To the high flown Fancies of John Perrot, (known by the name of a Quaker) in a Paper with this Inscription, to all BAPTISTS every where, or to any other who are yet under the shadows and watry Element, and are not come to Christ the substance. Wherein is laid open the ai­ry vain Foolishness, if not Blasphemousness of his words covered over with ambiguous and doubtful tearms, unto all unbiazed and rational men.

But I will come unto you shortly, and will know not the speech of them that are puffed up, but the power. Cor. 4.19.

Whosoever transgresseth and abideth not, in the Doctrine of Christ, hath not God, he that abideth in the Doctrine of Christ, hath both the Father and the Son, 2 Epistle of John, 9.

Take heed that the Light, that is in you be not darkness, Luke 11.35.

By Randall Roper, a Servant of Christs.

LONDON, Printed for the Author, 1661.

To the Reader.

ALthough I am not ignorant of the pre­judice, which a Subject of this na­ture, hath upon the minds of many men, and likewise conscious of my own inability to such a work; yet notwithstanding I shall not omit Writing, according to the measure of the Tallent that the Lord heth gi­ven me, in regard of that encourage­ment that I have met with from the Lord, to this work since I first thought on it, I shall intreat and beseech thee in the fear of God. to read with an unbiazed af­fection, and not to be rash in judging, but on the contrary, be fond like those Bereians that were more noble than those of Theselonica, and the reason is there rendred, because they searched the Scriptures, whether those things were so or no, alledged by the Apostle Paul, Acts 17.11. I am nesessiated to say as Laban said to Jacob, (in an other case) it must not be so done here, the short volume that I intend to comprize, what I shall write at this time is such, that it will not bear a long E­pistle; and therefore I shall with as much brevity as I can give you my reasons of answering that Paper: although I think there is abundance of folly at the best, if not lies, as shall be made manifest, first reason that constrains me, is the restless condition of the People called Quakers, in giving them up and down, to People that they think, there is any hope to work upon together with that high confidence they have of it, as an Ora­cle of God, and that which cannot be answered; when it is no­thing less than the senseless Prophane, and divised words of a brain-sick-apostate. Secondly that high estimation they have [Page]of the Author of that Paper, insomuch that I have been told of two of his judgment (which I am sure they will own) that he had as great a measure of the Spirit as ever man had, and that he had talked face to face with God, as a man talketh with his friend, and several other things of a like tendency which would be too tedious to insert which I have cause to think, nay believe are lies, therefore my Friends who ever you are that desire to abide in the Doctrine of Christ, having respect to all his Commandement that you may experience Communion with the Father & the Son: you have cause to praise him magnifie the name of your God, that hath so given up and in the way of his ju­stice (which men hath so honoured) that as he is a rageing wave of the Sea, so he hath foamed out his own shame. Secondly, we have cause of sorrow that any poor souls that aims at the glory of God, should follow such Teachers. And so I shall leave, but shall continue my Prayers, that the Lord would keep his Children and Babes from that deceit, and that the Lord would grant some that are already turned after Satan, Repentance, to the acknowledging of the truth, which is the end and aim of him that desireth truth may flowrish, and that errour and darkness may be done away.


To the high flown Fancis of John Perrot, (known by the name of a Quaker,)

GOd who at sundry times, and in divers manners, hath in times past spoken to our Fathers, by the Prophets, hath in these last daies spoken unto us, by his Son even the Lord Jesus, who hath told us that false Prophets should arise Mat. 24.24. and by the Apostle Peter whom he did in a special manner Au­thorize, to feed his Lambs and Sheep John 21.15. who hath told us that as there were false Prophets among the people, even so there shall be false Teachers amongst you, who pri­vately (mind that) shall bring in damnable Hericises deny­ing the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction; and many shall follow those preniscious waies, by reason of whom the way of truth shall be evill spoken of, whether this Scipture is not in a great measure fulfilled by the People called Quakers? I will leave the im­partial Reader to Judge, for those that deny the Doctrine of Christ do privately, and covertly deny Christ, but they do deny the Doctrine of Christ, therefore do privately deny Christ, that they do deny declare as useless the Doctrine of [Page 2]Christ is manifest, and shall be made manifest, and that the truths of the Gospel is evill spoken of by reason of them, ex­perience doth testifie, is it not the cry of the People, you first turn Annabaptist and then Quaker, you do not continue in what you first take up? But because I design brevity, I shall come to the words of this subtil deceiver, who is pleased rather with emminancy of words, then pregnancy of reason. That you may know his words they are in a different caracter from mine, which I am necesesiated to insert because I may not beat the air, if any be offended at my writting by way of ar­gument I know not any way, to demonstrate things beter than that, in this critiall age if I did I would take it, the Auther of that Paper is confident in his assertions but proveth no­thing but I do intend to prove what I say by the Scriptures of truth, and in order to the words I shall take this way. First by taking a Veiw of the exprese words by him spoken, and shall give particular answers. Secondly I shall answer that which I apprehend to be his drift, and aime in what he saith, and that is to lay low, extenuate, and make void the two Ordinances of the Gospel to wit Baptisme and the Lords Supper, or breaking Bread and drinking Wine in re­membrance of Christs death, not to be used by such, as are come to Christ the substance wherein I will shew the durati­on, continuation of Baptisme and the Lord Supper, untill Christ shall come himself or personally, which is all one, and that the coming of Christ by his Spirit, into the hearts of his people, doth not put an end to those two Ordinances, and shall answer some Objections.

First, then he begins with this inscription.

To all Baptists every where or to any other that are under the watry Element, and are not come to Christ the substance.

This inscription is full of ambiguity and doubtfulness, if he means by watry Element, water Baptisme and by com­ing to Christ the Substance, the coming to Christ the Sub­stance the coming of Christ, by his Spirit, and if he means that none of the Baptists, that do own Baptisme to be a Principal of the Doctrine of Christ are come to Christ, or Christ come [Page 7]to them. I answer that it is a Lye, for many with my self can experience his coming by his Spirit into our hearts, and yet we dare not let go the Ordinances of Christ, and this we have the sure Word of the Lord to all sincere hearted Souls, that have respect to all the Commandements of God and of Christ, whosoever abideth in the Doctrine of Christ hath both the Father and the Son, that is Fellowship by the Spirit, and that this is a Doctrine of Christ, see Math. 28.19, 20. Go yee teach all Nations, Baptising them in the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, Teaching them to observe all things that I command you, and Loe I am with you alway unto the end of the World, I shall have occasion anon to treat more largly upon this Text, therefore I shall not now, but you may see plainly, and manifestly, that it was to be practised in all Ages, in all Nations, and therefore this I say, and testifie in the Lord Jesus, that they that do keep close to the Ordi­nances of Gods House, and do adorn it by any Holy Con­versation, they are come to Christ, and Christ is come to them by his Spirit, which is all the coming that is promised on this side the Grave, in an unchanged condition, as to their Bodies, If thou wouldest perswade the World that a person cannot own water Baptisme, & have the Spirit of God, thou art found a false Witness, I shall shew anon, though persons had the Spirit of God, yet was to pass under, and obey that Ordinance of Water Bpatisme he begins.

God dwelleth in deeps bottomeless beneeth your Element of Water, whence he is utterly departed, for it was too shallow for him, and his incomprehensible Majesty, liveth and raigneth farr above your cloudy Heavens, which comprehended not but darkned his Brightness.

In which words instead of Proof, there confident assortions and insteed of sound Arguments to prove what he saith; he maketh use of Retorical sentences to deceive the Heart of the simple, therefore I beseech you that fear the Lord to consider how he beats the Aire, or else tells a manifest Lye, If he means God dwelleth not by his special Presence in the Element of Water, simply as water which I may safely take so, because he [Page 8]calleth it your Element of Water, then it is beating the Aire for who ever assorted any such thing, I never heard the Bap­tist assert any such thing, neither is he able to prove they Preach any such thing; but if he meanes that God is not pre­sent with his People in the Administration of Water Bap­tisme, then it is a Lye, for the Promises of the Lord are sure, he is God that cannot Lye, and his counsel must stand, who hath promised in the Administration of that very Ordi­dinance he will be with them to the end of the World, Loe I am with you to the end of the World, Math. 28.20. I shall not enlarge because of several Books which are yet extant, wherein this truth hath been commended to the Consciences of men, I would fain know of the Author of that Paper? whe­ther any men hath cloudy Heavens which may be appropria­ted to them, for sayeth he your cloudy Heavens. Oh thou private subtile, and close deceivers, when thou writeth again (this I say to thee not to sturr up that Spirit of Errour, in thee God knows my entent, but if by any means it might awaken thee to return to the Lord from whence thou art deeply revolted) write plainly that there may not be double meanings in thy words, for know this that truth needs not doubtful words, to hinder the bright [...]rrayes to shine unto men, but if he means by Heavens any coverings that are not of Gods alowance such as are forbidden, Isa. 30.1. We say so too, and if so doth he not beat the Aire? when the person that he writeth to own no such thing as he speaks of, and he further saith.

He hath given them for a day of fire, and your old Earth for a Consnmption in their flames.

If he meaneth by our old Earth, the Earthy mindedness of Professors of the Truth, then it may be read that God will cast his Ordinances into the fire, that the sins of the People may be consumed, though God may and doth cast his People into the fice, yet he doth not use to cast his Ordinance into the fire, but I find that though some Professors grew weary of the Ordinance of God by Earthly mindedness, as in Mal. 3.14. Saying, It is ni vain to serve the Lord, and [Page 9]what Profit is it that we have kept his Ordinances; and that we have walked mournfully before the Lord, what doth the Lord do not destroy his Ordinances and Statutes, but on the contrary, commandeth the Observa­tions of them, Mal. 4.4. Remember ye the Law of Moses, with the Statutes and Judgments, that the Lord doth not take that way that this notionest Dreams of, take this reason; That wherein there is no Dross, that is not to be cast into the fire, but there is no Dross in the Ordinances of the Lord; therefore not to be cast into the fire, every Ordinance of the Lord is pure, therefore doubtless it ariseth from impure hearts, to say they must be cast into the fire; consider this and hide the word of God in your hearts, that you sin not against him.

He further saith, you eat Bread and drink Wine, as the Israelites did Manna and Water, and yet in unbeliefe dyed in the Wilderness, you rest in shaddows, like the unbeleeving Jews, though you know that in them you are but in the Touching, Tasting, Handling of the things that Perrish with the using.

I do answer that the visible Forms of Bread and Wine do remain, and are not Transubstantiate, yet, this let we tell you by the word of the Lord, that we do by faith in that Ordinance pertake of the Body and Blood of Christ, Take saith Christ, This is my Body, drink you all of it, this is my Blood of the new Testament, Math. 26.26, 27. And though we practise the Ordinances as they were delivered, yet we live upon Christ in them, and though I can not say every one discerns the Lords Body, that eats the Bread and Drink the Wine, for that was not found in the Church of Corinths, which is manifest by what the Apostle saith, 1 Corinth. 11.29. For he that eats and drinks; unworthly, eats and drinks Damnation to himself, not discerning the Lords Body for this cause some are sick, &c. From which words it is plaine, that some did not discerne the Lords Bo­dy, but did take it as common eating and drinking, and that the Lord was angry for so practising that Ordinance, but the faithful Souls that come rightly qualified, discerne the Lords Body, and eat the Lords Body, and drink his Blood, and therefore for to say, that shall perish, to wit, the Body of Christ, and the Blood of Christ is Blasphemie, it is my Souls de­sire that as the Lord hath made me sensible, would make me more and more sensible of the Wretched, Blind, and Lame condition of such Souls that speak evil of the Body and Blood of the Lord; Oh that my words might be acceptable, that I might perswade some poor Souls from perverting the right way of the Lord; that the Body of Christ doth not perish, see Psal. 16.10. Neither thy Holy one to see Corruption, which all agree is ment of Christ, and that the Blood of Christ doth not perish, [...] 1. Pet. 1.18. [Page 10] Where the Apostles doth oppose the Blood of Christ to corruptable things, as things that perish with the using. Oh that private Indignity, Emulation, and Hatred they have to the Blood of Christ, which I have cause to say, not only from what is here said, but from an other Testimony, from one Rob. Gresinham (who I am sure they do own) said he, doth thou think, that the Blood of Christ, that thou mightest have taken up in thy hand, can wash away Sin, there is one besides my self to testifie this, if out of the abundance of the hearts the Mouth speaketh, then surely there is very Low and Contemptable thoughts of the Blood of Christ in the heart of that Person that dares speak such Contemptable words, surely the Foun­taine from whence such streams do Flow, is not a pure Fountaine, and is much contrary to what the Apostle Peter beleeveth, he calleth it pretious Blood, consider this you that forget that Fountain, that you was washed, and cleansed by, if you was ever washed, Who hath washed us in his Blood, Revel. 1.5. I would fain know of thee (oh thou high Flown talker) whether the Apostle Paul, Gal. 2.21, 22. When he exhorteth (from whence I sup­pose you borrow your Expression) Notto Touch, Taste, Handle, which all are to perish with the using; whether he meaneth the Ordinances belonging to Moses house, as the Ordinances belonging to Christs house, or those that God did command by Moses, surely I beleeve & have ground so to do, that they are those that was commanded by Moses, for saith the Apostle, they were such that were against us, such as Christ nailed to the Cross, and if so, then is it not wresting the Scripture to apply it to the Ordinances of Christ in the Gospel, and whereas you say, we rest in shaddows, it is possible it may be true in some that profess the Truth, they may hold it in unrighteous­ness, as the Apostle saith, some did in his time, but this I can say, that those that the Lord hath intrusted with the work of the Ministry, do Perswade, Exhort, and Entreat poor Souls that have laid a good Foundation, That they goon to Perfection according to that, Heb. 6.1, 2. And this there Ex­hortation (in the fear of God) hath not come in Word only, but in Power, and Strength upon our Souls, so that many can say with the Apostle Paul, Phil. 3. From the 10. To the 15. Not as though I had already attained, either were already perfect, but I follow after, &c. And further I press to­wards the Mark of the high Calling in Christ Jesus, and therefore I would perswade all that own that Paper; that if they know any that are in such Condition, to be perswading them not to rest in it, for it is dangerous to hold the Truth in Unrighteousness, likewise not to lay it as a general As­pertion upon all that walk in the way of the Lord, and are as much for purity of Life, as purity of Ordinances, and do desire to keep the Forme and Power together, and not to disjoyne that which God hath joyned, [Page 11]lest they be found Sinners, I would have no Soul to think because I am upon this Subject, that I am not for purity of Life as well as Obedience to the Ordinances of Gods House, I am as free to bear a Testimony against an evil Conversation as corrupt Principles, yet not to let them pass, but to con­tend earnestly for the Faith once delivered to the Saints, he further saith.

We are in the true Water and Blood which washeth the Soul, and Bap­tiseth, Dippeth, and Plungeth the Conscience, and cleanseth it from all Sin, which leads into the Heavens where God dwelleth, and we eat and drink the true and real Body and Blood of the Lamb & hereby we know it, be­cause it nourisheth us, and giveth us Blessed growth, in the Life and Inocency of the Lamb, which was with God before shaddows were, and henceforth we in it have passed and left them all as Images of Gold and Silver to be cast to the Moles and to the Batts for ever.

It hath made me affraid to speak sometime against such a People, that should declare such things as being washed from Sin, as being lead and having Blessed growth in the Life and Innocency of the Lamb, and such like expressions, but upon consideration I am confident both to speak and to Write (although I desire to own any thing of the Lord in any profession whatsoever,) becauss I find the Apostle Paul prophesing, there should be a people Declaring things that are not so, concerning their own State and Condition, 1 Tim. 4.2. Speak Lyes in Hypocrisie, having their consciences seared with an hot Iron, Speaking Lyes in Hypocrisie. That is declaring they have Communion with God, and are washed from Sin, and have Growth in the Innocency of the Lamb & such like, when it is not so, that Persons may have a high Estemation of them when it is not so, neither is those things found in them, and I will prove he speaks Lyes in Hypo­crisie, although I do remember that Water is put for the Spirit, as John. 7.38, 39. He that beleeveth on me out of his Belly shall flow Rivers of living Water, but this he speaks of the Spirit. But when John speaks in that place, that he alludeth unto, 1 Epistle of John 5.8. There are three that bare Record on earth, the Spirit, the Water, and the Blood. That it cannot be the Spirit, (not that I beleeve he hath the Spirit; no, for this I [...]estifie, that he that hath the Spirit of God, saith not that he hath cast the Ordinances of God to the Moles and to the Batts for evermore,) my reason is this, be­cause the Spirit is one of the other two, and therefore it is undoubtedly Truth that it is not the Spirit, therefore it must be Water that is used in Baptisme, and if so? is not his words a manifest Lye, when they disown, make void, and declare as useless that Ordinance of Baptisme, nay say themselves here passed through and left to be cast to the Moles and to the Batts.! Oh the Contradiction that is in that Paper; and whereas they say [Page 12]they eat the true Body and Blood of the Lord, this will be nothing less then a Lye.

Take this argument founded upon the Scriptures of Truth, if Christ hath instituted visible forms, to wit, bread and wine, when persons do by faith pertake of the body and blood of Christ, then those persons that do not pertake of the visible forms, can not partake of the Body and blood of Christ, but Christ hath instituted bread and wine to be pertaken of, when persons do pertake of the Body and blood of the Lord, therefore those persons that do not pertake of the visible forms, cannot pertake, that is to say, eat and drink the Body and Blood of the Lord, that which will be questioned is whether persons must pertake of Bread and Wine, when they do pertake by Faith of the Body and Blood of Christ? which is plain Mat. 26.26.27, 28. Mark 14.22.23, Luke 22.19.20. agree all in one I shall repeat onely that which Mathew writteth, and as they were eating Jesus took Bread and blessed it, and breake it, and gave it to his Disciples, and said take and eate this is my Body, and he tooke the Cup and gave thanks, saying, drink you all of it for this is my Blood of the New Testament shed for the remission of sins, you see what way Jesus Christ taketh in order to their eating the Body & Blood of Christ, he gives them Bread and Wine, and this must be granted Christ did nothing in vain that needed not be done, now if it had been the mind of Christ, that they should, have eaten his Body and drink of his Blood without eating the bread and wine, he would not have given them to his Disciples, there­fore let none be wise above what is written, this I say, that I do not find in all the Scriptures of the New Testament, that any person did eat the Body and blood of Christ, but those that did pertake of the visible forms, but I would not be mistaken, for I do beleive that it is not the want of Ordinances, but the contempt of Ordinances, that condemneth; for in daies where his Ordinances cannot be injoyed the Lord hath been, and will be to his people, that in the want of Ordinances, and without Ordi­nances as he is to them in the use of them, but that cannot be pleaded now in this day of light, the Lord commands obedience to all his Or­dinances, and will not hold men excused that lives without them, see Iohn 3.19, Oh let not the meanest of the Commands of God to carnall reason be a means to hinder thee from the practise of them, for it is matter of commendation to keep the Ordinances as they were delivered, 1 Cor. 11.2. and whereas he saith, we know it because it gives us blessed gronth in the life & iunocencie of the Lamb, if that which they say they know by that they are in the water and blood, and that they eat the body and blood of the Lamb. If that be not true then we may conclude that the things are [Page 13]not true, now I say, though you do that which is right and just between man and man, (although that is not found in all your Principle) yet this is fare short of the innocency of the Lamb, the innocency of Christ appear­ed in his, in that he stooped to the meanest of Gods Commands to carnal reason as Mat. 3.15. Suffer it to be so for thus it becomes us to ful­fill all righteousness, if any person might have been exempted from the obedience of that commandement, Christ might, yet he takes a painfull journey to that end to be Baptised of Iohn, that he might not only be a commander, but a leader to his People, Secondly his innocency appeared in that he doth not prove himself to be the Son of God, only by the signs and miracles which he did, though he had the spirit without measure, but by the Scriptures and saith had you beleived Moses, you would have beleived me, for he wrote of me, Iohn 5, 46. and though Persons are to honour the Son, as the honour the Father, yet such was the in­nocency of Christ, that he exhorteth them to search the Scriptures and gives these two reasons. First, they was such that in them they did beleeve, was taught the way to eternal life. Secondly, not only because it was that they owned & beleeved that there was such vertue in them, but it was so in Christs account, for saith he, they testifie of me, they declare of me, Iohn 5.35.

As if he should say, if you question whether I am sent of God, whether I am the Christ of God, search the Scriptures you shall find I am so, they testifie of me, and further, adds an imposibility of beleiving on him, if they did not beleive Moses writings 47. verse he did not say, turn to the light within, and that will satisfie and that will Testifie, no he doth not say as the Author, of that Paper, that the light within is the alone salvation of God, and therefore for persons to say they are nourished in the life, and innocency of the Lamb, and to lay low the Scriptures of Truth, not to be the rule to walk by, and that which will not deceive that which doth witness whether Doctrines be Truth or Error, they that say this is not true, are not in the innocency of the Lamb. For how shal any thing, or Doctrine be tryed, if we have not assure word of prophecie, one man saith by his present light within, such a thing is an error, ano­ther saith by his present light within, that thing is truth, therefore of ne­cessity there must be some thing to inlighten which is sure, therefore saith David thy word is lamp to my feet, and a light to my path, Psal. 119.105. Oh therefore search and mediate in the word of God, that is to say, the mind of God contained in Scripture, and be calling to the Lord for his Spirit, that thou maist have a right understanding, be not puffed up, and think you are in the innocency of the Lamb, when it is not so; [Page 14]but this is the will of God concerning you, what you search the Scriptures for they testifie what Christ would have his Disciples do, and if you would be Disciples, then walk according to his Commandement contained in Scripture.

I would hope that there is some of you that love the Lord, let your love be manifested in this that you have respect to all the Commandements of the Lord, be not partial prefering one thing before another, 1 Tim. 5.21. But resist Satan in all his deeps and wills, which he hath halled you into, though some of you be ignorant of it, surely you may have an holy con­versation to wards men, and yet walk in the worship of God blameless, and let the form and the power be kept together, bear with me and be not rash, and give not way to that Spirit of errour that will be getting up in you, and let my words be acceptable unto you, to this end, to own the Scriptures of the Prophets of Christ and his Apostles, which is able to make the wise to Salvation, through faith in Christ Jesus, 2 Tim. 3.15. and not to contemn them as is usual, as one said to me, (which I am sure they owne), when I said I had the word of God, the Scriptures of Truth in me, he asked me whether I had ink and paper in my heart! Oh, that such expressions might cease from amongst you, I would fain know from any one of you, whether all the Commandements contained in Scripture, whether spoken by the Lord himself, or by his Prophets? or by his Son Jesus? or by his Apostles which are not yet abrogated by the death of Christ? are not the duty of the People of the Lord to observe and obey? and whether the Commandements of God are of less vertue because they are written? then if Jesus Christ did immediately speak them unto us, and whereas you say we have passed through, and left them, this is no wonder (if I may be certain in any thing what you mean by your expressions, I may in this, that you mean Baptisme & other Ordinances of Gods House) for the little number receiving Tenth, and the few of them that do receive the Truth continuing in it, it is an argument to me, we are in the Truth, rather than otherwise, for saith Christ, Fear not little flock, for it is your Fathers good pleasure to give you the Kingdome. Luke, 12.32. It is not on­ly so now, but it was in the time while Christ was personally present many left him, and walked no more with him, John 6.66. And this is what is prophesied of 2 Thes. 2.2. Let no man deceive you, for that day shall not come except there come a falling away, and saith the Apostle to Timothy, some shall depart from the Faith, but let us inquire into the reason which the Servant of the Lord Paul gives.

The first Reason, 2 Thes. 2.11.12. Is because they received not the Truth in the love of it; and this hath been the reason of some falling a­way, [Page 15]and receiving strong delusions, for it hath been confessed to me by one of that Principle, that she did submit to the Truth, to wit, Water-Baptisme, because others did submit to it, because it was in fashion; and if any of your Consciences condemn you in this, God is greater than your Consciences, and knows all things; repent of that your wickedness.

The second Reason which the Apostle rendreth of persons falling away of receiving strong delusions, is because they had pleasure in unrighteous­ness, it is possible that some may receive the Truth in the love of it, and yet in time loose their first love, and take pleasure in unrighteousness, and so loose their peace, and so run to airy notions of things that they may get peace, which is not the true peace of God, and this I find not only by the Scriptures of Truth, but from their own expressions, some of them hath said to me, that they had not peace, though at the first they had it, and that they lived contrary to their consciences, for some years before they received that which they call Truth, Oh! that they would juslifie the Lord in his giving them up to believe strong delusions, and take shame to themselves, for doubtless, the Lord will not be mocked, for what they sow that they shall reap, and though the way of God, is at this day called Heri­sie, and hath been so in daies past, yet know this, that Herisie is a fruit of the flesh, as well as prophaneness in conversation, and if you live and al­low your selves in it, you shall dye, not only a natural death, but the se­cond death; dear souls who are much upon my heart, that have no ends but to glorifie God, in what you do. know this, that the Devil can trans­form himself into an Angel of light, and this I say to you, by the word of the Lord, that if men have never so much outward holiness upon them, if they perswade you to forsake any of the Commandements of God, do not believe them, as you will answer it at the great day of the Lord, read Galatians the first Chapter, and let your Souls tremble at the word of the Lord, now that, it is the word of the Lord, or the mind of the Lord which is all one, which the Apostle Paul writeth, see 1 Cor. 14.37. If any man think himself to be a Prophet, or a spiritual man, let him acknowledge the things that I write to be the Commondements of the Lord. Oh! that you of the Ministry (as you are called) would consider of this Scripture, and not to appropriate that to your own Books, which you will not allow the Scriptures, and for you that say, you went away because of the carna­lity of some Professors, you ought to indeavoured their reformation, and if not to have dealt with them according to the rule of Christ in that case, and not to have forsaken the truth upon that account, return, return to the Lord and the Truth, and you will find many amongst the Baptists as willing to own any thing that is of God, as you can be to perswade them.

He further saith, for know ye where God is present, there needs not are­presention of him by any thing; and where the eterual Fountain of all vertue is set open, there needs not digging of other Wells for Water, turn therefore to the light within; the Conscience which is able to Baptise, and wash your Souls from all Sin, and make Rivers of living Water flow out of your belly, which light is the alone Salvation of God, he that loveth it and obeyeth it, shall know it. In answer to which I know not any Baptist that doth practise or doth set up any thing to represent God, but hath renoun­ced those hidden things of darkness, and if so, doth he not beat the Air when those persons that he writeth to, doth not own any such thing, but if he means where God is present, there needs not outward forms in his Worship, as Water in Baptisme, and Bread and Wine in the Lords Sup­per, then it is not true as to Baptisme, that there must be Water, I might give you many Scriptures, yet I shall only give you but one because it is full & pregnant, Acts 10.47. Can any forbid Water, that these should not be Baptised, which have received the Holy Ghost as well as we? For Bread and Wine in the Lords Supper, see Mat. 26.16. He took Bread and so like­wise the Cup, compared with Luke 22.19, 20. And therefore let none deceive you with vain words, and whereas he saith, turn to the light with­in, which is able to Baptise, wash from all sin, and further saith, it is the a­lone Savation of God, such an exhortation we find not in all the Scriptures of Truth, if every man is to turn to his present light within, is not this to make several Sects and opinions in the World, which they some time cry out of, would it not be more agreeable to the Truth, to exhort them to take heed, lest the light within be not darkness, that which may be darkness that is not to be turned unto as a rule to walk by, but the light within may be darkness, therefore not to be turned unto as a rule to walk by, Take heed saith Christ that the Light in you be not darkness, Luke 11.35. But we find the Prophets, Jesus Christ his Disciples and Apostles commanding and exhorting Souls to obey the commands of the Lord, the Prophets un­der the Law, exhort the People to keep the Law of Moses, Christ exhor­teth to keep his Commandements, If you love me keep my Commandements, John 14.15. Which are now recorded in the Scriptures, and so the Apo­stle Paul, this I say to you by the word of the Lord, that those that are asleep, &c. that is to say, by what the Lord hath said; I tell you these things by, which is now recorded, Mat. 24.38.39, 40. So the Apostle John, 2 Epistle 10. If there come any unto you and bring not this Do­ctrine, receive him not, neither bid him God speed, what Doctrine he tells us the Doctrine of Christ his sayings, Precepts, Commandements which are now recorded in the Scripture of Truth, because of the shortness of the [Page 17]Volume, I cannot shew you concerning all the rest of the Apostles, how they had an eye to what was written in what they write, and therefore in a word, there was never any true Prophet or Jesus Christ or any of his Disciples and Apostles, but did make it their business to provoke persons to keep the Commandements of God, and that there was never any of the Faithful Servants of the Lord did esteem the Commandements the worser. because brought to them in writing, this I say, by the Testimony of Scripture, that the light within hath carryed Persons to do that which was not acceptable in the sight of God, nay to do that which was very offen­sive to God, even to persecuto his People, see this in the Apostle Paul, before conversion I thought within my self, I ought to do many things contrary to the name of Jesus of Nazereth, Acts 26.9. from whence you may see that he did follow his light within, in persecuting the Church of God; and saith Christ, those that kill you, shall think that they do God good service, from whence you may plainly see, they shall follow their present light within, in killing the Saints; therefore I would exhort all to this, that they will labour to get their consciences rightly informed by the word of the Lord, that is to say, his precepts, and promises, and threatnings of the Lord, and then be zealous according to their light within, and not before, for know ye, that the conscience is a light of acceptation, and not a light of information, until it becomes inlightned, and whereas he saith, It is the a­lone Salvation of God, it gives me to believe that he is of the same mind with Nicholas Blith (one of his principle) who did assert before a Con­gregation of People, that his obedience to the light within, did make at­tonement for Sins that are past, therefore this I desire to speak unto you in the fear of the Lord, to desire you to consider of such expressions, whether such expressions do not plainly and manifestly declare, that Christ dyed in vain, if Justification, freedome from fin, is procured by our obedience, such an opinion is damnable folly and weakness, for if it was possible to become as holy in nature and life, as the holy Angels, it would be very dangerous to reckon attoining vertue thereto, my souls desire is that you would not get up in the vanity of your minds, and plead perfection when such great imperfections remain in, you, see 1 Pet. 1.18. For as much as we are not redeemed with corruptible things, as silver and gould, but with the preti­ous blood of Jesus Christ; and now I shall according to my promise, to the second general thing, & that is to answer his main drift and aim, which is to lay low and make void the two Ordinances of the Gospel, to wit, Baptisme and the Lords Supper, and answer some Objections.

First, then to Baptisme, that it is to remain, continue, and be stedfast un­to the end of the World, see Mat. 28.18.19, 20. Jesus Christ after he [Page 18]had accomplished the work of our Redemption, and was risen again, and that the Father had conferred all power upon him in Heaven and in Earth, he gives out his commission to his Disciples, go ye and teach all Nations, Baptizing them in the name of the Father Son and Holy Ghost, teaching them to observe all things what I command you, and loe I am with you to the end of the World. Truly the very reading of the words doth evidence this to be Truth, to wit that Baptisme must and ought to remain untill the end of the World, Such was the state of the People of God under the Law, that if at any time they found the Law of God, though not spoken imme­diately to them, nay, though hundreds of years distance, so long as they was under that dispensation, did judge it their duty to do those things that the Law required, as Josiah, 2 Kings 22.23. Chapters, make appear when he had found the Law of God, he doth not say, it is true, such things are commanded in the Primitive time, but they are not commanded me, he doth not say, it is true, we walk contrary to the Laws of God, commanded in Mount Horeb, but these things was not commanded us, they have been lost, and we have been in a Wilderness condition, and now they do not be­long unto us, no but he believeth that he was bound to observe those Laws and commands as well as those they was first delivered unto, and accordingly did set upon the work; and the Lord was well pleased with them, read those two Chapters, and the Prophet Malachi, though many hundred years after the Law was given upon Mount Horeb, yet is perswa­ded that it is the Peoples duty to observe, Mal. 4.4. Remember the Law of Moses with the Statutes and Judgments, it was the duty of the People of God to keep these Laws and cerimonies until the coming of Christ in the flesh; so it is the duty of the People of God to keep the commande­ments of Christ, until his coming in the glory of his Father with all his ho­ly Angels. If any persons can prove, which I am sure they cannot, that there is another Prophet risen, that the People of God are to hear as the appointment of the Father, then the commauds of Christ do cease to be a duty, or else to remain while he comes to put an end to them, the Law of Moses or any precept of it, had not such adjuncts adjoyned to them, to demonstrate it to be a duty until they come in the flesh, as this precept hath to continue unto the end of the World, yet they did believe it was their duty, as hath been proved. But surely Jesus Christ did foresee, that men in the last dayes, should question his Commandements, and that some should think, that antiquity did wear out the verity of them, he makes such provision to shew it to be a duty, that those that are not wilfully blind may see, and now according to what the Apostle Peter saith, 1 Pet. 3.15. To give a reason of my faith, I shall reason from the words of Christ, to clear the duration, continuation of Water-Baptisme, take this reason or [Page 19]argument, That which Christ hath commanded to be taught and preached in all Nations and in all Ages, and hath promised his presence with his peo­ple, in the Administration of, to the end of the World, that is to be taught, practised unto the end of the World, but Christ hath commanded Water-Baptisme to be taught and practised in all Nations, and all Ages, and hath promised his presence with his People in the due Administration of it; therefore Water-Baptisme is to continue, remain, unto the end of the world, that which some will question, is the middle proposition, that it must be practised in all Nations, is clear and evident saith Christ, go you and teach, and Baptise all Nations, what can be more clear.

Secondly, that it was to be in all Ages, that is as clear for all Nations, was not in being in that Age, therefore it is clear that he intends succee­ding Ages, for saith he, teaching them with those that was to follow, and so every Age after another, whatsoever I command you, and that this was the mind of Jesus Christ, that it was to continue in all Ages, he takes away all doubts, and doth promise his presence not only to them, but to all suc­ceeding Ages, Loe I am with you to the end of the World. Which is reason sufficient, that his people is to be found in the practise of, unto the end of the World, you may see, Mark 16.16. Where he commandeth the Gos­pel should be preached to every Creature upon tearms of Faith and Bap­tisme, go and Preach the Gospel to every Creature, He that believeth and is Baptized, shall be saved, and he that believeth not, shall be damned. Eve­ry Creature that is in a capacity to be saved, was not in being then; this I say, to all such as kick at the Ordinance of Water-Baptisme, that it cannot be proved by the subtillest deceiver at this day, that Christ hath promised his presence to any thing longer, than the thing or command is in being, if not, which doubtless is true, whether Baptisme in water, doth not continue unto the end of the World, seeing Christ hath promised his presence to his People in that very Ordinance unto the end of the World. Read, meditate, and let your souls tremble at the word of the Lord, Loe I am with you to the end of the World.

I shall answer Objections anon. I shall give you an other reason which I would have you consider of. That which is an instrumental cause of Remission of Sin, or washing away Sin, that is to continue unto the end of the World. But water Baptisme is an Instrumental cause of Remission of Sins, or washing away of Sin, therefore it is to continue to the end of World. That Baptisme is so, see Acts 2.39. Repent and be Baptised for the Remission of Sin, and that it washeth away Sin, see Acts 22.16. And arise, why tarry thou and be Baptised, and wash away thy Sins. What can be more plain then this, that their Sins was remitted, washed away by re­pentence and Baptisme, and not by repentance only, for that Paul had [Page 20]wrought upon him, yet was to be Baptised to wash away his Sins, so that the birth of the Spirit, and the birth of the Water was to go together, see John 3.5. 1 Pet. 3.21. Some will cavil, at the word Instrumental, but there is no reason so to do, for if the Spirit of God in Scripture doth reckon one thing to two several Causes, as it doth about Remission of Sin, then it is to be understood two several wayes, for Remission of Sin is rackoned to the Blood of Christ, Revel. 1.5. Who hath washed us in his own Blood. And therefore I am necessitated to make this Distinction, and therefore that the Blood of Christ is the officient Cause of Remission of Sin, and Baptisme is an Instrumental Cause, with those Companions (as I may say) Faith and Repentance, let not the meanest of the Ordinances of God to carnal reason, hinder any Souls being fitted for them to obey and practise them, Read 2 Kings 5. Chapters, Concerning Naaman and the Syrian, and consider of it in the fear of the Lord, and know this, that what was written aforetime, was written for our Learning to shew the foolish things of God are wiser then men, and that God will bring about great things by small and contemptible means to reason, see Gal. the 3.27. What the Apostle saith of Baptisme, As many as have been Baptised into Christ, hath put on Christ. That which brings unto Christ is needful at this day, and must continue unto the end of the World; but I have exceeded already what I intended, therefore I shall apply my self to answer the Objections, hopeing what I have said will be profitable to some, & conviction to all but those, Whose consciences are seared with an hot Iron; as the Apostle saith, some say that it is not water Baptisme, but the Baptisme of the Spirit, this Objection hath hardly the colour of reason, but some are confident, and say, where is Water? I answer, for as much as the Disciples could not Baptise without water, water is implyed, but that it is not the Baptisme of the Spirit, it is plain for it was such a Baptisme that his Disciples were to Administer, saith Christ, Go yee Teach & Baptise, and therefore not the Baptisme of the Spirit, but that was never in the Power of the chiefest Disciples of Christ to do, it was, & is, & ever shall be, only in the power of the Lord to Baptise with the Spirit, see Luke 9.13. Your heavenly Fether will give his Spirit to them that aske him, Turn at my reproofe, & I will pour my Spirit upon you, Pro. 1.23. The holy Spirit which God hath given to them that obey him, Acts 5.32. and 2 Cor. 5.5. Who hath given us the earnest of his Spirit, multitude of Testimony might be given for this, but I cannot stand upon it now; and therefore, see what John saith I Baptise with water, well but doth he not also Baptise with the Spirit; No, for saith he speaking of Christ, He shall Baptise you with the Spirit, with the Holy Ghost, and with Fire. And so the Apostle Peter did practise it, even to Baptise with water, after Christ [Page 21]had given out that Commission, Acts 2.38. Acts 10.47. Who can forbid water, that those should not be Baptised, seeing they have received the Spirit so well as we. Therefore I conclude that God the Father and Jesus Christ, by him are the Sole Baptisers with the Spirit, then it is of necessity water Baptisme that he commissionates his Disciples to dispence, I find but three Baptismes at the most in Scripture; the Baptisme of the Spirit they cannot Administer the Baptisme of afflictions, they surely are not to adminster, to overwhelme one another in sufferings, none I think will say they are to do, therefore of necessity it is water Baptisme, an other Objection which I met with from some of that principle; say they, though it were water Baptisme, 28 of Math. Yet it was the Baptisme of John, which was then are long to cease when that of the Spirit should come in; I answer in briefe, because I must draw to a conclusion, that the Baptisme of water which is called Johns Baptisme is no otherwise his Baptisme then the Gos­pel, which Paul preached was his Gospel, and therefore when the Scripture calleth it the Baptisme of John, it is the Baptisme which John was made the cheif administrator of, and so the Law of God is called the Law of Moses, and so I understand the Apostle Paul, Rom. 2.16. When he saith, That God shall judge men according to his Gospel, (according to my Gos­pel.) That is to say, which I am appointed to preach, yet it was the Gos­pel of Christ which he was to preach; and so I say, the Baptisme that John did administer, was Christs Baptisme, John was either the servant of Christ, or the servant of the Devil, that must be granted, I hope none will say he was the Devils servant, then if he was Christs servant, then the service which he did was Christs service, and then surely his Baptisme was Christs Baptisme which he did Administer and not his own, no otherwise than he was the cheif Administrator of it; consider this you that run upon Airey Notions and fill your Belly with East Wind, which will not profit in the day of the Lord, and that it was the Baptisme of Christ which John did Administer is manifest, because Christ was Commisionated Authorized by the Father to Baptise with water as well as John, though it being an ex­ternal Water, he left the actual doing of it, to his Disciples amongst whom John was the cheif, or else seeing in commanded others to do it, and so Baptised by others, at least, if not by himself, as John 3.22.4, 1, 2. His witness of himself, John 12.39. Is it not true (if he had not Commissi­on from his Father so to do) which would be Blasphemy to think, for he saith, that he spake nothing of himself, but as the Father gave Commande­ment, so he spake, and likewise as the Father gave him Commandement so he did, there are some circumstancial difference between water Baptisme before the Death of Christ, and Baptiseme with water after the Death of [Page 22]Christ, but this is undeniable that not only Christ did submit unto it, com­mand his Disciples to dispence it, while he was with thee, & not only so, but doth Commission his Disciples to be observing of it unto the end of the World, after he was risen again, Math. 28.19. And accordingly the A­postles did practise it in all the Primitive Church, and that the coming of Christ by his Spirit, doth not put an end of water Baptisme, see Acts the 10.47. Can any forbid water that those should not be Baptised, seeing they have received the Holy Ghost so well as we, where you may see the A­postle Peter makes it an Argument, that they must be Baptised with water, seeing they have received the Spirit! Oh why should you maintaine such opinions that are so contrary to the Spirit of God in his children in dayes past! Oh be not wise above what is written, for our Learning, but lie low and be not exhalted in your selves, see how contrary your Spirit, that you are guided by, is to the Spirit in that Apostle Peter was guided by, he saith, there is a necessity of water, who can forbid water if there be the Baptisme of the Spirit, you say if persons be Baptised by the Spirit, they need not be Baptised in water; consider of this in the dread of the Al­mighty, and now I will come to that Ordiannce of breaking Bread, and drinking Wine, to shew forth the Lords Death untill he come, and will shew that the coming of Christ by his Spirit doth not put an end to that Ordinance, take this reason; That which doth shew forth Christs Death that is to continue while he comes personal or himself, but when we eate that Bread, and drink that Cup we shew forth the Lords Death, therefore it is to continue untill the personal coming of Christ, see Gal. 3.1. Who hath bewitched you that you shall not obey the truth, (What is the reason he rendereth) Before whose eyes Jesus Christ hath been evidently set forth, Crucified among you, which was no otherwise then the Lords Supper; I will add this Argument grounded with the Scriptures of Truth, that which in the doing of persons do pertake by Faith of the Body and Blood of Christ, that is to continue to the end of the World, but in eating Bread and drinking Wine, the faithful, the sencere hearted, do by Faith pertake of the Body and Blood of the Lord, therefore to continue unto the end of the World, for the first assertion, see John 6.35. Excepta man eat my Flesh and drink my Blood, yee have no Life, now life is of absolute nesessity, and therefore the means must continue to get this Life, and that persons do by Faith in that very Ordinance, partake of the Body and Blood of the Lord, see Math. 16.26. Take eat this is my Body, &c.

But in a word, what need I spend time in reasoning, from the benefits that it brings, but may only say thus, and who can deny it, what Christ commanded his Disciples, in that case is his Disciples duty to do at this [Page 23]day, and that Christ did command, see Mat. 26.26. Mark 14.22. Luke 22.19, 20. Take eat, this is my Body, and that the coming of Christ by his Spirit, doth not put an end, to this Ordinance is manifest for the Church of Corinths, had the Spirit in a plentiful measure, did not come behind no Church, but was enriched with knowledge utterance, as you may see, 1 Cor. 1.7, 8, 9. 1 Cor. 12.7, 8, 9. and so forward, yet they did and ought nay was commended that they keep the Ordinances as they was delive­red, 1 Cor. 11.2. and so in the 26 verse, As often as you eat this Bread, & drink this Cup, you shew forth the Lords Death until he come. Which of ne­cessity must be an other coming than of his Spirit, for by that he was come to them already, but it is plain, that it was a coming, which they was not in the injoyment of, for saith the Text, vntil he come, but as it was said before that he was come to them by his Spirit, and now I have with as much speed as I could come to the end of what I promised, only I have a short word, or my mind in shortness to speak unto two sorts of People, to the People called Quakers, Secondly, to those that are under the pro­fession of the Truth, according to the mind of God contained in Scripture. First, then to the People called Quakers, if any of you answer what I have writ in writing, do not wrest my expressions, for I have dealt ingeniously with you in answering that Paper, though it would be better for you to be silent then to speak evil of the way of God, if you do, I shall not pro­mise you to answer, truly friends God is my witness, that what I have written is in tenderness of Spirit towards you, I beseech you to consider of it, and do not please your selves with airy conceits, but meditate in the Law of the Lord, that so you may hold fast the form of sound words, I do hope and beleive the Lord hath a remnant amongst you that fear the Lord, and do what you do in the integrity of your Souls, which that pro­phesie shall be fulfilled upon, Isa. 29.24. They also that erred in Spirit, shall come to understanding, and those that murmured shall learn Doctrine. This I have faith in, shall be accomplished upon some of you, when many amongst you shall discover themselves what they are now, privately, then you that have erred in Spirit shall understand, that is, you shall see that the Devil can, and hath transformed himself into an Angel of Light, and you that murmured at the way of the Lord shall then learn Doctrine, Dear Souls whom I love, that have no corrupt ends, but only have the honour of God in your eye, have respect unto al the Commandements of the Lord, and be not lead by the errour of the wicked, be no longer deceived by false Teachers, who as much as in them lies makes the Commandements of God of none effect, read and consider of that text of Timothy, that thou maist have such an esteem of the Scriptures, as holy men had of old, 2 Tim. [Page 24]3.15.16. and you that are called the Ministry, I do exhort you from the Lord, who hath made me sinsible of the losse of Souls, cease from perverting of the way of the Lord; Oh be careful what you say, and Preach, lest the Lord lay the blood of poor Souls upon you, I am not unsensible of that high confidence that you have of your selves, a [...] being such that canno err: Let me perswade you to lye low in your selves, and tremble at the Word of the Lord, his saying, precepts, and Commandements contained in Scripture, lest what I have said be as a witness against y [...]ur, in the great day of the Lord, when persons shall not be judged by what they have supposed light, but by the Words of Jesus Christ, con­tent not your selves with morality, but worship God in Spirit, and not only so but in Truth, and trust in nothing below the blood of Christ, to make attonement for sin, this I speak not to stir up prejudise against you, but to warn you of the danger, which will come upon you if you repent not, and shall continue my prayers for such of you that are in the lemits of a Christians duty to pray for.

And unto you my Brethren and Sisters in the Lord Jesus Christ, do not make a wrong application of what I have said, do not think you are in a safe condition, barely because you are in the profession of the Truth of the Lord, no friends do not trust or lean there, for know this if thou hast been Baptised, and if thou eat and drink at Christs Table, yet if thou work iniquity thou wilt be shut out of the kingdome? Oh my Friends do not hold the Truth in unrighteousness (as some did in dayes past) but answer the end of the Ordinances of the Lord, it is possible that some may be in that condition, that professe the Truth, as the professing People of the Lord, wherein the 7 of Ier. who was punctual in the observation of outward things, and yet gave way to several evils, do not rest in such a condition, but re­member from whence you are fallen, and do your first work, Oh my Friends let your lights shine before men, that they seeing your good works may glorifie your Father which is in Heaven, and let not the enimies of the Truths of God, have no just accasion to speak evil of the way of God, by reason of you, but study to adorne your profession, and unto you my Friends which are a pressing after the Mark, of the calling in Christ Jesus, go on in that work until you perfect holiness in the fear of the Lord, and esteem of the Ordinances of the Lord, never the worser because men that seem to have outward holiness upon them, speak against them, see the 2 Cor. 11.13.14, 15. but do and say as the holy David in Psalm 119.126, 127, 128. I love thy Commandements: above gold, yes above fine gold. Therefore I esteem thy precepts concerning all things to be right, and I hate every false way, which that we m [...]y all do, is and shall be the prayer of him that is willing to serve you in the Gospel of Christ, according to the Tallent the Lord hath given me, faithful is he that hath promised, who hath began a good work in us, and will carry it on to the day of the Lord.



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