A TRACTAT OF THE Universal Panacaea Of SOUL and BODY.

Published by William Parke, Hermetick Philos. and Physitian.

In him was life, and the Life was the light of men; and the light shineth in darkness, and the darkness com­prehendeth it not,

John. 1.4, 5.

LONDON Printed in the Year, 1665.


TO them that are Elected of God, and Born of Nature.


1. GOd is Unity in Trini­ty, and Trinity in U­nity.

2. God is all things possible and exi­stent.

3. All things are in God, as Rays in their Centre.

4. The reflection of Gods Image, in speculo trinitatis, was the begin­ning of the Creation.

Axiomata of the Creation and Harmony of the World.

1. THe Image emanating from God, is the first matter of all things: The first termination whereof constituted the Circle of Intelligence; The second termi­nation whereof constituted the Circle of Souls; The third termination whereof constituted the Circle of Nature; The fourth termination whereof constituted the Circle of Metals.

2. By the Reflection, each Circle was im­pregnated according to their distance from their Centre: viz. The Circle of Intelli­gence with Forms; The Circle of Souls with Ideas; The Circle of Nature with the Seminal Reasons; The Circle of Matter with Material Forms.

3. These Circles being Univocal and Homogeneous, are linked together by the Golden Chain of Unity, Love, and Harmo­ny: viz. The Intelligences, with Nature; the Souls, with the Quintessence; Nature, with Matter, as with a Vehicle.

4. The Intelligences are defined both to the power and knowledge: for they can­not operate any thing without the com­mand of God.

1. Proposition.

GOd operateth; by the communication of his Velle or Decree, to the first matter of Creation; the first matter, to the Intelligence; the Intelligence, to the Soul; the Soul, to Nature; Nature, to Matter; doth communicate the Velle Dei.

1. Demonstration.

GOd communicated his Decree of the Creation of Adam, to the first Matter; [Page 3]the first Matter, to the Determinate Intelli­gence; the Intelligence, to the Determi­nate Soul; the Soul, to Nature; Nature, to Matter.

These being concentrated by the Velle, or Decree of God, into one Microcosm; hence floweth the Creation of Adam.

2. Demonstration.

IN the Generation of Eve, God commu­nicated his Decree of her Generation to the first Matter; the first Matter, to the In­telligence of Adam; the Intelligence, to the Soul; the Soul, to the Fancy; the Fan­cy, to the Animal, Vital, and Natural Spi­rits.

The Animal, Vital, and Natural Spirits, being concentrated and fermented in the Spermatick Vesskials, by the Phantasma of the Fancy Sigilled upon them.

From the Spirits thus concentrated and fermented, by the Image of God in them; resulted the Generation of Evc. The Ge­neration of our Saviour was after this man­ner, as hath been demonstrated.

3. Demonstration.

IN the Conception of Christ', the Essence of God united with the humane Nature [Page 4]of Christ, by Concentration of the first matter of Creation, in humane Nature: Therefore Christ is Light and Life, the Light that illuminateth every one that co­meth into the world; the Life that giveth Life, and reviveth all Mankind: from him we live, move, and have our being. The U­niversal Panacaea, or Elixer that cureth all by the water of Regeneration, and fire of the Spirit: The Philosophers Stone, who trans­muteth the Signature of the Spirit of the Universe, and liberats the Image of God, or Spirit of Man from Darkness and Capti­vity, into the glorious light of liberty.

2. Proposition.

LƲcifer and his Concomitants desiring to be equal with God, united them­selves with the first Matter or Image of God in the second, viz. Light, whereby they might have absolute power over Matters.

4. Demonstration.

LƲcifer and his Concomitants being in Fermentation, thorow the desire of Union with the first Matter, communica­ted the Signature thereof to Matter, by the Vihicle of Nature. Matter being thus [Page 5]fermented with the Signature, became pregnant; Matter being thus conceived, God therefore eclipsed the Conception, whereupon followed Abortion.

Lucifer and his Concomitants being e­clipsed, in the Conception of the glori­ous light, Sigilled the circumference of Nature, viz. the Elementa Elementata, and Principia Principiata, with the Signature of the desire of Dominion each over another: Hence followeth contention and contrarie­ty, transmutation of each into another, corruption and death.

Having thus Sigilled the Elementa Ele­mentata, and Principia Principiata, they concentred and fermented them in the sight of Eve; whereby she saw the forms of all things, in a Globous Figure: with the which aspect, her Fancy being fassinated, she was attracted. Her Fancy being thus attracted, with the Species of the object represented, communicated the Spe­cies thereof to the Soul, and to the Animal, Vital, and Natural Spirits, and consequen­ly to the whole Body. The Union thereof was multiplied by the Efflux and Reflux of the Celestial Body: by the Efflux to matter Sigilled, with the Signature of Envy, and emulation against God, and against his I­mage.

By the Reflux from Matter, thereby the Spirit of Man is more and more transmu­ted according to the Fermentation and Ex­altation of the Fancy from Light into Darkness; from Union and Communion with God, into Union and Communion with the Spirit of the Universe.

Eve being thus fassinated, did fassi­nate Adam by Union of her Animal, Vital, and Natural Spirits, (transpiring and ex­haling through the pores of the body) be­ing Sigilled with Adams Spirit: The Spi­rits being thus United, Sigilled the Spirits of Adam; the Spirits, the Fancy; the Fan­cy, the Soul: hence Diseases, Death, Dam­nation.

2. Proposition.

THe Primitive Origin of Diseases, is the Union of the Spirit of Man with the Spirit of the World.

The second Cause is the Signature of Emulation, Sigilled in Humane Na­ture. As the Cause is two-fold, so the Cure.

First Cure is by Dissolution of the Uni­on; The second is by Transmutation of the Signature.

5. Demonstration.

THe Union of the Spirit of God, is the Dissolution or Dis-union of the Spirit of the Universe: As the Degree of Union, so is the Degree of Dissolution; a total Union of the Spirit of Man with the Spirit of God, is a total Dissolution or Li­beration from the Spirit of the Universe. A total Union is Glory and Heaven. The Multiplication of the Union is by the con­tinual reflection of the Spirit of Man upon God in Christ.

The means are the Holy Scriptures, Faith, Love, Patience, Repentance, Contrition of Spirit, Humility, Self-denyal, Prayer in Spirit and Truth, Continence, Tempe­rance.

The 2d. part of the Demonstration.

TRansmutation of the Signature is effect­ed immediately by Prayer in Faith, working by Love.

Transmutation of the Signature is me­diately by Signature, Sigils of Constella­tions, characters of Planets, and of Angels, Numbers, Words, &c. Concerning which I have written in a Book, called Luxe Te­nebris, [Page 8]which I intend shortly to put to the Press; therefore I shall be Brief in this Treatise.

The Signatures are in Animals, Vegitables, Mettallick Bodies, and Mettals.

Amongst Animals Man hath the chiefest Signature in his Blood: Amongst Vegeta­bles the Quintessence of Saffron; of the Berries of Juniper, of the Seeds of Rew, (Juniper and Rew having the signature of the Cross) of the Quintessence of Cedar of Wine, &c.

Amongst Mettalick Bodies and Mettals preparations made out of the Minera of Mercury and Antimony, Venus, Luna, Sol, have the principallest signature.

Numbers have Efficacy and Energy.

INstance he that hath the Number seven, in his Nativity; can by the signature thereof, cure diseases universally, if it be fortified and multiplied by a continual re­flection upon God: with the which Signa­ture I was dignified in my Nativity; and thereby have transmuted with admirable success, the Signature of the Kings Evil, Epi­lepsy, Podagra, &c. and have removed the [Page 9]occasional matter with Elixar and Balsam: with Elixars out of Mettallick bodies, Met­tals, and out of the Universal spirit incor­porated and fixed in Corals, Pearls, Salt­peter, Vitriol, &c.

With Balsam made out of the mineral Sulphur, and out of vegetable Sulphur; viz. by the coagulation of the Oyl with the Volatile Salt: out of Animal Sulphur by putrefaction, seperation of the principles, and conjunction and union of them again.

Demonstrations and Preparations of Mettallick bodies and Metals, and of the Spirit of the Ʋniverse incorporated.

TAke the King and the Queen and put them in the Wedlock bed; then after fourty dayes the Queen shall conceive with a Royal Child; (the conception being ini­tiated) the Embrion is to be nourished with Virgins Milk untill the full perfection thereof.

Take Gold, and distill it seven times over the retort, with the menstruum mundi; the Gold being thus volatized by distilla­tion, is to be sublimed with three parts of Mercury to one of Gold, until all the Gold be sublimed.

The Gold being thus sublimed with [Page 10]Mercury, then should it be calcined with a Philosophical calcination. The Mercury with the Gold, being thus calcined, then the bodies of both are pre-disposed for the Extraction of the tincture with the men­struum mundi. Hence ye shall have the me­dicine, whose Vertues and Properties will celebrate it self.

Take Mettallick Bodies, Mettals and Spi­rit of the Universe incorporated, and ele­vate them unto their Heaven; then circulate them until they have traced the seven sphears of the Planets, then reduce them into their Virgin Earth: whence you have a Medicine and Elixar (of each of the pre­mised) curing all diseases Corolary, Mercu­ry and Antimony being prepared according to their ordinary manner of preparation, are at the best exalted Poison, until they be perfectly fixed, which can be done by no means but by separating the impure from the pure; and by joyning and congealing the central Mercury with that which is of a homogeneons nature; according to these Axiomes, Natura natura letatur unitur, transmutat & multiplicat.

Demonstrations of the preparation of Balsums out of Sulphur of Minerals Vegetables and Animals.

TAke Mineral Sulphur, and elevate it to its Heaven by the Separation of the mpure from the Pure, with a fit medium: the superfluous Sulphur being thus separa­ted, ye may extract the tincture thereof with the Spirit of Wine.

Take Saffron, Juniper Berries, Seeds of Rew, Aloes, Cedar, and digest them in the menstruum of Alcalice volatalized with essen­tial Oyls according to the ordinary way; But if ye shall prepare them according to the Method that I have prescribed in the foresaid Book, you may do much better.

Demonstration of the Universal Panacaea, or of the Spirit of the Ʋniverse Incorporated in the second matter of Generation; by Axiomes and Conclusions.

Axiome 1. The Image of God is in Light as in its Vehicle.

Ax. 2. Light is the Secret matter of Gene­ration.

Ax. 3. Virgine Earth is the second matter of Generation.

Ax. 1. The Image of God by the Vehicle's Light, is united and concentred in the Virgine Earth.

Ax. 5. Light the first matter is concentred and fixed in Virgine Earth, the second matter.

Ax. 6. The Image of God, in the first matter of Generation, uniting univocally and homoge­nically with the spirit of man, (being liberated from the bondage of Elementa Elementata, of the Principia Principiata) doth increase and multiply it according to the degree of union.

Con. Virgine Earth is the subject matter; in which Light and Life is terminated and con­centrated.

Con. The Light and Life in Virgine Earth, causeth Vegitation, Generation and Motion in all the products thereof.

Con. Virgine Earth being purified by exalta­tion and sublimation, from the circumferental and superficial impurity, is the universal Pa­nacaea that conserveth and multiplieth Light and Life in all its products.

Having demonstrated briefly the method and process of Creation, Generation, of Origin of Causes, and of their Cure, I shall conclude with praise and glory to the IM­MENSE LIGHT, in whom we live, move, and have our being.


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