zion to appear.
And tho' my way be rough,
and doubts o're cloud my eyes,
My wilderness like Eden is;
and smells like Paradise.
My soul on Pisgah mount,
look o're; these first fruits tast,
Go not aside, and Jesus guide
me to that Land at last.

(Ps. 107.2, 3, 4, 7.)

163 Hymn.

The reign of Christ, all wars shall cease,
From Babels yoak, Zion release,
So brings us universal peace.

Isa. 2.4. 11.6, 9.13. Micah 4.3.

WHen Christ in righteousness shall raign,
according to Gods words:
Then truth, and peace, on earth, obtain,
and break all Tyrants Swords.
The Nations then learn no more wars,
but under quiet vines sit,
Beating their Swords into Plow shares,
Tyrants their fierceness quit.
With envy, cruelty, and wrath,
none shall the rest annoy:
And none in bloud, his Sword shall bathe
none hurt, wast, or destroy.
For Law and Justice shall obtain,
and peace with truth, shall greet;
Conscience detest, unlawful gain,
Kings bowing at Christs feet.
Then Ephra'ms envy shall depart.
Judah no more shall vex,
Divisions (causing thoughts of heart)
shall Saints no more perplex.
The Lion, Wolf, and Cockatrice,
becoming meek and tame,
Yea Leopards (as in paradise,)
be like and dwell with' Lamb.
The Mountains forth great peace shall bring
the earth its fruits in store,
Thus crown'd the little Hills shall sing,
pale Famine kill no more.
The heav'ns no more shall be as brass,
but into drops distill:
This Iron-age away shall pass,
and God our prayers fulfil.
The whole creation eas'd of pain,
shall triumph every day,
'Cause Christ our King of peace, shall raign,
and let him raign for aye. Amen.

164 Hymn.

Thy blessings Lord in plenteous rain,
Both man, and beast, richly maintain.

Isai. 30.23, 25. 55.10. Ezek. 34.26. Zacr. 10.1, 2. Psal. 68.9.

WE give thee thanks O Lord,
the Father of small rain,
That bow'd thine ear, our pra'ers to hear,
and gav'st us showres again.
Thy bottles thou didst ope,
and mad'st them powre, a main
The earth so dry, to satisfie,
with a sweet plenteous rain.
Drought makes this mercy great,
that multiplies all grain;
Thus man, and beast, both feed and feast,
refresh't with fruitful rain.
Drought makes the dew more sweet
so's health succeeding pain,
Great was our fear, Famine was near;
yet God prevents with rain.
Thus God i'th' wilderness
with thirst did Isra'l train;
Causing the Rock, water his flock;
and clouds bread on 'em rain.
The heathen Idols are
then vanity, more vain,
'Tis thou O Lord that dost afford,
in season, mod'rate rain.
But bless't Lord is that Land
o're which the Lord will raign,
Like rain shall he, on mown grass be,
or shining after Rain.
Lord rain thy word on us,
yea Rain down righteousness;
And so will we give thanks to thee,
and aye thy bounty bless.
On Rain after the late drought.

165 Hymn.

Thus blest are all (both great and small.)
Such as the Lord our God doth call.

Psal. 56.4. Acts 2.38. Rom. 8.29. 30.

LOrd when thou first to me inclin'd,
and call'd me by thy grace;
Thou didst me find, lost, poor, and blind
yet didst my soul embrace.
My sin and misery, both was
thy motives me to save,
In pity thou didst by me pass,
and a free pardon gave.
He from a state did me translate
of darkness, and of thrall,
Into his light, marvelous bright,
and liberty withal.
His love could no denial take,
no nay; where God will call,
He will perswade, has pow're to make
his calls effectual.
Kindred, Estates, Possessions all.
and honours (tho' in hand)
Have (at Gods call) been left, let fall,
t' injoy that promiss't land.
Divine election, argues affection▪
his calling, peace implies,
All justifi'd, are sanctifi'd,
and these he glorifies.
Then ever blest be God, for this
adoption, by his grace,
If call'd then we his sav'd ones be,
and so shall see his face.

166 Hymn.

The souls treble, sung on the base,
And low submissive frame, and case;

1 Sam. 3.18. 2 Sam. 15.25. Lam. 3.27.—29.

THe Lord Almighty fram'd us all,
That by his Gospel, did us call;
That to his will we might submit,
The better sort (ev'n Angels) bow
Yea div'ls (against their wills) below
For to fulfil it, is most fit.
Gods will is always just and good,
Oh if it, so, were understood,
'Twould all reluctance quell and still:
Our soveraign we thee call O God,
Lets's ne're rebel against thy rod,
Because it grows from holy will.
Is it our lot tidings to hear,
Or things heavy, and hard to bear,
'Tis best to hear in silence still,
For how can we attend Gods voice,
Our hearts hurry'd with jarring noise?
Against Gods wise disposing will?
Have I nothing, and others all,
Are others great, we mean, and small,
Say not that things are ord'red ill;
For as the worst, oft, crowns possess;
So God the best in rags may dress,
Yet these (at last) with glory fill.

167 Hymn. (Division sung on the base)

DO all my comforts, turn to crosses,
So that for gain, I meet with losses
And emptyings, while others fill:
Some fruits are bitter sweets, and mock;
Let me climb up, this craggy rock:
And (Christ-like) mortifie my will.
Some things we hardly do obey,
Or else we do't in much delay;
Unless the Lord sugar his pill:
Herein obedience best is known,
In subjugating all our own
So to prefer Gods holy will.
If God please others to admit,
On's table, or his lap to sit
I'm at his feet contented still;
For they that are submissive, now
(Tho' with a tear) to sit below
At last kiss, and embrace their fill.
Is God displeas'd; yet I am mute,
Tho' causeless, me men persecute:
And dayly (for Gods sake) me kill:
All quarrels with my God I must
Lay (with my mouth) low in the dust,
For perfect good, Lord, is thy will.
If God (at last) one cranny 'f hope,
Or door of mercy'l to me o'pe;
Sit singing thus at's door I will;
Hope shall to me assurance be,
That Faith shall get the victory,
For God his promise will fulfil.
Do wicked men our heads ride o're,
In pomp, while Saints are low, and poor,
And Samson-like, grind in a Mill:
Yet God will quickly bring 'em down
And meek ones will with glory crown;
And mount his Son on Zion-hill.
Does Babel's whore mount up on high
Deck't in her double scarlet-dye;
Her gold'n cup with poysons fill,
Now's a blest time, Gods hand to turn
And cause her, (with the beast) to mourn,
So in her woe's fulfil'd Gods will.
If exil'd from his Ark we bee
Yet we again his face shall see,
And then sing songs aloud, and shrill;
But if he (in's) has no delight,
Let 'm do whats good in's own sight,
High grace yeilds to Gods lowest will.
Like Lillies in the Vales that grow,
Or Violets sweet, that make no show,
So grace in self-content has skill;
'Tis fed with secret dews above,
Absconds, yet to impart 't does love;
Melting its own into Gods will.
In God i'le place all my delight,
For that is ever good in's sight:
And brings my hearts desire and will;
In him an object full I mind
Tho 'n me he nothing pleasant find,
O let him rule; and have me still.

168 Hymn.

On Zion sparks of wrath first come,
Which end in flames, on papal Rome.

Jerem. 25.29. 1 Pet. 4.17, 18.

WHen God begins, wrath to inflict
On Zions Children dear,
To sinners woes it must predict,
Oh where shall such appear?
[Page 196]Gods cup of trembling Saints may think
far bitterer than gall;
Yet they but tast; sinners must drink
the very dregs on't all.
Tho' Famine, Pestilence or Sword,
may on the just lot come.
Hee'l feed and live (here) on a word,
till God shall call him home.
Lord what a burning bush is this?
how live we in these flames?
No furnace call't; for where Christ is,
that Heav'n it's self proclaims.
And when these wars their course have run
they'l terminate in peace,
And when the Lamb's war (long begun)
shall end, our travels cease.
Those flames that in Gods bush have burn'd,
for now some thousand-years,
On Babels throne, and seat, once turn'd,
in them the Lamb appears.
Who's Lord of Lords, and King of Kings;
his chos'n followers then,
shall in the shadow of his wings,
for triumph sing. Amen.

169 Hymn.

Ten horns once conquered, and tame;
(Against the whore;) subserve the Lamb.

Psal. 75.4, 10. Zacr. 1. ult. Apoc. 6.16.

WHen God doth rise his cause to plead,
that with the whore depends,
The beast and horns hee'l captive lead,
and so the last wrath ends.
Long has this controversie stood
and Seas of bloud 't has spil'd,
Oh! that the Lord decide it wou'd
in Armageddon field.
For meekness, truth, and righteousness,
and for his Zions sake,
That he the earth with peace may bless,
hee'l thorough vengeance take.
For he that judgeth her, is strong
and mighty is to save,
And his delay, and suffering long
will swifter vengeance have.
On Zion Hill, then with the Lamb,
his followers shall be shown,
Who shall proclaim their fathers name;
he also them will own.
Saying these my redeemed ones,
no Women could defile;
Follow the Lamb up to their thrones,
in whose mouth is no guile.
Then Kings, Captains, and men of Might,
with bound, free, rich, and poor;
To rocky holes agen take flight,
and face the Lamb no more.

170 Hymn.

On the late Dissolution, 81.

Tho' all things have their Dissolution,
Our Lords return, makes restitution.

Ps. 11.3. and 75.3. Act. 3.19, —21.

LOrd what a world is this?
how is the whole-head sick.
When head and heart dissolve, and part,
where's body politick?
Foundations long have shook,
and all are out of frame;
The stone hath smote God will promote
the Kingdom of the Lamb.
As once one little stone,
brought down that railing
That in his pride Gods host defy'd,
and put all's host to flight:
So shall the little stone
by Gods decree once more;
Proud Babel strike, and dash it like
chaff of the threshing floor.
These bodies must dissolve
and be renew'd again,
That they may be fitted to see
Christs beauty in his raign.
Lord hast thy Son to reign
then all things hee'l restore,
Wound but one head, and (by its dread)
ten horns shall thee adore.

Ps. 68.21. & 110.5, 6. Apoc. 17.15.

171 Hymn.

Rejoyce we in the Lord of Host,
That never yet a Battle lost:
In's excellence believers boast.

Ps. 46.7, 11. 48.8. Isai. 13.4. Luk. 2.13.

THou Lord of hosts art General,
of absolute command;
In heav'n, earth, sea, the souldiers all,
before thee armed stand.
If thou commandst one Angel, go
and put that host to flight;
Or kill some bloody Herod, so
'tis done all in a night.
If thou alone dost but accost
an army in the field,
One look from thee, O Lord of host,
or frown, shall make them yeild.
[Page 200]If thou to Emrods or small Mice,
dost but allow commission,
Nay less, worms, flies, and smallest lice,
repress vile mens ambition.
Those Records of thy wars O Lord,
are stor'd, with the upright:
How God to women did afford
to vanquish men of might.
But when the Lamb of God does stand,
in Armageddon▪ last,
Satan, and Rome, at his command,
to flames below, are cast.

Dan. 7.11. Apoc. 16.16. 18.8.20, 10.

172 Hymn.

Happy are they, whose eyes shall see,
The good of them Gods chosen be,
They may rejoyce eternally.

Isa. 12.3. Rom. 8.33. 2 Thes. 2.13.

AScribe to God, Salvation,
(the fountain of All grace;)
That to our consolation,
'mongst his elect, did place.
To him that in the lamb our head;
did call to holiness;
But to what happiness, hee'l lead,
what Angel can expresse?
To him that loves immutably,
whose gifts and calls are sure;
(Like to himself,) eternally;
without repentance, 'dure.
To him whose chain all's own in folds,
none can a link undo,
And in's own hands, he both ends holds
election, glory too.
To him that all his own foreknew,
and care on them has took,
And them in time to life, he drew;
and seal'd up in's own book,
Lord had thy purpose pass't us by,
had'st, never call'd nor chose;
But left us (fall'n) i'th' pit to dye,
who could thy will oppose?
But since thou lou'd us out o'th' pit.
and that good work's begun;
That we may cry, grace, grace! to it,
go on, Lord, till 'tis done.

173 Hymn.

A Vision of Gods faithful Lambs,
By prayer a quenching cruel flames.

Exod. 3.3. Ps. 74.7, 8. & 83.12.

NEar Zions Hill I walk't,
and in her fields did spy,
A flock of Lambs beset with flames,
Lord what are these said I?
[Page 202]A still voice to me said
this Antichristian flame
That Dragon blew (and's bloody crew)
but who shall quench the same?
A pool like Heshbon's, then
nigh to this flame, I spy'd
Which sighs and tears of sufferers;
the engine, (prayer) supply'd:
A river also ran
in deep and bloody streams,
Whose cryes (no doubt) them fires will out,
and bring again sweet beams.
The Lambs of God all joyn'd,
and under th' Altar cry'd;
How long shall groans of holy ones
for vengeance, be delay'd:
Then stood amidst the Throne,
a Lamb as't had been slain,
Your bloud (said he) aveng'd shall be,
on all that scarlet train:
And this take for a sign,
of swift revenge to come;
When they shall cry peace and safety,
then is their final doom.

174 Hymn.

Ʋnfaithfulness lamented here,
And prayer for strength to persevere.

Ps. 5.9. 12.1, 2, 5. & 120.2, 3.

HElp Lord! for men that godly be
and faithful ones do quail;
Among the Sons of men, we see
that faithfulness does fail.
'Gainst falshood, and a lying tongue
be thou our sure defence,
For fraud and violence do wrong
to th' poor mans innocence.
For sighing of the poor opprest
now'le God rise to redeem,
And him in safety set at rest
from them that puff at him.
From lying lips that do deceive
deliver thou our souls:
Sharp arrows let their Conscience grieve,
and hot Juniper-coals.
How long shall judgment into gall,
hemlock, and wormwood turn?
Lord it to righteousness recall,
to chear up them that mourn.
With judgement Lord, Zion redeem,
her converts free proclaim;
Then shall our land, faithful esteem,
and City prize the same.
Come Lord thy throne on earth possess,
the beast and whore subdue,
That thou mayst sway in faithfulness,
that are most just, and true.

175 Hymn.

The glory, and the dignity,
Of them (Martyrs for Christ) that dye.

Act. 7.54. Rev. 2.13. 14. 13. and 20.4.

REjoyce before the throne,
ye sufferers that are,
For upon it God's Lamb does sit,
his diadems to share.
Your faithfulness to death,
with him accepted is,
Behold him stand, at Gods right hand
to welcome you to bliss.
My cross with me y'ave bore,
reproach, want, and disdain;
And now as ye suffer'd with me,
so with me shall ye raign.
Have ye beheaded been,
or burnt, or rent in quarters,
Yet hee'l set on your heads, anon
a crown of life, like Martyrs.
If tempted sore to sin,
ye chose to perish rather,
That glory ye receive of me,
thats giv'n me off my Father.
[Page 205]In witnessing his truth
ye that were so blasphem'd,
Of you when on his glorious throne,
hee'l never be asham'd.
Oh then ye blessed ones,
with songs, your pains beguile,
Your day draws near, when hee'l appear:
yet but a little while.

176 Hymn.
(1st. Part.)

After the Lamb, the Lord doth call,
His chos'n generation all:
On which the beast. and whore must fall.

Psal. 65.4. Isa. 41.9, 11. 1 Pet. 2.9.

BLess't is that man O Lord (most high)
whom thou dost choose to thee,
And causest to approach thee nigh,
his dwelling place to be.
This style God gave his only one,
in him he did us choose:
And every one he has foreknown,
hee'l never more refuse.
Gods chosen ones shall all beleive;
that faith all fires endure,
No grain is lost, in Satans sieve,
for Gods foundation's sure.
[Page 206]I'th' furnace of afflictions sore,
tho' God may Saints refine;
He pleads his int'rest, evermore
and still says thou art mine.
does Zion think her self forsook;
while foes do taunt and scoff,
The Lord that chose her them rebuke;
and her hee'l not cast off.
When God will save, who shall destroy?
accuse or them withstand?
These his elect shall long enjoy,
the work of their own hand.
For God has said his hand hath laid,
help on his chosen one,
Ye sinners stoop and be afraid,
this Lamb shall have the throne.

177 Hymn.

That God elects, of's own good pleasure,
Is Saints most rich and joyful treasure.

Deut. 7.7, 8. Mark 13.20. Rom. 8.33. (2d. part) Luk. 18.7, 8.

'TWas thy good pleasure, Lord,
meer grace, to it, did move;
Most to refuse, yet some to choose,
to call, and save, and love.
Of old thou didst decree,
what number sav'd should be,
And to th' elect, some word direct
to bring them home to thee.
Without thee, was no cause;
in us, nothing could merit;
Sin thou foresaw, yet us would draw,
that we might life inherit.
And that none might be lost
(with Antichristian brood,)
All he foreknew he marks them new,
by sprinklings of his blood.
Rejoyce ye chosen ones
with elect Angels all,
By calling, your election's sure;
y' are sav'd from Adams fall.
Be glad in Christ your head,
the Lamb did you redeem,
Your foes for you will he subdue,
that chose Jerusalem.
And shall not God avenge
his dear Elect, that cry
Both day and night? yea (in their sight)
hee'l do't: and speedily.
Oh blissful sight, to see,
and hear th' Elect all sing,
First comes the Jew, then Gentiles too,
triumphing in their King.

178 Hymn.

This soliloquy, when alone,
(And longs for Christ) the soul does groan.

Gen. 32.25. Ps. 102.6, 7. John. 16.32.

LOrd! i'm now left alone,
away my comforts gone;
And to retire with thee desire,
and to my God make moan.
In desert walks my soul,
like Pelican, or owl,
Or Sparrow on house top alone
like Dragons, do I howl.
Or like the Turtle-Dove,
that mourning notes does love,
Finding no nest, nor mate, nor rest,
but in my Lord above.
I unto thee do flie,
to have thy company,
So flames the fire of hot desire,
in swift ascents to thee.
O when wil't thou descend,
or this my conflict end?
Or call on me, to come to thee;
my prison rags off rend.
My friends before are gone,
and brethren left i've none,
If I must stay, Oh come away,
here leave me not alone.
And when my work is done,
my time, and glass is run,
Then O translate me to a state,
to shine above the Sun.
Mean while abide with me,
thy face oft let me see;
And let thy Son ascend his throne,
in glor'ous Majesty.

178 Hymn.

In a friends Garden, while I walk't
An heav'nly muse, thus to me talk't.
AS I into a Garden went;
(my friends and not my own)
To veiw the plants, my mind was bent,
there to converse alone:
This question sprung up in my mind,
whether in humane art,
Or Natures beauties, I could find
a Plant would ease my heart?
I lookt a round on ev'ry Plant,
each herb and fragrant Flower,
But still my Soul did pleasure want,
and all those fruits prov'd sowre.
I to the rose bush did repair
and thence a bud did pick
And thought it both fragrant and fair
yet there I found a prick.
Then pleasant particolour'd flowers
I gather'd, but when they
Had been in hand very few hours,
their beauties did decay.
These pleasures are to others left,
a stranger reapes the fruit
But the possessour's quite bereft:
with care to keep the root.
But when the winter storms do blow
these pleasant Plants are gone;
So death does worldly beauties mow
till th' Resurrection.
Is Paradise so lost? alas!
are things below all vain?
To Eden I will swiftly pass
Gods Garden to regain.
But this way, as I thought to gain,
I had no sooner tri'd,
My resolution how t' attain:
than in my way I 'spy'd
A multitude of armed foes,
and Devils, against me bent
My way with crosses to oppose,
yet through that croud I went.
Some turning back afright, I met
(as cowards retrograde,)
That smote my heart full of regret:
seeking me to disswade.
I quickly cast them off with scorn;
yet were my garments rent
To rags, by many a brier and thorn;
as up Gods mount I went.
Ascents, with breathings are obtain'd,
to mount, yet sing, is rare:
Yet when advantage ground is gain'd
it yeilds a prospect fair.
And though the way was rough and long,
the top my faith did spy;
I made it pleasant with a song;
(as Larks) by mounting high.
At last, I saw the Garden wall,
and to the door I past;
The door was low, the wall most tall
shutt and inclosed fast.
Abundant entrance to obtain
I did to th' porter cry,
Who said (with waiting) I might gain
an inlet by and by,
Mean while I heard a blessed Chore
of Angels in consort;
Singing about the wall and door,
which did my hopes comfort.
These are the Chariots of my Lord,
and all Gods Garden guard,
That all Pilgrims convoy afford,
and heirs of Life still ward.
While I without, did wait, and stay,
impatience made a dinn,
I heard within, a still voice say,
come let this pilgrim in.
The door was op't immediately,
and in the Pilgrim came,
But with so ragg'd a habit, I
quickly began to shame.
The Master bad me welcome thither,
and such new robes, me gave;
To style my self, I knew not whether
a King, or wandring slave.
He bad me freely entertain,
mine eyes, sense and desire
I'th' lower Garden; till again,
he came to lead me higher.
So while I cast about mine eyes
1. I spy'd a plant below
Most fragrant as in paradise
Adam could ever show:
This flower its azure head conceal'd
in'ts leaves under my feet;
Declin'd to have its worth reveal'd
save by its odour sweet.
2. A second on its lofty spire,
much like that Heliotrope,
To face the Sun seem'd to desire
to turn, or shut, or o'pe.
[Page 213](Said I) this much resembles love
that grace does much delight,
With Christ its Sun, to turn, and move,
dilating at his sight:
A third plant on the wall did lean,
3. (as Vines that fruitful are)
Its bulk nothing: most weak, and mean
yet blessed clusters bare:
Thus faith (a part from Christ) we call
a meer notion, and sound;
Hee's only root, and strength; (that wall)
from him our fruit is found.
Next that presented to my sight
and 'long the wail did creep,
A flowr most fair and Lilly-white
4, 'mong thorns, that made it weep.
Repentance like this flowr, does grow,
its own tears serve for dew:
Moist'ning its soyl, and roots below,
which does its fruits, renew.
Two winter Gillivers I next
upon the wall beheld:
That with the cold, were nipt and vext:
when pluckt, how sweet they smel'd?
5. Like Twins, meekness and Patience thrive
(as Camomile, both grow,
(Tho trod on) yet they keep alive,
still green, and pleasant show.
The meek ones, mute, and silent sit
under the hand of God:
And unto hard things oft submit
bearing his smarting rod.
6. Patience all humane injuries
sustains ev'n unto blood,
Inflames it lives, in triumph dyes,
still counting Gods will good.
7. One plant not of a pleasant smell,
but bitter tast it was,
To natures health, it profits well,
tho' nice ones by it pass:
Mortification makes contrite
and sinful self it scorns;
Restrains all carnal appetite,
with holiness adorns.
A Sister plant nigh that did grow
8. that hearts-ease, some well name;
A plant Solomon scarce did know,
it's worth, who can proclaim?
Contentment is that Jewel so rare,
a crown may want it; yet
A poor man freed of worldly care,
with godliness, may't get.
9. And as the Flowers from roots, must dye
or serve for Ornament,
So's he that can himself deny,
spend, or (for Christ) be spent.
10, A tree there grew that maketh wise
discerning good and evil,
Makes face to shine, 'light'ns the eyes
its fruit, expels the devil.
11. A burning plant did next appear
hot in the fourth degree,
That warms the breasts of all sincere,
and makes them zealous be.
12. Then last I Sempiternum, view'd
whose greeness did surpass:
And by the Sun 'twas still bedew'd,
this perseverance, was.
Now while I recreation had
to bind them up to gather
The Keepers voice me call'd, and bad
me first, to come up thither.
I went immediately, and he
int' a green arbour led,
Propounding of a mystery:
or riddle, and (thus he said.)
A pleasant plant in Eden grows,
Not ev'ry one it's value knows.
Its orient colours, shine out most
And smells most fragrant in the frost,
It beautifies deformed faces,
And the compleatest beauties, graces:
Its root does grow, above its stalks:
And as it spreads in fruit, it walks,
'Tis low and oft trod down by beasts,
Yet in its branches fowls build nests.
Its name and root if you once find,
And eat t'will, sight restore if blind.
As life by eating once was lost;
So 'tis restored without all cost.
The tree of death was once dear bought
Now that of lif's enjoyed for nought.
The more 'tis pluck't the more 'twil spread
It kills the quick, enlivens the dead,
Pluck it, and tell, what 'tis and whence,
A crown then is your recompence.
When I this riddle had pondered well
its meaning for to know,
Light from above, upon me fell
and did the secret show.

(The Answer to't.)
Next i'le you tell of Edens Well.

The Root is Christ, the Plant is Grace.
Which will the pure in glory place.
AMidst Gods Garden did appear
A fountain, that was sweet and clear.
A pleasanter was never seen:
It kept the plants all fresh, and green.
[Page 217]Still flowing full but inexhaust,
Inviting all that saw't, to tast,
And come, drink in a golden cup,
These living waters bubbling up.
Hence Sanctuary-streams derive
That still keep all Gods roots alive.
In Golden pipes still issuing,
Cooling and chearing, ev'ry thing.
In it all that do wash their eyes,
May penetrate deep mysteries.
Like Manna 't tasts, as Milk and Honey,
Its waters run free without money.
All that to wash into it go
(Tho' leprous) 't makes them white as Snow.
The spots of sin, and Conscience-grypes,
And stains away it purely wipes.
He that does drink of this, in store,
For other Cisterns thirsts no more.

179 Hymn. Of the Fruit of Edens Garden.

NOw as mine eye did contemplate
and Edens Fruits desire,
To th' tree of Life, the open gate,
I longing did enquire.
Considering what is on record,
of Adam and his Wife;
Kept by an Angels flaming Sword,
out from that tree of Life.
And now an angel to me flew,
having receiv'd command,
That tree of life to me to shew,
and gave First-fruits in hand.
But told me, that above it grew
amidst Gods paradise;
One branch of which, gave such a shew,
as dazl'd mortal eyes:
This branch did o're the wall extend,
with most delightful tast,
And down within my reach descend;
to eat my soul made hast.
This beauteous and glorious branch
with choice fruits did abound
Its Kingdom to our times did lanch,
tho' with a cross first crown'd.
To stay my longings oft there fell
its apples here, and there,
These promises did relish well,
both food and physick were.
One also brought flagons of Wine
and bad me drink, and gather
The clusters of the choicest Vine▪
for plant it did the Father.

180 Hymn. (Ʋltimate Glory.)

THis upper Garden on the mount
I long'd and climb'd to enter,
But under ground, (one gave account)
I through a Cave must venter.
This Cave I dark and silent found,
the first sight caus'd me weep,
One step me lodg'd next under ground
and there I fell asleep.
Yet prospect got I, (ere I slept,)
by faith, (at a small hole,)
Embalm'd in Christ I shu'd be kept
there hee'l not leave my soul.
Then flew it
i. e. the soul
strait to paradise
such sleep to it, was gain,
My flesh did rest in hope t' arise:
and both (with Christ) to raign.
Thus I put off mortality,
asleep (with little pain:)
In state immortal, by and by,
to rise and live again.
[Page 220]There I bad all the world adieu
here Sword and Shield let fall,
Looking to be array'd anew,
when God is all in all.
But whilst I (at this Port deferr'd,)
did for my passage long:
Melodious Chore's within I hear'd,
so I in consort sung.

181 Hymn.

An Hymn of the immortal joys.
Where pains, nor sighs, nor sin annoys.

Psal. 16. ult. 2 Tim. 1.10. 1. Pet. 1.4.

LOrd in thy Gospel tydings be
of death abolish't quite;
And life with immortality,
therein is brought to light.
This glorious mystery, (conceal'd
in Types) from ages past,
Thou in due time (by Christ) reveal'd
to us in mercy hast.
This mystery doth far excell,
all wisdoms transitory;
That in beleivers Christ should dwell,
the hope of future glory.
[Page 221]That Christ before us up should go,
and Anchor for us cast;
And for us intercede also,
then fetch us home at last.
If first fruit-joys, are here so great,
of immortality,
To reap an Harvest day compleat,
what will the shouting be?
If tokens from espousing love,
so well the heart will stay;
What will the Bridegrooms coming prove
O what the marriage day?
If anchor cast within the vail,
may give so strong comfort;
What will our entrance with full sail,
into eternal Port?
Here Ends the first Part.

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  • Hymn. 97 YEars of jubilee Page 112
  • Hymn. 189 Yelling Wolves rang Page 148
  • Hymn. 96 ZEal as hot as Nebuchadnez. furnace Page 111
  • Hymn. 7 Zions lamentation for the Lord Page 7
  • Hymn. 113 Zions joy surprizes Page 131



THE Author intends a Second Part all on the Scripture, if these bring but in, his bare charges; but Observator Numb. 87. is so bold with Law, to come to a Conventicle; forge a name, and abuse Ra-Conscience, and pervert part of a Hymn, citing it (as Satan did Scripture) in part only, so tender he is of that old Roman Nimrod that hee'l help to start a prey by barking at words, and next imposing his sence, that verse was

At Babel first confusion came,
Lord send it once again;
In her confusion raise thy name,
So finish Nimrods raign-

But to leave him to's scurrilous scrible, until the next House of Lords touze him; I add

There being a late discourse of that Comet; the Reader is desir'd with that book on Matth. 2. to compare G. Withers in's Speccul. Sp. p. 132.

There will (to thwart their hopes) a New Star blaze
Within the West, that shall the World amaze;
And influences, through the universe
So quickly, and prodigiously disperse;
That aided by concurring Constellations,
It shall have some effects upon most Nations;
And cause such changes, as will make a stand,
In those attempts that now men have in hand, &c.

This keyboarded and encoded edition of the work described above is co-owned by the institutions providing financial support to the Text Creation Partnership. Searching, reading, printing, or downloading EEBO-TCP texts is reserved for the authorized users of these project partner institutions. Permission must be granted for subsequent distribution, in print or electronically, of this EEBO-TCP Phase II text, in whole or in part.