THE Quakers Creed: CONTAINING TWELVE ARTICLES OF THEIR Antichristian Doctrine, For which many have Denyed them.

Publish'd by some, who have Joyned with Mr. George Keith, in the City of London, and did formerly meet with Him at Turners-Hall, and in divers parts of the Country, as Hun­tington, Reading, Bedford, and Colchester.

2 Pet. II. 1.
But tbere were False Prophets among the People, even as there shall be False Teachers among you, who Privi­ly bring in Damnable Heresies, even Denying the Lord that Bought them, and bring upon themselves swift Destruction.
Proverbs XIV. 15.
The Simple Beliveth every Word; but tbe Prudent Man looketh well to his going.

LONDON, Printed for Iohn Gwillim, against Crossby-Square, in Bishopsgate-Street, 1700.


FOR the Information of any Sober Inqui­rer, who may ask, Why so many People, who for the space of Forty Years past, some more, and some less, who have been both Born and Bred Quakers, have now left the Society of that People?

In Answer to which, you may hereby under­stand, That its true such was the unhappiness of the Age wherein we Liv'd, that too too many were both Born and Bred up, yea over­whelm'd in the Gulpb of Quakerism, for the aforesaid space of Time, whereby we became as it were fast rooted and grounded on that Foundation, by imbibing many hurtful Anti­christian Principles, which were instilled into us by our Leaders and Teachers; of whom we may as justly complain in one sense, as the Prophet of the Lord, did from his Mouth, Isaiah 9.16. The Leaders of my People have caused them to Err. (By their Lies and Lightness,) yet such has been the merciful Providence of God Almighty to many of His poor sinful Creatures, that for some considerable time past, He of His own good pleasure, opened the Eyes of many of our Vnderstandings, [Page 4] whereby we began to receive from him (Instru­mentally) some small glance of Light, which we readily imbracing, and by our daily con­versing with the Holy Scriptures of Truth, (which formerly we have been taught to Slight and Vndervalue, by our Leaders, their Books and Preachments; and do attribute that to be the great reason, or means, that we should re­main so long in Ignorance) our Minds be­came more and more Inlightened thereby, gi­ving us a true sight of our Errors and Mi­stakes, plainly declaring unto us the great Ne­cessity there was for us to embrace the Doctrine of Christ Crucified, and to be obedient to his Holy Institutions, if ever we intended to be Christians; A Doctrine that we were stran­gers unto, by reason of our Education, aforesaid, and taking the Advice of the Apostle St. Paul to the Thessalonians, I Thes. 5. 21. (who said) Prove all things, hold fast that which is Good. As also the Apostle St. John, in his first Epistle 4. 5. Beloved, Believe not every Spirit, but Try the Spirits; because ma­ny false Prophets are gone out into the World.

When we began to Prove the Spirits of ma­ny, and to Try their Doctrines, and bring them to the Tryal of the Scripture, we found a great incoherence therein, both as to Doctrine and Practise: Also Contradicting the Testimony of the Scriptures. Where its said, Cursed is he that adds or diminisheth. Vpon which a Religious Concern came upon many, in divers [Page 5] parts of this Nation, who used their utmost en­deavours, according to the Abilities given them of God, not only to inform their Brethren of their Vile Errors in Fundamentals, but would will­ingly have been helpful to reclaim them; but instead of their Harkening to wholesome Ad­monition, they turned a deaf Ear; and it may be said of them, as it was said in days past by Those that regarded not the Cry of the City, nor the Noise of the Driver, who would not hearken to the Voice of the Charmer, altho' he Charmed never so wise­ly: But instead thereof, they persist in all their abominable Errors, Crying out, to deceive the Simple, All is Lyes, we are Wronged; and yet dare not to appear to Vindicate them­selves, unless it be with manifest Contradictions to themselves, by bringing themselves in com­petition with God Almighty; Saying, As God is One, his Truth and People One, so we are One; the same that ever we were, ever since we were called to be a People, and are not Changed nor Deviated in one Point. Altho', as George Whitehead saith, We see cause otherwise to Word the mater (then formerly) yet our Intentions are still the same.

Pray what Consequence can there be inferred, but that they wilfully take on them the Guilt of all their Antichristian Errors? Then to what purpose so many particular Persons giving forth Creeds, Paipably Contradicting the former Creeds, and Books, if we allow them otherwise [Page 6] to Word the mater, and their Intentions still the same; whose Intentions, as by their Books manifestly appear, as can be proved in many Hundred Quotations, evidently tend to the overthrowing of the true Christian Faith; which Doctrine, as contained in their Books, are Repugnant to all Protestant Christians, by opposing Faith in Christ Crucified, and his holy Institutions.

Give us leave, by the way, to tell thee, That whatsoever the high Pretentions of any may be to Christianity, yet in their bold opposing the positive Commands of Christ, they plainly de­monstrate themselves to be no Christians, and from such every sincere Person ought to with­draw, and come out from their Communion.

If any Quaker, or other Person, shall question the Truth of what follows, we Offer, for the Conviction of the former, or Satisfaction of the latter, to give them a Sight of the Originals from whence they are Quoted; and fully prove the whole against them, before any Impartial Auditory.

THE Quakers Creed, &c.

THE Particular Reasons which we give for Leaving of the Quakers are as follow, notwithstanding we could give abundance more, but we think it not material to trouble the Reader with a multiplicity, seeing these few are mate­rial, against the very Foundation of the Christian Religion; as we could also give ma­ny hundred of Quotations out of their se­veral Writers, being as so many Proofs of these and other their Errors, and Anti­christian Principles, viz.

1. Their Denial of the Doctrine of the Holy Trinity.

2. The Blood of Christ outwardly shed, undervalued by the Quakers.

3. God and Christ in Heaven.

4. Justification by the Righteousness of Christ.

5. Their Equality with God

6. The Death and Sufferings of Christ.

7. The Resurrection of the Body.

8. Jesus of Nazareth, Denied to be the Son of God.

9. The Holy Scriptures.

[Page 10] 10. The Sacraments of Baptism and the Lords Supper.

11. They call all false Ministers that Preach Faith in Christ without.

12. Their Blasphemous Adorations, given to George Fox, and vindicated by other Quakers.

Sect. I.
The Quakers Deny the Doctrine of the Holy Trinity.

NO Errors are more Dangerous, Then to deny the Lord that bought us, for such are Damnable, and those that hold them, are Guilty of Heresie, and bring up­on themselves swift Destruction. 2 Pet. 2. 1, 2.

The Scriptures do not tell People of a Tri­nity, G. Fox's great Mist. pag 246. nor Three Persons; but the Common Prayer Mass-Book speaks of Three Persons, brought in by the Father the Pope.

Another Proof of the Denial of the Trinity, by George Whitehead, and Three more of his Brethren.

Here is the Three Persons thou Dreamest of,In their Book call'd Ishmael and his Mother cast out. Page 10. which thou wouldest divide out of One, like a Conjurer, he is shut up with the Three Per­sons [i. e. Mr. Tounsend, a Minister in Norwich] in perpetual Darkness, for the Lake and the Pit.

Another Proof out of W. Pen's Sandy-foundation.

[Page 9] If God,Sandy Founda. p. 12, 13, 15. as the Scriptures testifieth, hath ne­ver been declared, or belived, but as the Holy One, then will it follow, That God is not a Holy Three, nor doth subsist in three Distinct and Separate Holy Ones; and since the Father is God, the Son is God, and the Spirit is God; then, unless the Father, Son, and Spirit, are three distinct Nothings, they must be three di­stinct Substances, and Consequently three di­stinct Gods.

That frequent,W. Pen, his Sandy Founda­tion. page 12. 15 but impertinent Distinction, that God is one Substance, but three in Persons, or Subsistances; a most absurd Blasphemy; they the Trinitarians must necessarily conclude their kind of Trinity a Fiction.

Sect. II.
The Blood of Christ Outwardly Shed, Vndervalued by some Quakers.

THE Blood of Christ,S. Eccles's Letter to R. Porter, Vindicated by G. Whit­head in his Light and Life. no more than the Blood of another Saint: (Who also, in the same Letter, farther says) viz. That the Baptists, and Independants, and Presbyterians, and Pope, are all of one ground, and none of you understand the Blood of Jesus Christ, no more than a Brute Beast, &c.

The Quakers see no need of directing Men to the Type, Ibid p. 38. for the Antitipe, viz. Neither to the Outward Temple, nor yet to Jerusa­lem, either to Jesus Christ, or His Blood. [Page 10] And where doth the Scriptures say, The Blood was there Shed for Justification?

The Sheding of that Blood,Page 64. let out by the Spear, was an Act of a Wicked Man, and the Spear an Instrument of Cruelty; which to lay the Meritorious Cause, or Stress of Justification upon, its false Doct­rine, says George Whitehead.

Sect. III.
That God and Christ are in Heaven is Denyed by some Quakers.

IF there be any other Christ,George Fox, his great Mystery Page. 206. but he that was Crucified within, he is the false Christ, Devils and Reprobates make a Talk of him without.

Reader, observe its not long since one of their Preachers was heard to pray at a solemn meeting, viz. O God, who was Cru­cified, Dyed, and rose again in us, &c.

Your Imagined God beyond the Stars,Christoper Atkinsons Sword of the Lord drawn. page. 5. and your Carnal Christ, is utterly Denyed: To say this Christ is God and Man, in one Person, it is a Lye.

Observe Reader, this Christopher Atkinson was a Preacher of great Fame among the Quakers, and a Companion with George Whitehead; altho' they have told some of us of late,Serious A­pology by W. Pen. page 1 [...]6. that he was Hang'd for Felony.

But that the outward Person, which suffered, was properly the Son of God, we utterly Deny.

Sect. IV.
Justification by the Righteousness of Christ, Denyed.

W. Pen saith,Sandy Founda­tion. p. 16, 18, 21, 22. The Justice offended be­ing Infinite, his Satisfaction ought to bear a Proportion therewith; which Jesus Christ, as Man, could never pay, he being Finite; and from a Finite Cause, could not proceed an Infinite Effect: Since Christ could not Pay what was not his own, it follows, that in the Payment of his own, the Case still remains equally: Since the Debt is not hereby absolved or Forgiven, but Transferred only; and by Consequence we are no better provided for Salvation.

Justification by Christs imputative righ­teousness;Another Proof see W. Pen, his Serious A­pology. p. 148. and wholly without us, and in­deed this we Deny, and boldly affirm it, in the Name of the Lord, to be the Doctrine of Devils, an Arm of the Sea of Corrupti­on, which does now Deluge the whole World.

Note Reader, Here is Justification by the Active and Passive Obedience of Christ, as the meritorious and fundamental Cause thereof, before God, plainly Denyed, for that was and is wholly without us.

Sect. V.
The Quakers Account themselves Equal with God.

THey that have the Spirit of God,Francis Howgills Works. p. 232. are equal with God. He that is joyn'd to the Lord, is one Spirit; there is Unity, and the Unity stands in Equality it self.

He that hath the same Spirit that raised up Jesus from the Dead,George Fox, his Saul's Errand p. 8. is equal with God.

Sect. VI.
The Death and Sufferings of Christ Undervalued by the Quakers.

THE way to recover the Deceived is to lay open and discover the Deceivers; whilst they pretend to own him to be the Christ, the Man Christ, even Jesus of Nazareth, who died on the Cross,W. Pen's Christian Quaker, p. 97, 98. it may evidently appear they mean no such matter; for they own no other thing to be Christ, but that Light which is in all Men, the same in Turks and Pa­gans, as those called Christians, which is no Body of Flesh. True it is, they own that which Died was his Body, i. e. Christ Dwelt Eminently in him.

But that Body, saith William Pen, is in [Page 13] no Man, Ergo that can't be the Christ in his Sence, which is incapable to dwell in Men.

Sect. VII.
The Resurrection of the Body Denyed, &c.

I do utterly deny that this Text,Willi. Pen in his inva­lidity of J. Faldoes Vindicati­on, Page 369, 370 1 Cor. 15 and 44, is concerned in the Resur­rection of mans carnal Body at all: But the two States of Men, under the first and second Adam; Men are sown into the World Natural, but they are raised Spi­ritually, through him, who is the Resur­rection and the Life, and so they are the Sons of the second Adam.

They say they own the Resurrection of the Dead, yet deny that that Body which is Buried in the Grave, shall ever Rise again, as is proved above. What shall we say? They mean other things like the Papists, having their Equivocations and mental Reservati­ons, which is sufficiently demonstrated by their otherwise wording of the matter; but if what these Men say be true, then Christ did not Die, for that could not be the Christ that Dyed, because that Body could not be in any Man, Christ being only a Spirit in their Judgment. However the Apostle St. Paul says Christ Died according to the Scriptures, and that he Died for our Sins, and he that Died was the Son of God; because his Humane and Divine [Page 14] Nature made but one Person. Now I would farther query with the Quakers, or any in their behalf, Did the Light within Die? Did that bear our Sins on its Body, on the Tree of the Cross? Did the Light within shed it's Blood to satisfie the Justice of God? Was the Light within conceived and Born of the Virgin Mary, Crucified, Dead, Buried and Raised again? Did the Light within ascend to Heaven, and Sit on the Right Hand of God, to make intercession for us? All this is affirmed in the Holy Scriptures concerning the Christ of God, then consequently, the Quakers Christ is none of the Christ of God.

Sect. VIII.
Jesus of Nazareth Denyed to be the Son of God.

THE Light within sufficient to Sal­vation without any thing else,George Whitehead his Antidote, page 28th. viz. Without the Man Christ Jesus, and Faith in him. If what G. Whitehead hath asserted be a Truth, then we may bid adieu to Jesus of Nazareth

The Quakers say they own him to be the Christ that was Born of the Virgin, yet affirm the True Christ is the Light with­in all Men, and that he was never seen with any outward Bodily Eyes; and that Body [Page 15] was called Christ, because the true Christ was in him. To use an expression of their own, Oh the Nonsence and Confusion of their Dark Spirits! was there ever such con­tradictions as they are now found in, not­withstanding they would insinuate to the People, as if they were the most Orthodox Christians extant, by their seeming confes­sions to Jesus of Nazareth; well, its only their otherwise Wording the matter then formerly, although they now say, and of­ten declare, what good can a Christ with­out do us? let us mind the Light within, that is enough for us, and not Trouble our Selves with a Christ without. Very True, its not well said, but Wickedly said, what good can Christ do us without, seeing we have i. e. the Quakers, so often and open publickly deny'd him, as may evidently appear to the World (by our Books) why then should any expect that they should make Christ without to be the Object of their Faith, seeing they tell the World at this Day, they are not changed, they are the same that ever they were, and do still adhere to their former Principles, &c. Then consequently they take upon them­selves the Guilt of all their Antichristian Errors.

Sect. IX.
The Holy Scriptures Denyed by Quakers.

THE Scriptures are not the Word of God.George Fox, great Myst. p. 246. Ibid page 225. [yet he says of his own Writings] to you all, This is the Word of the Lord.

Your Original,George Fox, his News out of the North. p. 14 is Carnal, Hebrew, Greek, and Latin; and your Word is Carnal, the Letter; their Original is Dust, which is the Letter, which is Death, and their Gos­pel is but Dust, Mathew, Mark, Luke, and John; which is the Letter.

How can,Mene Tekel. p. 22. or dare any Say, without the highest Blasphemy, that the Scriptures is the Word of God?

If ever you own the Prophets, G. Fox's Answer West. Pet. p. 30. Christ, or the Apostles, you will own our Writings, which are given forth by the same Spirit and Power.

That which is spoken by the Spirit of Truth in any,William Pen and George Whitehead their Seri­ous Apolo­gy p. 49. is of as great Authority as the Scriptures and Chapters are, and greater.

Christ left nothing in Writing,William Pen his Christi­an Quaker p. 142. 144. as the Rule, that we hear of; and doubtless had he intended the Rule of his followers to have been a Written Rule, he would have left it upon record withal particularity, This must be belived, and that done, on Pain of Eternal Death; if the Scriptures [Page 17] were the Rule of Faith and Life, &c. then because they cannot be the Rule to far the greatest part of Mankind, indeed to none but unto Learned Men, they say they believe the Scriptures to be of divine Au­thority, yet Deny them to be the Rule of our Faith and Practise

Sect. X.
The Sacraments of Baptism and the Lords Supper Denied

YOur Baptism and Sacraments, as you call it, and all your Ordinances, and Churches, and Teachings, it is Cain's Sacrifice.

Their Communion, Bread and Wine, is the Table of Devils, and Cup of Devils.

News out of the North, written from the Mouth of the Lord, from one who is Naked, and stands Naked before the Lord, Cloathed with Righteousness, whose Name is not known in the World, Risen up out of the North, which was prophesied of, but now is fullfilled, George Fox, page. 14.

To say that Sprinkling infants with Water,E. Burough's Works. p. 109, 191. is Baptism into the Faith of Christ; this is the Doctrine of Devils.

I affirm,William Pen his Reason against Rai­ling. p. 108. 109. That Circumcision is as much of force, as Water Baptism, and the Pas­chal Lamb, as the Bread and Wine; and we can testifie from the same Spirit, by [Page 18] which Paul renounced Circumcision, that they are to be rejected, as not now requir'd.

They say, where they otherwise Word the Matter, They own Baptism, and the Lords Supper; yet deny Water Baptism, and Condemn Breaking of Bread, and Drinking of Wine, in Remembrance of Christs Death, and call both Carnal and Beggarly Elements.

Sect. XI.
They call all false (Ministers) that Preach Faith in a Christ without.

THEY that are false (Ministers) Preach Christ without, and bid People believe in him, as he is in Heaven above.

The Quakers are the only Ministers of Christ.

Come Protestants, Presbyterians, Indepen­dants, and Baptists, &c. The Quakers denies you all.

The Quakers are in the Truth, and none but they.

Is it not great Uncharitableness for them to thus applaud themselves, and to give other People such Unchristian Language? As you may hear see by what followeth under their Title, viz

The Priests of the World are,A Brief Discovery of a Three­fold Estate of Anti­christ, &c. P. 7, 8, 9, 10. 1. Con­jurers, raising dead Doctrine, dead Uses, [Page 19] dead Motives, dead Reasons out of the Letter, which is Death; raising Death out of Death, notable Conjurers. 2. Thieves and Robbers. 3. Antichrists, the Priests of Baal, cannot shew any Scripture for their Heathenish ways, and Bestial Worships. 4. Witches, blind Guides. 5. Devils, the Serpent is Head in them. 6. Lyars, the Commission and Call of Baal's Priests, come from Oxford and Cambridge, which they call the Well-head of Divinity; corrupt Streams issue from thence I can witness [fetching the same Commodities] drinking a Cup of the same Poysonous Fountain; the Fountain is bitter, the Streams are no better. Even the Sir Symons of the Age run to Oxford and Cam­bridge: These are not Ministers of Christ, but Stewards of the Devil's Magazine, Dis­semblers and Lyars. 7. A Viperous and Serpentine Generation, going about to Murder and Strangle the Child Jesus, hol­ding a Worm-eaten, Beastly Form. 8. Blas­phemers, yea, of the Devil, fearful Blas­phemers. 9. Scarlet-coloured Beasts: A Harlot full of Abominations and Filthi­ness. 10. Babylon's Merchants, Selling Beastly Wares for a large Price; the Letter, which is Dust and Death: The day is coming when these Idol Merchants, these costly Sermon-makers, shall cry, &c. 11. Whited Walls, professing nothing but Poysonous stuff. 12. Ravenous Wolves▪ 13. Greedy Dogs, really they are Blood-Hounds, [Page 20] still hunting & gasping after their Prey, like the mouth of Hell; barking and raging like Sodomites. 14. Eminent and Ambitious Pharisees of the Devil; woe, woe, woe, was the Portion of these Pharisees then, and woe, woe, woe, is their Portion now: And woe and misery is the Portion of the upholders of that Treacherous and Deceitful Generation, &c.

See also the abusive Language they have given to their own Friends, who Dissented from them only about Womens Meetings, and their Church Government among themselves, &c.

That John Story, Answer to W. Rogers Postscript. John Wilkinson, and that Party, were Ministers of the Devil, and Ministers of Antichrist; and that a cursed Spirit was entered into their Hearts and Souls.

And charged William Rogers, Epistle of Caution. p. 4. Printed 1682. in parti­cular, to be Sealed down under Eternal Judgment and Condemnation from God for ever, except he Repented. And also said, In this State, (except thou (William Rogers) canst find a place of Repentance) thou art reserved in Chains of Darkness unto the Judgment of the Great Day.

And that the said William Rogers, Answer to W. Rogers p. 4▪ 16. Printed 82 and others of his Friends, were Betraying Ju­das's, Wolves, Dogs, and Devils Incarnat.

And that he,G. White­head Judg­ment fix'd. and they, were Heathens, Atheists, and the like.

Its a true saying, The Tree is known by its [Page 21] Fruits, so let the Reader judge what Spirit these Quakers, vain Bosters, and high Pretenders to Christianity,W. Pen's Adress to Protestants▪ p. 242. are Acted by.

To call Names for, or about Religion, are no Christians of Christ's Makeing.

Observe, Reader, would you not think, by the foregoing Citation of William Pen's, that he was a sober Christian, and abhorr'd the calling of People Names, or Ill-bred Language, for, or about Religion? But see how he contradicts himself in another of his Books, and particularly The Clergy of the Church of England, &c.

The idle gormandizing Priests of Eng­land run away with One hundred and fifty thousand Pounds a Year,W. Pen's Guide Mistaken. p. 18. under pretence of Gods Ministers: No sort of People have been so Universally, thro' Ages, the very Bane of Soul and Body of the Uni­verse, as that abominable Tribe, (of Priests) for whome the Theater of Gods most dreadful Vengance is reserved, to Act their Eternal Tragedy upon.

An Ill-bred pedantick crew,His Lan­guage to the Dissen­ters, in his New Nick­Name. page 165. the Bane of Religion, and Pest of the World, the old Incendiaries to mischief; and the best to be spared of Mankind; against whome the boyling Vengance of an Irritated God is ready to be powred forth.

If the Quakers Expressions had been ten thousand times more significant,His Serious Apology. p. 156. earnest, and sharp against that cursed bitter stock of Hirelings, they had been but enough.

[Page 22] Now, by William Pen's Sentiments, in his Address to Protestants, as above, of whose making is he, and his Brethren, of Christ's, or the Devils? And Remember by the way, 1 Cor. vi. 10. That Revilers shall not Inherit the Kingdom of God. And James 1. 26. If any Man among you seem to be Religious, and brideleth not his Tongue,—this Mans Religion is vain.

Sect. XII.
Their Blasphemous Adorations given to George Fox, and Vindicated by o­ther Quakers.

WE shall conclude the Quakers Creed with this Section, which con­tains Two Blasphemous Let­ters, Written to Gesrge Fox, which he did not reprove, and has been since Vindi­cated, by William Pen, and others, and to this day never Retracted.

DEar George Fox, Josiah Cole's Letter from Barbadoes to G. Fox. 21 of the Twelfth Month. 1658. who art the Father of many Nations, whose Life hath rea­ched through us thy Children, even to the Isles afar off, to the begetting many again to a lively hope, for which Genera­tions to come shall call thee Blessed; whose Being and Habitation is in the Power of the Highest, in which thou Rules and [Page 23] Governs in Righteousness: And thy Kingdom is Established in Peace, and the Increase thereof is without End.

DEare and presious one in whome my life is bound up and may strenth in thee stands,John Audland's Let­ter to G. Fox. by thy breathings I am nu­rished and refreshed: and by thee my strenth is renewed: blessed art thow for Ever more: and blessed are all they that Enjoy thee: life and strenth comes from thee holy one: and thow art the blessed of the lord for Ever more, dear dear reach unto mee, that I may be strenthen­ed, to stand in the mighty power and dread of the lord, for the sarvisse is very great, my travell and burthen was never, soe as now since I saw thee: but dayly doe I find thy Presence with me, which doth exceedingly Preserve mee; for I cannot reane but in thy presence and power: pray for me that I may stand in thy dread for Ever more: deare my deare brother John Cam hath been Ex­ceeding sicke and he is very weake I can say little of his recovery as yet his wife is with him she is deare and preciously kept; their deare love is to thee, oh reach through all in thy mighty power to him this bearer can declare to thee of the work this way: Jo: Willkinson and Jo: Storey is heare, their love is dearly to thee: deare harte there is one thing [Page 24] that lies upon mee:This Letter is Spelt and Printed ac­cording to the Origi­nal, to pre­vent the Quakers Caveling at their being wrong'd I shall lay it be­fore thee: as tuching thy comeing into Wiltshire: I was there at Justice Stoks house: and his famaley is all prety lo­veing and convinced: and he is a sober wise man and there is honesty in him which will stand: and there is a pretey people that way: it hath laid Exceed­dingly upon me these 3 dayes of thy be­ing at that place: I know not such a­nother place in all the Counterey: for thee: dear: I was much wounded to know that thow was in such a rude place and suffers soe amongst them: and this was I moved to lay before thee: and great is my disere that it may be soe: the Place is about 20 miles from brestol in wiltshire one mile from chipenam a markete towne Justice: stocks house, Jo: Cam tould me that the Justice he was with was a very Loving and prety man: this bearer was there he can declare to thee more: but oh that thou weare but at that place I mention: it is free and suteable for frends coming to thee: it lies much upon me: and if thow find moveings strike over thither I shall say no more of it: the work is great heare away pray for us all that in thy Power we may abide for Evermore: I am thyne begoten and nurished by thee and in thy Power am I preserved glory unto thee holy one for Ever:

John Audland.

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