THE QUAKERS REFUGE Fixed upon the Rock of Ages, Though the Swelling Waters Dash never so Vio­lently to Overturn it.

Wherein is prov'd, that the Narrative of Ralph James is an absolute Lying-Wonder, according to his own Definition.

And also, The great Controversie between the People of God called Quakers, and others, about the holy Spirit of God and the Scriptures; truly stated, and very briefly discoursed, as it is owned by the Quakers.

And the Truth Cleared from the False Suggestions and De­ceitful Insinuations of the Anabaptists about the said Controversie.

[...]n Answer to a subtil Pamphlet, lately published, Intituled, The Quakers Subterfuge or Evasion Overturned.

Also, A few Queries propounded unto Ralph James, and the Au­thor of the Subterfuge, &c. By ROBERT RUCKHILL.

To which is added another Postscript in Answer to some Queries propounded in the said Pamphlet, wherein many Untruths are suggested; but herein the Truth is cleared, and the Evasion and Deceit of the Baptists made more fully ma­nifest.


The Lip of Truth shall be Established forever; but a Lying Tongue is but for a Moment, Prov. 12.19.
Righteous Man hateth Lying Words; but the Wicked causeth Slan­der and Shame, Prov. 13.5.

Printed in the Year, 1673.

Honest Impartial Reader;

WHen first theThere being about Nine Years between the Generation and the Birth. Monstrous Production of the Anabaptists Lying-Wonder (extant in their Narrative and prefixed Letters) had so Vigorously alarum'd, the Na­tion; I was under some exercise of Mind, as having the Ground and Design of the Anabaptists opened in me in that their Undertaking, which I feared could not be so ob­vious to that Southern Friend, who was first engag'd in the Detection of their Slanders, by reason of his remote Residence from those Parts, where those things were pretended to be acted.

But when I had seen the first and second Books of T. R. where their Deceits were so evidently discovered, and so sig­nally detected (although their Ground was not so much percei­ved) I did acquiesce in a patient Hope, and Expectation of a Succesful Issue on the Truth's behalf.

Afterwards came forth another Book, put forth, as I con­ceive, by a Clandestine Author, intituled, The Quakers Sub­terfuge or Evasion Overturned, &c. whereat I was much stirred in mind, to observe somewhat concerning the said Book, but was still stay'd by a certain Expectation, shortly to see the An­swer by that Friend who was already engaged in that Service. But being at Lincoln the 25th of December last, where I expected to have sound the said Answer, I not onely understood that the Book was unanswered; but (much contrary to my Expecta­tion) [Page 4]the Work it self brought to my Hands, which I accepted not without Fear and Trembling: wherefore my Soul humbly implores the Assistance of the Eternal Wisdom, without which I am both unable and unfit to do Him any Service.

And now Reader, sith the all-disposing Providence has thus or­der'd things, I shall candidly address my self to communicate unto thee (and to the whole Nation, if they please) what I have observ'd to be the original true Ground and Cause, why the Anabaptists at this Season should produce their Lying-Wonder, which the Author in hand affirms was brought ONLY to oppose the spirit of Falshood in Richard Anderson; when as about Nine Years, by this Authors Confession, have expir'd since the Matter contain'd in their Narrative was acted; see their Subterfuge, p. 9 & 13. Surely, if the Anabaptists had been as slow in the cure of Leprosies, Pains, Exstasies, &c. as they have been in opposing R.A's false spirit, what had become of him, his Le­prous Child, Wife and Family, or of Mary Brown, long ere this day? But I proceed.

About the 26th day of the 6th Moneth, 1669. was the Dispute at Wrawby (mention'd by the Anabaptists) and upon the last day of the same Moneth, William Smith of Eltham late a Brother of the Baptists; but now a faithful Follower of the Light of Christ, that Light of the World) gave forth a Writing thus dedicated:

To all such as deny, that the holy Spirit ought to be Supream Judge in Man, and in Matters of Faith above the holy Scriptures.

This was directed in particular to Ralph James and John [Page 5]Kirk by of Brigg; but they have not answer'd it to this day, though J. K. did promise to answer it. At last (after some Provocation used) J. K. writes a reviling Letter, about 17 Months after, while R. James is imply'd to bring forth into the World this Monstrous Birth, the Narrative, which had lain in the dark womb of Oblivion about 9. Years; thus (after the mode of Antichrist) to establish their false Doctrines by Signs and Lying Wonders, & at one fatal Blow to assassinate the Innocent Name & Cause of the Quakers forever.

In this seeming Distress the Quakers flee to the Name of the Lord, their strong Tower, there to repose in Safety, until a just Defence might advance in their Vindication, which no sooner ap­pears under the hand of T. R. but presently advances another Opposer of God's Everlasting Truth, charges the Quakers in their chiefest Strength, intending by fine Force to overturn their Sub­terfuge, and render them obnoxious to the Pursuit and Chase (at least) of every insulting Enemy, that none might forever hereaf­ter dare to assert the Dignity and Power of the Spirit of God above the Writings of Men, lest their Children should be smitten with Leprosie, and themselves with intolerable Pains. This (R [...]ader) is the Ground and Design (as I perceive) of the Ana­baptists Envy and Wrath against an Innocent People; and in all probability, had it not been for the Writing aforesaid (which they have not been able to answer, and are therefore vex'd and gaul'd) the Matter of their Narrative and Lying-Wonder might have rotted in the Grave forever, without all Hope of a Resurrection; whereas now (after the Second Death thereof) it must unburied stink above Ground, to the Shame and Reproach of the Anabap­tists in all succeeding Generations.

For the Truth on the Quakers behalf, and the Anabaptists Deceits, are so Perspicuous (in two Books written by T. R. in­tituled, The Anabaptists Lying-Wonder; and, The Anabaptists Preacher Unmask'd: unto the serious Perusal whereof I refer the Reader for ample Satisfaction) that its ve­rily hoped, their Envy against us in this Particular will not sur­vive another Paroxism. Lets therefore leave it on its Death-Bed a while, and examine, what considerable Supplies the Author under Consideration hath brought to their Dying Cause, in his last Expedition.

Robert Ruckhill.

THE Quakers Refuge Fixed upon the Rock of Ages, &c.

FOrasmuch as the Matter of Fact, with its Cir­cumstances contain'd in the two first Books of the Anabaptists, with the Additions; and also, so much as concerns their Cross Examination of their own Member Richard Anderson, extant in this Book now under search, called, The Quakers Subterfuge, &c. hath been sufficienly answer'd by my Friend T. R. I shall not need pedetentim to tract this Author, onely shall en­deavour to wipe away that immerited Aspertion of Un­truth and Immodesty, which the Author under hand hath cast upon the Title Page of T. R's Book, by proving their Narrative to be worthily stiled, The Anabaptists Lying-Wonder, and so proceed to such other Particulars as lie in my way.

That the Narrative of R. James is deservedly called, A Lying-Wonder (and that by their own Definition of a Lying-Wonder) appears thus.

First, Because it is False in it self. 2dly, It is brought to maintain a Falshood. 3dly, To Oppose a Truth.

That the Narrative is False in it self, hath abundant­ly appeared in the two Books of T. R. beforesaid, both by Testimonies & Certificates sufficiently witnessed, be­yond all Contradiction. But in regard this Author, and some Independents in these Parts still urge, That Rich. Anderson was a Quaker, at least in Principle; let's hear what they say for themselves, wherefore they should be believed.

This Author in the 10th page of his Subterfuge urgeth, That R. A. was a Quaker n Principle, and that for these Reasons. First, In that he restifies at a high rate for the Light Within. 2. In that he hath proclaimed the Quakers to be the People of God, and owned of God, as was Moses. 3. Be­cause R. A. went in the Conceits of his own Heart on an Unsent Errand. But what's this to the Quakers?

Here is all the united Strength the Anabaptists and other Professors are able to make, to prove R. A. a Qua­ker: But will these poor Remains of their shattered For­ces do it? Surely nay. Will the Devil's frequent and open Confession, that Christ is the Holy One of God, prove him to be a Christian? Or will that Pythoniss (Acts 16.) her following Paul and Silas many dayes (perhaps more then they affirm R. A. conversed with the Quakers) crying, These Men are the Servants of the Most High God, which shew unto you the Way of Salvation, prove her a true Proselite, and Convert to that Way of Salvation, unto which (with the Preachers thereof) she had born so clear a Testi­mony? Let the Sober-minded judge. And if so ample Te­stimonies (as clear and full as any they instance R. A. gave to the Quakers) will not prove the said Conclusions; then let Shame cover the Faces of the Anabaptists, and their envious Confederates, until they have Repented, and [Page 9]taken as much Pains in the Vindication of God's Eter­nal Truth, owned by the Quakers, as they have taken in Opposing it.

Neither ought R. Anderson his pronouncing R. J. a Leper (from the consideration of a Scripture, as he con­fesseth, and they own, see Subterfuge. p. 11. and then not sent by the Light the Quakers witness to (to their own Contradiction) as they before suggested) nor his falfe Pretending to Heal the Sick, which they urge he attempted, but sail'd, I say, neither of these ought of Right to reflect upon the Principles or Doctrines of the Quakers, or prove him one of their Prophets, any more then the Sons of Sceva the Jew, their naming over them that had Evil spirits, the Name o [...] Je [...]us and Paul, was re­flective upon the Principles and Doctrine of Paul, or proved them to be Prophets of the Christians; who, though they were not smitten with Leprosie, or other in­ward Pains, yet got they their Coates rent off their Backs, and their Bones Beaten for their Presumption.

Thus it is manifest, their Narrative is false in respect of the Father; and no truer in the Child, which R. J. affirms (in his Narrative) was smitten all over with Spots, which they call Leprosie, and since Dead, as his Letter affirms; but now (after their Cross Examinati­on of R. A.), they are glad with Shame enough to ex­change their Lepresie for a Simple Sore; and the Dead Child is yet Above to the shame of chose Impostors, were they not past Shame. See Subterfuge, p. 13.

As Impious also is their Pretence, That the Child was smitten with Leprosie for the Father's Offence (sith R. A. has affir­med before two credible Witnesses, men of honest Repu­tion, namely, Tho. Markam and Edw. Gilliat, both of Brigg, [Page 10]That the Sore (which they call Leprosie) was upon the Child some time before the Father pronounced the Leprosie. And the Truth of this is yet further demonstrable from R. Anderson's own word, as recited by this Author him­self in the 13th page of his Subtersuge, where (as in a vain flourish pretending to produce some considera­ble Proof of the Child's Reprosie) he hath these words, But now (saith he) let us hear what R. Anderson himself saith, who being asked (by their own Witnesses there named) Whether he had not a Child that was smitten with Leprosie, after he had pronounced R. James a Leper? R. Anderson answers (as this Author records it) That he had a Child THEN, that did break out into Sores. Mark Reader, he does not answer directly to the Question, as they ex­pected he would; for then he should have said, His Child was smitten with Leprosie afterwards; but on the contrary, his Answer clearly implies what is before proved, (viz.) That the Child had the Sore upon it even THEN, when the Father pronounced the Leprosie. And here R. James and his Adherents have not onely Abused the World with their Lying-Wonder, but also falsly Accused the Impartial Justice of the Most Righteous God, who ne­ver yet would edge the Teeth of any Child, when the Fa­ther only had eaten Sower Grapes; much less would smite an Innocent Child, for the Father's Offence, with so Sore a Punishment as Spots, which they call Leprosie, all over, whilst yet the Father's Sin was not Committed. Let every sober man consider what spirit these men are of.

As for the Eye and Ear-witnesses of the Asslictions of R. A. & his Family, which the Quakors with good Reason call'd for, this Author proceeds in his old mode of Subtilty; and instead of producing them, he tells us, That there are Neigh­bours [Page 11]that say, They dore member some Afflictions in R. A's Fa­mily about Nine Years since, but would not be brought into Que­stion, &c. Would any man in his Wits bring such pit­tiful stuff, as this in such a Concern? Who knows not, but most Families, where Children are, at one time or another are under some Affliction? This is just like the Author. But doubtless, if he had any Witnes­ses to the Purpose, he would not fail to produce them in such a Case as this, where the Credit of their whole Party lies at stake: therefore since he produceth none, Reason must needs conclude, he hath none; for in such Cases the Maxim hold true, De non apparentibus et non ex­ [...]e [...]ibus eadem est Ratio.

And thus, as their Narrative is proved salfe in it self, so it was brought to maintain all the Falshood, before said, to wit, concerning R. A's Leprous Child, afflicted Family, and the Manner of their Healing; all proved Falshoods: And it was brought to oppose this Truth, that the holy Spirit of God is the only true Standard to Judge and try both the Scripture, and all other spirits, and doctrines by. And that this is substantiall Truth, by the assistance of the same holy Spirit I shall prove, when I come to state the great Controversie. In the mean time both my self, and all unbyas'd persons may safely and modestly conclude, that the Narrative of R. James is a Lying won­der, and that the Title of T. R. his Book is True.

And here it well worth our serious Observation, what a near Resemblance there is between the Ana­baptists, in their precited Impostures, and pretended Cures of R. A. and his Family, Mary Brown, &c. and the old Popish Priests and Friars in times past, with their Consederate Impostors and Cheats, as the Boy of Bilson, [Page 12]and other Female Impostors, who seemed to be posses­sed with strange Devils;See the Book called, A Guide to Grand-Jury-Men, published by a Person of Reputation — Barnerd of Batcomb. they acted Mad Prancks, even beyond Wonder, and Strange Frisks, above Admiration: but then, in the height of all their Counterfeit Extasies, and seeming deplorable Pas­sions, in comes the Exorcising Priest with his, Et ver­bum caro factum est, and with that as with an effectual Charm, sets all at rights again, to the great Honour and Reputation of his declining Religion. How near a kin the Practices of these Parties are (however different in their Principles) I will not take upon me to determine, but leave it to their own Consideration, that they may unfeignedly Repent, and do so no more; only shewing this Difference between them, That the Anabaptists by preaching the Flesh of Christ, put their Mary Brown into her Stiff-necked Extasie, and Delphick Fit: But the other cured their Confederates by the same Means. See the Narrative of that Edition, where the Story of M. B. is, pag. 15. and the Title Page.

In the next place is considerable, what a great Noise (to no purpose) this Author makes about the Evidences brought by the Quakers to invalidate the Narrative, and affirms, that they are either abused, or forged; but in­stead of proving this Charge, he meerly trifles, and spends two whole Pages to no purpose at all: but sure he either hath not seen, or else will not see T. R. his 2d Book, wherein there are so full and pregnant Testi­monies and Certificates, and so candidly obtain'd, that Envy it self cannot detect them. And here [...]sith it's no more then Justice and Duty to render unto all men their [Page 13]Due, I cannot (without the merited Reproach of Odious Ingratitude and Injustice) any longer deser the Payment of the just Debt of a Sober Acknowledgment of that Generosity and Nobleness of Mind, which at that time Appeared in an old Acquaintance Doctor Lincoln Parson of Panton, where R. A. dwells, who calling the said Richard Anderson in the presence of above twenty of his Neigh­bours into the open Street, there publickly examined R. A. in the presence of his Neighbours, and before five other Witnesses concerning all things, in the said Certi­ficate expressed, and after a full hearing of the whole matter, dismissed the five Witnesses with words to this Effect.

‘Gentlemen (say [...] he) you have heard the Exami­nation and Testimons o [...] R. A. concerning the Business, [...]e are come to enquire about, I know you will improve it to the best Advanture of your cause, I perceive some of you are come very [...]ar, therefore being unwilling you should return without good Satisfaction, I have taken this pains with him. Anderson cannot deny, what he hath here testified before us all, but if he should recede from any thing he hath said, we shall all bear witness against him.’ Thus Dr. Lincoln: and I hope it will be no offence to him, or any of his Friends, that I have thus far presumed (in discharge of my duty) to render him his due.

Hereupon the five Witnesses above said set down twelve of the Neighbours Names, who were there pre­sent, not as Witnesses, but as Indifferent Spectators of the whole Transaction, to the end that if any Person see­ing the Certificate, should Question or Scruple the truth of any thing there specified, by having recourse [Page 14]to any or all the persons there nominated, they might with more Facility inform themselves of the Verity of all things there certified: this was their real End in set­ting down the Names, without the least Purpose of In­jury or Offence unto any, as (its said) some do indiscretly surmize: and because one Book may come where ano­ther does not, I conceive it not amis to insert the said Cer­tificate in this place.

The Certificate.

THese are to certifie all Persons, that desire to know the Truth, That upon the Six and Twentieth Day of the Moneth called June, 1672. Richard Anderson of the Town of Panton in Lincoln shire, in the Presence of above Twenty of his Neighbours, Dr. Lincolne, Parson of the Parish, being also present, did declare, That he never was at a Qua­kers Meeting, but Once in his Life time; and that at an As­size-time at the Castle of Lincoln he did hear them de­clare about a Quarter of an Hour, and saith, that Ralph James was then with him; and further saith, That he never was a Quaker, nor owned by any of that People; for, he saith, they never knew him: and further did affirm, That he had no Child Leprous; and that Child the Baptists did say was Leprous, and since Dead, he shewed us alive, and in Health: and the said R. Anderson, and his Neighhours did unanimously affirm, That the Child had not any Deprosie, nor other Distemper, save only some Running Sore, which was cured by Directions from one called Ms. Bouer, so far as they understand: the said R. Anderson further affirming, that neither himself, nor [Page 15]any of his Family were troubled with any such Painful Distem­per, as the Baptists say they had. These things were not only affirmed by the Man himself, but confirmed also by divers Inha­hitants of the Town, in the open Street in Panton in Lincoln­shire.

The Five Witnesses then and there present;
  • William Garland,
  • Joseph Pope,
  • Augustine Smith,
  • William Baldwin,
  • Nathaniel Ball.

These Persons, whose Names are under-written, were Inhabitants in Panton, and present at the Exami­nation and Answers of Richard Anderson, before Doctor Lincoln their Parson; and they, with divers others then present, said, If Anderson altered from what he had there said, they should be Witnesses against him, and assert what is above certified.

  • William Dorrin,
  • Robert Minto,
  • Henry Walch,
  • John Emming,
  • Robert Drink,
  • Richard Walesby,
  • Richard Horton,
  • Katherine Hall,
  • Samuel Mathers,
  • George Anderson,
  • James Hall,
  • John Chapman.

Now it being so eminently cleare, that R. Anderson never was a Quaker, neither in Principle nor Practice; I demand, what though R. A. pronounced R. James a leper? What though his Child had been Leprous? What though himself, his Wise and his Family were afflicted with grevious Pains? what though Ralph James [Page 16]and his Brethren had cured them? Yet what were all this to the Quakers? How is this reflective upon them, who are wholy unconcerned in R. Anderson? For if R. A. were any thing at all, he was most certainly an Anabap­tist, whereof T. R. in both his Books hath given evident Demonstration.

Upon the whole matter it's worth remarking;

First, That the Glory of the Anabaptist Churches is in its swift Declination toward the Western Horizon; forasmuch as they are sai to fly to Signs and Lying Won­ders to oppose the [...]th, and to countenance their false Wayes and [...]o [...]trines.

Secondly, That the Anabaptists Cause in this hot Con­flict between them and the [...]akers, is now at the very utmost Crisis [...] this Champion (who is mostly ingaged, when the [...]se grows desperate) is con­strain'd (in so eminent a Danger) to make use of such poor Matter, such pittifull shifts as are the Contents of this whole book now under tryal, to the great Regret (doubtless) of their whole Party, or such of them as have not yet sacrificed their Intellects to their Envy. For it was foolishly boasted by divers Professors, and others, That the Book now under examination would be like Hercules's Club, or Goliah's Spear; in a word, Unanswerable: And this brings me to the very Heart of the great Controver­sie, Whether the Holy Spirit, or the Scriptures ought to have Priority?

The Controversie between the Anabaptists, Inde­pendents, together with other Professors, & the People of God called (in Scorn) Quakers, concerning the Authority of the Holy Spirit, in Judging or Discerning the Mind of God in the Holy Scriptures, truly stated as owned by the Quakers.

WHether the first Pen-man of the Scriptures was Moses or Hermes, or whether both these are not one; or whether there are not many words contained in the Scriptures, which were not spoken by Inspiration of the Holy Spirit; whether some words were not spoken by the grand Impostor; some by Wicked Men; some by Wise Men, ill applied; some by Good Men, ill expressed, some by False Pro­phets, and yet true; some by True Prophets, and yet false, is not the Subject of my Argument at this time: But such Scriptures and Prophecyes as have been written and prophesied by the Holy Men of God, as they were moved by the Spirit of God, treating of the Mystery of God in the Redemption and Salvation of Mankind by Jesus Christ, and the Duty of Man in his Obedience to, and Worship of the same God, as his reasonable Ser­vice for the Gift of so great Salvation, are the great Concerns now under our most serious Consideration.

The People of God (scornfully called Quakers) have unseignedly believed, and often declared to the World, [Page 18] That the Scriptures (as above distinguished) are a true Re­cord and Declaration of the Love of God in the Redemption and Salvation of Mankind by Jesus Christ; and also of the Du­ty of Man (as before recited) But they also believe, and have declared to all the World, That the Carnal Mind of Man (being at Enmity with God, and darkened by rea­son of Wicked Works) cannot perceive nor discern the Mystery of God in the Scriptures declared and testified of: For there is a Vail spread over the Hearts of all Men, even in their Reading of the Scriptures, so as they can­not see through the Letter unto the Mystery, either in abolishing the old Covenant, with its carnal Ordinances, and Beggarly Elements; or in introducing the new Co­venant, with its Spiritual Worship and Services; and so being intricated and bewildered in the Letter, cannot possibly attain unto the Knowledge of the Spiritual My­stery. Now this most excellent Truth having by the Spirit of the Lord been opened and revealed to the Qua­kers, they must of necessity be of this Faith (viz.) That without a Measure of the holy Spirit of God received and turned unto, whereby the Vail is removed from the Heart, no Man li­ving can possibly discern or understand the great Mystery of Man's Salvation by Jesus Christ (which was exhibited in Shad­dow under the old, but in lively Substance under the new Covenant) although he had a Thousand Bibles in his House, and every word of them at his Fingers ends,

So that upon this Consideration, the People of God (scornfully) called Quakers do unanimously conclude and declare, and testifie unto the whole World, That the Holy Spirit of God is the only supream Judge, Opener and Revealer of the Mind and Mystery of God, and Duty of Man treated of in the Scriptures.

This, (oh ye Anabaptists and Independents, and all o­ther Opposers of this eternal Truth in the whole World) this is the true State of the great Controversie betwixt the Quakers and you; and if you will joyn issue with the Quakers in this Controversie, you must do it as it is here stated (at least in Substance; for I am willing to give place to better words and order from whomsoever) and you must lay aside all your prodigious Signs, and lying Wonders, and pretended Cures; for these will not de­cide this great Controversie, as ye vainly imagine. And you must bring forth your strong Reasons and sound Ar­guments, grounded upon plain Demonstrations of Truth, and clear Evidence of Scripture; and if the Truth be on your part, you will be able to make it appear before wise understanding Men (whoever your Opposers are) and you will overcome us if you have the Truth; for great is the Truth, and will prevail; and we must and will submit unto the Truth, and to you. But if the Truth appear on our part, we (in the Wisdom of God) shall make it manifest, & the Truth will stand over your Heads, and we will thresh you and winnow, as the Chaff on the Threshing-Floor; and the Wind of the Lord will blow you away, with your Refuge of Lyes, and your Nakedness will be discovered in the sight of all Men.

Again, This Author (Subter. pag. 5.) falsly suggests to his too credulous Readers, as if the Controversie depen­ding between the Baptists Churches, and the People called Quakers, was touching the holy Scriptures (or to express it more fully (saith he) The Authority of the Holy Ghost, as he speaks in the Scriptures, to try and judge the Spirits of Men, which they term the Spirit of God: Thus he.

But whether there be not a Lying Spirit (however a [Page 20]Lying Tongue) in the Mouth of this False Prophet, let the Sober-minded judge. And I here challenge him up­on his Credit and Reputation with his own People, ei­ther to produce in open view one clear Proof, at least of any Declaration, either by word or writing, where any of the Quakers have termed the spirits of Men the Spirit of God; or else let his stand opon record among his own People, as a Lyar and a Slanderer to all Generations.

Again, The Deceit of this Author further appears in his recital of the Narrative; for the first Copy renders R. James and R. A. contending, Whether the Spirit should try the Scripture, or the Scripture the Spirit? [mark, here is Spirit, Spirit in the singular number, as the Spirit of God is but one] but in his recital Subter. p. 7. he renders them contending, Whether the Scriptures were to try the Spirits, or the Spirits to try the Scriptures? Its possible some Readers may judge me too Nice and Critical in this Observe; but I must beg their Excuse (if it be worth begging) for I see his Design in it is, to steal a Conceit unperceived into the Reader's Mind, that the Quakers hold, That the Multifarious Spirits of Men were to try the Scriptures, and not the Scriptures to try that Many-headed Monster. Let all sober People take notice of his spirit in this.

But its worth our Consideration, what should be the bottom of this Man's Meaning, where he so often makes use of this unusual manner of speaking (viz.) The Autho­rity of the spirit, as he speaks in the Scripture, to try and judge &c. Does he mean that the Authority and Mind of the holy Spirit, respecting the Truths recorded in the Scriptures, is the same at this day as it was in old time when it indicted the Scrip­tures in the Hearts of the holy Men of God? If so, I must con­fess, I cannot assign him an Opposite for (saving the [Page 21]change of Dispensations and Rudiments) the blessed Truths revealed or declared of in the Scriptures, are the same now as ever, and with the holy Spirit there is no Variableness, neither any shaddow of Turning. Or, if he intend thus (for I would not mistake him, Judging all labour lost that is spent upon mistakes) That seeing it is true, that the holy Spirit gave forth the Scriptures at the first, there is unto this day, such an inseparable and intrinsecal Con­junction, between the Authority and Mind of the Holy Spirit, and the Scriptures, that he that hath the Scriptures, hath the Authority and Mind of the Holy Spirit also. This I confess of the two seems to be nearest his meaning, by how much it is furthest from the Truth; yet, forasmuch as I have it not as his sence, under his own hand, (and also have cause to fear, that if it be his sence, yet when he perceives a Quaker owns it, he will recede from it) he shall find me a fair Opposite.

That there is an inseparable Conjunction, or Union between the Authority and Mind of the holy Spirit, and the essential or substantial Truth declared in the Scrip­tures, I grant, and confess unto it (but do not start back now, because a Quaker confesses the Truth, as the man­ner of most of you is) but that therefore he that has the Scrip­tures hath also the Authority and Mind of the holy Spirit, I deny. If I have hit right of his meaning (as till I know the con­trary under his Hand I believe I have) he ought to prove that part of his Position which is denyed; but seeing Truth is precious, as well as Time, and the green-Grass to day, may be withered to morrow; I shall in­vert my Capacity, take the sword by the Point, and endeavour to prove,

That a Man may have the Scriptures in his Mother-Tongue [Page 22]and yet be utterly without or ignorant of the Authority and Mind of the holy Spirit.

For Proof of this Position I shall not stir one Foot from my Opposite, who (in p. 7. of his Subterfuge now under search) tells us, That after R. Anderson had made his Confession of the Anabaptists Faith in that Cardinal Point of Water-Baptism, he met with the Quakers, who told him (as he said) that these things, i. e. Water-Baptism was low. Now here my Opposite interposes his own Faith and Judgment in the Case, and is not afraid to tell the Qua­kers, and the whole Nation, That the Water-Baptism is the Way of Life above to the Wise, so to procure their more reverend esteem of it; and because he perceived such a bold Averment stood need of Scripture-Authority to back it, he cites Prov. 15.24. the words run thus—The Way of Life is above to the Wise, to avoid from Hell beneath. Now let the Spiritual Man judge in this case; Is Water-Baptism (to take it at the best) the Way of Life? Did the holy Spirit in the Wise Man mean so? Can Water-Baptism deliver or save from Hell? Is that the Authori­ty or Mind of the holy Spirit in that Scripture? Let the Spiritual Man judge.

I am the Way, saith Christ; Water-Baptism is the Way, saith this Author. I was manifest to destroy the Works of the Devil, and to save from Death and Hell, saith Christ; Water Baptism is the Way on high to avoid from Hell be­neath, saith my Opposite, Now whose Testimony will ye receive? Let the sober Christian judge, whither these Anabaptists are going The parallel Scriptures with this are, Phil. 3.20. and Col. 3.1. both which direct us to set our Assections on things above, where Christ is at the Right-Hand of God our Saviour.

Hence (of necessity) will follow these Conclusions:

First, Though this Author hath the Scriptures, yet he is ignorant of the Authority and Mind of the Holy Spirit.

Secondly, Through Ignorance of the Authority and Mind of the Holy Spirit, he hath erred from the Truth, and fairly convict himself,

  • 1. Of a most gross Idolatry, as hath been fully manifest.
  • 2. Of a Ridiculous Solecism, in terming Submersion or Plunging under Water, a Way on high. From his Idolatry nothing but a Re-baptization in the Tears of Re­pentance towards God, and Faith towards our Lord Je­sus Christ can redeem him. But for his Solecism (that Offence being rather against Grammar, then Scripture) if the intelligent Reader will please but to indulge him with a favourable Aspect, the Quakers will pass it by.

The Third and Last Conclusion is clearly this, as be­fore asserted; That without a Measure of the holy Spi­rit of God, received and turned unto, whereby the Vail is [...]ent from the Heart, no Man living can understand or discern the Authority and Mind of the holy Spirit, as he spake in old time by his Prophets of the great My­stery now revealed, to wit, Christ in you the Hope of Glory.

And this gives a full and undeniable Probation unto that grand Position, the Ground and Original of the Anabaptists great Controversie with the Quakers;

That the holy Spirit of God is the only Supream Judge, Dis­cerner and Revealer of the Mind and Mystery of God, and of the Duty of Man required in the Scriptures.

Now if any Man object against this, and say, I have been too rash and hasty to conclude thus, only upon one Mans Error [Page 24]and Mistake, and that many others may notwithstanding be more clear. I answer, Be it far from me to conclude all under this Man's Error and Idolatry; nay, I know there are many of the People of the Lord, who by the Illumina­tion of his good Spirit are inabled to discern in measure, what his Mind and Will is; but if you do but impartial­ly consider the Ground and Cause of this Man's Error and Idolatry; you may perceive the Argument will hold from Particulars to Generals, as thus; If one Man be blind for want of his Eyes, then ten thousand Men, wanting their Eyes, must be blind also. If this Author hath committed a gross Idolatry, for want of the Light of the holy Spirit, then may a whole Nation, wanting the Guidance of the holy Spirit, be Idolaters also. Here you see the Ground and Cause of Blindness and Idolatry is, their Eyes not being opened by the holy Spirit to understand the Scriptures: so the Argument holds true throughout all, and the aforesaid Position is clearly proved, as before was promised.

And now, oh ye Anabaptists and Independents, who affirm, That the Scriptures are to try and judge of the holy Spi­rit; come let me expostulate with you a little; What Assurance can you give the Quakers, or what Grounds or Encouragements to believe, in case the Judicial Pow­er were in your Hands, that in your Tryal of the holy Spirit by the Scriptures, as he appears in the Quakers, or in whomsoever, your proceedings will be more equal, just and clear, and your selves more free from Mistakes of him then the professing Jews were, when by the same Rule they would try the same holy Spirit, as it appeared (in an immeasurable Measure) in Jesus of Nazareth? Shew us (I pray you) wherein you are better, wiser, [Page 25]juster, clearer in your Principles and Judgments, then they? Do you account your selves the Church of God? So did they. Do you say you have his Commandments and Ordinances? So said they. Have you Anabaptists such a high Esteem of your Baptism, as to account it the Way of Life, to avoid from Hell beneath? The like E­steem had they of their Fleshly Circumcision, as to teach, that without it Men could not be saved. Have you the Scrip­tures, and do you reckon them a Competent Judge of the Spirit of God? So had they, and in them thought they had Eternal Life; and yet for all this, they knew not the Messiah, of whom the Scriptures testified; but having most wickedly Betrayed, Apprehended and Ar­raigned him before the Roman Tribunal, methinks I hear the Deputy and them thus implead each other in the Case of the true Messiah.


What Accusation bring ye against this Man?


If he were not a Malefactor, we would not have delivered him unto thee.


Deceit lurks in generals; what Evil hath he done?


He perverts the Nation; forbids to pay Tri­bute to Cesar; saying, himself is Christ a King—In De­sign (doutbless) to usurp the Empire, and assume Cesar's Revenue.


Away, away for Shame —What, nothing but Lyes and Slanders? I now perceive your Envy. I find no Fault in him at all— [...]le release him.


Crucifie him, crucifie him.


Why, what Evil hath he done?


He is a Blasphemer—A horrible Blasphemer, and he ought to dye for it.

[Page 26]

Take ye him then, and Crucifie him; for I find no Fault in him.


By our Law he should be Stoned to Death, but ye Romans have taken away that Power; it is not lawful for us to put any man to Death.


Say then what is his Blasphemy?


He is but a Carpenter's Son, we know his Pe­degree; and yet he made himself the Son of God, and the Saviour of the World, and that's horrid Blasphemy.


Son of God! my Heart Trembles at that word, ye obdurate Wretches; how appears it that he ought to dye for this?


We have a Law, and by our Law he ought to dye, because he made himself the Son of God.


Produce your Law, that I may see it.


It is in the four and twentieth Chapter of Le­viticus, and the sixteenth Verse.


Read it verbatim.


And he that Blasphemeth the Name of the Lord, shall surely be put to Death; all the Congregation shall Stone him to Death, as well the Stranger, as he that is born in the Land; when he Blasphemeth the Name of the Lord, let him be Slain.

And now ye Anabaptists and Independents, and thou Au­thor of the Subterfuge, be ingenuous, and tell the Quakers and the whole Nation truly, Whether ye do believe, that the Authority of the holy Spirit, as he speaks in this pre­cited Scripture, did really intend the Murder of the Messi­ah as a Blasphemer, yea, or nay? if nay (as most cer­tainly nay) then tell us, How it came to pass the Jews should so grosly mistake and misapply it? and shew unto us, and to all the World, if you can, what they wanted [Page 27]which might shew them the true Mind of the Lord in that place, and in all other Prophesies which spake of the Messiah; seeing you cannot deny, but they had the Scrip­ture (and according to your deceitful way of wording it the Authority of the holy Spirit, as he speaks in the Scrip­tures) not onely read, but expounded unto them every Sabbath Day.

If the Jews mistake arose from their Ignorance of the Authority and Mind of the holy Spirit as he spoke forth the Scriptures, as sure enough it did, which it could not have done had they receiv d the Spirit then, behold, the Jews also are found misunderstanding the Scriptures for want of the holy Spirit, as well as my Opposite was, and here's one clear proof more (come unlooked for) of my former position (viz.) That a Man, nay a whole Nation of Men may have the Scriptures in his or their Mother Tongue, and yet be utterly ignorant of the Authority and Mind of the holy Spirit. And therefore the matter standing thus, ye are hereby required and obliged to produce some satisfactory and convincing Reason, why the Quakers should expect more equal proceeding at your hands in the Judgment aforesaid, in case you had the civil Power, then our Lord Jesus Christ found at the Hands of the Jews, seeing you have no more then they had (to wit, the Letter of the Scrip­tures) to judge withal; and that you have no more then they, appears in this, that you deny the holy Spirit as he appears in his Servants to be the Revealer of the Scriptures and supream judge of the Spirits and Doctrines of Men: and if ye can produce no such convincing Reason as may give the Quakers reasonable acquiescence in this Concern, forasmuch as they are verily perswaded that although you have the Scriptures, you want the [Page 28]Guidance of the holy Spirit truly to discern them, it lies upon you as a Work of absolute necessity (ye Anabap­tists, and thou Author of this Subterfuge) to exhibit unto the Quakers in the Sight of the whole Nation, some pregnant Proof, and infallible Demonstration, that you are not deceitful Sophisters and cunning Jugglers in your doubtful and ambiguous Expressions, and Amphibologies dispersed in sundry places of your Books, and particular­ly in that called the Subterfuge, as before is noted, about the Scriptures, the Spirits of Men, and the holy Spirit, as he speaks in the Scriptures, &c. which is corrupt and uncertain Language, as you use it; and it is apparent you do it not only of Ignorance, but Wilfulness; and your Deceits therein are made manifest unto all. You are also oblieged and required to prove (if you can) positively and plainly, to the Satisfaction of all Men that may doubt thereof, that all Men whosoever, that have the Scriptures, have also the Authority of the Holy Spirit, as he speaketh in them: And shew us also how it cometh to pass, that Men mistake them notwithstanding: And you must also prove, That the Scriptures are indeed a Competent Judge of the Holy Spirit, as he appeareth in his Servants: And you must invalidate all, whatsoever is here written, and proved to the contrary. And if you shall fail to do all this by clear Proofs, and evident Demonstrations of Truth (for Trifling and Imperti­nency will not serve your turn, nor Lyes shall no lon­ger be your Refuge) then will your Vizards be taken off your Faces, and your Refuge of Lyes will be swept [Page 29]away; and in the sight of the Quakers (whom you Despise) and of the whole Nation, you will appear (to your great Shame and Contempt) to be what in­deed you are.

‘For they that dwell at Jerusalem, and their Rulers, be­cause they knew him not, nor yet the Voices of the Prophets, which are read every Sabbath Day, they have fulfilled them in condemning of him, Acts 13.27.

A few Queries to Ralph James, and the Author of the Subterfuge Overturned, &c. by them to be Answered in Truth and Plainness.

I. WHether is our Lord Jesus Christ (whom the Scriptures testifie to be the Light and Sal­vation of God to the Ends of the Earth) the only true Way of Life on high to avoid from Hell beneath, yea, or nay? If yea, then whether to affirm Water-Baptism to be the Way of Life on high, to avoid from Hell be­neath, be not abominable Idolatry at least, if not Blas­phemy?

II. Supposing Water-Baptism were the Appointment of God (as other things of like signification in former Dispensations have been) yet if the Ministers thereof should Idolatrously intrude it into the Place and Office of [Page 30]Christ our Saviour; that is, affirm it to be the Way of Life, to avoid from Hell beneath; whether such Idola­trous intrusion be not as signal a Pollution of the said Ordinance of Water-baptism, as the like Abuse of the Ordi­nances of God Isa. 1. did pollute, and render them abo­minable unto the Lord? If yea, then whether it be not high time for all and every Man concerned therein to a­rise, and depart thence, as not being their Rest, it being so filthily polluted?

III. Seeing the Latin Verb, baptizo, is synonimous with the Greek [...], which signifies to dip or plunge; whether T. R. his calling your Water Baptism dipping in Water, or your calling it the Way of Life on high to avoid from Hell beneath, be the greater Abuse of the Way of the Lord, and therein of God himself? An­swer plainly.

IV. Seeing it appears by the Scriptures, that the A­postles of our Lord Jesus Christ wrought their Miracles,Acts. 3.6. and cured Diseases by the Name of Jesus of Nazareth; then, Whether the Sons of Sceva, their pretending to do the like Miracles by the same Name, doth prove them to speak the very Language, and Spirit of the Apostles, yea, or nay? If nay, (as most certainly nay) then with what Reason or Conscience canst thou affirm, that R. Anderson in exhorting R. James to turn to the Light within, spake the very Language and Spirit of the Quakers? this Query is to the Author of the Subterfuge, &c. that he may clear himself from Deceit, if he can.

[Page 31]V. Whether the Testimony which that Pythoness gave unto the Persons and Doctrine of the Apostle Paul and Sylas, is not given as fully,Acts 16. and at as high a Rate, as any Testimony ye can pretend R. An­derson gave to the Persons or Doctrine of the Quakers? And whether in such Testimony she appeared as a Pro­selite of the Christian Faith, and as a Prophetess of the Christians, yea, or nay? if nay, then shew unto the Quakers, and the whole Nation, if you can, why R. An­derson his testifying for the Persons and Way of the Qua­kers (as ye pretend he did, but prove it not) should prove him a Quaker; or appearing as one of their Prophets? he being (by your own Confession) at that Time possessed with a Spirit of Delusion, as she was then with a Spirit of Divination.

VI. Seeing R. James avers in his Narrative, That R. Anderson pronounced him a Leper from the Crown of the Head to the Sole of the Foot, and that the same Judgment (as he said) was fallen upon one of his Children: Whether you are not very deceitfull, and unworthy Persons, thus to abuse the Quakers, and the whole Nation, with a Counterfeit and [...]orged Story of such a horrid Leprosie, sith in ex­change thereof you are (now at last) glad to accept of a Simple Sore? And if ye think to avoid the Horror of your Guilt and Shame with this Evasion, He said so, he said so, (charging the poor Man your own Member with a Lye) Then Whither doth not this evidence to the whole Na­tion your implacable Envy, and Malice against an Inno­cent People, that durst (with so great Confidence) at­tempt [Page 32]to asperse and slander them, only upon the false and single say so, of such a Person as even your selves then judged to be a false Prophet, and possessed with a Spirit of Delusion? And if your inveterate Envy and Malice herein be manifest to the Nation, as doubtless it is, then let the Nation and the whole World judge, whether R. James be not infected with a more dangerous Leprosie then ever Mirjam was, and like to continue so (without Repentance) until his Dying Day.

VII. It being evident to the Nation that R. Anderson was no Quaker, his Child not leprous, his Wife and Family not so diseased, as you pretended, nor your Church such Workers of Miracles, as you boasted; but your whole pretence a meer malicious Juggle and Imposture, which yet you pretend to be an Eminent Hand of God! Such a Witness of God, little less then a Miracle, ten­ding to the Honour of God, Exaltation of his Wayes, and Appointments, Establishments of his People, De­cision of the great Controversie, Strength to the weak Hands, and feeble Knees of his poor People, &c. and then to conclude thus, And the Lord was mercifully pleased to hear our poor Prayers for them, and to restore them, &c. with such like seeming devout Words wherewith your Letters and Narrative are repleat: All this considered, its queried, whether the Quakers, and the whole Nati­on, may not (without the least Breach of Charity) safe­ly conclude, that ye Anabaptists and Independents, who have been either Actors, Contrivers, Asserters of, or Witnesses to this Mischievous piece of Pageantry, are the most notorious Dissemblers with God and the World, [Page 33]and the very'st Hypocrites that ever our Lord Jesus Christ pronounced Wo against? Quit your selves if you can.

VIII. Whether they that make no Conscience to be Jugglers, Lyars, Hypocrites, proud Boasters, and the like; or they that discover, detect and affirm them to be such, are the great Offenders?

IX. Whether they that call and are call'd Rabbi, Rabbi, do not break that express Command of Christ, Mat. 23.8, 10. yea, or nay? If nay, then shew, when that Pre­cept was abrogated? and if yea, then whether are not they that call, and are called, Mr. Ralph James, Mr. Ben. Morley, Mr. John Green, &c. Breakers of that plain Com­mand, and being guilty of that, are guilty of all, not­withstanding their Water-Baptism?

Let these Queries be answered plainly, and in sound words; and think not to solve one Query by propoun­ding another.

R. R.

Another Postscript TO RALPH JAMES; And those which have taken part with him, by JOHN WHITEHEAD.

AS in a Postscript annexed to the Answer to your Narrative, of the Eminent Hand of God that besel a Quaker and his Family, called Richard Ander­son, at the Town of Panton in Lincolnshire, I queried, and that upon just Grounds, Why thou and thy Brethren had conspired together, to utter a Slander and Reproach against the People of God called Quakers, in affirming Richard An­derson to be one of them? And again, in a Book intituled, The Quakers Subterfuge or Evasion Overturned; ye have given me just Ground to say, How long will you make Lyes, your Refuge, and under Falshood seek to cover your Selves? For instead of Answering what was Righteously and Reaso­nably propounded to you, which ye should have done, if ye would have approved your selves Innocent Men, ye have utterred more deceitful and pernicious Slanders against me, as is manisest in your Anti-queries to me, whilst ye have utterly declined proving your former, [Page 35]not being able to mention one of the People of God called Quakers, that ever owned Richard Anderson, nor any of their Meetings, to which he did belong; nor who of them he did ever joyn with in the Worship of God; nor any thing in Proof, That his Child was smitten with Leprosie, nor himself and Family with a grievous Malady, saving his own word, whom you conclude was a false Pro­phet, and deluded Creature, both subject to speak and believe Lyes. And therefore your Narrative and ye are justly fal­len under Censure, having no better Foundation where­on to stand, then the Testimony of a Simple Deluded Man, whom ye have manifest to be a Lying Prophet; which Testimony ye have by cross Examination, if not Subornation obtained; and therefore not any can give credit to it, but such as are willing to believe a thing, because a Lying Ignorant Man saith it, who hath unsaid it again before many Witnesses, as before is manifest: And therefore I shall not further insist upon it, but pro­ceed to answer your Anti-Queries. In the first of which ye affirm, that I hold, ‘That the Gospel was never Preached in England, till George Fox preached it; and then queries, Whether I did not assert it? thereby manife­sting your Rashness and Injustice, who first Condemn, and then make Enquiry; not being able to prove, what ye have charged me with: For sure I am, That I ne­ver thought, that George Fox was the first that ever prea­ched the Gospel in England; and therefore have been far from affirming it; for there have been Openings and Breakings forth of the Gospel, Light and Power in di­vers Ages, in England, in a Despised Suffering Remnant, though not in that Fulness a [...] in our Age. I am also sen­sible ever since I knew God, or was acquainted with him, how the Glorious Gospel was preached to, or in every [Page 36]Creature which is under Heaven, Col. 1.23. and its own Light shined in Men's Hearts (as the Apostles testi­fied) in their dayes, about which time there were al­so Witnesses of that Glorious Gospel came to preach it in this Island (according to History) who turned Peo­ple from Darkness to Light, as we do, and from Satan's power to the Power of God; in which Power a Remnant have been preserved through Ages and Generations, though many who have got the Form have denyed the Power, and reproached and perfecuted those, which have been in the Power, Light and Life, which the A­postles and primitive Christians were in. From which Power, Light and Life there hath been an Apostacy, so that Darkness has covered the Earth, & gross Darkness has bin upon the generallity of People, who have been e­stranged from the Life of the Prophets, and Apostles, and primitive Christians & Martyrs of Jesus: since which Apo­stacy, or Falling away from the Life, which the Wit­nesses and Martyrs of Jesus were in, George Fox was the first stable Minister of the true Light in this Age, that God raised up in his Power to turn People from Dark­ness to the True Light, and from Satan's power to God; unto which he first, and many more since in these latter dayes have given witness, That he lighteth every Man that cometh into the World, that all through him might believe, and receive the Remission of Sins. And in this Gospel I have Laboured, and not in vain, and of it am not a­shamed; for it is the Power of God to Salvation in all them that believe: Though unto those that are Disobedient, it is a Stone of Stumbling, and Rock of Offence. And 'tis no marvel that those, which stumble at the Word, which is nigh in their Hearts, and are unsensible of its Power and Virtue, stumble at the Testimony, which [Page 37]is given of it by those, which have felt and handled it, and do know 'tis the same Glorious Gospel, which in the Apostles dayes shined in their Hearts, and gave them the Knowledge of the Glory of God in the Face of Je­sus Christ: and this Treasure they had, and we have in Earthen Vessels, that the Excellency of the Power may be of God, to whom be the Praise forever, 2 Cor. 4.6, 7.

Secondly, thou enquirest, whether he that holds, that no­thing which was mortal was called Christ, doth not thereby deny the Death of Christ: thereby intimating that I asserted, That nothing which was Mortal was called Christ. But what Occasion, thou Thomas Grantham (who was then my Opposite) and I am perswaded, Opposite to Truth it self) gavest me to speak Words to that Purpose, with other Words, that did declare my Sence of them, thou sayest nothing, nor hast thou been so ingenuous as to de­clare, what I writ many Years ago to William Smith of Elshem to be communicated to thee and thy Brethren, wherein the Truth of what I said in that Case, & also the other, whereupon thou groundest thy third Query con­cerning Christs having no Body of Flesh (as thou imaginest) besides his Church is made apparent; and therefore I shall here insert the substance of it, seeing it stands upon thy Head unanswered; so that the intelligent Reader may understand, that he who sayeth, that I told him, nothing which was mortal was called Christ, hath both wronged me and the Truth it self, by relating some of my Words out of that Order and Sence wherein they were spoken, as also in that he hath left out and not declared the rest of my Words, which were spoken at the same Time, whereby the true Sence of those Words which he relates might [Page 38]and may be understood, and therein he hath shewed, First, That his Mind is so prejudic'd and by assed against us, that he would for advantage, rather wilfully mistake our Prin­ciples, then have a right Understanding of them: And he hath further shewed his Dishonesty and Malice, in that he would misinform others, and prejudice them against the Truth it self, by wresting my Words out of the Sence wherein they were spoken: Wherefore that you may rightly understand this case, I declare, that the Words which were spoken by me, were spoken in an Exclusive Sence, and that upon the Occasion of T. G's. Magnifying the Body of Christ equal with or above him for whom the Body was prepared: whereupon I still say, that the Christ or Son of God is not made up of that which is or was mortal, and that nothing which was mortal, was (properly or strictly) called Christ; & he neither understood my Words right, nor would admit me to explain them, till he had rashly condemned them as Heresie. Which notwithstanding I still look upon the Words to be very true Words in that Sence that they were spoken in; for I say still, that the Bo­dy of Christ, which was mortal (excluding the Soul and Spi­rit) was not, nor could properly be called Christ, or Man an­nointed, because that the Immortal Soul and Spirit of man are the more Noble part of Man, and therefore may Justly challenge the Prerogative to denominate; for without Soul and Spirit a mortal Body neither is, nor can truely be term'd Man: no more can the mortal Bo­dy of Christ without the Soul, Spirit and Life of Christ, which is Immortal, be term'd Christ: which if you do but understand and mark well, that although I said, nothing which was mortal, was called Christ, but that Christ had once a mortal Body, which dyed upon the Cross: then [Page 39]may ye more easily judge, whether it be possible forem or any other, which Thomas Grantham hath a Mind to slan­der, to escape the Scourge of his Tongue, since he is so blindly rash, upon no better Grounds to charge me both with grevious Heresie and denying the Body of Christ; and that for no other Reason, but because I distinguish betwixt Christ, and the Body of Christ, which was prepared for him to do his Fathers Will in, Heb. 10.

And the Eternal Word or Son of God, which was glo­rified with the Father before the World began, John 17. Who took upon him the Form of a Servant, and in that pre­pared Body did his Fathers Will, is more noble both in Glory and Dignity, then either the Soul, Spirit or Body of Man, in as much as by and for him Man was made, and by him only Redeemed and Restored.

Therefore may and ought he (who was and is that true Light, that lighteth every Man that cometh into the World, Joh. 1.9.) to be held forth and preached as the only Lord and Saviour of Man-kind: and the Manhood which through Mercy to us was taken into Union with this E­ternal Power and God-head, should not be divided from, nor cryed up in Opposition to the Eternal Word or Son of God, as they who only know Christ after the Flesh, are too subject to do. And of them is he who in his 3d Query renders me unfit to preach the Resurrection, Ascension, and second Coming of Christ, because I could not own, that he hath such a Body, as he had imagined; but did testifie of and have shewed unto People that Eternal Life, which was with the Father, as the Apostles did 1 John 1.1, 2. by and in which Life Mortality was swallowed up, after Christ had finished what the Father gave him to do on Earth. Then he who came down from Heaven to bring Man to God, ascended into Hea­ven [Page 40]to his Father, and our Father, at whose right Hand, having accomplisht his Work, he sitteth down, and is glorified with that Glory which he had with the Father before the World began in a Body sutable to his Spirit, consisting of heavenly Flesh and Bone; of which Body neither T.G. the Author of these Queries, nor Natural Phi­losophers in their Wisdom do comprehend the Dimensi­ons; and therefore would limit him in some thing; who ascended, that he might fill all things, Eph. 4.10. and is not contained in any Created Being, so as to be ab­sent from other created Beings, Ep. 2.20, 21, 22, 23. and much less is he absent from his faithful Disciples, and Followers, who whilst on Earth were and are made to sit together in Heavenly Places in Christ Jesus, Eph. 2.5, 6. And that Christ hath such a Coelestial Body, as I have here described, I never denyed neither at Spilsby, Slee­ford, nor else-where, as Thomas Grantham, with whom I have publickly Disputed in those Places, slanderously reports I did: but I am perswaded that he cannot bring one of these several Hundreds of People, that heard us, which is not byassed to his Judgment, or influenced by him, that will say, I denyed Christ to have now any Bo­dy besides his Church: though I have several times deny­ed T. G's Assertion, wherein he hath affirmed, That Christ hath now a Body of Flesh and Bones circumscript, or li­mited in that Heaven which is above, and out of every Man on Earth. And perceiving that he stood conceited in his Fleshly Apprehension and Knowledge, wherein he had conceived the Lord of Glory to be like unto Corrupti­ble Man, I asked him, Since be denyed Christ to be in and with Believers whilst upon Earth, where that Body was he spoke on, and how big, or what a one it was? To which he an­swered in his haste, That it was such a one as his, consisting [Page 41]of Flesh and Bones and in yonder Heaven, which is above, pointing towards the Clouds: to which I replyed, Nay thy Flesh is sinful, and corruptible, and Rotteness shall enter into thy Bones; neither can thy Body come in the doors being shut, nor appear in another Form, as Christ did, where­upon he mended his Words, and did except Sin and Cor­ruption; but still stood in that which discerns not the Lords Body, but would limit it to a particular Place, and out of every Man on Earth, shewing his Ignorance both of the Kingdom of God which is within, and of Christ within, who is not a Spirit without a Body as Be­lievers do experience, who were and are true Members of his Heavenly Body of his Flesh and of his Bones, Ep. 5.30. and these do eat Christs Flesh, and drink his Blood, and dwell in Christ, and Christ in them. John. 6. and the Spirit and Body of Christ is not divided; but where­soever the Spirit and Life of Christ is, it is in the Bo­dy of Christ; and they which believe, have Eternal Life abiding in them, whereby they are quickned, and joy­ned to the Heavenly Body of Christ, and also supplied with Nourishment in him, who is the Head of the Body, the Fulness of him that filleth all in all.

But notwithstanding I have freely declared that, which was and is my faith concerning the Body of Christ, I per­ceive that T. G. hath very uncharitably resolved (because he cannot discern the Lord s Body, of which we speak) to believe, That I own no Body of Christ, but the Church; and what ever I say to the contrary, he would have to be obscured, or else he might have had the honesty to have printed this Answer to his Second and Third Queries with the Queries thmselves: for it hath been in the Hands of him, or his brethren above seven Years. Wherefore I shall now appeal to God and spiritually minded men to judge, Whe­ther [Page 42]I, who did, & do confess Christ's Glorious heavenly Body, or he who cannot discern it; but hold forth a Circumscript human Body of Flesh and Bones out of every believer, whilst on Earth, we are Worthy to be rendered as denyers of the Bo­dy of Christ, and unfit to preach the Resurrection, Ascension and Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.

4. Query. Whether by the Words people of God thou meanest the Church of Christ in visible profession of the Gospel according to the patern of the Churches in the Apostles Dayes?

Answ. by the words People of God I mean such, as are in the new Covenant of Light, in whose Heart God hath written his Laws, and in whose inward Parts he hath put his Fear, who know and believe Christ in them, and do hear his Voice, and follow him as their Head and Leader, as did the true Churches in the Apostles Dayes; but I do not believe every gathering of people, that are got into an outward or visible Profession of the Scriptures, and in Imitation have gotten into some outward things, which the true Church in the Apostles Dayes practised, are the People of God. because I am sensible, such as are Aliens in their minds from the Life of God, which the Apostles and primitive Christians were in, may get their Words, and imitate them in Outward Forms, and Practises, whilst they deny the Power of Godliness, which they lived in.

5th Query. Whether the People called Quakers are gathered, constituted and governed in Church-Capacity, accor­ding to the Doctrine of Christ and his Apostles?

Answ. Yea: for we are gathered in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, who is present with us, as he pro­mised to be alwayes to the end of the World; and we are governed by him, who is given to be the Head over all Things, to the Church, of which we are Members, [Page 43]and have Elders ordained in every Country, who take the Over-sight of the Flock of God not by Constraint, but willngly, and in the Power of the Lord Jesus re­ceives True Believers, and rejects Hereticks, who have refused Admonition, according to the Apostle's Doctrine, who was an able Minister, not of the Letter, but of the Spirit. And notwithstanding Christ's bidding the other Apostles before his Ascension, Go, Teach and Baptize all Nations, said: He was not sent to Baptize, but to Preach the Gospel; and how ye, who are so much for Water-Baptism, come to take your selves concerned to Baptize with Water by Virtue of that Commission given before Christ's Ascension, ye may do well to manifest; since the Apostle Paul did not so take himself concerned in it: but according to that Commission, which he received from the Lord, who appeared unto him, delivering him from the People, and the Gentiles, he laboured to open the blind Eyes, and to turn them from Darkness to Light, and from Satan's power to God, Acts 16, 17, 18. as we do according to the Call and Precepts given us of the Lord, who is also manifest in us, by whom we are taught not to run, because others were sent; nor to act without Power from on High: but to go as we are led and commanded by the Lord, and act in the Motion of his Power, whereby we have been made a Sweet Savour to God in them that believe, and in them that perish; though in one the Savour of Life unto Life, and in the other the Savour of Death unto Death: and God hath so blessed our Labour, that many Thousands are brought to the Knowledge of the Son of God, and to Unity in the Faith, which gives Victory over the World, wherein they are growing to a perfect Man, and to the Measure, Fulness and Stature of Christ: [Page 44]Though we thank God, we have Baptized none of them in Water, but have instructed them to the blessed Ap­pearing of the Lord. Jesus Christ, who Baptized with the Holy Ghost and with Fire, having his Fan in his Hand, throughly to purge the Floor; and those which have waited for the Appearing of the Lord, and recei­ved him to be their Leader, Way and Baptizer, are baptized with one Spirit into that one Body which is his Church, of which they are Living Members, fit­ly joyned together by Christ, who is their Head, who gives them Life, and sills them with the Virtue of his Love, wherein they Edisie one another. So Christ is the Door into the Sheep-sold, whereat all that are accep­ted by him, do enter. And this way of gathering, con­stituting and governing the Church is according to the Doctrine of Christ, his Evangelists and Apostles, as ap­peareth at large in their Writings.

And although thou in thy 6th Query sayst, doubtless it is not, because we are not gathered according to thy Apprehension of some particular Verses quoted by thee. I must tell thee, thou therein takest that granted, which we never gave thee; and therefore we need shew no Au­thority for the Abrogating that Order of Gathering, Constituting and Governing the Church of Christ, which was in the Apostles dayes; since our Practice doth more establish it in the Substantial Part, then yours, who have visible Doors whereat to enter, as your Water-Baptism instead of Christ's Baptism, and other Ways where­at to climb up like Thieves and Robbers, Joh. 1. which steal the Saints words, and imitate their Practices, as in all Ages False Prophets have imitated the True, and False Worshippers have imitated the True Worshippers, as ye do; thinking because Christ said before his Ascen­sion, [Page 45] Go teach all Nations, Baptizing them in the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit; therefore Thomas Gran­tham and Ralph James must go Teach and Baptize in Wa­ter, though they have neither seen the Lord Jesus Christ, nor heard him speak. Nor will they believe in the holy Spirit, as the principal Guide, but have the Boldness to try its Doctrine or Teaching in these dayes by their own understanding of the Scriptures, which ever leads men to speak Evil of, and condemn those things, which they cannot understand to be according to Scriptures, though they be never so consonant to the Mind of the Spirit, which they received which gave forth the Scriptures: And therefore, laying aside all vain Jangling, we would perswade you, and all men, to learn of Christ Jesus, the Second Man, that is a Quickening Spirit, by whom ye are reproved, when ye do Evil, that ye may know his Mind in your selves, and do it, and then ye may better understand it, as declared by others.

Although thy Seventh Anti-Query is in part answered by what is before written, yet I shall now manifest, That Richard Anderson neither was conversant with us, nor re­ceived our Doctrine, nor acted by that Spirit which guides us, as in that Query thou affirmest: for if he had been con­versant with us, some of us at least should have known him; but that we never did, witness this Certificate from a Quarterly Meeting at Lincoln, who certainly know all that are or have been of us.

[Page 46]

From a General Meeting of the People of God call'd Qua­kers in the County of Lincoln, the 26th Day of the 4th Moneth, 1672.

WHereas a Report is gone out of this County from Ralph James, and other Persons, which have alwayes had a Prejudice against the Truth, and People of God call'd Quakers; by which Report the Nation is Abused, and those which are over­credulous, made to believe a Lye, (viz.) That Richard Ander­son of Panton was a Quaker. These are therefore to certifie, that the said Richard Anderson did never frequent any of our Meetings, nor did he ever joyn with us in Worship, nor was he ever owned by us, nor any of us; so that they have not any just Ground to call him a Quaker. And this Testimony we give forth to preserve the Simple-hearted from being prejudiced against Truth, and from believing a Lye.

  • William Garland,
  • Abraham Morice,
  • William Everatt,
  • Joseph Richardson,
  • Augustin Smith,
  • John Winklep,
  • Samuel Hobman,
  • John Richardson,
  • Tho. Summers,
  • Rich. Baxter,
  • John Walcot,
  • Tho. Sowter,
  • John Mills,
  • Joseph Pope,
  • Thomas Wresle,
  • William Ashby,
  • William Hargate,
  • James Browne,
  • William Bowman,
  • Robert Browne,
  • Tho. Everatt,
  • Rich. Parnell,
  • Joseph Wilson.

And if Richard Anderson had received our Doctrine, he had been Still and Quiet in the Light of God, till his Heart had been cleansed from Ignorance, Pride and Wickedness; and that would have preserved him from that Shame and Dishonour, which his own Folly and Madness, and your Subtilty hath brought him to. And if he had been led by the same Spirit, that leads us, it would not have let him use his Tongue to say, The Lord saith, when the Lord had not spoken to him, but his own Imaginations in a groundless Imitation of the Scriptures, which Imaginations he followed; and therefore both the Spirit and Scriptures, and we, who are led thereby, are clear from all the Evil he hath done, and it lies at his and your Doors, amongst whom he both before, then, and after walked; for he had not any Demonstrable Character of being a Quaker (as in Reproach they were first called) nor may any be justly termed so, but those that fear God, and tremble at his Word, who have be­lieved in the True Light, and live in God's Power, being exercised in Obedience to his Law written in the Heart, and in Self-denyal taking up the daily Cross to their own Wills and Wisdom, and in Silence to that waits on God, that they may worship in Spirit, and walk after the Spirit of God, by which they are Baptized into the Bo­dy of Christ, which is his Church, who receives them as li­ving Members, having the Savour of that Life, which the Spirit has given them. And no other way do we take. Members into the Church, but are constant in this, as is visible to those that are conversant with us, & have the immortal Eye open'd. But we shut not our Doors to hinder any from coming into our Congregations to observe our Order and hear our Te­stimony: Yet as the Apostle said concerning a Jew, I say concerning a Quaker, He is not one, that is one Outwardly in Shew only; but he is one, that is one Inwardly, whose Bap­tism [Page 48] is that of the Spirit, and whose Praise is not of Men, but of God. But that Richard Anderson was neither one Outwardly nor Inwardly, is sufficiently made manifest by what hath been already said.

In a Postscript writ by this Author he seems to own the Light within, but hath sufficiently shewed his Ig­norance of that True Light, which lighteth every Man that cometh into the World; as also of its Power and Effi­cacy, putting Darkness instead of Light, and then tells of several things that are wholly beyond the Com­mon Principle of Light, Understanding or Judgment of Man; which Light being of Man, is indeed Dark­ness since the Fall, and therefore the things of God belonging to Man's Eternal Peace, are all so far beyond it, that the Natural Man with his own Light, Understan­ding or Judgment that he hath of himself as a Man, perceives them not. And therefore we diswade Men from following their own Spirit, Understanding or Judg­ment, and perswade them to receive and follow Christ Jesus that True Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the World, that he may give them an Un­derstanding that is True, and a Judgment that is Sound: And beyond him, that was and is the True Light, that lighteth every man that cometh into the World, there is no­thing; for by him was All Things made; and whatso­ever hath been known of God to Men, he hath ma­nifested or revealed it, though at sundry Times and in divers Manners. And though Men have the Scriptures, which declare, what was revealed to Men by that true Light, and an Understanding or Judgment which is Natural; yet thereby there is not any, which truely know God, or what he requires of them, nor ever can they know him, till they turn to that true Light, which [Page 49]shines in their Hearts, and is not of Man, but of God; who in his own Light, or Son, that lighteth every Man that cometh into the World, manifests and reveals himself, and his Will and Mind to Man, being wholly sufficient, and also present to teach man in this Age, what belongs to their eter­nal Peace, as he was in Ages past; and also to give unto men positive Laws and Directions, how they must Worship and Serve him; being no more bound from altering or abolishing out­ward & shaddowy things at first practised by some in the Church since the Coming of Chist, then he was from altering Circumcision, Sacrifices & other Jewish Orders & Observances, which Moses, & some of the Prophets had said should continue sorever, or throughout their Generations; but may lay aside, and draw his People from outward Observations or visible Signs and Shaddows of Things, when he sees them Idolized or Abused, or that the Substance of them is come, as he did Circumcision, Sacrifi­ces and Pass-over. And therefore this Author ought not to limit him to outward Ordinances and Shaddows from Christ's Co­ming to the End of the World, no more then he was limited before Abraham's time, or before the Coming of Christ: nor ought he to accuse the Quakers, as opposing themselves against things requir'd by the positive Laws, because they cannot own his Water-Baptism & Breaking of Bread in Imitation of the A­postles, and primitive Christians; no more then the professing Jews ought to have accus'd the Apostle Paul, and his Fellow-Labourers in the Gospel, for denying the positive Laws, who by the Authority and Power of Christ in them cryed down their Circumcision, Temple-worship, and that Hand writing of Ordi­nances, which was contrary to them. And as little Reason has he to accuse us, since we only by the Power of the Lord cry down their Baptizing with Water by virtue of a Commission, that was given to other men to Baptize into the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit; which Baptizing with Water, and [Page 50]other Imitations (not to be inferr'd thence) they so much Idoliz'd, as to tearm them the Way of Life above, and to deliver from Hell beneath, and press them as absolutely necessary to Salvation, though they can shew us no Scriptures, which so terms them, and holds, them forth; and therefore should they not as such be received. So whilst this Authour would prove us opposite to the positive Laws of God, and not sincere favourers of the Light within; he is found in that state himself, for as much as he puts mans Change­able Understanding and Judgement, which is Darkness, for Light, and thereby would so Obscure the Glory and Lustre of that true and unchangeable Light, which Lighteth every Man that comes into the World, as if there were many things, which he hath no Cognisance or Knowledge of, though indeed no secret is hid from him, and as if he had no power now to teach and direct people in this day (contrary to fallible Mens apprehensions of the Scriptures) how people should worship and serve God? but were limited to outward and shaddowy things, which he calls positive Laws, when as indeed all who are gathered in the New Covenant, have the substance it self, the Law in the Heart, to which they are to be Obedient, and know the Lord to be their Law giver and Leader, who is also a Light to the Gentiles, that he may be for Salvation to the ends of the Earth. Wherefore this Author and all people may do well to come to that Light, that therein they all may know God, from the least to the greatest, and be taught by him, least trusting to their own natural under­standing, and Judgment to perform worship to God, and not to his holy Spirit, which is but the Light of their own fire, they at last be forced to lye down in Sorrow.

John Whitche [...]d.

Something added by C. H.

TO the Intent none may stumble concerning the Con­trariety, that appears by Certificates printed o [...] both hands relating to Rich. Anderson, let the Reader observe; I being in London the 7th of the 2d Moneth, 1673. met with Tho. Wilson of Atherstone in Warwickshire, who has been reputed a Baptist Teacher for many years, who told me to this Effect, That he had been on purpose at Panton in Lincolnshire to seek after the truth of the Matter; and ma­king inquiry of One of the Chief of that Place, as to the Credit of R. A. had this Answer returned; That he did believe, if the Quakers came one Day to R. A. whatsoever he did Say or Con­fess to them, yet if the Baptists did come on the Morrow, he would say any thing) they would have him to say. Therefore all honest inquirers by this and other things, that do ap­pear so plain, may safely thus conclude, That the Foun­dation and Bottom of all the Baptists Building here in being found so Rotten and Deceitful, the whole Building there­upon is like unto it, and shall all fall down together, to the Shame and Confusion of all such, who hereby have made Lyes their Refuge, and foolishly taken the Name of the Lord in vain.

C. H.

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