[Page] [Page] Mans Chief Guide to SALVATION: Wherein is laid down many good Instructions and motives to stir up every poor soul, that he may be able in these sinfull days to withstand Satans assaults. By Tho. Robins B. of D.


Cor. 16. 13, 14. Watch ye, stand fast in the faith, quit your selves like men, and be strong.

[...]rinted for T. Passenger on London-bridge, 1666.

MANS Chief Guide to SALVATION.

Matth. 11, 28, 29.‘Come unto me all ye that are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn of me, for I am meek and lowly in heart, and ye shall find rest unto your souls.’

MY Beloved, here you may sée the great love that our blessed Lord & Saviour Iesus Christ bears to poor sinners. First of calling us so lovingly, Come; and to us as I may say, Come [...]to me. Secondly, we may plainly sée who [...] is that should come: all ye that be heavy [...]den. And thirdly, the chiefest reason of [Page 2] this why he calls us, because he will give us rest: I but what rest? the everlasting rest for our souls.

Indéed my brethren I desire you all to take notice that our Saviour Iesus Christ hath a great love to us, in calling us so lovingly as he doth here in this place of Scripture, I, and in many more: but alas how many is there yt regard it? no, no, we are the more ready for to turn the farthest from him, little knowing the danger that may follow: for sin is so plea­sant unto us, that we never regard what any says to us, when we be a going to any sin. A [...] for example these thrée sins which I here sha [...] name unto you, that is to say, Pride, Whoredome, and Drunkenness, which are the thré [...] terrible crying sins of the Nation; yet let u [...] but busie our selves about one of these, thoug [...] the Lord himself calls we will not hear.

In the first place, Drunkenness is a mo [...] notorious sin, and a delightful sin: For whe [...] thrée or four, more or less, are got on the Al [...] house bench there to make mery, never thinking on the danger that may follow, but the [...] they sit quaffing & making themselves mer [...] till they be so much inflamed with it, that the [...] forget themselves and so become drunk, an [...] then any sin is common with them: then th [...] wicked sin of swearing must be maintain [...] by swearing of one great oath or anothe [...] [Page 3] which is a most base and notorious sin: and I pray God yt every one of us may have a care how we follow any such terrible sin: for cer­tainly ye Lord is sorely offended at this Land and Nation for the maintaing this sin of drunkenness so much as we do: therefore in ye name of God I desire every one of you to have a care of this terrible sin of drunkenness: for certainly this is a great cause to stay men for coming to our Saviour; although he calls us so loving as he doth in this Text, as to come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. But certainly my brethren the Lord will punish us for this sin: for we may assure our selves that he doth take notice how we do lead our lives. I pray you look into the 28 Chapter of Isaiah, at the 7 verse, and there you may sée that the Lord took notice of the Drunkenness that was a­mong the people: But they also have erred through Wine and strong Drink, and are out of the way: the Priest and the Prophet have erred through strong Drink, they are swallow­ed up with Wine, they are out of the way through strong Drink, Isa. 28. ver. 7. By this my brethren, you may sée that the Lord takes notice of this wicked sin of Drunkenness, and pray God give every one of you grace to have a care that we fall not into this wick­ed sin; for certainly it is one of the greatest [Page 4] sins of the Nation, which cries out for judge­ment against us.

2. I desire to exhort you to have a care of that most abominable sin of Whoredome, for that is a sin that the Lord joins to pride, as you may find in Isaiah 18. vers. 1. for there he cries, Woe to the Crown of Pride, to the drunkenness of Ephraim, whose glorious beau­ty is a fading flower. But for all this, who is he that doth séek to flie from this sin of Pride? No, no, it hath too much pleasure in the eye: nay, rather then we would step one foot back from it, we had rather set two forward to maintain it. But truly good people I must needs tell you, this is not y way to bring you into the way of salvation; no, it will build a strong wall of separation between ye Lord and you; therefore in the name of God have a care of it; for certainly the Lord will have ac­count given him at the latter day: Then it is not your Silks and Satten, nor your fine ap­parel that can do you any good. No my Bre­thren, then your gay attire will be odious in the sight of our Lord & Savior Iesus Christ, & the rottenness of your hearts will stink in your own nostrils: therefore I desire you once more to have a care, and to strive by all possi­ble means to refrain from all sin whatsoever, and strive to be ready to make answer to the [Page 5] Lord when he calls us to an account, as he did the servants in ye gospel, which he had former­ly given the Talents to, to see what good use they had made of them: & some had put them to good use, and the Lord did commend them that had put them to good use: His Lord said unto him, well done thou good and faithfull servant, thou hast been faithful over few things, I will make thee ruler over many things, enter thou into the joy of thy Lord, Matth. 25. 23. And thus you may see what a gallant thing it is for every christian to make good use of their time while they live here on earth, that they may be able to give a good account at ye latter day, when they are called to the judgement­seat, as this faithful servant did: then may they come to receive ye same reward, & so en­ter into the joy of the Lord: but have a care yt you be not found like the wicked and slothful servant, for fear the Lord say the same words to you, as he did to him in the 28 verse of this Chapter, in these words, Take therefore the talents from him, and give it unto him that hath ten talents: Indéed this was a great discou­ragement to that servant: but this did not serve his turn, now the worst came after; for it was not the loss of his substance which the Lord lent him, that could make recompence, as you may sée in the 29 and 30 verses of this Chapter, For unto every one that hath [Page 6] shall be given, and he shall have abundance; but for him that hath not shall be taken away, even that which he hath, and cast ye the unprofi­table servant into utter darkness; there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth, Matth. 25. 29, 30. verses. Even so will it be one day with us; for the Lord must and will have account given him: then happy is that poor soul that hath any spark of grace in him, to bring him into the way of repentance: for certainly if you will but labour while you live here on earth for to serve the Lord with a true heart, then no doubt but the Lord will give you rest in that blessed kingdom, and speak unto us with those comfortable words, as he spake to the people in Isa. 45. 9, 10 ver. Thou whom I have chosen from the ends of the earth, and called thee from the chief men of the throne, and said unto thee, thou art my servant, I have chosen thee, and not cast thee away; fear thou not, for I am with thee; be not dismaid, fo [...] I am thy God, I will strengthen thee, I will help thee, yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righte­ousness. O what a comfortable spéech was here to be spoke from a sinner from so good and gracious a God? O what man or woman yt hath any fear of God before their eyes, but they would strive to please so loving a God as we have that is always careful over as, & ca­ring of us, to put us in mind of him; nay good [Page 7] people this calling is not all, but he makes us any a great promise, and all is to win our [...]ve to him, as you may sée in that 4 verse [...] the 51 of Isaiah, Hearken to me my people, [...]nd give ear unto me, O my Nation; for a Law [...]all proceed from me, and I will make my judg­ [...]ents to rest for a light of the people. Break [...]rth in joy, sing together ye waste places of [...]erusalem; for the Lord hath comforted his [...]eople, he hath redeemed Jerusalem, Isaiah 52.

I will declare thy righteousness and thy [...]orks; for they shall not profit thee when thou [...]riest: Let thy companions deliver thee, but the [...]ind shall carry them all away, vanity shall take [...]em, but he that putteth his trust in me, shall [...]ossess the Land, and shall inherit my holy [...]ountain, Isaiah 57. 12. and 13. verses. Here [...]e may sée what a love the Lord hath to us, [...]f we would but love him: But alas, how [...]hould we love him which we did never sée, [...]nd cannot love our poor Brethren which is [...]aily with us? We have many days of Fast­ [...]ng, many days of Humiliation, which is [...]ery good; I but how do we Fast? to bréed Dissention with our Neighbours, and for an [...]utward shew, and inwardly inventing strife [...]nd be bate, as the Prophet Isaiah sayes in [...]h. 58. of Isaiah and about the 14. verse. [Page 8] Behold, ye fast for strife and debate, and fight with the fist of wickedness. And I pr [...] God that there be not a great many of us th [...] do use to fast after this manner: for I am [...] fraid there are too many now a days that ma [...] a great shew of going to Church to fast a [...] pray, and yet bring but an evil heart back [...] gain; for either they have some grudge some neighbour, or one evil thought or othe [...] for if nothing else canker their hearts, th [...] will have a grudge towards the poor, and t [...] poor should be the chief of their fast, as y [...] may find in Isaiah 56. and 7. verse of th [...] Chapter; for the Prophet cballengeth ye peop [...] about their fast, because he saw it was wic [...] ed, for says he, It is such a fast which I ha [...] chosen, a bowing down his head like a bul-rus [...] and to spread sackcloth and ashes under him wilt thou call this a Fast, and an acceptabl [...] day unto the Lord? is not this the Fast that have chosen to loose the hands of wickedness to undoe the heavy burdens, and to let the oppressed go free, and that you break every yoak Is it not to deal thy bread to the hungry, an [...] that thou bring the poor that are cast out to thin [...] house? when thou seest the naked, that tho [...] cover them; and that thou hidest not thy se [...] from thine own self: Indéed good p [...]ople yo [...] may sée here this is the Fast that we shoul [...] make if we should fast to please God, then w [...] [Page 9] must féed the hungry, clothe the naked, & seek comfort the afflicted: but indeed I am afraid [...]t here is but a few here that can say with a [...]e conscience, that they do make such a fast [...] this: But indeed my brethren all that I [...] say unto it, is this, I pray God give every [...] of us grace to fear him, and to love the [...] and needy, and seek to relieve them as [...] Lord hath enabled us: For as Solomon [...]h, Prov. 14. 20, 21. verses, The poor is hated [...] of his own neighbour, but the rich hath [...]y friends: He that despiseth his neighbour [...]eth, but he that hath mercy on the poor [...]py is he: And happy is he that can keep [...]se Commandments; for he that will strive [...]eep these Commandments, the Lord will [...]p him; for just as we keep Gods Com­ [...]ndments, so will the Lord keep us: there­ [...]e as Moses said to the people in Deut. 11. 27, 28. verses, so say I unto you that be [...]e present, Beho [...]d I have set before you this a blessing and a curse: a blessing if you obey Commandment of the Lord your God which [...]ommand you this day. Here you may see danger that belongs to us if we keep not Commandments, I and the blessing that [...]ongs to all such as doth keep them: And I [...]y God give us all grace to choose the good, [...] forsake the evil. These Commandments Lord give every true Christian grace to [Page 10] kéep them, and séek to refrain those wic [...] sins which I here have named, concerni [...] Drunkenness and Pride.

And Thirdly, I desire you to have a c [...] of that wicked sin of Pride; for certai [...] it is a sin that the Lord is sorely displeased as you may peruse by that place of Scr [...] ture, in the 28 of Isaiah and the 1 verse; these words, Woe to the Crown of Pri [...] Nay, there is many more places in Scr [...] ture that gives us warning enough of th [...] sins; and as the Apostle Paul said to Philippians, so I say to you, Finally Brethr [...] whatsoever things are true, whatsoever thi [...] are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoe [...] things are pure, whatsoever things are love whatsoever things are of good report, if th [...] be any vertue, and if there be any praise, th [...] on these things, Philip. 4. 8. That you mi [...] walk worthy of the Lord unto all well-pleas [...] being fruitful unto every good work, incr [...] sing in the knowledge of God, strenst the [...] with all might according to his glorious Po [...] unto all patience and long-suffering with [...] fulness, Colos. 1. 10, 11. verses. Set your [...] fections on things above, and not upon the th [...] of the earth; for ye are dead, and your li [...] hid with Christ, Colos. 3. 2, 3. verses.

[Page 11] Beloved, here you may sée the perfest way [...] find Christ; for if you would go to him, you [...]ust set your affections on things above, and [...]ot on things below; for things on the earth [...]e but dead, and of no value: no, no, it is the [...]ings above that we must set our affections [...]: if we mean to have life eternal, it is Christ [...]r Lord & Savior that sits upon the Throne [...]at we must set our affections on, if ever we [...]ean to have peace with him in glory; then [...] Paul said to the Colossians, Put on therefore [...]s the elect of God, holy, and beloved, bowels [...]f me [...]cy, kindness, humbleness of mind, meek­ [...]ess, long-suffering, forbearing one another, [...]nd forgiving one another, if any man hath a [...]uarrel against any, even as Christ for gave you, [...] also do ye, and above a [...]l things put on charity, [...]hich is the bond of perfectness, as you may [...]nd in the 12. 13. and 14. verses of this Cha­ [...]ter: and as the Apostle says here, we ought [...]o forbear one another; and if any man wrong [...]s, as Christ forgave sinners, so we ought [...]o forgive one another. But alas my Bre­ [...]hren, it is not so with us now adays; now if [...]ny wrong one another, there is no forgive­ness with a great many, but straight to law, or else séek to do thrée ill turns for one, by one means or other: for if a poor man do anywrong to a rich man, then straight he goes to Law; [Page 12] and if a rich man do any wrong to a poor m [...] then he will strive to do him one ill turn or [...]ther; I but this is against Gods Comma [...] ment, as you may see by this place of Scr [...] ture; for God commands us to love one a [...] ther, and forgive one another, and so we m [...] do, if we look that Christ should forgive us, [...] you may find in that 14. ver. Above all thi [...] we should put on charity: and that is a wo [...] which is but little used now adays, and a [...] this is for want of love; for if we did love o [...] another, then Charity would be used a gre [...] deal more then it is, and certainly we m [...] strive to put on both these garments, if [...] do desire to be one of Gods perfect servant [...] For charity is the bond of perfections, Col. [...] 14. For it is sanctified by the Word of G [...] and Prayer: if thou put thy brethren in [...] inembrance of these things, thou shalt be [...] good Minister of Iesus Christ, nourished [...] in the works of good Doctrine, whereun [...] thou hast attained, 1 Tim. 4. 5, 6 verses. [...] any man teach other ways, and consent not to th [...] wholsome words, even the words of our Lo [...] Jesus Christ, and to the Doctrine which is a [...] cording to godliness, he is proud and knowin [...] nothing, doting about questions and strifes [...] words, whereof cometh envy, strife, railing [...] evil surmisings, perverse disputings of men o [...] corrupt minds, and destitute of the truth, supposing [Page 13] that gain is godliness, from such with­ [...] thy self, 1 Timothy 5. 3, 4, 5. verses. [...]hat every one of us would but strive to [...]hdraw from such people, and strive to set [...] hearts and minds upon the true know­ [...]ge of God: meditate upon these things, [...]e thy self wholly to them, that the profit [...]y appear to all, 1 Tim. 4. 15. O that every [...] of you would but have a strong confidence [...]he Lord, and carry a patient mind, so may [...] come to receive our reward, Hebrews 10. 36. Cast not away therefore your confi­ [...]ce, which hath great recompence of reward; [...] ye have need of patience, that after ye have [...]e the will of God, ye may receive the pro­ [...]e. Let your conversation be without cove­ [...]sness, and be content with such things as you [...]e; for he hath said, I will never leave thee forsake thee: so that we may boldly say, [...]e Lord is my helper, I will not fear what man [...] do unto me, Hebr. 13. 5, 6. verses. O [...]t every poor soul had but so much confi­ [...]nce in the Lord, as to say that he is con­ [...]ted without covetousness, and that he is [...]ll content with such as the Lord hath sent [...]; then I say, happy is he, for the Lord [...]h promised he will never forsake them, nor [...]e them. If it be so, that the Lord hath [...]omised that he will never forsake us, O let [...] strive to do our best endeavours never to [Page 14] forsake him; for he is a gracious God a [...] merciful Saviour to all such as love him, [...] kéep his Commandments: for look into ye [...] of James at the last verse, and there you [...] find the pure Religion before the Lord is [...] ving the widows and the fatherless, but tr [...] I cannot sée but they be the least looked a [...] now adayes, and then how can we say [...] our Religion is pure? Pure Religion and [...] defiled before God, is this, to visit the wid [...] and fatherless in their affliction: I pray [...] consider this, if there be no pure Religio [...] us, but what doth visit the Fatherless and [...] Widows in their affliction; truly it is to [...] feared we have but little pure Religio [...] the Land: for let them be what they will▪ they be poor there is little looking on them, [...] if they be rich they shall be feasted, & the [...] must stand back: I but you may sée your se [...] that y Lord is not pleased at such doings, [...] look into the second of St. James, and there [...] tells us yt it is not a Christians profession [...] regard the rich, and d [...]spise the poor. Bu [...] there come into your Assembly a man wit [...] gold Ring in good Garment, and there co [...] in also a poor man in vile raiment, and y [...] have respect to him that hath the gay cloathi [...] and say unto him, sit thou here in a good pla [...] and say to the poor, stand thou here, or sit un [...] my foot-stool, are you not then partial in yo [...] [Page 15] selves, and becomes Judges of evil thoughts? Hearken my Brethren, Hath not God chosen the poor of this world rich in faith, and heirs of the Kingdome, which he hath promised to give them that love him, but ye have despised the poor, James 2. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. verses. And as Paul said to Timothy, in 2 Tim. 17. 18. so I say to you all, charge them that are rich in this world that they be not high-minded, nor trust in uncertain riches, but in y living God who giveth us richly all things to enjoy, that th [...] do good, that they be rich in good works: which the Lord give us all grace so to do.

And now I desire to give you a word of Ex­hortation concerning these perillous times we live in; our Saviour hath given us fair warning in many places of Scripture con­cerning this, as in Mark 13. beginning at the 5 verse. Jesus answering them, began to say, Take heed lest any man deceive you; for many shall come in my Name and deceive you. Nay he had told his Disciples, he told them when the people should come, as you may sée in the 4 verse of this Chapter: And when you hear of wars, and rumours of wars, be not troubled; for such things must needs be, but the end shall not be yet, Mark 13. 5, 6. verses. Nay, if you but please to read the whole Chapter, you shall find it altogether to that purpose: Therefore in the Name of God I desire you to have a [Page 16] care of those people; for you may sée here tha [...] the Lord gives us fair warning, as you ma [...] sée in the 22 verse of this Chapter: For say [...] he, If any man shall say unto you, lo, here is Chris [...] or lo, there is Christ, believe him not: and i [...] the 22 verse of this Chapter, you may mor [...] plainly understand the reason why he give [...] us so much warning of them; for false Christ [...] and false Prophets shall arise, and shall she [...] signs and wonders to seduce, if it were possibl [...] even the very Elect. And indéed good peopl [...] you may assure your selves yt there are suc [...] people abroad; now therefore have a care o [...] them: truly I do not say this or that is he [...] for you may know them by their works. An [...] as James saith, in the second of James and th [...] 14 verse, What doth it profit my Brethren▪ though a man say he hath Faith, and have no [...] works; can Faith save him? Now in the follow­ing verses you may understand the differenc [...] betwéen him that hath Faith and no works▪ For if a brother and a sister be naked, and desti­tute of daily food, and one of you say unto them depart in peace, be you clothed and filled; not­withstanding ye give them not these thing [...] that are néedful: So is Faith, if it have no [...] works, it is dead being alone: yea a man ma [...] say, he hath faith, and I have works, shew me thy faith without thy works, and I will shew the [...] thy faith by thy works. Thou believest there i [...] [Page 17] one God, thou dost well, the Devils believe and [...]emble; but wilt thou know vain man that faith [...]ithout works is dead, James 2 beginning at [...]he 14 verse, and so to the twentieth: so may [...]e say unto such people as do call themselves Christ, and a man cannot perceive any such [...]orks in them; for if a man knows himself to [...]ave so much worth in him as to call himself Christ, I say I would gladly sée them do such [...]iraculous déeds as he did, that is to cure the [...]ame, the blind, and the sick, and to raise the [...]ead as he did: Nay, his Apostles, which call [...]im Lord and Master, yet they had the same [...]ower in themselves, to do such things, as you [...]ay sée in the 28 of the Acts and the 8 verse. There you may sée yt Paul had power by th [...] [...]ealing of a Publican which lay sick of a fever [...]nd a bloody flux, and he but touched him after [...]e had prayed: And it came to pass that the [...]ather of the Publican lay sick of a Fever and [...] Bloody flux, to whom Paul entred in and pray­ [...]d, and laid his hands on him, and healed him: [...] when this was done, others also which had [...]seases in the Island came and were healed; [...] you may sée by this, that the Apostle had [...]me more power then ordinary men, yet [...]rst not call themselves Christ: Nay I desire [...]u to look into the 3 of the Acts, and begin­ [...]ng of the 1 verse, and so to the 13 verse: I [...]ay you take notice, for it is worth your ob­servation. [Page 18] Now Peter and John went up to­gether into the Temple at the hour of prayer, being the ninth hour, and a certain man lame from his Mothers womb, was carried, whom they laid daily at the Temple which is called beautiful, to ask alms of them which entred into the Temple: he seeing Peter and John about to go into the Temple, asking alms of them, Peter fastening his eyes upon him with John, said, Look on us; and he gave heed unto them, expecting to have received something of them. Then Peter said, Silver nor Gold have I none, but such a [...] I have I give to thee: in the Name of Jesus o [...] Nazareth rise up and walk; and he took him by the right hand and lift him up, and immediate­ly his feet and his ancle-bones received strength and he leaped up, stood, and walked with them into the Temple, leaping and praising God: An [...] they knew it was he which sate for alms at the gate of the Temple, and they were filled with wonder and amazement at that which had hap­pened unto him: And as the lame man whic [...] was healed beheld Peter and John, and a [...]l th [...] people ran together unto them in the Porch [...] which was called Solomons; and when Peter sa [...] it, he said unto the people, Ye men of Israe [...] why marvel ye a [...] [...]his? or why look ye so ear­nestly on us, as if by our own power and god­lines [...] we had made this man to walk? Acts th [...] third, and beginning at the first, and so to th [...] [Page 19] twelfth verse: So here you may sée that the [...]postles had great power from God, yet they [...] not call themselves Christ, as some will [...]: now for all that you may sée here they but [...]k hold of the mans hand and bid him arise, [...]d he arose up from the ground and was [...]aled; yet I say for all this, they denyed the [...]wer of themselves, as you may sée in this [...]st verse: Then I say how dare any one of [...] say they be Christ, when they are not able [...] do as his Apostles did? for certainly if our [...]ith be weak, and our works so small that [...]e fall short of his Apostles, then certainly [...]e are not fit to equall our selves so much [...]ith the Lord our God as to call us Christ. [...]ndéed I would desire at the hands of Al­ [...]ighty God to guide all such into the way of [...]ghteousness, and to pardon and forgive both [...]em and us for all our sins and wickedness; [...] as for all those that doth hear any that calls [...]imself Christ, despise him not as an enemy, [...]ut rather exhort him as a brother; yet this I [...]y unto you, as you may find it written in [...]ark 13. and the 23. But take ye heed: behold, [...] have foretold you all these things: This is a [...]air warning for us to have a care of such [...]eople, and not to be one of them: for if I [...]ould hear or sée this man do such acts as our [...]aviour Iesus Christ did, or as his Apostles [...]id, then there would be some ground for their [Page 20] professing themselves Christ: but truly it [...] to be feared that they be as great sinners [...] ever, if not greater, therefore ought more [...] be pitied. I exbort you therefore in the na [...] of God to pray for them. For as James saith [...] the fifth of James and at the thirtéenth vers [...] and so the latter end of the Chapter; and [...] I say to you all, Is any man among you afflic [...] ed, let him pray; is any man merry, let him si [...] Psalms; is any man sick among you, let him ca [...] for the Elders of the Church, and let them pra [...] over him, anointing him with the Oyl of the [...] Lord, and the prayer of the faithful shall save th [...] sick, and the Lord will raise him up, and if he hav [...] committed sins they shall be forgiven him: b [...] also in the last verse, let him know that h [...] that converteth a sinner from the error of hi [...] way, shall save a soul from death, and hides [...] multitude of sins, and the Lord give us every one grace to pray one for another, an [...] strive to forsake our wicked sins and flie t [...] the Lord our God, and forsake all other gods▪ And I beséech you brethren suffer this wor [...] of Exhortation to take impression in you [...] hearts. Let brotherly love continue amon [...] you, let your conversation be without cove­tousness, that we may all boldly say, the Lor [...] is my help, I will not fear what man can d [...] unto me: If any of us lack wisdom, let u [...] ask it of the Lord; but let us have a care tha [...] [Page 21] we ask it with a true and faithful heart, look­ [...]g after Iesus Christ the Author and Fi­ [...]her of our faith: Love thy Neighbour as [...] self, and do to all men as you would they [...]ould do unto you; and in so doing, thou mayst [...]me to be one of that blessed company which [...]r Lord and our Saviour Iesus Christ [...]th call so loving, As come unto me all ye [...]at are weary and heavy laden, and I will give [...]u rest. And the Lord of his mercy send [...]ery poor soul to that blessed rest which ne­ [...]r will have end; and that for thy dear Son [...]r only Lord and Saviours sake, to whom given all honour, praise, power, and domi­ [...]on, now and for evermore, Amen.

I am yours in Christ Jesus, [...]HOMAS ROBINS.

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[Page] The Book of Graces, with Prayers for Mo [...] ing and Evening. These are all but 3d a piece.

The Sinners Warning piece, or Heavens M [...] senger: by T. Robins B▪ of D.

The Scholars Winter Garment, or the G [...] ment of Righteousness: by T. R. B. of D.

Englands Colden Legacy, or a brief Des [...] ption of the manifold mercies the Lord h [...] bestowed upon this sinful Nation.

A Wonder of wonders, or Gods people [...] worlds wonder: by R. H. a Lover of the Tru [...]

Gods Message from Heaven to Sinners [...] Earth: by T. R. B. of L.

Christ upon the Cross suffering for Sinne [...] by S. S.

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The School of Learning, being Prayers [...] Morning and Evening for every day in the we [...] with Graces before and after Meat, and a sh [...] Catechisme for Children.

Now or never work out your salvation w [...] fear and trembling: by R. B.

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