THE PRESENTMENT AND ARTICLES Proposed by the GRAND JURY of the COVNTY of YORK: And the Declaration of the Nobility, Grand Jury and Gentry of the said COVNTY: At the Assises assembled in August, 1642.

With His MAJESTIES Answer thereunto.

YORK: Printed by ROBERT BARKER, Printer to the Kings most Excellent Majesty: And by the Assignes of JOHN BILL, 1642.

The Presentment of the Grand Jurie now assem­bled at the Assizes at Yorke, August 1642.

Humbly sheweth,

THAT having taken into consideration your Majesties gracious expressions to us, and our whole Country, in your speech of the fourth of this instant Au­gust, whereby you were pleased to de­clare your desire to afford us your assi­stance for the necessary defence of this County, in these time of imminent danger, in such manner, as we for our defence should propose, And to finde some way to fix a marke of favour and estimation upon us; We ha­ving taken the same into our thoughts, have unanimous­ly concluded upon the Propositions hereto annexed, which we presume, humbly to present to your Royall consideration.

And forasmuch as we finde that the summe of eight thousand six hundred and forty pounds two shillings and six pence, is necessary for our present defence; we most humbly beseech your Majesty, out of your Prince­ly Wisedome, to direct some such course, whereby the [Page 2] same may be speedily provided. And for that (in re­spect of your Majesties speedy departure out of these parts) such immergent occasions may happen, as will admit of no delay: We likewise beseech your Majesty, That the same supplies, and all Warrants and Commis­sions, mentioned in our Propositions to be necessary for this service, may be issued out with all convenient expedition.

  • 1. It is held fit, That upon the foure and twentieth of this instant, there be an exact Mu­ster of all the Horse of the Trained Bands at York, at the Mannor, by ten of the Clock in the Morning; and that the Defaulters be severely proceeded against: And to this purpose, A Com­mission is to issue out instantly to the Officers, and Warrants to be directed to the Chief Constables to summon accordingly: And it is to be inserted into the Warrant, That this meeting is to be for the Defence, Peace and Quiet of the County.
  • 2. It is likewise resolved, That the Persons charged with the Trained Horse, shall be desi­red to maintain their Men and Horse, for one Moneth, from the foure and Twentieth of this instant.
  • 3. That His Majesty may be humbly desi­red [Page 3] to appoint Sir Thomas Glemham Lievte­nant Colonell, Henry Waite and Captain Minne, to attend the Service of this County.
  • 4. That a Commission of Oyer and Termi­ner, and Gaole Delivery be setled at York, to be directed to all the Commissioners of Array, and Sir William Dalton, Sir William Belt, Sir William Wentworth, and Sir Thomas Har­rison, to be of the Quorum, with the rest of the Quorum in the Commission of Array.
  • 5. That such a Power be given to the Earl of Cumberland, as His Majesty shall hold fit, for His Honour and our Security: And, That the Earl of Cumberland may continue his Troop here, to attend Him, during such time as it shall be necessary to employ them here.
  • 6. That His Majesty would be pleased to leave here so many field Pieces, as His occasions can spare, with necessary provisions and Canno­neers: And that such Ammunition be restored to the County, as hath been taken out of the Maga­zine for His Majesties use, as also the Arms of the Trained Bands of the County, which were lately brought to York.
  • 7. That His Majesty may be humbly moved [Page 4] to give the Wardships of such Gentlemens Sons and others, as shall dye in His Service, or in De­fence of the County.
  • 8. That the Earl of Cumberland shall re­ceive the Magazine of the County, for the She­riffe, as he may be charged with it.
  • 9. That His Majesty may be pleased upon the setting up of His Royall standard, to dispence with the appearance of such Persons of this County, as either assist His Majesty in His Wars, or contribute to the Defence of this County.

The Declaration of the Nobility, the Grand Jurie and Gentry of the County of York, at the Assises Assembled in August, 1642.

WE the Inhabitants of the County of York, conceiving it necessary to shew the Reasons of our Resolutions, for the putting our Selves and Country into a Posture of Defence under His Majesties gracious protection do declare, That,

Our sufferings in the late Billited Souldiery, and in the late Publike charges, might give us good reason to expect better, then to have heavier Burthens imposed upon us.

The Town of Hull (the chiefe Port of our Trading) under Garrison, to the destruction of our Traffick, His Majesty dispossessed of His Magazine there, many ho­stile Acts committed, even to the effusion of Blood; And to add to our miseries, the Head forced from the body by Tumults, and many Members of both Houses (Persons of reall Fortunes and known integrity) have withdrawn themselves, conceiving many things to be done against the Freedom of Parliaments, and all sub­ject to contrary Commands, tending to Arbitrary Go­vernment, and Destructive to Monarchy.

In redresse whereof, we have humbly expressed our grievances to both Houses of Parliament, by Messen­gers of quality, one whereof is Imprisoned.

This being our condition, we are forced to resort to His Majesty for such naturall waies as conduce to the preservation of our Selves, Wives, and Fortunes.

Our thoughts tend no further, then to the Defence of the true Protestant Religion in opposition to Po­pery and Schismaticall Innovations, our known Laws, His Majesties Rights and due Prerogatives, against all unlawfull Vores and Ordinances, though under colour of Religion, or any other pretence (how specious soe­ver) the Just Priviledges of Parliaments; the Rights, Priviledges, and Properties of the Subject. And this we declare to all the World, being confident of His Majesties gracious Protection of us in these our Just and necessary Resolutions.

His Majesties Answer to the presentment and Ar­ticles, proposed by the Grand Jury, and the Declaration of the Nobility, the Grand Ju­ry and Gentry of the County of York, at the Assises Assembled in August, 1642.

HIs Majestie very well approves of the first and second Articles, and hath already given Order for the third and fourth Articles as is de­sired.

The Earl of Cumberlands Commission is al­ready granted, as is desired; And as for the Troop, His Majesty is content it should stay here, as is desired, but expects, That the rest of those Troops be hastned to His Majestie with all expedition; and that this which staies, should countenance and protect His Magazine going from hence: And in case in His absence, any more Munition come from Holland, That they, together with the Trai­ned Bands, should secure it to the edge of Yorkeshire, towards Notingham.

His Majesty hath so few field pieces, That His Majestie cannot promise that He will lend them any; But hath given Order to His Officers of the Artillery, to restore so much of the Munition of the County, as He hath made use of.

His Majesty doth willingly promise, freely to give the Wardships of all their Sons, who shall be killed in His Majesties Service, or in the Defence of the County.

His Majesty fully consents to the eighth and ninth.

His Majesty withall, declares Himself to receive great satisfaction, from the Af­fection, Courage, and Loyaltie of this Coun­ty, and doth promise them, That since they are resolved upon so strong, and so evident In­ducements, to take care of His Majesties and their own preservation, and neither to desert Him, nor themselves; That He will be as carefull of their safety, as they can be, and will either protect them (which by Gods Grace He doubts not) or Perish with them.


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