SOME OBSERVATIONS Made upon the Maldiva Nut: SHEWING Its Admirable Virtue in giving an Easie, Safe and Speedy Delivery to Women in Child-bed.

Written by a Physitian in the Countrey to Dr. Hinton at London. 1663.

LONDON, Printed in the Year 1694.

SOME OBSERVATIONS Made upon the Maldiva Nut; SHEWING Its Admirable Virtue in giving an Easie, Safe and Speedy Delivery to Women in Child-bed.


I Received your last, with your Request, to know what Specifick I have observed in the Indies to be most Effectual against difficult Labour in Women, which amongst us in Europe sweeps away so many People. I [Page 4] must tell you, that I have been very Curious in taking Notice of this particular Case and have observed them to make great use of the Maldiva Nut, with very good Success.

Dr. Grew tells us, that one of these Nuts was presented as a great Rarity to the Royal So­ciety at Gresham-Colledge, generally esteemed in the Indies worth twenty five Pounds. It's Death for any Common People to meddle with them, as being the Kings Profit.

Augerius Clusius hath written a Book in Com­mendation of this Rare Nut, and given many Examples of the wonderful Cures wrought by it, and particularly of a Patient of his, a Citizen of Amsterdam, whose Life was in great Danger by an acute Disease, when all other Means failed, very much importuned him to prescribe him the Maldiva Nut, which the Patient had seen do great Cures in India, and particu­larly in Womens difficult Labour, and there­fore told Clusius it could do him no Injury if it did him no Good; upon which he gave it him, and the Man speedily recovered; upon [Page 5] which he gave Dr. Clusius a piece of the Nut, with which he gave Relief to many Women in Difficult Labour.

Dr. Groll tells us of the Wife of one Ber­nardus, who had been tormented for three days with most violent Pains of Child bearing, and filled all the Neighbourhood with her Out­cries; when all things had been given as are usual in that Case, and to no purpose, he then gave her the Powder of this Nut in a little Sirrup and Water that's usual in that Case, upon the use of which she was speedily and safely delivered of a Child, to the great Joy and Comfort of the Mother.

He also tells of a Shoomakers Wife who en­dured great Misery, and was in great Danger, her long and acute Pains having caused a Fea­vor; at length the Maldiva Panacea being ad­ministr'd, she was deliver'd of a dead Child.

Dr. Clusius tells of the Son of a Duke, who was strangely recovered from a languishing Distemper, only by Drinking all his Liquid Ali­ment [Page 6] out of this Shell, it did mightily corro­borate all the Power of Nature.

The Famous Dr. Tulpias used frequently to prescribe this Nut with very good Success.

And Mr. Parkinson in his Herbal tells us, that Persons of the Best Quality in India carry a piece of it always about them, fasten'd to a Chain, which they steep in Wine or other Li­quor, as an Antidote against any Poyson or In­fections; and drinking out of the Cup made of the shell they look upon as a Preservative against all Diseases, and a Means to keep them­selves in a sound and healthful state: He also commends it as very available in Womens hard and difficult Labour.

When I travelled in Spain, they used to call it the Egyptian Midwife, I suppose only by way of Allusion to the speedy Delivery of the He­brew Women by their Means.

For my own particular, I can truly say, that I have often experienced it to be admirable [Page 7] in that Case, if I may beleive the good Wo­men in our Countrey, and particularly one fa­mous Midwife, who hath gotten great Repu­tation by the use of it.

I knew a Country Gentlewoman who by very strait Lacing her self, and Eating Green Fruit, and Drinking Red Wines, used to have hard Labour, but after she had found out this Indian Remedy, never met with Difficulty in her Travels. I could name others but I for­bear, because they are needless.


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