The Loyal Subjects hearty Wishes[?] To King CHARLES the Second.

He that did write these Verses, certainly,
Did serve his Royal Father faithfully;
Likewise himself he serv'd at Worcester Fight,
[...] for his Loyalty was put to flight:
But had he a head of hair like Absolom,
And every hair as strong as was Samson,
I'de venture all for Charles the second's sake,
And for his Majesty my life forsake.
To the Tune, When Cannons are roaring.
TRue Subjects all rejoyce
after long sadness,
And [...]ow wi [...] [...]eart and voice
shew forth your gladness,
That to King Charles were true,
and Rebels hated,
This Song onely to you
is Deditated.
F [...]r Charles our Sover [...]gn dear
is safe returned,
True Subjects as hearts to chear,
that long have mourned.
Then let us give God prai [...],
that doth defend him,
And pray with heart and voice,
Angels attend him.
The dangers he hath past
from vild Vsu [...]pers,
Now brings him j [...]y at last,
although some L [...]kers
Did seek his blood to spill
by actions evil;
But God we sée is still
above the Devil;
Though many Serpents hiss
him to devour,
God his defender is,
by his strong power:
Then let us give him praise
that doth defend him,
And sing with heart and voice,
Angels attend him.
The joy that he doth bring,
if true confessed,
The tongues of mortal men
cannot express it;
He cures out drooping fears,
being long tormented,
And his true Cavaliers
are well contented:
For now the Protestant
again shall flourish,
The King our nursing Father,
he will us cherish:
Then let us give God praise
that did defend him,
And sing with heart and voice,
Angels attend him.
Like Moses he is méek,
and tender hearted,
And by all means doth seek
to have foes converted,
But like the Israelites
there are a number
That for his love to them
against him doth murmur:
Read Exodus, 'tis true
the Israelites rather
Yield to the Egyptian crew,
then Moses their Father:
So many Phanaticks
[...]th hearts disloyal
Th [...] [...]ghts an [...] minds do fix
ag [...] our King[?] Royal.

The second Part,

to the same Tune.
LIke holy David, he
past many Troubles;
And by his constancy
his Ioyes redoubles:
For now he dot [...] [...]ear sway,
by God appointed;
For holy Writ doth say,
Touch not mine Anointed.
He is Gods Anointed sure,
who still doth guide him,
In all his wayes most pure,
though some deride him.
Then let us give God praise,
that doth defend him
And sing with heart and voice,
Angels attend him.
Many there are we know
within this Nation,
Lip-love to him do shew
in dissimulation;
Of such vilde Hereticks
there are a number,
whose hearts & tongues we know
are far assunder:
Some do pray for the King.
being constrained
Who lately against him
greatly complained;
They turn both Coat and seam,
to cheat poor Taylors,
But the [...] place[?] for them
is under strong Iaylors.
Let the Kings Foes admire,
who do reject him;
Séeing God doth him inspire,
and still direct him,
To heal those evil Sores,
and them to cure,
By his most gracious hand,
and prayers pure;
Though simple people say,
Doctors do as much:
None but our lawful King
can cure with a touch,
As plainly hath been séen
since he returned;
Many have cured been[?],
which long have mourned.
The poorest wretch that hath
this Evil, sure
May have ease from the King,
and perfect cure;
H [...] Grace is meek and wise,
loving and civil,
And to his enemies
doth good for evil:
For some that are his foes
were by him healed,
His liberal hand to those
is not concealed;
He heals both poor and rich
by Gods great power,
And his most gracious touch
doth them all cure.
Then blush you Infidels,
that late did scorn him,
And [...]ou that do rebel
crave pardon of him;
With spéed turn a new leaf
for your transgresses,
Hear what the Preacher sayes
in Ecclestastes;
The Scriptures true, and shall
for ever be taught,
Curse not the King at all,
no not in thy thought:
And holy Peter
two Commands doth bring,
Is first for to fear God,
and then honour the King.
When that we had no King
to guide this Nation,
Opinions up did spring
by tolleration:
And many Heresies
were then advanced,
And cruel Liberties
by old Noll granted.
Some able Ministers
were not esteeme [...],
Many false Prophets,
good Preachers were déeme [...]
The Church some hated,
a Barn[?], House or Stable,
Would serve the Quakers,
with their wicked Rabble.
And now for to conclude,
the God of power,
Preserve and guide our King
both day and hour:
That he may rule and reign,
our hearts to cherish:
And on his Head, good Lord,
let his Crown flourish.
Let his true Subjects sing,
with Hearts most loyal,
God bless and prosper still▪
Charles our King Royal.
So now let's[?] give God praise,
that doth defend him:
And sing with heart and voice
Angels attend him.

London, Printed for John Andrews, at the White Lion near Pye-Corner.

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