Thou art weighed in the balances, and art found wanting Dan. v. 27.

Turne to [...] Light with-in

The Quakers Bookes.

To the Law and testimony

The Holy Bible

Religion here in Emblem you may Spye
Poisd in the Ballanse of the Sactuary
The Quaker on a Light within doth Rest
But hence may Learn it will not Bide the Test
Into the Scale hee Inspiration flings
Boasted perfection, notionary, things
Small pamphlets and large Folio's great Store
Whicth hee as sacred Dictates does Adore
And soe (all things Considerd) hee may well
Who Counts his Authors All Infallible;
But still you see his side alost doth flye
His Arguments are Light as Vanity;
One single Booke (Gods word) dooth overpoize
Whole Heaps of such poor superficiall Toys;
All Faith and Doctrine not Deriv'd from thence
Is but aspecious Vain Impertinence.

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