THE LOVE of GOD, IS TO Gather the Seasons of the Earth; AND Their Multitudes into PEACE.
In Opening the Scriptures, and the Mysteries of the Revelations to them, and their Multitudes that they may come to Live in Obedi­ence to the Gospel Power; doing the Work of God, through the Son of Peace, which Son of Peace is Christ the Lord.

THE Angel of Power, wh [...] I [...]ve with my Spirit, (C [...]rist the [...]d.) Dictates in me; t [...] is a necessity [...]or [...] second Coming in Revel [...], or the W [...]rld will be Lost, in Re [...]ellion, [...]here is a necessity, for a further Revelation of the G [...]spel, which is Peace, in the Son of Peace; or the Dragon will yet further, keep up his Reign: [...] a furthe [...] [...]st [...]ucti [...]n in wars, and slaughters, to the further confusion of Nations, and their Multitudes which fall, and are in the Disobe­dience to the Gospel, which is Peac [...], and are seen in the fall and false Worship, [...]th to God and M [...]n; so that the examples of the Christian Faith, which came for Peace, are useless to the waring World, both to the name Christian, which ought to be Examples, till the Faith is Established; and by such pra [...]ces, of the name Christians, the Wo [...]ld is kept in Darkness, to that the name Turks, nor the name Heathen, are not ga [...]ered home to the Faith of Christian; and Peace of the Son of Peace; for wh [...]h them, called [...]stions, and which makes a Profession if the Faith of of a Christian, must give an Account off, (to the Powers above) which pretend to be Leaders and Teachers of the People belo [...], for Man is not to be Worshiped with Mens Lives under the Gospel, but to love as Brethren, both Rulers and People, in their several degrees, and Nations to be in unity with th [...] Son of Peace, bringing their greatness, into his suffering, for Peace and Love; and when the Nations are gathered into the Faith, which gives Power, in the Son of Peace, and in the Faith of Jesus, which came an Example of Peace; they will be peaceable, an [...] the Christ in Faith will be Established: But John in the Divine Nature saw, they Which came not to be followers of the Lamb, fell with the Dragon: So this sheweth, there is but a true Church or a False; of every Nation which is to follow the Lamb, or Worship the Dra­gon, and to be a follower of the Lamb, [...]eads to Wor­ship him, that made Heaven and Earth, the Sea and the Fountains of Water, and to give Glory to him.

And as there is one Glory in the Sun, and another Glory of the Moon, and another Glory of the Stars: So the Glory of the Father, through the Lamb and his followers, is powerful over the Dragon Spirit, and his followers; not­withstanding [Page 2] it may yet be, through great Suffering; (for the Establishing the Gospel universally,) the Lamb and his Followers are Redeemed from the Earth, and are led in Peace and Truth, to Glorifie him, that made Heaven and Earth, the Sea, and the Fountains of of Water; and the Dragon leads his Followers in Errour, and slaughter, till their measure is full, to their own Destruction, and are swallowed up in the Earth, they contend for; and God who made Heaven and Earth, the Sea and the Fountains of Water, is Glorifi'd in their Destruction; and the Word of God stands for ever to the Faithfull and Obedient, that work the Work of God, In Peace to their Salvation; and the Lambs Spirit cannot touch with the Dragon's Spirit, nor the Dragon's Spirit over-power [...]he Lambs Spirit, because God's Power in the Lamb, and his Followers (Redeemed from the Earth,) gained the Victory over the Dragons Spirit, and the Dragons Power and Spi­rit; to be in Subjection for ever, to Truth, the Word of God; and when the Dragon is cast into the Earth, the record is; he joyned with the Beast rising up out of the Sea, and he persecuted the Church, called the Wo­man, and in his Wrath, went to make war with the Remnant of the Seed, which keep the Commandments of God, and have the Testimony of Jesus Christ, and to be in Christ, brings Salvation; Rev. 12. c. 17 v. And the Church in Christ, be first Born, hath ever been powerfull, with the Father, is the Witnesses before the Law, and in the time of the Law, and in the Gospel bear Testimony. Heb. 12. c. 23.28 v. c. 13.14 v. c. 11. 10 v. And Christ was with the Church, in the Wilderness, and Sea; leading up the Flock, in Days of Old, and hath appeared in Man, for the uniting the Church, in the Peace of the Gospel, keeping the Commandments of God, which God and Power, is from everlasting, to everlasting, without begining of Days, or end of Time, And to be of the Church, of the first Born, is to be in Christ, and to be in Christ, is to be a Christian, and to be a Christian, is to suffer Persecution, till the Church of Christ is Established in Peace upon Earth, that both Rulers and People may Live, in Christ peaceable Kingdom, for which Establishment, the Power of God in Man, hath descended, and is made manifest, that Nations should be Redeemed into Peace and Obe­dience, following the Example of the Son of Peace, and the Church in Christ, are the Worshippers in Spirit and Truth, of every Nation, and the D [...]sobe­dient, to the Spirit of Chr [...]st, to gain the Earth, (which they must leave,) they follow the Dragon, and Worship him with their Lives and Substance: As▪ John in the Revelations, gives the Account. Rev. 13. c. 4 v. But them which fear God, and work Righteousness, are excepted of every Nation, u [...]ited to him in the Peace of the Son of Peace; as saith Pe [...]er, of a Truth, I perceive, that God is no Respecter of Persons, but in every Nation, he that feareth God, and worketh Righte­ousness, is accepted with him. Acts. 10. c 34.35 v. And where the fear of God is in Truth, such their labour and travel is to Obey the S [...]n of Peace, and where Obedience is to God, and the Lambs Peace, the Dragons nature is kept down, and the Power of God will cast his power down, through Nations, which follow the Example, and Obedience of the Son, which came to Manifest the way of Peace and Truth, and such labour in the Obedience, and Heavenly War, as Michael and his Angels did, against the Dragon and his Angels, and it was truth, which overcame the Dragon in Heaven, and not Swords; and it is Truth, in the Christian Faith, which must overcome the Dra­gon upon Earth, and not Swords. And the Power of G [...]d was with his Truth, and cast the Old Serpent called the Devil, and Satan with his Angels, from Hea­ven. And it is the Power of God which must cast the Dragon, and Old Serpent out of Mens earth here and not Swords. And as Nations keep to Truth, so to stand or fall to their own Master, notwithstanding the Dragon had a Power with his Angels, yet the Po­wer of God which is with his Truth, is above the Po­wers of Darkness, and his Angels, and they were cast into the Earth, and the Christians are to sit in the Heavenly place, with Christ their Holy Head, which Power Descended and appeared in Jesus, to save Men's Lives, and not to destroy Men's Lives, and that all should be gathered to God both Jew and Gentile, and that all shou'd come into the Spirit and Obedience of the Son of Peace which bid Peter, put up thy Sword again into his Place, for all they that take the Sword shall Perish with [...]he Sword. Mat. 26 c. [...] v And Gen. 9 c. 6, v. and Rev. 13 c. 10. v. And the Ministration of the Gospel, sheweth Peace, to them in Christ, and that such as lo [...] their Chri­stian liberty of Peace, in the Glorious Liberty of [...]e Son of God, they enter Satans Bondage and Wars, and are not Redeemed from the Earth, they contend for, and fall with their contending, to the destroying their Mul­titudes, and Liberties of Peace, through the Son of Peace, sent an Example of Peace; and under the dis­pensation of the Gospel, in the Gospel, in the Christian Faith, there is no Examples of King-makers, or for Christians in the Faith, to pull down Kings, (for) when Jesus perceived they would come and take him by force, to make him a King, he departed again, into a Moun­tain alone. John. 6. c. 15 v. And he saith to Pilate, my Kingdom is not of this World, if my Kingdom were of this World, then w [...]uld my Servants Fight, that I should not be delivered to the Jews; but now is my Kingdom not from hence. John 18. c. 36. v But his King­dom was, to bear Witness to the Truth, for which cause Jesus declares, that he was Born to this end, and caus [...] to bear Witness to the Truth, which Truth Pilate knew not, and saith what is Truth? but Truth reached s [...] fa [...] to Pilate, that he said to the Jews, I find no fault a [...] all in him: The Examples of the Gospel in Christ kep [...] right on their way, and did not turn, to the righ [...] hand, of to the left for grandure, but goodness, [...] they went through many Tribulations and Suffering [...] and with the Fathers and Prophets in the Faith, d [...] clared. Here have we no continuing City, but we se [...] [Page 3] one to come; Heb. 13 c.. 14 v. 11 c. 10 v. a City, which hath Foundation, whose Builder, and maker is God. And the Christians now are to keep right on their way, to seek this City, which hath Foundation in the Truth, till they have made their Peace with God, in the Spirit of the Son, that a seed in the uni­versal Love, may be planted in the Heavenly Can­naan, and Spiritual Jerusalem; and so to go on, to the perfecting their Obedience, in the Faith of a Chri­stian, and to shew forth their Obedience, whilst hear, for the gathering of more into the Peace of the Son of Peace, notwithst nding it may be through great Suf­ferings, and Tribulations for the sake of Peace and Truth, and that Christs Kingdom of Peace, may be Established in every Nation, that the other Sheep, which are not come, to be of his Spiritual Fold, may be gathered to the Kingdom of Peace, and to Wor­ship God in Spirit and Truth, for such the Father seeks to Worship him, and these Worshipers in the Power of Truth; the one Church in Christ is the way to the Father, and the Churches of every Nation established by the Law, of Men, will come to Nothing. It is the Church established by Grace, that will stand, of every Nation; and the Dragons Power brought down by the Power of Truth. The Dragon and Serpent, which is Lucifer, was once called the Son of the Morning, and he was in Heaven as an Ang [...]l of Light, yet could not stand in a Presumtious Spirit, but the Truth cast him and his Angels down, notwithstanding he was so Powerful; amongst the Stars, Isa. 14 c. 12 v. His all drew the Third part of the Stars of Heaven and did cast them to the Earth, in his fall, and Truth the one Church, will y [...]t disappoint him, and his Angels, and Stars upon Earth; let the Profection be never so High, and the Name of Church never so great, ye [...] God will stand by his Truth, and will bring down every false Worshipper, notwithstand­ing, Truth may and ye must suffer, till the peacea­ble Kingdom of Christ is Established, and such as keep to the Spirit of Truth, will gain the Victory with the Lamb, and they which abuse in Christ, the Light and Lif [...], the Truth and the way, are in the one Church, and they in the Light, keep out of the Dragons [...]the, as they keep to Christ, the one Church in the Spirit of Truth, which Truth is Re­vealed in the Lamb, and his Followers, and unites, in the o [...] holy Building, with the Bride, the Lambs Wife, and with the Tribes, of the Children of Israel, and the Apostles of the Lamb; so that the True Church is signified by the Lamb, and his followers in Peace, from the false Worshippers, the Dragon, and his followers, in Wars joined to Mistery Babylon, which is recorded, sitteth upon many waters, upon a Scarlet Co­lour'd Beast, and Mistery Babylon, Is full of Names of Blasphemy, and the Beast she sitteth upon, having seven Heads, and ten Hornes, which Hornes, the Angel interprets to John be Kings. Rev. 17 c. 12 v. And they Worshipped the Dragon, which gave Power to the Beast, (with seven Heads, and ten Hornes,) saying, who is like unto the Beast, who is able to make War with him. Rev. 13 c. 4. v. 10. c. 13 v. & there was given to the Beast, a mouth spaeking great things and Blasphemies. And as the Waters signifies, Peoples, and Multitudes, and Nations, and Tongues; 17 c. 15 v. So Babylon signifies, the false Church, guided by the false Spirit; of every People, and Multitudes, and Nations, and Tongues, and to be brought down, and sit in the Dust, and to have no Throne, as the Prophet Isaiah saw, and sit silent, for as saith the Prophet, speaking of the false Church, thou shalt no more be called, the Lady of King­doms, 47 c. 1. 5 v. Jer. 50 c. 1 v. 51. c 7 v. Rev. 18 c. 2 v. 14 c. 8 v. And to be guided by the false Spi­rit in Worship, is called Whoredoms, as the Old and and New Testaments, and the Revelations of the An­gel of Jesus Christ, to John signifies, and John when in the Spirit, saw Mistery of Babylon the great, her Name written (for Destruction) the Mother, of Har­lots, and abominations of the Earth, and I saw the Woman Drunker, (saith John,) with the Blood of Saints, and with the Blood of the Martyrs, of Jesus. So it is plain, Babylon is a Mixture of Confusion (in Worship) a people led by the false Spirit of every Na­tion, apart, which come not to the Obedience and Peace in the Gospel, which the Father sent the Son of Peace with, that the Dragon and his Power, and Worshippers might be brought down, to have no fur­ther Place in the Heavenly Part, nor to draw the Stars of Heaven to the Earth with his Tail, for the Dragon assuming a Power, in Heaven, which did not belong to him, is cast d [...]wn and Men which the Dragon works in, and they in a High Profession, in Religion, such assume a Power which does not be­long to the Christian Faith, to Persecute or to j [...]in in War, to kill or destroy, and as the Dragon gained a Power over the Angels, and the Stars of Heaven, as appearing as an Angel of Light; so Men in whom the Drag n works, and they appear in a High Pro­fession, in Religion, and perform some Religious Dutys, it is such which draw Angelical Spirits to them which are off of their Watch, and such Stars with their tail, (a Power which they have begotten in the Peo­ple through their great appearance and Bright [...]ess of appearance) to follow them to their own Destruction, at the Dragon did the Angels and Stars of Heaven; and did cast them to the Earth. So man in a dege­nerated State; is a Tail to the Dragon, to draw dege­nerated Spirits to them, men which have been Visited with an Angelical Spirit, and have Shined as Stars, but go­ing from their first [...]ove and Visitation, lead the People back again to their great loss, and such can join with the Dragon, and War, and become as Lions and Dragons, to the People of God; as Man in a degenerated State, is called a Lion and Dragon, as Pharaoh and Nebu­chadnezzar [Page 4] King of Babylon, and the King of Assyria is recorded Jer. 50. c 17 v. 51 c. 37. v For in the 70 Years Captivity of Israel, and Judah in Babylon, they were cruel to Israel and Judah; and the People of God, owning the True God; were Obedient to the Word, which the Prophet had spoken, and Worshipped the True God, which neither the King of Assyria, nor Nebuchadnezzar did they were Worshippers of Gods, and formed Gods to themselves, and Nebuchadnezzar was destroyed in the House of his God, by his Sons, which were Idolaters, as himself was, and Nebuchad­nezzar, King of Babylon, is called the Hammer of the whole Earth; (but not a Hammer, in the Work of Salvation, either for himself, or Multitudes,) as exe­cuting the judgments of the Lord, and after to be cut asunder, and broken, and Babylon to become a Deso­lation, among the Nations, that was once so great- Jer. 50 c. 23.31.15 v. Shout against her, round a­bout, she hath given her hand, her Foundations are fall­en, her Walls are thrown down, for it is the Vengeance upon her, as she hath done, do unto her. So Babylon was to be Destroyed, whose King is called the Hammer of the whole Earth; when he had done his office upon the proud, and in executing the Lord's Wrath, upon the Rebellious, to which he was sent, then others was to be raised up against him, a mighty Nation, and Ba­bylon lamented: O thou that dwelleth upon many waters, aboundant in Treasures, thine end is come, and the mea­sure of thy Covetousness. Jer. 51 c. 13 v. So one Idolater, was raised to destroy another, in their Pride, when their measure of Iniquity was full; as the Prophet Isaiah saw, 14 c. 5.6 v. and the Prophet Ezekiel gives the account of God's Judgments upon the Prince of Tyrus, that had imployed the Wisdom given him, to gain Riche [...], as 27 c. sheweth, and 28 c. Tyrus is said to be Wiser then Daniel, there is no secret, that they can hide from thee, 3.4. v. With thy Wisdom, and with thine Ʋnderstanding, thou hast gotten thee Riches, Gold and Silver into thy Trea­sures, by thy great Wisdom, and by thy Trafficks, thy Heart is lifted up, because of thy Riches. 12 v. take up a lamentation upon the King of Tyrus, and say unto him, thus saith the Lord God; thou sealed up the sum full of Wisdom, and perfect in Beauty, 13 v. Thou hast been in Eden, the Garden of God, every precious Stone, was thy Covering, 14 v. thou art the Annointed Chureb that covereth. I have set th [...]ese, thou wast upon the Holy Mountain of God, thou hast walked up and down, in the midst of the Stones of Fire; thou wast perfect in thy ways, from the Day that thou wast Creat­ed, t [...]ll Iniquity was found in thee, and 16 v. by the Multitude of thy Merchandiz [...], they fi [...]ed the midst of thee, with Violence, and thou hast sinned; therefore, I will cast thee as profane, out of the Mountain of God, and I will destroy thee: O Covering Cherub, from the midst of the Stones of fire, thine Heart was lifted up, because of thy Beauty, thou hast corrupted thy Wisdom, by reason of thy brightness; I will cast thee to the ground, I will lay thee before Kings, that they may behold thee, thou hast defiled thy sanctuaries, by the Multitudes of thine Iniquities, by the Iniquity of thy Traffick; therefore will I bring forth a fire from the midst of thee; and I will bring thee to ashes, upon the Earth, in the sight of all them, that behold thee, thou shalt be a Terror, and never shalt thou be any more. So it is plain the Wis­dom, and greatness, which God had given this Prince, he turned it into Covetousness and Pride, and lost the Scepter of his Power, and cast out as pro­fane, of the Mountain of God, as not making a right use, of the Wisdom and Beauty, God had given him, for himself, and Multitude, and this is agreea­ble to the Parable of the unjust Steward; the Child­ren of this World, are in their Generation, Wiser then the Children of Light. Luke 16 c, 8 v. That is to gain Riches and greatness in this World, and notwithstanding, it is said to the King of Tyrus, be­hold thou art Wiser then Daniel, and that no Secret, that they can hide from thee, yet Daniel's Obedience, out did Tyrus's Wisdom, and the Angel of Power was great with Daniel, and the Angel tells Daniel, he is greatly beloved of God, which is the best Riches, if there should be no Portion in the Earth, but great and mighty Men were raised, and not being Obedient to the Laws of God, keeping the Commandments, and the Day of his Rest, for their Disobedience they were Raised, under the Law to destroy one another; because of their Pride and false Worship, as the Pro­phet sheweth, Eze. 30 C. 6 v. and c. 31 v. [...] 32. and 12 18 v. and 35 c. 2.10 v.

But when the Spring of the Gospel appeared, the Examples of the Christian Faith, United to the Spirit of God, and they left all to f [...]llow the Lord, and they followed a peace [...]ble Saviour, and a healing Physician, a feeder of multitudes, who again in the Spirit of Prophecy (which is the Testimony of Jesus, he discovered the works of darkness, and in the fear of the Lord, he declared the Word of the Lord, and did the work of the Lord and was Obedient to the Death of the Cross, and when Jesus ascended into Heaven, his time upon Earth being short, the Angel of Jesus Christ, is sent to declare the Judgements of God against Sin, and false Worship Rev, 9. C. 20.21 v. And that the works of the Dragon, may be brought down, and made manifest, that the Lamb of Peace, may gain the Victory over the Earth, in the Spirit of Peace, and Truth take place, over the Dragons Spirit of De­struction and War, and before the Spring of the Gos­pel, the whole World was in War, but at the Birth of Jesus, the Angel of the Lord and a Multitude of the Heavenly Host, praising God, Proclaiming Peace, say­ing, Glory to God in the, Highest, and on Earth Peace good will towards Men. Luke 2 C. 13 14 v. and Je­sus was raised an Example of the Christian Faith, and the Lord sent forth a Great manifestation, of Peace [Page 5] through him, that it should be obeyed, and yet the whole World is in War, after so great a manifesta­tion of Peace; and 1711 Year since, and a Light is now again sent forth to the Caesars of the Earth, and the Revelations Opened, as they never before this Day were to any, and that the C [...]sars may come to see the Christian fa [...]h, and that C [...]sars Sword, should Cease; and according to the Example of the Christian Faith, to suffer in outward things, for the Peace and Salvation, that is in the Gospel, which Examples of Faithfulness, was for the Caesars of the Earth, that they might be Examples, to their multitudes, that the Peace of the Gospel, might live in the Cae­sars of the Earth, and Caesars Sword to Cease, that Salvation upon Ob [...]dience might come to Caesar, and their multitudes, in the place of the Gospel, and that the Caesars of the Earth should be Ex [...]mples to their multitudes, as Cords to draw to Peace and Love, as Jesus w [...]s an Example to his Diciples, and drew the multitude after him, and with Compassion feed them, with a great Miracle the Loves and fishes, as shewing the Power of God which is in the Faith to the Faithful, and they which believed were feed, and healed: and the Record is, there was a Temptation put upon that prepared Body: whether it ma [...] lawful to pay Tribute to Caesar or not, now it must be con­sidered, who it was asked him, Tempting him the message of our Lord, being Peace to the World, they were under the Law, and in the Destructive Nature, they Crucified him, and although they had a call to the Christian Faith, yet they were not come to be Christians in the Faith, and obedience of the Gospel, so that C [...]sar and his Destructive Sword, and they were alike, and the Caesars not come from under the Law, but when the Caesars of the Earth comes to be Christians, laying down the Destructive Sword, in the peace of the Gospel, then the Image of Christ will appear in them, and the Tribute demanded by them, and paid by the Multitude to do good, and the Destructive Sword to cease, for the Appearance of our Lord, is for Peace and Truth, and to save Mens Lives, and not to destroy them, paying a Tribute as a Traveller through Countries, as in many places it is so, to pay something for going over a Bridge, or through a Gate, after such an Hour, or for the M­nuring of Countreys, so that his paying such a Tribute then, and in the time of Peace, is no example of upholding Caesars Sword now, for it was a time of Peace, when Jesus Ministred the word of God, so that paying such a Tribute then or now, is no Exam­ple to the Christians in the Faith, and peace of the Gospel, to uphold Caesars Sword now, because the Life of that prepared Body, was laid down, that Caesar should come to be a Christian, and the People gathered into peace, and they which are Caesar's Friends must suffer, for the word of their Testimonies, till Caesar sees the Christian Faith, and peace and power of the Gospel, and in Spirit and Truth come to Christ, to Reign with him, by Sufferings, first for the Peace, which is in the Gospel, which leads to the Kingdom of Christ in Peace, and as to Tribute to Caesar, true Tribute is to be paid to Caesar in Obedience, and for the uniting of the Christian Faith, and Tranqu [...]lity of their People and Nations, that hath not a sting, and a point of a Sword at the End, such a Tribute was not paid by the Christians, under the Gospel, but as a passenger in the Work of God, I say, that Tribute (o [...] Custom) Jesus paid for himself, and Peter as an Example of the Christian Faith, in Necessary things, and Peace according to the Gospel, which is Peace and Good Will towards Men, according to the Voice of the Angel of the Lord, Lu. 2. and 9 v. and 13 and 14 v. and the Heavenly Host, with the Angel, at the Birth of Jesus, which Voice is to Caesar, as to their multi­tudes, for till the Proclamation reaches into Caesar's Heart, the multitude is not safe, nor the disciplined Christians as to the outward Life, if they follow the Example of Jesus, and his Disciples, yet must be O­bedient to the great Lord of the whole Earth, for the sake of the other Sheep: not yet gathered into the peace of the Gospel and Example of Jesus, who as the prophet gives the Account, and foresaw, he had done no Violence, neither was any Deceit in his Mouth, yet was the stroke laid upon him, Isaiah 53. and 9 v. and let it be considered by the Caesars of the whole Earth now, what Pharoah Nebuchadnezzar, and Tyrus, and Syrus, and Mount Sir, and Gog and Ma­gog, were made great and Wise, for it was to wor­ship the True and Living God, and to do no Iniquity, and to keep the Commands of God, but they forsook the Lord and his Commandments, (which to keep brings forth Peace) and Iniquity and Pride was found in them, and this proved their own Destruction one after another, when their measure was full, and not­withstanding Nebuchadnezzar is called a King of Kings and the hammer of the whole Earth, and the Servant of God, as executing the Judgments of the Lord, in bringing down mighty Nations, Idolatrous Kings, I say which mighty Nations, when their measure of Ini­quity was full, after Israels 70 Years Captivity, was rais­ed up against him, to bring him down for his Evils, as he had brought down others, in false Worship, so his being the hammer of the whole Earth, and called a King of Kings, and a Servant of God, I say his Service was to destroy, and not in the Work of Sal­vation, neither for himself nor his Multitude, and Man in the destroying Nature is called a Dragon, which must be brought down, before they can come to Peace, Ez. 29.3 v. Ps. 74 13.14. v. Is. 27.1 v. 51 c. 9. v. and when the Angel begins his Revelations to the Seven Churches in Asia, he shewed every one of the Churches, wherein they were Justified, and wherein they acted against the Truth, and the Angel of Revelation sheweth the Angel of the Church in Pergamos, where Satans Seat amongst them is, seated [Page 6] they were such as had held fast the Name of God, when the Faithful Martyr was slain amongst you, saith the Ang [...]l in the Word of the Lord, even in those days, wherein Antipas was my faithful Martyr, who was Slain among you, where Satan dwelleth, so that not­withstanding their high Profession, they held fast the Name of God, yet Satans Seat, was amongst them, and the Faithful Martyr Slain, where Saten dwelleth, and yet the whole Church was not charged with this, but some amongst you, where Satan dwelleth, and Satan Works most in them Powers, which are dege­nerated from the Truth, and are in the Power, and Seat to Work with him, in his Limited Power, for Satan had no Power nor Seat with the Lamb, and his followers, nor with the great multitude, which no Man could Number, of all Nations, and Kindreds, and People, and Tongues, which had the Voice, of Sal­vation,; and came out of great Tribulations, Chap. 7 v. 9 14. And the Angel of Revelation Charges the Angel of the Church of Pergamos, with a few things (more) because thou hast there them that hold the Doct­rine of Balaam, who taught Balack to cast a stumbling Block, before the Children of Israel, in false Worship, to eat things Sacrificed, to Idols, and to Commit Fornica­tion. Num. 25 c. and Rev. 2 c. 13.14 v. And after this the Revelation gives the account, that Sa­tan is cast Down from Heaven, with his Angels and Stars. c. 12. v. 3.4.9. Yet the false Spirit, which he had begotten, worshiped him upon Earth, as c. 13 4. v, sheweth, and as the Lords care is over his Church, c. 14 v. 6. So the Angel having the everlastnig Gospel to Preach, to them that dwell on the Earth, and to every Nation, and Kindred, and Tongue, and People, (hath a warning) saying with a loud voice, fear God and give Glory to Him, for the hour of his Judgments is come, and Worship him that made Heaven and Earth, and the Sea, and the Foun­tains of Water, and there followed another Angel, say­ing, Babylon is fallen, is fallen that great City, (and shewing the cause for why she fell) because she made all Nations Drink of the Wine [...]f the Wrath of her For­nication, v. 9. (and the Lords care is yet great over his Church, in sending his Warning Angels, the Third Angel followed them, saying with a loud Voice, if any Man Worship the beast and his Image and Receive his mark, in his forehead, or in his hand, the same shall drink of the Wine of the Wrath of God, which is poured out, without Mixture, into the Cup, of his Indig­nation, and he shall be Tormented, with fire and Brim­stone, in the presence of the Holy Angels, and in the Presence of the Lamb. (And as it is said Holy Angel [...], these sheweth, the Holy Angels, from degenerat [...]d Spirits, and fallen Angels, which once appeared in an Angelical State in Heaven; but fell with the Dragon) and are become Angels of Wrath. So in the Re­generation, and true Worship of God; there must be no mixture, to Worship the beast nor his Image, nor receive their Markes, nor is there any true Judgement where Satans Seat is; but to be reproved, and as Antipas was Slain, where Satan dwelleth, so John gives the account, the accuser of our Brethern, is cast down, which accused them, before our God, Day and Night, and here his Power is limited, to have no more place in Heaven. 12 c. 8.11 v, (the Brethren) they overcame him by the Blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their Testimony, and they loved not their Lives, unto the Death, but in faithfullness, the Life which is in God, is preserved for ever, and yet the Angels are sent forth to call to the People of God, to come out of Babylon, and not to fall, with her. 18 c. The Angel having great Power, and the Earth, was lighted with his Glory, and he cried mightily, with a strong Voice, (saying,) Babylon the great, is falle [...], is falle [...], and is become the Habitation of Devils; (and shewing the False Church, and Spirit of every Nation, and Church apart,) and the hold of every foul Spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hatefull Bird, and 3 v. For all Nations have drank, of the Wine of the Wrath of her Fornications, and the Kings of the Earth have com­mitted Fornication with her, and the Merchants of the Earth are Waxed Rich, through the abundance of her Delicacies; and this Babylon is yet to be Destroyed, a part of every Nation and Church, and People joined together, from Generation to Generation, till the Gospel take place, and the Powers of the Earth follow the Example of Jesus, and seek the Peace of the Gospel, by Living in Obedience to it, and to Preach the Gospel from Nation to Nation, by the practiseing part, for the Babylon, of every Genera­tion, it's Disobedience and Whoredoms, must be brought down, and rewarded in Judgment, in every dispensation, and People; and the Kings of the Earth, who have committed Fornication, and lived deliciously with her, shall bewail her, and lament for her, when they shall see the smoke of her Burnings. Eze. 27 c. 27.35 v. Rev. 18 c. 9.24 v. In her was found, the Blood of the Prophets and of Saints, and if all that were Slain upon the Earth 35 v. And the Riches of them which belonged to, and joined with Babylon is Named, and she fell with her Riches, Gold and Sil­ver and precious Stones and Pe [...]rls, and fine Linen, and Purple and Silk, and Scarlet, and all Thin Wood, and all manner of Vessels of Ivory, and all manner of Ves­sels, of most precious Wood, and of Brass and Iron, and Marble, and Cinnamon, and Odours, and Wine and Oil, and fine Flour and Wheat, and Beasts and Sheep, and Horses, and Chariots, and Slaves and Souls of Men; (and let it be considered, the Slaug­ter of Men in the Babylon, of this Generation of the World, how great it is:) 14 v. The Fruit that thy Soul lusted after, are departed from thee, and all things which were dainty and good, are departed from thee, and thou shalt find them no more at all▪ and 19 c. And after these things, (saith John.) I heard a great Voice of much People, in Heaven saying: [Page 7] Alleluja, Salvation and Glory, and Honour, and Pow­er, unto the Lord our God; for true and Righteous are his Judgments, for he hath Judged the great whore, which did currupt the Earth, with her fornication, and hath avenged the Blood of his Servants, as her hand, and the Elders Worshipped God, that sate upon the Throne, saying Amen, Alleluja, and a great Voice came out of the Throne, saying, Praise our God, all ye his Servants, and ye thac fear him, both small and great. And when Baby­lon, the false Spirit, and Church of every Nation join­ed together, John saw and the Angel gives the account, (the Angel having great power, and the Earth was Lighted with his Glory) Babylon was brought down, for all Nations have drunk of the Wine of the Wrath of her Fornication, and partaking of her Sins, they were to partake of her Plagues, and the False Church is represented, under the Name of Babylon, and the Woman, and great City which Reigneth over the Kings of the Earth, 17 c 18 v. 9 c. 20 v. Those under the Torments, were such as Worshipped Devils. 13 c. 4 v. John giving an ac­count of them which Worshipped the Dragon, and beast; 8 v. all that dwell upon the Earth, shall Worship him, whose names are not Written in the Book of Life, of the Lamb Slain, from the Foun­dation of the World; and John calls the False Church, with its bottomless Evils, for there is no place to set their Foot upon, when the Lord enters into Judg­ment, for great Abominations commited; John calls the False Church, (as aforementioned,) the Beast was taken, and with him, the False Prophet, that wrought Miracles before him, with which he deceiv­ed them, that had received the Mark of the Beast, and them that Worshipped his Image, and John saw the Kings of the Earth, and their Armies gather together, to made War against him, that sate upon the House, (who was that) his Name is called, Faithful and True, which will bring down Babylons false Powers, of every Nation Joyned together, out of the L [...]mb of Peace. c. 19. and Universal Love, and the Angel standing in the Sun, he cried with a [...]oud Voice, saying to all the fowls that flie in the midst of Heaven; come and ga­ther your selves together, c. 19 v. 18. (And the Slaughter was great) that ye may eat the flesh of Kings and the Flesh of Captains, and the Flesh of Mighty Men, and the Flesh of Horses, and them that set on them, and the Flesh of all Men, both free and bound both small and great: So here is a part which were as dung, upon the Earth, and for the fowls to feed on (as in Slughters where multitudes fall, they do) and as there is a Worm, which never dies. The beast was taken, and with him the false Prophet, (as aforementioned) that wrought Miracles before him, with which he Deceived them, that had received the mark of the beast, and them that Worshipped his Image, these both were cast alive, into a Lake of Fire, burning with Brimstone; and the remnant were slain, with the Sword of him, that sate upon the Horse, which Sword Proceeded out of his Mouth, and all the fowls were filled with their flesh, so hear John saw, that Judgement was severaly given, against the beast, and fal e Prophet; and the Kings and Captains, and Mighty Men, and all Men, both Free and B und, both Small and great; which Joyned with Babylon, and under the Law, the Kings of Babylon were Idolaters, such as knew not God, and were raised to bring down others, in the Idolatries, going from the Law of Truth, in which themselves was found, and with which the Prophets one after another, charges them Kings of Babylon with, which is no rule for Christians, under the Gospel to war one Nation with ano­ther, nor to join to such Powers as the Heathen do, to Worship the Dragon, and receive his mark in war, and the Heathen is that Old Serpent, called the Devil, which Confuses the World, to make partyes, as in Heaven he did. The Angels and Stars which he drew with his Tail, and his Angels was cast out with him, and his Power Li­mited, to have no more place in Heaven, neither in the Angels nor Stars, but if upon Earth he can draw them, which have an Angelical, Spiritual Gifts and bring them to degenerate from their gifts, in drawing one such through that one, he gains many more, which looks at that one as an Example.

Therefore every one to your Watch, and pray to be delivered from his Temptations, and come to Witness that Blessed Prayer, which is to say, Our Father which art in Heaven, hallowed be thy Name, thy Kingdom come, thy Will be done in Earth as it is Heaven, give us this Day our daily Bread, (that is every Day our Spiritual Bread, that we may know our Life, and accep­tance with and in thee, and out of Saans Power when he comes to Tempt, either in himself or through Instruments, so shall we in our Bodies, Witness a new Heaven, and a new Earth, a new Creation, wherein dwelleth Righteousness) and to say forgive us our Trespasses as we forgive them, that Trespass against us, for if ye forgive Men their Trespasses, your Heavenly Fathers will also forgive you, but if ye forgive not Men their Trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your Trespasses, (and the Exhortation is not to lay up for your selves, Treasures upon Earth, where Moth and Rust doth Corrupt, and where Thieves break through, and Steal, but lay up for your selves Treasures in Heaven, where neither Mo [...]h [Page 8] nor Rust doth Corrupt, and where Thieves do not break through, not Steal) and them which Witness a growth in the Prayer, which our Lord Christ teached his Disciples to pray, they desire the Kingdom of God to come in Power and Glory, and his Will to be done in their Earth, as in Heaven, and to be delivered from the Evil of Temptation, and to know their Bread to come down from Heaven Day by Day, to feed their Souls, and to live in Obedience to the Gospel, that his Power may take place, and that God may be Glorified in every Power upon Earth, to the Peace of their Salvation, yeilding Obedience to the Lamb of Peace, for God will be Glori­fied either in Mercy or Judgment, and if the World will not admit of a growth in the Christian Faith, then how shall the Kingdoms of this World, become the Kingdoms of our Lord, and his Christ, which gives Peace, and Man is to be a new Heaven, and a new Earth, wherein dwelleth Righteousness, 2 c, 3. and 13 v. Is. 65.17. v. 66 c. 21. v. and Revelations 21 c. 1 v. and such a Heaven, and such a Earth, will be far from Oppression, but till the Dragon is cast out of Mans Earth, as he was cast down from Hea­ven, and Man to know a Second Birth to be Born again, and Created a new, in the Spirit of Truth tell this Spirit governs in Man, and in every Power, they will destroy in the Lion like Nature, and the Bear and Wolfs Nature, and God will be clear of the Gentiles, in manifesting the Myste­ries of the Revelations, of the Gospel of Peace, to them, and the Destructive Sword (not of the Gospel) and its Power and Throne, seen from the Lamb of Peace, and his Power and Throne, the Lamb stood on the Mount Sion, and with him the Hundred and Forty and Four Thousand, Ch. 14.1. v. which were redeemed from the Earth, and the great multitude, which no Man could Number of all Nations, and Kindreds, and People and Tongues, stood before the Throne, and before the Lamb, Rev. 7 c. 9 v. when the Dragon and Beast, and their Worshippers were to be Tormented, and to have no rest Day nor Night, and as afore-mentioned, the Lord will be clear of his Word, sent to the Gentiles, and will call the Jews into the Gospel of Peace, and will Spirit them, in his Work of Peace, among the Nations, and in the Revelations, there is a Revolution shewed by the Dragon, and Beast, the false Prophet, the false Spirit, and Church to come upon the Disobedient Gent [...]les, as there came a Revolution upon the Disobedient Jews, for their Rebellions, but a Remnant, which see the Evil of their Disobedience, in the General were afflicted, and Mourned, and these believed and rose w th Christ, in the Spring of the Gospel notwithstanding they were cast out by their Bre­thren, but as saith the Apostle, whether shall we Obey, God or Man, Judge ye, and in this, they were to Judge the Laws of Heaven, is to be O­beyed, before the Laws of Men, and the Laws of Men with all Humility, which stand in the Christian Liberty of the Gospel of Peace, and to War against him, that is Faithful and True. is to Disobey the Laws of Heaven, when the Proclamation is gone forth, for Peace on Earth, Good Will towards Men, and the Heavenly Host Witnesses, of the Proclamation for Peace, and of which Proclamation for Peace, Praise and Glory to God, the Shepherds gives the Account in Peace, Lu. 2 c. 14.15 v.

And that Peace may be Proclaimed throughout the World, is the Prayer of one which is the least in the Family of Heaven, and desires to do the Will of God, and not my own Will.

Elizabeth Redford.

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