The praise of the merry Month of MAY; In which our Royall Prince Charles was born, which grac't that Month, and made glad the hearts of all true and free born Subjects of England.

Come Passengers and hear what I shall say,
In the praise of the merry Month of May
For in that month our Soveraign Charles was born.
Which many years exiled hath liv'd forlorn
Each Creature in this month rejoyce and sing
With heart, and cry God preserve the KING.
The Tune is, Prince Charles Birth day, or the Subjects hearts to cheer.
NOw welcome in thou swéetest month of May,
Fresh beauties doth with thée partake,
Love makes with thee a solemn Holiday,
All hearts rejoyce for Charles's sake;
Hearts ease will grow
To mssery and wo.
On the twenty nine it doth apear.
King Charles was born I understand
And his Subjects do now report
That in this month hée'l come to Court,
his Subjects heart [...] to chear.
Thou art sweet May the Month of Majesty.
Right dear art thou, and so is he,
Even like to a tractive Sympathy,
So pleasing all thy beauties be,
All flowers fair
With colours rare.
Now doth our glorious Star appear,
Which long hath béen out of the Land,
Every Meddow flowes with Balm,
Harmonious Birds sing such a Psalme,
and Charles our hearts will chear.
This Month did first bring forth this Nimph of ours
In him shall last our Lands fair Spring,
He Crown'd shall be with Garlands of flowers,
The which are ever flourishing.
Angells attend
Him to def [...]
An [...] Nations now both far and near,
Shall blaze on t [...]y antiquity,
Great joy shall [...]hen be on the Seas,
And English m [...] [...]all live at ease,
for Charles [...] [...]arts will chear
Sweet Ros [...] of the Garden, Quéen of flowers,
And bea [...] [...]irest Charaer,
The swe [...]test musk-Child of the Springs young hours,
Best jewell[?] that the earth doth wear,
In Gardens green
Shall now be seen,
Englands great King like form doth bear
Even now ye illustrious sun draws near
It shows that beauties Rose indéed
Now in this age shall them excóed.
for Charles our hearts will chear.
EAirly shall rise the chearful mounting Lark,
That doth in merry noats delight,
Then gently stint a while, my pen and heark,
And learn of her for to indite,
And then compleat
Will be his seat,
When he doth mount into his Sphere,
Exceeding great in worth and fame,
Will be his name so much renow'nd,
When he over this Land is Crown'd.
his subjects hearts to chear.
Loves Querester that sits amidst the thorn,
(The Nightingale so swéet a singer)
Records his same from Even untill Morn,
More then Apollo's voice or finger,
Doth swéetly sing
of Charles our King,
For he our cloudy day will clear.
Heaven never had a Star more bright,
Like to the purest form of gold,
Not to corrupt till heaven wax clear,
our heavy hearts to chear,
He is a pious Prince and fit to raign,
By love hée'l rule more then by law
And all our rights he will so wel maintain
Whereby our hearts to him we'l draw,
We shall have peace
And wars shall cease,
And vanished shall be all fear,
Reward doth sit in his right hand,
In his left hand wherein should be,
Nought but the sword, sits Clemency,
his subjects hearts to chear,
If we can learn how many drops it rain [...],
Or count their numbers numberlesse,
Or sum up the many flowers and Augusts grains;
Then we his vertues may expresse,
He's so devine
That he doth shine
Like unto Phoebus in his Sp [...]ts,
In all the Regions under heaven,
There's not a Prince more fit to raign,
That will our rights so well maintain.
our heavy hearts to chear.
Princes of Europe, Earths swéet Paradise,
Enter into this Pilgrimage,
Let all thy Kings that would learn to be wise
Sail hither and observe his age,
His loyalty
None can deny
His actions wise his title is clear,
Europe affords not a wiser Prince
All there Nations to con [...]ent,
With the King and Parliament:
Our heavy hearts to chear.
Sweet MAY as first in thee this flower did spring,
And was unto perfection brought,
So once more send us in our lawful King,
Which we honour in deed and thought.
We will him Crown
With much renown.
For why he is out Soveraign dear,
That he once more in peace may Raign,
The Bells shall Ring, and we will sing
For joy, and cry GOD save the KING.
and this our hearts will chear.

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