THE SPEECH OF JAMES Duke of Queensberry, &c. His Majesties high Commissioner to the PARLIAMENT of SCOTLAND,
On Tuesday the Twenty One Day of May, 1700.


THE Care and Concern which His Majesty expresses in His Letter, for the Welfare and Prosperity of this Kingdom, must needs be Satisfying to all of You: And as a further Evidence of it, He had certainly Held this Session in Person, if His other ne­cessary Affairs Abroad had not Deprived Us of that Happiness.

His Majesties Accession to the Throne was the most Seasonable and Accep­table Deliverance, that ever happened to a Nation; and the Maintaining those Blessings He then Procured Us, has ever since been the chief Design of his Reign.

You see His Majesty is firmly Resolved to Preserve your Religion, Laws and Liberties, and the Presbyterian Government of this Church, as it is Esta­blished; and is Desirous, not only that You fall upon the most effe [...]tual Methods for Preventing the Growth of Popery, and Discouraging Vice and Immorality: But that you also Provide, what may be further needful for the Increase of Piety and Learning.

The King gives You such Convincing Reasons for New Supplyes, for Maintaining the Troops, that little needs be added to Inforce so visible a Ne­cessity, most of His Allayes are Involved in the present Commotions, and His and Our Enemies ready to lay hold on every Opportunity: And there­fore His Majesty is Confident, that You will Chearefully continue that dutiful Regard You have ever showen to His Service and Your Own Safety.

His Majesty is very sensible of the Misfortunes and Disappointments that has happened to Us, in the matter of Trade; and therefore has Instructed Me, to Concur in any thing that may Promote and Encourage Trade in this Nation: And I do so particularly know His Majesties good Mind, in this Matter, that I can give You Assurance of Obtaining any thing that shall be reasonably Proposed.

You have likewise now the Opportunity of Making what New Laws may be judged needful, for the better Securing and Settling your Civil Rights, as also for the Encouraging of Industry and Manufacturies. Relieving the Poor, and Supplving what else may be found Wanting: So that His Majesty ha­ving done so much on his Part, it is not to be Doubted, but that You will do all that's proper on Yours, to bring this Session to a happy Conclusion.

My Lords and Gentlemen,

It is His Majesties Pleasure, that I should have the Honour to Represent His Royal Person in this Session of Pa [...]liament. I am not insensible of my own Unfitness, but the Assurance I have of His Majesties Goods Intentions to­wards this Kingdom, and the Assistance I confidently expect from You. who has given so great and constant Proofs of Your Loyalty and Zeal for His Majesties Service, Encouraged Me to Undertake this Weighty Trust, which I am Resolved to Discharge with all possible Firmness and Fidelity to His Majesty, and Affection and Integrity to my Countrey.

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