A Testimony of the appearance of God, in the spirit of Power, and the true Light, making manifest the deceipts of the Serpent: with some Reasons why Margaret Hambleton doth deny the Presbyterians of Scotland, they being found in the steps of the False Prophets.

THe living God, who is the searcher of all hearts, Jer. 17.10. who dwels in Light, who is pure for ever, and loves truth and equity, and cannot behold, but hates iniquity; Dent. 32.6. Psal. 11.7. Rom. 14.17. Malicah 3.6. Heb. 1.1, 2. whose Kingdom stands in Righteousnesse, who is the same to day, and doth not alter, nor change: He the same li­ving and true God, who at sundry times, & in divers man­ners in times past, speak to the Fathers by his servants the Prophets; and afterwards did speak by his Son, is now ap­pearing, according to his Promise, Joel 2.28, 29. in the power of his Spi­rit, manifesting his power in destroying sin, and wickedness; 1 John 3.8. Tir. 2.14. and gathering unto himself a Holy, and a peculiar people, in whom, and by whom he will be glorified: Lay 54.13. Ezek. 34.10, &c. and he will teach his people himself freely by his Spirit, and they shall no more be made a prey upon by the false Shepherds; nor spend their money for that which is not bread; Isay. 55.1, 2. neither their labour for that which doth not satisfie: But freely shall they drink at the living Fountain, where true refreshment and satisfaction is, to the hungry thirsting souls. The same truth, 1 John 1.1. the same power and word of Life as ever was, is manifested, and made known in the hearts of the Lords Children and Servants, which hath separated them from ungodliness, John 4.23, 24. Tit. 2.11, 12. and worldly lusts, and redeemed them from the bondage and servitude of sin, no more to serve and follow wicked lusts, Luke 1.74, 75. and worldly delights, and vain sports and pleasures: but in truth and uprightness of heart and mind to serve the living God in the new life of Righteousness, Heb. 4.12. 1 Cor. 3.16, 17 and to worship him in spirit, and in truth in his holy Temple, not made with [Page 2]mens hands: Acts 13.24. And this work and power of God is strange to the world, and wonderful, (as ever the working of God were) and many mouthes are opened wide to speak evil of the way of God, and of his truth, and of his faithful ser­vants, who live in the life of truth, and the enemy of mans Soul, John 8.44. the old serpent who was a lyar, and a deceiver even from the beginning. He is full of wrath, and is stirring up his instruments in whom he rules, to make war against the lamb, and his followers, that he may uphold his kingdom of sin and unrighteousnesse, and keep people under his dominion and power of darknesse, to act sin, and serve him by obey­ing wickednesse, and ungodly lusts, and therefore he uses all meanes to keep them in his work; and speaks evill of the work of God, and his faith full servants, crying out of error, heresy, and delusion, and casting out their names as evill; but this is no new, nor strang thing, to those who are ac­quainted with the workings of God, and who know the wiles, and subtilty of the serpent, who in all ages hath op­posed the appearance of God, Gal. 4.29. and persecuted his life and power, manifested in his righteous Servants, as the Scrip­tures make mention.

The Prophets of God, in the day of their Prophesy, were hated & persecuted (by these professing people, Mat. 23.29, 30. &c. who had the form of Moses words) and many of them were killed. Christ Jesus the Son of God (whom Moses wrote of, and the Pro­phets prophesied of) in his dayes were hated and persecu­ted, John 10.31, 33. John 7.48, 49. John 19.49. under the name of a blasphemer; and this by a strict professing people, and chief priests and rulers; these, and such as made a fair shew in words, were found in rage and enmity, and persecuted and crucified Christ the life. Like­wise the Apostles, Acts 7.57. and true Ministers of the Gospel in the dayes of their Ministration they were hated, and persecuted, under the name of deceivers, Acts 8.3. Acts 24.5. pestilent fellowes, and movers of Sedition, and such like.

And all along, even to this day and age, the true witnesses of God have suffered persecution, 2 Tim. 3.12. yea and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution; for saith Christ, if ye were of the world, John 15.19, 20. the world would love his own, but because ye are not of this world, but I have chosen you out [Page 3]of the world, therefore the world hateth you. The servant is not greater then the Lord: if they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you, John 16.2. and they shall put you out of the Synagogue, ye the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doth God service: And ye shall be ha­ted of all men for my names sake. Mat. 24.9. These Scriptures are fulfil­led in these dayes, by this sinful generation of Teachers, and people who have long bin professors of truth in words, Tit. 1.16. but have denyed truth by their wicked lives, and deceitful works, and now are made manifest by the true Light, even by their fruits, Mat. 7.20. and wicked rage and envy against the inno­cent, casting out their names as evill, and incensing the people against the Lords Lambs; as it was of late manifest­ted by two parish Masters in the west of Scotland, to wit, one called Lewes Simorell, and one Hugh Archbull, who excom­umnicated (as they say) one whose eyes the Lord hath open­ed to see their deceits, Acts 20.13. and hath turned her face towards Sion to walk in the light, whose name according to the flesh is Margaret Hambleton. Whom the said two parish Masters did so incense their hearers against, (as that generation of murdering Priest did formerly against the Lord Jesus and his disciples) as though she was not fit to live amongst them, but nothing of fact or evil done, was proved against her. But their reasons are, as I understand. 1. Because she denyed the power of the Presbytery. Secondly, Because she denyed their Ordinances. And Thirdly, Because she would not forsake the company of Seducers and Hereticks as they call them. Now to all ye people within the Parish of Monkland, these things I write unto you, to give you an understanding of what we own, and what we deny, that you may not be led away with blind guides, and envious men, Jude 10. to speak evill of those things you know not, and so bring your selves under the curse, with those who persecute the Lords innocent Servants. Your Teachers do cry much against false pro­phets and seducers, but do they ever shew you the marks of the false Teachers. Some Scriptures I shall set before you, whereby you may try your Teachers, and compare them with their fruits, and see whether or no if they be not found in the steps of those, whom the true Prophets, Christ and his [Page 4]true Ministers declared against Isaiah was a true Prophet of the Lord, and he by the Spirit of the Lord, cried against the blind watchmen in his dayes, calling them greedy dumb dogs, Isay 56.10, 11. which could never have enough, every one looking to his own way, seeking for the gain from his quarter: and he makes a Proclamation, Isay 55.1, 2. saying, Ho, every one that thirsteth come ye to the waters, yea, come ye and eat, buy wine and milk without money, and without price. Now come to the touchstone, and try your Teachers, compare them, and see whether or no they be found in the steps of Isaiah, who spoke freely, without a price; or whether or no they be not found in the steps and wayes of those whom Isaiah cryes a­gainst, who sought gain from their Quarter; are not your Teachers greedy of gain? do they not strive for great bene­fits, & great sums of mony by the year? will they not leave their own parishoners for a greater Benefice? and will any of them preach without a price? is it not plain, no hire no Priest? be not deceived with a vain hope, for such as you sowe, such must you reap.

Jeremiah was a true Prophet of God, and he cryed against that horrible filthy thing committed in the Land: Jer. 5.30, 31. The Pro­phets prophesy falsly, and the Priests bear rule by their means, & the people love to have it so: try if it be not so now, do not your Teachers bear rule over you poor people? and he that hath most means is highest exalted by the blind world. Mica 3.5, 11. Again, Micah the Lords prophet cryed against the hireling Priests in his dayes, and the prophets that made the people to erre, that bite with their teeth, and cry peace, and he that putteth not into their mouths, they even prepare warr against him: See if it be not so with your Teachers, whilest Margaret Hambleton and others put into their months, and gave them money, then they spoke peace to her, Isay 48.22. though she was in a condition of sin, where no peace is. And now the Lord having opened her eyes, to see their de­ceits, who for conscience sake cannot uphold them, nor put into their mouths: and so now they manifest themselves by their envy against her, casting out her name as evill: read the marks of the false prophets, and then read your Teach­ers, and do not willfully close your eyes against plain and [Page 5]pure truth. Ezekiel likewise one of the Lords Prophets, decla­res against the false shepherds in his dayes, that fed upon the fat, and clothed themselves with the wool, but feed not the flock, but scattered the sheep of the Lords pasture: Ezek 34. read all the Chap­ter. See if your Teachers be not found in the steps of those false shepherds: do they not live at ease, and feed upon poor mens labours, taking care for themselves, but scatter the sheep of the Lords pasture, and begets the people into another Image? for if a lamb come amongst them they are ready to devoure, and teare the innocent ones; uphold not such, for if ye uphold them, Rev. 18.4. Hosea 6.9. and partake of their sins, you must partake of their plagues. And as troops of robbers wait for a man, so the company of Priests murder in the way by consent, Hos. 6.9. Try your teachers, and see if they be not guilty of envy, and so of murder; 1 John 3.15. for he that hates his brother is a murderer, and no murderer hath eternall life abiding in him.

These and many other examples I might bring out of the Prophets writings, who gave their testimony against the hirelings, and false prophets, and Priests, in the time of the Law. Mat. 23.27, 28. So likewise Jesus Christ declares against those de­ceitful hypocrites, who had gotten Moses and the Prophets words, but were out of the life; and he shewes their marks. They were exalted, and went in long robes, having the cheifest seats in the Assemblies, and the uppermost rooms at Feasts, and loved greetings in the markets, and to be called of men, Master, Mat. 23. to whom Christ pronounces many woes, and said unto his followers, Be not ye called of men Master, for ye have but one Master, even Christ, and ye are Bre­thren. Now try your Teachers, and with the light that Christ hath enlightened you withall; behold, if these marks be not written upon them: are not they exalted above others, and stand praying in their stone houses, (as the proud Pharisees did in their Synagogues) and love gree­tings in markets, and have the uppermost rooms at Feasts, and are called of men, Master? Heb. 13.8. Is not Christ the same today? and do you believe that he justifies those things now, which he cryed wo against then? He saith expresly to [Page 6]his disciples, Mat. 23.8, 10. Be not ye called of men Master: But your Teachers are called of men Master, contrary to the com­mand of Christ, so no Ministers of Christ. A Master, and a Minister are different one to the other; the one a ruler over, 2 John 9. the other a servant under, but the followers of Christ were not called of men masters. Wee do not read of Ma­ster Peter, Phil. 1.1. [...]am. 1.1. and Master Paul, nor any other of Christs Mini­sters, that were called by those Tytles, but servants for Jesus sake: And yet your Parish Masters have got the name of Ministers, but are not in the nature, and so to be deny­ed, and turned away from: likewise Peter and Jude cryed against such as preached for filthy lucre, 2 Pet. 2. Jude 1. and loved gifts and rewards; saying, wo unto them, they have gone in the way of Cain, and runn greedily after the error of Balaam, for gifts and rewards. Jude 11 verse. Acts 20.29. 1 Tim. 6.8, 9, 10, 11. And Paul speaks of such devouring wolves that should not spare the flock, and writes to Timothy to beware, and fly such things as filthy lucre, and the love of mony, for it is the root of all evill. So consider of these things, and try your Teachers by these Scriptures, and see if they be not in a high measure guilty of these things: do not they love money, which is the root of all evill? and from this wicked root agreat deale of cursed branches do spring, and arise, as envy, and wrath, pride, and vain glory, and so as Christ hath said, Mat. 7.20. By their fruits ye shall know them: though they be decked with the sheeps clothing, the good words of the holy men of God, yet by their fruits they are known, for no mait can gather grapes of thornes, nor figgs of thistles: wheresoever envy is, it is a mark of Cain; and where wrath and malice is, they are the wolves markes: though they may have smooth words, yet by their wicked works they are known; 2 Tim. 3.1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, &c. likewise Paul in his Epistle to Timothy marks out the deceivers so plain, that even he that runs may read, They shall be lovers of themselves, covetous, proud boasters, incontinent, fierce despisers of those that are good, lovers of pleasures, more then lovers of God; having a form of godlynesse, but denying the power, from such turn a way. And we in the light of the Lord seeing these things amongst your Presbytery, (and called Mini­sters) [Page 7]we owning the true Prophets, Christ and the Apostles testimony; do deny, Their cast­ing out of Margaret Ham­bleton is need­lesse; For she hath (in the Power of God) denyed them, and turned away from them, according to the doctrine of the Apostle. and turn from such, as they the true Messengers of God, denyed and testified against.

And as for the Ordinances, We declare, that all the Ordinances of Jesus Christ, which are durable, pure, spiritual, and substantial, which tends to purity, and edification of the body, we own, Ephes. 4.4, 5, 6. Acts 2.4. Rom. 4.15. and pra­ctise: as preaching, and praying, as the Holy Spirit doth move and give utterance: and singing with the Spirit, & with understanding, ac­cording to Scripture, we own: But those fading elementary shadows, which Christ hath put an end to, we do not practise, Col. 2.14, 20, 21, 22. But as for those things which your Teachers calls Ordinances, (for which they have no example in the Scriptures) we do deny: as their great stone houses, which are built with mens hands, which you ignorantly do call Churches; for God that made the world, Acts 17.24, 25. 1 Thes. 1.1 John 4.21, 22, 23. and all things therein, dwelleth not in Temples made with hands. Christ Jesus put an end of Temple worship outwardly, and now is worshipped in Spirit, & the bodies of his Saints are his Temple, as the Scripture declares, 2 Cor. 3.16.17. So likewise the things & practises in those Idoll Temples we deny, as their pulpit, their standing praying (pharesy like) before and after their called Sermons; their singing of Davids experiences in meeter; As O Lord I am not puft in mind, I have no scornful eye, &c. When people are so high and scornful, they can scarce look one upon another, and so causes the people to sing lyes, and call God to witnesse; such singing without understan­ding we do deny; likewise their sprinkling of insants, for which these have no example in the Scriptures, we do deny; Their taking a part of Scripture and adding to it their humane inventions, 2 Pet. 1.20, 21. calling it the word of the Lord, which is but a divinaton of their own brain; likewise their hourglass, as the Papist use to say masse by, and limiting themselves to a time, which none of the Holy men of God ever did, and therefore these their called Ordinances, we do in the power of God deny: as likewise their carnall and man-made-ministry, Gal. 1.1.1, 12. Mat. 10.8. their preaching for hire and filthy lucre: their Tythes, yearly set stipends, and forced maintenance, Augmentations, gleab lands; and all such Popish stuffe, and Jewish rites we do deny; and against such things do testify; and all proud, covetous, and envious men, we deny, and turne away from such, being out of Gods Councill, and so do not, nor cannot prophet the people at all, but leads them captive in an empty and dead form, laden with sin, and led away with divers lusts, ever learning, 2 Tim. 3. but never able to come to the true knowledge of God, as the fruits of the Ministry of Scotland sadly make manifest; who are all excommunicated from it (the life) from the true Church, and true Ministry.

And whereas your Parish Masters, John 16.2. out of their envy and malice have cast out Marg. Hamb. yet not being found guilty of any evil done but for Truth and its Testimony she shall not be left desolate, 1 Pet. 4.13, 14, 15. Ezek. 34. Mar. [...].5. Heb. 6.8. but Jesus the true Shepherd will take care for her, and feed her upon the tops of the mountaines; and it were well for you and your Teachers to begin at home and pull the beame out of your own eyes, let them pluck up the briars and thornes, and those g [...]os weeds, that are sprung so high above the pa [...]e seed; and as for the tares (that are so like the wheat) let both grow together until [...] harvest; Mar. 13.25, 31. let them cast out all love [...]s of money, all covetous [...] and all proud, and lofty ones, and all drunkards, and sweare [...]s, whoremongers, and adulterers, and all sco [...]ers and sco [...]n [...]s, and light vain wanton ones, Rom. 1.28, 29, 30, 31, 32. and liars, and all cozeners, and cheaters, and stoners, and strikers, and persecutors, and all envious wra [...]h [...] and malicious ones, and such like workers of iniquity, and then judge ye, how many they will leave behind, to make up the [...] Church, and assure your selves, all such as above mentioned, [...] live in the lusts of the flesh, must be cast out from the pure God and his Holy City, for the unrighteous cannot enter into the kingdom of God, as you may read, 1 Cor. 6.9, 10. Gal. 5.10, 20, 21. Rev. 21.8. Thus much for the denyall of your Presbytery, and their powe [...] who be found in those wayes and practices above mentioned, and their imitated and invented Ordinances: and as for their th [...] charge that she will not forsake the company of Seducers and Hereticks, Acts 28.22. I say your calling them Seducers and Hereticks, doth not make, nor prove them so, no more then (their Brethren in envy and persecution) the cheif Priests formerly their calling Christ a blasphemer, and the Apostles deceivers, did make or prove them so to be: But this hath bin the subtilty of the serpent, and of the false prophets, and deceivers (in whom he rules) the better to cloak and and cover their deceit, Eph. 6.16. they cry out against deceivers; but their lyes & slanders doth not touch the innocent, for those whom your teach­ers do call Seducers, we the servants of the most high God and in that way you which call Heresy, Acts 24.14. so worship we the God of our Fathers, owning and believing all things declared by the holy Prophets, Christ and his Apostles, 1 John 2.26. waiting for the redemption of the promised Seed; Those be the deceivers and seducers, which drawes people from the anointing and light within, 1 Joh 2.20, 27. Rom. 8. for the pure, the Sons of God who are led and guided by the spirit of God: and to this must all come to be led by, if ever you be led in the way of God; for nothing can guide and lead in Gods way, 1 Cor. 2.11. 1 Cor. 10.7 but that which comes from God, and the manifestation of the spirit is given to every man to profit withall. Therefore all people cease from the hirelings, who preach for the price, Isa. 2.20. Isa. 54.15. Mat. 11.28, 29. and turn to the Lord, who teacheth his people freely: mind his call, who saith, Come unto me, take my yoke upon you, and learn of me, I am meek and lowly in spirit, and you shall find rest to your Souls.

A. P.

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