Eye-salve for England: OR, The Grand TRAPPAN Detected, In a plain and faithful NARRATIVE of the horrid and unheard-of Designs of some Justices and De­puty-Lieutenants in Lancashire, treacherously to en­snare the Lives and Estates of many Persons of Quality in that County, as also in the Counties of York and Chester.

By EVAN PRICE, vvho suffered long and grievous Impri­sonment there, for not complying with them to carry on their wicked and pernicious Designs.

Psal. 53.8.

Let destruction come upon him unawares, and let his net that he hath hid, catch himself: into that very destruction let him fall.

Vers. 20.

For they speak not peace, but they devise deceitful matters against them that are quiet in the Land. See Psal. 31.23. & 38.12. & 50.19. & 83.1, 2, 3.

Exod. 8.29.

—But let not Pharoah deal deceitfully any more.

Deut. 27.25.

Cursed be he that taketh reward to slay an Innocent person: and all the People shall say, Amen.

Ezek. 22.6.

Behold the Princes of Israel, every one were in thee to their power to shed blood.

Ver. 9.

In thee are men that carry tales to shed blood.

Mat. 10.26.

For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed: nor hid, that shall not come abroad.

LONDON, Printed in the Year, 1667.

To the READER.

MAny are the Volumns recorded of the craft, cruelty, malice and rage of the old Serpent the Devil and Satan, besides what is recorded in the Scriptures of Truth, against the Law of God, and the Gospel and Kingdom of the Lord Jesus, and his People walking in the pro­fession of the same; but that this Generation exceeds all in wickedness that ever went before it in this Nation, needs no proof to such as observe good and evil acted therein, and that Satans last shift is to shew himself on the stage of the world in the likeness of an Angel of light, and his ministers as the Ministers of Righ­teousness, is evident from the holy Scriptures, and that more especially imme­diately before his utter ruine, and downfal of his kingdom. How far he hath thus appeared, let them who are endued with wisdom from above judge, but to me his rage seems to be such, that doubless himself knows his time is but short, and that he seeth the Lord Jesus in a meek manner mustering up his Host, and ready to go forth in the van of them, to take to himself his great Power and Reign, not onely in the midst of, but also over his and their Enemies, in his Saints, for the execution of his Fathers Will.

And now as an additional discovery of the Devil and his instruments, I think my self obliged every way, in duty to God, my King and Country, to present thee here with a brief Narrative, acted by some in the name, and under pretence of Authority, of as monstrous wickedness as ever was brought to publick view; which when thou hast read, if thy conscience be not wholly blinded and seared up, thou thy self wilt say it surpasseth the deeds of the Wicked in former ages, espe­cially when thou seest the Wolves, cloathed in a Lamb-like dress, thirsting after the blood of the Innocent. Had it been done by Pagans or Atheists, void of any knowledge or fear of God, or had not heard of Heaven and Hell, and of giving account for the deeds done in the flesh, and of God's dreadful judgments against the shedders of innocent blood, then it had been no such wonder; though I never read that such went about in the name of Authority to hire false witnesses to cut off so many men at once (as it were) that feared the Lord, as it seems was the design of the men that set on foot the actions, made manifest in the following Relation; which is nothing but what I have already declared in open Court, as also in my Case given to Judge Ransford, March 1. 1665. earnestly desiring it might be by him delivered to the King. Many remarkable passages there are omitted in the Narrative; one thing worthy noting is, That Mr. Mosely was put into an Office of trust and profit, though he brought nothing of his Design to perfection: so was Major Greathead, that was the chiefest man in drawing forth some 30 persons to rise with him in arms in the Yorkshire pretended plot; whereby many desolate widows and fatherless were made, and he received a great [Page]sum of money for his pains: and Joseph Crowther, hired to trappan men, came to Manchester, and went in a seeming desolate condition, and Saint-like shape and language, with sighing and weeping to some honest men, to seek succour, as a person escap [...]ng the hands of his enemies, and guilty in that Yorkshire-fact; and notwithstanding they made discovery of him, yet he was let go, and two of them bound over to the Sessions, thence to the Assizes, where they were set free by Judge Turner and Judge Twisden: this man also hath a beneficial Office conferred on him since.

Reader, if thou doubtest the truth of what I say, make but enquiry among any knowing and impartial persons inhabiting the places herein named, and thou mayest easily be confirmed, and further informed than I am willing here to relate; nor had this come forth by me, but that I was restless night and day when I saw no course was taken in all this time to stop this spirit of wickedness, but that it spreads through the Nation and threatens its ruine; at last I resolved to give it in writing to the King's own hand, but finding how difficult it was for me to get to him, I got it to the Press, hoping by some good providence it may be brought to him by some other hands that may make it more acceptable, that some speedy course might be taken to stop the further spreading of these pernicious practices by such wicked spirits; at least such as are in Authority to improve the oppor­tunity, not only to shew their dislike of, but also correct them: otherwise, what shall we look for, but that the great God of Heaven, who abhorreth the blood­thirsty person, and hath said the wicked shall be cut off from the Earth, will pour forth the viols of his wrath, and sweep away the refuge of lies.

I do not (God is my witness) divulge my Enemies wickedness out of any re­venge against their persons, but should be as ready to serve them, as they were to destroy me, but rather that they would repent, and others be warned to do no more so wickedly; but chiefly, that such as are peaceable in the Land might depend only upon the Lord, and beware of the Fowlers snare, and not move by any pre­tences of men, to seek to deliver themselves by an arm of flesh, but cry mightily to God night and day, until the Spirit from on high be poured down upon them, and till the Lord arise to go before them. Also I desire Jehovah may have the praise that is due to him from me among his people, that he should assist, streng­then and deliver such a silly creature as I am, in the midst, and from the hands of such potent mighty politick persons, notwithstanding their flattery & threats, smiles and frowns to overcome me. I likewise desire the prayers of all Saints (that may hear hereof) to the Lord, that he would vouchsafe me his grace, still to stand fast and go through whatsoever he shall call me to do or suffer for his Name sake. Now committing my self to the protection of Israels Preserver, (and this Intelligence, to Englands Watchmen) waiting for Sions Redemption, at whose breasts I suck consolation, to which nourishment (if thou hast it not) I desire thy conversion, who (in my own esteem) am the worst of her Off spring.

E. P.

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