The Stone which the Builders have re­jected, the same is now become the Head of the Corner: OR, Christ Exalted INTO HIS THRONE: And the Scripture owned in its place

THis then is the Message that we have received of the Father. That God is Light, and in him is no darkness at all; if we walke in darkness, and say, VVe have fellowship with him, we lye, and do not the Truth, but if wee walk in the Light, as hee is in the Light, then have we fellowship one with ano­ther, and the blood of JESUS CHRIST his SON, clenseth us from all sinne, 1 John 1. 5, 6, 7. And this is the word which was in the beginning, by which all things was made, and in him was life, and his life was the light of men, Joh. 1. 1. 2, 3, 4. By which light all the holy men of God in the dayes of old were inspired; By which Light Moses saw the things that were done in the beginning, and wrote of them; which VVord was a Lamp unto Davids feet, and a light unto his Paths, Psal. ii9. 105. VVhich Light dwelt in the Prophets and holy men, by which they saw the day of Christ, and wrote of him, Isai. 49. 6. and 60. 19. and spoke as they were moved by it, and by it saw the deceit, iniquities, and transgressions of Israel, and declared against it both in Priest, People and Rulers, spea­king the word of the Lord faithfully, whether they would hear or for­beare; [Page 2] Ezek. 3. Mic. 3. Isa. 56. And this word came unto the Pro­phets, which was as a fire and hammer in their bones, Ier. 20. 9. and 23. 29. Which word in due time▪ became flesh, and dwelt among the Apostles, and they saw the glory thereof, as of the onely begotten Son of the Father, full of grace and truth, Iohn 1. 14. whom Iohn bears wit­ness of to be the Light of the World, who doth enlighten every one that comes into the world, Iohn 1. To which Light Paul was sent to turn the mindes of the Heathen: Acts 26. 17, 18. Which light is the condemnation of the world, who love darkness rather then Light, be­cause their deeds are evill: and he that hates it hath it, though he will not bring his deeds to it, by it to be proved, therefore his condemna­tion it is, Iohn 3. 19, 20, 21. And there is a time, light shines in darkness, and darkness comprehends it not, Iohn 1. 5. And this is the cause why many stumble at it, and are offended in it.

And there is a time light shines out of darkness, and darkness flees away, and then is witnessed the perfect day wherein the children of the day do walk, Isa. 42. 16. Matt. 4. 16. Ephes. 5▪ 8. Which Light is the true tryer of spirits, and gives the discerning of spirits, and discovers the works of darkness, and manifests the deeds of darknesse; and by it the secrets of the heart are seen, and hidden things searched out, and by it all things are made manifest, and whatsoever makes manifese is light, Heb. 4. 12. Ephes. 5. 13. all which the naturall man knows not, and therefore cannot receive the things of God, but by this light is seen and judged; for by this light the spiritual man is able to discern and judge the natural man, but he himself is judged of no man, 1 Cor. 2. 14, 15. For this is the judge of the world, and by this the Prince of the air is judged wheresoever he rules, John 16. 11. And therefore as it rages, and stirres up his servants to persecute it, where it is made manifest, and so it is a stumbling stone, and a rock of offence to the children of the world, in whom the Prince of this world lodgeth, Rom. 9. 33. And of this word the Apostle Paul bears witness to be quick and powerfull, and sharper then a two edged sword to the diving asunder betwixt the marrow and the bones, Heb. 4. 12. to which word the Apostle di­rected the mindes of people within them, from looking without for to finde it without, Rom. 10. And from this same word the Apostles spoke forth the Scripture, which word was their guide, and rule, and teacher all along from the beginning, by which both the Apostles, and Pro­phets, and the holy men was acted, moved, and carried forth in the power of it, to declare that which by it they were taught, 1 John 1. 2 Pet. 1. 21. And this is the free grace of God which bringeth salvation, and hath appeared to all men, Tit. 2. 11, 12. VVhich is their condem­nation who do despite unto it: Heb. 10. 29. But this was the Saints teacher, by which they were taught to deny all ungodliness and world­ly lusts, and to live godlily, righteously, and soberly in this present evil world, and this is the anointing, which teacheth all things freely, which [Page 3] is truth, and no lye, and leads into all Truth: and he that knows this need no man to teach him, but is come the end of mans Teaching, 1 John 2. 27. unto which the Prophet was come, and therefore called freely, Come buy wine and milk without money or price: why spend you your money for that which is not bread, or your labour for that which profiteth not? Isa. 55. 1, 2, 3. And from this the Apostles spoke freely, not coveting any mans silver or gold, but as they freely had received, freely they gave, Acts 20. 33. And whosoever speaks from this, speaks freely, and its ministry leads to the end of teaching: and here let all flesh keep silence before the Lord: Zech. 2. 13.

And let all Hirelings, and greedy Shepherds stop their mouths, who cry peace, peace, to them that put into their mouthes, but if not, they even prepare warre against them; and such like the Prophet in the light saw, and by it testified against them, Mich.3. 5. And all this the Scrip­ture bears testimony of, which was spoken from the light, but is not the light, nor the word, nor the life, nor the judge, nor the rule, nor the guide, nor the tryer of spirits, for all this belongs to Christ, who is the discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart,Heb. 4. 1, 2. who is the light, John 8. 12. who is the word, John 1. 14. who is the life, John 14. 6. who blamed the Pharisees, that thought in the Scriptures to finde eter­nall life, but would not come unto him that they might have life, John 5. 39, 40. who is the anointing, who is the guide and teacher, and the Rule, 1 John 2. 27. who when we are going to the right hand or to the left, cryes, This is the way, walk in it, Isa. 30. 21. Of which the Scrip­ture is a true Declaration, spoken from this VVord of Truth, of which light every one hath a measure, which unto them is the free gift of God, to profit withall; which light in the conscience reproves for sin and ini­quity, and manifests the deceit of the heart, and checks the creature when it swears, or lyes, or doth amiss, telling it that it should not do so, and calls for repentance and amendment of life, and leads unto the same as it is owned and followed, and as many as receives it, receives power to become the Sons of God: John 8. 12. and 1. 12. Rom. 2. 4. But he that doth evill hates the light, and will not bring his deeds to it, by it to be proved, and to him it is condemnation, but he that loves the light, brings his deeds to the light, that it may manifest them whether they be wrought in God, John 3. 20, 21. But of this light you people and Teachers of the VVorld are ignorant, and so are doting upon the Scripture without, with your dark mindes there, with the blinde Pha­risees seeking for life where it is not to be found, but will not come to Christ, the light, that you might have life, but would cast him out of his throne, and exalteth Scripture above him, calling them the judge, and the light, and the word, and the life, and the rule, and the guide, and thus with your dark mindes, you would take the authority from Christ, and would give it unto the dead letter, which is but a Declaration of these things. And thus your leaders cause you to erre, Isa. 3. 12. for [Page 4] their own ends, because of the Scripture they make an Idoll to get money by adding their own meanings, interpretations, and constructi­ons upon them, which is all the conceivings and imaginations of their own hearts, by which they lead you in blindness, ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledg of the truth in your hearts, but are looking without, doting without in the letter, acting and imitating out of the light for life,2 Tim. 3. 6, 7. and so in darkness doing your own works, which are not required at your hands, but are for condemnation by the light, and so in vain are you worshipping a God whom you know not,Isai. 1. 13. crying up his Ordinances,Mat. 15. 9. and crying up his Commands, and crying up the Scripture,Ioh. 4. 22. exalting it in the place of Christ, and thus coming neer him with your lips, and your hearts far from him, still living in the corrupt sinful nature, ignorant of the Free-grace of God which should lead you to repentance and amendment of life, Ephes. 2. 5. 8. And because we doe witness this mystery, which hath been hid from ages and generati­ons, now made manifest in us, which is Christ within the hope of Glory, Col. 1. 26, 27. who is the Light of the world, who doth inlighten eve­ry one that cometh into the world, who is the true Shepherd, Iohn 10. and the true Teacher no more to be removed into a corner,1 Joh. 2. 27 Isai. 30. 20. who is the annoynting, who teacheth all things, and is the end of mans teaching; therefore your ministery of the Letter, who make a trade and a gain of the Letter by idolizing it, and setting it up in the room of Christ, by taking the authority from Christ, and applying it to the let­ter, that your mindes who are taught by them, may the more be drawn without to look at it, and idolize it, expecting life and salvation by it, and no hope without it, that they may the longer make merchandize of you, and stil uphold their trade, and gain by it, do now see that this our Doctrine of Christ to bee all in all, and that without him we can do nothing, Ioh. 15. 5. but that by him we can do all things without the help of Scripture, or any thing else without, Phil. 4. 13. and that there is no other name under heaven by which we can be saved, but that he is able to save to the utmost all that shal come unto God by him, Heb. 7. 25. And that he is the word, and the Scripture is not, and that he is the light, and the Scripture is not, and that he is the rule and guide, and Teacher and Judg, & the Scripture is not, but a declaration of him to be so, and that the Scripture all along witnesseth with our Doctrine to be one with it, and theirs to be another Doctrine, which the Scrip­ture will not maintain, but the Scripture is against, and is onely brought in for lucres sake to satisfie their own carnal ends, that they may bear rule by their means, as the false Prophets did before them, Ier. 5. 30, 31.

And this light all along makes them manifest in all their colours, & false covers, so that they cannot hide themselves from being Deceivers; and also this they do know, that if every one come to know and finde a Teacher within them, which doth reach them the will of GOD, [Page 5] and doth enable them for to obey it, so that they need no man to teach them, then indeed they will no longer spend their monies upon them for that which is not bread, nor their labour for that which profiteth not, and will be a prey unto them no longer; so not onely their craft and trade, and idol will fail them, but also their great gain and riches will be taken from them, and all their honour, and fame, and dignity will come to nought; therefore they in their hot rage and fierceness, and enmity of their spirits, do set themselves to oppose this light, wheresoever it is made manifest, and persecuting the publishers of this Doctrine, railing against them as deceivers, and seducers, and bringers in of false lights, and such as deny the Scripture, and would rob it of its Authority, and give it to a light within them (which the Prrests call a naturall light, and insufficient to lead to salvation without the help of Scripture and other outward helps, and so would set the Scripture above the light of CHRIST, saying among themselves, If we let go the Authority of Scripture then all is gone; (that is to say) take away our Idoll, then take away our maintenance, then down with our Mini­stry: So here is clear the foundation they stand upon: and this is the cause why they call the Scripture their foundation; and so all this au­thority which they put upon the Scripture, they take from Christ, who alone is the foundation of the faithfull, of whom the Scripture is a declaration, and so we do own it by the same which gave it forth, which unto us doth open it and reveal it, and manifests them to be out of the life of it, and so by the life thereof are judged and condemned, as be­fore is proved. And though they call it the word, yet in the same it doth witness against them, and witness Christ to be the word before the Scripture was written, John 1. And though they call the Scripture the Light, yet in the same it doth witness against them, and witnesseth Christ to be the Light before the Scripture was written, and is able to save to the uttermost all that shall come unto God by him, and they that climb up any other way, the same are thieves and robbers, John 10. 1. And therefore is not a natural insufficient Light, as they that know him not do report of him, and therefore shew themselves to be as ignorant as the Pharisees,Mat. 1 [...]. 54. 55, 56, 57. who only supposed him to be the Son of Ioseph, yet wondred at his power, and the works that were done by him, as these do now wonder at the prosperity of this ministration of Light, and to see how it prevails upon the hearts of the people, so that they know not what to think of it, they are not able to encounter with it, but that they see it strikes so much at their Diana, and lyes so hard at their foundation, so that it makes their building totter, therefore the Rulers, Priests and Pharisees takes counsel together, saying one to another, If we let this people alone, all men will go after them, and they will draw away whole nations: therefore they take the same course as ever the false prophets did, joyning together with the earthly powers to make war with the Lamb, persecuting, stocking, whipping, imprison- [Page 6] and shamefully intreating his messengers, whom the Lamb sends forth to bear testimony of this Light in peoples consciences (where we have a witness both in them that believe, and in them that perish) and also striving all the wayes they can, by their evill incensing, lying, raylings, and false accusings and reporting to defame this light, and leaven your mindes against it (that if it were possible) to put it out, that stil they might uphold their fathers kingdom of Darkness, and bear rule by their means over the blinde, carrying captive the mindes of people, but who is able to make war with the Lamb, or who shall withstand the day of his coming? Saul, Saul, it is hard for thee to kick against the pricks: and though they call the Scripture their rule and guide, yet in this it wit­nesseth against them to be in Cains way, and Balaams way, and in the gain-saying, of Core, and so have not God, Iude 11. 2 Iohn 9. but are found to be of the generation, who are born after the flesh, persecuting them that are born after the Spirit, Gal. 4. 29. And though they call the Scripture their Rule and Guide, yet they receive not power from it, to inable them to walk according to it, but are altogether erring from it, in any thing that crosseth self, but as many as receive the light, re­ceives power to follow it, and come out of the corrupt sinfull nature, which they live in who know not the Light, Iohn 1. 12. And here the Light is above the Scripture: and though they say the Scripture is the judge and tryer of spirits, yet in the same it witnesseth against them to be lyars, and bears witness of Christ to be Iudge, and tryer, and sear­cher of the heart, and discerner of the thoughts, Hebr. 4. 12. Rom. 1. 16. 1 Pet. 4. 5. And that whatsoever makes manifestation, is Light, Eph: 5: 13: Therefore that which makes manifest false spirits, is the light and not the letter; which light manifested and discovered false spirits, before the Scripture was written: and also though they say the Scrip­ture is the judge and tryer of spirits, yet by the Scripture they cannot discern or judge of spirits, else what makes all this difference in judg­ment amongst them who profess to try spirits by the scripture, and profess it to be their Rule, and ground their judgement upon it, yet are so confused in the same, and never a one knows which is the truth, when as the way is but one; so that it follows that they have nothing but the Scripture without, are still without in darkness and confusion, as all those appears to be who call the Scripture their rule, and guide, and judge, and tryer of spirits, and yet knows not the truth, but are jangling, and wrangling, and arguing, and disputing, and contending about the Scripture, every one with a severall judgment upon it, sure­ly this distraction is not in the Scripture, for it was spoken from one, and all agrees in one: therefore you that so profess the Scripture, see if you can finde it out by the Scripture, and see where you are, but they that are in the light have fellowship one with another, 1 John 1: 7: and are of one heart and one soul, Acts 4. 33: and all agree in one, and are Epistles wrote one in anothers heart, 2 Cor: 3: 2: and by the light [Page 7] they cry and discern false Spirits, and in it are able to judge them, and open the Scriptures without wresting, adding, or diminishing, and by it do know they are of God, because they love one another with the same love with which Christ loved them, 1 Ioh. 4. It is not such love which is to day, and to morrow cross the will and it is turned into wrath and anger; nay that love stands in the corrupt will; but this love stands in the bond of peace, which doth indure; and here again the light is above the Scripture, and though they say the light must be re­ceived from the Scripture, yet in this the Scripture doth witness a­gainst them, and bears witness of Christ to be the light of the world, and doth enlighten every one that cometh into the world; and they that could never read letter of the Book have this light, which is sufficient to teach them and lead them into all truth, after they come to the knowledge of it, and from this light the Scripture was spoken, 2 Pet. 1. 21. and without this light none can read the Scripture with understanding, and here the light is before the Scripture, and out of it all the children of darkness are shut with their busie mindes and vain contending spirits; and though they say they must receive life and salvation from the Scrip­ture, yet in this the Scripture witnesseth against them, and testifies of Christ to be the alone fountain of life and salvation, and that there is no other name under heaven by which wee can be saved, Psal. 30. 9. & 14. 100. And that the Pharisees had the Scripture, yet had not the light, nei­ther could see that he was the Christ, though the Scripture bare testi­mony of him, or either would come unto him for life and salvation, but trusted in the Scripture, thinking there to find eternall life, and therein found it not, Ioh. 5. 39. 40. As all you are now, who are seek­ing the living among the dead; and here again the light is above the Scripture, which light is within us the hope of glory, Coll. 1. 26, 27. and those that cannot witness this, are in the reprobation, though they have the Scripture without, 1 Cor. 13. 5. and from it we receive life and salvation, and from no other; and this alone is our guide, teacher, Judge, and Law-giver, if we never see Letter, Luke 1. 79. Iohn 6. 45. Isa. 33. and this alone is the ground and foundation of our faith and hope, by which we are made able to cry, Abba Father, 1 Cor. 3. 11, Rom: 8: 15: And here it is not self that judgeth or condemns, but Christ that li­veth in us, Gal: 2: 20: and it is not self that justifies us, but Christ that liveth in us; and here Christ is exalted into his Throne, and the Scrip­ture owned in its place, without contempt or undervaluing: And they found the Ministers of Antichrist, who would cast Christ out of his Throne, and take the Scripture out of its place to exalt above him, ap­plying to it that Authority which alone belongs unto him for their own by, secret, self-ends, so that in that they apply such authority to the Scripture, they in the same rob Christ of it, and undervalues him, as the Pharisees did, who thought in the Scriptures to finde eternal life, but would not come to Christ that they might have life, in whose steps ye and your teachers are found professing Christ in words, but in life [Page 8] denying him, and therefore must be judged and condemned by him, as they was. And if you Priests do alledg, There is a false light as well as a true light, I answer, That is it in you which blinds your mindes so that you cannot conceive this Gospell, but from you it is hid, 2 Cor. 4. 3. 4. And therefore you bring another Gospell, calling the four Books Matthew, Mark, Luke and Iohn, the Gospel; in which these four Books will witness against you, and bear witness of Christ to be the Gospel, which is the power of God unto salvation; who is the Lamb of God slain from the foundation of the World, who came to take away the sins of the world; and blessed are they that are not offended in him; Iohn 1. 26. and verse 13. Luke 7. 23. And also that is a false light in you which leads you into the form, or resemblance, or outward shew of holiness, but denies the life and power, 2 Tim. 3. 5. and to profess the Scripture to be your rule, but in life and practice deny it, and to be short, leads into a profession without possession, but that which leads into the life and power, is no false light, for it leads into the possession before the profession, and so the profession is from the possession, but your profession is from onothers possession, and so boasts in anothers line, by which you beguile both your selves and others, and therefore in that you go about to arm your selves with the Scripture, to oppose the light by exalting it above the light, thinking thereby to debase the light, and so to keep peoples mindes from the light, that they may stil remain in darkness and blindness under you. You do but in the same bring a weapon to cut off your own heads, and raise a war to destroy your selves, and increase more light to the people, and manifest your selves odious, & to be the blind guides of the Nation; who are to be de­nyed and turned away from us; Deceivers to be held as accursed, who bring another Doctrine in opposition to the true Doctrine which is held forth in the Scripture;2 Ioh. 9. 10 for the Scripture and the light agrees in one, from both which you are shut with jangling contentious spirits, by which you would wrest the Scripture out of its place, to clash against its Originall; thereby to uphold your Father Antichrists Kingdom, & therein do the more manifest your selves to be the Ministers of Anti­christ, who under profession of the true Christ, do oppose him and make war with him, 2. Cor. 11. 13, 14, 15. but your weapons are weak, as is daily made manifest.

James Parnel.

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