Wherein the WICKEDNESS thereof is Reproved, and the people put in mind of some of the Sore Distresses and Great Calamities, that GOD already hath brought upon that formerly Florishing and Happy CITY.

Also the future Distress and Calamities hinted at, which God will bring upon the Inhabitants thereof, that come not in their Day to cease to do Evil, and by timely Repen­tance turn to the Lord, while he calls, and his Spirit yet strives with them.

Or those Eighteen upon whom the Tower of Siloam fell, and slew them; think ye that they were Sinners above all men that dwelt in Jerusalem?

I tell you, Nay; But except ye Repent, ye shall all like­wise Perish,

Luke 13.4, 5.

Printed in the Year 1679.


O You Inhabitants of LONDON! will you sleep on in the Sleep of Death? Will nothing truly awaken you to Life and Righteousness? Will not you call to mind but strive to put far from you the Hand that hath often been lifted up and stretched forth against you in the Fury of the Lord God, against your Pride, and that stream of Wick­edness which hath abounded, and come as a Flood in the midst of you, and your Streets are full of? O! the Vanity and Folly which people manifest as they walk the Streets! O what Pride and Vain glory, Drunkenness, Swearing, Lying and Debauchery in Words and Practices are many of thy Inhabitants found in! And for the Iniquity of thy Covetousness, Deceiving▪ Cheating and Defrauds, that many of you stand guilty of before the Lord, its all loathed [Page 4]and abhorred of him, who is of purer Eyes than to behold those things as justifiable in you, or to approve of in any City or Town whatsoever; but they are all for Condemnation, and Judgment of the Great and Dreadful Day of God's Vengeance, that is come and coming upon them that are found wicked & ungodly.

Many of you, both Men and Women, Young and Old, your Lives and Conversations declare you to be such, whatever your Tongues have said or say to the contrary against such things in words; God will bring upon you the Fruit of your own Wayes and Works, which hath been and is Evil in his sight: Though ye are not willing to see or acknowledge them, or sensibly have it told you, yet what hath been declared and sounded in your Ears by the Ser­vants of the Lord, from the Mouth of the Lord, of his Judgments, Calamity and Ruin, that should come upon you People of LONDON, if you repent not, will more and more surely be fulfilled, and come up­on you all that Repent not in time of your Wicked Works, Ways and Inventions, wherewith you have greatly provoked the Lord, and brought sore Distres­ses, Wasting, Misery and Plagues upon you; and I know, God hath pleaded with you in his Wrath, and will yet more and more punish and afflict you, be­cause you have not hearkned to the Voice of his good Spirit, which he hath poured forth upon all Flesh, and given to instruct you, which you have rebelled against▪ both Professors and Prophane, you have vexed his holy Spirit, and caused God to turn your Enemy, and fight against you, that was your Friend, and formerly multiplyed his Favours and Mercies [Page 5]upon you: how have ye rebelled against him, and stopped your Ears, and hardned your Hearts, as an Adamant, against his Counsel, and yet have expect­ed the Lord should hearken to your Cry, and save you out of your Trouble and Distress; but he will give you up to the will of them that hate you, and will despightfully use you, if ye Repent not: So while ye have time own the Day of God's Visitation, that yet he gives you that quite have not sinned it out; and remember, God hath given you a large time to repent and turn to him in; and although he hath cal­led often, and knocked at the Doors of your Hearts, how have ye refused his Call, and shut the Doors of your Hearts against him, and would not have Christ Jesus to rule in your Hearts, whose Right it is, nor would you be subject to his pure & heavenly Govern­ment of his Kingdom, which he doth set up, and whereby he rules in Righteousness in the Hearts of his Chosen People at this day, magnified be his Name and Kingdom (which stands in Righteousness) for­ever and evermore; where you, that are like a Cage of unclean Birds, cannot come, nor enter into that estate. Therefore in the Name of the Lord God of Heaven and Earth, I warn you all, with all speed to hearken to the Call of the Lord, who desires not your death, nor your great Cities Destruction (as the Devil and his Agents do) but the Lord desires that all men may be saved, and therefore gives all men a Day and Time to Repent and be saved in, through Faith in Christ Jesus, his only begotten Son, who came to seek and save them that were lost, even the lost Sheep of the House of Israel, to find them out, and gather them into his own Fold, to feed them in fresh and [Page 6]green Pastures, where he causeth his Beloved to rest in the times of greatest Storms, Perils and Troubles in this World: Such are not left Comfortless in their Straits, Distresses or Tryals which they may meet with in the World for their Lord and Master's sake, who hath saved them from their Sins; they feel in them even Christ Jesus, in whom is all the Saints Hope and Trust, or else we were of all men most Mi­serable, who have been hated of all men for the Name of Christ, in which we have believed, know and trust in: O People, this Name you have talked of and professed, but it you have not known, nor could ever trust in; you that have not known it, nor have be­lieved in it, are all Strangers to the great Work of God, and what it is to believe in his Son, whom he hath given and sent in Love to the World, that they might believe in him▪ and not perish, but enjoy ever­lasting Life, rest and Peace in him, the Saviour, Christ Jesus.

And let not the worst of you say, That he would not pity, love nor save you, or that he can save you if he will, but question whether he did ever intend Salvati­on for you: for such dark Scruples and Question­ings of the WILL of GOD▪ and the END of CHRIST's Coming into the World, greatly harm you all that give way to them, and either run them into a State high and conceited presuming up­on the Grace and Favour of God to save and justifie them, notwithstanding their Ungodliness; or else, dispairing of any Love of God in Christ Jesus for them, in order to their Salvation; one sort of whom goes on sinning, without the least Fear of offending God; the other doubting they were never ordained [Page 7]to Life, nor to do any thing that will please him: Now in either of these Paths is great Danger, and both lead to the Chambers of the Imaginary and Death; for neither is really the Narrow Way, that leads to Life, nor are Paths of pure Pleasantness and Satisfaction to the Soul; but such as keep People in Darkness, Error and Unbelief, where they have no true Peace nor Satisfaction, but remain groaping for the Wall, as if they had no Eyes to see the Light and Salvation of God with, not finding the Way of it, nor are really willing to abide in the Paths thereof. Therefore cease from your seeking to find out God or his Way by your corrupt dark Reasoning, where long some of you have sought him; but what have ye found to stay your Minds upon, or believe in, that can stay you, or save you from your Sin? for are ye not still in your sins, and not saved? So turn to the pure Principle of God, that which never con­sents to sin in you, but doth check you, as ye come to turn to it, for the least Vain Thought that you think, or any Idle Word that you speak, or Wicked Action that you do in secret; this will bring Judg­ment and Condemnation upon that which is Evil and Displeasing to God, which any Man thinks, speaks or doth.

And your Set Days of Humiliation and Fasting, wherein ye have not been humbled, nor performed to the Lord an Acceptable Fast; but your Hearts lifted up within you▪ and not right before the Lord; but by his Light and holy Spirit you may see are for Judgment, and the Condemnation of the great Day of God, who searches the Heart, and knows your [Page 8]Hearts, and all mens wheresoever, and will shortly call you to give an account, what ye have entertained and lodged there, which is contrary to his Mind and Will: And its the Lord of Hosts that shews to you your Vain Thoughts, when you think or lodge them: And its the Lord that shews you the Danger of Un­savoury and Idle words when you speak them: And its the Lord who by his Light and Spirit of Grace convinceth People of their Evil Actions, whereby they dishonour his Name, and grieve his good Spirit. Therefore look to Him alone, turn to his Light and Spirit of Grace in your Hearts, and that will clearly shew you your Sins, convince you of them all; and not only so, but as you believe therein, that will let you see your Way out of all Sin, and the Evil of the World, which you have been addicted to, whether Drunkenness Swearing, Lying, Whoredoms, Envy, Pride, Vain Glory, Love of Money, the Deceivable­ness of Unrighteousness, Covetousness, Scoffing, Cursed Evil speaking, or whatsoever: And the Light and Spirit of God, as ye turn to it, will clearly let you see all this to be the Works of the Devil, and the Fruits of the Flesh, which you ought not to be found in▪ nor to suffer the Enemy of your Souls to work that in you which is so displeasing to God.

So dread and fear him that comes to destroy the Works of the Devil and Flesh in you, and all people every where, that not only you may escape and de­ny these more gross Evils, but also your feigned Hu­miliations▪ and Fastings and Prayers, being out of the Faith of God's Elect, and Strangers to the holy Name of Jesus, which you talk of, make a profession of, and [Page 9]some of you outwardly bow at the Name of, whilst you do not know it, nor confide in it; but in the Day of your Distress, Wo and Misery, that already you have met with, you have leaned to Man, and put your Confidence in the Arm of Flesh, that cannot de­liver you, nor save you in a Day of Trouble, but will fail you when ye expect most Help from it; and the Mountains & Hills which you have fled to, at last cease to lock for Salvation or Preservation therefrom: But learn to know the Lord, and humble your selves un­der his mighty Hand, and learn of Christ Jesus, the peaceable Saviour, that brings Peace on Earth, and not Blood sheddings, nor learns men to handle Cain's Weapons, nor to fight, or to destroy Men's Lives a­bout Faith, Worship and Fear towards God; for that is all the Work of the Prince of Darkness, that comes not but to destroy, being altogether contrary to the Nature of Christ Jesus, as is manifest by his pressing his Children & Servants, that are at his Obedience, to Envy, Wrath, Bitterness, to the Killing of any, High or Low, Rich or Poor, which they look upon to be Hereticks. And you whose Faith is dead, cannot be­lieve over the Devil, and his dark Designs; but are filled with Doubts, Fear of Man and Unbelief, what will become of those Bodies of yours and your Cities: Whereas if you did know the Lord, and could trust in him, you would not fear what Man could do, who cannot reach further then the Body, nor that neither but as the Lord permits him and his Instruments.

I wish, in true Love to you all, that you had been as ready in your Hearts and Minds to fear and serve the Lord Jesus Christ, as you have been to fear Men, [Page 10]and serve the Devil, whom ye have been obeying and serving, and serve divers Lusts: How have ye de­lighted in the Pleasures, Honour and Riches of this World, the Pleasures of Sin, which are but for a season, having had little regard to that Recompence and Reward which is Everlasting, nor the Honour and Riches that is Durable, prepared for them that love and fear God, and that walk humbly with God; and not for them whose God is their Belley, who Glory in their Shame, and mind Earthly Things, who have not the Fear of God before their Eyes, nor know no Fear towards God, but what is taught by the Precepts of Men, and according to the Laws of corrupt men, that are out of the Fear and Wisdom of God: such pretend to fear, serve and worship God, but 'tis ignorantly; for their Faith stands in Man, and in Man's Laws, and not in the Power of God, nor the Royal Law of Love and Life of Christ Jesus, who commands People, Not to fear him that only can kill the Body, and it not able to reach or kill the Soul; but to fear him that can destroy both Body and Soul in Hell. All are to fear Him, to dread, serve and re­verence Him, that made Heaven and Earth, and hath all Power in Heaven and Earth committed to Him, who hath Power to save your Souls, and preserve your City from all Danger of Wicked Men, that possibly have Evil Designs against it and your Bodies: But the Creator of all, and who hath Power over all▪ can stop and put a limit to them; No further shall their Rage and Wickedness take place against your Bodies or City, than God permits them.

And therefore turn you with all your Hearts spee­dily [Page 11]to the Lord, and eye Him; not a Sparrow (much more any of your Bodies) shall fall to the Ground with­out his Providence. And when he suffers Evil to come upon a City or Nation, its for the Wickedness of them that dwell therein.

O that ye would consider and lay to heart these things, whose Day is not over and gone, with whom God's Spirit yet strives; O! mind it, receive and obey it, that you may come to know the Guidance and Conduct of it; and you all coming to walk in it, you will walk safely, and in Humility with God.

O People! Call to mind, seriously consider all the heavy Woes and Judgments that have come upon the Inhabitants of LONDON, and why the Lord hath smitten you so often; O! hear his Rod, even the Rod of his fierce Wrath, that is kindled against you, and Revolt not from Him more and more, to the ut­ter hardning of your Hearts against his Reproof, and Cheeks of his Spirit in your Consciences, that some­times in secret you have had, when no Eye saw you; and how unsensible and hard are many of you grown, since God visited you by his Judgments, and great Calamities of Plague, Fire and Sword. What! have you quite forgotten how the Hand of the Lord was stretched forth in so great Indignation against that City, that he made almost all Faces gather Paleness, and thousands were startled and amazed at that time? O! have ye forgotten how the Lord visited your Ci­ty, and pleaded with you by a sore, grievous, de­stroying Plague, wherein so many Thousands perish­ed, and Multitudes for fear of their Lives fled, as if a Destroying Enemy had pursued them, thinking them­selves [Page 12]best and most happy that could get from the City? And have you forgotten how (afterwards) the Lord suffered your strong City to be laid in Ashes, and Grass to grow in the Streets, and how many Thousand Families were forced out of their Habitations to lodge in the Fields, and sore put to it to get convenient Lodging, or whereon to lay their Heads? Also, you ought to remember, and never to forget, how your City was distressed and im­poverished by the Disappointments and Losses that you met with in the two Wars, that God suffered to be be­twixt this Nation and the States of Holland; what Pressing! and afterwards the lamentable Cryes, Scrikes and Groans of Wounded Men! such as mine Eyes never desire to see, nor Ears to hear in this City or Nation, nor else-where any more. And truly, whatever ye look for from God, your Sins and Provocations have not been less since, but rather more against Him that smote you formerly. Surely it may be said of many of you, That the more God hath smitten you, the more ye have revolted; and the more Forbearance and Tender­ness he exercised to you▪ the more ye have set your selves in Opposition and Rebellion to slight and dishonour him, and grieve his good Spirit.

The Lord hath been loath to give the People of this City up to utter Darkness and Destruction (that I am a Witness of) although the Goodness of many that did taste of the Goodness of God, was but as the early Dew▪ that soon was gone; then such turned with the Dog to their own Vomit, and the Sow that was washed to wallow in the Mire again; and in­stead of going forward, towards that Mark of the Price of the high Calling of God in Christ Jesus, [Page 13]which they professed, and were called to, have sliden back, and gone back again into the gross Darkness of Aegypt, and declaring their Sin as Sodom:

And many of you that are Inhabitants of London, in this Estate and Condition have professed the Name of the Lord, and named his Name, imagining that you believed in it, and that you were saved thereby, and that God would save, spare and deliver you from your Enemies; whereas ye may justly expect the contrary from God, if ye do not consider your Ways, and Repent of the Evil of your Ways and Doings, and turn unto God while its called to day.

And you have been more apt to look out at Secon­dary Causes, than to smite upon your Thigh, and say, What have we done, as the Cause wherefore God doth bring all this Evil upon this City and Nation, that hath come upon us? When have your Hearts in a Godly Sorrow cryed to the Lord, To turn away his Displeasure from this City and Nation that you have incur'd or brought upon your selves by a Continuance in Sin, and adding Sin to Sin? What else kindles God's Wrath, or causeth his Displeasure to come upon a City or Peo­ple?

O! have ye not proceeded from Evil to worse, and rushed into Iniquity as the Horse rushes into the Bat­tel, as if the Lord did not see or take notice of it? but as he hath reproved you for it, and brought his heavy Judgments upon many because of it, so he will reprove you and judge you more and more, and great Woes and Judgments God threatens your City with, to bring upon the Inhabitants of it, if speedily you repent not of your Wickednesses, and [Page 14]turn from them to Him that smiteth you. What way, or in what manner the Lord will bring his Woes and Judgments upon you, I feel not much in me to go about to determine, but leave it rather to Him, that seeth and is privy to all your Sins, whether se­cret or open.

O LONDON, LONDON! thou art a city that many Eyes are upon, watching for Evil to come to thee, (and not for Good.) But Evil shall come upon them that desire and design thy Ruin & Destruction; Destruction certainly shall come upon themselves, that are such Watchers for Evil, and Hellish Contri­vers, bending their Tongues to speak it, and their Hearts to put it in Practice; their own Wickedness shall correct them, and their Hellish Confidence to pursue and bring about that Evil, which they have hatched (against thy Peaceable Inhabitants▪ that de­sire to live a Peaceable and Godly Life, both in City and Country) shall all turn at last to their Confusi­on, utter Ruin, and the Overthrow of their black Intents and Works of Darkness. But hereby you who Repent not will be left without Excuse before God, who may suffer many of ye utterly to perish in this Calamity because of your Wickedness: Such Evil Instruments may be permitted of the Lord, as a Rod, to smite and be a Scourge to the People of London, and others in this Land, that are highly guilty of provo­king the Lord to Wrath, who sometime hath suffer'd Evil Men as the Executioners thereof, to execute his Wrath upon People, that continue in their Wick­edness and Rebellion against him.

And you in this City, who are in that unhappy State, not knowing the Lord, who is Israel's Keeper, to watch over you and your City, your Watchings, Guards and Double Watchings will be all in vain, and to no purpose to preserve or deliver your City from that Evil, that assuredly the Lord will bring upon it, if you Repent not with all your Hearts, and speedily turn unto him. Which that you may all do, while God gives you a Day, is the fervent Desire of him, that truly seeks the Peace of the City, and the Good of all men every where, known unto many by the Name of


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