[Page] THE QUAKERS UNMASKED, And clearly detected to be but the Spawn of Romish Frogs, Jesuites, and Franciscan Fryers; sent from Rome to seduce the intoxicated Giddy-headed English Nation.

By an Information taken upon Oath in the City of Bristol, January, 22. and some evident Demonstrations.

By William Prynne of Swainswick, Esa

1 Sam. 14. 15. And there was Trembling (or Quaking) in the Host, in the field, and among the people: The Garrisons and the Spoylers, they also Trembled, and the earth Quaked; so it was a very great trembling (or Quaking.)
2 Tim. 3. 5, 6, 7, 8. Having a form of godlinesse, but denying the power thereof; FROM SUCH TURN AWAY. For of such sort are they which CREEP INTO HOUSES, and LEAD CAPTIVE silly women, laden with sins, led away WITH DIVERS LUSTS; Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the Truth. Now as Jannes and Jambres withstood Moses, so do these resist the truth; MEN OF CORRUPT MINDES, Reprobate (or of NO JUDG­MENT) concerning the Faith.

The Second Edition Enlarged.

London, Printed for Edward Thomas, at the Adam and Eve in Little Britain, 1664.

The Quakers unmasked, and clear­ly detected to be but the Spawn of Romish Frogs; Jesuites, and Franciscan Popish Fryers; sent from Rome, to seduce the intoxicated Giddy-headed English Nation.

THE 2 Pet. 2. 1, 2, 3. But there were also false Prophers among the people, even As there shall be false Teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destru­ction, And many shall follow their pernicious wayes, by rea­son of whom, the way of Truth shall be evill spoken of, and through covetousnesse shall they with seigned words make Merchandise of you; whose judgement now of a long time lingreth not, and their damnation sl [...]m­breth not, &c. Is both a Prophesie of our times, and liuely Character of our Nation, who had never more cause to minde and practise that caution of our blessed Sav our, Math. 7. 15, 16, 17. Beware of false Prophets which come to you in sheeps cloathing, but inwardly they are Ravening Wo'ves, ye shall know them by their fruits, then they have at this day; when such multitudes of Romish Wolues, Locusts, Caterpillers, of all Sects, Orders; (as Jesuites, Franciscans, Benedictines, Domi­nicans, and the like come freely over in whole Troops from foreign Seminaries and Cels, act their several parts and [Page 2] Pageants on the Theatre of our distracted English Church and State, to bring both of them to [...] under all sorts of disguises, without any watches or searches at all to se­clude, detect, eject, correct, their persons discover their pernicious Impostures, or prevent their designes against us. It was Gods complaint of old, Jer. 12. 7, 9, 11. I have for­saken my House, I have left mine Heritage, I have given the dearly beloved of my Soul into the hands of her Enemies. Mine Heritage is unto me as a speckled bird, all the Birds round about are against her; Come ye, assem­ble all the Beasts of the field, come to devour. Many Pa­stors have destroyed my Vineyard, they have troden my Portion under foot, they have made my pleasant portion a desolate Wildernesse. They have made it desolate, and being desolate, it mourneth unto me; the whole land is desolate, because no man layeth it to heart. And may it not be our complaint, (at least in respect of the purity, sincerity, practicall power of Religion, Church Discipline and Order, if not of our Civill Rights and Liberties) at this very instant. Compare but the Stationers Beacons fired, with Ramsy the Jesuites examination at Newcastle (June 1653.) my Romes Master-Piece, The Popish Royal Favourite, Hidden workes of Darknesse brought to publick Light, my Epistle to the second part of A Seasonable, Legal, and Historicall Vin­dication of the Fundamental Liberties and Lawes of England, and this ensuing late Information, taken before the Town-Clark, and Magistrates of the City of Bristol concer­ning the New Sect of QƲAKERS, or SHAKERS (derived rather from prophane Belshazzar, Dan. 5. 9. And those the Prophet David thus prayes against, Psal. 69. 23. Let their eyes be darkned that they see not, and MAKE THEIR LOINS CONTINƲALLY TO SHAKE; then from that perfect E­vangelical Spirit and love of God which casteth out fear, shaking, torment, and makes the Saints alwaies rejoyce in Gods love and favour, 1 John 4. 4. Phil 4. 4. Rom. 5. 2) lately brought into, and set up in England by Franciscan Fryers and Jesuites sent from Rome, who I spread themselves like Gan­greens or Locusts over most parts of the Nation; and make the very Pillars of our Church, State, and whole Land to shake and [Page 3] tremble; and then we may (by way of seasonable admonition) conclude of them, their Disciples, all other New Sects and separate Conventicles, of late years erected amongst us by them and their Confederates, in every corner in St. John's words, 1 Epist. 2. 18, 19. Little children it is the last time, and as ye have heard that Antichrist shall come, EVEN NOW ARE THERE MANY ANTICHRISTS: whereby we know that it is the last time. They went out from us, but they, were not of us, for if they had been of us, they would no doubt have continued with us; but they went out, that it might be made manifest, that they were not at all of us: which will evidently appear by;

The INFORMATION of George Cowlishaw of the City of Bristol aforesaid Ironmonger, taken the 22. day of Janua­ry, 1654.

Who informeth ON HIS OATH: that in the Month of September last, this Informant had some discourse in Bristol with one Coppinger, an Irish man, formerly a School-fellow of his, that came purposely thither for his passage into Ireland, who told this Informant, THAT HE HAD LIVED IN ROME AND ITALY Eight or Nine Years, and had taken upon him THE ORDER OF A FRYER OF THE FRAN­CISC AN COMPANY: And he told this Informant, that he had been AT LONDON lately for some months, and whilest he was there, he had been at all the Churches, and Meetings, publick and private, that he could hear of, and that none came so near him, As the Quakers: And being at a meeting of the Quakers, he there met with two of his acquaintance in Rome (the which two persons were of the same Franciscan Order and Company) that were now become Chief Speakers amongst the Qua­kers, and he himself had spoke among the Quakers in London about thirty times, and was well approved of amongst them. And this Informant further saith, that the said Mr. Coppinger asked him, what kinds of opinions in Religi­on there were in Bristol? and this Informant told him, That there were several opinions and judgements: and not naming any opinions of the Quakers; the said Mr. Coppin­ger [Page 4] asked him, whether there had been any Quakers in Bristol? And the Informant answered him, NO. Whereupon the said Mr. Copinger told him, the said Informant, two or three times That if he did love his Religion and his Soul, he should not hear them: Whereupon this Informant told him, that he thought none of them would come to Bristol: who expresly replyed, that if this Informant would give him five pounds, he would make it five hundred pounds, if some Quakers did not come to Bristol within three weeks or a month then following. And on the morrow following the said Coppinger departed this City for Ireland, his na­tive place, and about eighteen days after, there came to this City [Most likely his two fellow Franciscan Fryers fore­mentioned, who have there done much hurt and gained many Disciples; some whereof disturbed two of the Mi­nisters publickly in the Church, and assaulted, reviled one of them in the streets very lately] two persons that bear the name of Quakers.

This is a true Copy of the original Information taken upon Oath at Bristol as aforesaid, the 22. January, 1654, from whence the Reader and whole Nation may take no­tice, especially those in present power, who should pre­vent such dangerous growing mischiefs with greatest care, not to connive at them any longer.

1. That there are multitudes of Romish Emissaries and Vermin now residing and wandring up and down freely amongst us, to seduce and divide the people, by setting up New Sects and Separate Congregations in all places, and broaching new Notions and Opinions of all sorts, or old Heresies or Blasphemies; not saying Masses, praying to Saints and Images, or crying up the Popes Supremacy, &c. as hereto­fore. 2. That they are the chief Speakers and Rulers in most Separate Congregations, and particularly amongst the Quakers, amongst whom the Franciscan Fryers act their parts as well as the Jesuites.

3. That they have their several Missions and Directions into all parts from their generals and Superiors, of their respective orders, residing commonly in London (where they [Page 5] have a CONSISTORY AND COUNCEL sitting, that Rules all the Affairs of the things of England;) besides fixed officers in every Diocesse) & are all fore-acquainted both with the places and times of their several Missions; seeing Cop­pinger could so certainly predict the time of their Mis­sion and coming to Bristol, where they have done much harm, and assaulted, disturbed the Ministers both in pub­lique and private.

4. That the Popes, and these his Emissaries chief endea­vours are, to draw the people from our Churches, publique Congregations, Ordinances, Ministers, Religion and to See Thomas Cam [...]ella de Monarchia Hispanica c. 25, 27. divide and Crumble us into as many Sects, Separate Conventicles, as they have Popish Orders; and thereby into as many civil parties, factions, as possibly they can, to ruine us thereby, Mat. 12. 25, 27.

5. That by this their New Stratagem and Liberty, they have (under the Disguises of being Quakers, Seekers, Ana­baptists, Independents, Ranters, Dippers, Anti-Trinitarians, Anti-Scripturists and the like) gained more Proselytes, Dis­ciples, and done more harm in eight or nine years space to the Church and Realm of England, more prejudice, dis­honour, scandal to our Religion and Ministers, then ever they did by saying Masse, or Preaching, Printing any points of grossest Popery in 80. years time heretofore And if not speedily, diligently, restrained, repressed, will soon ut­terly overturn both our Church, Religion, Ministry, and State too in conclusion, having already brought them to sad confusions and distractions.

Now that which gives great cause of suspition, that these Quakers are either disguised Franciscan Fryers, or their seduced Disciples and Emissaries, is,

1. Their rambling about from place to place by two and two together, to vent and spread their Errors; as the Franciscan Fryers use by the See Regula Fratrum mino­rum sub Fran­ciso M [...]itanti­um. Ven. 150 [...]. Rules of their order are bound to do, and the Franciscans did here of late. 2. Their use of vile and course aray and condemning not only all Pride and Luxury, but lawfull decency in apparell in themselves and their Proselytes, in imitation of the See Surius & Riba [...] ­era, in vita & Regula Fratrum Mi­norum Sanct [...] Francisc▪ Franciscans.

[Page 6] 3. Their perswading people to desert their lawfull Cal­lings, imployments, and to embrace a kinde of idle, Monkish, lasie life, and ramble about from place to place to vent their pretended Visions, Revelations, Propheeies, Messages, and New Lights; A practise usual with Franciscan Fryers and St Francis their Founder. 4. Their rude and uncivil be­haviour in refusing to salute, or shew any reverential respect, honour, or humble deportment towards Magistrates, or other persons of what quality soever, either in words, or Ge­stures, (of which the rude cinical Franciscans are most guil­ty of all other Popish orders) contrary to express Scripture, Precepts and Presidents. Exod. 20. 12. Deut. 5. 19. Math. 15. 4. Ephes. 6. 2. 5. Rom. 13. 1, 2, 7. Heb. 12. 9. 1 Pet. 2. 13, 14, 17, 18. (an observable Text against them) Tit. 3. 1, 2. 1 Tim. 6. v. 1, 2, 3. (a notable text) Eph. 5. 33. Gen. 18. 2, 3. c. 19. 1, 2; c. 23: 7: c: 24: v: 31: c: 27: 19: c: 33: 3, 4, 6, 7: c: 37: 9, 10: c: 41: 43: c: 42: 6: c. 43: 26, 28, 29. c. 48. 12. c. 49. 8. Exod. 11. 8. Ruth 2. 10. 1 Sam. 20. 41. c. 24. 8. c. 25. v. 23, 24, 25, 41. c. 28. 14. 2 Sam. 9. 8. c. 14. 22, 33. 1 Kings 1. 16, 23, 31. 47. c. 2, 19. 2 Kin. 2. 15. c. 4. 26, 27, 37. 1 Chro. 21. 21. Est. 3. 2. which compared with Math. 10. 12. c. 5. 4. Mar. 9. 15. Lu. 1. 40. Acts 18. 22. c. 21. 7. c. 25. 13. 1 Cor. 16. 21. 2 Cor. 13. 13. Phil. 4. 21, 22. Col. 4. 10, 12, 15, 18. Rom. 16. 15. 7. 9. to 17. 2 Thess 3. 17. may teach these rude Quakers and their Di­sciples far better manners and civility, both in their ge­stures, behaviours, and words, then now they exercise.

5. Their Doctrines, That the Saints are perfectly holy in this life, and do not sin, being able to stand perfect in their own power: That they are as equally Holy, Just, Good, and Free from sin, as Christ and God himself: maintained by The perfect Pharise. p. 1, 2, 11, 14. Fox, Naylor, affirmed of St. Francis, the Father of the Franciscans, and justified by them, in their writings. as you may read in Surius and Ribadeniera in the life of St. Francis, and the blasphemous Book Conformitatum Beati Francisci ad vitam Jesu Christi, lib. 3. cum addition. Heir. Bucchii. Bon. 1590. first writ by Bartholomeus de Pisa, and approved by a Ge­neral Chapter of the Franciscans held at Assize, Aug. 2. 1389. [Page 7] and ratified by their Popes. Antonini Chronicon. Tit. 24. c. 1, 2. Vincentius Belvacensis. Speculum Hist. l: 3. c. 97. and Morney his Mystery of Iniquity. London. 1612. p. 347, 348.

It is the observation of many learned intelligent And of G. Emmot a late reclaimed Quaker in his Nothern Blast. Pro­testants, who have pried into the opinions and practises of all our late New Sects, That in their Books, Writings, Speakings, Preachments, Witnesse Extreame unction, used by many sepa­rate Congre­gations, and their recusan­cy to hear our Ministers, or come to our publick Or­dinances and the like. Practises, are interlarded, and mixed with some Jesuitical and Popish Tenants, Opinions, Ceremonies, and Practises; by which we may as visibly di­scover a Jesuite, a Popish Priest, or Fryer in them, as we may a Lyon by his paw. And nothing (in my judgement) more clearly detects the Popish Fryers, Priests, Jesuites, to be the principal Inventers of, erectors, actors, rulers, Speakers amongst our Quakers, & other New sects; then their preten­ded, See G Em­mot his Nor­thern Blast. with Gilpins Book, both relenting Quakers. extraordinary sudden extravagant Agonys, Trances, Qua­kings, Shakings, Raptures, Visions, Apparitions, Conflicts with Satan, Revelations, Illuminations, Instructions in new divine Mysteries and Seraphical Divinity, whereof they pretend they were wholly ignorant before, being illiterate persons; their inti­mate familiarity and immediate communion with God & Jesus Christ, in, and after their agonies and extasies: their extraordi­nary callings, Missions, Messages to such and such particular or­ders, sects, places persons; their sudden speaking, understanding of several languages which they pretend they never learned, but got by Inspiration: All which are the very same in form and substance with those ridiculous lying Enthusiasms, Impo­stures, Cheats, Agonies, See Wierus de Praestigiis Daemonum. l. 1. c. 10. & 17. in Jo. Gerson de Probatione Spirituum. Revelations, Visions, Raptures, Illuminations, Inspirations, Apparitions, &c. of Popish Saints, Fryers, Priests, Jesuites, Nunnes, recorded in the lying Le­gends and lives of their Romish Canonized SAINTS, by Capgrave, Surius, Lippomanes, Ribadeniera, Mafeus, and other of their fraternity, especially in the Lives of St. Francis, Ignatius Loyola (the founders of the Franciscans and Je­suites orders, the principal Actors, Speakers amongst the Quakers, and other late Enthusiasts, if fully examined) and of St. Dominick, for men: & of St. Katherine of Sienna, and St. Imitated b some women Quakers. Briget of Sweden, for women. Out of this St. Brigets [Page 8] Life and Revelation, printed in Folio at Nuremberg; An. 1524. most of our Male and Female Quaker Extravagant new Revelations and Impostures are extracted, as those who will but compare them may at first discern. And though they conceal their Jesuitisme and grossest points of Popery from their Disciples at first, baiting their hookes only with pleasing Novelties, shewes of Superlati [...]e Sanctity, and Se G. Emmot his Northern Blast. p. 1. 13. 14. The per­fect Pharise. p. 9, 10, 11, 14. 29. 35. &c. invectives against our Ministers, Ordinances, Church Tithes, Presbyterian Government, and the like; that so they may more easily catch the silly people; yet they discover their Jesuitical Positions and Popish Doctrines, more openly by degrees; at last, (as Evangelical perfection, Justification by our own inherent righteousness and holiness, &c.) crying them up for new Gospel Light amongst the ignorant vulgar; and crying down our Protestant Ministers, Ordinances, Sacra­ments, the Articles of our Creed, Church Litergies, Gods Ten Commandements, the Lords Prayer, our Churches, and sometimes the Letter of the Old and New Testament as Popish and The Jesuites, Popish Priests and Fryers condemned our Ministers here tosore as unlawful Ministers, because they derived not their ordina­tion from the Church of Rome: now they turn the scales and af­firm them to be no lawful Ministers but Antichristian and popish upon this false pretext, That they derive their ordinati­on and Mini­stery from the Pope and Church of Rome. Antichristian: As the Fryars and Jesuites did heretofore in their Books and Discourses in their very language. And it is evident by some late in­stances, that they are Anti-magistratical as well as Anti-mi­nisterial. Yea that these See John Gilpins, and others printed Relations con­cerning the Quakers in the North. Quakers use inchanted Potions, Bra­clets, Ribons, Sorcery and Witch-craft, to intoxicate their Novices and draw them to their party; As Simon Magus bewitched the people of Samaria with his Sorceries, Acts 69. 11. and other seducing false teachers, bewitched the foolish Galatians, that they should not obey the truth, Gal. 3. 1. which Enchantments, Sorceries, Charmes, Fascinations, and Exorci­smes are very frequent amongst Popes, and Popish Priests, Monkes, Fryers, Jesuites, as you may read at large in Jo­annes, Wierus de Prestigiis Daemonum & Incantationibus. Ba­silae. 1568. especially l. 2. c. 7. l. 5. c. 2, 3. &c. Platina, Benno Cardinalis, Balleus, and others in the lives of Popes Silvester, 2. Benedict the 9. John 20. and 21. and other Popes, who were all most infamous Magicians, Sorcerers, and Inchanters, by which black arts they got the Papacy. And Dell Rio, his Disquisitio Magie, and John Jee his Foot out of the [Page 9] Snare, London, 1624. will prove the Jesuites and Priests in Engand are still accustomed to them, to win and seduce their Proselytes. Whence we finde this Scripture-expres­sion concerning Romish Babylon, Revel. 18. 23. By thy SORCERIES were ALL THE NATIONS DECEIVED. Now for our Quakers, and others better instruction, I shall inform them by way of Caution of these considera­ble particulars, relating to their Agonies, Inspirations and Revelations.

1. That the Joannes Wi [...] ­rus de Presti­giis Daemo­num. l. 1. c. 11. Petrus Thya­raeus de Demoniacis & obsessis, pars 1. c. 3. to 9. pars 2. c. 25, 27 Georgius Pisto­rius de Demo­num ortu, Officiis, Illusi­onibus, &c. Isagoge. Basiliae, 1563. Devil by Gods permissions frequently doth cause and produce, by his own immediate power, extra­ordinary strange Convulsions, Contractions, Distortions, Agonies, Tremblings, Quakings, Shakings, Motions, Je­stures of the Bodies, Members, Joynts, Nerves, Muscels both of men and women, when, where, and in what man­ner he pleaseth; as we see by common experience in such persons as are either possessed by the Devil himself, or be­witched by his Instruments; and by the Convulsions, Trances, Quakings, Shakings, Gestures of Witches, Sor­cerers and other, acted or possessed by the Devil; of which we have many examples in History and experience; and one recorded in the Gospel it self, Mar. 9. 17. to 28.

2. That it was the usual practice and custome of Devils heretofore by their Idolatrous Pagan Priests and Prophets to give answers in their temples, & oracles to their wor­shippers in Greece & other places, which of latter times and at this day is likewise frequent amongst the Pagan idola­trous Indians, by humane voyces, nods, antique gestures; affictis sub inde gestibus Furentium, nonnunquam Ebriorum, alias Trementium, aut Ridiculae Gesticuiantibus, as De Praestigiis Daemonum, l. 1. c. 1. p. 63. Joanni Wie­rus relates out of Strapo Geogr. lib. 16. Their Priests (who were and are See Purchas Pilg. l. 8. c. 6. l. 9. c. 6. Wierus de Praestigiis Dem l. 2 c. 3.4 usually Witches and Sorcerers) when they prophecied and gave answers to the people, being cast in­to strange real or feigned Extasies, Trances and Quaking fits, using sometimes the gestures of mad-men, sometimes of Drunkards, other times of Quakers, Tremblers, and of ridiculous Anticks; oft-times howling, shaking their brests, foaming at the mouth, and falling down in a swoon, (as some of our Quakers do now) as if they had the Fal­ling [Page 10] sickness, the Devil in seeming entring into, and acting in them; as you may read at leisure in Wierus and Mr. Samuel Purchas his Pilgrimage, l. 9. cap. 5. l. 8. cap. 6. and elsewhere in his Voyages. VVhether our Quakers Shaking-fits, Con­vulsions, Trances, Agonies, running As William Strickland and others did at Kendal. See the Perfect Pharisee, Lon­don 1654. p. 20, 42, 43. about naked into the open streets sometimes, and to particular Persons, Towns, Mi­nisters, Magistrates, with pretended Messages, Prophe­cies and Oracles from God, (but really from the Devil himself) like so many distracted Bedlames, Drunkards, Antiques, Furies and Enthusiasts, are not exactly paral­leld with, and originally derived from these Idolatrous Pagan Idol-priests, and the very Devil himself; I refer you to John Gilpin (a reclaimed Quaker) his late printed Relation touching his own Shaking-fits and Actions, (pro­ceeding from the Devils possessing of, and acting in him, as he and others believed) and to those who have seen them in their Fits and Raptures; the wisest whereof are of that opinion, and many of the vulgar people too. These Quaking Fits and Trances were really and feigned­ly taken up, and imitated of late times by many Popish Priests, Monks, Nuns, and female Saints, as you may read at leisure in Surius, Ribadeniera, and other Collectors of their Lives and Legends: and which verified Coppingers relation, and Cowlishaw his oath; Mr. Tillam the Admini­strator of the Anabaptistical new-dipped Congregation at Hexam, near New-castle, (a See a False Jew discover­ed, anno 1653. p. 6, 1. 1. Papist or Popish Priest of late, though now a zealous Anabaptist and Dipper) in his Banners, p. 24. professeth, That these Shakings, Tremblings and Ex­tasies, (now used by the Quakers) were derived from the FRANCISCAN FRYARS, as Mr. Tho. Weld Richard Pri­derux, Sam. Hammond, William Cole, William Durant, (five reverend Ministers in & near New-castle) assure us in their Perfect Pharisee, under Monkish Holiness, manifesting it self in the generation of men called QUAKERS, London, 1654. p. 13. who by their Emissaries first infected the Northern parts about Kendal and Lancaster with this Sect, and now the Western parts by George Fox, John Audland, James Nayler, and other of their Disciples sent from thence, [Page 11] whose Heretical, Erronious, Blasphemous opinions, and unchristian Practises, are solidly and fully refuted in this their Treatise.

3. That as Hereticks, Schismaticks and seducers, do derive their Heresies, Doctrines, Practises from the very Devil himself, the Father of Lyes, Lying prophesies, Heresies, Errors, as the Scripture attests in possitive terms, 1 Kings 22. 21, 22, 23. 2 Chron. 18. 21, 22. Zech. 13. 2, 3, Rev. 18. 2 John 8. 44. 1 Tim. 4. 1, 2. 2 Thes. 2. 9, 10, 11. Rev. 16. 13, 14. Acts 13. 10. 1 John 3. 8. who frequently (to delude and seduce men with more facility) transforms himself and his Ministers into Angels of light, and Apostles of Christ, as if they were the only saints and Ministers of righteousness; when as in truth they still are but Devils, false Apostles, and deceitful workers or Impostors, as the Scripture expresly defines them, 2 Cor. 11. 13, 14, 15. as that Devil who tem­pted our Saviour to cast himself down from the pinnacle of the Temple, with a Scripture misapplied, and mutilated, was still a Devil, though he alledged Scripture to accomplish his designes (as his seducing Instruments now do) Math. 4. 5, 6, 7, 8. Luke 4. 9. to 13. So some Hereticks and Seducers of old, as Simon Magus, Marcion, Menander, Thedo­tus, Carpocrates, Eutyches, and others have actually traded with, received their Heretical Tenents from, and been possessed by the Devil himself; as Lib. 3 de Excid: Heir: Egesippus, De Anima, li Tertullian, His: 5: c. 16. 33. Eusebius, Lib. 1, & 4. Fab: Theodoret, Haeres: 22. l. 3 c 3. Epiphanius, De Demo­niacis pars 2. c 21. p. 55. Petrus Thyareus, with others record: yea, many Popish Monks, Fryers, Priests, Nunns, Papi [...]s specially Females, have likewise been actually possessed, seduced, cast into strange, real, or feigned Extasies, Agonies, Shakings, convulsion Fits, Trances, and inspired with strange Revelations, Visions, Dreams, Fancies, Opinions, Prophesies and Enthusiasms by the very Devil himself, as you may read at large in Joannes Wierus De Praestigiis Daemonum; in Petrus Thyareus (a Jesuite) his Daemoniaci: hoc est, De obsessis à Spiritibus Daemoniorum Hominibus. Coloniae Agrip. 1598. and in Sir Edwin Sands his Europae Speculum. 1629. p. 169. where thus he writes. That the multitude of Indemo­niati; (or persons possessed with the Devil) WHEREOF [Page 12] MOST ARE WOMEN, is so hugh in Italy, even as of witches in Savoy: of which some are daily cured in shew, by their Enor­cisms (being most of them Impostors to cheat the peo­ple) but for one that is holpen, almost twenty are either past their curing, or otherwise (as in Counterfeits) unwilling to be cured.

4. That William Lindan. Dialog. 3. Dubitantii & Petrus Thyreus De Daemoniatis pars. 2. c. 21. p. 56, 57, 58. write expresly; that some of the Ring-leaders and Cap­taines of the Anabaptists, and some of their new Con­verts, have not only communion and familiarity with the Devil, but in all probability, are likewise actually possessed by him, though they be not raging mad, and furious: Because some of them have (not only such ra­ptures, Agonies, Fits and Quakings as persons actually possessed by the Devil use to have) so soon as they have deserted the Catholicks Religion, and adhered to that sect: but Mox, post haustum poculum, aut sumptam buccellam no­rant Sacras literas legere, &c. Presently after the drinking of some potion, or eating of a Sop, which their chief Apostles give them, they know how to read the sacred Scriptures without any teaching, though they could not read before; to dispute of divine things they knew not before which they alledge to oppugn the true faith and Religion; and forget so soon as they return to the true Religion; of which Thyreus gives two instances on his own knowledge; one of a Taylor; the other of a Country peasant. Now who (writes he) can doubt, that this proceeds from the evil spirit dwelling in them. For it is apparent that neither the sop meat nor drink they took, had any such vir­tue as to instil the knowledge of the sacred Scriptures into them. Neither is it God who confers this learning on them, seeing they are enemies to his true faith and religion, and lead (usually) a most impure life. Therefore since they get it not by study, nor the instruction of any man, from whence should they have it, but from the Evil Spirit that dwell within them? Besides, what is the cause, that so soon as they return to the Tents of the Catholicks again, they forget all or most of the things they re­membred before, and know not how to read, though they could read as well as most, whiles they continued in theirheresy: but [Page 13] that the Devil, their Tutor forsakes & leaves them to them­selves? Ʋpon which grounds some men justly suspect & conceive, THAT IT IS NOT THE ANABAPTISTS PROPERLY WHO SPEAKE SCRIPTURES THUS BY THEM­SELVES, sed Daemones in Anabaptistis loqui; BUT THAT THE DEVILS SPEAKE IN THE ANABAP­TISTS: even as when persons possessed by the Devil speak strang Languages they knew not before, See Tostarus Abulensis in 8? Math. qu. 114. it is not themselves but the Devil in them who form the voices and the sounds. which he proves more largely. pars: 1. c. 17. p. 44, 45.

From all these particulars, I refer it to the most serious consideration of all our Quakers, Shakers and other Ana­baptistical Enthusiasts, as likewise of those who are ad­dicted to their wayes, or tolerate their courses without opposition; whether all their Shakings, Quakings, Extasies, Revelations, Inspirations, Prophesies, and new Illuminations, which are real and not counterfeit (as many of them are) proceed not from the very See the perfect Pharisee p. 41. &c. Delusions and Inspirations of the Devil himself, and his Instruments, Ministers sent over from Jesuitical and Popish Ceminaries, Cells, Monasters, to seduce them by such Sorceries and Impostures as these from our Reformed Church and Religion, rather then from the Impulses, Dictates, Illuminations, Revelations, of Gods holy Spirit? And so much the rather because many of their Doctrines, Positions, Practises are not only meer Monkish and Popish, but also directly contrary and destructive to the two great Ordinances of God in the world, Magistracy and Ministry, so much commended by Gods Spirit in the Gospel; Yea some of them most Atheistical, Irreligious, Blasphemous, Diabolical, Ʋnchristians, Ʋn-evangelical, diametrically contrary to the Scripture and Fundamental Principals of the Gospel, dictated by Gods Spirit; as you may read at large, in The perfect Pharise under Monkish Holinesse, &c. in the Generation of men called QUAKERS; To which I shall refer the Reader, where in the Blasphemies, Heresies, Popish Tenents of John Autland, George Fox, and James Nayler (three of the prin­ciple Quakers sent to Bristol) are so fully detected and [Page 14] solidly refuted, that it made them ashamed to continue in their former Quarters, and to pretend a New divine Mission from God, to spread their Heresies & blasphemies in the West (though not so fit for Quakers as that Northern colder Climate of England and Scotland, where many Shake and Quake for cold alone, without the Spirits motion) whether they deserve to be sent packing again, or, into some sorraign Franciscan Cells, or Jesuites Semenaries, from whence their Sect was immediately propagated, by Jesuites and Fryers sent from thence, to act the parts of Independants and Sectaries, to blow up differences and conten­tions amongst us; as you may read at large in Mr. Edwards his Gangrena; part third. p. 99. and in a Grandees printed Speech in the painted Chamber. 4. Sept. 1654. p. 16, 17. to which I shall referre you for fuller Conviction.

Let all our Rulers, Ministers and people therefore, who have any care of their own or others Souls; or our Churches, Kingdomes, safety and settlement, now seriously consider that speech of our Saviour Christ himself, John 10. 1. 10, 11, 12. Verily, verily, I say unto you; He that entreth not by the Door into the Sheepfold, but climbeth up some other way, (as these new Romish Apostles and wandring Predi­cants do) THE SAME IS A THEEF and A ROBBER The theef cometh not BUT FOR TO STEAL, AND TO KILL, DESTROY. The good Shepherd giveth his life for the Sheep: But he that is an hireling, and not the Shepherd, whose own the Sheep are not, seeth the woolf coming, and leaveth the Sheep and fleeth, and the woolf catcheth them, and scattereth the Sheep. And such false Shepherds and hirelings (whether Ecclesiastical or Temporal) who through negligence, cowardize, or any other designe, shall See my Sword of Christian Magistracy supported: & Mr Thomas Edwards trea­tise against Toleration. suffer such Romish Woolves, Theeves and Robbers as these, to scatter and devour their sheep in St. Bernards verdict are PASTORES, NON OVIUM, SED LUPORIUM: Pastours only of the Woolves, not Sheep; and in the opinion of Christ, and all real Christians likewise.

Fredericus Broeckrous in his Epistle Dedicatory to the States of Holland and West-Frizland, before his Antidotum Errorum [Page 15] praecipuorum in Tractatu de Deo, &c. D. Conradi Vorstii, observes and proves at large; That nothing is more dishonest or more pernicious to mankinde and humane society, than the toleration & propagation of false religions, contrary to the do­ctrine of the Prophets and Apostles. 1. Because men are here­by 2 Pet. 2. 1. 2 Thes. 2. 10, 11. compared with John 17. 3. 2 Pet. 2. 1, 2. &c. 2 Thes. 2. 10, 11. Gal. 5. 20, 21. Rom. 16. 17, 18. 1 Tim. 4. 1, 2, 3. 2 Tim. 3. 1. to 9. 2 Pet. 2. 1. to the end. Jude 4. to 20. withdrawn from the true God, the fountain of all hap­piness. 2. Because thereby they are deprived of the possessi­on of Eternal life. 3. Because false religions are the most deadly poisons to mens souls, which bring a speedy and infallible death & damnation to all Eternity if persisted in. 4. Because by them men are made twofold more the children of hell than they were before, Mat. 23. 16. 5. Because there­by all Piety is undermined, abolished; and in Christian States all Wickedness, Impiety, Cruelty, Folly and Wretchedness, in­stilled into the hearts of men. 6. Because by differences and multiplicity of opinions and controversies in Religion, the greatest of people are brought; 1. To doubt of the truth of Christian Religion. 2. To slight and neglect it, toge­ther with the Ministry and publick Ordinances. 3. To give over prayer, and private family-Duties. 4. To oppose Re­ligion, and resist the propagation of the Gospel. 5. In conclusion, to renounce all Religion, and turn professed Scepticks, Seekers, Atheists (as we finde by sad experien­ces.) 6. Because Pagans, Infidels, and others, are discou­raged from embracing the doctrine of Christianity, when they find so many controversies and disputes even among Christians themselves: And the common Enemies of the true reformed Religion, and Romish Emissaries hereby take occasion to calumniate that true Religion we profess, and to seduce the ignorant people from it, to embrace their damnable and superstitious practices: Upon which considerations, Euseb. d. vi­ta Constantini. Socrates Eccl. Hist. l. 1. c. 9. Theodor. Hist. Eccles. l. 5. c. 6. Constantine the great, In my Sword of Christian Magistracy supported, and Truth trium­phing over falshood. Theodosius, and all zealous Christian Emperors, Kings, Princes, and Gover­nors truly fearing God, in all ages, have made it their princi­pal care & study to maintain peace and unity, concord in the purity and principles of Religion; to suppress all Heresies, Er­rors, Schisms, repugnant thereunto, both by Laws and penal­ties, as I have elsewhere largely evinced against all oppugners [Page 16] of the civil Magistrates coercive power, and Jurisdiction in matters of Religion, who never yet returned the least re­ply thereunto in sundry years, though challenged to do it.

We shall conclude all with this word to Magistrates, Cant. 2. 15. Take for us the Foxes, the little Foxes that spoyle the Vines, for our Vines have tender grapes. Search after re­strain, secure, prosecute, punish all Romish Foxes, Wolves, Conspirators, Enemies, Traytors to our Church and Religion, (according to our Lawes and Statutes yet in force against them) with as great diligence, care, zeal, as you now search after, restrain, secure, prosecute any reall, or imaginary Plotters, Conspirators, Enemies, Traytors to the Kingdome, Nation, or to your selves: And be as vigilant, as industrious to secure Gods and our Churches cause, interest, as your own, that so you may turn away Gods wrath, and inherit Phineas bis praise and benediction for his zeale in this kinde, Num. 25. 11, 12. 23. with these four A­postolical Admonitions and Cautions to the people, recorded in the Gospel, as the best Preservatives against Seducers, Rom. 16. 17, 18. Now I beseech you Brethren mark them which cause DIVISIONS and OFFENCES, contrary to the Do­ctrine which you have received, & AVOID THEM. For they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own bellies, and by good words and fair speeches, deceive the hearts of the simple. But evill men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving & being deceived. But continue thou in the 2. Tim. 3. 13. 14. things which thou hast heard and hast been assured of, knowing of whom thou hast learned them, Ephes. 4. 14. Henceforth be [...] more children, tossed to and fro, and carried about with even wind of doctrine, by the slight of men, and cunning craftinesse whereby they lie in wait to deceive. ‘And 2. John 10. 11. If there come any unto you, and bring not this Do­ctrine, receive him mot into your house, neither bid him God speed, for he that biddeth him God speed IS PAR­TAKER OF HIS EVIL DEEDS, with this sad Meme [...] to such who are reduced by these Impostors, 2. Thess. 2. 9, 10, 11, 12, whose coming is after the working of Satan [Page 17] with all power, and Signs, & lying wonders; and with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish, be­cause they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved: And for this cause God shall send them strong delusions, that they shall believe a lye; that they might all be damned, who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousnesse: and like the unjust Judge, Luke 18. 2. 4. Neither fear God, nor regard or reverence men. 2 Cor. 11. 13, 14, 15. For such are false Apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the Apostles of Christ. And no marvel, for Sa­tan himself is transformed into an Angel of light. There­fore it is no great thing if his Ministers be also transform­ed as the Ministers of Righteousness, whose end shall be according to their works.’

With these sacred Scriptures to these New quaking male Prophets whom God never sent abroad to seduce the peo­ple of England, but the very Father of Lies. Jer. 14. 14, 15, 16. ch. 23. 21. to 33. ch. 27. 15. ch. 29. 31. These Prophets prophesie lies in my name, I SENT THEM NOT, NEI­THER HAVE I COMMANDED THEM, NEITHER SPAKE UNTO THEM: They prophesie unto you a false vision & divination, and a thing of nought, and the deceit of their heart. I have not sent these Prophets, yet they run; I have not spoken to them, yet they prophecyed; I have heard what the Prophets said, that prophesie lyes in my name, saying, I have dreamed, I have dreamed: How long shall this be in the hearts of the Prophets that prophesie lyes? yea they are Prophets of the deceit of their own heart, which think to cause my peo­ple to forget my name by THEIR DREAMS which they TEL EVERY MAN TO HIS NEIGHBOR. Therefore behold, I am against the Prophets saith the Lord, that steal my See Alphonsi d Vargas. Re­latio, p. 317. 330. word every one from his neighbor; that use their tongues, and say, be saith: Against them that do prophecy false dreams, and do tell them, & cause my people to erre by their lyes, yet I sent them not, nor commanded them; therefore they shall not profit this people at all saith the Lord: FOR THEY PROPHECIE A LYE unto you; for I have not sent them, saith the Lord, yet [Page 18] prophesie a Lye in my name, that I might drive you out, and that ye might perish; ye, and the Prophets that pro­phecie unto you; for I will powr their wickednesse up­on them. With these Gospel-Texts to our New Quaking Female Prophetesses, who now (in imitation of the New Order of Jesuitesses, who out of a pretended zeal of propaga­ting the Gospel, and converting Souls to God, presumed to wander abroad, and preach publickly in England and else­where to women and others, above the imbecility, and beyond the modesty of their sex for sundry years, to the great scandal of Religion, till at last they were excommunicated and to­tally suppressed by Pope Ʋrban the third, his Bull, Anno Dom. 1631. printed at Rome 1632.) presume to speak pub­lickly to the people in some of their Congregations, as well as to deliver certain pretended Messages from the Lord (who never sent them) to private Ministers and others. 1 Cor. 14. 33, 34, 35, 37. Let your Women keep silence in your Churches (or Assemblies) FOR IT IS NOT PER­MITTED UNTO THEM TO SPEAK; but, they are commanded to be under obedience, as also saith the Law. And if they will learn any thing, let them aske their Husbands (if married) at home. For it is a shame for wo­men to speak in the Church: For God is not the Author of confusion, (or tumult) but of Peace, as in all the Churches of the Saints. If any man thinks himself to be a Prophet, or Spiritual; let him acknowledge that the things that I write unto you (and this against women speaking publickly in the Church) are the Commandments of the Lord: There­fore their speaking against Gods Commandments in this sort, is onely by the instinct, mission, and command of the very Devil, in opposition to these Gospel-precepts: thus se­conded again by the Holy Ghost, 1 Tim. 2. V. 11, 12, 13, 14. Let the Women learn in silence with all subjection: For I suffer not a woman to teach, to Ʋsurp authority over the Man; but TO BE IN SILENCE, for Adam was first framed, then Eve: and Adam was not deceived, but the Woman being deceived was in the transgression. And let those who run after, and listen to these Feminine Pre­dicants [Page 19] remember that of Isa. 27. V. 11. The Women come and set them on fire; for it is a people of no understanding; therefore he that made them will not have mercy on them, and he that formed them will shew them no favour.

And with this complaint and prayer to God himself, Psal. 60. [...], 2. ‘O God thou hast cast us off, thou hast broken us, thou hast been displeased: O turn thy self to us again: Thou hast made the land to tremble; thou hast broken (and So the old Translation renders it. divided it) O heal the breaches thereof, FOR IT SHAKETH.’


A Post-script.

THat the Jesuites ‘(The See Ludovi­cus Lucius H st. Jesuitica, P. 293, 235, 328, 336, 447, 592, 624. Pests and Perturbers of all Republicks, who domineer by discords, tu­mults, Sects and Schisms)’ (as well as Franciscan Fryers) have a principal hand in erecting, promoting the new sect of Quakers or Shakers lately sprung up, and much increased amongst us, and that by Diabolical delu­sions, sorceries, enchantments, practices, to divide us as much as possible, and extirpate our Ministers and Religi­on; these particulars superadded to the premises, may more than probably perswade, if not satisfactorily convince all intelligent English Protestants, and our Quakers like­wise; for whose information I have made them publick, being unknown to most, who are utterly ignorant of the stratagems of these Imps of Satan, to seduce them, to their eternal ruine.

1. That Ignatius Loyola, the Father of the Jesuites, and first Founder General of their Order (at first a Soldier by profession) when he began to play the Impostor, Sedu­cer, and institute his New Sect, ‘pretended a divine Call from God, and Jesus Christ, appearing to him, where­upon he left his former Profession, House, Habitation, cast off his costly Apparel, (which he gave away to the [Page 21] poor) cloathed himself in course Sackeloth and ragged beggarly cloathes, lying upon the bare ground with­out a bed, wandred up and downe in them from place to place, like a pilgrim, professing the study of poverty, penance, Mortification and contempt of the world, leading a most austere life for a time, mostly eating little else but course bread, drinking nothing but cold water, fasting the greatest part of the week, except on the Lords-day; conversing with the poorest and meanest sort, teaching and preaching to them often gratis in the open streets and woods, and all other places where he came, without any Ordination or licence at all from the Bishops or Clergy, exhorting them to repentance austerity of life, and contempt of all earthly things; whereby he got great estimation amongst the rude peo­ple, (especially for his pains in instructing their chil­dren and them without any Reward) gained many followers and some Scholars likewise to be his Com­panions:’ Maffaeus Vegius, Ribadeniera, Joannis Eusebius Niremberger, Hasenmullerus (all Jesuites) record at large in his Life, with Hospinian, and Ludovicus Lucius in their Historia Jesuitica: And is not this the very pra­ctise of our Quakers and Shakers now, who exactly imitate him herein?

2. That Ignatius upon his first resolution to enter into this new strict kinde of Life, and erect his New Jesuiticall Order, fell into a fit of Quaking and Trembling, as Ribadeniera (his Disciple) and others record in his Life: Yea, Hasenmullerus (who was a Jesuite sundry yeares, and lived in divers Jesuites Colledges) in the end of his Jesuitical History, with Ludovicus Lucius Historiae Jesuiticae, l. I. C. I. p. 8. record in expresse terms, from the Testimony of Tunianus the Jesuite. That Ignatius ‘ITA A DAEMONIBUS EXAGITATUM, was so vexed and SHAKEN BY DEVILS (not God or his spirit) both in his Dinner, Supper, MASSES; and likewise in his Recreations, that he powereth forth the most cold sweat of death in great plenty; tandem vero CƲM▪ TRE­MORE [Page 22] ipsum objisse, and that at last he died Quaking, o [...] with a TREMBLING, having a most black counte­nance.’ Yea, See Speculum Jesuiticum, p. 3, 4. 26. Ribadeniera himself, in the life of Ignatius l. 1. c. 5. 17. records; ‘That Ignatius had many conflicts with the Devil, who frequently appeared to him in the form of a Serpent, and that he whipped his companion Xavier whiles he was praying.’ And l. 5. c. 9. ‘That the Devil painted Ignatius so lively and exactly in his co­lours, that Laynes his companion much admired at it’ And yet cap. 8. and 10. he relates; ‘That Ignatius cured one possessed with a Devil with one word: that the De­vil in another possessed one, was cast out by the Jesu­ites, onely naming Ignatius to him; saying, Name not Ignatius to me, whom I most hate of all:’ And another Devil in a Maid possessed, said; ‘That Ignatius his greatest enemy, was in heaven after his death among other Founders of holy Religious Orders.’ Let our Quakers and their Disciples hereupon seriously consider and examine, whether their Quaking fits be not derived from this Father of the Jesuites; and proceed not origi­nally from the very Devils themselves, as his fits did▪ Yea, let them take heed they be not vexed and shaken by Devils as he was, and dye Quaking and Trembling as he did, with a most black countenance, as if he had been strangled by the Devils, which made him a Quaker first, and then a Seducer; whose Disciples have made most Christian Kingdoms, Churches (especially our own of late years) both to Quake and Tremble, and Shake them in pieces.

It is the observation of learned Gulielmus Ronde letius, Methodus curandi Mor­bos, c. 23. 39. See Wierus de Praestigiis Daemonum, l. 1. c. 11. Physitians; ‘That Shaking Palsies, Quakings, Tremblings of the Mem­bers and Joints, are very dangerous diseases, proceeding from the coldness and weakness of the Brain or Nerves, cold flegme, extraordinary cold weather:’ (which makes most shake without any divine influences of Gods Spirit) ‘sudden fears or frights, extraordinary Venery, Drunkennesse, frequent handling of Quicksil­ver, Poysonous fumes of Henbane, white Poppy or the [Page 23] like: And sometimes from Sorcery and the Devil himself contracting, shaking the Nerves and Muscles of the body in a violent manner:’ That if they grow inveterate they are hardly curable, and bring certain Death. Let our Quakers and new Trembling Paraliticks, examine, whether their Quakings and Tremblings (if real, not feigned, as some of them doubtless are) be not rather Diseases and Infirmities, then the motions of Gods Spirit in them, proceeding from some of these natural causes, (especially overmuch Venery, some of them having been late­ly taken shaking with their female Proselytes between the Sheets in a warm Bed, as I am credibly informed) or from the Devil or his Instruments, Sorceries, Enchant­ments; and let them speedily seek out for cure, lest they prove deadly to their Bodies and Souls too, in conclu­sion, as Ignatius his Quaking fits did.

3. ‘That many Jesuites and their Schollars study the art of Sorcery and Magick, and are Arch-Magicians; affir­ming blasphemously, that Paul himself received so great Revelations from Heaven, by being instructed in the Art of Magick: that St. John had skill in this Art; yea, that Christ himself was the most absolute Magician of all others; as Joannis Cambilhonus, (once a Jesuite in Styria) in his Relatio de abstructoribus Jesuitarum Artibus & Studiis, Printed 1608. & Ludovicus Luci­us Hist. Jesuitica, lib. 1. cap. 8. p. 172, 173. record.’ Yea, these two Authors, together with the See Ludovi­cus Lucius, Hist. Jesuiti­ca, p. 172 396, 432. University of Paris, in their Answer to Peere Cotton the Jesuite, (Confessor to King Henry the 4. of France) Thuanus. hist. I. 132. physiogmonia Jesuitica, Printed Lugduni 1610. & Speculum Jesuiticum p. 106, and do all attest: ‘That this Father Cotton was an Arch-Magician, and the best skilled in this black art of any of their Society: That the Jesuites themselves affirmed he had a Magical Glass, wherein he would plainly represent to the King what ever he desired to know; and that there was no thing done or consulted so secretly in the most private Cabi­nets of other Monarchs, which he could not disclose [Page 24] and reveal by the help of that constellated, or rather condiabolated Glass. That by the help of this Magi­cian, the Jesuites hoped to convert one of the greatest Protestant Princes of the Empire to their Religion and Party: That he consulted with the Devil many times, and demanded his resolution of sundry questions and doubts, which he entred into his Magick-book;’which Devil possessed one Adrian Fresna, a Maid at St. Victors in France, which he used as his instrument to predict many strange things: particularly, he demanded of the Devil that possessed her these Questions: What should be the issue of the Conversion of the Lord Lavalii, and of the Counsellors of the City of Gema Geneva? How long Heresie should continue? What hopes there were of the Conversion of such and such particular persons? How Hereticks might be most easily secluded from the Court? What was most profitable for the Conversion of all Hereticks? By what Sermons, Books, Means, the people might be most benefitted? What danger might be created by the Devils against the Jesuits Society? Whether God would permit him to know by him, the time wherein the heresie of Calvin should be extinguished? And (that which most con­cerned England) Qua ratione converti Rex Anglae, Re­gina, & Regnum maxime & facile quaeant? By what means THE KING, QUEEN, AND REALME OF ENGLAND MIGHT MOST OF ALL AND EA­SILY BE CONVERTED TO THE ROMAN RE­LIGION? Whether our Jesuitical Impostors, Quakers, and Enthusiasts do not now study, practice the self-same Art of Magick, Sorcery, and consult with the very De­vil himself in their Diabolically inspired, possessed Prophets and Prophesies, demand not the like Que­stions, Resolutions from them, and the Devil acting, speaking, Prophesying in them, as this Jesuite Cotton did from this possessed Girle, and the Devil in her, let their owne practices and consciences resolve them and o­thers? And how truly they act the Jesuites parts in these particulars, See Speculum Jesuiticum. p. 59, 60, 62, 63. Hasenmullerus (a reclaimed Jesuite) in his Historia Jesuitica, cap. 8. records. That John th [...] [Page 25] Jesuite in his Sermon, 15. October, 1583. publiquely said, Believe me, the Devils follow us Jesuites every where. ‘That the Monks of Ʋldaric would have cast out a Devil out of one possessed, but he would not depart: Being interrogated, why he would not? He answered, I will not depart before my three Sonnes (so he termed the Jesuites) who are passing from Delinga hither, are come; who no sooner entred the house, but the Devil departed out of the person possessed: most likely to en­ter into these Sonnes of his, whom the Devils every where follow. Yet the Hasenmulle­rus Hist. Je­suitica c. 8. Speculum Je­suiticum p. 62, 63. Petrus Thyraeus de Daemoniacis. Jesuites boast of many Devils ejected by them, out of their feminine Proselytes and others: particularly, the Rector of the Jesuits at Vienna records; that a Maid possessed with Devils, who could not be dispossessed by any Exorcismes, coming at length to their Jesuites Church was there freed, and no less then 156152. Devils (if the Jesuite computed a right) were there cast out of her; the last of them seeming to him to be Luthers Tutor, because after the manner of the Luthe­rans, he spake many things against their Society and Re­ligion. Surely this Jesuitical Rector, had very intimate familiarity with these Devils, who knew both their Number (being so incredulous) and could so accu­rately distinguish between them. ‘Yet some Devils there were in women, whom they could not dispossess, and derided all their Jesuitical Exorcismes. Let all Christi­ans then beware these incarnate Devils and their Emissa­ries, lest they be really possessed by the Devil with whom they are so familiar, and who accompanies them every where.

4. ‘That the Jesuites send forth their Emissaries and Agents into Protestant Kingdoms, Churches, States, un­der the disguises of Souldiers, Merchants, Mechanicks, Physicians, Chyrurgeons, Travellers, Exiles for Religi­on, and pretended Converts to the Protestant Religi­on, in all sorts of h [...]its, disguises, the better to con­ceal their persons, the easier to intrude themselves into the Courts, Company of all Protestant Princes, Nobles, [Page 26] Ministers, and persons of all ranks, to fish out their Secrets, insinuate themselves into their favours, poy­son them with their Errors, divide them in their Judge­ments, excite them to Warre upon and destroy each other by their mutuall discords, and accomplish their Treasonable designes against them, to their ruine: Per­mitting and dispensing with them freely, to resort openly to the Sermons, Churches and Assemblies of Protestants, to dispute and speak against Popery, to eat flesh on Fast­ing dayes, and allowing their perverted Disciples to do the like, to feign themselves the most Zelous Protestants, to be present in the Senates, Parliaments and Councils of those of the Reformed Religion; to consent to the ap­prehension and dissipation of Papists by severe Lawes against them, together with the rest, that so they may the better conceal themselves, discover, divert or hin­der the Consultations against the Papists, promote the Popes and Papists affairs with more facility, propagate the Popish Religion upon all occasions, and give them time­ly notice of any Intentions against them upon any ur­gent necessity: provided alwayes that they be secretly Catholicks, and submit themselves wholly to the beck and counsels of the Jesuits, as their Instruments and Intelligencers: as you may read at large, in Jesuitica per Ʋnitas Belgii Provincias Negociatio, printed Anno 1616 (containing the Instructions in this kinde given to Je­suits by their Superiors sent into the Netherlands to im­broyl, divide, ruine them) in Joannis Cambilhonus de Abstructionibus Jesuitarum Artibus & Studiis: printed 1608. & Ludovicus Lucius Hist. Jesuitica p. 170, 175, 676, 677, 678. Therefore it is no wonder, that their Emissa­ries, and Disciples to effect the utter ruine of our Pro­testant Kingdomes, Churches, Religion, now thus dis­guise themselves amongst us, to promote their most dangerous Designes against them, by the self same means and stratagems now.

[Page 27] 5. That the Jesuits make and profess it, one of their prin­cipal Designs, to withdraw, alienate the peoples affections from, stir them up against the true Protestant Ministers and Preach­ers of the Gospel, and to cast them out and take them quite out of their way, that so they may with more facility and speed seduce, devour, their Flocks, domineer and set up Popery in all places without opposition. Witness See Ludevi­cus Lucius Hist. Jesuitica l. 1. c 1. p. 2. Gregorius Baderus Pro­vincial of the Jesuits in Bavaria, his words at Landsperge. We and ours shall have no peace in Augusta (or in Germany) unless we take care, Evangelicos Concionatores ejici ac tolli; that the Preachers of the Gospel be ejected and removed out of the way. By our Councils THE EVANGELICAL PREACHERS WERE CAST OUT OF VIENNA: Whereupon our Society do now there teach in peace, and rule all things according to their hearts desire. Seconded with their Hespinian & Ludovicus Lu­cius Hist. Je­suitical. 4. Grimstons Im­perial History p. 821. Romes Master-piece. Speculum Je­suiticum, p. 175, 176. practices, in ejecting, imprisoning, banishing, suppressing, per­secuting all the Protestant Ministers in Bohemia, in the years of our Lord, 1602. 1607. 1621. and 1652. to the extirpation of the Protestant Religion, and Protestants there: and their ejecting, suppressing above thirty of the Protestant Prea­chers, and shutting up their Churches in the Dukedomes of Ju­liers, Cleve, and Bergen; Anno 1628. To omit other la­ter Presidents in Austria and elsewhere. And is not this the Quakers and their Disciples principal designe, endea­vour, labour now, to withdraw the people wholly from, and excite them against, and stir them up to reject, suppress, renounce all our lawful Orthodox Ministers, and Evangelical Preachers, as false Guids, dumb Dogs, Seducers of the People, Deceivers, Antichrists? &c. Their railing Pamphlets, Preachments, and pretended Messages to them from heaven; enjoyning them to come down out of their Pulpits, to Preach no more hereafter, &c. contrary to Christs own express commands unto them. Matth: 28. 19, 20. Mark 16. 15. Acts 10. 42. c. 16. 10. Rom. 10. 15. 1 Cor. 1. 17. Phil. 1. 16, 17, 18. 2 Tim. 4. 17. 1 Tim. 2. 7. 1 Pet. 1. 12. especially 1 Cor. 9. 16. Though I preach the Gospel, I have nothing to glory of; for NECESSITY IS LAID UPON ME; and wo is me if I preach not the Gospel. And 2 Tim. 4. 1, 2, 3. I charge thee before God and the Lord [Page 28] Jesus Christ, who shall judge the quick and the dead at his ap­pearance, and his Kingdom. PREACH THE WORD, BE INSTANT IN SEASON AND OUT OF SEASON, reprove, rebuke, exhort with all long-suffering and Doctrin (mark the reason, suitable to our times and Quakers) FOR THE TIME WILL COME (and now is the time) that they WILL NOT ENDURE SOUND DOCTRINE, but after their own lust shall they heap to themselves Teachers, having itching ears. And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto Fables. But watch thou in all things, endure affliction, do the work of an Evangelist, make full proof of thy Ministry. Certainly then those Quakers, and their seduced Disciples; who say unto the Seers, see not, and to the Prophets prophesie not, prophesie not unto us right things, speak unto us smooth things, prophesie deceit: Get you out of the way, turn aside out of the Path, cause the holy One to cease from before us; are like those Jews of old, Esay 30. 10, 11. Wherefore let them there read their Doome, Character, and what spirit they are of, v. 8, 9. (and I be­seech them, with all others to observe it well) from Gods own mouth. Now go, write it before them in a Table, and note it in a Book, that it may be for the time to come, for ever and ever; that this is a rebellious people, lying children, chil­dren that will not hear the Law of the Lord: But is this all? No, there is a Judgement with a Witness, pursuing all such: Verse 12, 13, 14. ‘Wherefore thus saith the holy One of Israel: Because ye despise this word, and trust in sraud and perverseness and stay thereon; therefore this iniquity shall be to you as a breach ready to fall, swelling out in an high wall, whose breaking cometh suddenly at an instant. And he shall break it as the breaking of a potters vessel, that is broken in pieces: He shall not spare; so that there shall not be found in the bursting of it, a sheard to take fire from the hearth, or to take water out of the Pit: (Let those States­men or Magistrates, who out of designe, or self-interest, tollerate or secretly countenance such dangerous Rebels against God, his Word or Ministers, remember it as well as these Seducers and their followers, lest God break them [Page 29] thus to powder suddenly and irrepairably together, and our whole three Kingdoms too.) And if this Text be not sufficient to convince them of and deterre them from this their Sin; let them read at leasure Micah 2. 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, 11. Amos 7. 10. to the end: and quake and tremble at the reading of them. But if they hold these to be obso­lete and Old Testament onely; Let them then consider, who they were, and what a transcendent sin it was in those, who prohibited (not seducing false Apostles and Jesuitical Emissaries, as these vagrant Quakers are) but Christs commissioned, Matth. 28 18 19 20. Mar 3. 14. c. 16. 15. Acts 10. 42 c. 1. 22 &c. c. 14. 23. c. 13. 2, 3. Rom. 1. 1. Rom. 10. 15. John 15. 16. 1 Tim. 2. 7. Tit. 1. 5. 1 Tim. 4. 14. c. 5. 22. Heb. 5. 1. to 6. lawfully called, instituted, Apostles and Ministers, to preach any more in the name of Jesus, and dispence his Gospel: Acts 4. 17, 18, 19, 20, 21. cap. 5. v. 17. to 42. eompared with 1 Thess. 2. 15, 16. Even those, who both killed the Lord Jesus, and their own Prophets, and have chased us out, and they please not God, and are con­trary to all men, FORBIDDING US TO SPEAK TO THE GENTILES THAT THEY MIGHT BE SAVED, TO FILL UP THEIR SINS ALWAYS: for THE WRATH IS COME UPON THEM TO THE UTTERMOST.

6. ‘That the Jesuits professed doctrine and practice is, that if they can, to suppress, destroy, extirpate Prote­stant Ministers, Kings, Princes, Churches, States, and all professors of the Protestant Religion, by raising Schisms, Seditions, Devisions, Civil Wars and Commotions a­amongst them, and dividing them one from and against another to their mutual ruine; which hath been their great designe of late years, whereof we have felt the sad effects:’ As you may read at large in Hospinian, and Ludovicus Lucius, their most excellent Historia Jesuita, Speculum, sive Jubilaeum Jesuiticum, and the Epistle to my VINDICATION, &c. of the good old Fundamental Liber­ties and Laws of England; ‘which if they cannot effect by these means, then to excite all Christian Kings and Princes to accomplish it in conclusion, BY FIRE, SWORD, WAR, and THE POWER OF AN ARMY;’ as you may there be satisfied by undeniable [Page 30] Testimonies of Jesuites themselves, and Presidents of former and latter Times: More particularly by the Words and Writings of Jacobus Crucius, the Jesuite, in his Explication of the Rules of the Jesuites, and his Sermon, Anno 1584. Thomas Stapleton; his Speculum pravitatis Hereticae, Duaci 1580. Thom. Campian, his Concer­tatio Ecclesiae Catholicae Treviris. 1583. page 22. Pau­lus Windeck, De Extirpandis Haeriticis. Antid. 10. and 11. Franciscus Verona, his Apologia pro Joanne Castle, part 5. cap. 13. Cunradus Brunus, de Haereticis, lib. 3. cap. ult. Cornelius Cornelii, his Praefatio ad S. Trini­tatem increatam, Commentariis in Minores Prophetas praefixa. Wherein, he ‘blesseth the Trinity, for opening the eyes of Christian Kings, and stirring them up all a­gainst Calvinisme, as the plague of their Realms: For inabling the King of France, Spain, and Emperour in a short time to overthrow, conquer, expell, and destroy the Arch-Heriticks; the See Hasen­mulerus Hist. Jesuitica l. 1. Speculum Je­suiticum p. 61. Hussites and Calvinists in France, Austria, Bohemia, Moravia, Silesia, Hungary, and both the Palatinates, as the fire-brands of Rebel­lion, to their eternal glory:’ concluding thus; Agite Principles generosi, pergite magnis animis, opus faelicibus adeo auspiciis caeptum CONFICITE; paribus studiis REBELLEM CALVINI HAERESIN, pene evulsam, STIRPITƲS ƲBILI­BET ERADICATE, &c. And by Antonius Possevinus the Jesuite (to omit See Ludevi­cus Lucius Hist. Jesuitica l. 1. c. 1, 2. all others) in his Miles Christianus (published when Pope Paul the fifth sent an Army into France, against the Enemies of the Church, wherein he asserts, That all Christians are bound of right, to defend the Roman Religion against the doctrine of the Gospellers (or Pro­testants) with all their forces; and the effusion of their blood: That neither Peace nor the publick good can be preserved in the Roman Church, unless these her Enemies BE QUITE EX­TIRPATED. ‘Exhorting the Captains of the Army, to permit nothing at all to these Hereticks; not to keep their plighted faith with them; to suborn secrat Inqui­sitors against them; We may see by this, who were the rai­sers and origi­nal contrivers of our late in­testine wars, &c. DOMESTICA ET INTE­STINA BELLA INTER ILLOS EXCITARI CURENT:’ To take care to stir up Domestick and [Page 31] Intestine warres between themselves Proditores ac Sicari­os, omnibus locis, contra illos, instituant: and to institute Tray­tors and Murderers against them in all places: Asserting, that the Captains who did otherwise, sinned against the Roman Church, & were rendred inexcusable and damned. Now see­ing Barisonius the Jesuit, in his Letter to See Ludevi­cus Lucius. Hist. Jesuitica, l. 1. c. 8. p. 164. 166. a Noble Venetian (who deserted their order,) dated at Bononia 21. April 1608. Printed 1609: amongst other things thus boasts of the excellency, power and perfection of their Iefuiti­call Order, PRO LIBITU NOSTRO, ET BELLUM ET PAGEM MUNDO APPORTAMUS. That they can at their pleasure bring both War and Peace to the World, as the chief Authors of both. ‘That they lawfully may and do sow discords and divisions between King and Subject, Man and Wife, Father and Children, Brothers and Kin­dred, and usurp absolute Dominion and Tyranny over any private men, Cities, or whole Kingdoms they suspect, for the benefit of the Church and See of Rome, in whose Service and Greatness true piety and the highest Point of Religion consists; and that for this end they may in their Of which read Iudovi­cus Lucius. p. 129. 199. 200 Chamber of meditation, animate their Assasi­nates to murder Hereticks, Enemies and Rebels to the Church of Rome, not only though private Persons, but though the greatest of princes and Kings, by repre­senting to them the heroical fact of Ehud, recorded in sacred Scripture, and promising them a seat in heaven amongst the Saints and Martyrs for such an heroicke deed. And seeing the Jesuits (dispersed like Locusts over the world) are increased in a few years to so great a Number, that they boasted long since, Ludovicus Lucius. l. 1. c. [...] p. 156. 172. that they had no lesse then two hundred thousand Scholars in Europe: and Claud us Aquacia, their late General▪ haunted; that he could bring into the field and than in a shorter time, more souldiers then any one Christian King: and proferred Pope Paul the Fifth (during the interdict of Venice, when they and he were in some danger) to aide him with forty thousand men, so as those of them slain in the warres, might be reputed Martyrs: so infinite are the [Page 32] Numbers of their Society, Novices, Disciples, Trea­sures, Revenues; yea all their Colleges in foreign parts, so many strong Castles, Forts and Magazines of Arms; Ammunition, Powder, and all military provisions’ (as they bost, and Speculum Jesuiticum, p. 207. to 213. Lud. Lucius, Hist. Jesui­tica. l. 1. c. 6. p. 156, 157. 238 171. others write) And seeing these Jesuits, who make it their Masterpiece to weaken and destroy all others by divisions, Schismes, Factions, Tumules, pre­scribe it as the principle part of their own policy, ‘Safety, Power, Successes and Growth, to maintain Unity, Peace, Amity, and prevent all Schismes and Divisions amongst themselves, Regulae Jesuitarum. Printed 1627. and Ludovicus Luci­us. Hist l. 1. c. 3. p. 18. 19. 21. 24. 26. 31. Prescribing sundry ‘Rules and Orders for this end,’ to which they are all sworn to yeild exact Obedience; I referre it to the con­sideration of all prudent, Zealous Protestants and States­men in our whole three Nations; How dangerous a Plot and 1 Kings 12. 26 to the end 6. 13. 2. &c. Jereboam like desperate Policy it may in a short time prove, to all our Churches, zealous Ministers and Professors of the Protestant Religion (yea to our pre­sent Governors, swordmen, and their Posteri [...]ies like­wise) any longer to tollerate these Jesuitical, fiery, treacherous Agents, with other Romish Emissaries, freely to vent their Errors, Blasphemies, Heresies, Fancies, and set up Separat Congregations in all places, to multiply our divisions, dis-unite us all one from another, and aug­ment their strength and party, predominating in most Councels, Places; the better to secure any in actual Power for the present; though to hasten their, with our whole Kingdoms, Churches, Ministers, and reformed Religions ruine by it in conclusion, even by force of Arms Mat. 12. 25. and Tumults, when they see their opportunity, as we have all just cause to fear? I shall therefore close up all with the words of De vera & Falsa Religione cap. De Ma­gistratu. Printed, 1525 Huldricus Zwinglius against those Dip­pers and Anabaptists in his age, who denyed the Office and Coercive Power of christian Magistrates (specially in mat­ters of Religion) as most of our Anabaptists, Quakers, dis­guised Jesuits & Franciscans now do. Propter istos ipsos qui negant, Christanum posse gerere Magistratum, maxime egemus magistratu; quam vitam omnium talemesse videatis ut rigi­dissimo [Page 33] magistratu opus habeat. Quod si 1 Tim. 2. 1, 2, propacato statu ora­re licet; licet & nimirum orare, ut Deus pium magistratum concedat, quo commodius, pax & concordia concilientur. Quin omnes hoc agimus, ut vitam innocentissimam ducamus, & nihil nos premet magistratus: Rom. 13. 3. For Rulers are not a terror to good works, ‘but to evil; wilt thou not then be afraid of the powers, do that which is good, and thou shalt have praise of the same.’ Hoc ipsum Oro, ut diligenter expendant, qui Magistratum detrectant. Si potestatem odio habent aut ti­ment; quod rectum est faciant. Expendant simul Principes ne recte factis timori sint. Qui ergo jam NOVIS EXACTIONI­BUS, TRIBU [...]IS, VECTIGALIBUS, non modo expilant in seram plebem sed onerant, excarnificant, excindunt, ut vide­antur esse in communem nati perniciem; Qui malis defectantur, & bonis minacitur imminent, Principes non sunt; sed Tyrannt, sed Tortores, sed Lanii. Qui ergo omnium malo praesunt, vide­ant quo pacto Christinomine glorienter; qui non modo ut Prae­dones & Furis in omnium bono, sed ut Pestes quoque in omnium corpora grassantur. Sunt autem & isti Ministri Dei, sed quo­modo Satan Minister Dei est, qui ubi (que) adversatur, circumve­nit, terdi. Omni a in manibus sunt cupidissimorum hominum, ut jam non unum Tyrannum habeant, qui sub talibus Imperiis degunt, sed sexcentos. A Character of our times. Friget omnis justitia, fervet cupiditas imo dominatur, putant enim si Tribut a sint quacunque ratione amplissima, jam recte administraci Imperium. Ne ergo tenure summam rerum imprudentibus, pueris, stupidis, CUPIDISVE nedamus, sediis quorum probitas, fides, prudentia, longo usu per­spectae sint, alioqui frustra nos aliquando queremur, quod dici­tur, non putavisse: Tribuat nobis omnipotens Pater, Magistra­tus tales, qui nullum aliud exemplum spectent, quam ejus, cujus, ordinatione ad hoc cocuneris inautorati sunt, ut ad modum Creatoris nostri sese geraent quo Patres nos multos habere glo­riare possimus: Nec queri cogamur, quod Propheta Mic. 7. (ver. 1. 2 3 4. 5. 6.) queritur. Vae mihi, &c.


A brief Reply to John Audlands Rayling Paper.

Christian Reader,

MEeting (since the premises sent to the Presse) with a printed Pamphlet lately published, Intitu­led: The Innocent delivered out of the Snare, &c. full of unchristian Raylings against our Ministers, Magistrates in general, and my self, with others in particular; written by John Audland, an Arch Quaker (who cannot write six lines of true English together;) and finding in the Title page and p. 36. &c. thereof, this inscription. An An­swer to a scandalous Paper put forth by William Prynne; In­tituled: The Quakers unmasked and clearly detected: wherein his slanders are made to appear; and he is clearly unmasked and plainly detected, being taken with A LYE in his mouth: I thought meet, by way of Reply, to so much only as concerns my Paper, to give thee this brief accompt thereof, in the close of this Enlarged Edition.

1. That his chief Exception is against Cowlishaw his Oath, as untrue; only upon this slender ground. p. 37. Two of us whom the world reproachfully calls Quakers, came from the North (being moved of the Lord) in the Moneth of June; we came into the City of Bristol the 12. day of the Month called July; and on the morrow being the 13. day, we were at two meetings; the one with the people called Anabaptists; the other with the people called Independents; and we were moved by the Lord to speak at both their meetings, which we did: as several of those people can bear witnesse. Thou saith; in September George Cowlishaw being asked by Cop­pinger; if there had been none of those people called Quakers in Bristol? He answered, NO. Now this is false. For some of us who Two verbs singular are coupled with us, a plural; and so tho­rowout the Book. is so called (marke his English) was then at Bristol: For we had meetings at the Fort and Redde-Lodge in Bristol, the 10. and 13. of September: at which was [Page 35] several hundreds of people; which will all witnesses. That THY Oath IS FALSE. But doth this convince the Oath to be false? No verily: but rather confirms it for truth: For though two of you went to two private meetings of Ana­baptists and Independents in Bristol, and spake there to them on July 13. yet that was unknown to Cowlishaw and most others: and you spake to those people then, not under the name or notion of Quakers, but only of Whose Opi­nions they ju­stifie against Infant Bap­tism in this new Pam­phlet p. 20. 31, 32. Ana­baptists & Independents: And your speaking to sundry after in and about Bristol on the 10. 13. 15. 17. 19. of September (at which time you began to take upon you the name of Quakers, and to be known in Bristol by that Title) was after Cowlishaws conference with Coppinger: who adds; that about 18. dayes after, there came to this City two that were named Quakers: Now several of you coming thither (like the Franciscan Fryers two by two after each other) just about that time he deposeth, by your own relation; convinceth Audland of an apparant slander, and double Lye. First, in accusing Cowlishaw (known to be a person of truth and honesty,) for making a false Oath, which his own Answer to it justifieth to be true. 2. In averring, * That he and his Companions were moved by the Lord & his See p 6. 7, 26, 37, 44, 45, at the end. eternal Spirit, to leave their own habitation and callings in the North, to come to seduoe the people of Bristol (to believe their new Revelations). That they are the Messengers, & Mini­sters of the everlasting Gospel of God, sent and moved by the Lord to speak to the City of Bristol, &c. When as in truth, they are those that trouble that City, and would pervert the Gospel of Christ therein, Gal: 1. 7. yea the very false lying Pophers prophecied of and described Zech. 13. 3, 4, 5.

2. He excepts against Cowlishaw: That he accused not Coppinger to the Magistrate, confessing himself to be a p. 38. Franciscan Fryer; but concealed, and let him go. Whereupon he taxeth the Magistrates of Bristol for injustice, in not punishing Cowlishaw, and yet making out warrants against the Quakers. But this is very frivolous. 1. Because his printed oath, is no concealment, but a clear discovery of him, and all his conference with him, to the Magistrates, deserving [Page 36] praise, not punishment. 2. Coppingers hasty departure the very next day into Ireland, disabled him and the Magistrate [...] to seise him. 3. The suspension of the Laws by some in Superiour power against such Romish Vermin at that season, will excuse both him and the Magistrates from any pu­nishment or blame, in not seising on him; could they have conveniently done it. 4. Their granting out war­rants against the Quakers, for disturbing both the Peace Ministers, and Government of the City, was just, legal. And their publick abuse both of the Mayor and Governors of the City in print, in the two last pages of this Pamphlet, stiling them Brethren and Companions, but it is in iniquity, who have confederated themselves against Christ & his anoint­ed, &c. deserves a sharper Censure, then a small fine, tem­porary imprisonment and an obligation to the good behaviour though not yet inflicted on them.

3. His exceptions against me; are, for averring. 1. That the Quakers are but the Spawn of Romish Frogs, Jesuites, and Franciscan Fryers; To refute which he alleageth only That they It is but his own test mony; and none can tell what abode or profession he or Fox formerly had there, after diligent enqui­ry made con­cerning it? all came from the North, that their birth and being was in West moreland near Kendal, where they lived & walked none of them having ever been out of England. To which answer. 1. That their coming out of the North; is a shrewd argument of their badnesse. The Scripture in­forms us Jer. 1. 14. chap. 4. 6. chap. 6. 1, 22. That out of THE NORTH AN EVILL SHALL BREAK FORTH UPON ALL THE INHABIT ANTS OF THE LAND. That EVILL APPEARETH OUT OF THE NORTH, AND GREAT DESTRUCTION shall be brought from THE NORTH. Which the Latin Proverb Omne malum ab Aquilone; with the English Adagy; A [...] evil comes from the North, seconding, we have just cause to conclude; That these Quakers coming from thence, are fit Instruments, only to bring evil and destruction upon all the Inhabitants of the Land; not Gods Messengers, Mi­nisters, sent thence to save mens Souls. 2. Westmoreland is well known, to have abounded with Jesuites, Popish Priest [...] Fryers, Recusants, and persons Popishly affected, ever since the [Page 37] Reformation: Witnesse the See Speeds, History, Cam­dens Eliza­beth, Stow. How, and others in Ann 1569. Rebellion of the Earl of West­morland and the Northern Papists under him, to advance the popish Religion and destroy Queen Elizabeth and the protestant Reformation. Anno 1569. with the late power of the Lord William Howard, Ducket, Leyborn, Fleming, and other Popish Families in that County. And therefore we may justly fear an emanation of Jesuitical, Franciscan Frogs and Emissaries from thence now. 3. Mr. Tillam (late, or still a Popish Priest) Administrator of the Anabaptistical Congregation at Hexam, not far from Kendal, avers in print; See the per­fect Pharisee. p. 13. That these Quaking Agonies were derived from the Francis can Fryers; and the premises sufficiently prove, that they were derived to us from them, and the Jesuites, who took their Pattern from the Idolatrous pagan prietts, quaking Transcies and Agonies. Therefore his own bare verbal ne­gation thereof, will no way disprove my Assertion. The rather, because the Jesuites, Franciscans, Benedictines, and others have their private Colledges, Societies, and Generall of their Orders in England, and may secretly admit their Disciples into their Orders here, without going beyond the Seas; as I have proved at large in my Romes-Master-piece; The Popish Royal Favourite, Hidden works of Darknesse brought to publique Light, and my Epistle to a (late) Seasonable Legal and Historical Vindication; to which I shall referre the Reader, and our Quakers for fuller Satisfaction. 4. Some of them, wearing rough Hair Now in Bath gaol for distur­bing the Mini­ster there in the midest of his Sermon the. 27 of May last cloth and Cords about their bodies, like the Franciscan Cor­diliers; is a very probable Evidence, that they were spaw­ned from them, and that they are the persons prophecied of Zech. 13. 3, 4, 5. Which prophecy Lyes in the name of the Lord, and wear a garment of hair to Ly and deceive the people, which Murford and others of them use. 2. For affirming, that they use inchanted potions, Bracelets, Ribands, Sorcery, and Witchcraft; to intoxicate their Disciples. Which being sufficiently evidenced in the premises, and See John Gilpius print­ed relation of himself. apparent by many instances, in most places where they ramble, I shall no further insist to prove it. But close up all with these two Scripture Exhortations to the people of England. [Page 38] 1. Cor. 16. 13. Phil. 1. 27. Watch ye, stand fast in the f [...] quit you like men, be strong; in one Spirit with one mind, [...] ­ving together for the faith of the Gospel, and 1 Pet. 5. 8, 9. [...] sober, be vigilant, because your adversary the Devil walked [...]bout (in his Instruments as well as person) like a roaring. [...] on, seeking whom he may devour, whom resist stedfast in the f [...] And with that of Gal. 1. 7. 8. 9. But there are some [...] trouble you, and would pervert the Gospel of Christ: [...] though they, we, on an angel from Heaven preach any As two Qua­kers did lately in VVestmin­ster Hall, May 14. denied the scriptures to be the Word of God, &c. Heaven, Hell, and the Resur­rection of the dead, &c. as Diurnals Print oth [...] Gospel unto you, LET HIM BE ACCURSED. As we [...] before, so say I now again: IF ANY MAN PREACH AN [...] OTHER GOSPEL UNTO YOU, THEN THAT YO [...] HAVE RECEIVED, LET HIM BE ACCURSED. [...] let all sincere Lovers, Professors of the Gospel [...] our Lord Jesus Christ, throughout our Nation a [...] the Christian World, add a zealous Amen Zech. 5 13. cap. 8. 6. Psal. 41. 13. Psal. 72. 19. Ps. 89. 52. Ps. 106. 48. and Am [...] thereto.

Math. 15. 1 [...]. They be blind leaders of the blind: and if the blind lead, [...] blind, both shall fall into the ditch.
Rev. 12. 12. Wo to the inhabitants of the earth, a [...] of the Sea, for THE DEVIL IS COME DOWN UNT [...] YOU having great wrath, because he knoweth he h [...] but a short time.

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