AN EXPOSITION OF THE POWRING Out of the Fourth VIAL: MENTIONED In the Sixteenth of the Revelation.


Wherein he differs from M. Brightman, and other Protestant Divines, which hold, That these Judgements are to be poured out upon the Church of Rome, and that Party. But he conceives they have Reference unto these Times, and are to be poured out upon some Protestant Princes and Churches.

LONDON, Printed for Thomas Pierrepont at the Sun in St. Pauls Church-yard. 1650.

To the Reader.

MAster Parker the Author of this dis­course is well known by his other works published, wherein though he shew himself an adversary to Ceremonies and Popery, yet he concurreth not with Mr. Brightman and others, in exposition of this Vial; who affirm, that all the Vials shall fall onely, or most upon the Papists: but his conjecture, is that the fourth Vial shal fal upon some Protestant Prince or state, who enjoy­ed the benefit of the Gospel, but did not obey it; perhaps he might have said truly, upon all the Protestant Princes or Churches, there being scarce any one that hath not been scorched with fire, and burnt with heat, by the great Warres and troubles that have happened these last thirty yeers past, since the blazing Comet, which appeared 1618. because they enjoyed the light of the Gospel, but brought not forth fruits worthy of repentance and amendment of life. It is therefore most worthy our seri­ous consideration, to hearken to the interpre­tation [Page] here offered, especially seeing the Vials do concern us of this last age; for after the se­ven seals with their effects are past, and also six of the seven Trumpets have sounded; the seven Vials to be poured forth, do certainly concerne us most, to consider the effects of them, and ap­ply things so, as may most cōduce to our admo­nition, and amendment of life, seeing the migh­ty hand of God is now stretched forth over us, and some Vial of Gods wrath is now pour­ing out, in these wonderfull Warres and Trou­bles, raised up in most parts of the world.

Imprimatur ista (quae D. Parkeri perhibetur esse) phialae quartae expositio, unà cum adjectis animad­versionibus.

Tho. Gataker.
Aprilis 30. 1650.

Master Parkers EXPOSITION of the FOURTH VIAL,

Revelation 16.8, 9.

And the fourth Angel poured out his Vial on the Sunne, and it was given unto him to torment men with fire. And men boyled in great heat, and blasphemed the name of God, which hath power ouer these plagues, and they repented not, to giue him glory.

THough I am not worthy to be named with Mr. Brightman, yet I trust I may crave leave under correction, to differ from him in the exposition of this Viall; I prosecute his memory with all the be­nediction that is due to so great a light in the Church of God, and behold himself (for his clearing of this Apocalyps) the chief Angel of this Viall, in case it be meant of Protestant Writers (as he would have it) ma­king the Scripture as clear as the Sun, to the confounding and tormenting of the Papists. Howbeit there be some reasons that lead me to interpret it rather of the wasting of some Protestant or Lutheran State, not long hence to be accomplished, which I crave liberty to set down.

First, the confounding and tormenting of the Papists 1 by the Scripture, is not a distinct particular event, as the e­vent of this fourth Viall seemeth to be; distinct it is not, but the same with the plague of the first Viall, whose [Page 6] botch, what is it else, but an Ulcer of minde in the Papists, to see the grouth of the Gospel, and the fall of Pope­ry, especially here at home in England, by the death of Queen Mary, and the succession of Queen Elizabeth to the Crown; And it is generall, whereas this Viall poured is poured on the Sunne, a particular Starre in the heaven, to note a plague on some speciall State of some true Church, or at the least some Church disunited from Popery.

2 Secondly, the Sunne being King among Starres Jer. 44.17. He fitly here designeth some King or State, even as he doth else where; so Jacob (the most heroicall man in his dayes) is resembled to the Sunne, Gen. 37. and David 2 Sam. 21.17. and Hezekiah King of Israel 2 Kings 20.11. Who is the Angel standing in the Sunne Apoc. 19.17. out of doubt some great man in power and place; for as much as the writing of bare Divines, cannot so effectually draw people and nations to joyne in warre against the Pope. What that the darkning of the Sunne Apoc. 6.12. is the fall of the persecuting Roman Empire▪ And the third part of the Sunne smitten, Apoc. 8.12. is the wasting of Africk, the third part of the world by the Vandalls.

3 Thirdly, in this fourth Viall the Sunne himself is first plagued, which cannot be meant of the Scripture; for the Text doth say as directly, that the fourth Angel doth pour his Viall upon the Sunne, as that the fifth doth pour his Viall upon the Throne of the Beast; by which Romes ru­ine is fore shewed, howbeit the Sunne not extinguished by this Vial, but distempered onely, to scorch with heat, doth seem to imply, that the plague of this Prince or State, shall not cast them down so much, as irritate and stirre them up to an heat of revenging, laying wast the men that did hurt them.

4 Fourthly, the men here plagued are not onely Papists, for whereas it is added in the first Vial, by way of restraint [Page 7] to them, that the sore fell upon the men which had the marke of the Beast, and who worshipped his Image, here is no such limitation, it is onely said in generall, power was given to the Sunne to Torment men, to wit, men of the same heaven, where this Sunne shineth, that is, men, in that visible Church where this Prince or State doth govern, neverthelesse here is hope given, that the Godly of this Church shall escape, in that it being said of the plagued, that they gave no glory to God; there is pro­bability, that the Judgement of this Viall shall light onely or chiefly on Papists and wicked men, mingled with this State or Church, who had before no care of Gods glory, or the Gospels good, but sought onely their own glory, wealth and pleasures.

Fifthly, the plague here is not onely described by heat,5 which yet sufficeth to hold allusion to the Sunne, but also by fire This maketh me to conjecture that this Prince or State shall lay desolate by fire and burning, more then by sword; God girding him or them with such power, as that they shall not need to fight many battels. Neither ought it to seem strange, that fire here laying all things wast, should be literally meant, seeing the Angel that hath pow­er over fire, Apoc. 14.18. is Cranmer triumphing in the fire of Martyrdome. And the burning of the flesh of the Whore, is the sacking of Rome, Apoc. 17.16. so the Angel of the waters, in the fifth verse going before, resembleth the States of Low Germany, seated in a watery Countrey.

The effect of this plague in the wicked, is boyling heat,6 and blaspheming the name of God; which contain more then an inward rage of Papists: For the confounding of their religion by the Scripture, they must needs shew well near such a ruine of a State, as the ruine of Rome cometh to, for as much as, as a great plague is described here, as in the fifth Vial, and that in the same termes and words, as ap­peareth [Page 8] by comparing this ninth verse with the eleaventh following. Adde to this, that the plague of this Vial is ut­tered in the plurall (they blasphemed the name of God, who hath power over these plagues) as if it contained ma­ny confusions in it. And this answereth to the justice of God, who beginneth judgement at his own house, and at them who make profession to be of his houshold: By this Revelation, the Pope shall be destroyed before the Turke, because he professed Christianity, which the Turke did not. In like manner before God destroyeth the Pope, he shall pour his Viall upon some Protestant or Lutheran Church, which made profession of the Gospel against Po­pery, but obeyed it not; by this means it shall come to passe what was done of old, then God afflicted Jewrie his own Church, before he destroyed the Earth by Babylon; now he shall punish one of his own Churches, before he proceeds against Rome, the Babylon spirituall.

Seventhly, I conjecture, that this Sunne of the fourth 7 Vial punishing a Rebellious Church, and the Angel of the fifth Vial sacking Rome, shall be one and the same. First, because the fifth Vial is immediately adjoyned & expres­sed with the very same termes, which probably induceth to think, that it shall be wrought by the same means: this conjecture is helped by this; that the rebelling against the Sunne of the fourth vial, shall be procured by Pope and Papists, which shall be the cause that this man assoon as he hath subdued his domesticall enemies, shall addresse himself to an expedition against Rome. Secondly, the ru­ine of Rome ariseth from a wildernesse, Apoc. 17.3. that is (as I conjecture) out of some Countrey laid wast like a wildernesse.

This Countrey must be the State wasted by the Sunne of the fourth Vial, for we have no other Prophesie of any other State to be laid wast immediately before Romes [Page 9] sacking; but only of that: Now that Johns carrying into the wildernesse to see the ruine of Rome, doth shew that Romes ruine shall arise out of a Land brought to a wildernesse, may thus appear; wherefore is John set on the sea shoar, Apoc. 12.18. when he is to see the rising of the Beast, but because the Beasts rising is out of the sea, (Ergo) in that Apoc. 17.3. John is placed in a wildernesse to see Romes ruine; it is a signe that Romes ruine shall arise out of some Countrey reduced to a wildernesse; so when John is to see the beauty of the Jewish Church, he is carried to a great high mountain to see it, Apoc. 21.10 to wit, be­cause this Church shall be set on high like a mountain, Isaiah 2.2.

Thirdly, this is the description of him that sacketh Rome,3 Apoc. 18.1. I saw another Angel come down from heaven, having great power; so that the earth was lightned with his glory, which agreeth with the Sunne of this fourth Vial; He cometh down from heaven, that is, suddenly, beyond all expectation of man, so the Sunne of the fourth Vial ariseth suddenly out of his plague, when the world thought he could never have recovered, he hath great power given him; this is the power of the Sunne of the fourth Vial, both by glory of Conquering, and by the wealth of the Conquered, which he shall get into his hands.

He hath light and brightnesse, which what, is it else but the light and brightnesse of the Sunne of the fourth Vial. Lastly, he replenisheth the earth with his glory, which implyeth the great Admiration of the world, and the Astonishment of the Papists and earthly men, when they shall see the Sunne of the fourth Vial rise so extra ordina­rily out of this plague.

Fourthly, and last of all, Apoc. 17.18. it is said, that 4 the ten Hornes shall sack Rome, and whom shall the [Page 10] States of Christendome sooner choose for their Generall, or proclaim their Emperour against Rome, then the Sunne of the fourth Vial, plagued by Papists, and enraged a­gainst them, and furnished with the greatest authority, power, and wealth to subdue them.

Thus I presume to deliver my conjecture concerning this fourth Vial. (I say conjecture) because it cannot certain­ly be known untill it be executed. Neverthelesse, because the time therof approacheth, it becommeth every Christi­an man to strive, by prayer, meditation, study, and all other means, for some understanding of it, considering that God hath not written this prophesie onely to instruct us when it is past, but also to forewarne us aforehand; The revealer of secrets that unsealed this Book to John, open unto us this mysterie of it, that we may foresee the evill that is to come, and hide our selves from it, as al­so keep our selves pure from offence against our Sunne, lest we partake of the plagues that this Vial doth de­nounce against all such transgression.

To God onely wise, be all Honour and Glory for ever and ever, Amen.

Some Annotations upon Mr. PARKERS discourse.

SEeing Mr. Parker hath proposed his opinion mo­destly, by way of conjecture, and forborn to determine till the event should manifest the truth, he is the rather to be hearkened unto; especially because the reasons for his conjecture do seem very probable, now after the great troubles, which have happened of late years, in Germany, France, Poland, Den­mark, and many other Countryes, and also among our selves, wherein the greatest losse hath fallen upon the Pro­testant Churches.

Whereas Mr. Parker saith▪ [that he doth behold Mr.1 Brightman as the chief Angel of this Vial.] He perhaps took this, from Mr. Brightman himself, who Chap. 17. doth not spare to say. I that am an obscure man, and unknown to all, and of no reckoning in my own Countrey, do exhort you most mighty Princes to attempt against the whore, &c. Which seems more then fitting for one to speak of himself.

Whereas most of our writers do affirm, that all the Uials of Gods wrath shall fall upon the Papist. Yet Mr.2 Parker saith, that the first Uial seems especially to be in­tended against the Papists, in regard it is said, in the text, verse 2. that a grievous sore fell upon the men, which had the mark of the Beast, and upon them which worshipped his [Page 12] image; but no such restraint is mentioned upon this Vial.

.3 Whereas Mr. Parker saith, Sect. 6. That God beginneth judgement at his own house, and at them who make pro­fession to be of his houshold: by this revelation, the Pope shall be destroyed before the Turk, because he professed Christianity, wh [...] the Turk did not; in like manner, be­fore God destroyeth the Pope, he shall pour out his Uial upon some Protestant or Lutheran Church, which made profession of the Gospel against Popery, but obey­ed it not.

This may be seen to be true by the lamentable con­dition and great troubles, which have fallen upon the Protestant Churches of late years: For in Germany, be­sides the horrible Plundering of their rich and spacious Countrey, the Protestants have lost many thousand Churches and Ministers. In France the Protestants have suffered extreamly; for though they are left alive, and not prosecuted to death universally, yet Deodatus saith, in his Epistle from Geneva, that they are aliue but du­ring pleasure onely, and that they are like poor Cal­low Birds stripe of all their feathers: for whereas they had formerly eighty nine strong Townes and Castles allowed them for their security, yet now they are all lost, through their warres, whereunto they were per­swaded, through the fiery zeal of some amongst them, who had the guiding of their Consciences; saith the French History. [Grimston.] Their great Noble-men have deserted their cause, and become Papists: as the Duke of Bovillon the Duke Lesbigners, who when a Pro­testant took up arms against them, and was made great Constable of France; the Duke of Trenovill, and the Duke of Suilly, once Lord Treasurer under Henry the fourth, who much disswaded from warre: besides many [Page 13] others of great quality, so that now they want Pro­tectors, and leaders, of the Nobility, which they had in former times.

The fifth Vial is to be poured out upon the seat of 4 the Beast, verse 10. which as Master Mede saith, is Rome, and that the holy Ghost doth not hide the matter any longer; but this is yet to come; for the Pope after all the troubles, hath greatly encreased his party, and is very powerfull, and this year 1650. he celebrates a Jubile at Rome, and all his adherents do flock in great num­bers to him, to receive his benediction, pardons and holy water, &c. Master Brightman saith, that before this yeear 1650. the Jewes should be called; and that the whore of Babylons nose should be slitt; and that the Pope should fly from Rome to Avignion, or to Bo­nonia, or to some other of his Cities: But we see not the Pope disturbed, nor the Jewes called. But some are so hasty and rash in their opinions and predicti­ons, that they seem to be guided more by passion, then reason. Napier of Scotland kills the Pope, 1639. Brightman kills him, 1650. Arthur Dent kils him with­in the age of a man, and thinks that the sixth Vial is now pouring out. Philippus Nicolaus kils him about the year, 1650. which is twenty years hence. But these peremptory opinions prove false hitherto, and do give no satisfaction to wise and sober men. It is more probable that Master Mede saith, that the fifth Viall shall fall on the Pope; and that under the sixth Viall the Turkes shall be destroyed, and the Jewes con­verted, whom he accounts to be the Kings of the East, verse 12. for whom the way must be prepared, when that Viall shall be poured out on the great River Euphrates.

[Page 14] 5 Whereas Master Brightman saith, that the Beast the Pope of Rome, did spring up with Constantine, the first Christian Emperor; and was made great by the first Nicene Councell.] This is much to the dishonour of the truth, for Popery is of a farre later date and growth. And Master Brightman doth confesse, Chap. 13. that his opinion is new, and himself the first man that durst adventure to say so: If he had said from the second Nicene Councell, wherein Images were esta­blished, he had come neerer the truth.

Philippus Nicolaus a Lutheran Divine, (an acute and learned man, saith Master Mede) that wrote above thirty years ago, doth lay great imputations upon the Calvinists, saying, Cap. 10. De Regno Christi; Ecclesia militantis Novissima calamitas a Calvinianis promanabit: That the last calamity of the Church Militant shall be occasioned by the Calvinists; and much more he addeth against them, as well as against Papists and Turkes, Brightman, Nicolaus and Parker do all agree in this, that there shall come great Calamities upon the Church. Hoc tantum addo, quod inevitabilis quaedam malorum mensura nostris cervicibus incumbit, as Nicolaus saith.

6 Master Parker saith, that the Sunne upon whom this fourth Viall falleth, shall be distempered with heat; not extinguished.] God grant that the Sun of the Gospel be not totally eclipsed, nor our Candlestick remo­ved from us; but that these troubles prove no more then a distemper; mean while to prevent the worst, the Text saith plainly, verse 9. that onely Repentance can do it, and to give God the glory, who hath pow­er over these plagues: Which that he would moderate and stoppe, and put an end to these great troubles, is earnestly to be begged by humble and fervent prayers.

[Page 15]But whatsoever the Interpretation be of these ab­struse 7 and mysticall points in the Revelation; it is not safe for any men, to ground any action upon presum­ption or confidence that now the time is come when things shall be fulfilled, and that it doth belong to them to execute the Wrath of God against Papists or any others, whom they imagine to be designed by the Holy Ghost.


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